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here is my masterlist - a collection of fluff, smut and angst for tom/peter/harrison, as well as moodboards and snapchat edits!

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Dating Yugyeom would include

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Kim Yugyeom
- this could go two ways
- cute lil baby who gets all shy
- also gigantic meme
- or uh
- uhHhHHhHH
- maknae grinds a lot so I’ll leave that to ur imagination
- I mean u saw him on hit the stage
- going to costume stores around halloween and trying to scare each other w/ the masks
- and then he bumps into one of the racks and everything falls
- clumsy boy
- he likes to act like he’s bad
- and inwardly screams when you get all shy
- and sometimes you’ll play along and he panics like nonono what r u dOING WHAT
- complimenting you could go like:
- scenario 1: “Ahhh Y/N you look so cute look @ u!!!”
- scenario 2: “Yugyeom, how does this look?”
- “Huh? Oh uh- yeye u look good- I mean nice?? Great! Yes u look great!”
- walks away
- scenario 3: “Jagi that dress looks really nice ;) it fits u ;)”
- “Ahh do u really think so?? Because I think it’d look better on the floor”
- “w-what uh,, i uh,, y es no i wHAT”
- random singing at any given time
- random dancing
- legit he’ll start singing something and you kinda start singing along and then it’s just the two of you sitting lazily on the couch, off-key and everything
- shopping kart races in the grocery store parking lot
- Suddenly a wild Jinyoung appears
- you’ll get videos of him torturing ur boy
- “what are you gonna do about it Y/N??? hm?? nOTHING”
- little does he know that you’ve already put vaseline on his door knobs
- tbh you’ll get videos from all the boys of him being a meme
- speaking of the boys, you’re at war w/ them
-they legit have lil meetings to try to prank/scare you but you’re always a step ahead
- back hugs
- hand holding
- tall baby
- rests his chin on your head/shoulder
- pecks on the cheek in public
- soft kisses when you’re alone
- probably holds your hand when you kiss
- flowers just because ur so cute
- piggyback rides
- teasing each other nonstop
- playing Mario Kart together
- wrestling and messing around all the time
- making him get things from high shelves for you
- the face he makes when he’s like embarrassed where he closes his eyes and just kinda silently laughs and cUTE
- you probably have to say I love you first
- the first time you tell him you love him he’s really shocked and is like “???? what???”
- “are you sure????”
- he’s in such disbelief but he’s so happy
- vv blushy
- his fluffy hair
- playing with said fLUFFY HAIR
- He’s ur boy u gotta love and protect him
- sitting in on his dacne practices
- but when you do he’s lowkey nervous and just wants to impress you
- but you’re supportive no matter what and it makes his large body all warm and fuzzy inside

Okay so this is just a big tip for all of you. Have a ‘fuck shit I’m homeless’ or whatever you wanna call it bag. Recently I’ve had a similar situation and this would have been a fucking life saver.

First go buy a bag, preferably a book bag and some smaller bags that can go inside to keep everything organized. You can buy more than one if you want though.

Get a jar and put a slit in the lid for money saving. If you got some control issues super glue that fucking lid okay. Your only job is to put spare change and money in it.

When it’s full put all the money into a little zipper bag, you an buy these fuckers for like 10$. Also tip: keep 10% of the change and take the rest to a lil coin machine so u can get paper money instead. Don’t even count how much you put in there. Just shove it in and forget about it. Repeat the money thing every so often so you keep adding it up.

Now gather some supplies. I came up with a list of things I needed most that I didn’t expect.

- Paper cutlery / plastic cutlery.
Don’t act like I’m stupid on this ok. Trust me. You don’t know how bad it is until you don’t even have a bowl to eat out of.

- Toiletries
Tampons/pads, basic makeup, a travel tooth care kit, genital care, toilet paper…etc.

- Three sets of clothes.
One set of pajamas, one set of day clothes, and something for cold weather. Oh, and lots of underwear. Especially if you got a V.

- Food
Aim for long lasting, nutritious, and only needing a microwave and a bowl or smthn. Chicken soup cans is a good example. And ravioli. Also get some small stuff like nature valley bars, it’s suggested you get some glucose tablets too. (Hella ramen noodles btw)

- Umbrella

- Water
Get a lot of this

- Those tiny ice packs that are super cute and smol.

- Hairbrush

- Something to make you feel comfortable
Maybe it’s a teddy bear or something. But get it.

- Basic medical supplies

- Dish washing supplies!!!

- Get a cheap set of 1$ bowls and stuff that r microwave safe n stuff

Separate it all into bags and such. Organize it. Organize it. Organize some more.

Now I’m going to tell you what to do in the case that you’re homeless.

1. Get a hotel.
Don’t get something nice and expensive. Get something cheap that works. This is why I say to put all of that money away. Trust me. It will help loads.

2. If you don’t have a job, get one if possible.

3. GoFundMe. Do it. Fuck pride.

4. Save everything. If you eat at waffle house or soemthing get to go so hopefully they give you plastic to go stuff. Save it. Wash it and save it. Save all the condiments you get that you haven’t opened. The napkins. Save. It. All.

5. Have a little bag to put all the plates and stuff you collect in.

6. Start applying for income based apartments.

7. Hustle for your fucking money babe. If you have to be a stripper, it’s gotta be done. If you don’t wanna that’s fine but IMO you gotta do what you gotta do.

8. Sugar daddies/mommas are real and sugar babies get 2k a week on average. You dont have to fuck them all. Make your boundaries clear if you get one.

EDIT:: YALL BE SAFE. I was relying off what my mother told me, as she is an ex sugar baby. Having a sugar daddy and such has a lot of cons. So y'all be safe. Do your research and KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GETTING INTO.

9. When you get a place to stay keep all the shit you collected just in case.

Not Very Social

@the-laursa hope you enjoy love. x

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Harry Hook

Word Count: 1,759

Warning(s): Fluff

‘’You ready to fight?’’

