you probably took the same picture

@namtif I had a feeling that their heights would end up being the next possible question from my post lol!

A while ago @mlscience did an incredible job at calculating Chat Noir’s height from the dimensions of the Mona Lisa! Their use of math is way beyond my abilities or comprehension, but I can try my best at estimating an approximate scale for how tall they could be. Just remember, I’m probably not going to be very accurate. ^_^

It took me a bit to find some decent images that showed his full body with a open hand for scale. Thankfully for the wonderful pictures provided by @officialmiraculousladybug I got this excellent character model reference:

I was able to mark the length of his hand, and the number of those that would fit within his height. As you can see he is about 9 hands high (insert horse jokes haha)
But just to be sure, and have a reference for Marinette as well, I applied the same measurement to another image:

Again I got close to about 9 hand lengths in his height. So if according to my previous estimate, Adrien’s hands are about 20cm long, then that is 20 x 9 = 180cm or roughly 5ft 10in. Marinette’s is about 8 hand lengths, which would be 20 x 8 = 160cm or 5ft 3in. Giving a few centimeters for a margin for error, they could both be slightly taller or shorter than my measurements.

My Classical Mythology Professor

“Hephaestus is really great. I mean, he only ever really does that one little thing of molesting his newly born sister, but other than that he’s cool.”

“Apollo’s just a sociopath, and a loser version of Zeus, really.”

“So either Helen falls in love with Paris, which she doesn’t want to do, or Aphrodite ships her off to Egypt to get a master’s degree in pharmacology.”

“Whenever Achilles had a problem, he’d just run home crying to his mom. His mom always had the same advice: stop fighting, eat, have sex with a woman. He only ever did the first thing, which is probably why he got killed.”

“Basically, Apollo got mad at a bunch of people for not having sex with him and they ended up worse off - mostly turned into plants, for some reason.”

“Cassandra turned Apollo down since she held a vow of chastity, but of course Apollo took it personally and cursed her.”

“You can always pick out Odysseus in pictures ‘cause he’s always wearing a stupid little hat.”

“The gods tend to have these conflicting powers or personality types. Ares, super feared by mortals and always bloody and angry, is basically the fool of the gods. Zeus, almighty king of the gods, is completely helpless when it comes to his libido.”

“So Brad Pitt spends nine years in the harem - you’ve all seen 300 right? I always picture Achilles as Brad Pitt now. Anyway, Brad Pitt’s in the harem, bored out of his mind for 9 years cause he’s already been trained for hero stuff at Chiron’s hero academy…”

“So Orlando Bloom is just moping in his room while the Greeks are camping outside of Troy, and Hector finds him and is like, ‘Come on, Paris, this whole war is because of you!’”

“Have you all seen the Disney version of Hercules, where Hades is super evil and angry? Yeah, that’s not really right. Hades was more like the weird, basically harmless brother of Poseidon and Zeus.”

“I love this vase of the Underworld, it really shows the relationship between Hades and Persephone. I mean, Persephone’s standing there like ‘Whip that guy more! Punish him less! Stop slacking!” and Hades’ is just lounging on the chair like, “Darling, how about a roast for dinner?”

“The thing is, Oedipus tried really hard not to kill his father and marry his mother!”

GOT7: he’s your lock screen

ok I’m gonna assume that in this scenario, you’re dating them, but if you want something else, I’ll write it, just ask!!


 Mark would be so touched when he noticed that he was your lock screen, even if it was a bad (meme) picture of him. He’d just be overjoyed that he was a big enough part of your life that you decided to have something to remember him by every time you used your phone. He’d probably be really smiley around you for an hour or so and you’d wonder what was up, but he wouldn’t say anything. That said, he’s probably going to set his lock screen to a picture of you (if he hadn’t already), but it would be an absolutely horrendous picture and you’d beg him to change it to anything else 


Jaebum wouldn’t say anything to you about it, but would feel really touched that you considered him important/liked him enough to want to see him whenever you used your phone. He’d probably sneak up on you and pull you into a tight hug for a bit, saying “Just because,” when you asked why. He’d definitely set his lock screen and home screen to a picture of you that he took while on a date and you weren’t looking. And sometimes he would unlock his phone just to look at it with this little smile on his face and it’s cute very very cute


What have you done. Jackson would be elated when he realized he was your lock screen, probably screeching and jumping around a bit. He’d either compliment your choice of lock screen, saying he looks sexy, or he’d complain that he looks ridiculous and would make you take photos of him as he posed in various places to replace your lock screen. Jackson probably already had a selfie of the two of you set as his, but would feel really touched by your simple  action even if he was annoying as hell about it


With Jinyoung, it depends on what the lock screen picture is. If it’s a sweet candid you took when he didn’t know, he’d feel nice knowing that you liked him enough to make such a small, but meaningful, gesture. If it was something embarrassing, he’d cringe and probably ask why you had decided on that particular picture because it’s wonderful that’s why. I think he’d see this as a milestone in your relationship, marking the point where you two liked each other  enough to want to see each other all the time 


a/n: can we talk about how they move their heads at the same time in this gif cause it’s kinda trippy

Youngjae would love that he was your lock screen, and would show you his lock screen, which would be a picture of you when you were sleeping or something. You would probably say you looked bad in the photo, but he would refuse to change it, so you’d set yours to a worse picture of him, which would launch a lock screen war. Each of you would try to find the worst possible photo of the other to set as your lock/home screen. It’d be really cute, with both of you laughing at the absolutely horrendous photos you managed to find before eventually taking a thousand couple selfies and deciding to use one of those


BamBam would tease you relentlessly, saying you must love him a lot to want to look at him all the time. Of course, he can’t blame you, he’s gorgeous. Unless it was a meme picture of him, he’d probably remark on how sexy he looked. if it was a meme photo it should be he’d find an equally meme picture of you to set as his lock screen and would be so proud of how dank you two were, truly the greatest couple on the planet. That said, I definitely think BamBam is the the type to love couple selfies, so he’d probably change his lock screen to a new selfie of the two of you every other week and make you do it, too little shit


Yugyeom would tease you, too, but wouldn’t do it for very long. He’d find it absolutely adorable that you had him as your lock screen and would be all happy and smiley for a while. He’d show you his lock screen, which was of you eating ice cream or something similar and say that he loves the picture because he remembers that date every time he opens his phone. Then, he’d probably make himself cringe from saying such a cheesy thing but hey he really likes you so

Monsta X reaction to finding you fast asleep w/ their clothes on

Request: “Hi can you please make a reaction where the boys (all. Sorry if it’s too much ㅠ.ㅠ) find you sleeping on their clothes.” -anon

Hey anon! Thank you so much for requesting this and I really appreciate it :) I hope you like it! :) If you want to read more, click here! credits to all of the owners of these gifs :)

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Shownu; Shownu would be really giddy about it. Coming home after a stressful day, he would find you fast asleep on the couch wearing his over-sized shirt and shorts. All of his stress would be gone in an instant and a fatherly smile would appear of his face. Look at how cuddly he looks ;u; 

He would kneel down and lovingly stare at you, caressing your cheeks and pushing away the strands of hair covering your face before carrying you back to your room.

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Jooheon; By the time he lays eyes on you fast asleep with his sweater on, he would try to wake you up with a pout on his face. Despite the fact the groans and whines you give him, he still continues to wake you up. He couldn’t bear the look on your face as it gave him so much feels.

When you finally gave up and decided to wake up on behalf of your dear sleep, he would whine and say, “Babeee, why are you wearing my sweater and look so cute in it? If you continue to wear things like this I might not be able to control myself.”

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Wonho; Being the Wonho that he is, he would literally find you sexy but at the same time cute. As soon as he steps foot on your room, his eyes would slowly observe your sleeping figure but a smile would appear on his face when he see’s that you’re wearing his hoodie and sweats. 

He would hurriedly remove his clothes and wear his pajamas before plopping his whole body beside you, wrapping his arms around your waist and would whisper things like, ‘Jagi, you’re so cute.’ ‘How can you also be hot and sexy at the same time?’, despite the fact you’re already fast asleep.

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Kihyun; When he came home after their World Tour, he hurriedly went home, only to see you fast asleep in his hamster onesie. At first he would think ‘What’s up with her?’ but then soon realizes how much you’ve missed him. He would chuckle and smile to himself. 

He would probably pull out his camera and take pictures of you, checking at every single preview of the shots he took, thinking of how cute you looked. I think his photo shoot of you would take a good fifteen minutes before joining you to bed, wrapping his arms around you, laughing to himself before drfiting off to dreamland.

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I.M; With you just wearing his shirt and a really short short, he wouldn’t really know how to react by it. Should he cover you up? Wink at you even though you’re fast sleep? But then, the craziest thing would come into his mind. After changing into his pajamas, he would lay beside you and poke you anywhere until you wake up.

