you put all your weight into that punch

  • Sirius: Would someone tell me what the hell happened? Why is Hermione here punching random blondes?
  • Harry: That was Draco.
  • Sirius: Who’s Draco?
  • Ron: Draco Malfoy sir.
  • Sirius: Lucius' Son?
  • Harry: That's the one.
  • Sirius: Did you put your weight behind it?
  • Hermione: Yes sir.
  • Siruis: Well, all right then.
Attention Grabbing - Superboy x Reader

Requested by Anon -  a superboy x reader where the reader has the ability to change pheromones and she accidentally makes all the other members of the team become attracted to her even though she’s dating Conner

It was an average day for the team. Everyone had gathered in the training room to do individual training. Conner, your boyfriend, was in the far corner, lifting weights with Kaldur and Wally. M’gann was on the mats, practicing her cheers. Artemis was with Robin by the punching bags. You glanced around the room, blowing Conner a kiss when you met his eye before deciding to run on one of the treadmills. 

Putting in your earbuds, you started the treadmill at a easy pace to warm up. As music blasted into your ears, you glanced over to see a shirtless Conner. He was lifting the heaviest weight with ease. You sighed, loving the way his muscles flexed with each lift. 

You were so distracted by Conner’s muscles, you forgot to watch your footing. Tripping, you fell hard onto the moving treadmill. The treadmill deposited you onto the floor roughly. 

“(Y/N),” Conner shouted, dropping the weight he was holding to run over to you. He dropped to his knees beside you, picking you up slightly to let you lean back against his chest. You shook your head, trying to clear it. “Are you alright?”

Blinking several times, you carefully began to flex your body to check for injury. All you found was soreness from the fall. “I’m fine, Conner. Just tripped.”

“Well, be more careful,” he answered roughly while gently helping you stand. You gave him a tiny smile in thanks.

“I will,” you promised as Conner kissed your cheek. He headed back over to the weights as the rest of the team stared at you in concern. You smiled at them reassuredly before carefully climbing back on the treadmill to continue your run.  Making sure not to look at Conner again, you fell into rhythm with the music from your earbuds.

As you jogged, your mind drifted to other things. However, you kept a hold on yourself to keep your powers in check. You could change pheromones affecting the people around you. They used to be out of control, but after training with Batman and Black Canary, you were able to control it for the most part. Even if you did slip up, it only had a minor effect on the people around you.

It was tiring to be in constant control. The only time you could be free was when you were locked in your room by yourself or with Conner. Conner didn’t mind the effect of your powers, he seemed almost immune to them. He could feel them slightly, but never to the extent that they would control him. You figured it had something to do with his time at Cadmus.

You increased the speed of the treadmill, feeling ready for a challenge. Another song blared into your ears as your thoughts drifted back to Conner. The two of you were supposed to go out for dinner tonight, but you hadn’t decided on a place yet. You were hoping Conner will let you drag him to New York City through the zeta tubes for pizza. Licking your lips at the thought, you upped the treadmill’s speed.

Meanwhile, unnoticed by you, the other members of the team found their gazes drifting over to you. It was like some kind of magnetic pull. Soon after, they started drifting towards you. M’gann moved closer to you while she practiced. Artemis moved to the training dummy closest to you, and Robin hopped on the treadmill next to you. Wally and Kaldur stayed by the weights, staring at you intensely.  

You gave Robin a tiny smile of acknowledgment before focusing on your running. Robin frowned at having lost your attention as he started running at a slightly faster pace then you, hoping to gain it back. Seeing what Robin was doing, Wally left the weights to stand beside your treadmill. He leaned against the armrest, giving you a cheesy smile. You smiled back at him tentatively, taking out your earbuds.

“Hi Wally,” you greeted, eyeing him curiously while slowing down your treadmill. Robin slowed down with you, still trying to keep pace with you. “What do you want?”

“Do you know how beautiful you are in this light?” he flirted, making your eyes widen in surprise. Honestly, you felt anything, but beautiful at this moment, sweaty as you were.

“What?” you remarked as Robin snorted. Wally glared at him behind your back. 

“Just ignore him (Y/N), he just discovered how beautiful you are, but I, on the other hand, have known since I first saw you,” Robin replied sweetly. Wally growled at him.

“…Thanks, Rob,” you answered, having no idea why they both were complimenting you now. You were sure you had your powers in check. They couldn’t be under the influence of your pheromones, could they?

 Wally moved over to Robin’s treadmill, fighting him for it. Both ended up on the floor, wresting each other. You stared at them while stopping your treadmill. Your brow furrowed in confusion before M’gann appeared next to you. 

“Hey (Y/N), do you want to help me practice?” she asked, taking your arm. You were about to answer when Artemis appeared on your other side. 

“No, she can’t M’gann, because you’re going to spar with me, right (Y/N)?” she demanded, taking your other arm to pull you in the opposite direction.

