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Facehugger Surprise

So after watching Alien: Covenant the other day, I’ve been trying to think of an idea for an Alien poster. Came up with this quick crossover this morning of an Imperial Stormtrooper getting attacked by a Facehugger. Shouldn’t have put your face over those eggs….

If you guys want, I could do a followup of a Chestburster popping out. Let me know what you guys think!

Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photohshop.

I own NOTHING! Alien belongs to 20th Century Fox, while Star Wars is copyrighted by Disney and Lucasfilm.


get to know me » anime edition
↳ [5/10] female characters » Miyazono Kaori

“I’m going to struggle as hard as I can. Struggle, struggle, struggle, like there’s on tomorrow. It’s your fault. It’s all your fault, all of it. The reason I’m putting up such an unseemly struggle, why I’m so fixated on living… it’s your fault. You gave me this desire to cling to that time I spent with you.”


Hello, I am in need of funds for my books in the second semester of college this coming January. I am enrolled in Hospitality - Restaurant and Hotel Operations for the next two years and the prices of books are astonishing high (ranging from $40-$100 per book).

The payment goes to my skills and the time/effort put towards the end result of each render created. I will do my best and beyond to create whatever your imagination desires.

Each render includes: one model/character, props (ask), background and the maximum amount of lighting needed.


How this will work: Message me at my blog or email me at if you would like to commission me.


Head shots/Busts: $3

Waist-up: $4

Full Bodies: $6

Extra characters: $2 each


  • These are FNAF only SFM posters  (however exceptions can be made, just ask beforehand) 
  • I only use Paypal for payments
  • Prices are in USD
  • After the request for a commission, I will make the render and once completed. An invoice with a preview of your render will be sent. Once the invoice has been paid, the full detailed render will be sent.  
  • Please let me know if you would like to have your commission posted on Tumblr once completed 

Hello everyone! I’m finally doing my first follow forever for my mutuals! \(๑╹ᆺ╹)/

I’ve recently hit a huge amount of followers and my account has only been existing for just over a month that i honestly can’t believe it asfhjfhj. So i just wanted to thank all of you for following me, putting up with my nonsense and sticking with me. I really appreciate all of you and pls talk to me sometime bc i’m really awkward at starting conversations. I love love love all of u ahhh (◕ᴥ◕)

If your name is not included, i probably forgot and missed out accidentally, and i apologise for that. 

Nic ♡

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TF2 Drinking game!! What is on your dashboard?

Alone? With friends? Just bored (like me right now)? And you follow some Tf2 Blogs?
Maybe you try a new Game!
Everytime you see some of those following things, you take as many sips, eat gummybears , as mentioned. So let us begin!

One Sip:

  • Seeing Tf2 Slash
  • Tentaspy / Spycrab 
  • BLU x RED Merc 
  • hats
  • NSFW Art (Drawings or SFM)
  • spy with cigarette

Two Sips:

  • Drawn GIFs (No SFM)
  • Gore/Abuse
  • An “Ask the…” Answer (its just important, that someone answered with a Tf2 drawing)
  • Sniper/Spy // heavy/medic (doesnt have to be Slash)
  • Hats
  • engineer with his  Wrench in his hands
    Scout with his bat
    Or Demoman with his scrumpy

Three Sips:

  • TF2 AUs (Tron, Mafia, highscool, whatever)
  • Maskless Pyro
  • Hats.
  • TF2 comic (with more than 3 Pictures)
  • Spy or Medic doing stupid faces
  • seeing booties from the mercs
  • Birdheads
  • Archimedes
  • Spy without cigarette

Four Sips:

  • Somewhere TF2 is mentioned (as a GIF or a little comment) without any context to the Topic. (as a reaction gif maybe)
  • Hats
  • Jarate is mentioned
  • Fem! AU
  • TF2 Cosplay
  • SFM Animation (Video or GIFs)
  • spy with more than one cigarette

When there are two things (like Tentaspy + GIF) you can choose how many sips you want to take.

If you have anything to add, just leave me a message or write it in the reblog. I will put it up into the List and will add your name behind it (if its anon obv anon)
Have fun ! 

SFM Advent Calendar Collab

Looking for talented SFM animation peeps for a project I’m thinking about doing this December.

I’m thinking of making a collab spanning the first 25 days of December where I get SFM animators to make shorts ranging from about 30 seconds to a minute-and-a-half that I’d put up on my channel each day of the Advent Calendar, to help promote other animators and do something fun for the Holidays. (It’s like mrWeebl’s advent calendar, which I got the idea from)

Of course there’s only about a week and a half until December so I’m hesitant about doing it. I’d need a few people able to make something short and sweet to pad out the first week in order to give other people, who work slower, or have larger ideas, more time. I’ll be making a short or two myself so we won’t need as many people to fill slots and this thing can actually happen.

Submission rules and guidelines:

  • Submissions have to be sent in two to three days before your assigned date to avoid last minute shenanigans from making us miss a day.
  • All submissions have to be Christmas or otherwise Winter-related. Advent calendars are a Christmas thing, however if you want to make a Hanukkah-related short, I’m not going to stop you, so long as it’s entertaining.
  • Submissions can be about whatever subject matter you desire, whether it be Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Pokemon, Overwatch, ect. If you can use it in SFM, you can use it in your video.
  • Submissions should use as little copywritten music, and as much public domain music as possible. I’d rather your submissions not get pulled by old man YouTube for featuring 30 seconds of “All I Want for Christmas is You”
  • Please be experienced with the program or animation in general. (IE more than a few hours of use, and more knowledge than simple splines and how to import animations) While this is a project looking to give other animators exposure, it still has to be entertaining to the viewer to keep them watching the next installment.
  • If you’d like to take part, send an email to with a link to a previous animation of yours on your YouTube channel, your idea for a submission, and a projected timescale for how long you think it will take to complete.
  • No ads will be enabled on the uploads to my channel. This is purley to help give exposure to animators, and do something fun with the SFM community. You can ulpoad your submissions to your own channel afterwards with ads turned on if you like though.

Please keep in mind that this is not set in stone, since it depends on having enough submissions done to put something up every day for 25 days in December. If you have an idea for a short you could finish before November 29th, please send me an email.

Happy Birthday! ILY <3



“Oh my gooooood Peeta!”

“Katniss what the fuck?”

“I feel sooooo good!”

“Are you drunk?”

I can hear her giggle. It is slurred but ridiculously girly.  Katniss does not fucking giggle.

“Katniss where the hell are you?”

I can hear muffled music as I shrug into my hoodie. Is this thing clean? Fuck it. Smells fine. She sighs as I shove my feet into my Nikes and grab my keys.

“The stars are so pretty Peeta. Like your eyes. Fuck I love your blue eyes….did you know that?”

Rolling the eyes in question I slam my dorm door. It’s Saturday the floor is dead anyway. Why the hell my best friend is out is a mystery to me in the first place. I was with her five hours ago and she was fine.

She hugged me. Fuck she smelled amazing after her birthday dinner and then I split to finish a paper while she committed to a Veronica Mars marathon on Amazon. Who the hell knows what happened in the meantime. But she’s drunk for sure and as far as I know Katniss has never had more than one drink at a time in her life.

Katniss is kind of a control freak. Some would say uptight I just love to say particular. Snorting I can picture the adorable scowl she usually wears at every party. It wrinkles itself between her eyes at the bridge of her pert little nose. It makes her freckles disappear. I always notice because I fucking love those freckles.

Sometimes at night I imagine pressing a kiss to each one. In my head they are sweet. But I would love to be proven wrong if it meant her skin was beneath my lips.

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