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Oh dear, Bill better not think about cheating on Will! Will strikes me as the overpossessive, if-you-cheat-on-me-I'm-going-to-fuck-you-up and go nightmare form on Bill's ass. That or he'll run away crying before he beats the shit out of Bill. Or maybe both. (This is all hillarious to me because I'm a major Billdip shipper but I love this comic too much to even let Billdip get in the way of the main pairing. XD )

Honestly Will would just be devastated and probably be more likely to isolate himself for awhile/very much break up with Bill if that happened but i found this much funnier lmfao

BTS: How they react when they’re talking about how good looking a foreign girl is, not thinking she understands, and her saying ‘thank you’ in Korean

Finally getting to some reactions! I’ll write the rest of ship requests later or soon but wanted to get some reactions up ^^ Enjoy!

Rap Monster: 

Namjoon would just be casually talking with Yoongi about how sexy he thought you were, not worried about you understanding it and being really loud. When you laughed and said ‘thank you’, he’d probably die inside a little bit. Would laugh at the situation, and play off his embarrassment by flirting even more. “I only spoke the truth, didn’t I~?” 


Omg poor Jin, you’d destroy him when you said ‘thank you’ and let him know you understood everything that he said. He’d be a mixture of embarrassed and playfully angry. “WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY THAT YOU UNDERSTOOD INSTEAD OF JUST LETTING ME GO ON??” When you’d just giggle, he’d realize you liked him too, and would immediately become worldwide handsome XD “Oh~! Is it because you think I’m handsome?” 


*Shy and soft Yoongi appears* When you smiled at him and said ‘thank you’ after he was talking about how beautiful you are, he’d just turn pink and giggle. Would be even more into you since you can speak Korean too and would think it was funny that you responded that way. Would probably fall in love right then and there XD


When you said ‘thank you’ he’d be so confused. Would not know if you actually understood or if you were even talking to him. When he realized you were he’d be so shocked. Would probably be so embarrassed and awkward, he would have no idea what to say. 

J-hope: Uh…you’re welcome.

You: *giggles*

Him: WHY


Jimin would probably be the most slick in this situation haha. When you said ‘thank you’ and he realized you understood what he had just said, he’d probably feel really shy and embarrassed, especially since the other members were laughing at him. He’d just try to hide his shyness (lol even though he’d be the color of a tomato) and would just tell you in Korean that you are beautiful as well, and that he is impressed at your Korean.


You would probably break Taehyung when he realized you understood what he was saying. XD Would become so flustered he would start stumbling on his words and would turn pink. Definitely would try to play it off but would probably fail. “Uhm….Y-you speak Korean? Where’d you learn…?” 


The humor of this situation would not be lost on Jungkook XD Even though he was embarrassed he wouldn’t be able to contain his laughter and giggles. He’d become so amused, would just joke with you about it. “Omo!! I’m so embarrassed! You can speak Korean so well! Omo….! *dies of laughter*”

I hope you like it!! XD I will be doing the MX version of this soon ^^ (Again I’m still getting used to BAP so it’ll be a bit longer for that one XD) 

EXO Reaction when they are in an interview with his secret GF and another idol is flirting with her

Hohohoho jealousy xD Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Judging so hard* “Is he really… who does he think he is? He better stop… do you feel the pressure? Of my stare….” *Probably the boys would stare at the guy too*


*Won’t say a thing or make a fuss but he’ll be observing, making sure the guy doesn’t do something inadequate* “I’m watching… I won’t take my eyes off you… you better keep your distance from her…”


“Ahhh bravo bravo, your flirting skills are amazing. Now, can you please stay away from my girl? Yes, she’s my girl”


*Literally forgets it was a secret and starts fighting the guy. Right there… in national TV*


*Knows nothing will happen but still watches over you, to make sure* “I’m not worried about her… he’s the one who worries me… He better keep his hands to himself…”


*This is his face the entire time* “I wonder if he knows… how foolish he looks. Nah, or he wouldn’t dare to say those things. I want to see his face though… when we tell the world we’ve been dating for months… I’ll enjoy that”


“Oh! Look at the time! It’s time for us to go! Come on, jagi. We don’t need to be here. Show is over” *Gives no fucks*


“Do you want to fight outside? no? Then you better stay away from her… you are making her uncomfortable.. and honestly me too”


*Probably the fact he can’t say anything angers him more than the idol flirting with you* “Aish! I can’t keep my mouth shut… why did she ask me to do this.. I should have said no! She’s mine! They should know!”