“Since when are you the boss of (Y/N)?” M’gann snapped back as the girls started to bicker over you, pulling you back and forth between them. Robin and Wally noticed the girls fighting over you, and came over to join their argument. 

You didn’t know what to do. They each kept pulling you in their direction, saying you had to spend time with them and no one else. Glancing over at the weights, you frowned when Conner didn’t notice your trouble. Huffing to yourself, you wondered how he could notice you fall off the treadmill and not notice the team fighting over you.

Kaldur didn’t join the fight over you, knowing his sudden attraction towards you wasn’t natural. Not to get him wrong, you were one of the most beautiful surface-dwellers he had ever seen, but he knew you were with Conner. He sat on one of the weight benches, trying to regain control of his emotions so he could help you get away from the others.

He glanced at Conner, only to find him lifting weights with earbuds in, blocking all the sounds of your distress. Kaldur sighed as he saw the team was starting to pull you around. Reaching over, Kaldur pulled one of the earbuds from Conner’s ear.

“What?” Conner asked sharply, roughly putting the weight into it’s holder. 

“(Y/N) needs your help,” Kaldur explained, his hands gripped the bench tightly. “You need to get her out of here.”

“Why? She’s just…,” Conner began before fading off when he sat up to see you being fought over like a piece a meat among dogs. “Oh.”

“Yes, you need to get her out of here before they hurt her,” Kaldur ordered as Conner ran over to you. It took everything he had to stop himself from following Conner. Taking a deep breath, he tried to focus on Tula to stop his racing emotions.

You almost started sobbing at this point as the team started pulling you around even harder. Your arms hurt from being held so tightly and being suddenly ripped away from the grip. Therefore, when Conner pushed his way through them and scooped you up, you sighed in relief. 

Conner ran from the room with you in his arms while the others attempted to pursue in rage. You tried to block out the world by burying your face in Conner’s neck. Conner held you tighter in response as he dodged Wally who attempted to make a grab at you. 

After a bit, Conner was able to get you safely into your room while locking the door behind him. You could hear the others’ cries of disappointment before they fell silent. Once Conner was sure they were gone, he laid you down onto the bed. You curled up into a ball once Conner’s arms left you. Sobs broke out from you as you let your pent up tears fall. 

A moment later, you felt Conner lay down behind you. He carefully turned you over, and pulled you into his chest. It was still bare, but you didn’t care finding it comforting in some way. 

“I’m sorry, I thought I had it under control,” you cried, your voice muffled by Conner’s chest. He heard you anyway.

“It’s okay, everyone makes mistakes,” Conner soothed, petting your hair. “Remember when I broke the door from pushing so hard, we all mess up sometimes.”

“But I was stupid. I let my thoughts drift for a little bit and suddenly they were there,” you replied, another waves of sobs racking your body. “Batman going to be so mad.”

Conner sighed, tightening his arms around you. “Don’t worry about it. The team and Batman will understand. They know how hard it is for you to control it all the time.” 

“I was so scared, they weren’t themselves,” you gasped, snuggling deeper into his chest. You both fell silent for a long time until Conner cleared his throat once your tears had stopped.

“What were you thinking about when it happened?” he asked gently as you pulled back to meet his eye. A frisky smile crossed your face.

“I was thinking about our dinner date tonight,” you admitted shyly, blushing a little when he chuckled.

“I think that you should stop thinking about me in public,” Conner stated.

You raised an eyebrow at him. “And why should I?”

“Well, you fell off the treadmill when you were checking me out earlier,” he explained, blushing slightly. “Then you think about me again and the whole team becomes infatuated with you. Thinking about me seems to be a health risk.” His lips frowned a little as if he was hurt by the idea.

“No, thinking about you is not a health risk,” you answered, sitting up a little to press a kiss to his lips. “I just have to adapt to it.” He smiled before pulling you into another kiss. 

After you both came up for air, you narrowed your eyes coyly at him. “Were you jealous?”

Conner snorted before looking away from you. “No.”

You grinned at him, knowing he was jealous. “So, it would have been fine if one of them locked me in their room and…”

“Stop it,” Conner demanded, kissing you to silence your next words. You laughed, glad to learn that this accident revealed something you didn’t know Conner felt. “It’s not funny, (Y/N).”

“I know,” you answered, sobering a little. “But it’s nice to know you were jealous.”

“I don’t see why that would be nice,” Conner protested, playing with your hair. “It didn’t feel nice.”

“Jealousy rarely does, but it shows you care about me,” you explained kindly as Conner stared at you with his bright blue eyes.

“I’ve always cared about you, (Y/N),” he stated bluntly as he pulled you on top of him. You sat up, sitting on his chest.

“And I have always cared about you, Conner,” you replied. His eyes sparkled at your words as he gently grabbed your head to bring your lips to his. You let your powers free, knowing by the intensity of Conner’s kiss that it was alright. 