By the moment you open up your eyes, he would start winking at you, giving you kissy faces and other seductive typical Changkyun expressions. “Rawrr, you look so hot babe. RAAAWWRRR!”  

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Minhyuk; Minhyuk would probably notice it by the minute he steps foot on the living room. He would be so ecstatic about it, trying to stop himself from squealing at how cute you looked with his stripped jacked and shorts on. But then he would fail since he couldn’t control his feels from screaming his heart out. 

You would be awaken by his screaming, rubbing your eyes while searching for the source of noise, only to make him scream more. “You’re so cute, jagiya! Omo, I should buy the two of us couple shirts! Or I should give you some of my clothes so that I can come home to this every single day!”

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Hyungwon; Well, let me tell you something. This boy, unlike Minhyuk, he wILL not be able to notice what you’re wearing right away. All he could ever think of was get changed and sleep right away. By the minute he wakes up, he still wouldn’t notice it even though you were still fast asleep. 

But then by the time he notices it, he would laugh and would shake you by the arm, waking you up with a big smile plastered on his lovely face. “Aww, babe, you’re wearing my shirt… aww, it looks like a dress on you.” Well, he’d be laughing his butt off when you looked like a kid wearing a shirt that looks like a dress on you.

Rant time.

Because recently I’ve been seeing a storm of “wow I feel so sorry for kataangers Aang was ruined because they made him such a horrible father!!!!!!!”


I’d like to start out by pointing out Bryke has stated that the notion of Aang being a bad father was exaggerated by fans.

Okay, here’s the deal.

Imagine you’re Aang. You wake up to a new world only to find out that you’ve been gone for a hundred years, your entire nation, your culture, every person you ever loved is gone. Completely wiped from existence. You are the sole survivor of a race of people, therefore you are responsible for keeping the values of your people and keeping their culture alive.

Then one day, you have a kid. Years later, you have another kid.

Both of these kids are not interested in your culture. In fact, they find it boring and want absolutely nothing to do with it.

You’d be pretty hurt, right?

So then finally, you have a third kid. Turns out, this kid is an airbender! The first airbender born in over a century. Wouldn’t you be thrilled? Not only is he an airbender, but is excited to immerse himself completely into air nomad culture.

It only makes sense that you’d have a closer bond with him than the other two.

This, in NO WAY means that Aang loved Tenzin the most. I’d like to refer to the scene where all three of the kids travel to the southern air temple. Bumi questions if Aang would’ve been proud of him. Kya’s response is “you KNOW he would be” even Bumi and Kya know that Aang loved them all the same.

“But Aang took Tenzin on vacations without the other two!” (I’m pretty sure these ‘vacations’ were just like, air nomad stuff anyway)

The family picture. If you remember the family picture, we see that Bumi is quite a bit older than his siblings. I’d put him anywhere between 10-13, while Kya probably no older than 4 or 5. And Tenzin obviously was a baby. By the time Tenzin was actually old enough to go on special trips with Aang, Bumi was in his late teens, and possibly could have already gone off to join the United forces.

And then there’s Kya. Take one look at Kya, would you even guess she’s related to an air nomad? She’s a waterbender, and like Tenzin with air nomad culture, Kya devoted herself to the water tribe. Like Aang with Tenzin, we also know that Katara had a special bond with Kya. Katara was probably in the exact same boat as Aang. She finally had someone to teach and share her culture with, not to mention finally having the mother/daughter relationship that was robbed from her as a child. People are so quick to attack Aang about this, but why not Katara? She seems just as guilty of it to me.

It’s perfectly normal for parents to have a closer bond with one child over the other. Heck, my mom has a more special bond with me over my brother, and my dad has a more special bond with my brother than with me. And this is perfectly fine. My parents love the both of us equally. But my interests are more like my mother’s, while my brother’s interests are more like my dad’s.

Please take into account that he was the Avatar on top of this. Not to mention he had the entire weight of his people’s future on his shoulders. It was very important to him to teach Tenzin everything he could so that Tenzin could uphold his people’s culture and values. And because of that, he probably was SOMEWHAT guilty of choosing to spend time with Tenzin than his other kids. Which, in all honesty, ALL parents are guilty of doing to some degree. (Yes, probably even Katara with Kya)

Aang was not a bad father. He did the best he could. He loved all his kids the same.

The bag | Jughead x Reader

Summary: When you are looking for something in your bag you often find something you didn’t expect like earrings that you thought you lost or the chocolate bar that you bought but never ate or love that you didn’t notice

Words: 783 (It supposed to be really short I don’t know what happened)

Warnings: FLUFF

A/N(IMPORTANT): Hi! I’m so happy that you liked “I don’t remember”. I will try my best to published the second part soon (probably somewhere around Sunday). Now the important part: I have dyslexia so forgive me for my grammar and mistakes, because I’m trying to write correctly, but it does not always work. So I’m sorry, again. Feel free to send my any requests, asks etc. I write anything. The thoughts are write in italics.

“It ate my pen,” I said when I was digging in my bag.
“Keep digging.” Jughead was sitting in front of me with his laptop. He didn’t move his eyes from the screen.
“But it is not there! I put it in when I finish my classes and now it’s missing”
“You will find it, you always do,” He said still typing.
“You could borrow me a pen. What kind of best friend are you?”
“The one that cares about his stuff,” He said sarcastic and smiled at me
“You are very helpful”
“You’re welcome, now keep digging,” He said and get back to his laptop.
I looked at him and couldn’t stop the smile so I quickly looked down in my bag.
“I found it!” You said happily after about 2 minutes of looking.
“I know you will”
“Now it ate my notebook,” you said resignedly
“Keep digging,” Jughead rolled his eyes
“I can’t find my phone” I sighed chagrined
The party at Veronica’s house was slowly coming to the end. It was almost 2 am and most of the guests leave already, only our six and Jossie was still there
“I have to go” I heard Josie’s voice.
“Bye” I muttered
I looked around and saw Jughead’s phone laying on the table. Its owner was in the kitchen helping Veronica to put everything into the washing machine. Betty and Kevin were cleaning the second floor. I and Archie offered to take care of the living room. We finished it quickly and Archie decided to be a nap on the couch when I was planning to help with the vacuuming but first I needed to find my phone.
I could phone to myself I thought
“Jug, I’m borrowing your phone” I shouted in the kitchen direction. I took it and I saw the lock screen. I and Jughead were best friends since first grade and I didn’t know his password. I didn’t even remember that he had the password before.
“What’s your password?” I shouted again.
“His password is (day and month of your birthday | ex.2108)” Archie said from the couch.
That was weird password. 
It is possible that this is coincident that his password is the same as your birthday date? Yeah, probably it is

You  heard the quick steps from the kitchen
“(Y/N) wait!” Jughead ran into the room at exactly the same moment when I type his password.
I looked at the screen and then at Jughead and then again at his screen or more accurately on my photo on the wallpaper.
“What the… Jug why I am your wallpaper?” I asked looking at him.
“You weren’t supposed to see that,” he said and I saw that Jughead Jones is blushing.
“I can’t believe that you are finishing the third milkshake” Jughead was sitting on the grass next to me. The weather was beautiful. Everything was covered in sunlight. Jughead looked at me and smirked. His black hair was tangled from the wind and his famous beanie was missing. Well not missing, he put it on my head when we arrived exactly the same as every time when we meet in the Drive-In.
“I can tell you that I will probably go to Pop’s for another one,” I said.
“How it’s even possible that you are still alive after so much sugar?” He took his phone and moved a little bit.
“A years of practice” I laughed “What are you doing Jug?”
“I have to send Archie the photo of a girl that can drink 3 milkshakes and still wanted more when he almost puked after one and a half. So smile” I laughed even more and he took a picture.
“I love it,” I said when he showed me
“Yeah me too” he added quietly but I didn’t hear that.
“I know (Y/N), you will probably think that I’m some kind of freak, but…”
“I would never, ever think that!”
“I didn’t want to ruin our friendship because your my best friend and I care about you, but…” He wasn’t looking at me. His black hair got out from his beanie and covered his eye. I stood up, walked to him, brush them away and kissed him. He was surprised but he kissed me back right away.
“I love you (Y/N) and I realized that after that day when I took this photo” he whispered
“I love you to Jughead,” I said and we both smiled. This time he kissed me.
“I’M STILL HERE. SO FIND SOME ROOM” we heard Archie’s voice from the couch.

