you rang, m'lord

Okay. I want to talk about Cissy Meldrum for a minute.
Cissy Meldrum is a character in “You rang M'Lord”, a British comedy, and let me just say that she is ONE HELL OF AN AMAZING CHARACTER.
The show’s set in the late 20s. And here’s Good old Cissy:
-Openly Lesbian (well as openly as possible in the 1920s)
-Defying the strict Gender roles of the era
- Proving that no one has to conform to particular stereotypes- she enjoys wearing “Men’s Clothes” but she also enjoys wearing makeup and so she wears both because no one in hell is gonna tell her how to dress (and trust me, they TRY but do not succeed)
- Working in a birth control Clinic for women that provides contraception
-Working in a soup kitchen to provide free meals for the poor
-Being kind to the servants in the family manner and always being on their side, standing up for the mistreatment they get from the other members of the family
-Standing up against her classist and sexist family
-Openly feminist, fights for equality
-Runs for the worker’s party, gets kicked out her house because her father doesn’t want her helping the “lower classes” but she perseveres and ends up WINNING and being a member for parliament
- In one episode a man catcalls her and sexually harasses her by implying that she can use sex to pay for something. “i like Blondes.” He slurs. What does this amazing woman do? Punches him in the face!!!!
-Has a consistent girlfriend throughout the entire series
-When her bratty younger sister ruins the Maid’s dress she needs for a ball, Cissy gives her one of her sister’s best dresses
-Cissy also gives more of her dresses and hats to the Maid because she prefers men’s clothing and the Maid has very few clothes
-Cissy argues with her father when he wants to have her Grandmother and his mother in law declared not of sound mind just so he can have her money- doesn’t want her Grandmother abused like that
-Strong independent woman
-Pilots her own plane
-At the end of the series, she ends up saving pretty much everyone’s financial issues because she’s intelligent and strong and can keep her head in a crisis
Just basically… I can’t believe I haven’t raved about her because Cissy Meldrum is an absolutely amazing character and I love her a whole bunch

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Aubrey Wilmslow a kritikusok figyelmét első ízben Pucéran című költeményével hívta fel magára. Ez a kiváló újító a fejéről a talpára állította a költészet világát, amikor a dadaizmushoz fordult.

Költői körének tagjai: Francesca Dyke-Hardy, Lucille Penhaligon és Hamish Kintyre.

Aubrey Wilmslow: Veszett lelkek, veszett lelkek, vándorolnak, vándorolnak

Veszett lelkek, veszett lelkek, vándorolnak, vándorolnak.
Veszett lelkek, veszett lelkek, elmerengnek.

Kórus: Veszett lelkek, veszett lelkek!

Merre menjünk, merre menjünk? Vándorolnak. Vándorolnak.
Látják a szirtet elől. Ez hát a válasz.
Vagy csak kréta? Ez hát a válasz?

Kórus: Igen! Igen! Kiáltják: Igen! Igen!

Vagy csak kréta?

Kórus: Nem!

Előre! A szirt fölött, mint sárga citrom egyenként, fölött, fölött. 
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You Rang M"Lord  - BBC - 12/29/1988 - 4/24/1993

Sitcom (26 episodes)

Running Time:  50 minutes


  • Donald Hewlett - George, Lord Meldrum MC
  • Michael Knowles - the Honourable Teddy Meldrum
  • Paul Shane - Alf Stokes
  • Jeffrey Holland - James Twelvetrees
  • Su Pollard - Ivy Teasdale
  • Catherine Rabett - Cecily “Cissy” Meldrum
  • Susie Brann - Poppy Meldrum
  • Mavis Pugh - Lady Lavender Southwick
  • Brenda Cowling - Mrs. Blanche Lipton
  • Perry Benson - Henry Livingstone
  • Barbara New - Mabel Wheeler
  • Baill Pertwee - Constable Wilson
  • Sorel Johnson - Penelope