you pull that shit in real life


Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader

Request: @itsanerdlife​ said she wanted bathtub smut based on that one gifset of clark getting in the bath with lois, and i was happy to deliver <3 (I hope you like it!)

A/N: so this was fun guys…ALSO the nerf gun thing in this is based on a real video i saw but i can’t find it for the life of me and i’m so mad…so if you know where it is i will literally love you forever…that’s all. also sorry this is so late…. :( also (also) pls ignore the awful title i am shit at them

Warnings: nsfw, bathtub smut, nerf guns

Words: 2668

Tags:@yourtropegirl @daybreak96

The front door to your and Steve’s shared apartment slams shut behind you, and you lean against it for a second.  “Fuck,” you curse quietly, pulling the disgustingly uncomfortable shoes off and tossing them into the middle of the floor.  You drop your purse and jacket on the floor, knowing Steve will give you those “eyebrows of disappointment,” but you were honestly too tired to care.  You trudge through the living room, dead on your feet and cursing Stark for being so demanding.  Working with the Avengers was exciting, but God was it hard on your feet.

You finally reach your room, where Steve is sitting against the headboard of your bed, files and papers spread out around him. He glances up at you and smiles. “Hey, Princess.  How was your day?”

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I guess the way I see it is, you either reveal your romance options or you gate flirts.

Like, maybe this is just me, but as a… chick for chicks, let’s say, a ladybro for ladybros, a spectre for spectres… the conversation where the woman you’ve been flirting for several interactions with who’s given no prior indication that she’s straight tells you she’s so not into it? That’s not a clever game mechanic. 

(Oh, it’s realistic, sure, but it’s realistic in the way that a daily shit is realistic, and funny how you don’t see much of that realism in video games.)

It keeps being treated by the writers as this fun thing - explore! discover! you’ll see, haha! - when the interaction they’re describing is one that isn’t even a little fun in real life. When it’s so closely related to the reality that when I came out as bi, years ago, all my straight female friends had to pull me aside and make sure I knew that they weren’t interested in women. (Despite the fact that I was married at the time.) There’s no real awareness on their part that I can see that for a specific group of people that kind of conversation has extremely negative connotations in real life that it doesn’t hold for others.

It’s not about entitlement, or being able to romance whoever you want. It’s about wanting to play a goddamn video game about scanning virtual rocks and seducing aliens without having to sit through the pained-smile-’well-as-long-as-you-know-i’m-not…-you-know’ speech in two fucking galaxies at once.

hey what if ronan fckin… watched anime. shit, what if he pulled out naruto from his dreams. a real life naruto… i mean if i had the ability to take things outta my dreams i wouldnt waste this opportunity @ ronan: wasting ur time with dream horrors and fucken hand lotion. you know what your bf really needs? the goddamn unit 02.

i think it’s really funny that people online and spoiled white college kids throw slurs around to be edgy and make fun of ppl who tell them they’re being dicks because “omg this is real life no one cares about ur feelings!!!”

meanwhile i grew up around career criminals in a very rural area, and the smart ones don’t pull that shit. it’s considered a disrespectful cheap shot that tends to make even people outside of the group you’re dissing respect you less; it’s stupid to boot, because you’re making people feel honor-bound to beat your ass and you don’t know what they’re capable of. there’s even a strong chance even your friends won’t back you up, either, because they know you just pulled some punk ass shit. people who never graduated high school and who have spent more time in prison than on the streets, who know what it’s like to get into a legitimate dangerous situation because someone looked at you wrong, who’ve been in prison riots where suddenly everyone was attacking anyone outside their race, will argue passionately that being racist is ignorant and despicable. 

in my experience they’re more likely to have met, lived with, and befriended a trans woman than some well-educated, affluent liberal -not because they were trying to be “tolerant” or some shit, but because they organically ended up in the same place and had to depend on each other for survival. they make jokes, but if i mention to them that being gay is hard they’ll understand because they know what it’s like to be judged, hated, downtrodden. if they cross a line, i can tell them they disrespected me and expect them to take me seriously because they understand the value of respect, and understand what people are willing to do to get it.

but everyone who tells you you’re a piece of shit for reducing someone to their race, gender, sex or religion is just a whiny triggered sjw, right? lmao. good luck with that shit if you ever find yourself surrounded by people with real problems.

•To Build A Home•
Chapter 1

He’s pissed off.

He’s bleeding from the huge gash on his forehead, his bike is in pieces of scrap metal on the side of River road and he’s fairly certain he’s missed his date with Tiffany… Taylor? No, it was definitely Tiffany. So yeah, he’s pissed.

Jughead Jones tucks his scratched up hands deep into the pocket of his leather jacket and pulls out a cigarette, lighting it against the wind, he inhales the familiar taste of tobacco and burnt paper and his shoulders finally slump in exhaustion.

This day sucks. It officially sucks, it’s sucked from the minute he set foot on the construction site to the time he walked into his second home, The Snake Sack Bar, he was tired, he was cranky and fuck if he wasn’t starving.

The blare of a truck horn shakes him out of his pity party, his redheaded best friend sticks his head out of the drivers seat window and grins

“Archie Andrews to the rescue! I’m here to save the damsel in distress.” He pulls to a stop beside Jughead as the dark haired man looks less than amused.

Archie’s eyes turn serious as he looks his friend over
“Seriously man, are you okay?”

Jughead shakes off his concern, he never quite got used to anyone caring about his wellbeing

“I’m fine, it’s my bike you should be worrying about. Look at her, she’s in pieces.” His hands are flailing frantically and Archie snorts

“Pieces doesn’t cover it. I don’t think even your uncle Harley can fix this buddy.” The all American boy drops a hand to Jugheads shoulder and begins to help him pick up all the pieces, throwing them into the back of his pickup.

“Mind telling me how this happened.” Archie treads carefully.

A low growl escapes Jugheads mouth,
“Jason Blossom and his goonies ran me off the road, probably has something to do with Jason taking over his dads construction company, probably doesn’t like that I’m working for Andrews Construction, or maybe they have something against the Serpents.” Jughead shifts in his jacket, the emblem displayed proudly on the back.

Archie snorts bitterly, a dangerous look flashing in his eyes
“Were 25 now, I figured the days of high school competition were behind us, he’ll never get over the fact that I stole quarterback away from him.”

Jughead shuddered at the mention of high school, that had not been a good time in his life and he very rarely revisits that place in his brain. He’s so much different now, ladies love him, he takes a new girl home every night. Gone is the gangly adolescent boy who hid behind bleachers, replaced by a filled out , muscular bad boy that drives all the girls who ignored him in high school mad. Damnit he could be showing that cheerleader Tiffany… Taylor, shit what was her name? whatever, he could be showing her the time of her life.

“I know a mechanic a town over, works real good with bikes. The shops open, I can take you there now.”

This is why Archie Andrews is his best friend, no matter what, they are always there for each other, it’s the way it’s been since they were four years old. Jugheads pressing some fancy satin scarf against the gash on his forehead as Archie mumbles something about Infection. They pull up to Pops Mechanic Shop and Jughead hops from the truck, he’s a bit woozier than he expected, his knees wobbly. Archie shoots him yet again, another concerned glance.

“I’m good dude, now where’s this mechanic you mentioned, I wanna talk to him about..”

He’s cut off abruptly by a distinctly feminine voice

“Archie Andrews, you better not have blown out your breaks again! I just fixed this truck last week.”

Jughead turns quickly to the voice behind him and nearly passes out. (It’s most definitely because of lack of blood, not the sexy creature before him.)