photographer!kihyun au

Originally posted by wonhontology

  • i,,, have had a thing for photographer kihyun for like,,,eVer sinCE i started stanning him,,,
  • and since there’s not much out there fics/aus about photographer kihyun
  • /rolls sleeve/
  • ok but photographer!kihyun would be both cool and cute i kid u not
  • the type to always???? ALWAYS!!!! have his camera by his side; either slung on his arm or in his backpack
  • there was this one time he forgot to bring his camera along and his friends thought something happened to him or the camera
  • “is ur camera oKay??????r YOU okay????” “why wouldn’t they be okay and im here aren’t i?”
  • turns out he just forgot to charge the batteries overnight shdsdsj clumsy
  • but how much do you wanna bet he can’t sit still without his camera by his side?
  • “yOo kihYUN sTop FidgEting” “i cant help it!!!!i’m so used to have my camera with me i-”
  • his camera is basically his wife,, but anyways moving on,
  • the type to be gone during the weekends to take short trips to the beach or countryside for pictures
  • “hey kihyun are you free this weekend” “can’t im going to the beach” “hey ki-” “CANT i have to go to the neighbouring city”
  • but his pictures ended up being to die for so it’s forgiven ;;
  • his phone wallpapers,,, would mostly b pictures of sceneries he took. Only on rare occasion it would be faces of people,,,, prob mainly bcs it was him who took it.
  • imagine him putting a picture of minhyuk because he loved the way the pic turned out and minhyuk saw,,,
  • “omg ki i didn’t know u liked me that much ;”^ )” “i  DONT. the pic just turned out nic-” “AWWW SHUSH I Like Me Too ;););)” “sdhjsdhjskajhskja remind me to not take a pic of u ever again”
  • “no way u like the way he poses for pics too much to not take pics of him” - prob shownu
  • “,,,,,, riTe”
  • its tru tho kihyun is picky when it comes to his pictures, especially potraits and he always complains about how its so hard to take pics of shownu
  • “shownu u do know you can breathe like normal, right?”
  • but anyways,
  • his instagram!!!!
  • god his instagram would b aesthetically pleasing nd like, low quality-ly hq,,
  • pics from his trips? pics from his coffee stops? pics of mx hanging out? you got them all!
  • but like,, what’s hard to see in his feed is probably his selfie since he takes bad selfies according to wonho and minhyuk
  • “i  DO NOT. take bad selfies” - says kihyun as he poses the same pose for 2938482 selfies with the same angle
  • sighs
  • so instead of uploading his selfies, the only pictures that would have his face in it would be the candids the boys took of him
  • from when he’s drinking coffees, or from when he’s taking pictures,,,
  • mostly r pics of him taking pictures w his camera since he find himself looking extra cool doing those
  • but like,,, since most of his pics r candids, u can hardly see his face since it’s always being covered w camera or looking down
  • also since most pics r from  the boys, u could expect to see minhyuk or wonho annoyingly commenting on his pics
  • “omg what a cool pic i wonder who took them” “i bet the photographer’s good looking tell him i’m a fan of him!”
  • “im  Blocking. both of u”
  • ok but you,,,, you do know kihyun, sort of
  • that is if u consider being friends with changkyun and hearing changkyun bragging about how good this one photographer friend is then yeah you do know kihyun
  • you follow him on instagram, but like,,, u never actually met him before??
  • tho judging on his ig pics he seems attractive but also seems like a snoob?? or a bit cocky?? based on his comments so idk,, u just dont really like those type of guys
  • but anyways, you’re studying filming major in school so you’re always standing behind the camera or screens instead,
  • but you’re been told a handful of time that you have enough visuals to be a model,, it DID crossed ur mind but like???me??? a model??? must b mad enough to do  That,  so u didnt
  • so you’re a close friends with changkyun, and you two are always hanging out when kyun ain’t hanging out w mx
  • so when you’re out together, it’s always u who takes kyun’s pictures and you’re no photography student, but you could say your pics r decent (since you actually like photography as well,)
  • changkyun loves!!!! ur pic and he always say that you would bond well with kihyun since the two of you have similar taste
  • youre like  “naaaaah no thx” and kyun just shrugs bcs like okay then sure no fOrcing u
  • so u continue to hangout with changkyun with him mentioning about wanting the two of you meeting up but you always refusing
  • UNTIL 
  • one day you two were hanging out at the park, just casual and being a bunch of goofs when kyun said some of the mx boys r here and wants to meet up nd if its okay with you
  • “yeAH??? i mean i would love to meet them anyways especially minhyuk! i heard he’s kinda cool,,”
  • “yeah but there’s gonna be kihy-” changkyun before his words being interrupted by a hollering minhyuk from afar
  • you immediately recognize minhyuk based on his jumpy attitude and also wonho who’s following behind a sprinting minhyuk
  • minhyuk immediately pounced on changkyun and you like,, laughed at how done kyun looked
  • u suddenly heard some clicker sound beside u and when u turn, ur eyes meet w a pair of very??? beautiful??? eyes???
  • it took a few seconds but u then realized it was kihyun,, with his camera his hand,, like OF COURSE kihyun would b around taking pics
  • immediately introducing yourself to the boys, changkyun immediately said, “ah ki hyung, she’s the one who always took my cafe an d ootd pics”
  • youre like ?? but when u look at kihyun he was like O-o and was saying “yeah i sorta figured?? since u hardly hang out w anyone else anyways” but he wasnt even looking at u or anything,,,
  • “wow he really /is/ snobby,,,,” was what u thought at first since even after a few mins of hanging out at the park, he still wont meet ur eyes??? even when he’s talking to you or something??? wow   rood.
  • but like yea you guys hanged out for a while longer before u decided to leave the boys alone
  • so when you excused yourself, changkyun was like “yeah yeah sure i’ll see you later” but
  • kihyun seemed weirdly and surprisingly disappointed for someone who hardly made any eye contact w you through out the hour of hanging out
  • nd judging on his personality around the boys and on what changkyun told you, you doubt he’s actually  SHY
  • (in which he is but we’ll get to that later)
  • but anyways, kihyun was like: “you’re leaving already?”
  • “????y ea??? i have early classes tomorrow so,,”
  • “o right your filming classes”
  • ???? ?you’re actually surprised that he knows??? but okay then
  • so like u go home and attend your classes like normal for almost a whole week, nothing unusual happened, and u doing ur usual routine,
  • like going to classes, having lunch w your friends and changkyun when he’s free, studying in the library,, and even going out during the afternoon for an hour of,,, walk
  • so here’s the thing
  • even when you’re a film student, you have a huge interest in photography, so,
  • every afternoon you would go out for an hour or two, just to walk around town, stopping once in a while to just take pictures.
  • people thought you go out for some exercises but l mao n O
  • you always have your small handy little camera by your side,, your loyal best friend.
  • so like it was a week??? after that meeting with kihyun and the other boys, but nothing happened,
  • you did saw kihyun around the campus once in a while,
  • but everytime your eyes locked, he would blin k for once or twice then quickly look away,
  • in WHICH, helped u to think that he’s really a snob
  • (u gH HE IS REALLY NOT but we’ll get there anyways,)
  • so like one afternoon you’re just walking around town, taking pictures like normal,
  • and you’re at this small park at the end of town,
  • its small, and not packed, just like how u like it,,
  • so you ended up just spending your afternoon there, taking pictures and stuff
  • nd after a while u spot a cute little kitten playing around, and of course u took pictures of it
  • the cat spotted you and it just ran towards you and soon,,
  • your camera was forgotten and you’re there,
  • just sitting on the ground and playing with the little kitten,,,
  • it was really peaceful, with just you and the kitten, and maybe some one or two people passing by, a couple sitting on a bench nearby,, but that’s just it
  • it’s not noisy or anything, just the way you like it,,
  • at least until u heard some sound of the flicker of a camera
  • looking around, you were expecting to see someone taking photos of views or the trees,, BUT
  • what you wasnt expecting was seeing a camera lens being pointed directly towards you,, just a few feet away from you,, and the kitten
  • you just stared at the camera,, nd the person behind the camera since you’re not really sure what to do
  • because like you’re not sure either to be mad or not?? since yea, it’s not nice to take other people’s pictures without permission but like,
  • you yourself have taken so many candid pictures of others,,, so??? u’re not exactly sure??
  • realizing they were caught, the person quickly lower down their camera and bow down their head slightly
  • but like you managed to catch their face and you just,,,: “kihyun???”
  • the person look up at you and with his round glasses on the bridge of his nose, his beanie covering his black hair, a simple round sweater hugging his figure,
  • you could easily tell it is indeed your campus’ infamous photographer, Mr. Yoo Kihyun
  • “what are you-”
  • “look, i’m sorry for taking your picture without permission it’s just that the settings was all so nice and the sunlight was on point, the kitten was active and you look really pretty so i just had to,, and like i hope u dont ask me to delete them??? because it’s really pretty,,, like i could show u if you don’t believe me it’s ReALLy nice!!! and-”
  • “l mao kihyun you’re babbling and yea of course you can keep them,”
  • “please dont tell me to- wait, what?? reaLLy???”
  • “yea h, i mean, as long as i look good in them tho”
  • “o- oh,, well,, u do look decent i guess???”
  • “don’t lie, i heard it when u said i looked pretty.”
  • “o h sh OOt”
  • CUE a cute blushing kihyun scratching his nape, trying to figure out how to cover up his honest words he blurted out a while ago,
  • but when he looked up trying to spit out some words about how it was the sun that helped you looked nice,, he sees you grinning at him while the little kitten still playing with your fingers,,,
  • and he thought,, oh screw it
  • “y-yeah,, well you always look good anyways, so nothings new”
  • and when he sees your cheeks slowly growing red, he was glad he said those words,,
  • he’d always thought you’re cute anyways, only he never actually brought up the guts to approach you properly
  • and now,, with you here for once smiling at him instead of looking at him as if he’s some kind of snob you hate, which he knows you thought of him that way before this,,
  • he decided he’s gonna be a  Man and not waste this chance with you
  • “but like, do you wanna see it though? the pictures, i mean.”

a/n : i might do a second part of this, who knows since i have a major big fat love for photographer!kihyun anyways! Also, newton was released today and photographer!kihyun made his appearance!!!! 

