you put all your weight into that punch

Feel the Heat

Pairing: Dacre Montgomery x Reader

Summary: dacre smut where you’re co-stars on set filming and sneak off for a quickie? thank you so much your writing is amazing!

Warnings: NSFW, Smut

Notes: Changed it a little! Sorry bjifgdbj

Word Count: 1390

“Again?” You groaned, throwing yourself on the floor. Dacre laughed, extending his hand out to you with a laugh. You looked up at him standing over you and lifted your hand, only to smack his away.

“Don’t be like that, beautiful. We need to rehearse.”

You and Dacre were casted alongside each other in a Mr. and Mrs. Smith type of role. You were from rival companies, leading double lives in order to gain information from each other.

“It’s a fight scene – all I should have to do is punch you in the face.” You smirked when Dacre rolled his eyes, bending down so he was hovering above you on the ground.

“Sweetheart, you’re no match for me.”

“Oh?” You asked, sitting up and resting your weight on your elbows, your head cocking toward the side and your eyebrow lifting. “Is that right?” You became determined to wipe that stupid smirk off his face, putting a hand on his chest and shoving him away from you. “I’ll take that bet,” you said, getting up, back on your feet.

“You will?” Dacre sounded surprised, but he still had that smirk on his face. He was amused, he knew how it’d end, but he liked a challenge – no matter how small it seemed to him. “You’re on, gorgeous.”

“Don’t take it easy on me either, Montgomery.”

He laughed darkly, no humor on his face. “Nothing to worry about, babe.” You two shook hands, stepping away from each other and prepping to say the lines before the fight scene.

You told me you loved me!” You shouted, picking up the break-away glass lamp and tossing it toward him. He moved to the left, dodging it.

Felicity, you’re being incredibly hypocritical, you said the same thing to me. I was just –  how did you put it? –  doing my job.” Dacre said, in character. He grabbed your leg when you lifted it to kick him in the side, pulling you closer to him so your leg wrapped around his left side. “You’ve got a little fire in you, Felicity.”

You swallowed thickly, those last lines weren’t in the script. “I, uh, I do… have fire in me. Yes.” You shook your head, trying not to think about Dacre’s hand tightening around your thigh.

“I can see it – I can feel it.” He whispered, his face coming closer to you. You couldn’t say anything, finding yourself frozen. “Can you feel the heat, babe?”

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I’ll Come Back  (Leonard Snart x Reader)

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Leonard Snart was dead. He had been dead for months and would logically carry on being dead for the rest of time. It took you a long while to allow yourself to accept his sacrifice and death. You closed yourself off from the rest of the team,  not even opening up to the goddamn artifical intelligence. 

 With the help of Stein, you were scientifically proven not crazy, however your constant nightmares and lonesome conversations with yourself proved you somewhat wrong. However, depression was on the (short) list of things that were wrong with you. 

 You realised that something was truly wrong during a mission one day. The idea was to break into one place, retrieve one person and get out without one suspecting glance. 

However, you were unfocused throughout the entire mission, fists balled too tight and jaw locked harshly. All of a sudden, you clicked. You went absolutely nuts- beat up the first person you saw. That person happened to be a police officer. You beat him to a pulp and landed yourself in a prison cell for two weeks in the 19th century. Mick broke you out. Apparently that wasn’t his first prison break.

 You stayed in that sorry state for months until Mick Rory finally, and uncharacteristically, shined a light into your darkness, pulling you out of the cold state.

 Grieving for a second time seemed harder than the first. Especially when you heard that Mick was seeing hallucinations of Leonard, you turned green with envy. Even with death in the way, it was still bringing them close.

 You craved him. Craved how his quiet drawl in your ear sent shivers dancing down your spine, how his stare made your knees week and how you melted beneath his feathery touch. You craved the element of communication that you needed to keep your sanity. 

 You had to prepare yourself for whatever ludacris situation situation that could occur surrounding your deceased (ex) boyfriend. For all you know, he could roam back onto the Waverider and take over your heart once more. And you prepared by using the only method you knew how, fighting. Fought against The Legion, fought against the punching bag, fought against your own grievance. 

 You were finally coping. Months and months after his death and you finally relaxed. A sudden weight was finally lifted off of your fatigued, aching shoulders and after a long period of darkness, you were content. 

 The team were in the midst of The Great War, locating the solution to put an end to the ever powerful Spear of Destiny. The word powerful is not used lightly, by the way. It had the ability to alter reality. It could give you whatever you desired most. It was calling you in, sparking your curiosity. 

 Quietly, the spear promised to be loyal to you and only you- not that you would allow anyone else to benefit from it anyway. Most importantly, it promised to bring back Leonard - And you needed that. More than anything. You needed the comfort and warmth of Leonard. 

 So, when he found you in the middle of a battlefield of a seized war, your brain became completely scrambled. You froze. Right there on the spot. And when you did think to move, you dropped your weapons, shuffled closer to him and stumbled over words to say. It was him. He was there and it was real.

 "Lenny…“ You murmured through a deep and shaky breath. 

 "Don’t worry, doll. M’ not gonna hurt you.” Leonard reached a hand out towards you, his palm upwards, inviting. Behind him, Damien Darhk was grinning at you. “I just want my best girl back." 

 You took another step forward, eyes locked with Leonard’s. Nate and Amaya looked confused, the latter of the pair attempting to reason with you. They didnt know about your relationship with Snart- you never opened up for them to discover. But Sara knew better than to help her. 

 ”(Y/N), you don’t have to do this,“ Amaya said gently, a frown apparent on her face.

“Amaya’s right, this isn’t you,” Nate softly added, more confused than anything.

 Sara didn’t even blink, "No,” she said, somewhat sadly, “Let her go." 

Mick let out a grunt, losing both of his partners to the legion. He didn’t attempt to stop you from leaving, either.

 Your fingertips grazed over the edge of his, sparks bouncing and colliding off of the touch. When he fully clasped your hand, god, you almost passed out. It felt so good to have him back in your reach. Leonard pulled you closer to him, your forehead pressed against his as the rest of the surrounding people seemed to fade away. 

“You came back for me..” You whispered.

 He just hummed slightly, gripping at your hips and smirking at your excitement. “I told you that I would." 

 Leonard raised his gun to Mick’s head, hitting him abruptly with it and knocking him out. Your lower lip quivered, you knew what was coming. Quickly following Leonard up the ramp to the oculus.

 “Get him out of here!” He ordered, desperately, glancing back at you with forced strength.

“No!” You shouted weakly, struggling to find words to say, “please don’t do it.”

“You’re not a hero, remember?” You begun, stepping closer until your bodies were inches apart. “Don’t help with the sacrifice. That’s something a hero would do. You have a reputation to keep up..”

“(Y/N)!” He forced out, a low growl accompanying his words.

“Leonard,” You responded, with less power. Tears danced on your cheeks, creating a perfect routine with each new drop. He shook his head.

You sighed, not removing your eyes from him. Reaching up onto your tiptoes, you pushed your lips onto his for the final time ever. Salty tears ran against your lips, and your hand gripped the back of his neck. 

“I’ll come back for you.” He reassured, thumb grazing over your cheek to wipe away the tear.

“Do you promise?” Your hand fell as your gaze briefly turned to Leonard’s unconscious partner.

“Just do it.”

"Okay, as adorable as this is,” Darhk spoke, breaking the moment, “i feel a bit sick. We have a job to do and we’re not leaving till’ we do it." 

 You looked at Leonard and back at your team. Were you really willing to risk losing your friends to pursue a life of evil with your boyfriend? You ran your finger over the cold metal of Leonard’s gun, a smirk pushing onto your face when you realised that, yeah, you were willing to do anything for another moment with him.

“Hand over the spear or we kill you,” Darhk ordered the team, raising his gun in their direction. “Sorry Captain, but you’ve reached the end of your quest.”

“You’re right,” Sara nodded, “I’m gonna end this now. Mick, give me the spear.” 

Mick pulled it out of her reach, a deep frown on his lips.

“What are you doing?” Asked Amaya, who was still dressed in her nurses uniform.

Nate furrowed his brows, turning to Mick as he spoke, “Hey man, we’re your friends.” 

“I don’t have friends.”

“But he does have Partners!” Leonard insisted from beside you, keeping his Hand on your hip.

 The team looked between you and Mick worriedly, wondering what the next move would be.

“So what d’you say, Partner?” You added, tilting your head in a faux innocence.

“Mick,” Amaya spoke once more, “You’re better than this.”

“No, actually you’re not,” Leonard decided, lowering his gun to his side and glaring at the Legends.

“They may pretend to believe in you as long as they can use you but they’ll just as soon let you die, same as they did Leonard,” You took a step towards him.

“He’s messing with your head, guys,” Nate added, addressing you and Mick.

You could see Mick torn between the two teams. You could see him contemplating leaving the Legends to join you and Leonard. You knew him.

“Ever since i’ve been on that ship, you people have been trying to change me,” Mick said, mentally drifting towards your team.

Sara frowned, stepping up behind him. “That’s not true, Mick.” 

“Guess what, there are things about me I wanna change, too,” Mick finished, stepping up the Hill to join the trio of you.

Leonards hand squeezed your hip, and you finally relaxed. You were home.

Ruby being useless at hand-to-hand makes no sense

Hi. I’m a martial artist. I’ve practiced Taekwondo for over five years now. And I’m here to explain to you why it’s complete and utter nonsense that Rwby would be completely useless without her weapon, and particularly in the way her weakness is framed in the show.

First of all, pretty much all martial arts is the same series of movements with slight variations. In TKD pretty much all kicks are executed a similar way. Spin, put your weight where you want to lay on the hurt, and snap your leg out and back really fast. This is the same whether I want to do a front kick, a side kick, a back kick, or a hook kick. There’s a lot of focus on footwork (duh, kicking sport) because if your footwork is bad your everything is bad. 

