you probably thought i forgot


      When I was in second grade I liked to gross boys out by eating flies and ants. Even the daddy long-legs once.                                                                     In junior high I stopped taking showers. My mom would say, “Why do you wanna treat your body with such disrespect?” I had no idea why. But now I do.                                                                                                                          You probably thought I forgot, but I remembered everything you did to me. Sometimes I thought maybe you forgot, but you were a grown man at the time you molested me. If you’re a Christian, and I think you are, then I think you know what awaits you.                                                                                                                            yours truly, little Katie next door                                                    Ask Me Anything (2014) dir. Allison Burnett

You know, I know a lot of people really want the revelation of Johnny being a spectral to be serious and dramatic, but I kind of hope it’s kind of anti-climactic and silly? Like Johnny and Max are arguing over something ridiculous and Johnny goes to yell at Max for an especially sarcastic remark, but fire comes out instead and singes the brim of Max’s hat.

There’s a beat of shocked silence before they start pointing at each other and screaming in terror and confusion.


Nicole Wallace trying to convince Tony Goldwyn to run for office on The View 5.7.15

“The Only [First] One” Xiumin/You

for porschelsea (you probably thought i forgot but i didN’T!!!) who wanted a thing about minseok being Your first boyfriend a while back.

title 75% from exo’s Call Me Baby. vague college-au (because we both in college bro, a gift for all those tests you finished!)

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@jercmevaleska remember that time 4 billion years ago when i said i was going to write sirius @ jilys wedding angst?????? you probably thought i forgot about that and you’re RIGHT i did but then i remembered it again and i was going to post in on your birthday as some kind of horribly upsetting birthday present but i didnt finish it on time because exams, so like whatever this is belated but ily xxxx

‘You look shite in dress robes.’ says Sirius from the doorway, even though this is a definitive lie. James ignores him in favour of trying to sort out his hopelessly twisted collar.

‘You can either help me sort this bloody thing out or you can piss off.’ he says eventually, and Sirius snorts but obliges, walking over to straighten out the collar and button it up to the top. 

‘There,’ says Sirius once he’s finished, clapping James on the shoulder, ‘Very pretty.’ 

James just grins and puffs out his chest ridiculously. ‘Why thank you, Padfoot.’

‘Quick drink before we leave? Calm the nerves?’ 

James checks his watch. ‘Better not, hey? Would rather not be late to my own wedding. Besides, I don’t get nervous.’ 

‘You’re late too everything else. It might be fitting.’ says Sirius, trying to sound casual and teasing, but coming off as a little sulky instead. 

James, to his credit, just laughs easily. ‘C’mon, I can’t be late. Lily’s sister is going, pretty sure she’s waiting for an excuse to murder me in cold blood.’ he says, so Sirius follows him out. 

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me: (writing fanfic) hey, that’s a pretty good line

me: …where did I steal it from


I was wrong… You’re not Hermione. You’re a much nerdier, prettier Draco.

Classic Alice, episode 55, Paradise (to be) Regained

Request by the lovely @kadialmutairi

You probably thought I forgot about you, babe, cause it’s been forever lol. I’m sorry if I haven’t gotten to everyone’s requests yet, but I promise I am working on them! But here is Malum/4, I hope you like it xx


“I’ll be right back,” Michael murmurs, his voice just barely audible over all of the noise in the club.

You nod and he turns and walks toward the front entrance. Michael loves to go out and party, but sometimes he’s just not in the mood and you understand that. On some nights, like tonight, you find that he’ll often step outside to get some fresh air and avoid the crowds for a minute or two.

You are sitting at the bar, your eyes roaming the crowd of people as you sip on your drink. Michael’s driving tonight, so he hasn’t had any alcohol, which might play a part in why he doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself. You’d offer to be the D.D., but you’ve already had four drinks, and you’re definitely a little tipsy.

You see someone sit in the empty barstool beside you, and you turn to see a middle aged man staring at you with a creepy smile plastered on his face.

“Hey there, gorgeous,” he says, his voice low. “Lookin’ for a date?”

You shake your head as you turn your attention back to the crowd. “No, I came here with someone,” you inform him.

He just laughs, but he doesn’t seem amused. “What kind of boy leaves a pretty woman like yourself sitting here all alone? Why don’t you come with me and I can show you what it’s like to be with a real man, hmm?” 

You let out a disgusted gasp when you feel his hand squeeze your thigh. You immediately turn toward him and throw what’s left of your drink in his face, effectively shutting him up and making him let go of you.

You hop off of your stool and walk toward the door. Now Michael isn’t the only one not having a good night. You hate creepy men, especially when they can’t take a hint.