Toxic Love

Part Eight (1,243 words)

Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Pairings: ReaderxJensen, JensenxDanneel, JaredxGen

Warnings: Jealously, cheating, guilt

Summary: After months of secret seeing Jensen, reality finally hits you when you come face to face with Danneel.

Originally posted by billiendanneel

You stared into the mirror anxiously, hands already slightly shaking with nerves. You still couldn’t believe it, Supernatural had been nominated at the People’s Choice Awards for the best sci-fi/fantasy show once again and the whole cast had been invited along.

Your stomach flipped in excitement as you drank in your appearance once more. You absolutely adored the outfit you’d picked out. A dark red, floor length dress that hugged your figure just right and a cut out mesh panel that revealed your middle torso. You’d matched it with sleek, straight hair and dark make up, a look that was sure to be turning heads. 

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A/N: i don’t know how the hell are called the cars where you sit in the rides, so i call them “ride car”

REQUESTS HERE!! / Masterlist

“Oh, my God! Joshua it’s Mickey!” you screamed with excitement while you grabbed your boyfriend’s arm.

“(Y/N) please be mature, we’re not even inside the park” Tyler said rolling his eyes. Jenna looked at him with both brows raised. “What?”

“Ignore that his here, babe.” Josh whispered to your ear.

You smiled and gave Josh a little kiss on his tattooed shoulder. It wasn’t the first time that the guys and Jenna went to Disneyworld but that was your first time there and that was the reason for your excitement.

Once that you entered in the park, Josh opened his arms. “I can smell the cotton candy, baby.”

It was true, you could the smell cotton candy and popcorns too. Certainly, that day was going to be great. Jenna got close to you and put an arm around your shoulders. Both of you smiled.

Some workers gave to each of you a little hat with Mickey’s ears. Tyler and Josh put them on  for a picture. The hat was cute but maybe it wasn’t a good idea using it in the rides, but the boys kept them on.

“Who’s ready for the rides?” Tyler asked. “I think that I’m not.”

All of you decided to go to a part of the park called Adventureland. According to Josh, there was an aquatic ride. A lot of Disney characters said hello to you while you were walking near them. Maybe they reconogised the boys, but it meant a lot to you. You couldn’t stop smiling.

“I love it.” you heard that Josh said, but you were too distracted looking around you so didn’t answered to him. “Babe you’re worse that Tyler when we came the first time!”

“Yeah, yeah, Tyler.”

“Are you even listening to me?”

“I think that the answer to that question is no.” Jenna said while her and Tyler laughed. “She’s excited. Leave her.”

Josh shook his head, gave you a kiss on the cheek and wrapped his arm around your waist. The feeling of him being to close made you come back to the reality. You two didn’t get separated until you arrive at the aquatic ride that Josh mentioned. Before taking a sit next to your boyfriend, you saved your phone and Josh’s hat in your backpack. Obviously, you didn’t want it to get wet.

Tyler, who was sitting in front of Josh, turned back and looked at you. “I hope that you don’t shout as much as Josh did the las time, (Y/N).” you laughed. Jenna turned his head too.

“That’s not true. The only who shouted that day was Tyler.”

“I did it on purpose, of course.”

You put your hand on Tyler’s face and pushed him back. The ride was starting to move. From your seat, you could see the people who had just got out the ride and then you knew that wearing a white T-shirt that day had been a very bad idea. Josh put his hand on your thigh to capt your attention. When you turned your head to look at him, he kissed you in the lips. A smile appeared on his lips when he realised that you were surprised.

“What’s this about, Joshua?”

“It’s about I love you.”

“Oh, come on! Not here!” Tyler said. You hit him on the back of his head in response.

“Good punch, baby.” Josh said before giving you another kiss.

“Thank you.”

“Josh you’re out of the -”

Tyler stopped talking when he realised that the ride car were about to plummet. Josh raised his arms just like Tyler and everybody in the car started to scream. Seconds later, you felt the water falling onto your body. Fortunately you were in  the middle of July.

“Please tell me that they haven’t took a picture of us.” you laughed, pulling on your shirt that had stuck in your body because of the water. “I’ve seen a flash up there.”

“Probably. I’ve seen it too.” Jenna answered shaking her hair. “I bet that we look so sexy in that picture.” 

“I think the same. I’m completely sure.”

Josh helped you to get out of the ride car and winked at you when you gave him back his Mickey hat.

“Babe.” he called you. “Right now I’m seeing to much.”

You looked confused and he pointed to your shirt with his finger. However, you smiled. “It’s not the first time that you see this bra, Jishwa.

“Neither the last.”

Suddenly, Josh pulled you up from the ground and carried you on his arms for a while. “Hey Ty, why don’t you take a picture?” your boyfriend said.

“Sure. Where’s your phone?”

“On my back pocket. Take it, you know the password.”

“Como on, bro. Don’t make me do that.”

At last, Tyler took Josh’s phone from his pocked and took the picture of us.

“Done, love birds.”

The red haired boy let you again on the floor and kissed you on the forhead. You loved when he did that.

“Hey Josh, you have something on your lips.” you said smiling.


“A kiss.”

You kissed him and put your arms around his neck. He grabbed you tight and pulled you closer.

“I love you so fucking much, (Y/N).”

“I love you more.”

You two felt to arms around your bodies by surprise. 

“I love you too much more, love birds.”

“Tyler you’ve ruined everything!”

anonymous asked:

Can I request a Bigbang reaction like the BTS reaction to their S/O accidentally sending a nude to one of the members? Thank you in advance! ❤️

Seunghyun (T.O.P)

T.O.P would be really skeptical that it was an accident. He wouldn’t necessarily believe that you’d send it to Seungri on accident and if he did he’d be condescending about it. When he found out it was because you had them under the same name (bc their actual names are the same) he’d be a bit more understanding. But that’s when he’d hunt Seungri down and make sure he didn’t see anything.

“Are you sure it was an accident?”

“You both have the same contact name..because you both have the same first name. I really didn’t me to.”


Taeyang would be understanding about the whole situation, you had explained how you accidentally sent a revealing picture to Daesung and he took it well. He’d be a bit uncomfortable having to go to Daesung and ask for his phone, it’d be even worse if Daesung saw the picture. The three of you would probably be uncomfortable around each other for a while after.

“Can you be more careful next time?”



GD would question everything. You, himself, and your relationship. They have mentioned before that he’s very picky when it comes to who he dates and so that would have a bit of an impact in how he reacts. When you had told him you accidentally sent something to Seungri he’d be questioning if it was really an accident. But seeing the panic in your eyes and your overall troubled expression as you apologized to him A LOT, he’d realize that it really was an accident and then he’d hunt down Seungri and practically fight the youngest member for his phone to make sure he didn’t see anything. If Seungri did happen to see something, that’s when the threats would come out.

“I swear I didn’t see anything.”

“You better have not, I’d kill you if you did.”


Daesung would probably think you were joking around with him and just laugh when you told him that you had accidentally sent a nude to Taeyang. When he realized that you weren’t joking, the smile that usually was always on his face was quickly gone and he went into full panic mode as he raced to take Taeyang’s phone from him before he could see the picture. When the entire thing blew over he’d probably tease you for it.

“Remember that one time you sent a picture to Taeya-”


Seunghyun (Seungri)

He’d probably be terrified when you first told him that you sent a nude to Jiyong. Mainly because he knew that he’d probably bring it up constantly just to make fun of him. You had never seen him move so quickly. He’d be hauling ass to find Jiyong to make sure he didn’t see anything. If he did happen to see the picture he’d probably be a bit awkward but would smirk at Seungri and just let him delete the photo. Later on though, flirty Seungri would make an appearance.

“So now that it’s all over..can you maybe send the picture to me now?”

“Why are you like this?…fine.”

I started writing this at like 3 in the morning because I had a hard time sleeping so I’m sorry if this isn’t the best. I’m loving the requests though. I have a scenario request that I’m probably going to work on when I get home later. But here is thiiisss.


.:Yoonkook theory:.