If I throw a kick and fall off balance, I’m going to leave my kidneys open. And if I get hit in the kidneys, it will hurt. If I throw a punch and throw myself off balance, chances are I just ran into someone’s fist or foot. Whichever. 

In addition to this, though I haven’t personally trained with weapons, some Taekwondo practitioners do use weapons. The general concept is to treat the weapon as an extension of your body. If you’re using a bladed weapon, you have to pay attention to edge alignment. It’s the same fundamentals as hand-to-hand combat, but with a few extra steps you have a greater reach and potentially produce more force (because mass + velocity = force and widening the arc increases your velocity. Yaaaaay).

So back up to Volume 5, episode 4. Ozpin tells Ruby that she threw a left cross after launching off with the wrong foot.

This is not the mistake someone who wields a massive friggin’ gunscythe should be making. This is not the mistake someone who wields a giant, difficult-to-maneuver weapon that requires a serious amount of coordination to use effectively should be making. 

Now if Ruby had a problem with being overly predictable in hand-to-hand combat, or overly flashy in a way that left her open, maybe I could see it. If she was bad at fighting other people (not giant monsters) because grimm are predictable and easy to read and people try to trick you sometimes, I could see it. But Ruby just being bad at hand to hand? Nope. 

That ain’t how combat works.

Wrong Number- Bucky Barnes One Shot

*I lost some imagines, including this one, so it has been reposted*

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Prompt: Clint is asking for a death wish by deciding it would be fun to change all of the contact names in your phone. You call who you believe is Natasha to complain about your “issues” with Bucky, your long-time crush. You’re in for a pleasant surprise when you figure out who the call really went to.

Word Count: 1500

Warning: One swear word (I believe)

A/N: Just because I love shy Bucky (and Sam). Sorry, Bruce/Natasha is implied (but not specifically stated as a romantic relationship). I don’t ship it, I just used it.


From the day you met Bucky, he ignored you. He only spoke to you when absolutely necessary. In the six months since he’s been in the tower, he has probably said less than ten words to you. Needless to say, you were a bit offended by how standoffish he was towards you. He seemed to gradually open up to everyone else except for you-and Tony, but that was reasonable. What killed you the most was that you had started to develop a crush on the former assassin and he seemed to think of you as nothing more than dirt under his shoes.

You were trained in the Red Room like Natasha and, therefore, no one knew about your crush on him-except for the Black Widow and Wanda. They were your best friends in the tower and you three shared everything from secrets to food to clothing.

Most of the time it was unnoticed when Bucky avoided you by everyone except for you and Steve. Steve and Sam were the only two who knew why Bucky acted the way he did. He was scared of you. The ex-assassin was terrified of how he felt towards you. He believed you were too good for him and saw avoiding you as his only way to get over the “crush”. Of course, that plan didn’t stop Sam from pushing him towards you every once in awhile.

“Where is Barton? I swear I’m going to kill him.” You asked, walking into the kitchen one day. Your phone was in your hand and you were fuming about how a certain someone decided it would be a fun prank to change all of the contact names in your phone.

“I think he’s in the training room.” Sam replied before Steve could speak.

“Thank you.” You spun on your heel and started towards the training room. After you were out of earshot, Steve turned to his friend with an incredulous look on his face.

“Clint’s in the lab.” He said.

“I know, but Bucky’s training. Maybe they will get to talking.” Sam shrugged with a small smirk. Steve rolled his eyes at his friend, praying that Bucky would turn out okay.


You opened the training room door and the only person in there was Bucky, who was currently hitting a punching bag. Upon hearing the door, he stopped attacking the object and turned to face you. His eyes went wide and he began to search for a way out.

“Bucky, have you seen Barton?” You asked.

“No.” He all but whispered, going to grab his bag.

“Why are you running away from me?” You questioned, stepping in front of the door, blocking his only exit path.

“I’m not.” He mumbled, reaching for the handle. You put all your weight against the door so he couldn’t pull it open.

“You always leave when I’m in the room. Why?” You pestered.

“I don’t.” He said, “Move.”

“Nope. Not until you tell me why you avoid me.”

“Barton’s upstairs in the lab.” Bucky replied.

“More than 10 words. There’s a start.” You stated.

“Please, move.” He ordered. You stepped to the side and let him slip out the door. You left the room as well, making your way into Tony and Bruce’s lab. You entered the room and saw him talking with Tony about his bow.

“Clinton Barton! Fix my phone right now!” You shouted. Instead of chucking your phone at his head, you threw one of the metal wrenches from the table beside you. Clint used his fast reflexes to catch it before it could hit him.

“Someone’s angry.” He teased.

“Fix it. Now.” You demanded, handing him your phone.

“What did you do this time, Legolas?” Tony asked.

“He changed all of my contact names to Pokemon characters and Harry Potter spells.” You replied.

“Nice one.” Tony gave the archer a high five.

“I can’t. I don’t remember their numbers.” Clint simply shrugged, “You’re on your own, princess.”

“Give me your phone then.” You said, snatching your phone back from him.

“No. You’ll screw with it.” He replied.

“Tony, where’s yours?” You asked.

“There’s no way I’m trusting you with my baby.” The billionaire stated.

“I can just list off the numbers I remember.” Clint offered and you agreed, considering he did have a decent memory. You made note to check everything with Natasha when she was back from her lunch with Bruce, Vision, and Wanda.

“Thanks, birdbrain. These better be correct.” You stated, walking out of the room with at least some of the correct contacts.

You were walking down the hallway from the lab to the main area when you saw Bucky headed your way. The moment his eyes met yours, he turned around and hurried off. You groaned at his ridiculousness, vowing to find out why he avoids you. You dealt with your Clint issues today-your Bucky issues could be put off until tomorrow. You sat at the bar in the kitchen, eating an apple when you decided to call Natasha. It rang for a few minutes before listing off the number and going to voicemail.

“Hey, Nat, when are you guys coming back? I’m pretty bored right now without you two. Barton decided to change all my contact names, so I’m having a banner day. I also cornered Bucky about why he won’t talk to me and he said another ten words to me. I swear, I don’t even know why I like him sometimes. Do you know how hard it is to have a crush on someone who avoids you like the plague? It’s unbearable. I wish he’d just man up and talk to me. I’m not that scary, right? Anyways, hurry up and get back here with Wanda. We need more girl talk.” You said, pushing the end button. A minute later, you heard a thud from one of the bedrooms and shouting.

“What the-” you started to wonder aloud, when Sam came sprinting down the stairs, with Bucky chasing after him.

“Y/N, just who I wanted to see-” Sam was cut off by Bucky putting a hand over his mouth.

“Was that you three up there? What was that thud?” You asked, “Please tell me you didn’t break one of Tony’s bedside tables.”

“No, we didn’t. Bucky just needs to talk with you for a moment.” Steve said, casually strolling into the room. Bucky’s phone was in his hands. He pressed a button and your own voice filled the room. It was the voicemail you had just left for Natasha.

“Barton, you little sh*t!” You exclaimed, taking Bucky’s phone and stopping the message before you could hear yourself talk about him. You hoped he hadn’t heard it already, but part of you knew it wasn’t true.

“Bucky, you didn’t happen to hear that beforehand?” You asked, too embarrassed to meet his eyes.

“Yes, he did. He likes you too.” Sam said, but it was completely muffled by Bucky’s hand. Bucky’s face was red and his mouth moved, trying to form words.

“Buck, let go of Sam and we’ll leave you two.” Steve stated. Bucky slowly dropped his hand and Sam made his way to the elevators with Steve.

“Bucky’s in love with you!” Sam called back to you before the doors closed. Bucky stood frozen once more.

“Are we going to talk about it or are you going to continue being a deer in headlights?” You asked, nervously.

“I-I-” Bucky desperately tried to figure out what to say, “I really, really like you, Y/N, and it scares the hell out of me. That’s why I avoided you. You’re not scary-it’s the feelings that are terrifying. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you-I just thought you wouldn’t feel the same about me. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.”

“You don’t need to be scared, Bucky. I like you too, ever since you moved in actually.” You explained.

“Do you want to maybe go out some time?” He looked you in the eyes nervously as he stepped closer to you until he was right in front of you.

“That’d be wonderful.” You replied, reaching your hand out to his and intertwining your fingers together.

“Whoa, what’s happening here?” Natasha exclaimed, walking into the room with Wanda, Vision, and Bruce.

“They appear to be talking.” Vision said. There was a hint of confusion in his voice since you and Bucky had never really talked.

“Aw, did he finally ask you out?” Wanda asked, her eyes growing wide in hope. You bashfully nodded, glancing down at your connected hands.

“We leave for one afternoon and you get a date. We need to leave more often.” Natasha said to Wanda, “Where are the others? Clint’s going to be so excited. We’ve been shipping you two for ages.”

“That reminds me. I have an archer to kill-for real this time.” You stated, letting go of Bucky’s hand and storming off towards the lab.

Being Altair's Twin Sister Would Include...

Warnings - Slight angst because, Altair.


• Always playfully sparring with toy swords as kids.

• You being a tomboy, yet a sweet girl, nonetheless.

• Being ridiculed and picked on by boys your age in your childhood for being a tomboy.

• Altair intervening to stand up for you.

• You stopping him before proving them wrong.

• Proving them wrong, usually included punching the poor kids or kicking them in the stomach.

• Which is why you were the problematic one.

• Only because you were ridiculed.

• Your father starting to introduce you, two to the ways of an Assassin - the fighting, the life, the beliefs, the morals, the history, etc.

• Training together.

• Him having strength in body while you had agility.

• Being pushed harder than him so, you’d get stronger.

• Then, Altair making a snide comment so, your father pushed him just as hard, too.

• You making up for your body strength with mind strength over the years.

• Him getting accepted in the brotherhood, unlike you.

• You being annoyed you weren’t accepted.

• Him trying to comfort you but, it ended up with a huge fight.