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Jungkook’s Affection

After hearing all the news today, I’m just so so sorry to anyone and everyone affected, I really hope everyone’s okay or will be okay and hopefully some fluff will cheer you up bc this is why I love fluff, it’s something to make your mood better, even if it’s only for a few minutes!! Now it’s time for the second half of the Busan line, our amazing maknae who was so fucking cute in the Home Party live, he’s always cute but that was just that was some good shit man how are all of the Jungkook stans doing, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • Just a quick explanation of this since it’s pretty self explanatory, this is just gonna be a post about I think the boys would cuddle/hug, their PDA levels, etc.
  • Sweetest boyfriend
  • Who initiates the affection is a 50/50 chance, sometimes it’ll be him, sometimes it’s you but he’s actually pretty affectionate he’s a bit of a cuddle bug
  • Playful troublemaker
  • Teases you 25/8 in the most loving, playful way possible
  • It seems like the more comfortable he is with someone, the more he’ll tease them, like the boys have said that when they first met him he was so shy and now he’s forever imitating them and teasing them and it’s so obvious he loves them
  • Goes to tease you about being in love with him but then realizes he’s just as in love
  • “Lol someone has a crush”
  • “We’ve been together for three years”
  • Will make faces at you whenever you look at him
  • Asks you to tie his tie regardless of if he knows how to tie it or not, just so he can see how flustered you get when he’s so close and is acting all romantic
  • Will playfully lean away when you go to kiss him afterwards
  • Absolutely 100% will let you play with his hair and probably falls asleep when you do it
  • The boys/camera crew have documented it quite a few times but when he’s asleep, not much can disturb him
  • So you could very easily squish his cheeks, you could play with his hair, you could give him lil kisses on his cute face, you could cuddle up to him and take a nap with him that’s a r e a l l y good option bc he’s super warm
  • He’s s o ideal for cuddling don’t even get me started
  • He’s all broad and tall and probably so fucking warm and his cologne is probably amazing and cuddling him is just so pleasant
  • He’s a spooner for the main part, he’s definitely big spoon judging by his love for back hugs, also gotta mention the one Taekook moment in Bon Voyage where kook gets in Tae’s bunk and automatically lays on his side and puts his arm around him like that’s top quality spooning material
  • But he also really really loves it when you have your head on his chest bc he can play with your hair or rub your back or kiss your forehead 
  • The two are for sure the most common but there are certain days where he’d prefer to rest his head on your chest or just have you hold him really tight
  • Days where so many things have gone wrong, days where he’s either leaving for tour or just coming back, days where he just really really missed you, etc.
  • Also if you ask him to, he will be v v happy to sing you a song to help you fall asleep (just picture that for a moment)
  • Pillow talk is super playful but also really sweet??
  • Like he has his moments where he gets really close to your face and just makes a weird face to make you laugh but then he’ll kiss your nose really softly when you do laugh 
  • Tbh, making you laugh is one of his biggest goals in general, he loves making people laugh so seeing you laugh and smile and just be happy around him is one of his favorite things about the relationship
  • His hugs are equally as amazing
  • As I mentioned earlier, kook has such a love for back hugs and it’s so fucking cute
  • There are literally entire videos dedicated to kook and his back hugs, he loves them so much and I’m so here for that I mean his back hugs look amazing
  • Sometimes he’ll rest his chin on your shoulder or lay his head on it, sometimes he’ll sway the two of you all slow, sometimes he’ll wiggle you or play with your hands, it all depends on his mood 
  • But he’s also super okay with being back hugged, I mentioned it in Tae’s post but I gotta bring it back up here bc it’s so fucking precious, there have been a couple time where Tae has latched on kook and they just waddle around together
  • Will probably, at one point or another, hum the Titanic song while one of you is back hugging the other
  • He kinda always has that habit of putting his chin on your shoulder or on top of your head (if it’s at a comfortable reach and he doesn’t have to stretch too far) whenever he hugs you
  • He won’t say much during the longer hugs, he’ll just close his eyes and relax in your arms and he’ll get a lil smile when he notices you’re wearing the perfume/cologne he bought for you and it’s all very peaceful and relaxing and it’s one of those moments where you both feel really safe and warm and you wish those hugs could last forever
  • Also has a habit of leaning his arm on your shoulder whenever he stands next to you tbh, doesn’t matter if you’re shorter or taller (but he’s okay with you doing the same to him) if he doesn’t back hug you that is
  • Very soft kisses, always
  • In the beginning of the relationship, his kisses are a lot shier, a lot quicker a lot more “mission abort missION ABORT” but the longer you two are together, the more confident he gets with everything but especially kissing
  • The super quick, shy kisses that you can barely acknowledge before they’re over turn into sweet kisses that take your breath away and make your mind just go blank the entire time he’s kissing you
  • His kisses are always really sweet but they get more and more playful as he gets more comfortable with kissing you and some of them are purely to make you laugh
  • Like sometimes they’re super super quick and it’s mainly to annoy you but then to make up for it, he’ll kiss your cheeks and your nose and your forehead and just all over until you’re laughing
  • But then he has the sweet kisses that are s o so so so love filled and passionate bc he’s a passionate lil bun and he’s almost always cupping your face, if he isn’t, his hands are on your waist to pull you super close or they’re in your hair, one or the other
  • He loves initiating kisses when you least expect it bc he loves the moment of shock before you kiss back, he loves the playful scolding, he loves all of it but if you ever do it to him, he’s gonna get so flustered
  • He’s not gonna know what to do, he’s just gonna squirm around and resist the urge to scream or squeal until his heart calms back down and tbh, it’s pretty amusing to watch
  • Forehead kisses are frequent, they’re his favorite but he also loves nose kisses
  • Forehead kisses are more of his way of silently saying “I love you” or “hey you’re cute” whereas nose kisses are more of a “you haven’t smiled in a few minutes let’s change that”
  • He’s more likely to hold your hand rather than intertwine your fingers together (even though he’s got n o t h i n g against the latter) .
  • He loves being able to give your palm lil squeezes or rub circles into the back of your hand when you’re nervous (and vice versa he would really appreciate that)
  • He’s more of a hugger, more of arm over the shoulders type of person so hand holding isn’t the most common show of affection but it’s still v v loved and he’s not gonna complain if you wanna hold his hand 
  • His favorite thing to do (when you aren’t in motion) is to have one of your hands in both of his and to toy with your fingers
  • His hands would be so warm and so gentle with yours it’s just so 10/10
  • Onto PDA levels
  • He’s one of the more shy members when it comes to PDA, especially at first
  • It’ll also depend on where you two are, if you’re with the boys, it’s pretty much the exact same as being alone bc kook’s so beyond comfortable with all of them that they’re family to him 
  • But if he’s in public and the boys aren’t there, it’s gonna be restricted to hand holding or very basic PDA bc he’s a shy bun at times
  • Like kissing is definitely private, quick hugs are a maybe (an occasional arm over the shoulder or around the waist is okay though) hand holding is a yes, playing around and teasing each other is a yes
  • D e fi nitely has a couple item but it’d be something really subtle, like a matching pair of earrings (since we all know the boys loves him some piercings and I’m so fucking for it I can’t stress it enough I love his piercings so much) or matching phone backgrounds, things that are lil and easy to miss bc then it’s more of an inside thing
  • Side note, speaking of phone backgrounds, he’s the type of boyfriend that takes your phone when you aren’t looking and takes a bunch of selfies at all the weird angles and then sets them as the background after changing his contact name to something like “best boyfriend in the world” or “cool dude” with the fucking sunglasses emoji and then the smirking emoji bc he’s just he’s a meme sometimes and I love him for it but don’t let him near your phone unless you want a hundred photos of him trying to pull a double chin and another ten photos of his dog
  • Jungkook’s affection is very playful but loving (just like him) it’s constant, it’s almost always about making you laugh/smile bc that’s one of his favorites, especially when it’s caused by him
Bloody Nose

Summary: An unexpected noseblood during class strikes up an immediate friendship with no other than Reggie Mantle.

Word Count: 2,220.

A/N: Honestly, I’m utterly in love with Reggie by now. This was a complete blast to write and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy! (also yes i’m very well aware that that’s a zach gif and not reggie one, oh well)

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Baby Blues.