Yoonkook is always the hardest for me to talk about, because I’ve been riding that previously tiny ship since things really picked up in the Boy in Luv era & they’re close to my heart. 

However since iBighit is in the darkest parts of my soul, apparently they’ve found the need to make them cannon. &a crushingly sad one at that.

So in honor of the fresh MV teaser that might or might not run parallel with my Sugakookie theory - let’s break down what I’ve been been brewing since the beginning.

When the I NEED U MV came out none of us could’ve really prepared for the firestorm that was to come. 

We got a normal version that was slightly disjointed, but still stunningly done, with a hint of a deeper tragedy.

Then the +19 came out & shit hit the fan.

My theory starts there.

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Writer’s Block

A/N: I’ve had this finished for ages but didn’t post it. I’m trying to get back in the game so just posting something is probably a good way to start. This should show what I mean when I say that lately I’ve been making things way more complicated than they need to be haha

You were a writer. It was what you did. New worlds were created in your head and you painted the picture with your words. Sitting at a computer, your fingers would flutter over the keys as the people and places of your imagination came to life. While it took some skill and hard work to adjust the sentences to the same lyrical quality of your dreams, you were rarely stumped.

And yet here you were, three weeks in on the same story, staring at gaping holes surrounded by incoherent dialogue and scenes. You had lost it, you were sure. You’d run out of good ideas and you would never be able to write again.

Niall looked over at your slumped shoulders and frowned. Another day at the computer and very little typing. He could see it in your face, you were tired and frustrated and stressed. He could feel it in your body when he touched you. Your warm soft body was rigid in his arms when he held you, your mind elsewhere when he tried to help you relieve the tension.

Getting up from his spot on the couch, he came up behind you and rested his hands on your shoulders. You jumped, surprised by the contact before relaxing into his touch. His strong fingers dug into the tense muscles and he rested his chin on your head.

“Still stuck?”

You nodded with a dejected sigh relaxing back against his warm body. “I give up. I’m just gonna trash it. It’s awful anyway I’m sure.”

“Stop it.” He spun your desk chair around to face him. Cupping his hand under your chin, he lifted your gaze to his. “You’re so amazingly talented. Don’t ever give up. You just need a break, need to get your mind off of it for a little while.”

“I’ve tried that…”

“Shh don’t argue with me. Do you trust me?” You nodded, your eyebrow quirked at the question, his smirk pulling you out of your funk and piquing your curiosity. “Good. We’re gonna play a little game. You need to have some fun.”

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The SM Basement (NCT Edition)

Even though there are several members of NCT that everyone can recognise, some of the best talent has yet to escape the dark, damp room that is SM’s basement. With no way of telling who exactly is contracted under SM, there are certain undebuted idols who are hiding down there despite being popular in the NCT fandom. In case you don’t know who SM is keeping hidden from us, here is a handy guide.

Side Note - a lot of the trainees in the SM Basement are officially unannounced, so a lot of information is unknown and what we can find might not be correct

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Autograph | kim namjoon

Originally posted by ksjknj

Pairing: namjoon/rap monster x reader
Genre: one-shot, idol!au, fluff
Length: 1.0k
Warnings: none
Summary: You are the main vocalist in a new 4-member K-Pop group. You and your group were holding a fansign hours before the concert, and someone comes to surprise you.

A/N: Two scenarios in one day wow I am on a ROLL.

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Recognition/Soulmate Jaemin

featuring Mark , your bestfriend

Genre: -

Request: Hello there I love your blog so much 💗💗 Can you please do a Jaemin soulmate

Could you do a soulmate!Jaemin? They’re really neat to read about, and I miss my sunshine I hope he appears soon. - @arosequartz

A/N: thanks for the support and for requesting this !! i miss jaemin so much so this is for all of you jaemin stans 😭 also im sorrt for the really bad ending , i didn’t know how else to end this omg

how soulmates work in this story: like jeno’s you’re able to talk/meet/see your soulmate in your dreams but the moment you wake up your memory of them gets cleared so it results in you forgetting how they look and all , enjoy reading !


He stopped and stared at you , his smile shined brightly against his face , his hand holding yours .

“ How long do we have to do this though , ” he said out softly , breaking the silence between the both of you . You sighed and gripped his hand tightly against yours , “ I don’t know Jaemin- You know how hard it is , every morning i wake up i try to remember details of you but i can’t , ”

His fingers brushed against yours and you saw him give you an assuring smile , “ It’s okay , i’m sure we’d meet one day , in real life and not only in our dreams . ”

“ And please rest well , you don’t look too good as of now, ” he said out to you worriedly , as he noticed your pale and dry lips .

You turned your body to face him as your eyes met his soft and warm gaze . He flashed you a smile again , his hands reaching out to push the hair away from your face .

You loved him dearly - ever since he appeared in your dreams two months ago , as your soulmate .

You felt a warm pair of hands against your body , waking you up from your deep sleep .

Your mother’s warm smile appeared before you . You tried sitting up , but the sharp pain in your head caused you to fall back down onto your pillow again . You felt your body temperature rise up , as you tried to stay awake .

“ Your fever’s still not going down , please rest more Y/N , ” your mother said to you in a worried tone , as she placed her hands on your forehead .

Forcing a smile , you took her hand in yours and assured her , “ I’ll be fine soon , don’t worry ” She gave a loving smile and left the room , giving you time to rest .

You closed your eyes and tried remembering what happened in the dream , yet the most you could make out was a small silhouette of his back , his thin and tall frame leaning against a tree .

“ J …. ” you said as you tried to remember his name ,but nothing else came out other than that .

Your hands reached out to rub your temples , as the pain in your head continued to sting . Sighing , you gave up on trying to remember anything related to him , just like you did every single day .


“ Oh my god , when we looked at each other we instantly clicked , from then on i knew it was her , ” Mark said out loud excitedly to you , as he explained in detail how he met his soulmate just two days ago .

He paused when he noticed your sulky expression . He pursed his lips and pat your head playfully , “ Yo you okay ? ” he asked , trying to cheer you up .

You glared at him from the side of your eyes , which took him aback for a second as he flinched . But you gave a small laugh after , which then he returned a smile .

“ How do you even recognise her , i can’t even remember how he looks like at all ” you sighed again , crossing your arms . You saw Mark scratch his head , then he gave a sheepish smile , “ I don’t know actually … I just did and that night when i dreamt again it was indeed her .. It just happened ”

You shook your head and teased him , “ Wow that helped a lot , Mark ” . He gave you the same smile again , before he playfully slung his arm around your shoulders , “ Just be patient Y/N , things will go the way it’s supposed to be ”


His head hung lowly and he wasn’t smiling like always . He didn’t utter a single word to you , but his eyes traced your fingers that he was holding in his hand .

Breaking the silence , you let out a deep breath and held his hand close to you , as you flashed him your warmest smile .

“ What is it Jaemin ? Did something happen , you’ve been unusually quiet for a few minutes ,”

He tightened his hold around your hand and he forced a smile to you . “ Oh … No i’m fine ”

“ You’re not , Jaemin . You can’t lie to me . ”

Jaemin’s eyes lit up at your words , then sunk again as he let out a sigh . He took a big breath , as his expression fell once again , his eyes shifting uneasily , as his finger fidget against his thighs .

You stared at him quietly , urging him to speak up .

He sighed .

“ I’m just afraid we won’t ever get the chance to meet … And as you know , i’m training to be an idol now , i’m really afraid we won’t ever get the chance to ”

You shook your head , then took his hand into yours . His eyes met your warm gaze , as the side of his lips unknowing raise up , a small smile appearing on his face - the one you loved to see

“ Don’t be silly , everything will work out , trust me ”


Yet another long day passed , and still no signs of your soulmate .

As the days passed , you often thought to yourself - how is it even possible to meet your soulmate when you don’t have a single clue of how and what he looks like , not even his name .

As much as you wanted to blame yourself for living in such a complex world , you couldn’t .

You found it amazing how two completely different people and strangers , could meet through dreams and end up as each other’s partners for life .


You dragged your heavy feet lazily as your head hung low , your arms crossed in front of you in attempt to keep yourself warm . You passed by the row of tall buildings and shops , softly humming to yourself as your mind led you to thinking of him again .

A young boy from the opposite shouted to you , waving his hands , but slowly retracting them as soon as you caught eye contact .

You turned your head slightly to observe him , as he ran across the road frantically , stopping just right in front of you .

He was wrapped tightly in two layers of jackets , a black cap sitting lightly on his head , his hair swaying swiftly with the wind .

“ I-I’m sorry if i scared you but… have we ever met before ? ” the boy hesitantly called out again , as his fingers rubbed the back of his neck , shyly giving you an awkward smile .

You furrowed your eyebrows and started into his brown orbs , he did look familiar .

His calm and warm voice could cheer you up almost instantly , and your eyes lit up as soon as you saw him smile again , it felt as though you’ve seen that smile somewhere before .