• It was practically a street fight - fists, punches, kicks and rude comments included.

• You pinning him to the ground with your arm, putting all your body weight on it, pushing it against his chest.

• “Stop pitying me!”

• Him pushing you off with his body strength and holding you in place with his arm around your neck.

• “Stop being so petty, then!”

• The fight going on until you, two get tired and end up lying on the ground beside each others.

• You starting to laugh together.

• “Forgive me, brother.”

• Him just smiling warmly at your guilty eyes before lightly giving you a small push to your cheek with his fist, affectionately.

• “They’d be stupid not to accept you.”

• Getting your acceptance letter a week later.

• Your father getting killed a week after.

• Sitting alone on the steps of the palace in your newbie robes with a blank look.

• Al Mualim coming to sit with you.

• Him comforting you with his words.

• Rushing to find your solitary brother as you finally react to your father’s death.

• Finding him sitting atop a tower, his legs dangling.

• Sparing each others a look before you sit beside him.

• Resting your head atop his shoulder and just sitting together.

• The two of you being there for each others.

• You being the strategic agile quiet twin.

• Him being the reckless strong solitary twin.

• Not being as close to Malik and his brother as Altair was.

• Training together.

• Going on missions together.

• Al Mualim only sending the two of you to invade full cities.

• Being an army of two.

• Races on rooftops.

• Races on horsebacks.

• Races between bureaus.

• Discreet races between Templar soldiers.

• Wrecking havoc in Masyaf with all your races.

• Overall, you being the wise, calm, sweet and beautiful twin.

• Him being the cocky, temper driven, cocky and really handsome twin.

• Well, in the beginning, that is.

• Being Altair’s strength.

• Altair being your rock.

• Joining him in that one mission with the Sayfs.

• Trying to prevent his cocky interventions.

• You getting a deep lethal injury from a poisoned blade.

• Falling in a coma for months.

• When you finally wake up, Altair is almost done with the nine.

• Him catching you up with his new found information.

• You trying to push that one thought out of your mind.

• Him being unsure whether to confirm the corruption of Al Mualim.

• Altair not finding you at Malik’s side when he goes to fight the old man.

• “Where are you?…”

• Finding you by Al Mualim’s side as he controls your mind.

• “No..”

• Him forcing you to fight Altair until death.

• Having always had mind strength, you manage to push Al Mualim out of your mind.

• Killing Al Mualim together.

• Being by Altair’s side as the apple opens for him.

• Snapping him out of his trance by speaking his name.

• Meeting Maria after Altair’s little.. scandal with her atop that certain tower in Jerusalem.

• You being the coolest aunt in the world.

• Being single.

• Living for your small family.

• Darim being your new Altair, due to Altair being busy with the brotherhood.

• Sef being your little boy.

• Only going to Altair’s for small visits inbetween missions.

• Informing him of the corruption of Abbas.

• Ignoring your accusations.

• Abbas discovering you know.

• Not wanting to disturb Altair or cause him trouble, you stand your ground.

• Abbas going after you first.

• Him chasing you out of Masyaf.

• Living in the shadows in Jerusalem.

• Not being able to send any pigeons to Altair.

• However, after you killing a man, whom you saw selling and abusing slaves due to your justice instinct, that attracts attention to you.

• Abbas accusing the “mysterious” killer to be a ruthless murderer, who killed a man “helping” people.

• Abbas chasing you out of the Levant area.

• Finding sanctuary in a beautiful historic city in Turkey.

• Finally finding love with a dashing Turkish man.

• Being able to contact Malik.

• Staying in Turkey with your son and husband until suddenly, you were not able to message Malik.

• Going back to Masyaf in time to witness your little boy’s death.

• Having an angry fit.

• “Tell me, (Y/N).. After leaving your brother, do you think he’ll forgive you?”

• Being put more in mental pain than physical pain.

• Altair and Maria being manipulated by Abbas, using you.

• Maria’s last word to you being,“Strength… T-Together..”

• Altair and you working together and fighting Abbas’ mind controlled men, just like you fought Templars in your youth.

• Running away with Altair and Darim.

• Hugging Darim to you once you find somewhere to stay in.

• Sitting alone atop a tower, mourning Sef’s death.

• “It’s not your fault.”

• Altair joining you.

• “I wasn’t there, was I?”

• Him just pushing your head to rest on his shoulder as you mourn the death of the beautiful boy together.

• Telling you that there are other pieces besides the apple.

• “I think I heard some merchants going to Constantine’s castle, talking of a strange artifact found in a mine.”

• Altair telling you that he was only a messenger to a man named Desmond.

• Travelling around the world with Altair to find pieces.

• Listening to the voices, telling Altair of his grandchildren.

• Him being annoyed at first at the players.

• “That.. Is my legacy?”

• “Well, at least they inherited some of your traits.”

• Sharing some of your playful jokes and sometimes Darim joins in.

• “You have a son?!”

• “You have a husband?!”

• Forty year old Darim being the jealous nephew as an almost seventy year old Altair becomes a protective mess.

• “I’d like to think of my son as a miracle, I had in an old age.”

• Sibling artifact hunts.

• At the last piece, the voices turn to speak to you.

• “Your grandchildren seem as they will always be there to help save the day.”

• Them showing you your grandchildren.

• Your grandchildren crossing paths with Altair’s.

• Leonardo da Vinci, Yusuf Tazim, Aveline de Jumpe and the list goes on until a certain smart girl named Rebecca.

• After hiding the codex, you start discussing where to go next.

• “We go home.”

• Shortly, after getting back Masyaf, you catch the plague.

• Altair’s sorrowful eyes.

• “Why don’t you go back home? To your family, sister?”

• “I am home. I am with my family.”

• “You should not stay here, only because of Maria’s-”

• “I am not. I am here because, I want to.. Brother, the thirty years, I was away, were the hardest. My place is by your side.”

• “Then, send for them to come.”

• You sitting in your room in the castle, trying to think of what to write.

• “My son,
I cannot apologize enough for having not been there.. I cannot apologize enough for missing out on so much. But, I need you. I need to see you and your family. Please.”

• A party filled with kids and a woman greets your nephew, three months later.

• Your family staying in Masyaf with you.

• Not telling any of your grandchildren or your son about your sickness.

• Making your own codex pages and hiding them as you disappear for four months.

• Coming back with nearly two weeks left to live.

• Working with Altair as hard as you can.

• Coughing up so much blood, two weeks later as you stand in Altair’s office alone, thinking of everything.

• Him coming in, in time to see you crumbling to the ground, weakly.

• “Sister..”

• Shushing him as he kneels beside you.

• “Just.. Hold me.. Brother.”

• Calling him brother with more affection than you ever have.

• “I love you.. I’m here.”

• Reminding him of Maria’s will.

• “Strength..” being your last word.

• Using your last bit of strength to raise your fist to push Altair’s cheek affectionately before your eyes glaze over.

• Dying in his arms as his silent tears drop on your smiling face.

Dirty Laundry: Part 5

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.8K
Warnings: Swearing, fluff (yay finally), drunk!Bucky, angst

A/N: Final part of Dirty Laundry! I only ever intended this to be a oneshot, and here I am 5 parts later, haha, so glad everyone’s enjoyed it. I hope you’re satisfied with this ending! I’ve got loads more fic ideas (hope you all like those too, when they get written/finished!), but I’d be keen to give requests a crack, so if you’ve got any, feel free to send them through!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

After more than an hour of listening to Dean Spector talk about the stock market and other business mumbo jumbo that you had no interest in, you were desperately looking for any reason to excuse yourself and escape. You glance towards the bar and spot Bucky staring at you, a frown etched on his face. You smile and wave at him, but his expression doesn’t change; he just finishes the drink in his hand. You know you’re supposed to be waiting for him to come to you, but you really want to get away from this boring suit next to you.

Pushing Dean’s hand off your thigh for the 50th time, you fake a smile and stand, “I’m going to get myself another drink,” you lie, “it was nice to meet you,”

“Oh, I’ll come get one with you,” Dean clearly hadn’t gotten the hint. He stands and snakes an arm around your waist. You try to push him away but it only causes him to tighten his grip on you, “where you trying to run off to, Princess?” his voice is dark and sinister. You nervously laugh and try once more to wiggle free, but Dean’s fingers dig into your side, causing a sting of pain from how hard he’s gripping you. You glance at him, expecting to see a joking expression on his clean-shaven face. But his eyes are dark and there is no hint of humour in his expression.

“Hey! Back off buddy!” Bucky suddenly appears in front of you and Dean. You breathe a sigh on relief. Surely the sight of the Winter Solider will make this creep back off,

“Who the fuck are you?!” Dean spits angrily at Bucky, his hand still painfully digging into your side. You notice Bucky’s metal fist tense. Before a fight can break out, you finally speak up,

“Let go of me.” all politeness now gone from your voice, “I won’t ask again,” Dean chuckles, not noticing the serious look you’re shooting him,

“Don’t be like that, Princess. I’m just having some-” you cut Dean off, with a swift punch to his smug face. His hand immediately lets go of your waist and he stumbles backwards,

“I’m not your Princess,” you spit at him. You hear laughter from all around. Your confrontation had drawn a crowd. Bucky is chuckling and grins at you,

“That was amazing,” he says as he sways and loses his balance. You grunt as you catch him and try to steady him,

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Small Towns and Pickup Lines (part 2)

Summary: The reader has sworn off sex after several bad encounters. Dean tries to pick her up. She lets him.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,104

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex (be safe, y’all), bad pickup lines

Author’s Note: This is part two. You can read part one here. I have an idea for part three, but we’ll see how it goes. Enjoy!

Also, if you’re interested, here is a link to my masterlist.

You step inside and turn on the hall light, illuminating the inside of your house. It’s not as bad as the average bachelor pad, but you’ve got a jacket haphazardly thrown over the arm of the couch beside a rumpled blanket from your most recent Netflix binge. Your empty wineglass from the night before still sits on the side table. There’s a soft click as Dean closes the door behind you and it finally hits home. You’re going to do this.