*Laughing to himself* “Ah this guy.. thinking they stand at chance… if they knew… if they knew her hearts belongs to me… they would be scared to death”


*So offended* “I’m out of here. This is so rude! What kind of show allows this behavior! Yixing doesn’t like this!”


*Doing everything he can to keep his mouth shut* “I think I need more water.. or I’ll start saying some offensive things to that guy… I don’t know for how long I can keep up like this… she’s my girl”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Being the Daughter of Wendy and Peter Pan and Dating Harry Hook Headcanons

Requested: By @rwbyisthemostawesometeaminbeacon : Hello! So, first off, I just want to say I love you and your writing so much! Keep up the good work. So, may I request a Dating Harry Hook and being the daughter of Peter Pan and Wendy Darling Headcannons? (Pandy is one of my first OTPs since the live action movie XD) If so, then thank you so much and have a great day!

Warnings: none

Notes: I’ll be honest, I’ve been waiting for this request. If I hadn’t gotten one I probably would have just written it without a request cause I wanted to do it. 💙💜💙💜

(Not my gif)

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Ben convinces you to show Harry around and help him adjust to Auradon.
Harry flirts with you the entire time, and neither of you seem to be too bothered by your parents past.

You teach Harry how to count properly. Seems Hook’s fear of clocks bled a little into counting, and Harry never properly learned.

It gets brought up a lot when you two start dating.
You remember your mother and father’s stories about Captain Hook, but Harry wasn’t him.
Plus the entire point of the VKs coming to Auradon is to try and put everyone’s parents past to the side.

Your cousins, the sons of your Uncles John and Michael, really don’t like Harry. They don’t trust him and think he’s just a no good pirate.
You threaten to tell their mothers of how unaccepting they’re being though and they shut up pretty fast.

Harry refers to you as his little lost girl or his darling. You’ll jokingly call him captain.
Not around Uma though.
In all honesty, Harry isn’t surprised that you can fly. He actually expected it.
You used pixie dust to make him fly, which turns into one of the most amusing things you’ve ever seen.
You’re his happy thought.

He only chuckles whenever you fly past him and kiss his cheek or something similar, he found it cute.

He flirts with you constantly, enjoying how red you’ll get if you’re a bit shy.
Or he’ll smirk when you flirt back with him.

Harry either has to keep a training tip on his hook, or it gets shrunken down and he wears it as a necklace.
Either way you’re fascinated by it. You’re the only one besides Uma he lets touch or hold it.

You tell him stories about Neverland while he trains for tourney or practices sword fighting.
Harry and you have made one another promises to visit Neverland and sail the seas for a time after school.

Your mother was fairly welcoming of Harry, she felt he deserved a chance, he wasn’t his father.
Your father wasn’t as welcoming, but the second Harry made a snarky joke, the two hit off and the whole night was filled with laughter.

Harry teaches you how to steer a pirate ship, the two of you running off down to where Uma’s ship had been docked.
You spent the entire day out on the water, the air filled with laughter.
He watched on proudly with his arms wrapped around you when you successfully docked the ship.

You’re his happy thought and he’s yours, and that’s how it’ll stay.


Eragon and Saphira

This is a gift for @killushawn as a thanks for getting me into this amazing book series(and also because you’re awesome). It’s not much but it is what i can give, and dragons are always fun to draw so why not <3 

Take my trash gift, hope u like it Shawn 

The way Bangtan would kiss;

d i s c l a i m e r || this is just my opinion based on the general idea of their character I have formed through out the years. Of course you could have a totally different opinion than mine (since we’re all different people, we also perceive things differently) and of course I have no way of knowing if I even came close to the reality so take it as it is: an opinion of a fellow ARMY. Thank you :)