Fight You For It

My entry for Gadreel’s Gigs for @kazchester-fanfiction!!!

UFC Fighter Gadreel! Yasss!

“Trust me, Y/N! You’re gonna want to see this.” Cait drug you into the gym, your protests falling on deaf ears. She pulled you close to her side, dropping her voice. “Look at all this man candy, girl. Muscles left and right!”

Your eyes took in the MMA gym, where about fifteen guys were at various stages of workout; some on the speed bag, a few working with punching bags. You could hear the clank of weights as they were taken off and put back on their respective stands. What caught your eye was the boxing ring in the back corner, where a small group of men watched two others as they circled each other.

You dropped your gym bag and watched curiously. “Who are they?”

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And another thing about Blanderson--

Those two weeks when that “romance” was going on vomit, Rick was out of his fucking mind.  He was paranoid and ranting and basically being a rabid dog.  Rick was not himself. Let me say that one more again–

He was not himself.

He even shoves Carl cause he’s so crazed. They sort of juxtaposed that shot with Pete shoving Jessie out of the way.  I’m willing to even bet it was more so that than his angry, loud-mouthed rant that made Michonne punch him the fuck out.

But yeah–unhinged.  How does this “great, majestic, true love” bullshit happen when you aren’t even in your right mind?

Sorry J*essicks, y’all can’t step to Richonne.  

When the dust settles and Rick resurfaces again in “The Next World,” he’s put on some weight (in spite of the recent food shortage–he was probably home more with the fam, chilling, and rightfully so), he’s smiling, listening to music, playing with his daughter, joking with his [work/future] wife and son.  He’s in a good place–

Actually, he’s in the best place we the audience have seen Rick.  Even when we first meet him, he was troubled, sitting in that squad car talking to Shane.

So yeah, GTFO with this “relationship with Jessie” business.

The Best Is Yet To Come

So, it’s time to talk about our long term plans for v2. Please note, right from the get go, there’ll be smaller updates right up until release. So, what’s coming? The biggest part is Land Exploration, but you cats don’t care about that, so lets talk about other stuff.

Another note – when this hits, we strongly, STRONGLY recommend fresh sessions and fresh characters to fully enjoy the experience.

First off, we’re reworking strife a little bit. As things are, you can grind one imp 612 times and max out your rung. This is, quite clearly, a bit silly. We’re planning on moving echeladder rungs to an experience system instead – simply put, a Tier 1 imp won’t be enough anymore. The exact figures are up in the air, but you’ll be rewarded for punching above your weight, while fighting below your weight will likely result in no gain at all. The echeladder restriction on weapon power will remain.

Next up – quests! And dungeons! These are getting an overhaul. How? It’s a secret. But one thing they’ll tie into is what we’re calling “Session Randomisation”. When the release hits, sessions will have a difficulty. This difficulty doesn’t affect enemies wholesale – it affects the types of random events that happen. That’s right, we’re finally making things interesting. In fact, we’re adding a whole bunch of non-combat stuff in this. Though of course, you might find your session brought to a head quicker than you anticipated…

As part of that, we’re also introducing session types. These change a few things, and predispose certain events to be more likely to happen. Maybe the session bears fruit, maybe it doesn’t. You won’t now till the end. Hell, games have a tendency to glitch out (especially Overseer), so who knows what’ll happen?

Fraymotifs are a topic too – we watched Collide, and quietly cried because now we have to change EVERYTHING dammit Hussie made some notes – we’re expecting to overhaul this. It’s likely that, given the number of combinations is somewhere in the thousands now, this is another player customisable thing we’ll add. You’ll need to be familiar with the player first – build up a real bond with them. Tier III fraymotifs will be customisable as well.

Now… about that big thing. All the above is being tied into Land Exploration. That’s right, it’s finally coming. Land Exploration will bring God Tier. What are the requirements for getting it? Not sure yet, we’ll get back to you. We’re PRETTY sure it’s going to be tied to the perma-death system.

As part of this, we’re merging in strife – you’ll no longer be able to PICK your enemies. Truth be told, that’s a placeholder from v1 pre-alpha that never get removed, we’re remedying that now. Strife will be against random enemies of the server’s choosing. They’ll be mostly power appropriate, unless it’s a special strife.

Also – we’re going back to the “abstraction” concept that’s been in the FAQ since forever. We’re going randomly generated lands for this. You’ll be able to physically walk round and explore. We’re still working heavily on details with this, so we’d prefer not to get too in-depth at this stage. You might see your consorts running about though. You’ll likely see a prototyping of the system before release – dungeons are an excellent test of the system to see if it’s workable.

This will likely herald the start of API development, as it’s needed for some of what we want to do – we’ll set up a section of the forums to work with you guys on that.

Hopefully, this will make the wait worthwhile – we’re interested to hear what you think over on the forums!

- Thell