Standing In front of him is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, long tan legs are wrapped up in short denim overalls, a dirty, red rag is hanging from one of her pockets, her feet are tucked into heavy work boots. Jughead lets his eyes trail over her body all the way up to her toned,bronze arms, she’s covered in motor oil and dirt but it only makes that much sexier. her silky blonde hair is tied up in a messy bun, strands sticking to her sweaty forehead, her eyes are the color of freshly cut grass and her lips are so perfect it should be illegal.

“Nope not me this time Betty, check the back of the truck.”

As soon as she moves to the back her eyes widen

“Woah, holy… poor baby, what happened here?” For the first time since the conversation started Betty’s eyes are on his, ocean blue meeting meadow green, they linger on his before flickering to the steadily bleeding cut on his forehead

“It’s my bike.. well it was my bike. I kind of.. got into an accident.” He answers dumbly, she can obviously see that he was in accident. Dumbass.

“That needs stitches.”

She speaks so suddenly it takes Jughead by surprise


“The cut on your head, it needs stitches, you ripped it clean open. I can fix your bike, gonna take a while but I can get her running.”

Jugheads mind races to catch up with her

“You can?”

“Sure, shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve got some paperwork for you to fill out in the office, Arch I made cookies, there might still be some in the garage if the guys haven’t snatched them all up.”
A flash of red races to the garage, leaving Jughead to follow Betty.

The office is run down but usable,

“Do you have insurance?” Betty asks, her head buried in a filing cabinet, Jughead snorts causing her to look up a hesitant smile on her face.

“No.” the raven haired boy clarifies “no insurance.”

Betty nods, eyes understanding as she hands him a clipboard

“My prices are good, I won’t overcharge you, I can promise you I’m the only one who’s gonna be able to work on that bike.”

Jughead signs the paperwork quickly handing it back and sticking his hand out

“I’m Jughead Jones.”

The blonde chews on her lip for a Monet before taking his hand

“I’m Betty Cooper and I know who you are Mr.Jones” she grins wickedly and he smirks

“Oh really?”

He’s moving closer now, breathing in her air as she steps forward, face dangerously close to his own

“Mhmm, and that why I can say..” she trails off suggestively before taking a huge step back and shaking her shoulders

“I’m only interested in doing business with you, nothing more, nothing less. Your reputation precedes you Mr.Jones. I can’t count the amount of Husbands who come in here and try to sell their wives cars after you’ve broken their marriage up.” She giggled uncharacteristically before shoving his papers into the desk drawer

“So thank you but no Thankyou.” Just as she’s about to leave the room Jughead grips her wrist

“You don’t know me.” He speaks desperately, something about this woman makes him want to get on his knees and beg.

With sad eyes Betty looks down at his fingers holding her wrist.

“No.. but I know your kind.”

He wants to protest but Archie enters the room

“All set guys? Hey Betty, Veronica wanted me to tell you we’re coming over tonight, we’ve got a dinner party tomorrow and she has no clue what to wear.”

“I’ll be home.” The female mechanic smiles lazily.

All three of the adults head outside

“Well arch, I’ll see you tonight and Mr.Jones….”

“Tomorrow. I’ll be back tomorrow.” His eyes drill into hers and for a moment something flashes that he can’t quite catch but she’s quickly turning her back to both boys and walking back to work

“Whatever you say jones, see ya around.”

Archie looks back and forth between his two friends

“Everything okay? Hey if we speed I’m sure we can make it for your date with Tamara.”

Ahh Tamara, that was her name. Jughead stares out the passenger window and watches as Betty gets underneath a car, a wrench clenched in her fist.

“Nah, forget about Tamara. Hey you mind taking me to the ER, apparently I need stitches.”

ithinkihopr  asked:

So in movies I've seen sword clashes where they will just try and use brute force to take out the other person until one succeeds or backs out. Is there a reliable other way to get out of that clash or is that actually how it happens?

So, Matt Easton over on his Scholagladitoria channel talked about how this was stupid in one of his videos, and we linked it in one of our asks, but I can’t find it now. The answer is when you’re looking at sword duels, those movie sword clashes are dumb. They’re an excuse for these protracted monologues which should end before they begin with someone being socked in the jaw.

See, that’s the thing. You can use other parts of your body. You disengage, they come forward, and you hit them with your fist.

Swords aren’t brute force weapons, and it’s actually fairly difficult to lock them together. This situation wouldn’t be occurring if both actors weren’t choosing to participate in this specific way. It doesn’t work like this because one of the key factors in basic hand to hand combat also applies to swords. This is that if you have two people shoving at each other, both applying equal force in an attempt to push the other back, one can simply let go. With no force to push against, the other person becomes unbalanced and they fall.

Strength isn’t the only way to win. In fact, it’s a fairly bad one to bet all your chips on. With movies, these scenes are supposed to be a symbolic expression of strength and combat ability. The winner shows his dominance over the loser. It’s the sort of stupid Alpha dog shit that will get you killed in real life because strength, at least the way most people think of it, means a lot less than it seems to. Combat and defense aren’t built on physical resistance all the time, they’re mutable, and shifting. Sometimes, you just let go and end up in a better position than the one you started in.

Say someone has you by the arm and their pulling you, but you don’t want to go with them. You can resist by planting your feet and drawing back in the opposite direction which is what they expect or you can go with them. By go with them, I mean physically throw yourself at them. They give you a nice hard yank and you use that as a launch pad, use it against them, and hit them so you both topple to the ground.

The logic of combat is conservation of energy. You only have so much to work with and are constantly expending it, so you want to win as fast as possible. Endurance training will expand your pool, martial training gives you more resources to work with, but the pool itself is always finite.

Pushing against another human who is applying equal force to you takes more energy than letting go. You use up that finite pool faster, wear out your muscles with constant tensing. It’s a bad position, one you don’t want to be in. With a sword, when you lose out you get stabbed. Unless you’re specifically of the mindset where you’re chasing death, you want to win.

The Hollywood version of the sword clash is there to give the actors a breather and spout their dialogue, which is the kind of talking you usually can’t get off in a tense fight anyway. You need that air to breathe so the oxygen goes back into your blood, and your attention on keeping the other person from killing you. Witticism is for when things aren’t serious.


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Don’t Say Anything (part 11)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: lil bit of this, lil bit of that


“Holy shit.” Pietro’s eyes are widened. “Holy shit.”

You hear the platinum blonde laugh a bit and you smack his arm. “It’s not funny.”

“I never said it was.” he giggled.

“Stop laughing!”

“I’m sorry my love it’s just-” he starts laughing again and you scowl. You charge at him, ready to hit him upside the head but he’s quick and grabs your hands, trapping them in his. “That’s very mean, honey.”

You struggle, trying to release your hands from his hold but it’s no use. “My situation is not funny, asshole.” you grunt.

Pietro laughs again, turning you around and hugging you tightly, your back to his front. You wriggle, trying to set yourself free but it doesn’t work. “If I had known all it took for you to admit your feelings was for Natasha to press on the matter, I would have been done so long ago.”

“Technically, I admitted my feelings for Bucky to Nat, not Bucky.” you correct but before Pietro could respond, the door opens revealing a smiling Bucky and Natasha.

Your body goes a bit limp in Pietro’s arms, seeing them smiling together. She probably told Bucky about your crush on him and they probably laughed and laughed. Who wouldn’t? It was stupid that for 5 years you were so hung up on Bucky thinking that you’d might actually have a chance with him when in reality, good looking guys like him don’t fall for their not-so-hot best friend.