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I see him as a very manly type of guy so he strikes me as the classical type of boyfriend that gives you that feeling of “protection”, you know. That’s probably because he has the widest shoulders ever wtinessed by the human race.
So I think his kisses would be that classical “hands around face or neck” type of kisses. Sweet but also passionate, sometimes even playful when he wants to bring up some of his jokes to the table just to watch you laugh.
I don’t see him as the person who would be really into PDA - unless is something simple like holding hands - and he strikes me as a person who likes to keep things private so I don’t think he’d initiate in front of others. But once the door is closed… well ;)


Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Well. Well. Well. Passion.
That’s how I’d describe it with just one word. Namjoon really strikes me as a passionate kind of guy - also in bedroom to be honest - so whenever I think about him in those types of situations I’d imagine a normal thing to be kissed whilst pressed against a door or a wall - or a matress obvisouly lol.
I think out all of them he would be the one more prone to give french kisses (as on a daily basis really) and to take his long ass time during a make out session. He’d be fine with his significant other initiating a kiss but he’d probably wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself, if you know what I mean.
He can be really shy too so, PDA for him would probably be a bit tricky, depending on who’s watching and it would definetely affect is passionate side because that is only for their other half to witness.


Originally posted by sensualkisses

I think Yoongi can be very passionate and very sweet depending on the occasion. As a daily type of kisses I’d imagine him to give slow kisses more than anything. Maybe a bit of tongue action here and there but mostly relaxed, sweet and torturatingly slow kisses. I feel like he’d be the type to love kissing in the morning, while still in bed and hugging each other.
I also see him giving eskimo kisses to his significant other with one of his adoring smiles on his lips.
He would probably be into touching his other half a lot whilst kissing - like caresses on their face or body or even grabbing the skin when he’s being more passionate.
Also, hickeys would definetely be a thing.


Originally posted by chicastrology

Aaah, our sweet angel Hoseok.
I think he wouldn’t have any problems with being affectionate in public - always with decency of course XD - because he’d be too much into his significant other to care about the world around them.
I feel like out of the seven he’d be second only to Namjoon when it comes down to passion. He could also be really playful and like to tease you - and be teased- from time to time.
He’d also probably kiss his other half at the most randomest of times just because he was missing them of watching them from afar and couldn’t resist any longer. I see him as someone really prone to skinship - no matter what level or form - so there would be a lot of physical contact with him on a daily basis.


Originally posted by annoyingvoidzombie

Even tho Jimin can be quite the passionate type, I still see him as someone who’d be sweet more than anything else. He’d really like to cuddle with his significant other and kiss for hour straight while holding them in his arms.
He’d be the type to look at his partner a lot and smile fondly at them even when they can’t see him just because that’s how madly in love he is.
He’s definetely too shy to do a lot of PDA but he wouldn’t back down if his partner initiated it and maybe he would even initiate it himself in occasions like dates - but not like an official dinner with friends if you know what I mean.
It would probably be hard for him to be apart from his other half so he’d be bent in spending most of the time they got together either kissing them, hugging them or just generally cuddling.


Originally posted by sensualkisses

Taehyung strikes me as a really playful type of boyfriend. He’d like to kiss his partner everywhere he can possibily access and especially every inches of their faces and would bask in the way they laugh when he does so. I see him being really into neck kisses, especially if under the ear, and he also strikes me as someone who would playfully leave love marks on their partner’s body and even bite them from time to time.
He’s definetely the affectionate type of guy so he wouldn’t be really able to stop himself from touching their other half in public - weather it’s sweet kisses on the cheek/head or caresses or holding hands - and he is definetely the type to cuddle for hours, to fall asleep with them in their arms and to whisper into their ears from time to time (or even sing!).


Originally posted by pleasingpics

He would be such a playful tease! If his significant other is shorter than him then they wouldn’t hear the end of it EVER. He’d love to complain how his neck hurts from having to get too low to kiss them but he’d do it with his adorable smile just because he likes to see them sulk. I see his teasing just as a playful manner to witness his partner laugh or smile. 
He could be passionate but I think he’s also extremely sweet. He’s definetely not the type of guy to show a n y PDA in public, but I don’t see him as refusing it either. As in, he wouldn’t want to hurt the person he loves so he wouldn’t publicly reject them. But he wouldn’t initiate anything at all in front of strangers. The best he could possibily do would be holding hands.
He’d be really into back hugs and therefore kisses on the neck, the cheek and the head. Also, he’s the little shit who would give a kiss on their ear and laugh his ass off at his significant other outrage.

