you protect your man


or alternatively: More Cuddles, Less Struggles 2k17

hi i’m Ali and this is me giving in and finally drawing for the ship

consider; will breaks a rib or something and apollo kids cant be healed as quickly as everyone else due to their natural ability to heal others, so will cant bind for a while until it heals. nico is by his side all day and glares at everyone, daring them to say something, silencing them with his terrifying death glare. nobody picks up on it though. almost everyone has seen will without his binder at least once, so they dont think much of it, and will is nice even if he’s kind of a hermit, so no one pokes fun at him. while nico thinks they’re afraid of him and he’s scaring them into submission, they really assume nico’s glare just means he’s in a bad mood today. if some people are a little kinder to him at the night’s bonfire, nico doesn’t question it.

I love Minseok I love Minseok I love Minseok I love Minseok I love Minseok I love Minseok I love Minseok I love Minseok-

*3 years later*

I love Minseok I love Minseok I love Minseok I love Minseok I love Minseok I love Minseok I love Minseok-

The Newest Prince of Gotham

Prompt: Bruce and Batmom bring a new addition home

Requested by anon! Hope you like! 

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 All of Gotham tried so hard to get a picture of the newest member of the Wayne royal family. But since you were exhausted from labor and Bruce being super protective of his new born son, he ordered everyone to guard the hospital you were staying at from any paparazzi or news people. 

Due to the fact that he was 1 months premature, the doctor ordered you to stay one more night, just in case. Much to your sons dismay. The night of your labor, each boy dropped everything to be by your side. 

Dick ran out on a shift at Blüdhaven PD once he found out. Tim, who goes to Gotham University now, ran out during a lecture with Stephanie behind him. Jason, who runs security at Wayne Enterprises, high tailed it on his motorcycle and Alfred was the one to take her to the hospital, giving the fact that him and Damian were home with you. You laughed a bit at how Damian freaked out when your water broke. 

He screamed,“Alfred!!! Alfred, she’s in labor!!!!!” While running around, looking for your bag and any other essentials. All while mumbling to himself,“ okay okay, you are Damian Wayne, you do not crack under pressure,” 

You would’ve thought he was having a baby with the way he was breathing heavy. If you were in so much pain, you would’ve laughed. 

Just when you thought Damian was bad, Bruce came running into the hospital. His blazer off, dress shirt disheveled, he looked like he ran all the way there. 

But he got there just as they were wheeling you into the labor room. 

He kept repeating ‘'it’s gonna be okay it’s gonna be okay’ and honestly, you didn’t know if it was for you or himself. 

8 hours later, little Terrence Thomas Wayne was born. Healthy and beautiful. He had Bruce’s hair and eyes but your smile. He looked like a true Wayne. 

The doctor pushed the baby bed next to yours so you would be allowed to hold him. 

Bruce told the boys and girls to go home (you found out that Cassie, Barbara and Stephanie came as soon as they heard), with lots of complaints that they didn’t get to see their new baby brother yet but Bruce want you to rest, just like the doctor said. 

On the second night, the boys (with Alfred) all piled in, seeing Bruce sit at your side while you smiled lovingly at your baby boy. 

“Is that him?” Dick asked in a hushed voice, a smile gracing his face. You nodded, handing him to Dick gently. “You want to hold him?” 

Nervously, Dick took the baby from your arms. For a while, he honestly didn’t know what to do but after seeing his new little brother smile at him, he fell in love. He felt a new sense of protectiveness for him. 

The other boys crowded around him, trying to get a peak at him. 

“Hey there, Terrence, I’m your brother Richard,” Dick cooed causing Terrence to make a happy sound. You smiled, placing your hand on your heart at the sight you were seeing. 

“Okay okay,” Jason said taking him from Dick, who glared at him. “I wanna see my baby brother now,” 

“Todd, don’t smother him,” Damian said cautiously watching him carry the baby. “Careful, hold his head up,” 

“Shut up, Damian, I got him,” he said before smiling down at little Terrence. “Don’t you worry, little man. Your big brother Jason’s gonna always protect you no matter what,” 

That made you tear up. He already formed a special bond with your baby. Bruce kissed your hair, seeing you cry happy tears. He was happy himself. 