You’re going to sleep with Dean.

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sparring | tom holland

copying an imagine from my wattpad because i can and why not?

prompt: tom takes you to the gym to teach you a little boxing and accidentally jabs you in the face

words: 1643

warnings: none, just some slightly subpar fluff

“No, your thumb goes across your fingers, not over them,” Tom reminded you, reaching forward to adjust your fingers. The two of you were free on a Friday (for once,) so Tom had brought you to the gym with him for a little boxing lesson. It was a little more technically challenging than you were expecting, but you were getting the hang of it. In fact, you happened to be enjoying it. The gym was completely empty of other people for the day.

“Right, right,” you said absently, shaking your head before aiming a jab to the right. The padding over Tom’s hands took the impact as you tried to get into a rhythm of jabbing and crossing.

“Don’t wanna break your thumb, hm?” He teased, lifting his guarded hands just a smidgen higher. You made a face before punching at him again.

“If you’d let me wear the gloves, I wouldn’t have to worry.” You glanced sideways at the pile of black boxing gloves in the corner of the ring; Tom had told you not to wear them while you were practicing.

“Hardly any of them fit your hands, love,” Tom snickered, circling around you. You followed his movements

“That one pair did!” You protested; another jab came at Tom’s left hand. “C'mon, why can’t I? I won’t ruin the gloves.”

A sigh left Tom’s lips. He lowered his hands, smiling crookedly at you. The bright white lighting in the gym made the expression on his face seem even more brilliant. He cocked his head at you.

“You really want to put a pair on?” He inquired.

“Yes!” You placed your hands on your hips; obviously, you did.

Tom rubbed his jaw, still half-smiling at you, looking as if an idea was brewing in his wild, zany mind. You quirked an eyebrow at him before he nodded toward the gloves.

“Alrigh’,” he chuckled. “Grab a pair, we’ll spar a little.”

Your face brightened instantly; if that didn’t sound enticing, nothing did. After a few hours of punching inanimate objects and/or not having your punches returned, the prospect of a little sparring was exciting to you.

“Really?” You giggled.

Tom nodded, motioning yet again for you to snag a pair of gloves. Nearly hopping with anticipation, you shuffled over to the gloves. Tom followed suit and helped you put yours on.

“Alright,” he began, adjusting the gloves on your hands one last time before turning to put his own on, “we’re just gonna play around a little, yeah? Put your hands up and block my punches, that’s all.”

You repeatedly lifted and tilted your wrists, adjusting to the added weight around your hands. “Right. So don’t completely deck you?”

Tom laughed. “No, no. We’re not actually practicing any real fighting, yet. But this’ll help you get used to punching in the gloves a little, considering that fact that you may come back again with me, hm?”

“We’ll see,” you teased, catching his eye with a half-smirk. Your boyfriend returned the playful look, and then stood.

The two of you moved toward the center of the ring, positioning yourselves in stances thar amused each of you to look at (but you also noticed how nice your boyfriend’s arms looked. And the way his hair fell after working out for a couple hours. But whatever; you were sure he’d stolen glances at you as well). Soon as Tom lifted his hands and nodded at you, the sparring began.

It was fun, even if it wasn’t comparable to any intense training Tom had done or that you’d seen on TV. The satisfaction of blocking a punch (and a good one, at that) made your chest swell a little. It was mostly quiet except for the occasional grunt, the smack of boxing gloves, and a comment here and there from Tom.

“Square your shoulders just a little,” he advised, just before you aimed a few more jabs. The two of you were a little tired from working out, but having a good time nonetheless. You took Tom’s advice and adjusted your posture.

“This is fun,” you laughed, blocking another few of Tom’s punches and circling around him. Your fists came back at his with equal verve.

“Yeah! It is,” Tom breathed out, lifting his hands to your crosses. He bounced on his heels. “Take it you like boxing so far?”

You grinned from ear to ear; it was you bouncing from side to side this time. “Very much so,” you nodded. Tom continued talking through the sparring while you bounced punches off of each other’s hands.

“Well, maybe we’ll come back again together next week.” You jabbed at his right. “Or I’ll hook you up with a trainer I know.”

This much excitement wasn’t something you expected when Tom suggested boxing this morning, but you welcomed it.

“I think I’d like that,” you said, very matter-of-factly.

“So it’s settled,” Tom agreed, grunting as he took the impact of your punching.

“So it is.”

Tom took a little bit of the lead and picked up the pace just a little; his momentum increased enough so that you were breathing a little harder, having to respond a little sooner and more reflexively to block his punches. Obviously, he was aiming so you could block him (as was the point of what you were doing), but you found yourself focusing more.

“Tired?” Tom panted, definitely noticing your furrowed brow and the sweat on your body. You shook your head; the slight increase in Tom’s aggression motivated you to return it in your advances.

“Mm-mm,” you disagreed. Well, you were, but not enough to want to stop. There came another cross, two jabs. Tom aimed and delivered his next punches at you. A piece of slightly sweaty hair fell into your face, so you shook your head back to clear it out of your peripheral vision and stop it from annoying you. Just as you jerked your head, Tom jerked his fist; your jaw was only out from behind your gloves for a split second or two, but Tom’s fist found a way to collider with your jaw.

White-hot, startling pain shot through one half of your jawline and face, your head whipping to the side at the impact of the blow. You grit your teeth ans grunted as you took the punch. You swore Tom gasped under his breath, immediately using his teeth to tear the Velcro loose on his gloves and toss them away.

“Oh, my god, are you okay?” Tom asked, his voice dripping with concern. It was almost comical how quickly he went from aggressive and focused in on your play boxing to a soft, worried boyfriend pretty much immediately.

“Uh, caught me off guard.” Gingerly, you touched the point of impact on your face. Tom came close to you, walking his fingers on the uninjured side of your face.

“Look at me,” he told you. “Let me see it.”

“Tom, I’m fine-”

Despite your protests, he muttered curses to himself and inspected your very red jaw. “That’ll bruise,” he sighed. “God, I’m stupid. I’m so, so sorry darling.”

You winced when he prodded at the forming bruise, but shrugged dismissively all the same. “Eh, it was nice. Have wanted you to experience that for a while.”

Tom only rolled his eyes, obviously very concerned, but the amusement showed on his face. He cradled your face gently.

“What, me punching you? ” He shook his head. “You’re insufferable. Does’t it hurt a lot?”

You shrugged, placing your hand on your wrists. “Not that much. Tom, I’m fine, don’t smother me, love.”

“Sorry, sorry.” Tom let his hand fall but still stared at you with the guiltiest eyes ever.

“It’s okay. I’m fine,” you reassured him. He didn’t prod at your small injury again (he knew he punched you hard and that it’d show up; didn’t take a doctor to conclude that), but you allowed him to remove your gloves.

“Baby. I’m so sorry,” he sighed.

You placed your hands on his chest, smiling a little. God, he was adorably devoted, sometimes. You could see his eyes darting, trying to catch a glimpse of your jaw. Seeing that, you leaned up to kiss his.

“I’m aright, it’s nothing,” you whispered, smiling, into his ear. “I can take a hit.” The tenseness in his shoulders relaxed a little.

He placed his hands on your hips. “I know, I know, I do. But I don’t wanna hurt you.”

His puppy-dog eyes made you pout; the soft, glazed over look of his brown eyes turned your heart into mush. You leaned forward to kiss him, feeling his soothing hands rub your back before you pulled out.

“And you didn’t,” you said, rubbing his left shoulder. “Why don’t we just quit for the day and watch some movies?”

Tom sighed. Quite apparently, he wasn’t so keen or eager to let the situation go and be forgiven. But he succumbed to this a little less than begrudgingly.

“Okay,” he pouted, planting a kiss on your forehead. “I’m sorry again.”

You scoffed, kicking your gloves back into the corner. “Stop saying sorry, you have nothing to be sorry for.”

Tom bit his lip. He was smiling just a little. “Mm.” He glanced down at the floor.

“I can cuddle you while we’re watching?”

“Of course.”

“And you forgive me?”

You rolled your eyes and kissed the tip of his nose. “Yes, love. As I’ve said a trillion times before, I’m not hurt or mad.”

“Fine.” Tom looked around for a moment, and then met your eyes again. “I love you. Sorry for fuckin’ decking you when I said specifically that’s what we weren’t doing.”

Playfully, you tapped his lips. “I love you too, but no more apologizing,” you shook your head. “Just take me home and lay with me while we watch movies; that’ll redeem you.”

A soft sigh. “Fine, whatever you’d like, cripple.”

“Watch it, Holland.”

anonymous asked:

If your still taking requests, could you write headcanons on how each member of the RFA would react to a chubby/big boned mc? (Just a bigger built person, maybe even a little tummy fat c:)

Author’s note: I know these are a little on the short side, but that’s because ALL of the RFA members would love you no matter what you looked like. YOU GUYS ARE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!




  • as long as you’re healthy
  • and you love yourself AT LEAST half as much as he loves you
  • he wouldn’t care at all


  • Jaehee has always been super self conscious of her figure being one of the only girl in the RFA 
  • so when you ask if she minds your big boned-ness
  • perfect


  • being totally honest
  • Jumin wouldn’t even notice
  • you think you’re fat?? does not compute in trust fund kid’s brain ??
  • all he knows is that he loves you for you



If any of them ever heard someone talking mess about your weight YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS THAT PERSON WILL GET PUNCHED yes that includes Yoosung and Baehee THEY WILL NOT PUT UP WITH THAT SHIT


Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2.4K
Warnings: Angst, a lil’ fluff, swearing,

A/N: I always love angst and I had such fun writing this. Sorry this took a few weeks!