I did this on a whim, tbh. Also, I should avoid writing when I’m tired. I don’t have the mental strenght to re-read this so if it’s full of mistakes and nonsensical phrases, please ignore  ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴

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also, sorry for slight ask spam. buuuuut i was wondering if you'd ever consider drawing artiplier? you might have already and i missed it, but i know one of my friends absolutely loves your style (i do too) and is dying to know how you'd portray the community created art bean. if you want, i mean. (srsly love ur art tho, keep bein a great frond to ap -thumbs up-)

Huh, I never had tried to draw him before, and I should probably get him into the Egos because I know he’ll be a very very very interesting addition….

Imma do comics for him when I get the time XD I think I could see a story in him. Wait and see how I’ll portray him, hopefully everyone would like it :D

But meanwhile, let’s have a sketch of everyone’s painting Frenchmaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

GOT7: How they react to their crush trying to learn Korean

I need to write more reactions for GOT7! I only have 1 rn lol oops XD Here you go!


He’d get a little cocky I think XD He’d think you were learning it because of him and just giggle and blush anytime you talked about it or talked in Korean. He’d be shy though and just awkwardly offer to help you out, probably smiling way too much anytime he helped you and blushing a lot. 


Jackson would be so excited. He’d designate himself as your teacher and help you out along the whole way so he could spend time with you. “YOU’RE LEARNING KOREAN? I’LL HELP YOU THIS IS HOW YOU SAY–”


He’d be kind of like Jackson in that he would want to help you learn but a lot more structured. He’d have a study plan and books and everything XD Expect lots of long study sessions and him quizzing you often, probably speaking in Korean often to you so you get used to it fast. He’d love it so much tbh.


You: Jinyoung I’m going to try and learn Korean

Him: *gif* 

He would be so happy lol, for so many reasons. He’d see it as an opportunity to spend more time with you and help you learn but if he actually did he would get shy and not even end up teaching you anything. If you spoke to him in Korean he would probably die not even joking, his heart would melt. 


Youngjae would be so supportive!! When he realized you were learning Korean he would just happily cheer you along, helping you with anything you struggled with. He’d be the one to bring you drinks and snacks when you’re studying and massage your shoulders bc he’s a sweetheart.


(This gif XD)

Bambam would be so happy, and would use this as an excuse to get closer to you. He’d offer to ‘come over and help you study’ but would end up just distracting you and hanging out. He’d probably have a lot of tips on how to learn it and remember stuff so every now in then when he actually did end up helping he’d be really valuable lol XD


Yugyeom would be the most flustered I think. When you told him you were learning Korean he would be so giggly and blushy, and would ask to hear you speak it. He’d love hearing you speak it so much and would try to help you learn new words and phrases so he could hear it more often!

I hope you like it!!:) 


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Luhan as Older Brother Headcanon
  1. Won’t let you touch his cats, unless you bring him bubble tea
  2. “Do you think I’m pretty? I know you are, I want to be pretty like you xD”
  3. Will always give you love advice, not that they work or anything. Who knows
  4. “No. Not Sehun. He’s mine. NO! Not Xiumin! He’s mine too!”
  5. Very possessive with his things and with you too 
  6. Probably would annoy you to death when you meet a new boy/girl
  7. Would pick you up sometimes after school and take you to a little adventure
  8. “Forget about homework, you can do that in your way to school tomorrow. I want you to see this!”
  9. “Let’s go shopping, I know you love it”
  10. He would probably know everything you do but wouldn’t tell you anything unless you tell him, doesn’t want to break your trust
  11. “Who’s that girl annoying you? do you want me to talk to her? Or any of the boys? I won’t let this continue!”
  12. He would pretend he’s angry when you steal his sweaters but the truth is he doesn’t mind as long as you are happy
  13. “Can I do your hair? Pretty please?”
  14. He’ll tell you everything, he wouldn’t hide anything from you
  15. He’d love playing soccer with you
  16. Teach you how to ride a bicycle
  17. “When did you grow up this much? I didn’t approve. MOM! Tell her something!”
  18. No matter how far away he is, you could always count on him
  19. He’d be pretty annoying sometimes, you are his little sibling anyways 
  20. Do not think that because you are his little baby, you’ll be able to touch his Hello Kitty collection, not even with a bubble tea bribe
Got7′s Reaction to you wanting to do face masks together

I hope you enjoy the reaction!! @okayysunshiine


*He would definitely do face masks with you and would probably like the fact that you also cared for his skin.*

Y/N: *puts the face mask on him and then laughs* “You look funny.”