Get a grip.

Bucky’s eyes lock on you and Pietro and his smile drops completely. You think he’s angry at you or that this is all so awkward. What do you say to someone who likes you when you don’t even like them back?

What you didn’t know was that he was getting a bit jealous, seeing Pietro with his arms around you. He wanted to walk over there and snatch you from him. Show Pietro that you where his girl and only his. Natasha catches on to Bucky’s aggravated demeanor and pulls him down to her level by his shoulder.

“Talk to her.” she whispered.

You look away as soon as she pulled him down towards her. You didn’t want to see the happy couple being all… happy.

Bucky nods and straightens up, clearing his throat in the process. He puts on his best ‘I’m-not-about-to-have-a-serious-panic-attack’ face and strides over to you all while mentally killing Pietro in about 100 different ways.

But when he stood in front of you, his mind completely went blank.

You didn’t even notice when Pietro let you go and went to stand by his sister and Steve. You glance at Bucky quickly before staring at your sock-covered feet, shifting from one foot to the other. Everyone in the room was staring at you like you were some zoo animal.

Bucky opened his mouth but then closed it soon after. Where was he supposed to start? What was he supposed to say? The brunette looks over his shoulder at Nat who gestured her hands at him. He nods and looks at you, tapping your shoulder like the two of you were in kindergarten to ask you for a crayon because he accidentally left his at home.

You look at him, waiting for him to speak first but instead of speaking, he quickly swoops down, capturing your lips in a sudden kiss. You almost melt into it. Almost.

But before you could pull away yourself, Natasha yanks the soldier away from you, frowning at him. “What are you doing?!”

Your lips tingle as you slap your hand against your mouth. “Nat I’m so sorry I-”

“I said talk to her not kiss her, you idiot!” she shouts.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I blanked!” he exclaimed, trying his best to dodge the punches Natasha was giving him.

Once she was done, she points over to you. “Talk to her.”

Bucky nods and turns back to you, taking a step closer to get away from Nat. He breathes in. “I-”

But you cut him off with a slap to the face, shocking Steve, Nat, Wanda, Bucky and Pietro. He holds his cheek and gives you a confused look. You fold your arms across your chest as your eyes swell with tears. “How dare you kiss me, James Barnes.” you snap. “You can’t just do that! You have a girlfriend for fucks sake! Who just so happens to be standing right over there and I am most definitely not one of those girls who hook up with their best friends boyfriend behind her back! I will not hurt my best friend like that! She means more to me than anything and I-” you choke on your tears, turning to Natasha. “I’m so sorry Nat. I never meant for all of this to happen. I tried to hard to keep my feelings out of the way but you just kept pushing the subject and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I didn’t mean for you to find out that way. Actually, I was hoping you never found out at all and that my feelings would just go away but my dumbass got overwhelmed and told you that it was Bucky who I have been madly in love with for five years.”

You shake your head, wiping away your tears as you make eye contact with a very surprised Bucky. “Yeah, you were the guy I had a crush on. The guy who had a girlfriend and only saw me as a friend. Don’t act so surprised, Barnes. I’m sure Nat told you when you two went to talk.”

Bucky stayed quiet. Actually, everyone stood quiet and that frustrated the hell out of you. “So there, everything’s out in the open. I’ve liked you for five years,” you point to Bucky. “I’m sorry that I like your boyfriend,” you point to Natasha then clap your hands together. “And that’s about it. Over and done with. Don’t worry I’ll get over you soon, just.. please stay away from me.” you pause and sniffle, wiping away those stupid tears that keep coming back. “Okay, conversation over. I’m gonna go and read a book or something - maybe sleep. I dunno yet.”

You move towards the door, wanting to go to Wanda’s room or even Tony’s room - anything to get away from Bucky but before you could leave, he grabs your hand and pulls you back.

“You didn’t even hear what I have to say.” he spoke softly.

You scoff and yank your hand away from him. “I don’t need to hear your rejection speech, Bucky. I know you want to be with Natasha I mean, what was I thinking? I was only your best friend. Nothing more.”

You step around Bucky but again, he pulls you back, pressing his lips to yours in another kiss and this time you’re the one who pulls away. Frowning and damn near ready to explode, you repeatedly hit his chest. “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

Bucky catches your hands in his, causing you to stop hitting him. You look at him and he smiles. He fucking smiles. “I love you.”

And there goes the little self control you had left. You kick Bucky’s leg and he lets go of your hands to tend to the spot you just kicked. While doing this, you start hitting his shoulder. “You can’t say that! Honestly, what’s wrong with you! You’re dating Natasha, my best friend if you’ve forgotten and I am not going to hurt her! You can take your shitty ‘I love you’ and shove it right up your a-”

“Y/N!” Natasha exclaimed, catching your attention. You notice she’s sporting a smile and you give her a confused look. Why is she smiling? Her boyfriend just kissed her best friend! “Let him talk, will ya?”

You knit your eyebrows together. “But he-”

“We’re not dating.” she says. “We never really were.”

You look at Bucky then at Natasha then back at Bucky, waiting for him to confirm or deny what she just said but he just stands there, mouth opening and closing. Natasha rolls her eyes.

“Long story short, he was using me because of the attention and I was using him because of the attention.” you’re still confused and Nat sees this which causes her to continue. “I missed Bruce and I filled that emptiness with Bucky and he wanted to be with you but he didn’t think you felt that way about him so he filled that emptiness with me. We were just using each other. We were a distraction for each other. I never really liked him and he never really liked me. We were lying to ourselves. Bucky likes you, Y/N.”

“Oh..” you nod, eyes wandering to the floor while everyone waited for another reaction. You kept nodding your head as you processed everything Natasha told you. Bucky and Nat don’t like each other. He likes you. He likes you. Holy shit, he likes you! Is this real life? Should you pinch yourself? You glance around the room and subtly pinch yourself. Ouch. Definitely real life. Your eyes travel up to lock with Bucky’s and you gasp. “Oh!” you immediately wrap your arms around his neck. “I’m so sorry for hitting and kicking and slapping you, Buck! Oh my god, I’m so so so sorry.” you pull away enough to cradle his face in your hands. The brunette laughs and takes your hands in his.

“It’s okay, baby doll.” he says before placing a tender kiss on the back of your hand.

You look over at Natasha before making your way over to her. “Are you still my best friend?”

She cocks her head to the side. “Are you still mine?”

You smile. “Of course.”

Nat’s lips spread into a grin. “Same here.”

You hug the red head, squeezing her tightly while she laughed. When you pulled away, she looked over at Bucky. “See Bucky, I told you. Sisters before misters.”

The super soldier playfully rolls his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, whatever, can I have her back now?”

The red head smirked. “For now.”

You laugh at the two as you walk back over to Bucky.

“I love you too, by the way.” your words make Bucky chuckle as his cheeks tint pink.

“So are we good?” he asked, lacing his fingers with yours.

You nod. “We’re good.”

The two of you hug each other and while doing so, Pietro comes next to you. “What did I tell you, my love?”

Even with your face buried in Bucky’s chest, you can still see the stupid smirk that’s plastered on the speedy sokovian’s face. In response to Pietro’ s words, Bucky takes a step away from him, bringing you with him. You smirk against his clothed chest and look up at him.

“Why’d you move?”

“Huh? Oh I just… wanted to stretch out my legs a bit.” he shrugged.

Your smirk only grows as you fully pull away from Bucky’s hold. “Mhm.”

Bucky takes your hand in his, the two of you walking out of your room. “I did!”


