you rapscallions you

you cant fuck usopp. why would you even ask, bucko??? usopp is a nice boy. hes a good boy with good intentions, he;s just a nice boy who loves his friends, and you fuckers stroll into my inbox on this holy wednesday and say “can i fuck usopp???” no you cant fuck usopp, you rapscallion. you all scamper around talkin about fuckin his nose , what the fucko, bucko, usopp doesnt deserve this. none of us do. hes just a good boy who lies a lot who wants to find his dad and form an army. lets say you  do seduce him you wily warlocks, hes gonna lie about his dick, youre gonna get aaaalll excited, and its all a farce, its all a lie you hooligan. you rapscalion. anyway you cant fuck usopp






Hoooooooo YEAH buddy i said it, you’re not getting anywhere near this guy. first of all, his navigator/probably best friend is a fucking bear, a bear who knows karate, so you’re already fucked just for looking at his skinny jean clad ass. this guy wants you to think you can fuck him, just so he can replace your head with a bomb, set your ass on fire, and send his fucking martial arts polar bear after you for a late snack. you try to fuck him while he’s getting all serious post-timeskip, he’s gonna shamble your consciousness into a fish and eat you for dinner, probably fucking raw because he’s a goddamn monster. if somehow he spares your miserable horny ass, he’s just gonna Room+Shambles his ass away from you , good job tormenting this poor fucker more than oda already has. doflamingo shoots his dad, and now you try to shoot a load in him. what else. what else will you put trafalgar law through, you rapscallion you