BamBam: *gif* “So do you!”

*Then you two would probably laugh at each other and then take selfies.(#relationshipgoals xD)*


(A/N: Ignore the caption that it has XD)

*Yugyeom would think you were joking but then when he sees you approach him and try to put it on him, he’d get serious.*

Yugyeom: *gif* “Really? You’re going to do this to me…”

Y/N: “Yes.” *puts the face mask on him*


*He’d say no from the start and would stop you every time you tried to put it on him.*

Youngjae:*gif (pretend that you’re touching his face instead of his nose xD) “Stop… I don’t want too.” *laughs at your attempt to put it on him.*


*JaeBum really wouldn’t want to do it but you would put it on him anyways.*

JB: *gif*

*But after a while of having it on, he’d like it because it felt refreshing.*


*He would look at you and not say whether or not he wanted to do it so you put it on him anyways.*

Jinyoung: “Umm…Okay?”


*He wouldn't mind at all doing face masks with you but would joke around to much and probably ruin it.*

Mark: “Jagiya! Come here and give me a kiss.” *chases you around trying to put some of his face mask on you.*



Talk with Got7 is OPEN!! And requests will be open soon!! So be ready with your requests :)

BTS reaction to dating a shy S/O

okay so i probably don’t know how to write just reactions xd

Kim seokjin

He would respect you so hard. Each time he saw you blush because something he said, or clench when he was maybe too close, he would soflty stop and give you an apologetically smile, or ask you if he should do anything else and if you were okay. He would try to understand why do you feel so shy, discretely asking you when lying on his bed or watching a movie.

Your happiness will mean all to him,  so respecting your shyness and your space, though hard, would not be impossible. He would feel a little down knowing you didn’t felt comfortable while hugging/kissing in public, but knew that when you two got home, you will probably caress his neck nervously and start pecking his lips, and that was all he need.

Eventually, that same respect he had for you, would start boosting your confidence. You would realize being shy was not something bad, and that people could understand you instead of forcing you to do stuff you weren’t prepared for. One day, when you genuinely approached him in public to hug and kiss him happily, Jin’s heart would burst. Everything was going to be even more perfect than it already was before,

Min Yoongi

Being someone who had deal with social anxiety, he would very well the feeling of not wanting to talk. You weren’t just shy: you were utterly quiet. He wouldn’t mind spending hours with you were you only muttered five or six sentences, usually very short. Actually, he would feel amazing having someone he could ramble about his hundreds of ideas and that would be really paying attention, or just someone he could be totally quiet and would enjoy it as much as him.

Anyway, it would be hard for him each time you got out, knowing you could feel uncomfortable, and the genuine lack of words and blushing you had to experience. He got angry to people when they insisted on talking or forcing you to do something, only making you sad and nervous. He would always try to confort you when it was too much, caressing your back, kissing your temble, or simply rubbing his thumb on your hand. When home, he would make some tea and hold you, telling you his favorite childhood stories as you let yourself laugh and relax. And each night, when you finally fell asleep, he would take care of you and try to think how to take away all the fear on your shoulders.

Jung Hoseok

Hard. It was really hard for him to understand your shyness at first. Being such an outgoing person he could not get why would you want to be so shy. He was loud, playful, loving, touching. And you rather stay on the back, silently reading a book or browsing through your phone. 

It would also make him sad. The way you tensed when he suddenly hugged you from behind, or when he felt the urge of bathing you in kissing while in public. It wouldn’t hit him how much hurt and insecure of everything you were until the day you were about to do it, and you bursted into tears.