“Okay, okay,” he chuckled, draping his arm over your shoulders. “I may or may not get a little jealous when you’re around Pietro.”

“I knew it!” you laugh.

“I mean, he calls you ‘my love’ like hello, excuse me, she’s mine, back up blondie.” he spoke and you laugh even more.

“Yours, huh?”

Bucky looks at you and smiles. “Shut up.” you two unknowingly make it to the elevator and once the doors close, he kisses the top of your head. “Wanna go get a milkshake?”

You nod. “Hell yeah I do.”

After all, getting milkshakes was a Y/N and Bucky thing.

A/N: ONE MORE PART TO GO SUCKAASSSS. Tell me what ya think!



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Prométeme - Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request - “Hii could you do a 13rw/Hispanic reader x Zach where there both besties but secretly like each other but never will admit it…”

A/N: I actually did a lot of research for this one, as I didn’t want to be culturally false or insensitive, but still be able to portray the Hispanic character. Apologies if it has come across wrong, and please let me know! *the abuelo says “one language is not enough” and “I liked the guy when I met him. he is handsome. Is he rich? What does your mother think?” the title means “promise me”. Please correct me on anything that is wrong!

“Please, Zach? It’s just one night and you know you love me…” you begged your best friend, Zach, to come to your annual family party, which was always a huge bore. You came from a very large Hispanic family who took this opportunity every year to join everyone together. Problem was, you were one of the few youngest bar your baby cousin and always had to answer questions about your future etc etc.

“There’s booze, right?” He asked as he opened up his locker.

“Yes. Plenty.” You nodded. He was silent for what felt like ages. “And hone-”

“I’m in.” He interrupted.

“You just wanted to make me sweat, didn’t you?” You hit him jokingly.

“Obviously.” He turned to walk to his class.

“Asshole.” You called after him.

You and Zach had been friends since kindergarten, after he’d given you his spade in the sandpit. The other kids had teased you for making a bad sandcastle, but Zach had come to your rescue. And he had continued to do that in all the years ever since that day, and you to his. You trusted Zach unconditionally, he was your rock through everything. However, the only issue was the small problem of your not-so-small crush on him. Honestly, it wasn’t even a big crush, it was full-blown-deep-down feelings for your best friend.

It wasn’t entirely clear to you when this had happened, but sometime around puberty you had noticed that you loved the way Zach laughed only when he was with you, and how his hair poked up without any product in it.

Both your families were very traditional, but culturally different, which sometimes caused issues. However, you and Zach remained strong throughout.


Your parents had already left for your abuela’s and abuelo’s home, leaving you to arrive with Zach.

Although it wasn’t a majorly fancy party, you always had to dress a little on the nice side. So you’d decided to wear a summery yellow dress.

“Beautiful, as always.” Zach was leaning at your door, you hadn’t even notice him come in.

“Pffft. Hey Zach.” You scoffed, taking one last look at your reflection, before joining him at the door. “You ready?” You gave him a knowing smirk, he had no idea what was coming.


“Promise me you won’t stop being my best friend after this?” You whispered up at Zach as you made your way into the house.

He chuckled as if the idea was absolutely insane, but before he’d had a chance to respond, you were greeted by one of many. The uncle who you could only vaguely remember sauntered up to you and kissed you on both cheeks.

“Chula! Muy buenos! Oh! And who is this young man here?” He looked Zach up and down. “Boyfriend?” He nudged you with his elbow.


“Boyfriend?! Y/N has a boyfriend? Why have I not heard this before!” His wife came up to stand beside him.

“Oh well-”

“You two make the sweetest couple!” She enthused, jumping up and down a little. “Sofia will be so excited!” You remembered Sofia from the previous year, she was one of the few who were your age.

“Thank you, Miss. We appreciate your blessing. I’m Zach.” Zach held his hand out for her to shake. What was he doing? He basically just told them you were dating! Disagreeing at this point would only make things more difficult.

“Yes, thank you. We should probably go and greet everyone else now, but it was lovely to see you.” You smiled warmly at the two in front of you, before dragging Zach in a way that was rough, but looked tender, off to a corner.

“What in the hell was that?!” You whisper shouted. Zach shrugged his shoulders.

“Seemed like the best way outta there.” He was grinning slightly, evidently pleased that he’d peeved you off.

“I hate you.” You shook your head.

“Love you too, girlfriend.” He winked as he moved you into the centre of the room.

“Did I hear that correctly? You’re Y/N’s boyfriend?” Asked your Abuelo. He had met Zach on occasion.

You looked up at Zach reluctantly. “Yes Abuelo. You’ve met Zach before?” You smiled sweetly.

“Oh yes, lovely boy. I’m glad you picked this one. ¿Hablas español?” He turned to Zach, who looked slightly baffled. On realising his lack of response, Abuelo muttered to himself; “Un idioma nunce es suficiente.”

You rolled your eyes at this, since he clearly didn’t actually ask if he could speak more than one language or not.

“Me gustó el tipo cuando lo conocí. es guapo. ¿Es rico? Que piensa tu madre?” He grabbed your shoulder. You chuckled. Your abuelo was always very overprotective of you.


After sufficiently convincing many family members at the party of your relationship, Sofia approached you and Zach.

“A few of us are gonna go upstairs and watch some horror movies. You in?”

You looked at Zach, your eyes nodding at him.

The room was fairly packed due to the small space, but there was an unoccupied beanbag in the corner, big enough for you and Zach. The other teens were already comfortable.

“Hey, Y/N! Who’s this?” Asked a boy in the corner.

“This is Zach.” You motioned to your best friend.

“I’m her boyfriend.” He gave a small wave, warranting a small shove in the side from you.

In all honestly, you loved hearing the words come from his mouth, but the whole thing hurt so much more knowing they weren’t true.

The girls gave each other a few looks and giggles, noticing how attractive Zach was. You internally rolled your eyes.

About half an hour into the film, you started to feel afraid. Despite your desperate attempts to disguise your fear, Zach still noticed. Being in the corner of the room, no one could hear you two say the occasional word to the other.

“Come here,” he whispered into your ear, pulling you into him. You folded Into him like paper, using him as a stable reminder that what was happening on screen was not real life. Inhaling his strawberry scent, which smelt like home, you gripped one of his hands.

“Easy, tiger. I’m not unbreakable.”

Despite his verbal complaints, (which were lacklustre, at best), Zach drew circles on your back with his spare hand, and rubbed his cheek against your hair.

“SHIT!” You screamed, when a jump scare came up on the screen, causing you to curl into Zach even more than before.

“It’s okay, baby.” He whispered into your hair, gripping your hand. The term surprised you, as Zach has never called you as such before, but you were in too much of a state to complain. Apparently, the term surprised Zach too, as he had a look of ‘I’m-kicking-myself-right-now’, which slowly turned into an expression of ‘fuck-it’.

What you had no idea of, was the fact that Zach himself had reciprocated your feelings, always assuming you’d never feel the same. He’d decided tonight that he couldn’t go on any longer pretending he felt nothing for you.

After another jump scare, Zach’s hand was red from how much you’d squeezed it.

“Shhh, you’re safe, i’m here.”

“You know what i Said earlier?” You finally spoke to him. “About disowning me as a best friend?”

He chuckled as he had the first time.

“I can promise you that I won’t stop being your best friend, but I can’t promise you that that’s all I’ll be.”

You didn’t understand. Were you hearing him correctly? Did he really just insinuate what you thought he had?

“Do you mean-?” You had contorted your body so that you were facing him now, completely ignoring what was happing on screen or in the rest of the room.