Tim took him this time, lightly grazing his finger on his cheek, which made Terrence coo softly. “Don’t worry, Terry, when you’re old enough, I’m gonna teach you in many ways how to hack in to people’s phones from the computer” he said jokingly. “"Just so me and you can mess with Jason from time to time,” 

Jason slapped him upside the head while everyone else laughed. Then it was Damian’s turn to hold him, to which he was reluctant about but also eager. When Tim passed him to Damian, his whole body stiffened. He never held a baby before so he didn’t want to do anything wrong. But Terrence had this unexplained magic to him that made his other brothers turn to love struck puppies. Damian fell victim to it. 

“Well,” he said after a few seconds of silence, “Fear not, Terrence, I’ll save you from these imbeciles we call brothers,” 

That earned a lot of complaints and insults from the boys which made you laugh. Damian glared at them with a protective hold to Terrence, stating ‘no brother of mine is gonna be a subject to any of your stupidity’ 

It warmed your heart to see your boys love little Terry with all of their hearts. 

The next day you went home and the girls (along with Barry, Clark, Lois, Diana, Oliver, Laurel, and the other leaguers and young leaguers) surprised you with a ‘Welcome Home Terrence Wayne’ party. 

The back yard was decorated and there were a lot of food on a really long table. 

“"Bruce, did you know about this?” You asked, looking shocked and happy. 

Bruce shrugged modestly. “I might’ve let it slipped to Barry but you know he has a motor mouth,” You just rolled your eyes and slapped his chest lightly.

The whole celebration, Damian kept guarding Terrence from Wally, Jason and Dick argued with each other on who he liked best, with Cass occasionally butting in by telling them he likes her best, and Tim and Stephanie talking with each other. 

The celebration was perfect and small and everything was just simply great. 

You actually felt like your family was complete with the newest prince of Gotham. 

Hey! I hoped you like that and be sure to leave a comment I really want to know what you think! 

Scars || Steve Rogers x Reader [[soulmate au]]

[prompt: soulmate au where the only way you can get rid of your scars is if your soulmate kisses them away.]

{summary: you are known as Steve Roger’s shadow, and you only have one purpose in your life, and that is to protect the man from any unknown dangers all while hiding your presence from him. one fateful day, when an assassination attempt goes wrong, leaving you injured in the process, Steve finally sees you for the first time and slowly helps with treating your wounds [[au]]}

yooooooo this is saeran–choi, i just changed my username to my new favorite character, momo sakaki (i also wanted to get a username that only has a single dash in it instead of two for purely //aesthetic// purposes)

I’ll work on updating and fixing my masterlist once my computer is fixed, so i hope you all will forgive me for changing my url!!!

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Sometimes, you absolutely despised how fragile you were as a human being.

You worked for a secret agency who’s main purpose was to act as a personal guard for superheroes. Now, it may seem like having bodyguards for superheroes would be a lost cause, since their duty was to protect the world and save innocent lives with their superpowers. One would like to believe that such heroes would be able to protect themselves, but they didn’t know the half of it.

There’s always some type of danger hidden from their sights, and if the world was to remain safe, then there had to be a group of people that could act as a shield for these superheroes without them knowing about it.

The moment you had completed your training, you were given the name and files pertaining to the hero you were assigned to protect-

And that hero was named Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America.

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How to keep your partner?

How to keep your man:

  1. Give him his space
  2. Communicate 
  3. Trust him 
  4. Love him. 
  5. Do not cheat
  6. Don’t ask for too much

How to keep your girl:

  1. Treat her right
  2. Love her
  3. Compliment her
  4. Don’t ignore her
  5. Return her calls and texts
  6. Protect and respect her


Sometime ago I saw an Iron Man stuffed toy is labeled as “Free Gift” to be given to customers with certain purchase in a chain store here, I can’t help but think Steve would definitely object this idea :D So this art is born haha.

And Happy Birthday to my tumblr account! Time flies and three years have passed, hope I can draw more Stony in the future! :D Thanks for all the support, reblogs and following, and you are always welcome to drop a comment/prompt/idea/just say hi to me anytime :D Love you all <3<3<3

Prompt Set #1 for 8000 Followers

1.) “What do you want from me?”
“I want you to find my son!”

2.) “What do you think happened here?”
“Don’t ask me that question.”

3.) “Wheres the flamethrower?”

4.)“Trust me, I’m just as clueless as you are.”

