you r so beautiful ;a;

I’ll date you if you’re overweight.
I’ll date you if you’re insecure.
I’ll date you if you’re scarred.
I’ll date you if you’re considering yourself ugly.
I’ll date you if you’re depressed.
I’ll date you if you’re different.
I’ll date you if you’re strange.
I’ll date you if you have acne.

I’d date you.

I’d date you no matter what.

Cause all of you, every fucking inch is precious and beautiful. Your personality matters so much more than your body. I don’t care for some imperfections.

Cause if I love you, I love everything about you.

Movie 21 Teaser Scene [English Translation]

  • K: Look look Ran-chan! It’s snowing! So beautiful!
  • R: Y-you… It’s beautiful just like Kazuha!
  • K: Ran-chan, Heiji’ll never say that!
  • K: A, Kudo-kun told you that?
  • R: N-no, it’s not like that! Geez, Kazuha-chan!
  • K: But he confessed in front of London’s Big Ben, right? What’s expected from Kudo-kun!
  • R: But… it felt like I made him confess… Besides, Hattori-kun will surely…
  • K: Ha-ha, no-no! But rly, when you speak of Heiji, a case happens and he disappears into somewhere…
  • R: Right, right!
  • R: Geez, this guy… When will he return?
  • R: Loving a detective…
  • Both: That’s so hard…
  • K: But…  If we’ve seen this just by the two of us, it’ll be rly terrific…
  • R: Maybe one day we’ll see it with Shinichi…
  • Both: Love premonition, right!
  • K: Well, anyway, let’s go? Ta the cinema!

okay so im genuinely so thankful for all the nice messages i have gotten since i said im not feeling too well today and i dont get how i have such amazing followers i mean !! what did i do to deserve this kindness !! im really all heart eyes because i mean. so many. took their time to actually write something nice to me and that means so much guys you have no idea💖💖💖 so anyways shoutout to @isaks-even, @chickenparmaskam, @sanabakkoushfanclub and @sweetheartnoora for being absolute sweethearts and sliding into my dms and shoutout to @skamfulheart for writing off anon and. ofc also shoutout to all the cute anons in my asks please come off anon so i can give you a hug

The signs as things fuckboys say

Aries: whats ur bra size

Taurus: r u a virgin

Gemini: lesbian? r u bi haha lol

Cancer: nudes?

Leo: hey u up?

Virgo: wanna play 21 questions?

Libra: haha and then what ;)

Scorpio: pic for pic

Sagittarius: do u want to see something cool ;)

Capricorn: *hey haha lol stupid autocorrect

Aquarius: u r so beautiful I would take you out to a candlelight dinner and show you a great time then take you home and fuck you until you can’t see straight ;) I can show you a good time

Pisces: no I swear it’s 9 inches

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Destiel is the reason I don't let myself fall in despair or just give up and use crocks. Hope you have enough coffee like me, when I come as a ninja to your blog. Thank you for the laughs and the angst of this ship, that's better than the other one we must hide from. Come and hide with me when you need it. Keep this going, you must, now I depend on you. Some days you give me a blanket. And I will still sharing my coffee with you.

that was so beautiful thank you so much and C R O C S (feet sweats) yeah im struggling with the mean people lately