Zach gulped a little, clearly trying to conceal nerves. “I really fucking like you, Y/N, and not just as my best friend.”

“Are you taking the piss because I’m scared?”

He looked hurt. “I’d never! I’ve been so worried this would ruin our entire friendship, but I realised recently that although you probably don’t feel the same, our friendship is strong enough to get past this. I just realised I had to tell you.” He loosened his grip around you slightly, showing that he was feeling unsure.

Without words, you smiled and leaned your head up to his, pecking him on the lips.

“I really fucking like you too, boyfriend.”

  • you: magnus loves alec more than he's ever loved anyone else
  • me, an intellectual: magnus has loved many people over many centuries and it's incredibly disrespectful to discredit his past loves just to make his relationship with alec seem more "special". magnus having deeply loved people in the past doesn't make his love for alec any less real or important. also, love isn't a contest and having magnus "rank" his various relationships is gross.
(captain boomerang ) - ( his babydoll )


You’re a Behavioral Sciences Major who’s writing a thesis on the urge to steal ( Kleptomania ) and what drives thieves to do the things they do.. You’re granted access to the Solitary cell of Captain Boomerang…, who you’ve chosen (because he reminds you of a boy you loved from your native Australia, which he happens to be!!!), and you’re left alone with him.. He’s been locked away for a little over 3 months with no female contact.. flirting and smut happen.


Reader x Captain Boomerang


Mature obviously

Word Count:



Okay, look.. I’m obsessed with Captain Boomerang now, dammit. So I’m writing porn for him. I know 99.99 of my writings are about wrasslin but my thirst level is so god damn high for Boomerang and I have all these different HCS about sex with him swirling around in my brain.. Anyway, I know this scenario is highly unlikely, but… For smutty purposes, he pulled off prison sex.

@roleplayeroftheyear You made me do this bby!!! and ILYSM for it.

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Pocket-sized!NCT 127 reaction when they see you for the first time, normal sized

Anon said: “Could you do a part two of the pocket sized!nct 127 reaction about how they would react/what they would do the first time they see you again when they return as “human sized”? Pls pls pls I love your writing so much wow :’)))”

Taeil: Finally, he was human sized! He couldn’t believe he’d done it. It had taken him 3 weeks but damn, did he feel good. All he could think about was you, seeing you. He raced up your front steps before banging on the door like never before. You cursed & groaned, getting ready to yell out at whoever was at your door for causing such a ruckus. You swung it open only to be faced with the man himself. It felt like time stood still. You weren’t moving from the shock but he was tired of waiting. He swiftly pulled you over the doors threshold, into his arms, mumbling a soft “"I love you”. 

Johnny: He’d left 2 weeks ago. It had taken him 2 weeks. It was worth it though. He knew now that he was a real man, that he could finally be your man. He no longer had to shudder in comparison to a Ken doll. It was pitch black outside as he raced back to your house. Lucky for him, he knew where your spare key was. He unlocked the door, nearly tripping on his way in, & rushed to your bedroom. He turned on the bedside lamp & began shaking you. It took a minute but you finally woke up. You looked over at him & had the biggest fright of your life, as you nearly fell out of your bed. He pulled you in by your arm though, grabbing your face & giving you the biggest smooch of your life. 

Taeyong: He stood outside your house, contemplating whether or not he should go in. It had taken him 4 weeks, but his goal was accomplished. He was just scared of how you’d react. There was only one way to find out though. He had to go in. He slowly crept through your back door, careful not to startle you. You were at the stove, cooking dinner. Once he finally caught a glimpse of you, he swore his breath got caught in his throat. You really did look like an angel, even more so now than before. He couldn’t hold back any longer & ran forward and wrapped you up in his arms. He was glad he could finally hold you. He scared the shit out of you though, let’s be real here. 

Yuta : The smile that erupted on your face when you first saw him caused his heart to flutter & his cheeks to turn beet red. He was a tall, manly lol human now. He had done this all for you. He needed you & in order to have you & hold you, he had to give the shoulder devil pocket size life up. Not that he was really complaining. He felt a lot different & even more confident. He pulled you into his arms with a small “come here you”, planting a kiss on your forehead. Then, of course being Yuta, he proceeded to tease you because “you’re the midget now”. Please let me fight him, ohmygod.

Doyoung: He stood in the doorway as you flipped through a long novel. He had been standing there for a while, hoping you’d notice, but you didn’t seem to. He was leaning against the frame as he watched how your hair tumbled over your shoulders, how you’d push it back unconsciously now and then, & how you were biting your lip every time the book got tense. He couldn’t help but almost chuckle at the cute sight. He stood up straight, pulling a book from the shelf, making his way behind you, before slipping his arms over your shoulders & plopping the book in your lap. With a slight smirk at your surprise, he kissed your temple and confidently asked, “Miss me?” 

Jaehyun: Jaeyhun barely avoided the slap you threw at him. He pulled back in surprise, wondering why you were acting like this. You stopped trying to fight him and simply went on a rant. He watched as you paced around, grumbling about how you thought he’d died and how you were worried sick. You didn’t seem phased that he was now a full sized man. At that alone, he couldn’t help the small smile that graced his features, knowing you cared about him just as much as he did you. He pulled you into his arms, while you were still ranting. He wanted nothing more in that moment than to kiss you, so he did. 

WinWin: You came home that night to music playing throughout your house. You sat down your grocery bags and as you went to find something to defend yourself from any possible threats, WinWin emerged from the living room. You couldn’t believe your eyes, he was actually here. Screw the fact that he was now a full-sized human being, you could ask questions about that later. You rushed over & flung yourself into his arms & all he could do was pray this wasn’t a dream. Wrapping his long arms around you, he was hoping he could finally get what he wanted. With much courage, he finally asked. “(Y/N), can I have this dance?” 

Mark: He rushed over to your house as soon as he changed, only to be met with no you. You must’ve been at school so he decided to sit and wait. As he was waiting, he mentally prepared himself for what was to come. After waiting for an hour, he heard your door open & you running up the stairs. He stood, not knowing what to do with himself, until you threw open your bedroom door. You both simultaneously gasped, cause you both to giggle. You could swear you were seeing things. He couldn’t believe how much more beautiful you were, now that he could see all of you at once. You both stood in awkward silence, staring at one another, until he finally reached out & yanked you into a long awaited embrace. 

Haechan: He knew you’d be at school, so that’s where he went. He ran and ran, until he finally made it there. He rushed inside knowing that soon, your lunch break would be over. He ran through the halls, looking for any sign of you. He nearly gave up searching, until he finally heard your voice. He rushed over & found you talking to another boy, making his face drop. This guy was too close. You weren’t that stupid guys, no. He could tell that this guy was flirting which only made his blood boil. He rushed over to you and slung his arms over your shoulders, surprising you. With a cocky grin, he looked at the male and said “she’s already got a boyfriend”, which in turn nearly made you cough out your lungs. The other guy, feeling awkward, said goodbye & finally walked away. After he was gone, Haechan pulled you into a gentle embrace, looking at you with hopeful eyes as he said, “please say I can be.” And meanwhile you’re just kinda like how tf did you get here & when did you grow into a normal sized boy?

A/n: ohmygoddd, finally. This took a little longer than I thought because I was trying not to be to repetitive. Also, Haechans turned out longer than everyone else’s but I just couldn’t shake the idea I had for him. Nonetheless, thank you for the request!!! It means a lot anon. 

