you probably won't believe me

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Excuse me Bendy but I have a bad feeling about this bendy you have a crush about, I just saw that he has been flirting with other bendys. You probably won't believe me but im telling you the truth.


Oh darling, with a body like that?

I can’t blame him~.

But I’ve got a date.

Me too, Scotty. Me too.

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My boyfriend cheated on me once and I forgave him,he cheated on me again and idk what to do the only thing that keeps me going is your quotes,I don't think he understands the pain that I'm going too,he says he's sorry but idk what to believe he says he still loves me,you probably won't respond but your quotes are motivating me to love myself

Oh dear, I’m so sorry you’re in so much pain. :( He doesn’t treat you with respect, I’m so sorry to say this as it may not be what you want to hear, but if he has done it once it’s horrible, twice, he’s not planning on changing. Your gentle, kind and tender heart deserves more than the kind of love where he treats you as something that is comfortable, whilst going out looking for adventure in someone else. You deserve to be everything to someone. Home and adventure, someone they can come home to, but also who makes them feel like life is exciting and wonderful. Please don’t allow yourself to be loved like this, when you should be loved so much better. The pain is like a bandage. It’ll hurt when you rip it off, and ache for a while as the wound heals. But you will be happier and stronger for it, I promise when you let go. So much love and strength to you, my darling. <3

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Hey, it's nice anon =) There are too many mean ones, so I decided to go out and fix it =) I love you. You are perfect =) I know you probably won't believe me, but you are one of the most important people in the world. Stay strong.

Thanks, You too, we need more anons like you <3