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“The Leader That You’ve Become”: Allura and the Blue Lion

Alternatively Titled: Dreamworks Let This Poor Girl Have Fun For Once In Her God Damn Life

I already wrote a long ass meta about putting Lance in the Black Lion and talked about Allura in it, but fuck it. I have free time (ie homework I don’t want to do) so let’s write another one about just Allura. This is gonna be long so like, in summary, my argument is that I think that: 1. Allura’s personality and quintessence match the Blue Lion pretty well, and 2. Putting Allura in the Blue Lion might allow for the most interesting character growth.

But yeah okay let’s go:

So I’ll be the first to say that Black Paladin Allura would make me shit myself out of pure joy. And scenes like the above definitely point in that direction. Coran says it himself, Allura’s a leader. She’s been running this universe saving thing since day one. Sure, Shiro leads the team, but he’s Allura’s second in command. She’s the one who owns the lions, chooses the missions, makes everyone train, builds alliances, gets the team to safety, organizes resistance efforts, and operates the castle. Shiro might be the head of Voltron, but Allura is and always has been Voltron’s leader.

Alright then, I’m sold. Let’s put her in Black!!

But… would that really be the best move, narratively?

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so I’ve noticed that in the genres I like to read (paranormal, character driven stuff) most characters in the published fiction fit the YA age bracket of late teens, but in fanfic they’re almost all in college AUs

do you think there’s a reason behind this? is it just a trend that’s going to take time to transfer to traditionally published works? would you be interested in reading a published novel in that genre with protagonists at college/university?



Someone please throw me a damn pillow, need to sleep <<zzzzzzz>>

SURPRISE @anorha-nono *Throws confetti, balloons and stuff at the wrong direction*, I would love to say something more but my brain is dry


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Is it true that Annabeth comes from European royalty? Where they say that?

They say it in Magnus Chase !! I don’t have any of the two books in enlighs pdf to show you the scene, but is it clear that Annabeth and Magnus and all the Chase family come from Norse Kings? I should reread it too because I don’t remember exactly which country they come from, but it’s canon that our Annabeth is a(lmost) princess (:

Ok I am annoyed.

Recently, @hausofax drew a super cute pic of me that I loved and shared everywhere and earlier today she apologised on twitter for white washing me. I was confused and basically turns out some people on here are giving her grief…


The thought is probably coming from a good place but hausofax is my friend who has actually seen me in person and knows what I look like. I never want to be the reason she gets any hate, ever! She doesn’t deserve it.

Secondly, I am actually white. If I have confused you in any way, I didn’t meant to. When I moved to the UK, I was a lot more tanned and I got used to drawing me darker when everyone around me is the colour of a wedding dress. Not as tanned now but old habits… (The nose is my greek showing)

Also, I have never had any problem standing up for myself and wouldn’t reblog anything that offended me.

But what matters the most is that accusing people without having all the facts is wrong. And by crying wolf, you undermine all the actual cases of deliberate white washing. So, please, consider carefully and do some research before putting any blame on people you don’t know.

Thank you.

After tonight’s episode I don’t know if I can watch anymore. This isn’t me being dramatic or upset about sanvers being sidelined. This is coming from someone who’s been gaslit and manipulated and emotionally abused by someone. To see Kara week after week go through this only for the writers at the end to have Kara go and take back the things she’s said so that she can convince herself it’ll work. I can’t watch that, as someone who’s been through that I can’t stand to have that be romanticized on screen. I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense, I’m legitimately upset.

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hello! i was just wondering if you'd read any yoonkook fics recently that you could rec? i've run out of reading material :(

i have a couple new ones that i’ve read recently!

birthday gift | breathless | cake stopper | the castle on the hill | the collection (ch 29-33) | this feels like the first time | you stir up a mcflurry in my heart | your smile is my happiness

some of these might not be necessary new, but like posted last month or so. but i technically count it as new still