Everything changed since then. He would became the most understanding person on the planet. Each time he felt you tense in public, he would excuse both of you and leave, taking you to a quiet coffee or a nice bookshop. Something would change inside of him, making him appreciate the beauty of the behind and the silence. You would start opening yourself so much, and your physical relationship would become intense and sincere. Quiet dates, full of selfdiscovery would become part of his routine, making both of you realize that there was nothing that should be changed at all.

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon wasn’t exactly shy, but he could get embarrased really easily. You would probably meet him as he accidentally stumbled in front of you making you drop your books or coffee. As he apologized repeateadly and blushed hardly, while you stuttered uncomplete words and sentences, he would suddenly get distracted by a philosophical idea and after telling to you and hearing your answer, you would end up with his number.

You would be the shy and he would be the clumsy. You would get even more shy each time he broke something, or hit someone, or hurt anything and himself. Half of your relation ship would be you taking care of him, and the other half him supporting you.

Not a fan of going out, your favorite places would be your homes, libraries, museums, or small playgrounds. Anywhere you go he would find a quiet and lonely place where you would not feel observed and he could vent out his thoughts without being judged. Overprotective, he could get agressive when anyone or anything make you feel bad. At the same time, he would confort you in one thousand and one ways, always finding a new idea to relax you an dget your smile. He was willing to hit someone or run out of anywhere if you felt attacked, and also lo leave anything if you call him or text in need.

At the same time, while in private your shyness would wake up something totally different on him. He would feel attonished to the sublte blushing, the short breathing, the stuttered words. He would enjoy them even more when those actions appeared as you were naked under his body. And then, as every night, he would cuddle you and caress your body, making you wonder why you couldn’t feel as good as you felt on his arms each time you were outside.

Park Jimin

To begin, it would took you SO MUCH TIME to start dating. You both flirted endessly through the screens but, when face to face, he would hide behind any excuse and you would run as soon as you catch him staring. Eventually, Yoongi would be fed up and drag you both of to the same place, and tell in your faces what you always wanted to tell each other.

Jimin would be the most understanding. He would find cute your blushings, your tremblings, your nervous giggles. You rarely got nervous with him, though, because he wouldn’t just know but feel each one of your limits. Sex time would take a long time for both of you, because each time you got close, one of you would be too shy to continue and you would end up cuddling. It would actually take you a little booze for you to be together the first time.

When together, it would be hard for people to decide who was the weirdest. Your awkward laughs, your constant blushing, and the overlapped sentences would amaze people and entertain them, only to make you feel even more shy. Usually, one of your defense strategies would be him hugging you from behind, so you could feel contained and he could hide his face on the crook of your neck or your shoulder, or vicerversa in case you were taller than the boy.

In the end, your relation ship would be a soft cloud of endless talk and private laughs, full of constant reassuring each other, and beautiful gentle touch that would drive both of you crazy.

Kim Taehyung

It would be that same shyness the one that actually made Tae lay his eyes on you. Why you avoided everyone gaze wwhen you had the most beautiful eyes, or why you rarely speak out with such an amazing voice. His usuall flirting tacticts wouldn’t work with you, as being an overconfindent and outgoing person would only pushed you away. He needed to be more subtle, but without stopping being himself.

That’s when he started with the hints. Small poems (written with Namjoon and Yoongi by his side) left on your clothes or bag, always leading you to small gifts. You might be shy, but also very curious. When the last hint lead you too him, weirdly nervous and holding a daisy, you knew he might was worth a try.

And it was. Hard for him as it could be, he still managed to find a place where you could be yourself and he could still be a dumb. He couldn’t stop wanting to be with people, but he selected a group of people that would always be the same when he was with you. His family and those friend quiclky would get use to your presence, respecting everything on your person. And when those weren’t available, he would just keep holding your hand, squeezing it, and making dumb jokes to relax your body and get your smile. And even though you knew you may never be a public figure or get all your insecurities up, at least you would know that everything would be easier if Tae was by your side.

Jeon Jungkook

It all started with a kiss. You were akwardly far talking on the couch, then you were akwardly close, and when something on the tv reminded one of your moments and you turn to each other at the same time, somehow your lips ended up together.