5.) “You think you can just steal from me, boy?”

6.) “This shit just keep getting weirder.”
“Lets just keep going.”

7.) “What did I just say? One at a damn time.”

8.) “Why do I even try with you? Sometimes I just wish…”

9.) “Anybody home?”
“What’s the password?”

10.) “You don’t have many friends do you?”
“Never felt the need to make any.”

11.) “Who names their child after a number?”
“I think you’re missing the point here.”

12.) “We’re running low on time.”
“Time doesn’t exist.”

13.) You live in a Utopian society, but the problems aren’t with the structure of the society, but at home. Perhaps your grandmother is dying of old age and she’s the last living relative that you know in your family. Maybe despite the peacefulness of life you wish for a thrill. Maybe you struggle with loneliness as your only friend is the robotic servent who practically raised you by itself. Maybe life is as good as it gets and the story is just about you enjoying the protection and peace that your life encompasses.

14.) “Man, I almost feel bad for ruining your life.”

15.) “Do whatever you want. This is the only life you’re going to get so you might as well live it the only way you can.“

16.) “It’s just as our parents taught us. We do what we can with what we have. And if we can’t do anything or if we don't​ have anything then we keep trying. That’s how this works.”

17.) “Stop questioning me and do what I say!”

18.) “This won’t end well.”
“Don’t jinx us.”

19.) “Put the fork down and we can all walk away from this peacefully.”

20.) “Your ignorance knows no bounds.”

21.) “I am five hundred years too old for this shit.”
“And yet you don’t look a day over two hundred.”
“Stop trying to butter me up.”

22.) “I trust only what I can see.”
“If so, then you are only limiting yourself to an extremely narrow view of life.”

23.) “Just be open. That is one of the many ways.”
“Can you tell me another way because I don’t understand what that means.”

24.) “So let me get this straight. We’re about to ask a princess to help us?”
“Technically she’s the Queen, but yeah, that’s the plan.”
“How are we about to do that smart guy?”
“She owes me a favor.”

25.) “I don’t think you understand what’s at stake here.”

26.) “Never trust a Shadow Elf.”
“What’s the difference between a Shadow Elf and a Dark Elf.”

27.) “You don’t really have a clear definition of who your dad really was. Let me explain.”

28.) “Everything is at random. Everything is random. Maybe that’s all we needed to know.”

29.) “Do you think we should trust her word for it? I really don’t want to go back to the estate bound and gagged simply because you gained a moment of conscious.”

30.) “Normally I’d agree, but I’ve seen what she can do. Trust me, it isn’t pretty.”

31.) “I can’t think of a better way for me to die than in your arms.”

32.) “You got me into this mess. You get me out.”

33.) “Trusting you seems to be a double edged sword and I have terrible luck.”

34.) “Remember what I did to your poor maid. You don’t want to end up like that do you?”

35.) “I made a gamble. Only time will tell if I made the right choice.”

36.) Write a store about two students. Person A appears to be the outgoing type but they’re really introverted and Person B is a mute, but one who chooses not to speak. The two meet by chance one day at Person A’s job.

37.) “Fuck that, I’m not giving you anymore money.”

38.) “Hey, did you eat the last of the pizza?”
“Why are you lying?”

39.) “You really should stop drinking soda.”
“You really need to stop telling me how to live my life.”

40.) “I understand your anger but that doesn’t mean you had to kick my car.”

41.) “Let me take a hit of that.”
“You sure? I thought you had a drug test later this week?”
“My mom just died, Matt. The last thing I’m thinking about is my job.”

42.) “Welcome to the Soul Plane.”
“Doesn’t look like much.”
“Thats because you don’t have much of a soul. Or maybe you just don’t believe.”

43.) “You saved me, Milord. I don't​ understand.”
“When I saw you. I saw the eyes of my grandfather. Those were eyes of pure kindness and compassion. You did not commit that crime.”

44.) You are the victim of a gruesome vampire prank which results of you being unaware of your new state. You work at night and sleep most of the day so the vampire is anticipating your demise. New Vamps can still eat regular food but it's​ no longer has the nutritional properties it used too. The longer newbies go without blood the more irritable and at worse cases, feral they become. One day your boss asks you to work someone else’s shift as they failed to show up to work. Needing the extra money you accept and leave just before sun rises. As you're​ walking home you decide to watch the sunrise, cue you bursting into flames for an agonizing period of time. Luckily someone, maybe another vampire or different monster, saves you by pulling you into an alley.