He pursed his lips , and waved again when he saw that you didn’t reply , “ U-Uh … you look very familiar that’s why i- ”

“ I’m sorry , i can’t think straight now ” you cut him off , then quickly looking down again as you felt your cheeks burning up just by looking at him , for no reason .

He gave another warm smile - there goes your heart again- and shook his head , held out his hand and said to you excitedly , “ It’s okay   I’m Jaemin by the way .

As though it was an alarm to your ears , your body shot right up as soon as you heard the name , and you felt a sharp pain in your head . Closing your eyes to ease the pain , a faint and blurry image of a face slowly appeared inside of your mind , the one that you always saw at night .

Then you realised- the boy standing in front of you looked exactly like the one in your mind .

You gasped and hugged him immediately .

Jaemin stood frozen in his spot , trying to keep his distance from you , but something about you made him hug you back unknowingly .

” Jaemin ! It’s me Y/N “ you exclaimed loudly as you buried your face in his chest .

You felt Jaemin flinch a little against your body , as you noticed him close his eyes too , as he was probably also experiencing the same pain .

You saw his smile immediately widen once he opened his eyes , as the dreams that you all had seemed to almost come to life now , acting as memories that the both of you had .

” I’m glad i finally met you “

” Me too , Jaemin “


” Oh my god , i never once expected your boyfriend to be in the same group as me “ Mark said excitedly to you as he took a sip out of his drink , his fingers fumbling clumsily with his phone .

You let out a small laugh and shook your head , your eyes glued to your lock screen picture of the Jaemin’s face , ” i guess it really is fate “

A warm pair of hands grabbed your shoulder from behind , as you heard the familiar sound of laughter ringing in your ears .

” I’m sorry i’m late babe , “ Jaemin took the seat beside you , then gave Mark a small fist bump , ” Hello hyung “ , then giving him a small pout , but did not make it too obvious .

Mark gave a small nod and smile , then went back to focusing on his phone .

Jaemin then leaned towards you and said to you , ” Why is he here on our monthsary ? “

You hit him slightly and giggled , then mouthed to him , ” He doesn’t know “


Now being this hidden gem’s girlfriend would include:

  • he literally pings me as someone who is so clueless in everyday life 
  • I seriously can’t really figure him out 
  • he would be very sweet and kind towards you; very genuine would his actions and won’t ever lie to you
  • probably always reminds you how beautiful you are
  • but now there are two sides of Yongguk: the caring side and the mischievous one 
  • and it would all depend on his mood that day 
  • like one day he would be so charming and probably sing you a ballad with his beautiful voice as you’re sitting with your head in his lap 
  • and he would play with your hair and do stupid thing out of it like moustache for him then take like 100 photos in the same position 
  • “can I get up now?”
  • “no, wait. the last one came out blurred”
  • “you took like 50 yongguk!” 
  • “and none is pretty, now sit still and smile babe” 
  • and he kisses your forehead as he snaps another picture and curses under his breath because that one came out blurry too 
  • you are gonna watch a lot of movies and would probably have movie marathons scheduled for every weekend 
  • and when you’re not watching movied, you are playing video games together and having competions between the two of you 
  • like whoever loses has to do the other’s chores for a week and you will both try and sabotage each other
  • would assist you when cooking, probably not helping you but eating everything claiming that he is helping by tasting the food 
  • “well leave something for lunch too or you’re cooking dinner tonight!” 
  • and he would quietly exit the kitchen, but not before taking another bite of the food
  • your relationship would be so relaxed with almost no fights or arguments
  • since he loves animals so much, a lot of your dates are going to be at animal shelters where you go to play with the pets and gush over them to each other
  • but you two already have way too many kittens at home and can’t afford another one 
  • honestly speaking, I can’t think of anything this boy would be into 
  • he also doesn’t seem like he has very much sexual experience 
  • that combined with his lack of confidence in himself = you having to take charge 
  • he would be submissive most of the time and just goes with the flow 
  • whatever you want would be good for him and will mostly agree with anything (but don’t go overboard) 
  • he likes it when you ride him, when you sit on his face; he mostly has a thing for you on top of him 
  • he enjoys seeing your full body naked in front of his eyes and also getting pleasure for it; but mostly it’s a win-win for both of you 
  • likes lazy morning sex with deep, slow thrusts when he is on top and the sheets are all tangled around you both 
  • would use pet names during the intercourse; your name is gonna come up only when he reaches his climax and he whispers “I love you Y/N” 
  • if you would want him to be more dominant and rough, he could do that but needs a lot of guidance from your part
  • and will probably assault you with questions 
  • “is this good? do you want faster?” 
  • “does it hurt you? should i stop?” 
  • “you sure you like it baby?” 
  • more of a giver than receiver, he would want to pleasure you and make you feel good 
  • he is pretty selfless and doesn’t think about himself; if you were to go down on him he would have his eyes closed and biting his lips 
  • so freaking vocal; a moaning mess that would be all over the place 
  • as for his kinks he would enjoy whatever you wanted and doesn’t have much of a preference

Little Witch

(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 3 011
summary : Reader (a witch) and Kai work together on a spell and Kai is in love with the reader but he doesn’t understand his feelings.
*gif by christopherwooddaily