Y/L/N: Your Last Name

Dating Bucky Barnes didn’t come easy. Waking up at 3am to his screams of horror at his nightmare memories, his brooding quietness that drove you insane, the alcoholism that reared it’s ugly head from time to time, him not understanding that he wasn’t The Winter Soldier that Hydra made. These challenges were hard on your relationship, but you loved Bucky nonetheless. 

But there was just one thing that you couldn’t stand. The moment Bucky told you that Natasha and him had a past, you knew it was something you wouldn’t be able to get past. Not that you let Bucky know that; you made sure that any time you saw the two of them talking or training, you didn’t show the fiery jealously that burned through your veins. But you were trying, every time you saw the two of them together you try to reassure yourself that Bucky was in a relationship with you, not her.

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Attention Grabbing - Superboy x Reader

Requested by Anon -  a superboy x reader where the reader has the ability to change pheromones and she accidentally makes all the other members of the team become attracted to her even though she’s dating Conner

It was an average day for the team. Everyone had gathered in the training room to do individual training. Conner, your boyfriend, was in the far corner, lifting weights with Kaldur and Wally. M’gann was on the mats, practicing her cheers. Artemis was with Robin by the punching bags. You glanced around the room, blowing Conner a kiss when you met his eye before deciding to run on one of the treadmills. 

Putting in your earbuds, you started the treadmill at a easy pace to warm up. As music blasted into your ears, you glanced over to see a shirtless Conner. He was lifting the heaviest weight with ease. You sighed, loving the way his muscles flexed with each lift. 

You were so distracted by Conner’s muscles, you forgot to watch your footing. Tripping, you fell hard onto the moving treadmill. The treadmill deposited you onto the floor roughly. 

“(Y/N),” Conner shouted, dropping the weight he was holding to run over to you. He dropped to his knees beside you, picking you up slightly to let you lean back against his chest. You shook your head, trying to clear it. “Are you alright?”

Blinking several times, you carefully began to flex your body to check for injury. All you found was soreness from the fall. “I’m fine, Conner. Just tripped.”

“Well, be more careful,” he answered roughly while gently helping you stand. You gave him a tiny smile in thanks.

“I will,” you promised as Conner kissed your cheek. He headed back over to the weights as the rest of the team stared at you in concern. You smiled at them reassuredly before carefully climbing back on the treadmill to continue your run.  Making sure not to look at Conner again, you fell into rhythm with the music from your earbuds.

As you jogged, your mind drifted to other things. However, you kept a hold on yourself to keep your powers in check. You could change pheromones affecting the people around you. They used to be out of control, but after training with Batman and Black Canary, you were able to control it for the most part. Even if you did slip up, it only had a minor effect on the people around you.

It was tiring to be in constant control. The only time you could be free was when you were locked in your room by yourself or with Conner. Conner didn’t mind the effect of your powers, he seemed almost immune to them. He could feel them slightly, but never to the extent that they would control him. You figured it had something to do with his time at Cadmus.

You increased the speed of the treadmill, feeling ready for a challenge. Another song blared into your ears as your thoughts drifted back to Conner. The two of you were supposed to go out for dinner tonight, but you hadn’t decided on a place yet. You were hoping Conner will let you drag him to New York City through the zeta tubes for pizza. Licking your lips at the thought, you upped the treadmill’s speed.

Meanwhile, unnoticed by you, the other members of the team found their gazes drifting over to you. It was like some kind of magnetic pull. Soon after, they started drifting towards you. M’gann moved closer to you while she practiced. Artemis moved to the training dummy closest to you, and Robin hopped on the treadmill next to you. Wally and Kaldur stayed by the weights, staring at you intensely.  

You gave Robin a tiny smile of acknowledgment before focusing on your running. Robin frowned at having lost your attention as he started running at a slightly faster pace then you, hoping to gain it back. Seeing what Robin was doing, Wally left the weights to stand beside your treadmill. He leaned against the armrest, giving you a cheesy smile. You smiled back at him tentatively, taking out your earbuds.

“Hi Wally,” you greeted, eyeing him curiously while slowing down your treadmill. Robin slowed down with you, still trying to keep pace with you. “What do you want?”

“Do you know how beautiful you are in this light?” he flirted, making your eyes widen in surprise. Honestly, you felt anything, but beautiful at this moment, sweaty as you were.

“What?” you remarked as Robin snorted. Wally glared at him behind your back. 

“Just ignore him (Y/N), he just discovered how beautiful you are, but I, on the other hand, have known since I first saw you,” Robin replied sweetly. Wally growled at him.

“…Thanks, Rob,” you answered, having no idea why they both were complimenting you now. You were sure you had your powers in check. They couldn’t be under the influence of your pheromones, could they?

 Wally moved over to Robin’s treadmill, fighting him for it. Both ended up on the floor, wresting each other. You stared at them while stopping your treadmill. Your brow furrowed in confusion before M’gann appeared next to you. 

“Hey (Y/N), do you want to help me practice?” she asked, taking your arm. You were about to answer when Artemis appeared on your other side. 

“No, she can’t M’gann, because you’re going to spar with me, right (Y/N)?” she demanded, taking your other arm to pull you in the opposite direction.

“Since when are you the boss of (Y/N)?” M’gann snapped back as the girls started to bicker over you, pulling you back and forth between them. Robin and Wally noticed the girls fighting over you, and came over to join their argument. 

You didn’t know what to do. They each kept pulling you in their direction, saying you had to spend time with them and no one else. Glancing over at the weights, you frowned when Conner didn’t notice your trouble. Huffing to yourself, you wondered how he could notice you fall off the treadmill and not notice the team fighting over you.

Kaldur didn’t join the fight over you, knowing his sudden attraction towards you wasn’t natural. Not to get him wrong, you were one of the most beautiful surface-dwellers he had ever seen, but he knew you were with Conner. He sat on one of the weight benches, trying to regain control of his emotions so he could help you get away from the others.

He glanced at Conner, only to find him lifting weights with earbuds in, blocking all the sounds of your distress. Kaldur sighed as he saw the team was starting to pull you around. Reaching over, Kaldur pulled one of the earbuds from Conner’s ear.

“What?” Conner asked sharply, roughly putting the weight into it’s holder. 

“(Y/N) needs your help,” Kaldur explained, his hands gripped the bench tightly. “You need to get her out of here.”

“Why? She’s just…,” Conner began before fading off when he sat up to see you being fought over like a piece a meat among dogs. “Oh.”

“Yes, you need to get her out of here before they hurt her,” Kaldur ordered as Conner ran over to you. It took everything he had to stop himself from following Conner. Taking a deep breath, he tried to focus on Tula to stop his racing emotions.

You almost started sobbing at this point as the team started pulling you around even harder. Your arms hurt from being held so tightly and being suddenly ripped away from the grip. Therefore, when Conner pushed his way through them and scooped you up, you sighed in relief. 

Conner ran from the room with you in his arms while the others attempted to pursue in rage. You tried to block out the world by burying your face in Conner’s neck. Conner held you tighter in response as he dodged Wally who attempted to make a grab at you. 

After a bit, Conner was able to get you safely into your room while locking the door behind him. You could hear the others’ cries of disappointment before they fell silent. Once Conner was sure they were gone, he laid you down onto the bed. You curled up into a ball once Conner’s arms left you. Sobs broke out from you as you let your pent up tears fall. 

A moment later, you felt Conner lay down behind you. He carefully turned you over, and pulled you into his chest. It was still bare, but you didn’t care finding it comforting in some way. 

“I’m sorry, I thought I had it under control,” you cried, your voice muffled by Conner’s chest. He heard you anyway.

“It’s okay, everyone makes mistakes,” Conner soothed, petting your hair. “Remember when I broke the door from pushing so hard, we all mess up sometimes.”

“But I was stupid. I let my thoughts drift for a little bit and suddenly they were there,” you replied, another waves of sobs racking your body. “Batman going to be so mad.”

Conner sighed, tightening his arms around you. “Don’t worry about it. The team and Batman will understand. They know how hard it is for you to control it all the time.” 

“I was so scared, they weren’t themselves,” you gasped, snuggling deeper into his chest. You both fell silent for a long time until Conner cleared his throat once your tears had stopped.

“What were you thinking about when it happened?” he asked gently as you pulled back to meet his eye. A frisky smile crossed your face.

“I was thinking about our dinner date tonight,” you admitted shyly, blushing a little when he chuckled.

“I think that you should stop thinking about me in public,” Conner stated.

You raised an eyebrow at him. “And why should I?”

“Well, you fell off the treadmill when you were checking me out earlier,” he explained, blushing slightly. “Then you think about me again and the whole team becomes infatuated with you. Thinking about me seems to be a health risk.” His lips frowned a little as if he was hurt by the idea.

“No, thinking about you is not a health risk,” you answered, sitting up a little to press a kiss to his lips. “I just have to adapt to it.” He smiled before pulling you into another kiss. 

After you both came up for air, you narrowed your eyes coyly at him. “Were you jealous?”

Conner snorted before looking away from you. “No.”

You grinned at him, knowing he was jealous. “So, it would have been fine if one of them locked me in their room and…”

“Stop it,” Conner demanded, kissing you to silence your next words. You laughed, glad to learn that this accident revealed something you didn’t know Conner felt. “It’s not funny, (Y/N).”

“I know,” you answered, sobering a little. “But it’s nice to know you were jealous.”

“I don’t see why that would be nice,” Conner protested, playing with your hair. “It didn’t feel nice.”

“Jealousy rarely does, but it shows you care about me,” you explained kindly as Conner stared at you with his bright blue eyes.

“I’ve always cared about you, (Y/N),” he stated bluntly as he pulled you on top of him. You sat up, sitting on his chest.

“And I have always cared about you, Conner,” you replied. His eyes sparkled at your words as he gently grabbed your head to bring your lips to his. You let your powers free, knowing by the intensity of Conner’s kiss that it was alright. 

What it is like to be a type 1 diabetic.