It all went down after that. He would look at you, but you were to shy to talk him back. He might hate you, you believed. And your actittudes told him the same, making it impossible for him to approach you in person.

Eventually, he did. And things got better, and worse. You were both shy, but not the Jimin way shy. You were the kind of shy people that could sit silent for hours feeling uncomfortable just seeing the amount of people. He had managed to survive it due to his career, but it was harder for you. You would not only suffer the fear of attention and people, but you would hurt when you caught him suffering too, seeing his nervous tics, his short answer, his constant blushing, his teary eyes.

Though you would manage to had your own medicines. Long warm baths, endless walk on the beach. Soft nights together, only caring about the other’s body. Leaving your phones home and taking a run to the woods, so he could shout an infinite amout of photobooks just of the two of you. Of course he would be scolded when he came back and found 20 lost calls, but he wouldn’t mind. He knew how much you needed to be alone, and reconnect with your stressed body to calm it down. I mean, he needed that too, and that’s why he would pick you over and over again. His reason to keep trying. Your reason to be alive.


Monsta X: Them realizing they love their crush + how they would confess

Warning, lots of fluff~ XD 


Shownu would already be aware of his feelings for you, though not of the full extent. One day it would just hit him that he was in love with you and that his feelings ran deeper than he thought. He’d want to confess by doing all the stereotypical, sweet but corny things like buying chocolates/flowers and saying all the right things, but he’d be too awkward. One day when you were hanging out he would get quiet all of the sudden and would start blushing. He’d just shyly admit how he felt, being too shy to even make eye contact but would be glancing at you to see how you reacted. 


Minhyuk would realize he loved you when you touched. One day rather than him hugging you first (let’s be honest Minhyuk would be hugging you/touching you first most the time, he’s so clingy XD) you’d wrap your arms around him and hug him tight. He would probably melt in your arms. His heart would be beating quickly and he’d realize he loved you. He would confess in a super sweet and completely Minhyuk-like way. He’d bring you flowers and would be extra touchy, lots of hand holding, hugging and small nudges. Finally would just happily tell you how he felt, smiling and blushing shyly.


Wonho wouldn’t really realize he loved you, he would just kind of know. It was little things, like you just being there for him and supportive of him, caring for him when he needed it. He’d notice you always made him happy and smile a lot and you were always there for him. It’d be the same when he confessed, it wouldn’t be like an official thing. He would show it more than say it, doing things for you and always wanting to spend time with you and be touchy/feely. One day he would just casually slip something like this into a conversation, “Don’t see other guys, okay? I won’t see anyone else, either. I love you, so…*gif*” 


Kihyun would realize he loved you when you were caring for him the way that he’s used to caring for everyone else. His heart would be so warmed and fluttery when he realized you cared so much for him, especially since he already had a major crush on you. He’d be pretty shy about confessing how he felt, though he’d really want to because his feelings would be so strong. He’d be the kind of guy that would over analyze it, and would practice what he was going to say. Would end up doing something sweet like writing a song about it or writing you a letter to let you know how he felt. 


Jooheon would be so obvious when he had a crush on you, but he wouldn’t realize it. He’d always be gawking at you like in the gif, always blushing anytime you touched him and texting you all the time to see what you were up to. He would realize he loved you when one of the other members pointed it out to him, he probably wouldn’t figure it out on his own. When he confessed he would be shy but pretty direct about it, in a cute and lovable way. Would just blush a lot and clasp his hands together while he admitted his feelings in a really honest and sweet way. 


Hyungwon would realize he loved you naturally, as you hung out and he realized he wanted to be with you more than anyone else. He’d realize how comfortable and happy he was around you and it would just kind of click in his head that he liked you a lot more than he thought. He’d be pretty straightforward when it came to confessing, I think, he wouldn’t be very shy. One day when you were together he would confess to you and ask if you felt the same way, worried that you didn’t. When he realized you did he’d just *gif* and get all blushy.


Changkyun would realized he loved you when you were texting. He’d love texting you with you all day and night. He’d check his phone the second he got a notification hoping that it was you, and if it wasn’t he would be so disappointed. He’d notice he liked talking to you more than anyone else and had suddenly lost interest in all other girls and then he would realize. He’d think he would be really confident when he’d confess but when he was actually about to do it he’d get shy and awkward. Eventually he’d just get annoyed with himself and would just say it, laughing nervously afterwards, embarrassed at how awkward he was.