The sun was shining brightly , sun rays dancing between the trees in the woods and the sky was blue with white fluffy clouds here and there. Birds were chirping and a couple of times Y/N saw a rabbit hop by. She was headed for the Quary to meet with Kai to work on a spell and they had agreed to meet out of the way so none of her friends would find out they were working together and also so no one gets hurt. At least thats what Kai had told her. The truth was a little different.
Kai had wanted to have a private moment to talk with her without any chance of them getting interrupted. He wanted to spend the day alone with her and maybe figure out for sure what those emotions he got around her meant.
As he neared the woods , he saw her car parked at the far end of the small clearing and listened to figure out where she was. Then he heard it - Y/N was humming some song as she walked towards the Quary , crunching dried leafs as she did. Kai ran in vampire speed for a few seconds , stopping and slowing down when he saw her a few hundred meters ahead of him , semi dancing instead of walking as she continued humming the same song.
“Hey. Wait for me.” he called out after her.
Y/N turned around seeing Kai running towards her.  How hadn’t she heard the footsteps before ?  She couldn’t help but smile seeing Kai. He was wearing a blue denim jacket , jeans and dark blue t-shirt. His blue eyes had a mischievous spark in them and his smile took her breath away for the millionth time since they had met.
“Run faster.” she teased until Kai flashed right in front of her.
“Y/N , I am a vampire. You do know I am running slower so I don’t scare you right ?” he laughed. Kai reached his hands towards her messenger back. “Here , give me this. I’ll carry it for you. It looks heavy.”
Y/N blinked a few times confused all of the sudden. Not because she didn’t trust Kai or anything , but because he was being extra nice. Never before he had offered to carry her bag for her.
“Don’t you trust me ?”
“If I didn’t trust you , we wouldn’t be here. All alone in the woods.” she smiled , handing him the bag. “Careful tho .. There is vervain in there.”
“Vervain ? Why ? You are a witch.” said Kai , swinging her bag across his shoulders and continued walking with Y/N by his side. “A very powerful one I might add. You can easily drop a vampire with one look. What do you need vervain for ?”
Y/N laughed nervously , tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear. Kai was always curious about everything she does. Sometimes it was a little annoying but it was also one of the many things she loved about him. He was like a little kid around her , far from the dangerous sociopath her friends saw him as.
“I know , but it works as a surprise. Also I don’t like vampires knowing I am a witch.” she explained. “They always go looking for favours later…  Making threats if they don’t get what they want.”
Kai laughed under his breath. He hadn’t had many dealings with vampires as a witch before he had turned into a hybrid but from what he had - he knew Y/N had a point.  
“Look at you , thinking ahead and being all smart.” he teased seeing the corners of her mouth twitch at his comment.
They walked in silence for a few minutes , the only sounds coming from the leafs crunching under their feet as they made their way to the Quary. Kai kept stealing glances at  her -  looking at her curls dance around her shoulders as she walked , the sunshine reflecting off them. Y/N was wearing ripped in the knees black skinny jeans , a black and white plaid shirt and a white top. The corners of his mouth twitched thinking how without even realising she somehow always took his breath away. If they had met before he had been sent to the Prison World , he probably would’ve spent 18 years thinking about her. Wishing he had done something.
“Wait.” she said quietly , stretching her hand in front of him , making him stop. “Shhh…”
Kai was confused as to what had happened , what she could’ve possibly heard or seen that he had missed with his vampire senses. Y/N pulled out her phone , opening the camera app. Kai followed her gaze seeing a deer less than a hundred meters away. She took a few pictures before the wild animal noticed them and ran away. Kai noticed the disappointed look on her face before her gaze dropped to the ground.
“I can chase after it if you want to see it up close.” he offered.
“No. Don’t want to scare it any more than we already had with our presence.” she smiled. “I still took a few nice pictures. Wanna see ?”
“Um yeah sure.” Kai leaned in to look at Y/N’s phone screen from behind her shoulder , not really looking at the pictures but thinking about how nice it feels to have her this close to him. Her hair smelled like wild strawberries.
Probably her shampoo. he thought.
Kai cleared his throat and a small smile spread on his face seeing the pictures. “Wow those came out really good.”
“You think ?”
Y/N felt her heart racing , having Kai stand this close to her.  It made her feel both excited and nervous at the same time. She could feel his breath on her cheek and his chest pressing lightly against her back. She wished he’d wrap his strong arms around her and never let her go. “Hmm…”
“Smiillee..!” she said leaning in closer to him and taking a selfie of them together - Y/N sticking out her tongue while Kai was looking at her. There was something different about his eyes.
Kai was a little surprised at first. Somehow he had missed Y/N open  the camera app and switching to front. He had been too distracted by her leaning closer towards him.
“No , no , no … that’s not how you do that sweetheart.” he snatched her phone smiling , moving her hair away from her neck , his fingers glazing across her skin sending waves of electricity through her body.  Kai snapped a picture of them together with her looking shocked as if he is about to bite her, purple black veins showing under his eyes and his fangs hovering over her neck. “Now that’s a nice selfie.” he laughed.
“Love it.” she laughed too. “Alright , break over. We have to keep going. There are like 5 miles until the Quary and -”
Kai wrapped his hands around her and in vampire speed ran towards the Quary. Y/N felt every fibre in her body waking up the moment Kai’s arms had wrapped around her , pulling her towards him so tightly. It felt so nice being in his arms , even if it was for a few seconds.
“Or .. you can do that.” she laughed turning around to face him. “Wow. That was amazing !”
Kai took a step away from her clearing his throat. A moment ago he hadn’t been thinking , wrapping his hands around her and now the feeling of holding her tight was drowning his thoughts. Kai wanted to hold her in his arms every day and never ever spend a second away from her. Y/N’s eyes sparkled a little differently in that moment and he wondered why. She ran her fingers roughly through her hair , looking around , taking a step towards the edge and glancing down.
“Whoa we are so high up…” she gulped starting to slip off the edge.
Kai was fast enough to catch her. He felt his heart stop at the though of her falling to her death and him not being able to do anything to stop it. He held her close to him , one hand around her waist the other on her back. Their eyes met and Y/N felt her heart racing faster than ever , not because she had almost fallen but because of the way Kai was holding her and gazing into her eyes. He was leaning in towards her and she could feel his breath on her face intoxicating her , turning her legs into jelly. If Kai let go off her in that moment , she’d definitely slip again and fall to her death. Her eyes darted between his smoky blue eyes and his rosey lips. Kai took a few steps away from the edge before letting go of her.
“Careful sweetheart.” he said clearing his throat. “If you wanted me to hold you in my arms you should’ve just asked. No need to almost-fall to your death for that to happen.”
Kai winked at her and Y/N laughed nervously at his comment. Heights made her feel dizzy and that had been the real reason she had slipped. Tho Kai catching her and holding her in his arms , almost kissing her had made her head spin way more.
“Thank you .. for not letting me fall to my death.” she said still feeling a little out of breath.
What is happening to me? wondered Kai. A second ago he had almost kissed her and now he couldn’t stop thinking about it , wishing he had. Being around her while having all those emotions running through him was driving him nuts , specially the part where he wanted to be with her , kiss her and hold her in his arms forever.
Y/N reached for her bag , pulling out her family’s grimoar. She opened it in her hands while Kai left her bag on the ground and leaned in behind her looking at the spell. It wasn’t the most complex one but they had to be careful.
“Where is our test subject?” he asked curious. “I hope you are not planing on practicing  on yourself like a mad scientist .. That’s not why I am here right ? To keep you from dying?”
“Isn’t it ?” she teased.
“That’s not funny.”
“Don’t worry. Our test subject is …” she looked up noticing a starling in the sky. “… just flying by.”
Y/N winked at Kai who stared at her in confusion before following her gaze. She stretched her hand , caging the bird in the air.
“Cool.” said Kai amazed , watching her pull her hand back bringing the bird to them. “Now what ?”
“Open your hands.”
In a moment the bird landed in Kai’s palms and he held onto it , preventing it from flying away. The little starling chirped nervously , trying to find a way out of his hands. Y/N closed her eyes hovering her palm over the bird , muttering a spell to stop the bird’s heart.
“We will bring you back little one. Promise.” she said softly , touching the birds head with her finger.
Kai watched her in amazement - the way she closed her eyes in concentration , her hand hovering barely an centimetre over his. There it was again that strange desire to kiss her. Less than a minute later , the bird stopped fighting and he let it down on the ground.
“OK , so if we do the resuscitation spell right , this little bird here will wake up.”
“That’s pretty advanced you know.” said Kai amazed. Y/N was still very young to do spells like that. “Even older witches had trouble with resuscitation spells. Are you sure you want to do this ? If things go awry ,you might end up dead …”
“No. I won’t.” said Y/N with a note of confidence in her voice , looking up at him. “You won’t let that happen.”
Kai smiled. “That’s true little witch.” he teased.
“HEY !  I am only half a year younger than you … sort of.” she said punching him playfully in the shoulder , making him laugh.
Y/N held out her hands waiting for Kai to take them. He felt a little nervous , realising his palms had gotten a little sweaty just like every time he was around her.
“You have really nice palms.”
“Um t-thanks.”
Kai took her hands feeling a spark of electricity flow between them as he did. Y/N looked up from their hands held together to his eyes. He looked nervous and kept starring at her , studying her face.
They began the spell and Kai couldn’t stop thinking about what he’d do if something bad happened to her and he is unable to stop it. He didn’t think he’d survive that. All those emotions he felt towards Y/N had gotten magnified and confused the hell out of him. Specially the ones he had felt the past hour around her.
Y/N let go off his hands kneeling down next to the little bird on the ground. “Wake up pretty feathers.” she said softly. “Come on…”
Kai knelt down next to her patting her on the back. “He’s gone.”
“We can bring him back.” she said smiling , getting up. “Lets try again.”
“Oh-kay.” said Kai taking her hands again. Both of them were powerful witches but he still didn’t think they could bring the bird back. Those kinds of spells required a lot, specially concentration which he seemed to lack severely at the moment. They tried and tried again and again with no result. Y/N wasn’t giving up , she wasn’t even frustrated  , all she radiated was hope and confidence. Kai found himself drawn to her even more because of it. Usually being around someone so positive would annoy him but instead of being annoyed he felt even more confused as to why he wanted to be around her even more. Kai had to tell her , maybe this way all the confusion and frustration would go away.
“Y/N?” said Kai , suddenly making her look up. “Can I tell you something ?”
“Yeah , of course.”
Kai laughed nervously.
“Um .. I don’t know how to say this.” he said rubbing his forehead with his thumb and index finger. “There are all these emotions I feel .. and I never even knew there were so many emotions to be had in the first place… Around you I get this warm and fuzzy feeling in my stomach which spreads through my body …  and back there , when you almost fell - I felt as if I might die if something happens to you. Then when I caught you , my heart … did this weird flip , I don’t even know how to explain it.”
Kai’s eyes were fixed on her , he took a step to the left then a few to the right , walking around but his eyes never moving away from her as he talked. Y/N could barely catch up with everything he was saying.
“And I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s annoying really but in a way I like how you are in my head constantly. I am thinking about you even when I don’t want to be thinking about you. Dreaming about you every night… and my palms get all sweaty when you are around me.” he said smiling nervously. “I can’t concentrate on anything else besides wanting to hold you in my arms forever and -”
Kai stopped talking seeing Y/N’s eyes had widened to the point where they were about to jump out of their sockets. Her mouth opened and closed as she struggled to find the words to say. Kai’s confession had taken her by surprise , a surprise so big she forgot completely how to function. Her heart was racing , threatening to leap out of her chest at any moment and her breathing had turned so shallow it wasn’t even there.
“Y/N ? Are you - are you okay ?”
He waved his hand in front of her face trying to get her attention. At first nothing happened then she blinked fast a couple of times returning to reality.
“Yeah… yeah I’m fine.” she cleared her throat. “Wh-what were you g-going to say before I -”
“I … ahh … Feelings are .. hard.”
Feelings .. ? Kai has feelings for me ? thought Y/N , her mind spinning like crazy and she smiled nervously at him. Kai was looking at her with a mix of confusion , hope and desire in his eyes. He was waiting for her to say something but she seemed to have forgotten the entire english language. Not that words would do her any good. Y/N was much better at doing than saying things so she jumped into his arms , her hands cupping his face as she kissed him. Kai was taken by surprise and for a second he didn’t know what to do. Her hands moved towards his neck , burring her fingers in his hair feeling Kai’s arms pulling her closer to him at the same time. Kai kissed her back , not letting her pull away from his lips. The warm fuzzy feeling he always got around her , spreading through his body with a force like never before. He scooped her up as she hooked her hands around his neck. Kai slowly backed her against one of the trees near by ,his lips hungrily attacking hers the entire time. Kai didn’t want to pull away but he was worried he might suffocate her.
“Now I know for sure.” he whispered smiling , his fingers brushing against her cheek. Her eyes sparkled and Y/N was out of breath , her eyes darting between his lips and his eyes. All this time everything had been right in front of his eyes and somehow he had missed it. Kai could hear her heart beating so fast all beats blurred into one , her cheeks were flushed and she was smiling ear to ear.
“I love you.” he said softly pressing his lips against hers again.
“I love you too.” she smiled , looking behind Kai’s back seeing the bird fly away. He followed her gaze , laughing nervously. “Weird… It appears we are getting the entire day to ourselves now.“ 
MASTERLIST March / April 2017
Oath | Ch.23.1 | Jungkook

Genre: Angst | Mafia!AU

Members: Jungkook | You/Reader | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jin | Jimin |

Summary: What if one day everything you ever wanted is taken away and your whole world comes crushing down? If you were to forget today, who would you be tomorrow?