I’m often asked about my type 1 diabetes. People see my insulin pump or spot me checking my blood sugar at meal times, and they naturally have questions. They ask me what it is like to have diabetes, and I answer in facts. I tell them that I check my blood sugar 5 times a day with a prick on my finger. I tell that I give myself insulin from my pump which is always connected to me. I tell them that I have been doing these things since I was eight, and they keep me alive. Then, I smile, and I reassure them that I am ok. We move onto another topic, and type one diabetes becomes invisible again. Here is the thing I didn’t tell them though. I didn’t tell them what it is really like to live as a type one diabetic.

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Rescued pt. 10

Summary:  After Bucky comes to your aid in a moment of panic you extend an invitation to family dinner. Neither of you could have foreseen how this small act of kindness would alter you, and your life, forever.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, Alcoholism, 
Word Count: 2565

Author’s Note: Guys. This took for fucking ever to write. I’m not sure what happened to me but I hope I’m back and that I’ll be pumping the chapters out faster now. Also, I sincerely apologize if I missed any errors, my keyboard has been adding phantom letters and spaces while I’m typing and I only proof-read this once.


Your mom and dad had tried to console you, Karen had flat out told you that you were being dumb if you thought that any of this was your fault, and Jordan mumbled something about needing to do background checks. The one person who you could always count of to bring light to a situation and make you laugh was being uncharacteristically quiet.

Before you could ask Mikey how he was doing, your name was being called. Looking toward the door you spotted Bucky, leaning heavily on the doorjamb but looking a lot more alive than the last time you saw him.

“Bucky,” you breathed, heart leaping into your throat at the sight of him on his feet, “How are you fee- MIKEY, NO!”

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

It had been five days since the fight between Michael and Bucky. Five days since Bucky has been avoiding you, feeling like he was the cause of everything that had gone wrong in your life lately. His guilt, along with his healing injuries, saw him hiding in the medical ward and refusing any visitors.

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Off the clock

Requested by @helloanimelover - Hi! Can u do a G Callen x reader with 7,13,17,18,20,21 and 25? Please and thanks :-)     
Prompts - 7 - ‘Don’t think too much or your head will explode.’
                13 - ‘Are you sure I can’t punch him in the face?‘
                17 - ‘Was that supposed to hurt?’
                18 - ‘Where did you learn to fight like that?’
                20 - ‘Remove your hand or I will rip your arm off and beat you to death with it.‘
                21 - ‘One. Last. Time.’
                25 - ‘You are driving me completely and utterly mad.’

Word Count - 904

Characters - Callen x Reader

You stood on the edge curb looking out, you disguise was a lady who was waiting for your date, but he hadn’t shown up yet when a man came up to you.
‘You okay?’ He asked, you turned around and smiled.
‘Yeah, just waiting for someone.’ You replied sweetly.
‘I’ll wait with you then.’ He offered, you smiled and shook your head politely declining.
‘Nah, it’s okay. He shouldn’t be too long.’ You told him, you turned back to the road. He sighed before walking away, then you heard a voice in your head.
‘How’s it feel getting hit on?’ You heard Callen’s cheeky voice come through. You smiled and looked over to the van.
‘Are you sure I can’t punch him in the face?’ You directed the question at Sam, this time. He knew how much Callen was annoying you. You heard a chuckle.
‘Not just now.’ He replied, you smiled but sighed. You were going to make a snarky comment but you felt something press against your back, you stood up taller.
‘Don’t say anything.’ The man said in your ear. You nodded, he wrapped an arm around you and you smiled at him, talking through your teeth.
‘What do you want?’ You asked, he was leading you towards an alley. He chuckled and pressed the gun into your ribs.
‘The team. One. Last. Time.’ Was all he replied as he turned into an alley, he pushed you against the wall, he placed his arm across your neck, holding you against the wall, placing the gun back in the holder. You made eye contact.

‘Remove your hand or I will rip your arm off and beat you to death with it.’ You calmly said to him, he looked at you smirking.
‘What you gonna do about it?’ He teased, you smiled at him before kneeing him, then bringing his head down onto your knee, hearing the cracking of his nose. He looked up as the blood continued dripping down his chin, dropping onto the ground. He smiled at you before wiping his lips.
Was that supposed to hurt?’ He snarled, you raised your arms ready to punch him when he attacked, he stepped forward aiming for you head, you ducked and punched his stomach. He bent over groaning, you heard footsteps behind you, he stood up and grabbing you by the neck, and placing the gun to your head as the other came around the corner.
‘Put the weapon down.’ Callen demanded. He held you tighter and you sighed, it was always you that ended up with the gun pointed at you. You raised both your hands, placing them on his arm, placing one foot in front of the other, balancing yourself. You bent slightly and used all your body weight to flip him over you, when he landed on the ground he dropped the gun, which you grabbed and pointed at his head.
‘Stay there.’ You said, he raised his arms.
’Where did you learn to fight like that?’ He asked cheekily.
‘When you have to stand your ground, you learn what you need.’ You told him honestly, bring him to his knees so he could get handcuffed.

You stood outside watching as Callen and Sam bring in the unsub. You stepped in front of him, you looked at the boys and they stepped away giving you a minute with him.
‘What? Have you not done enough bullying?’ He teased, you stepped forward and he flinched.
‘Trust me I have more in me but I just need to ask you a question. Off the clock.’ You told him.
‘Nothings off the clock.’ He said. You sighed before asking him.
‘What did you mean by one last time?’ You asked him, he looked at you then up to where the camera was.
‘Nothing.’ He said, not making any eye contact.
‘It must have meant something.’ You said, crossing your arms.
‘It was my job.’ He shook his head before replying with the easy answer.
‘Who sent you?’ You demanded, he didn’t say anything, he was silent for a couple of seconds before speaking up.
‘Nothing is off the clock.’ He said, looking you dead in the eye, you nodded as Callen and Sam walked in.

You were sitting at the bar, swirling the drink around in the glass thinking over. He had warned you that nothing was off the clock, but you didn’t expect him to turn up dead the first night in prison.
‘Don’t think too much or your head will explode.’ You heard from behind you, you raised an eyebrow as you turned around and saw Callen standing next to you.
‘I can’t help it.’ You told him honestly as he ordered a drink. He shook his head.
‘Why?’ Callen asked, thanking the bartender.
‘He said something that’s sticking with me.’ You replied.
‘What?’ He asked.
‘That nothings off the clock.’ You said, taking a sip. Callen looked at his drink before shaking his head.
‘It’s probably nothing. He’s dead, what does it matter?’ Callen replied, you nodded your head.
‘I know but he was pretty worried.’ You said, finishing the drink before putting the money on the counter and standing up, putting your jacket on.
‘Where you going?’ Callen asked, you turned back around.
‘To investigate.’ You said, before turning back around.
You are driving me completely and utterly mad.’ He said, before downing the drink and joining you.

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Don’t Look Down

Pairing: Sam x Reader 
Characters: Dean, Sam, the Reader 
Warnings: light swearing, a ton of fluff 
Word Count: 1624
Summary: the Reader, Sam and Dean are working a case in Arizona. The Reader and Sam decide to take a vacation day (or night) and check out the Grand Canyon. 
Tag List: @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove@evyiione @mogaruke@aliensdeservebetter@27bmm@craving-cas @spnfanficpond​ @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove@evyiione @mogaruke@aliensdeservebetter@27bmm@craving-cas @spnfanficpond@amanda-teaches  @myplaceofthingsilove  @spectaculicious@bambinovak @bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@padackles2010 @mamaredd123@milkymilky-cocopuff @iwantthedean@zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat @spntrista @d-s-winchester@just-another-busy-fangirl@winchesterprincessbride@waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44@fangirl1802@kittenofdoomage @evyiione @winchestersmut@purgatoan@mogaruke @therewillbeblood @megansescape @taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid  @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala@deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester @notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad@impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire@itseverythingilike@jesspfly@lovekittykat21@mysteriouslyme81@mrswhozeewhatsis@aiaranradnay@supernatural-jackles@girl-next-door-writes@spnsasha@27bmm@spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@spn-imagines-to-feel@spn-ficfanatic@cleverdame@saxxxology@jensen-jarpad @keepcalmandcarryondean dancingpanda137

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  • Sirius: Would someone tell me what the hell happened? Why is Hermione here punching random blondes?
  • Harry: That was Draco.
  • Sirius: Who’s Draco?
  • Ron: Draco Malfoy sir.
  • Sirius: Lucius' Son?
  • Harry: That's the one.
  • Sirius: Did you put your weight behind it?
  • Hermione: Yes sir.
  • Siruis: Well, all right then.
Sparky Part 2 (Uncle!Clint Barton x Reader, Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Requested by: @mp938368 and @jumperswellies

Word Count: 1, 932

Warnings: Slight Swearing

A/N: People have requested a part 2 for Sparky, so here it is! This is my longest imagine yet (I feel like I am saying that with every imagine I write, oh well) but I hope you enjoy it! FYI, “printesa” means “princess.” I have included a link to Sparky Part 1 for those who have not yet read it, so enjoy!

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Sparky Part 1

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep

Groaning, you turn over in your sleep, wishing your alarm would shut off. Reaching out an arm, you press down onto the snooze button.


Sitting up straight now, you look over at your fried alarm clock, which now has smoke coming out of it. Dammit, you thought, that’s the third one this week. Moving out of your bed, you unplug your now dead alarm clock. I really need to get this under control, you think to yourself as you grab the ruined remains. See, you were an enhanced that can produce an electrical current all over your body. You were doing so well with getting it under control, and you would only zap your teammates on accident, like, twice a week. At least when you zapped them it was a low voltage, not causing too much damage. It was only when you wake up when you can’t control your powers all that well since you were still groggy.