Think About It ~ Joe Sugg (Requested)

Request:  Hello again! Can i request another Joe Sugg imagine/one shot where the reader is pregnant and she hasn’t told him yet and Zalfie, Caspar and Oli are at the reader and Joe’s house and she bought them all a baby onsie with text  to announce the reader’s pregnancy

Word Count: 1,384

Warning: Cursing? Idk. 

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Say You Wont Let Go

Jungkook x Reader // oneshot // 5k words

Summary: Jungkook just wanted to have one night where he didn’t think about you, but unfortunately for him that can never happen.

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, mentions of alcohol and vomiting

A/N: SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG OMG!! I feel so bad but ive spent a long ass time on this so I hope you like this oneshot!!! Its inspired by the song say you wont let go by James Arthur I literally love that song so much. enjoy!

Jungkook was hellbent on not going to the club that night. He really was. After an extremely long, and tiring concert all he wanted to do was crash in the dorms, and play Mario Kart with the rest of his band mates while consuming a copious amount of junk food. Unfortunately for him, his hyungs were all riding their post concert high and wanted to finish the night with shots and girls.

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Originally posted by neotechs

Title: Spontaneous 

Pairing: Taeyong x Reader 

Genre: Fluff

Warning: Swearing

A/N: So other then Taeyong and Mark I am still a fairly new fan of NCT but I figured I would write about the members I know so yeah, here is this little one shot I did haha. Enjoy. Inspired by Fxxk It by Big Bang 

Staring at your phone you swiped down only to hear a pop from your messenger app. A large red notification showing up on the side of your phone.

Taeyong: You know, you look really bored, want to ditch and have our own fun?

You looked up and over at the other side of the room at the boy, glancing up from his own phone, a smirk on his face as he made eye contact with him.

You: You really think they won’t notice the best man and maid of honour sneaking away? I don’t know it sounds risky.

You could practically hear him chuckling from here.

Taeyong: Who cares, all the important stuff is over. 

Taeyong: They are all too drunk they probably won’t even notice anyways.

Pausing you look over at the happy couple swaying, no correction wobbling back and forth giggling hysterically. Taeyong wasn’t wrong.

Your eyes travelled over to the parents, them in not much better state as the happy couple. Making you chuckle as you looked back at your phone.

You: Fine, what did you have in mind anyways?

Taeyong: Just meet me outside in five okay?

You looked up right as you got the message to see him slip out the door and out of sight. Sighing you sent a quick okay and slowly made your way over to the exit. Trying to make yourself as invisible as possible.

As you snuck out the exit you walked down the now dark hallway only to be pulled into a room and pinned up against a wall. Lips finding yours quickly.

You pushed away to breathe and shook your head “Jesus Tae, do you mind?”

“No not really, you looked really pretty tonight so I figured I would kiss you,” he said as he smirked, grabbing your hand and quickly opened the door. Poking his head out before practically running from the building and out into the parking lot.

Both of you were fully aware of the attraction between the two of you, but you both never really pushed for a relationship, you were just enjoying the ride.

As he walked over to his car you both got in quickly. “Well thank you, but you’re lucky I didn’t square you in the jaw for scaring the shit out of me,” you mumble as he quickly gets in and you both drive off into the darkness of the city.

He laughed and your heart fluttered slightly. He always made you smile no matter what. It was one of the many things you admired about him was his constant positivity. You also loved his spontaneous urges.

Which why you now we’re in the car driving god knows were at 9 pm. “Where are we going?” you asked as the song Fxxk It by Big Bang blasted on the radio.

“You will see, just be patient sweetheart,” he said smiling over at you, placing his hand on your thigh as he turned off the freeway.

Nodding you looked at the window as you drove closer and closer to the ocean.

He pulled into a small road that led straight down to the beach, you could see some light in the distance and looked over at him to see him looking at you, a smile spread wide across his face.

“No this isn’t for us, but considering the wedding couple probably won’t make it, I figure we won’t let the hard work I put into it go to waste yes?”

You looked at him confused until he stopped and parked his car. He threw off his jacket, tie and unbuttoned his shirt a few buttons, rolling up his sleeves as he made his way around the car to your side, opening it for you. “M'lady,” he said as he pretended to bow.

You slid off your shoes, discarding them next to his jacket and tie as you stepped out onto the warm sand, down the path you could see the light flickering.

“Taeyong what is this?” you ask as you slowly follow him, your hands intertwined.

“Didn’t you hear me before?” he said with a chuckle as you reached the beach only to see candles and rose petals leading to a little blanket with a basket with food and champagne. “This was supposed to be for the happy couple, but they got too drunk to come, so I figured fuck it, we will take advantage of it instead,” he smirked as he carefully led you to the blanket.

“I know that, but did you really do all this yourself?” you say as you look around and then out to the ocean the smell of salt hitting your nose making you sign in content.

He nodded quickly “Yeah, it was supposed to be a surprise but I guess they ruined it,” he shrugged as he slid off his own shoes and reached for the champagne. “Shall we have our own party?”

You smirked, “of course, I love watching drunk Taeyong.”

One champagne bottle later you were both running after each other on the beach, laughing as he finally caught up to you and picked you up bridal style and spun you around.

“Got you,” he said his words slightly slurred together as he placed a peck on your lips before setting you down and running back down the beach.

“Hey! No fair!” you yell as you chase after him and jump onto his back “GOT YOU BACK!” you yell and he spins your around on his back, but loses his balance and you both go falling into the sand.

Both of you became a giggling mess as he suddenly jumps on top of you and puts his hands on both sides of your head, pinning you down to the sand as his face goes serious, his lips part slightly as his eyes wander around your face before he smiles “You really are so beautiful, you know that.”

You roll your eyes and try to push him back but he doesn’t move, his eyes were serious, even though he was smiling which caused you to blush and look away. “Taeyong stop, you’re being cheesy.”

He chuckled and leant down closer to you “So what, I am not lying, you are beautiful. You are carefree, you follow after me even when it may seem crazy. No other girl has done that. You’re more than just beautiful on the outside you are beautiful on the inside too.”

Leaning down he presses his lips to yours and this time, the kiss felt different, more intimate and real, but you couldn’t pull away because deep down you felt the same way. He kept you on your toes and made your life interesting. You never know what would happen when you were with Taeyong and that excited you.

Reaching up you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer and he smiled into the kiss, the both of you so lost in the kiss when suddenly you heard people talking realising right away who it was.

“Shit!” Taeyong says as he and you both jump up, grabbing your things and running back up to the car, just in time to see the newlyweds stumbling down to the blanket only to look confused at the lack of champagne and food.

Both of you burst into silent giggles as you got back into the car and quickly drove away.

“Well, I we kinda ruined it didn’t we?” he said as he smiled wide looking over at you.

“Taeyong, when will we not ruin something because you want to have fun?” you fake pouted at him.

He rolled his eyes “Don’t tell me you didn’t have fun, I mean you kissed me, which speaking of which. That last kiss was-”

“Different?” you interrupted him as you both looked at each other for a moment before he looked back at the road.

“Yeah, I guess you could put it that way,” he chewed on his lip before he quickly pulled to the side of the road and stopped the car.

“Taeyong what the-”

Before you could say anything more his lips were on yours, and again the same feeling hit you both, he pulled away and looked at you. “I know we both have been just messing around a lot, but clearly something is there, can we maybe try being a thing?”

You smiled, of course, he wouldn’t want to straight up ask you to be his girlfriend, that’s not how he works. That isn’t Taeyong.

Teasing him you tapped your chin “Hmm I don’t know, you are kinda annoying I don’t know if I could date someone that is annoying all the time.”