Originally posted by berry852

| Previous Chapter | Chapter List | Next Chapter |

Word count: 3,044

A/N: After a long long time, here it is~ I am sorry for the long wait, and thank you so much for your patience and understanding!!  I decided to cut this chapter into two parts so that I won’t keep you waiting even more (because it would have taken me a few more days to write everything). So here is part one of chapter 23. Hope you will enjoy it~ ^^ 


“What do you mean you lost them?! Are you fucking stupid?! You incompetent shits are good for nothing!”

“We are sorry, boss! He saw us coming.”

“Of course he did, you idiot! He’s been a member of the group ever since he was child, he knows how we do things. Don’t ever underestimate him, and cut it with the excuses, they make me sick!”

“What should we do now?”

“What should you do? You should go shoot yourself, you idiot! Bring them here!”

“Yes, sir!”

The sound of the phone hitting the hard wood of the desk covered Namjoon’s low growls. What he hated the most was people failing to do their job, and lately that was happening too often.

“These bastards…”

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Infinity Part 12


Part 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  13  14  15

Characters:  Mark Tuan (GOT7), You (Reader/OC), Park Jinyoung (GOT7), GOT7 members, Mark’s parents, Marika (Your friend), and other surprise characters

Genre:  Mainly Angst, Minor Fluff, Smut (on previous and future chapters)

Warning/s:  Angst, Minor Violence, Cursing, etc.

Length:     3,864 words

Plot:  You have always believed the line from your favorite book that some infinities are larger or smaller than other infinities. You always wonder if you even have an infinity that you get to spend with someone or you will be forever alone?

“I am afraid, Mrs. Lee, that your daughter, ______, is already dead.  She stayed at the hospital for a week and was in a very critical condition.  She was taken care of by one of our elite doctors but because of too much physical damage on her small body as well as internal bleeding… We were unable to save her.”

(Y/C/O) means (Your Country of Origin) or whichever country the reader prefers.

A/N: Hi guyssss!  So finally this is part 12, gosh, I just realized that it’s been a year since I posted the first chapter, and it is still not done T___T Also, if you have checked out my blog recently, I have reblogged the previous chapters because I did quite a few changes – because after re-reading all of the chapters I’ve noticed that some scenes are not sitting well… So if you want to re-read it, please do so, but it is also OK if you don’t.  Also, I am already convinced that this is a slow-build story, like slow, slow build, actually.  So it might take a few more months to complete, but I am still updating! Don’t worry!

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stitching into the heart | | [ undecided ] pt. 2

a/n: so, I finally managed to write part two for stitching of the heart with Julian and Barry both falling in love with reader whom got Caitlin’s spot after she went all killer frost. I was honestly surprised by how many notes that it had gotten. many of you wanted more of it so I will make it a series but I have no ideas with endgame but it may be Julian or both but I have no idea so, feel free to send me ideas that you wanna see happen in this series. reader has no idea that both men are in love with her as they both don’t know that the other likes her as well so there will be conflict. Ships are closed for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

Originally posted by keepitclassyyxx

                      Relationship(s): Julian Albert & Reader (crushing), Barry Allen & Reader (crushing), Team Flash & Reader (friendship)

It had been a few months after you began working at S.T.A.R labs with Team Flash, you quite enjoyed it as you got along with everyone pretty good. You never thought you’d be working with a team that helped a superhero in your entire life as it seemed like work of fiction if you were honest but it was very much real. You balanced coffees and a bag of bagels in your hands while you walked into the lab with two inch heels of your ankle made little clicks of your steps. Remembering in your head what everyone’s favorite coffee was since you thought you should do something to give back to the team that welcomed you with open arms. “Hey everyone, how’s our superhero team doing so far? I also got coffee and bagels as a way to say thank you for letting me join your team. I know you all might’ve been hesitant when Joe brought me in but I’m glad you opened your arms for me.” You say as you try to balance the coffee while it was about to slip away from your grip before Barry caught it before it made a big mess.

The brown-haired male smiled fondly at you as he held the coffee, “Well I think you made a great addition to our team when you were suddenly whisked here by my foster dad, especially concerning the circumstances.” He says as he helps you get everyone their coffee order and bagels, Barry was always the one who always complimented how easily adaptable you can be.

“Thank you, Dr. Y/N. Mr. Allen.” Julian says as you hand over his order while the speedster does the same before going over to H.R. The Englishman was always so formal when you spoke to each other although you have told him a few times to just call you Y/N. He would always say that he admired your smarts and that you weren’t quite exactly what he had picture a doctor being well besides a children’s doctor because of how much fun you were.

Both men got along well after Julian warmed up to Barry at work but what they didn’t know was that they both were in love with you but didn’t know they shared the same love for you. The two experienced that they started harboring feelings for you when you were bandaging them up after a meta attack near the CCPD before you went off to see what Cisco wanted you for but it was the care that you offered and how calm you were about it.

You were a very sweet person who became a doctor because you wanted to be like your father who saved people and brought other’s needs before his own, he was a very selfless man who sacrificed himself to save you and your mother when you were young when someone shot the trigger. Although you lost your father that day, you still vowed to do the same good that he once did. While onto the present that your mother is getting remarried in a few weeks and here you are being a doctor for a superhero team. Of course, you couldn’t tell your mother which speaking of her, your phone began ringing. You noticed your mother’s face from the picture you took a few months ago when you got your doctorate. “I’ll be right back guys. My mother is calling me, probably something for her wedding.” You say as you head out to the hallway for privacy to answer the call.

Your mother, M/N smiled on the video call once you answered and beside her was your soon to be stepfather named Paul. Waving back to you from it before clearing her throat, “It’s nice to see you Y/N. I bet you are doing a fine job at Central City Hospital. But I do hope you are coming to the wedding with a date,” She looks at Paul before you with a worried expression on her face, “You do have a lovely person in your life correct? I’d hope you find someone if not then I’m sure I’ll set you up with a someone.” She says as your mother always hoped you wouldn’t just have success in your life but also someone to share it with.

You froze up a little at the word date as your brain couldn’t think of anyone at the moment but you didn’t want to go through another blind date with someone who could possibly be cocky like that Sebastian guy you were dating but later found out that he was actually going after one of your male friends. But you decide to nod with a smile on your face, “Oh don’t worry mother. I do have someone that I’m already going to go ask right now actually before you called. I can’t wait to be there to be your bridesmaid. So, no need to pair me up with someone for your big day.” You say as you’d hope she would buy it while her smile only grew.

“That’s excellent, isn’t it Paul?” She says with a big smile on her face while your soon to be stepfather also agreed and commented on how excited he was to meet this date of yours. “Oh, I can’t wait to see them either. I’ll buy them a plane ticket to Budhaven, okay? So, you two don’t have to worry about anything besides that they’ll need to wear something formal for the wedding. See you soon dear and your date. Love you!” She says as you bid your goodbyes and hung up.

You groan as went back into the lab while you plop onto your wheeling chair, you didn’t know what you were going to do now. You didn’t actually have a date to the wedding but yet now your mother thinks you do and you must find a date that can be there for the wedding. But who were you going to ask as you look around the room, maybe team Flash can help before you were nudged by H.R’s drumstick while you look to come face to face with the go lucky man.

“Something on your mind, Y/N? You seem to be more down after that phone call with your mother. Did something happen to her?” He asks you while a big sigh escaped from you before you explained what was going on and with the wedding. As his eyes widen, “So you need to find a date for your mother’s wedding? I got a good idea,” H.R remarks and before you could stop him, he blurts out. “Hey does anyone know that they are free for a wedding date with Y/N? She needs one!”

You hide your face while everyone turned to stare at you, who were you going to ask to be your date to the wedding?