45.) “Here, can you hold her for me? Make sure not to wake her up. She gets really angry when someone other than me is holding her.”
“Then why did you give her to me?”

46.) “Trust me. I wanna quit too, but having to see her heart break because we couldn’t complete our job is not on my bucket list.”

47.) “Just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I don’t have other ways of finding you.”

48.) “The moon isn’t what you think it is.”
“If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had this conversation.”

49.) You are in the process of exploring a dirlect temple on the outskirts of your town. You used to explore here when you were younger​ but after years of mentally sketching the temple down in your mind you notice one day that in the basement there is a blood red mirror that wasn’t always there.

50.) One day while laying on the beach watching the sunset in the distance you see something too big to comprehend brushed across the surface of the water. You stand up in shock and look around to see if anyone else saw. Out of the few people who on the beach you spot a few others who look as though they saw what you saw.

  • he’s tol af
  • black hair
  • comes up like someone intimidating but is actually a dork
  • he jokes around but know when to back off and if he realize he went too far apologize right away
  • his horrible laugh
  • he wants to make nekomata’s dream true, he respect his coach so much
  • HIS ARMS !!!!!!! !!!!
  • when kenma is lost in his games and get missed he goes and search for him himself // light novel, during the trip to miyagi before playing agianst karasuno
  • biggest meme
  • he helps kenma with his studies 
  • he’s in prep college class and is also captain so he has plenty of responsabilities already
  • he’s in prep college class and how awesome is that!!! !!!!¡¡¡¡
  • he wants to fight people he doesn’t like 24/7
  • he also helps people that is not from his team *coughtcought||tsukki||coughtcouht*
  • HIS BACK DAMN !!!11!!1!
  • his provocation comments are on point
  • he knows exactly what to say and how to say it for encouring people to do better and try
  • he’s one of the most reliable characters imo 
  • his smile is so adorable it makes me cry
  • he says he is kind as a joke but he actually is, he’s probably not aware of how great of a person he is and makes me want to hug him
  • he sleeps on his stomach while pressing two pillows onto both his ears and his hair and it makes me want to hug him too
  • his leadership skills are unquestionable
  • silly comebacks like “for someone who is so clearly lacking in docosahexaenoix acid, I dont think your opinions have much validity”
  • has grudge on people for silly things “coughtcought||chapter200||coughtcought||yaku||coughcough*
  • he was so into volleyball as a kid that he used to tried out the techniques he watched being used in matches on tv.
  • he has the taste of an old man for food, pls save him
  • his current concern is that he can’t get rid of his bedhead hair, after all this years
  • he’s very skilled at shuffling cards. (light novel) @ furudate let me know how much time he spends playing card games and with who
  • he’s passionate af and works hard to achieve his goals
  • he’s cute af but also hot af
  • he gets as excited as yamamoto sometimes and it’s beautiful
  • he confuses himself when trying to say something intelligent
  • he’s so supportive, it makes me cry
  • don’t take shit from people who can’t be objective in their view and doesn’t stay unspoken either
That Would Be Enough (Hamlaff)

This is suppose to be bits and pieces of letters written right when Laf was released from jail

This dabbles with themes of Laf`s jail time ( obviously ) 

It won`t make a lot of sense if you aren`t aware of the details !! 

For example, that he was on his way to America when captured. 

I also switched around some parts but !! 



Look around, look around at how lucky we are
To be alive right now
Look around, look around…

How long have you known?

A month or so

Alexander, you should have written

I corresponded with the warden of Olmütz a month ago


I begged him to send you home

You should have written

I’m so sorry

You didn`t make it here 

I can`t believe I didn`t make it there 


I was foolish and should`ve supported the aid

Look around, look around at how lucky we are

To be alive right now. 


Do you relish loving a deceitful man?