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Baby Jungkook

Y/N - Mother

Jimin - Father

Request -

Based on your last piece trust issues can you do an angst about when y/n found out she was pregnant and she was worried about jimin’s reaction?

Summary - You had felt sick for the past 2 weeks, in panic you bought a pregnancy test, you find out that its positive but you’re worried about Jimins reaction towards the surprise.

credit to @minjinbiased for giving me the title name ^-^

“Jimin be quiet..” You whispered, a small moan escaping your lips as Jimin started to speed up, a breathless chuckle coming from him. You pressed your hands against his chest as he pushed himself in and out of you, your foreheads pressed together as you both kissed passionately, the small pecks turning into a hot mess.

You squirmed as you started to reach your climax, clawing at his back you moaned his name against his lips as you orgasmed, your juices spilled out of you, along with a series of whines and groans.

Jimin bit his lip as started to slow down, his seed spilling inside of you, filling you up.

You gasped at the feeling of his juices inside of you, you grinned, pressing a finger to his lips. “Sh..” You raised an eyebrow, lifting your head to kiss him once more.

He rolled his eyes, rolling off you and laying beside you, his arm automatically wrapping around your waist.

“Y/N..?” Jimins voice croaked out, breaking the ‘after sex’ silence.

“Mhm..” You nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck, tiredly.

“You know I love you right?” He kissed the top of your head, sighing happily at the sight he saw beside him.

You, your naked body arched in your usual sleeping position, the way your fingers curled and un-curled as you started to drift off. Your mouth slightly open as you inhaled and exhaled the air.

He smiled, you looked blissful, beautiful. You closed your eyes, nodding. Jimin laughed quietly, shaking his head as he closed his eyes too, drifting away into a new dream.

                                                        2 Weeks

“JUNGKOOK.” You shouted from the kitchen, staring wide eyed at the pile of flour and peanut butter that wallpapered the floor. You heard the steady, cautious steps of your son, his head poked through the door frame, afraid to walk in just yet.

His eyes widened as he saw what you pointing at, holding his hands up, jungkook shook his head, “Wasn’t me.”

“Yah! What have I told you about lying?” You raised an eyebrow, grabbing a towel from the side to clean up the mess.

Jungkook stayed silent, looking down at his converse, a pout forming on his face. You frowned, pulling him in to a hug.

“I’m sorry for shouting at you, but you shouldn’t just leave it. Tell me and i’ll fix it.” You smiled up at him, swiping away the salty water that poured out of his eyes with your thumb before kissing his forehead, shooing him away as you cleaned up the rest of his commotion.

“Y/N?” Jimins voice called out for you, you smiled, wringing out the towel before walking to the bedroom where he stood, his lower half wrapped in a creme towel.

“Yes?” You grinned, wrapping your arms around his waist, kissing his jawline softly.

His breath hitched at the sudden contact, “Are you sure you’ll be okay? You’ve been rushing to the bathroom for a whole week.” Jimins concerned voice made you pout, you looked up at him, a soft smile replacing the pout.

“If i can handle two males, who both act like 3 year olds 24/7, i’m sure i can handle a little sickness bug..”

But it wasn’t a sickness bug, and you knew that.

“I’ll call on you, and if Jungkook is any trouble, just call me and i’ll get someone to look after him for a couple of hours.” Your husband sighed, at how he couldn’t look after you for just a day.

“Theres no need for that, now, get dressed or i’ll tear that towel off you…” you purred, your hand sliding down his front, palming his member. He groaned, you chuckled, kissing him on the cheek before walking back to the kitchen.

“Yah! Jagi, why are you such a tease!” Jimin shouted, his voice laced with desperation and disappointment.

You grinned, pouring the milk into Jungkooks cereal, placing the plastic spoon into the bowl before bringing it to him in the living room. He thanked you, immediately slurping at the milk.

Jimin ran through the hall and into the living room where you and Jungkook sat, He kissed his sons forehead, grabbing his spoon and eating the cereal on it. Jungkook whined, before grabbing the spoon off him, annoyed at his fathers selfishness.

Jimin moved to you, his lips pressing against your forehead before moving to your lips, you kissed back, the taste of apple chapstick lay on his lips.

“And who are you trying to impress with that chap stick you have on?” You raise an eyebrow, locking eyes with him.

“Only the most important woman in the world of course.” He grinned, giving you one last kiss before rushing out of the door shouting his usual goodbyes.

This was your routine now. Every Day. Every Single Day. You weren’t complaining, but you were starting to miss those days where Jimin and you used to cuddle up on the sofa, making love while cliché horror movies played in the background.

But now you had a child, only 2 years into your relationship. Your mother had once said, “The longer you stay pure, the longer you’ll be youthful..”
Well that didn’t last long.

Jungkook giggled at T.V screen, pointing at a ‘Furry, red monster with no teeth.’ You grinned, shaking your head at your sons playful attitude.

You decided to leave college when you found out you were pregnant with Jungkook, you were studying psychology, Jimin studying the same. You missed those days too, where Jimin would sit beside you in your classes and tell you the most basic way of writing an answer or explain what you didn’t understand.

You felt your stomach churn. Jungkook whipped his head sidewards to look at you, you took steady breaths, smiling at him as if everything was okay.

But it wasn’t.

You stood up, rushing to the bathroom, where you fell to your knees, your hands gripping the sides of the toilet as last nights meal poured out of your mouth.

This had been happening for a couple of weeks now, and Jimin started to notice how you would wake up earlier than normal, and rush to the bathroom.

You had told him it was a sickness bug, that you were just feeling queasy due to it being winter.

You lied.

Looking to your side, you opened the drawer, pulling out a pregnancy test, the box was made of cardboard, an image of a pink stick with a electric screen, showing a negative and a positive sign.

Wiping your mouth with the back of your hand, you sat on the toilet pulling the test out of the box. It was plastic and felt lightweight in your hand. You took a deep breath, doing your business on the sponge end of the stick.

“Eomma? Is everything okay?” Jungkook voice seemed wary, full of curiosity as to why you ran out of the living room.

“Yes, everything is fine..” You shouted, reassuring your son that nothing was wrong, that you weren’t sat on the toilet peeing on a stick to see if a human was growing inside of you.

You heard nothing, implying that Jungkook thought you were fine.
Pulling the stick from underneath you, you placed the cap on and put it to the side, waiting impatiently as you washed your hands, staring down at the pregnancy test.

It had been 5 minutes and the screen was still loading on the stick, your anxiety was getting to you.

You clasped and unclasped your hands, it had been 5 minutes and nothing no sign had come up. You picked it up, shaking it slightly to see if it would miraculously worked.

You set it back down, from the corner of your eye, you saw the screen switch.


Your hands covered your mouth as you picked the stick back up, You were shocked, happy, scared. a variety of emotions spilled out of your eyes as you stared at the stick, your eyes focusing and unfocusing. You were going to have another baby.

What about Jimin? How would he react? What if he didn’t want another child?
What if he didn’t love you anymore.