I hope you like it! This took quite a lot longer than expected haha. Feel free to request anytime ~

How long would it take for EXO to have their first time with their GF

This was requested by @icehooligan ! Sorry I didn’t answer right away! Anyways, this is only my opinion, doesn’t mean it’s right or even close to reality. Xoxo, Ara~

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anonymous asked:

Hi! How do you think Eren, Armin, Levi, Erwin, Jean, Mike and Marco would react to their s/o dying on a mission to protect them? Thank youu!

[Warning! Mentions of feeling suicidal; spoilers from the manga. I hope these aren’t too depressing - I tried to make ‘em end on a good note but, that’s quite hard. Sorry XD. Also, there’s probably tons of grammar errors and misspelling. I have a migraine right now T_T ugh - mod max ]



 Eren hated it when people die - especially if they die for him. And the fact that this person is someone so dear to him just makes him more miserable. 

If people think that he was a suicidal maniac before, well, they better brace themselves now. Eren thinks that there’s literally nothing to lose - he is but a weapon. It just pains him knowing that his s/o won’t get to enjoy the future he’s fighting for. 

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Pentagon: How they react to their S/O kissing them all over and cuddling them when they get bored while watching a movie together


Are you kidding, Hui couldn’t handle this. He’d be a giggling, blushing hot mess. The second you started peppering him with kisses he’d die. If you cuddled him it would make it so much worse! He’d find you so cute and be so embarrassed but so happy. He’d eat the attention up and happily return the favor after he recovered from the sudden heart attack XD 


Jinho would be so shy. Your sudden affection would startle him and he would have no idea how to respond to this situation. He’d shyly wrap his arm around you and just cuddle you back, blushing furiously and eventually awkwardly kissing you back. 


Hongseok would forget about the movie. His attention would be completely on you. When you started kissing him everywhere he would take that as an invitation to do the same back and eventually it would be an all out make out session in the middle of the movie theater. 


Confused. What were you trying to start all of the sudden? Was the movie that boring? He didn’t really care. “Um…do you want to go somewhere else and do this?” Almost too straightforward XD


(Note: I feel like Shinwon comes off as kind of shy and like soft but he really isn’t at least he wouldn’t be in a situation like this, with an S/O XD)

He would be turned on by like your straightforwardness and would happily melt right into your advances, submitting to every kiss with pleasure. He’d do the same for you after enjoying the attention for a while, getting very passionate very quickly. 

Yeo One: 

You would boost his confidence with this! Yeo One would be the guy that would want to do all the stereotypical couple things like kissing in the theater but he’d be way too polite to initiate that kind of thing on his own. When you started kissing him like that he’d feel more comfortable and would happily do the same to you, cuddling you excessively and leaving sweet little kisses all over you. ^^


So shy but so giddy. Would be similar to Hui in this situation I think but more innocent and blushy. He’d be nervous as he wouldn’t really know what to do but also eager. He’d give you shy, sloppy kisses all while he had a smile plastered to his face. As it went on they would grow deeper and sweeter and just soft. Lots of hand holding and cute brushes against your cheeks. 


RIP Yuto.

I’m just kidding but seriously, can you imagine. Yuto seems like the sexy type but honestly he’s just a shy bean and he’d have absolutely no idea what was happening. Would just sit there like *gif* as you giggled, pressing little kisses to his cheek and hugging him tight. Would love it a lot but would have absolutely no idea how to express it. XD 


Kino would definitely be the most natural in this situation. He’d be a little smug, smiling when he realized that you were more into him than the movie. He would lift your chin up and press his lips to yours, pulling you closer to him and kissing you deeply and perfectly. He wouldn’t want small, short kisses and he’d make sure you knew XD 


I feel like it would depend. If you were at home or if it was just you two he would be totally into it. If you were at a theater though he would be like *gif*, so awkward. “…Do you not like the movie? Should we leave…?” Probably would try to avoid your kisses and like cuddle you close so you couldn’t move too much XD 

I hope you all like it!:)