Unable to protect your life 

I relish loving you.. 
Look around, look around…


Look at where we are

Look at where we started

The fact that you’re alive is a miracle
Just stay alive, that would be enough

And if your letters
contain a fraction of your smile
Or a fragment of your mind, look out world!
That would be enough

I don’t pretend to know
The challenges you’re facing
The worlds you keep erasing and creating in your mind

But I’m not afraid
I know who I love
So long as you`re okay at the end of the day
That would be enough

We don’t need approval 
We don’t need money
If I could grant you peace of mind
If you could let me inside your heart…

Oh, let me be a part of the narrative
In the story they will write someday
Let this moment be the first chapter:
Where you decide to change 
And I could be enough
And we could be enough
That would be enough


SF9 Reacting To You Crying Over An Ex

~I’m loving doing reactions so much.~

Inseong - I feel like Inseong would sit down across from you and wipe your tears. “Anyone who could hurt someone as sweet and beautiful as you doesn’t deserve your tears.” He would smile at you and poke your sides until you smiled up at him. “Don’t worry so much about someone like that. You have us to protect you and when I see him next he’ll never see it coming.” You would pout but Inseong would just smile as he patted your head. 

Originally posted by ohjuho

Youngbin - I feel like he would be the most angry. He seems like the most protective of the group. “I don’t ever want to see him. If I do, I won’t be able to stop myself.” He would look at you with such overwhelming concern and hurt. And underlying anger. He wouldn’t say it but he was so in love with you and to see you crying for another man who broke your heart. It would tear him apart inside. 

Jaeyoon - He would try to hide his hurt, but deep down he felt like the world was sitting on his shoulders. Your heart was aching for someone else and he couldn’t stop the tears or pain. All he could do was hold you close and let you cry on his shoulder. Even when all he wanted to do was make you smile. And of course make you his. But you were hurt, so all he could do was wait. 

Dawon - This little sweetheart, ball of joy and fluff, -yes I’m Dawon biased, let me live- would try his best to make you smile through the tears. He would do his best impressions, and his best jokes. But to no avail as you sat there before him broken hearted. He could only sit before you and pout. In the end he would chuckle and lean his forehead against yours. “You can’t cry forever. You’ll flood the city. Also it makes me sad so smile for me..” He would try and lighten the mood and after a while you would give him a small smile and he would burst with joy. Cue more spontaneous bouncing around and smiles.

Rowoon - He would see you crying and walk to you quickly. You could’t speak at first so he just pulled you into his chest and let you cry. After a few minutes he realized what the problem must have been. He sighed then and wrapped his arms tighter around you. “You know… I don’t know why he meant so much to you. If someone would willingly let you hurt like this he mustn’t mean that much.” You just buried yourself deeper into his chest and tried to forget. He would catch the hint and stay silent just letting you cry. 

Zuho - I feel like Zuho would lose his temper the fastest. He would immediately walk up to you and demand to know why you were crying. When you gave in and told him, he just nodded and walked away. He would lowkey ask Hwiyoung to watch over you while he was out. About two hours later Zuho would be back. His knuckles bruised and aching but he was fine. He took his place next to you and pulled you close. A soft kiss to your head and a sigh later he would speak up. “No one will hurt you and get away with it, Y/N.” 

Taeyang - When he heard you were crying it was before a show. He didn’t know what to do with himself as he listened to Rowoon try and soothe you over the phone. He wouldn’t be able to stay still. He would ditch practice and look for you. Even if he could only stay for a little while he needed to at least stop your tears from flowing. Even if it was the only thing he could do. 

Hwiyoung - I feel like he would stumble upon the scene where you had started to cry. Your ex was walking away from you without a care in the world as tears streamed endlessly down your cheeks. Hwiyoung would walk up to you and ask what was wrong before calling out to the guy who had made your tears fall. He would get into a loud fight and cause a bit of a scene. He was never like that. But you made him feel the need to be that. He would act like a thug in the streets to protect your reputation. To show you how a real man was supposed to act toward the woman he loved. 

Chani - Being the youngest he wouldn’t entirely know how to handle the situation before him. He only knew that as he watched the tears stream down your face his heart broke. He walked up to you hesitantly, knowing you probably wouldn’t want attention drawn to you, or him asking you questions. So he just cleared his throat gently and spoke up “Wanna go get junk food and watch movies at my place?” He would hold out his hand and wait for you to take it. Once you did he would reach his free hand up and wipe a stray tear away. 

A/N: Aish the more I write about these boys the more I fall in love. Keep requesting things with them in it please. My hearteu. Xxoo <3<3<3<3