You wept silently, placing the stick back down on the counter. You were happy, so happy that you were having another baby, you were excited to be going through the same experience you had with Jungkook.

You were ecstatic.

But you were scared, the fact that you might have to go through this alone because Jimin might not be able to handle another child scared you. It made you upset. It made you think, think of made up clips of your husband leaving your home, an angry look plastered on his face.

You didn’t know how to not think of it. The anticipation of Jimins reaction to a new baby made you worry.

You stood up, looking into the mirror, you looked a mess, the mascara that once lay delicately on your eyelashes dribbled down your cheeks in wet streaks. The rouge lipstick that covered your lips smothered around your mouth from wiping it so many times.

Turning the tap on you cupped your hands, they filled with the clear liquid, you splashed it onto your face, grasping a towel from your side and rubbing every inch of mess off.

After a couple of minutes of vigorously rubbing your face, most of the makeup had forced itself onto the once clean towel.

Throwing it into the washing basket, you looked into the mirror once again. You still looked like a trainwreck, walking out of the bathroom you walked back into the living room, cuddling up to the oblivious soon-to-be big brother.

The keys rattled in lock as Jimin unlocked it, his shoes flying to the shoe rack seconds after he stepped through the door. The sound of Jungkook’s small feet padding against the carpet as he charged towards his father his arm, Jimin’s smile broadened as his arms opened, embracing his son.

Jungkook moved away, grinning up at him.

You stood at the doorway, watching your husband and son, you smiled, Jungkook was no longer having trust issues with Jimin which was amazing to see, every day Jungkook would rush to the door to greet his father, his cute bunny smile widening by the second.

Jimin let go of jungkook, leaving him to run back into his bedroom. You raised an eyebrow at your partner, tapping your lips. He rolled his eyes, pressing the plump, pink skin against yours, his hands cupping your cheeks. You kissed back, practically melting into his arms.

“I’ve missed you.” He mumbled inbetween the kiss, you let out a giggle.

“Its been 8 hours, calm down gorgeous.” You smirked, pressing your hands against his chest you pushed him off, walking into your bedroom. Jimin followed you, unbuttoning his shirt as he walked through the door, you threw one of his comfy shirts at him, along with some black joggers.

“How was work?” You asked, sitting on the bed, opening up the book that lay on your bedside table.

“Same old, same old.” He shrugged, walking into the bathroom.

Your eyes skimmed over the words, “Jungkooks been golde-”

“Y/N, what’s this?” Jimin walked out of the bathroom, his hand wrapped around a pink stick.

You couldn’t read him, his face wasn’t blank yet it wasn’t emotional. The book slipped out of your hands as your mouth hung open.

You fucking idiot

“I-I-Jimin..” You stuttered, lost for words.

“Are you pregnant?” He whispered, sitting beside you, the pregnancy test still clenched in his hand.

You nodded, your vision blurring as tears started to slide down your cheeks. Jimin wrapped his arm around you, pulling you into his chest. You sniffled, leaving a mark on the light grey shirt.

“Please don’t leave..I don’t want you to leave…Please Jimin…” You wailed, scrunching up his shirt with your fists. Not letting go.

“Baby its okay..” He said in his usual calm tone, he kissed the top of your head, stroking your hair softly, “I’m happy.”

“Wait, what…?” You lifted your head up, confused at his reaction, you had imagined him lashing out, but he was acting like his normal self.

“I said I’m happy.” He chuckled, holding out the pregnancy test like it was a piece of lost treasure her had found, “You have my child growing inside of you, why wouldn’t I be happy?”

He started to kiss your face, collecting the salty liquid that surfaced on your skin. You laughed, laying back as he kissed you passionately, he placed the stick onto the bedside table delicately.

“Are you sure?” You whisper looking up at your lover, those brown orbs piercing through you, they pierced through you lovingly, filled with compassion and happiness.

“If I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t have not wore a condom on purpose.”



I want to do a quick shoutout to the Hannibal and American Gods fandoms. 

I’ve been drawing for years, but have always struggled with my art. About 4 years ago I put my art down and never really picked it back up again. Here or there I’d draw something – but it was never consistent. 

I’m one of those people that draws for myself. I’ll take requests, but I draw for me. Always have. I don’t mind drawing the pairing that no one else supports, or that show no one else is into. I have never expected or really looked for recognition when it comes to my art because, honestly, I’m not a big fan of it.

Let’s just say some idiots ruined how I see my art and now I’m just so– whatever when it comes to it. Which is why I don’t really put work into my art anymore. Don’t really do finished pieces. 

I was expecting it to keep being like that– UNTIL THE FANNIBAL FAMILY STRUCK MEH. 

Let me just say: OH MY LORD. You are S O  S U P P O R T I V E. 

I have never been in such a supportive fandom before. NOT TO SHAME MY OTHER FANDOMS. I still love my other fandoms, I’ve just never made any kind of name for myself in them. Even pieces that I pour hours into. 

Then here I am doing 30 min doodles of random stuff – starting with a funny picture of Hannibal licking Will’s tummy scar because I saw a request and WELL WHY NOT I’LL DOODLE ON IT. AND SUDDENLY FANNIBALS. 


L I T E R A L L Y : 

I read every one of your cute notes. Your tags. Everyday I wake up to this steadily growing amount of notes and I am just so entirely blown away. 

I have literally been in a drawing rut for 10 years and stepped away entirely 4 years ago and now– here I am. 

I never thought I’d need recognition or support but I can’t tell you how much it has made such a difference in my life. I won’t go into details, but I’m currently struggling, and seeing those notes, seeing that I make other people happy with my silly doodles– It has been a literal game changer. 

Thank you so very, very much for supporting some random newcomer. Thank you for not being cliquey. Thank you for not being shaming or having silly ship wars. I just– 

Thank you. Is really what it comes down to. 

I literally cannot tell you how much this means to me and how big of a difference this has made in my life. Even if it seems small, I’ve never had anyone in my life support my art and my creativity like this fandom has. And I adore, absolutely adore, all of you for it. <3

Don’t Camp Much

Hello Loves!! Here’s another addition to the Don’t ___ Much collection. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you want to see anything particular! I’m always open to ideas and requests. I can’t promise that requests will always get filled but I will definitely read and respond. You guys are amazing! Lots of love!! XR

To say you detested the outside world would be a gross understatement. You loathed nature. Sure, yes, (some) wild animals are cute but dirt… bugs… campfire songs… Yeah those sucked. But as usual, when Harry wanted to do something and he looked at you with those big green eyes and poked out his bottom lip you agreed to go. After kissing him senseless, of course.

And that is how you ended up covered in dirt, surrounded by bugs, listening to your boyfriend sing the “C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E” song from Spongebob all whilst trying valiantly to make the perfect s'more. When the fourth marshmallow dropped into the fire, you had had enough.

“I hate nature!” You wailed, stomping away from the fire, trying very hard not to trip over any sticks.

“Babe!” You could hear Harry shouting from behind you but you ignored him, looking everywhere for his damn Range Rover. Why did you think this would be a good idea?