You push open the heavy door and walk out into the cool, night time air. You glance around for your boyfriend, and almost turn to go back inside before you finally see him leaning against a wall a few feet away.

It takes you a few seconds to realize that it is him, though, because he is holding a cigarette between his fingers. You’ve never known him to smoke. How has he been hiding it all this time?

You walk over to him and when he sees you, his eyes go wide and he immediately drops the cigarette and stomps it out.

“You smoke?” You ask, crossing your arms over your chest.

He looks away, clearly ashamed that you’ve discovered his dirty little secret. He nods, his eyes looking anywhere but you.

You hold out your hand. “Give me the cigarettes,” you command.


You shake your head. “No buts, Michael.”

He sighs before reaching into his pocket and pulling out what’s left of his carton. He reluctantly hands it to you, along with his lighter.

You smirk and take one of the cigarettes out of the packet before putting it to your lips and lighting it. You inhale the smoke, and then let it leave your lips slowly before turning back to look at Michael.

His mouth is agape and he seems completely dumbfounded. You just laugh and pass the carton back to him.

You smile sweetly at him as you bring the cigarette to your lips again before saying, “You aren’t the only one with secrets, you know.”


“Cal, I can’t find my jacket!” You yell frustratedly as you search your closet for the thousandth time.

You only have one jacket that’s actually useful for keeping you warm rather than just fashionable, and you seem to have misplaced it.

“Just wear one of mine!” Your boyfriend yells from downstairs.

The two of you decided to go out on a ‘date night’ tonight since Cal has the night off from work. A night to yourselves is incredibly rare, so you don’t want to waste a second of it. 

You sigh and reach over to his side of the closet to grab one of his jackets. They’re pretty much all black, so at least they’ll match what you’re wearing. You slip his jacket on and zip it up. It’s way too big on you, but you don’t really care. At least you’re warm.

You’re about to go downstairs when you suddenly feel something unusual in the pocket of his jacket. You reach your hand in there and pull out a carton of cigarettes. You gasp.

You and Calum have been together for over two years, and have been living together for almost a year. How could you not have known that he’s started smoking again?

He used to smoke quite a bit before you started dating. He said that it helped him relieve stress when he was away on tour and such. Shortly after you guys got together, though, you asked him to stop. You can’t be around the smell of smoke because it makes you feel like you can’t breathe. He said he’d come to you if he ever felt like smoking again, but clearly he didn’t.

When you don’t go downstairs after a few minutes, Calum comes up to see what’s taking so long. He stops in the doorway when he sees you holding the cigarettes and his face falls. He knows he’s been caught.

“(Y/N),” he says. “I’m sorry.”

You shake your head, tossing the carton to the floor and walking toward him. You wrap your arms around his waist and he puts his arms around your shoulders.

“Why did you start again?” You ask, trying to keep your voice calm.

He sighs, his fingers instinctively reaching up and brushing through your hair. “I don’t know,” he answers.

You shake your head, your eyes trained on the floor. “I need a better answer than that, Calum.”

“It’s just,” he pauses as he tries to think of what to say before continuing. “I’ve been really stressed because of this new album, and I’m always at the studio and I feel like I’m failing you as a boyfriend. I just can’t seem to get any aspect of my life pulled together, and I’m sorry I didn’t come to you, but I just didn’t want you to be disappointed in me,” he says, speaking so fast you almost miss half of what he’s said.

You look up at him and see that expression has turned to guilt. “Cal, I love you. You haven’t disappointed me, okay? We all have our struggles, and I’m so proud of you for being strong enough to quit the first time. We’ll get through this.”

He nods. “I’m sorry.”

You offer him a half-hearted smile. “Don’t apologize to me,” you say. “Apologize to your lungs, they’re the ones you’re murdering.”

Calum pulls away from you and lifts up his shirt. He places his hand on his stomach and whispers an apology making you burst into a fit of laughter.

“That’s not even where your lungs are, babe,” you say, still giggling at how silly he is.

He shrugs. “They won’t know the difference.”

Taylor,I need your help.

How do I forget someone?You probably thought about a boy,but it isn’t.I can’t forget my grandmom.I miss her so much.We lost her 6 months ago.She had Alzheimer’s.In her last year she couldn’t remember anyone but my grandfather.2015 was so heartbreaking for us.

I had very good memories with her.And I can’t stop thinking about her.I MISS HER SO MUCH.

I was crying while I was writing this.I would feel happy If you give me an advice.Thankyouthankyouthankyou


Lucas and Maya - Tear In My Heart


In the past two months I’ve received countless requests to have this song used, so here it is!
You probably thought I forgot about this video…Well I didn’t :)

(It’s short, sorry, school’s starting again soon and I really need to focus on my grades because uni…)