Walking around your room, you start to pull out your articles of clothing for today. Since you had training later on in the day, you pulled out a pair of workout pants with the matching shirt.  Getting changed quickly, you begin to make your way down the familiar hallway towards the kitchen, where the soft rumble of your teammates can be heard. Walking in, you were greeted with many tired voices, all grumbling over their cup of coffee and complaining that it was too early.

“Morning, Sparky,” Tony calls out, handing you a cup of coffee. Grateful, you take the cup and walk over to the breakfast table, taking a seat between Pietro and your uncle, Clint.

“Morning, (Y/N),” Your uncle says to you, looking up over his cup of coffee. You smile at him, silently saying your greeting.

“Morning, Printesa,” You hear Pietro whisper in your ear. Giving him a playful glare, you turn back to your coffee. It has been two months since you have arrived at the facility and everyone has been extremely welcoming, especially Pietro. He would flirt with you constantly, much to your uncle’s disgust, always trying to win a date with you. You turned him down time and time again, but this only seemed to increase the flirting.

“So, busy day, everyone,” Steve starts, watching as all eyes turn onto him. “We have some training we have to do today, but we will all be taking turns through out the day in blocks. First block: me, Sam, Wanda, Scott, and Bucky. Second block: Tony, Rhodey, Vision, and Thor. Third block: Clint, Natasha, (Y/N), and Pietro. Bruce, if you could float in and out of all three training sessions and monitor their health, that would be great. Everyone understand?”

All around the table people nod, groaning just a bit at the training that needs to be done. You don’t mind training, though. You were always paired up with your uncle, which was nice seeing as you don’t get to spend too much time with him between missions. The only downside of this training session is that your uncle and Pietro will be in the same room. They almost hardly never get anything done as they always bicker. You were pulled out of your thoughts as Tony speaks up.

“Sounds great, Capsicle,” Tony starts, earning a glare from Steve. “Before we all go our separate ways, does anyone need to request something for their room?” Everyone was shaking their head no, except for you. You sheepishly raise your hand, to which Tony calls on you.

“I, um, kinda fried my alarm clock again,” You mutter out, receiving chuckles from everyone. The ‘frying the alarm clock every morning’ thing has become a running joke among the Avengers. Some even insist that it is a great war between you and alarm clocks since you fry every single one eventually. 

“Ugh, fine, Sparky,” Tony groans. “Except I’m going to make you one. It will be great because it will be covered in rubber.” Earning some more laughs from everyone around the table, you smile sheepishly.

“She’ll find a way to fry that one as well, Tony,” Nat says with a smirk, causing more laughs.

Steve, rolling his eyes but still smiling, stands up from the table. “Alright, everyone, lets get today started.” And with that, everyone left.

“(Y/N), try to pin me down, okay?” Clint says, going into a fighting stance. Huffing out, you too move into a fighting stance. Nodding at each other, you both start fighting. Dodging his kick expertly, you land a solid punch to his side. “Nice one. But you’re holding back. C’mon, you can do it.” 

Eyebrows furrowed, you two continue your dance around the mat. You, luckily, managed to kick out your uncle’s feet from under him causing him to fall onto the mat. Before you could even pin him down, he was back up. But before the two of you could continue, you hear Nat call out.

“Okay, time out,” She yells, causing the two of you to stop. “(Y/N), you are’t putting all your effort in. You’re pulling your punches. I know he’s your uncle and all, but we need to give you some real fighting experience. So, lets test you on something a bit trickier, shall we?” And with a devious grin, she motions over at Pietro who was across the room lifting weights, telling him to come here. Pietro notices and speeds over, smiling.

“No, absolutely not.” Your uncle says, putting his foot down as he sees Pietro smiling at you. Pietro just ignores him as Nat rolls her eyes.

“Just one fight, okay, Clint?” She reasons, earning a huff from your uncle.

“Is it my turn?” He asks, smiling at you. You start to feel the familiar heat course through your body at the thought of sparring with him, but you ignore it. Nat nods, causing his smile to grow wider.  

“Now, since you are both enhanced, you both get to use your abilities, alight? Just, (Y/N), turn down the voltage, alright?” Nat asks, to which you nod. Walking onto the mat once more, you drop down into a fighting stance looking at Pietro. Pietro does the same, but he just keeps smiling. “Ready? Okay, go!”

And with that, the fight starts. Before you could even move, Pietro speeds over next to you, gently pushing on you, causing you to stumble over. Running back to you, he flashes his smile once more. “What, you didn’t see that coming?”

Groaning at his terrible one-liner, you show the palms of your hands to him. “I did, actually, a mile away. Now, wanna make it even?” You ask as an arc of electricity dances across your hands. Smile dropping, you see Pietro lift up his right heel, his tell-tale sign of him about to run. Prepared this time for when he speeds towards you, you drop low to the ground and swing out your leg, tripping him. Just as he falls to the ground, you grab onto his exposed ankle and surge through a little volt of electricity. Seeing him lightly tense up from the electricity, you jump on him, pinning him to the ground.

“Ha! I win!” You shout, now straddling him. Pinning his arms to the ground, you let out a low and constant flow of electricity, causing him to feel numbness in his arms. Eyes wide, his eyes look around the room seeing Clint and Nat applauding. Looking back at you, he sees you smiling so wide, looking at him while still straddling him. Looking into your eyes, Pietro feels extremely happy in this moment, having the girl he loves smiling brightly at him while straddling him. Before he could say anything, he feels your weight leave him, and he frowns a bit at the loss of contact. Looking back up, he sees you still smiling down at him, this time offering him a hand up. Gladly taking it, you pull him back up to his feet just as he feels a little spark on his hand. Looking down at it, he doesn’t see any electricity between the two of your hands. 

Smirking, realizing that it was real, Pietro looked back at you. “Sparks fly, no?” Seeing his smirk, you roll your eyes at him, pulling your hand back.

“You wish, Speedy,” You say, feeling the heat begin to creep up your neck. Okay, you might like him just a teeny tiny bit (okay, a lot), but you weren’t going to admit that.

“That was amazing!” Clint calls out, approaching the two of you. Clapping his hand on your back, he smiles at you. “Well done! Well, I think that’s enough training for today, yeah?” Everyone, nodding tiredly, started to make their way back to their separate rooms.

Later on that night, after you took your shower and ate dinner, you sat on your bed enjoying the movie that is now playing on your screen. Sighing happily to yourself, you think about how well that training session went, with you pinning down Pietro. As you went over the events in your mind, you couldn’t help but feel that familiar heat once more at the thought of how Pietro looked at you when you won. And even when you pulled him up, you did feel that spark too. You knew that you didn’t create that spark of electricity between the two of you, so you knew it had to be real. You are pulled out of your thoughts when you hear a knocking at the door. Walking over to your door, you open it up to reveal a very nervous Pietro.

“Sorry for bothering you, Printesa, but, um, can I come in?” He asks, wringing his hands. Nodding, you open your door wider for Pietro to walk through. Sitting on your bed, you turn towards him.

“What’s up?” You ask, looking over at him. 

“Nothing, it’s just, can I ask you a question?” He asks, not meeting your eyes. Eyes furrowing just a bit, you nod. Letting out a shaky breath, he continues. “That spark today, when you pulled me up, you didn’t create it, did you? It was real?”

As he looks into your eyes, you feel that warmth run through your body once more. Nodding shyly, you see his signature smile grace his lips.

“So it was real, then,” He says with a slight smirk, scooting closer to you. “Don’t deny it, Printesa. You like me. How else would that spark have happened?”

Feeling the heat increase, you try to avoid his eyes. “Um, static electricity?” You lie. Grinning even wider, he scoots even closer to you.

“We all know that your powers cancel out static electricity, Printesa,” He whispers, face dangerously close to yours. “Now, may I finally kiss you?”

Eyes wide, you find yourself slowly nodding as he leans in towards you.

“Just don’t zap me, okay?” He asks, and you nod once more, leaning closer in. Just as your lips connect, you feel a small spark that is followed by a flood of warmth throughout your body that you have never experienced before. Smiling into the kiss, you feel Pietro tug you closer to him, also smiling. When you finally pull back, you both rest your foreheads against each other, smiling.

Gently tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, Pietro chuckles a bit. “I thought you said you weren’t going to zap me, Printesa?” He asks, still chuckling. 

“I didn’t zap you,” You breathe out, chuckling. “Sparks really did fly between us.”

“I guess they did,” He says, leaning in once more.

The Joker x Dead Reader

You were gone in an instant and he never thought he would be so lost without you. Too bad the dead can never come back…

Read part 2 here

Another sleepless night. He tosses and turns, adjusting his pillow, but his mind won’t shut down. He just can’t sleep without you. The Joker looks at your side of the bed. You’re not there…and you will never be again.

He sighs and takes a deep breath, hiding his face under the sheets, trying not to think of your smile. It’s useless. He grunts and uncovers himself, his eyes resting on your favorite loveseat by the window.

He can almost see you there, in the pale morning light, polishing your handgun, wearing that cute lacy nightgown he liked so much. It was your favorite firearm; he gave it to you on your birthday, customized with your name and his, and plated it with gold over the shiny red background color.

“Baby doll, I regret given that to you. Stop messing with it. Come back to bed, I wanna sleep in.”

“Why, can’t you sleep if I’m not there?”

“You know I can’t.”

“Jeez, baby, what would you do if I’d die? You’d never sleep again?” you used to ask, teasing him.

“No, I would just get another girlfriend.”


He remembers how you always frowned at his answer.

“I would come back and haunt you! NO GIRLFRIEND, do you hear me?”

“If you come back to haunt me, could you be naked please?”

“You want me to be naked?”

“Yes!” he would burst out laughing, his blue eyes glowing with content.

“OK, I’ll come back naked then,” you giggled, charging for the bed and landing on top of him with all your strength.

“Auch, Pumpkin, lose some weight.”

“You’re so mean J,” you complained, playfully punching his cheek.

“I know I am,” the Joker admitted, fully aware you put up with all his crap and you would fall asleep cuddling for a few more hours.