Before you knew it you were in the middle of nowhere. How did you get so lost in such a short amount of time? This is why you don’t go camping. Or outdoors. Ever.

The eerie silence made you shiver. You needed to find Harry and get out of here. It was creepy out in nature all alone. The sound of breaking sticks caused your heart to race, so you did what any young woman lost in the woods would do. You grabbed the nearest weapon you could find, which happened to be a rather long stick. Pointing it at the sound, you prepared yourself to fight off a coyote, bear or any other wild thing that could possibly kill you.

You let out a small scream when a shadow popped around a tree, pinning your arms to your side, preventing you from swinging at anything.

“Put the stick down, baby.” Harry laughed in your ear. You let go of the stick with a huff, pulling yourself away from his warm embrace.

“You scared me, you prick.” Your arms reached around your middle, trying to mimic the warmth of Harry’s much more muscular ones.

“I’m sorry. But I couldn’t risk you damaging the money maker.” He gestured to his face, causing a small smile to pull at your lips.

“There’s my girl.” He smiled, reaching to pull you into his arms. You went willingly but you still weren’t happy about the situation.

“I don’t like camping, Harry.” You admitted after a moment.

“I could tell.” You could hear his smirk but you chose to let it go and just enjoy the embrace for a while longer.

“Can we go home?” You hesitantly asked, hoping he would say yes.

“Of course, love. “ He answered, pulling away to smile down at you. But you could see in his eyes how disappointed he was. Guilt began to gnaw at your stomach as you made your way back to the campsite to pack up.

A week or so later you sat anxiously in the dining room, waiting for Harry to get home from a session. You were hoping this would make it up to him. When you heard the door open, you sprang from your chair, practically running to him. You greeted him with a kiss and waited patiently for him to take off his shoes and put his keys in the bowl by the door.

“Love, what’s going on?” He laughed, eyeing you suspiciously. Smirking, you grabbed his hand and pulled him through the dining room to the living room and waited for him to see it. His jaw dropped and you saw his eyes begin to twinkle, letting you know you did okay.

In front of both of you was the product of three hours spent wrangling pillows, blankets and christmas lights. If you couldn’t go camping, you’d bring camping to him. You had fashioned a blanket/pillow tent in your living room and had hung the lights all around it. You had even bought one of those indoor marshmallow roasters.

“I thought that since I ruined our last camping trip, maybe we’d try my version of camping.” You walked towards the tent, running your fingers along the edge of one of the blankets.

“Can we still sing campfire songs?” The nearness of his voice startled you. You turned around to find him standing incredibly close to you, eyes radiating with love and fairy lights. You bit your lip and nodded, failing to contain the smile that was threatening to burst across your face.

He leaned down, pressing his lips to yours, pulling you flush against his chest. When he had kissed you breathless, he pressed his forehead against yours. And you both relished in the great indoors, the fireplace crackling on your laptop.

Unmasked (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!hero!reader

Warnings: None, just some mild violence, cursing and fluffiness! And a kiss 😘

Request: Can I request a image where Peter has a huge crush on the reader but the reader is a avenger and he doesn’t know it and at the end she meets spiderman and when he shows his mask they kiss or something

A/N: Omg this is just like my story Partner’s in (Fighting) Crime. To the anon who requested this, please go check that out if you would like to see this idea drawn out a bit more! That being said, I hope you all enjoy this! 

Peter was drifting off in class again staring at you. He has had the biggest crush on you for as long as he can remember. You were so pretty, smart and you were the only girl in school who didn’t think it was lame that he still played with legos. He’d love to build a set with you one day. 

“Peter.” He could imagine your voice saying to him as you gave him one of your sweet smiles that shone like the sun. “Peter.” You say again and he closes his eyes and sighs. “Peter!” An older woman yelled at him and he jumped in his seat to find the whole class staring at him. “Do you mind telling us what the answer to number three is?” His teacher asks. 

“Uh…Well…” He starts and looks at his notes. He hadn’t paid attention to what the teacher was saying. 

“I see you were daydreaming again.” She says and Peter’s cheeks flare up in embarrassment and he avoids your concerned gaze. 

All the kids laugh at him but you give them a glare and they all immediately go silent. They may not have known that you were secretly an Avenger, but you were fierce enough in school that they knew not to mess with you. The bell rang and you all got up to leave. You made your way over to Peter once you left the classroom. 

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jeremy heere x reader head canons !!

someone requested this elsewhere and i decided it’d be fun to put it here too, because there aren’t all that many bmc fics or something

this is w a y too long
like this is like points for a really cliche fic rather than head canons but that’s probably cause it’s a vague request and i got carried away ( i had fun with this )