He smirked and nodded “Well then, it settled. I will pick you up on Saturday, 7 pm sharp, wear something nice. I want our first official date as a couple to be something special”

You opened your mouth to protest, but how could you.

He is Taeyong, the spontaneous, crazy man that you had fallen deeply in love with.


Sanvers Week Day 3 - “You’re Drunk”

Ahhh, this was so rushed and not great, so sorry! This week is a challenge but I’m loving it.

Cw: mentions of internalised and external homophobia, biphobia, racial and anti-LGBT slurs

Maggie had told her that for a while, everything would be shiny.

And it was. God, it was.

Every kiss had felt like coming home. Suddenly she was constantly noticing people on the subway who she suspected could be gay. Her friends had all laughed when Maggie mercilessly crushed Winn at pool. She’d unlocked a huge part of herself, figured herself out, and maybe now that she had this piece, things would come easy.

But now? Now there were cracks in the surface, and Maggie wasn’t perfect, and their relationship wasn’t perfect, and their community wasn’t perfect.

Of the three, the last was the one that surprised her.

Alex has said it more than once – that coming out had made her feel like a kid again – but it wasn’t just her attraction to Maggie that was destabilising. It was also her new-found cluelessness, the feelings and identities she was only just learning all the big words for, the rawness of the emotions she’d unwittingly buried for years without ever knowing it.

Alex has always prided her on being a quick study (something Maggie had been jokingly praising her for in bed lately), but even she found the process of discovering a new community, a new history, overwhelming. A lot of what she learned felt like someone handing her scissors after a life of trying to tear things open with her teeth. But some of it? Some of it made her scared. Some of it made her ashamed.

She was letting it get the better of her one night at the bar, several whiskey shots deep after straight losses at pool, when it first came up. “Are you mad at me?” she’d asked Maggie.

“What? Why?”

“Because I’m not a gold star?”

Maggie narrowed her eyes, leaned against the pool table. “Where’d you learn that term, Danvers?”

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Genre: Angst, with a happy-ish ending tho?

Pairing: Reader X Lee Taeyong

Word Count: Roughly 2.6K

Summary: Lee Taeyong was not someone to be trifled with. He was like a disease, you needed to stay away; at least, that’s what you were told. Except, the Lee Taeyong you heard of and the one you saw were two entirely different people.

Warnings: Bullying, Suicide Attempt (toward the end); overall dark themes, despite light language being used, so if any of this triggers you, please DO NOT READ THIS.

Originally posted by kunq

You had heard the rumors about him, even before you met him. Lee Taeyong: infamous, but not for particularly pleasant reasons. Apparently, according to your friend, someone not to be associated with; an ex-bully, cheater, scammer. The list went on and on, but you weren’t particularly inclined to listen.

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A Lovely Situation ( Chapter 2 )

Lin x Reader

 Summary: So this is the beginning of a little Lin x Reader that no one requested. (Y/N) is seriously crushing on Daveed, and when she finally tells him, he rejects her. Lin ends up comforting (Y/N) and getting a bit closer to her. Daveed ends up fighting for her and she gets confused with her feelings and wonders if she had liked Lin all along…. 

 Warnings: a few curse words and angst near the end.

 Word count: 1,159 ( a bit shorter than the last chapter sorry! ) 

 a/n: I’m actually extremely surprised that the first chapter of A Lovely Situation got more than 80 notes! I gained loads of followers and attention from it and I’m so very grateful. And one my new friend @hamiltrashtothemax really motivated me to write this chapter quicklyyyy. Thank you guys so much for reading, liking and reblogging!! I really appreciate it ;) 

 Tags: @bucket-of-kittens


You woke up, confused of where you were, you realised you were lying on your sofa and not your own bed. Your head placed on Lin’s lap. As you opened your eyes wider, everything that happened yesterday came back to you. Oh how you wished you were still sleeping. Away from real life. Away from all of your problems.

“Morning (Y/N),” Lin said in his funny half awake voice.

You quickly jumped up. Surprised. Finally seeing that you had slept on Lin’s lap. For the whole night. 

“W-What’s wrong?” There was the same tone of worry in his voice from yesterday. 

“Shit I slept on your lap for the whole night. I’m sorry! you probably feel so uncomfortable right now.” You buried your head in your hands in embarrassment.

He raised his hand and softly grabbed your arm, pulling you a little, and used his other hand to pat on his lap. Signing for you to sit back down. You reluctantly sat on his lap. You have never felt so comfortable. Ever. Your heads were close. You were staring into eachother eyes. Like lovers. 

Trying to break this intimate moment you began to speak.

“Do yo–” “Can I–” You both burst out laughing.

“Ladies first.”

“Do you want breakfast?” Your eyes lingered to your kitchen door.

“Uhm…Yeah! Sure I don’t see why not. But first I’m going to ask you a question and you need to be 110% honest with me (Y/N), ok?”

Your eyes were stuck on him whilst you slowly nodded. Wondering what he would ask you. You got off his lap and moved to the space right next to him.

“A-Are you okay? I mean. I. You seemed very fidgety yesterday, and I saw many tears coming out of your beautiful eyes in last nights show. And I just. You’re never like this! You’re always red in the face because you’re always. And I mean always. Trying to hold your laughter in. Sorry I’m rambling.” He chuckled as he held your hands.

“I’m okay. Something upset me..”

“Was it Daveed?”

Your head tilted and you furrowed your eyebrows. How could he possibly know? Of course. One of the girls told him. Ugh you were going to kill them.

“Sorry I’m probably wrong. I just thought that because you hadn’t been talking to Daveed lately. Like at all. And yesterday I saw you push past him. So I ran after you.”

You threw your arms around him. Bringing him closer to you. Tears brewing in your eyes. You loved how Lin always knew when something was wrong and would always help you. He was understanding, so thoughtful and so caring

“Thank you.” You hiccuped quietly into his shoulder.

“For what?”

“For chasing after me when I was feeling down. For being here right now.”

You separated from him, clutching onto his hands instead. You explained the “Daveed Incident” to him from beginning to end. Lin sat there. Looking deep into your eyes. Actually listening to you rambling on and on about another man.

“(Y/N). I think that that is the biggest mistake that Daveed has ever made in his life.” He tightly gripped onto your hands. “Any guys would be lucky to have you. He’s a fool. And you need to move on. Stop letting him pull you down. You hear me?”

A wide grin appeared on your face.

“I hear you.”

You gazed into each other’s eyes again. He squeezed your hands before letting go. You winced at the lack of touch.

“Let’s get brrrrrreakfaaaaast” he sang at the top of his lungs as he walked into the kitchen.

You sat there giggling before hearing him shout again in a joking manner.




It was Monday 6:02pm. Lin had invited you to come to the Richard Rodgers so you wouldn’t be cooped up in your apartment all day.

"Ok so it’s about an hour and a half till the show” Lin sat in front of you holding DVDs and food. “What do wanna watch?”

“I actually need to go see Pippa because I have to explain why I didn’t answer her texts yesterday after the show.”

“Oh okay. Will you come back to watch movies with me?” He said with his adorable puppy eyes.

You smiled at him and nodded before making your way out of his dressing room. You skipped past Jonathan and waved at him. A puzzled look struck his face as he didn’t know why you were here.

As you got close to Pippa’s dressing room you saw that the door was open and you started to hear voices.

“What do you want Daveed?”

You gasped. Daveed was there. Why.

“I want to know why (Y/N) has been ignoring me these past couple of days!”