He gets up at the side of the bed, sniffling, then heads towards the bathroom, turns on the water and gets in the bathtub. He hopes it’s going to comfort him a little bit.


“Taaaaa-daaaaaaa!” your cell phone in his face when he was so busy with the paperwork, planning future heists.

He already knew what it was: you took care of another person (or multiple ones) on his black list. But he still looked at the pictures.

“See Puddin? Killed them all for you.”

“You’re such a good doll.” He wasn’t really paying attention anymore.

“I know,” you chuckled and leaned over for a kiss. All you got was a peck on the lips.

“This is no way to kiss your girl, Mister J.  I’ll tell you what: I’m going to take a bath and you’re going to join me in 5 minutes, ok?”

“I’m busy, Princess.”

“I’ll be extraaaaaa nice,” you whispered in his ear and walked away. Every single time he debated maybe about 10 seconds.

“God dammit!…I’ll be there in 5, doll!”

“ Kaaayyy, Puddin. “

He loved to lean against you in the bathtub so you can wash his hair and massage his shoulders.  You always hummed some silly song you would make up on the spot and he purred, half asleep.

“Look, J, it never fails: you give me goosebumps when you purr.”

“U-hummm, “ he muttered with his eyes closed.

“So crazy how you do that to me all the time,” you wondered, baffled at the mystery. He wanted to laugh but he pretended to be dosing off.

“Here, give me your forehead,” you often asked and he just tilted his head backwards even more so you can plant a trail of soft kisses along his “Damaged” tattoo. He secretly liked it, but never told you.

“J, say you love me,” you would ask, rinsing his hair.

“Hmmmm?” he pretended not to hear, still with his eyes closed.

“Say: I love Y/N.”


You tried another approach to get what you wanted.

“ I love you, Puddin.  More than anything.”

“More than diamonds?” he would snicker, adjusting his head on your breasts.

“I said more than anything, you jerk!” This used to get you all worked up, but he’d let you win in the end, especially after you squeezed your legs around him as hard as you could.

You moved his jaw, trying to make him talk.

“Say: I LOVE…Y/N! Say it or I’ll crush you with my thunder thighs! Say you love me!”

“I love….” your green eyes would widen, waiting for the answer “…guns.” he grinned.

“Seriously?!” you pouted, splashing water all over.” “That’s it, I’m going to kill you!”

The bathroom looked like a battlefield after you were done chasing him all over the huge bathtub: water on the floor and bubbles almost reaching the living room.

“Truce! Truce!” you panted out of breath, retreating to one corner of the tub.

“You started, Kitten! Are you sure?” he would smirk, licking his lips, slowly approaching you.

“Yes, I give up, you win.”

“Good decision, doll.” The Joker pulled you on his legs, moving the wet hair off your face so he can see your red cheeks. You locked your arms around his neck and stared in his eyes.

“Say you love me, Puddin.” You never gave up.

“If you don’t say it, I’m not goin…”

He liked to interrupt your little speech:

Before you could make another sound his lips were crushing against yours and it always ended up being a wild night.


He feels the water got cold. He doesn’t know how long he’s been sitting in there, just staring at the faucet. There’s no more laughter, no more kisses, no more you.

Just him, alone with his demons and his sorrow.

He finally brings himself to get out of the tub and gets dressed. He opens the walk in closet and chooses something, he doesn’t even care what; then he sees your clothes. He tried to get rid of your things, but the pain of not having your stuff around was greater than giving them away, so he saved it all.

The Joker looks through your items, stopping from time to time to smell them. They still have your scent. Suddenly, his heart sinks even more: here are your maternity clothes that you kept for next time you might have been lucky enough to get pregnant .


You were so depressed when you lost the pregnancy. J didn’t really care about having a baby, but seeing you cry for days and being so upset, he started to be upset too. He even took a few weeks off and laid low at the penthouse with you. You were sobbing all night and he used to stay awake and talk to you, caress your hair and plan how to get rid of the Bats. It made you feel better and he knew it.

“Please stop crying, baby doll,” he used to beg and he is not the type that begged.” You are going to get sick and who’s going to help me with everything I have to do, hmmm?… Are you going to eat something in the morning?”

You just looked at him with teary, bloodshot eyes.

“Our baby is gone, J. Gone… There’s nothing here,” you said, taking his hand and place it on your tummy, crying harder when he kissed it.

“It’s ok, Princess, we’ll try for another one,” he finally told you one time, hoping it will calm you down.

“For reals?” you finally smiled after he thought you’ll never smile again.

“Yes, for reals.”

“You promise?” You immediately looked so full of hope.

“I promise. Now stop crying, you’re so ugly when you cry,” he joked, waiting for you to elbow him in protest.


But your dream never came true.

His thoughts are interrupted by a knock at the door. J already knows who it is.

“Come in, Frosty.”

He heads towards the living room so he can talk to his right hand.

“Hi, Boss. I know you’re… busy, but…about tonight…”

“Do whatever you need to do, Frosty, you’re in charge,” he mutters, cutting him off, visibly distressed, grabbing your cell phone he keeps on the table.

“OK, boss, I’ll take care of everything.” Frost knows to tread lightly so he won’t aggravate the Joker even more. He opens the door to leave, but he makes up his mind and turns around.



“Do you want something to eat?”

“I’m not hungry,” and by the tone of J’s voice, Frost knows to leave the matter alone. He’s just worried about his boss. He doesn’t eat, by the looks of it he doesn’t sleep, he’s on the edge and nothing good could come out of it. But maybe it won’t last forever…In the meantime, he will just do his job and make sure everybody else is doing theirs.

After Frost leaves, J goes out on the balcony. This was your favorite spot in the penthouse because you loved the view from the 30th floor.

He turns on his cell phone, pressing on the first contact on his list: “Princess.”

He watches your own phone turning on in his other hand, sadly smiling at your wallpaper: a picture of him sleeping, his green hair all over his face. He winces when he hears your voice:

“Helllloooo, this is Y/N. If you’re not my Puddin, I don’t care so don’t bother leaving a message. If you are my Puddin, you can leave a message after the beep. I’ll probably see you in a few minutes. (you giggle) I love you, muaaahhhhhh.”

He replays the message again. He misses your voice so much.

“…..muahhhhhhh.” Again…and again…


If he knew he’d lose you that day, he would have left you behind. But you always wanted to participate in everything. You were a good business partner and a good shooter, you always had his back. And never took no for an answer. Just as stubborn as he was.

You were sitting on his lap, tracing the visible tattoos on his chest from under his jacket, pretending to be bored at the meeting, but actually very alert and ready to act if needed. You loved to play the indifferent, clueless girlfriend with the new business partners; it gave you time to study them and observe if something was wrong.

That’s why you were the first to notice the gun pointed at J from behind the wall, already firing bullets in a split second. No time to do anything else but stand up and position yourself in front of him. Everything happened so fast.

J didn’t even realize you were hit until he saw blood soaking through your white shirt. Then another bang, and another one. You stood still, gasping for air, trying not to collapse, shielding him.

All hell broke loose: gunshots shrieking from one side to the other, a few more hit you in the crossfire before you fell, wheezing, squinting your eyes in pain.

The Joker caught you before you hit the floor, not even giving a damn about the carnage or the fact that he could get hit too.

Within seconds, Frost and your henchmen placed themselves in front of both of you, shutting at large, already knowing they messed up big time.

J was on his knees, shocked, not knowing what to do, holding you with one hand and pressing your wounds with the other, desperate to stop the bleeding. There was so much blood it dripped on the floor and soaked his clothes too. Your lips kept on slightly moving, repeating something that he couldn’t hear with all the noise around. He brought you closer to him, leaning your head on his shoulder and he finally heard your whisper:

“Say… you…love…me…say…you…love…me…”

He doesn’t remember ever feeling like he’s going to die from despair until that very moment when he knew he can’t do anything for you. Your breathing was getting shallow and your lips didn’t move anymore. You just looked at him, slowly blinking, your vision getting cloudy, holding on with all you had got, waiting for him to say the words.

“I love… you,” you heard him say, and you wanted to tell him not to ever cry because nobody can see the Joker cry. But you couldn’t say the words.

“I love… you.”

That’s all you heard before you closed your eyes.


It’s starting to get breezy on the balcony. He cracks his neck, placing your cell phone in his pocket, not sure what to do with his.

He finally decides and dials Frost’s number.

“Yes, sir?”

“Bring the car around and leave the engine on, I have to go somewhere. Alone. I’ll be back in a few days.”

“OK, boss.”

The Joker gets his purple coat and glances at your picture in the hallway before taking his leave.

“See you soon, baby doll,” he smiles, closing the door behind him.

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Blast From The Past: Part 20

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.7K
Warnings: Angst, sadness, panic/anxiety attack/s, 

A/N: Woah part 20! Little time jump. Italics are thoughts.

I’ll be back in a few days with part 21

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1 // Part 19

You bolt upright in bed, a yelp coming from your mouth. Bucky immediate jolts awake and sits up, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you onto his lap. Tears flow from your eyes as you remember where you are. He strokes your back and lays soft kisses on your hair, trying to calm you down. It was a routine he’d gotten used to by now.

Another nightmare. You’d been having them for the past 2 months every night, if not multiple times a night. After you’d returned to the compound, you hadn’t been the same. You apologised to everyone, hundreds of times. They all immediately forgave you, saying that it wasn’t your fault, it was Hydra’s. But you still couldn’t forgive yourself.

You were constantly plagued with all the death and destruction you had caused. You couldn’t sleep without having a nightmare. You couldn’t eat properly. You stopped attempting to draw, every time you picked up at pencil, all that you could produce was horrible scenes of death.

Bucky had hardly left your side, it was almost smothering. Every time you zoned out and started to dwell on what you’d done, he would hold you and tell you that it wasn’t your fault. You knew he was only trying to help, but all it did was remind you that you had almost killed the love of your life.

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