-so like,, you started as friends having totally S L A MM E D into some dork in the hallway who was listening to bob marley
-news f l a sh : that dork was michael mell
-you two turned out to be fast friends real quick
–((after levels of apologies from both of you))
-the quick friendship would’ve been the same with jeremy
-w O U L D V E
-if he wasn’t such a nervous geek.
-BuT doNt woRry yOu secRetLy tHink iTs hEllA hEckIn cuTe
-so like jeremy slowly gets the nerve to talk to you more and like it’s interesting to watch
-cause he does it at inappropriate times
- like ,,, he’ll just start lAughiNG really awkwardly and loud like a solid minute after a joke you make
-or like “oH hEy (y/N) hAvInG a fuN daY of criPPLing soCiAl impAriTy ?”
-just cause like the boy has no idea to talk to you
-and believe me he hits up michael after school just slamming his head on the dashboard of michaels pt cruiser
-“i do n t kNOW HOW TO TALK TO THEM M I C H A E L”
-“i can see that, jeremy”
-“jeremy, buddy, we can all tell”
-and so jeremy will just attempt to redeem himself but eventually michael just pushes him into them thinking ‘well if it worked with me it’ll work with him’
-he was kind of right?
-jeremy got way too nervous but eventually (y/n) was like ‘i’ve had enough of this’ and foRCES them to socialize ,, whilst making sure he’s like comfortable? like he doesn’t hate them ???
-so after that whole awkward weird phase, it turns all into the three amigos
-like they’re the mega geeks and losers but
- they aren’t TOTAL losers ??
-because people have a lil more respect for jeremy and michael after the squip incident,, which kind of just died over after a few months
-so like y'all will just ch i ll in michaels basement and ya know he gets the stoned™ sometimes but that doesn’t matter because
-you and jeremy are pure (lol jk they get the stoned™ sometimes too)
-and like everything is good and great and fun and games and all the bonding
-and jeremy and you got like this B O N D thing where you went from awkward to buddies™™™
-so it’s just like,,, good?
-until jake starts hitting on you
-o h y e s when the bisexual jake //he’s kinda gay and i’ll fight// starts to
-get all
-to the good ol amigo
-and so like,,, you’re kinda into it ? you think jake is pretty cute and hey he’s a fun guy
-so you start hanging out more
-and michaels all upset that it’s a two player game™ again but he still feels blessed to at least hAVE a player two
-but jer over here is like o k a y so first christine and noW thEm whAt The fuDgE sanDwiCh
-and like no no you’re not just ignoring your dorks you still hang out with them
-but like it’s just less
-and so jeremy starts to get kinda pissed around you (which, no offense, love, but that’s kinda hypocritical)
-but michael is being sweet and small and favoring all his time with you cause he takes what he can get
-but because jer y'all get a w k w a r d
-and sure you and jake aren’t technically dating but there were times you did get a little hot and steamy and make out and jeremy ended up finding oUt and hE jUst feLt bETRAYeD
-and so jeremy starts cutting you out and it’s making you sad
-so you go to confront him about it ( in a kind way )
-and so you’re all like “yo, heere, what’s wrong lately?”
-and he’s all upset but can’t think of anything rude to say to you because you’re p ER FECT and he’s just “i don’t know why don’t you ask jake ?”
-and you’re pretty oblivious and you’re casually thinking he feels dejected about being friends and “i’m still hanging out with you and michaels happy with it i don’t know why you’re so upset? i’m still trying to be your friend?” and you’re genuinely confused and feeling pretty bad because jeremy is your G U Y and you just l oVe hIm
-and he just gets so mad he tries to like move his arms in this angered way or some shit but then he just f l a i l s them at his side and he lets out a groan and moves his hands to cover his face and tug on his hair ( kINKY)
-and you’re starting to get more worried about jeremy but you’re also thinking that maybe he just hates you and you’re getting really nervous and you feel like you’re gonna cry but you D ONt let yourself cry
-so you’re looking at jeremy looking all sad and angry and useless and h o p e l e s s and you just feel this wave of guilt thinking you caused this and you mutter out a sorry and go to walk away , which is when you feel the tears alMOST ALMOST fall but you’re being a sTroNg perSon
-and he goes to let you walk away and then he looks up and he can just tell by your posture that you’re totally broken
-like you’re slouching JUST a bit more, and your hands are half heartedly in your pockets, and your feet scuff just slightly
-and then the boy gets his own guilt
-so he just grabs for your hand
-and that turns into a fumbled mess because youR hAnDs arE in yOur poCkEtS so hE jUst gRaBs yOur wrIsT
-and you get really confused and turn and look at him and
-he’s just got this look?
-and it’s got so many emotions and you’ve never seen him like this
-like he’s got this anger, and sadness, and fear and longing and this emotion you doNt uNderStand and ITs aLl sO capTivAtIng
-and before you can ask anything
-jeremy just t r a n s f or. m s from this awkward geeky boy who couldn’t remember his name when he first met you, to this strong confident knight in shining armor
-and he leans in and just kisses you
-but just understand this is going from experienced jake who knows how to kiss to passionate and in love smol boi
-and he’s not quite sure what he’s doing but it feels right to him and he just cares so much
-and you feel yourself totally just fall under everything he’s doing and practically mE LT
-then you realize you didn’t kiss back and he realized it too so he pulls back
-“i-i’m so sorry ? i shouldn’t have done that i’ll go oh my god i’m so sorry.”
-the rambling continues and small cute jeremy is back and you just crack a smile and he gets confused and even more self conscious and you just quickly kiss him
-and he doesn’t comprehend it
-“my apologies for not responding to those actions, i was lost in thought per se. we’ll have to retry that sometime”
-so you’re walking away and jer got confused cause you don’t normally talk like that and he’s like what you mean
-and then it kicks in and his face goes R E D (more than before, which he didn’t know was possible)
-he’s just trying to get something out but he can’t and he just lets out a “o-okay!” and he totally voice cracks and he knows he voice cracked and you know he voice cracked and the whole
world knows he voice cracked but it really doesn’t matter and the last thing you do is just shoot jake a text
-“jeremy just kissed me” and he immediately responds “ F I N A L L Y. hoW mAnY tiMes dO we hAve tO maKe oUt foR thaT.”
-sure enough there’s quickly another text from jake “one more time?” and you let out this abrasive loud laugh"
-“prolly not jakey- d but thanks for the offer i’ll keep it in mind.”

okay that’s it and it was long and stuff and yes but yeah


stars 2017 d-camp: ROOPE HINTZ  

i: “(…) miro heiskanen, third overall. you know him very well, teammates with him last year in finland. what was that like, to know that now you’re going to be teammates in the stars organisation?”
r: “it was a very good feeling. i called him right away when i heard it. it was great.”

Friends to Lovers w/ Ten
  • heyyy~
  • ten has two bc he’s special in my life, okayyy
  • lmao
  • i never really talked about how much i love ten but, if you didn’t know, he’s my ultimate bias and i love him to death
  • writing this made me realize one more time how perfect he is and how i’m love i am with him
  • but anyways, shoutout to anon for requesting this!
  • let’s start this for once  (◕‿◕✿)
  • so since both of you are two clumsy little babies you meet when you accidentally you bumped into each other
  • “shit, i’m sorry, are you alright?”
  • “yes, don’t worry about it, I was the one who wasn’t looking"
  • you looked up and you swear you forgot how to breath for like two whole seconds
  • and it happened the same thing to him, his eyes were shining like never before
  • and he gave you the most beautiful smile when you amde eye contact
  • then he giggles a bit and god even his voice and laugh are beautiful too
  • “you’re an artist too?”
  • “uh?”
  • and then you remember all the art supplies that you were buying
  • “ah~~ yes, well kind of, I just really enjoy drawing when i’m bored but i’m not terrible at it"
  • “same thing here”
  • “but you just said you were an artist..”
    and you already were like ugh i h8 boiz their alWays lyiNg to mE!!!1!!
  • but he just laughs again and you’re like fOR THE SAKE OF MY HEART STOP
  • “it’s because i’m a dancer”
  • and you were ready to cry like
  • ??? how’s ??? a person ??? so perfect ?? like??’ i’m shook????¿
  • he was handsome, friendly aND ALSO TALENTED???
  • the conversation continued for a few mins before he had to leave
  • “would you like to go out with me someday? i would love to continue this conversation someday”
  • so yall exchanged phone numbers and since that day you started to be insparable
  • the very next morning you had your first date
  • yall had breakfast together in a really cozy cafe that he knew
  • he came ten minutes before the hour yall decided and waited for you outside the cafe without caring about how cold it was
  • he even paid for everything!!! he’s an actual gentleman
  • he even remembered to brought the notebook where he had all his drawings
  • and he was so talented! you feel in love with the different types of strokes that he used and the abstract concept that he had
  • the more you looked the more obsessed you get with them
  • while you keept telling him again and again how talented he was and he would only giggle at how adorable you are
  • you spended the rest of the day together
  • he invited you to the doorms to watch a movie and he introduce you to some of his friends
  • after cooking a little meal for you as dinner he walked you home, having a conversation with you while walking
  • “did you had fun today, y/n?”
  • “yes! today was really fun!”
  • “should we do it again other day?”
  • you looked down whe you suddenly felt his hands slightly touching yours, silently asking you to hold hands
  • “i would love to”
  • and when you grabbed his hand his smile was angelic
  • a little fastforward hehe
  • you went together to even cuter and artistic dates
  • he inspires you like no one else could and in lots of different ways
  • it took you months to realize that he’s everything you’ll ever need, someone who can inspire you
  • but once you realize, you didn’t want waste more time so you called him immediately
  • “ten? can you come over? I have something to tell you”
  • and the way you confessed was so cute
  • you played with his hands the whole time while you told him everything
  • "i understand if you don’t feel in the same way, i just though that it was something you should know”
  • once you finished he put you into a tight hug
  • “i’m so in love with you, y/n”
  • he whispered with a soft voice in your ear, making you pull away from the hug just to look at him
  • his eyes were shining and he was unable to stop himself from smiling just like in the first moment he saw you
  • “please be mine”
  • you felt so happy, you though that your heart was going to explode
  • and you had your first kiss just a few seconds later
  • and his lips were so addictive and sweet hkdfjsadjasdjh
  • i’m actually feeling butterflies in my stomach hELP
  • yall r those couples who takes cute aesthetially pleasing mirror selcas until one of you gets tired of it and it’s like
  • “bABE i’m tired let’s cuddle”
  • and talking about that, he’s a really clingy and he love having lazy dates when he just can cuddle you for hours
  • and everytime you are cuddling he says the cheesiest things
  • “did you realize how perfectly we fit in each other arms?”
  • “i’m so convenced that you were made just for me”
  • “why did i do to deserve someone so amazing like you?”
  • he just loves you with his life, he would do so much for you
  • so don’t get too suprised by how easily jealous he gets
  • and it’s rlly weird coming from him because he has such a bright personality like ?? who r u ¿¿??
  • that’s why he’s always with his arms all over you when he’s in public
  • he wants everyone to know that you’re his and he’s yours
  • and when he’s jealous he searchs confort in your cuddles so u r like
  • aw he’s going to be more clingy than usual for the next two months aw, it’s such a pity that there’s nothing we can do about it
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • your dates are really adventurous, yo go to places like art museums, bookstores and new cafes
  • also, don’t get surprised if hansol or johnny are part of those dates
  • even though you’re used to being the third wheel now lmao
  • you get revenge on them by remembering everyone their amazing predebut pics lol
  • next month he’s going to do it again tough
  • but since this cutie is part of your life nothing is the same
  • he’s always there for you, not matter what the problems is
  • he would give and do everything just to make you happy
  • basically, he’s the type of boyfriend that want to be by your side in every moment
  • sharing experiences and memories together
  • now i’ll go and cry bcs of how perfect ten is bye