 "Ignoring you? Ignoring you Daveed? You’re the one who hasn’t said ANYTHING but ‘I thought you did great’ instead of 'I’m sorry’ to me since last Friday!“ You barged into the dressing room and started to shout at him. 

 He opened his mouth in shock trying to speak. 


“Daveed. Save what you’re about to say in your mouth. Because frankly. I don’t want to hear it.”

“No! I am not going to save what I’m about to say in my mouth I’m going to tell you about how I feel about you right now!”

He started to shout at the top of his lungs. Some of the cast members including Lin crowded outside of Pippa’s dressing room. Confused as to why they heard shouting. You felt tiny. Crushed. He had never raised his voice at you. Ever. Even when he was really really annoyed at you.

“Go on then. Say what you have to say” Your voice wobbled a bit and tears started to form in your eyes.

“I feel that you’re just. A jealous. Bitch.”

With that you walked out of the dressing room into Lin’s arms. You both began to walk quicker to his dressing rooms. Sobs escaping your mouth. You heard people shouting in the background at Daveed.

“Way to go Daveed.”

“A little harsh Daveed”

“What is wrong with you!”

But you didn’t dare look back. You arrived at Lin’s dressing room and sat on the sofa with him. Arms wrapped around his neck. His around your waist. You cried on his shoulder and suddenly. You were back to square one. Crying about Daveed.

As you started to cry louder Lin began whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

“You’re beautiful, you’re strong. Many amazing things. A bitch is not one of those things.” His hand started to stroke your hair. “Daveed is the bitch. Daveed is a fool. A stupid stupid fool.” His voice cracked.

Lin tried to pull away so he could see your face but you pulled him in tighter. Never wanting to let go. 

 "I think it’s time for me to leave Hamilton.“ You whispered back.


Spencer reid dating plus size reader Head cannons part 2

AN: Hey guys, so you guys loved the first set of these, and I can make Spencer Reid head cannons for years, so these are the second round, I love you all, and you are all beautiful, skinny, plus size, tall, short, if you have natural hair or permed, straight hair or curly hair, dark skin or pale skin, you guys are perfection and Spencer Reid would look at you and just fall in love. 

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-Smile. Oh my god Spencer loves your smile, like he loves how when you really smile, like full face smile, like he loves seeing it go to your eyes, and how when you fully smile you look like the most precious, beautiful art piece, he just finds himself staring at you in awe at how someone so beautiful, so truly amazing, hides her smile.

-He loves your laugh, like if he can make you fully laugh to the point of snorting, *we all do it, don’t lie about that one time you laughed so hard you snorted* he feels as if he just saved sick kids holding even sicker puppies from a burning building. like he loves seeing you laugh. Like if that was all he could listen to, he’d be so happy.

-He loves to watch you do your makeup, simply because he loves to see the process and he finds it true magic, that you can go from beautiful to even more beautiful, like just sits behind you and his face is just in wonderment like ‘How…did…wow’ 

-He loves to like surprise kiss you, like he’s not one for PDA but he at random point while you guys are walking around and just stops and pulls you in and kisses you because he just really needs to make sure you are real. 

-He hates seeing you sad because of clothe shopping, being a profiler he can always tell when you are upset, even if you try to hide it, he just takes your hand and squeezes it to let you know he’s there, because he knows its been a life time of these feelings and him simply saying the opposite won’t fix it instantly. 

-He takes no shit from people, like if you guys are out eating, and the waitress/waiter decides to just be the biggest of cunts like “so the check or…are you and your sister getting dessert?” and not just that they said sister, but also the tone of voice when speaking drives him to go full like angry Reid.

-Super hot to you though, also makes you blush at how he calls you beautiful and funny and far more attractive because you don’t make assumptions or judgments based of the soul outer body of a person. 

-He buys you sexy bedroom clothes, like things he knows you would never buy because of how much it shows off. 

-He has such a kink for seeing you in a plaid shirt and white burrow down. Like calling him professor/Dr. Reid…lets just say you’re real happy you let him talk you into wearing his little gift. 

-He is a sucker for cute couple type things, like matching Christmas sweaters to Rossi’s holiday party. 

-When JJ gets married he is in awe at how beautiful you look all dressed up, like thats when he knows, ‘yep i’ma marry her…’

-When he finds you criticizing yourself in the mirror he will stand behind you and trace his fingers over every part of you, and tell you facts about ancient times and how a woman of your beauty would have men battling in the street for your hand in courtship, or how the goddess of beauty and love herself has hips and curves. How the stretch marks are simply your warrior battle paint. 

-He sends you messages every day of little things, just ‘you are beautiful, in every way’ ‘man sure you remember to eat,’ ‘people’s words are nothing but anger that their soul is ugly and yours is perfect’ 

-He likes to have underwear dance parties on weekends he has off, just music on, both of you dancing in undies, like he doesn’t dance in clubs but he can move his hips, let me tell you. 

-He likes to keep his hands on your hips, like anywhere just his arm around you hand on your hip, to keep you close to him

-He will grab your butt to make you yelp and blush.

-Is a butt and boob guy. but what he loves the most…out of all of you. THIGHS! 

-He loves to kiss them, touch them, see them in jeans, leggings, shorts. 

-Thigh high socks are his weakness, like you just sitting on the couch reading, in shorts and a sweater and thigh highs, he just drops everything and pulls you off the couch and well you don’t leave the bedroom for a bit. 

-King of oral. Just….yes

-He gets off making you get off.

-Loves to kiss and bite down your body, 

-Has memorized every curve and dip of you, like he knows every freckle and scar, every dip and curve, everything on you. 

-Loves you, and every inch of it. 

-He brags about you, a lot….like…wow…like he has beat Morgan for how much he brags about you.

-Will leave marks on you so people know, you’re taken. 

-if a mark shows up on him, if someone see’s okay, he’s not ashamed to have it. 

-Likes to read to you, like your head in his lap, reading to you in a soft calm voice. 

-He will kill anyone who hurts you, or tries to take you from him. 

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may I ask why abosaa is your favorite book and what part of that book is your favorite

Fuck yeah! You may ask me A BOOK QUESTION🎉

But, damn. That’s a really hard one. Hmmmmm….
I think it’s my favorite because it’s the most Claire of all the books. That stage of her life I think is the closest to my current stage, also, maybe? So I relate to her most in that one?

I love the vulnerability mostly. I love the emotional response of both Jamie and Claire to that vulnerability. You really get into the innermost, juicy, details of their relationship and how they love one another. Its Jamie-Claire dense.

Fav part: impossible. All of it. But I think this passage is an overall favorite because of all that transpired leading up to it.

“Knew you’d come,” I whispered into the linen of his shirt. He reeked of fire: smoke and pinesap and scorched cloth, and the bitter tang of turpentine. Reeked of stale sweat and horses, the weariness of a man who has not slept, who has labored all night, the faint yeasty smell of long hunger.
He held me close, ribs and breath and warmth and muscle, then put me away from him a little and looked down into my face. He had been smiling since I saw him. It lit his eyes, and without a word, he pulled the cap off my head and threw it over the rail. He ran his hands through my hair, fluffing it out into abandon, then cupped my head in his hands and kissed me, fingers digging into my scalp. He had a three-day beard, which rasped my skin like sandpaper, and his mouth was home and safety.”

I wish I could explain it better. Sorry. It’s raw. It’s emotional. It’s vulnerability. It’s quite simply, real life. Bad shit happens to good people, but you must go on with the task of living. It’s hope and inspiration. Life sucks, but it’s beautiful.