anonymous asked:

can i request an nct u reaction to you wearing a short skirt ? thank uuu

Taeil: He would see you wearing the new mini skirt you bought that day and his cheeks would instantly flush a deep red in colour, accompanied by a small smile he couldn’t contain. He’d try and keep himself composed but in reality he would be a trembling mess on the inside; his heart pounding against his chest. Trying his hardest to keep his thoughts pure.

“You look r-really pretty Y/N.”  

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Taeyong: He knew how much you loved the cute little tennis skirts but you didn’t really have the guts to buy one, so he bought you one as a gift, but he basically bought it for the both of you. He would give you it and tell you to go put it on and let him see. Once you changed you’d emerge from the bedroom. His eyes would lock right onto you and he wouldn’t be able to look away from you. He’d notice how you felt a little bit uncomfortable and walk up to you, dampening his lips. He’d wrap his arms around your waist, complimenting you.

“I don’t know why you didn’t buy one sooner, it looks amazing on you.”

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Doyoung: He’d act in a similar way as Taeil. Turning all shy as he thought how angelic you looked in your new skirt, the words in his head would become a jumbled mess as he tried to compliment you on how you looked. Saving himself from any embarrassment, he’d smile fondly at you finding the most simple yet also appropriate way of expressing how he felt.  

“Y/N-I just…Wow…”

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Ten: Being the cheeky yet also shy boy that he is, he will be helping you organise an outfit for going out with your friends and you’d show him your most promising one. Once he saw that you were wearing a really short skirt, his mind would go into overdrive. A smirk would form on his face accompanied by a faint dusting of pink on his cheeks, his confidence overpowering his shyness. He would walk over to you, reaching out for your hands. He’d plant a kiss sweetly on your cheek, just below your eye and giggle.  

“How can someone be so beautiful?”

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Jaehyun: He’d be a little bit paranoid when he saw you wearing a mini skirt as you were about to leave your apartment to meet up with your friends. He’d walk over to you as you were about to walk out the door and hug you tightly. The sudden affection would surprise you slightly. He’d leave a soft kiss on your temple as he pulled away from the hug, but not letting go of you completely. He thought you looks amazing but he knew it would draw other guy’s attention. Just the thought of it made him slightly jealous which would cause him to emphasise the fact you were his girlfriend.

“Wow, my girlfriend looks stunning. No one better try to take you away from me.”

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Mark: He’d be the cutest, most adorable shy boy you ever did see. He’d also be like Taeil and Doyoung but 10x’s worse. His cheeks would be the deepest shade of pink; his heart would be pounding in his chest; he wouldn’t even be able to make eye contact with you because he’s just too pure and precious. You’d take this the wrong way though and think he doesn’t like it, which would cause him to reassure you that it wasn’t like that.

“No Y/N, You look so pretty, I-I didn’t mean for it to seem like that!”

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kascreations  asked:

Ok I've got a funny one for you, hylian S/O getting the hiccups! Given their anatomy I doubt Zora can get the hiccups so it'd probably be a surprise to Sidon.

(Another really cute idea Kas, one that had me looking into the science behind hiccups and what causes them~ Enjoy!~)

S/o Gets The Hiccups:

  • Can Zoras Hiccup?
- (According to my studies, reading of various search results on Bing, a hiccup is a spasm of the diaphragm, the muscle at the base of the lungs, followed by the quick closing of the vocal cords, which produces the sound we hear)

- (Soooo.. for someone to have the ability to hiccup, you need to have a healthy set of lungs)

- (Which Zoras have, not just because I read it on the wiki, but because for them to breathe both on land and in water they would have to have a special set of lungs that would allow them to do both things)

- (With that said it is very likely that Zoras can hiccup, yawn, and do anything with their lungs that a normal person could)

- (So for the sake of this request it’s going to be more like a situation where like Sidon would know about hiccups but this will be the first time that he is seeing you do it)

  • Initial Reaction
- When Sidon first hears the noise, he will stop whatever he is doing and turn immediately to the direction that he heard the new, but not unfamiliar, noise come from

- He’d stare at you with a puzzled expression looking for answers as to what made that sound or even if you heard it as well so that it wasn’t just him hearing thing

- Meanwhile you would be trying to act as normal as possible because you know exactly what made the sound that has the Prince looking at you so curiously and you’re trying your best to suppress your body’s urge to do it again

- After a moment or two of staring at each other in silence Sidon would probably give in because you don’t look like you’re going to say anything so he might as well get back to whatever he was doing and move on

- When it happens a second time he knows he isn’t just hearing things and now he knows what’s happening so when he turns to you he has an amused smirk on his face

- “My love, do you have the hiccups?”

- You can’t hide it anymore, even if you try to deny it he will just laugh and say that it isn’t a big deal and he finds the noise rather cute but he will gladly go and get you some water to help you get rid of them if you ask him to

  • Thinks It’s Cute And Amusing

- It’s such a small and abrupt noise that Sidon can’t help but find it cute, especially when they happen out of nowhere and go on for a long time

- He can’t take you seriously when you’re trying to have a discussion with him but you just keep hiccupping at random points in your sentences, it’s very funny hearing you try to ignore them but they are very obviously messing up your words

- It would not help if you start getting frustrated and try to scold him because that only makes your hiccups worse and he might start laughing while you glare at him and pout with your body still giving the occasional jolt because of your little predicament (guess who’s sleeping on the couch)

- If you get up to leave Sidon will try his best to apologize while he is still laughing

- “You must forgive me, my pearl, you just look so cute that I could not help myself.”

- The longer that the hiccups go on and the more frustrated that you get with them the more he will laugh and tease you until he can’t take it any longer and will go get you some water, playfully scare you (he’s not very good at doing this one intentionally), or help you go through with any other method to get rid of them

  • Teases You About It

- Sidon will without a doubt tease you about them whenever he knows that you have them and can hear you hiccupping in the background or even in another room if they’re loud enough

- He’ll pop his head in and laugh a little looking at you trying to ignore them and hope they go away r furiously trying to get rid of them

- He loves just playfully piping up with a quick line to tease you and make you flustered because you’re just so cute when you’re blushing and hiccupping

- “Do you require some help with your little problem, my pearl?”

- “Perhaps you’ll remember not to eat your food so fast next time darling.”

- “Again, again!”

- You won’t hold a grudge against him for too long though, because he’s too sweet and will always do something to make up for it later

girl-next-door-writes  asked:

Hey honey, how do you think a photo op would go with Rich and Rob if they saw you in the line and thought you were cute? Loving your work btw. x


  • This guy would spot you from a mile away during a R2 photo op (and by mile, I mean maybe 20 people away)
  • He gets distracted for the next 5 minutes after initial glance because oh god, you’re friggin’ g o r g e o u s
  • Literally…so distracted that Rob has to poke him in the ribs incessantly to keep him from holding up the queue with his public drooling
  • When it’s your turn he gives you the w i d e s t Speight-smile that could probably cure cancer and turns on his Extra Charming mode, saying that he had to pick Rob’s jaw off the floor except that he’s the one who’s practically frozen in place because you’re so damn beautiful
  • Hearing you laugh at his jokes made him feel like he was floating in a cloud
  • And when you leave with a satisfied smile on your face, he wishes so damn hard that he’ll get to see you again 

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  • He tripped over his own feet (of course Rich laughed at him what a good friend)
  • God what an embarrassment, you were second in line and he didn’t even have time to compose his shattered self-esteem because now you’re next and he’s just made a fool of himself in front of you but that’s okay, you giggled and had a bright smile that sent him into shock when Matt greets you
  • He gets a moment of ‘oh she’s not here for me, she’s here for Matt’ when you turned to him with the biggest fucking grin and said “Don’t tell the other two, but between you, Matt and Rich, you’re my favourite” 
  • This made him blush so damn hard and he kept stumbling over his words because ohmygod did you just
  • “Don’t worry, I translate Rob Benedict language very well. He’s saying that he thinks you’re super cute and he’s now having a breakdown in his brain, just give him a moment” 
  • Rob reeeeeeeaallly wanted to kick Rich in the nuts for that but then you blushed and he blushed and you blushed some more and that made him blush even more and-
  • Finally he got the courage to say that Rich was right, you were so cute he couldn’t function 
  • God there was so much blushing and shyness that Chris Schmelke fake-irritatedly told you two to tone down on the cute and pose for the pic already

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BTS Reactions - You have baby hairs

You shut off the shower and start drying yourself off quickly. After a hot shower, you’re really cold, so you slip on some fluffy pyjamas. You don’t bother brushing your hair as you walk to your bedroom. In there, you take your hair out of its bun and put the hair stuff on your dressing table. As you head to the kitchen to grab a snack, you hear a noise. You walk in to find your boyfriend making tea. You squeal, and try to run back to your bedroom before he sees your unbrushed baby hair!

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Rylex with Ryland dealing with a very haopy and very drunk Alex who keeps trying to kiss him?

I have never drunk alcohol so no idea if this is realistic. But it’s cute so I like it anyway and I hope you will too. Thanks so much for sending this in

“Y'r so pre'y, Ry-Ry,” Alex slurred. He draped his arms over Ryland’s shoulders, getting much too close for Ryland’s liking. “So, so pre'y.”

“Dude, stop it.” Ryland tugged his arms away, pressing them against Alex’s chest. “You need to go lay down.”

“Mmm, ki'ky,” Alex waggled his eyebrows and Ryland sighed.

“C'mon,” Ryland said, trying to guide Alex forward. “Room. Now.”

“Nah,” Alex leaned back into him, hands wrapping around Ryland’s hips this time. Ryland fought to control the blush rising to his cheeks, narrowing his eyes instead and prying Alex’s hands away. Alex just giggled, leaning forward. Much, much too close to his face. Ryland side stepped him.

“That’s it,” He said, scooping Alex up in his arms. “You’re going to your damn room.”

“M'a pre'y princess.” Alex wrapped his arms around Ryland’s shoulders, grinning languidly up at him. Ryland twitched a smile, shaking his head.

“Sure, buddy. Whatever you want.” He carried him down the hall, frowning when he saw Alex’s door was closed. He tried to angle himself so he could grab the knob while still holding Alex, but Alex chose that moment to lean up to his face again, hot breath parting around Ryland’s lips and he stumbled. Dropping Alex’s legs back against the floor. Alex grunted, a bit off balance as he wobbled against Ryland’s over arm.

Ryland cleared his throat, a blush definitely on his cheeks now. “C'mon,” He said, pushing the door open and gesturing Alex inside. Alex just stared at him, a smile still on his face. “Alex?”

Alex leaned forward again, fingers grabbing tight to the front of Ryland’s shirt. Before he could stop him, he was pressing his lips against Ryland’s. Ryland froze, mouth falling open slightly in surprise. Alex took the opportunity to swipe his tongue over his top lip, humming softly.

Finally, Rylan’s brain caught on and he pulled Alex back, swallowing hard. Alex just grinned at him, obviously pleased with himself. Ryland shook his head, pushing on Alex’s chest. “Bed.”

“M'kay,” Alex said, grin still in place as he stumbled into the room. Ryland just leaned against the doorway, watching Alex practically face plant onto the bed, body already relaxing.

Ryland reached up and touched his lips, swallowing again. Alex’s breaths were already evening out, and he knew he should keep him awake. Make him drink some water. But Ryland was frozen. He’d known Alex was a flirty drunk-had dealt with it on multiple occasions actually. He’d never expect him to actually kiss him, though. That was new.

He shook his head, hand running through his already messy ponytail. Well, this was going to be interesting to deal with in the morning.