you probably thought i forgot


      When I was in second grade I liked to gross boys out by eating flies and ants. Even the daddy long-legs once.                                                                     In junior high I stopped taking showers. My mom would say, “Why do you wanna treat your body with such disrespect?” I had no idea why. But now I do.                                                                                                                          You probably thought I forgot, but I remembered everything you did to me. Sometimes I thought maybe you forgot, but you were a grown man at the time you molested me. If you’re a Christian, and I think you are, then I think you know what awaits you.                                                                                                                            yours truly, little Katie next door                                                    Ask Me Anything (2014) dir. Allison Burnett

Hello Everyone!!! It’s time for my extremely late Follow Forever. In March it was my blogs anniversary! (I cannot believe how long I’ve been with this blog) At the same time I also reached 1.6+ followers! :) I am very thankful for everyone who has stayed with me, and for those who have just recently found my blog. I am sorry I could’t be the best mutual for you guys, but I hope we can all stay happy and healthy together! :) 

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Okay listen up my USA and Canadian peeps! Here is what time you can expect the Until My Feet Bleed And My Heart Aches update to be by state/province. (It’s long) All times courtesy of google. I’m sure I got something wrong.

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Me? Love Michi?? Its more likely than you think.


Galavant + listening/talking to Isabella.

You know, I know a lot of people really want the revelation of Johnny being a spectral to be serious and dramatic, but I kind of hope it’s kind of anti-climactic and silly? Like Johnny and Max are arguing over something ridiculous and Johnny goes to yell at Max for an especially sarcastic remark, but fire comes out instead and singes the brim of Max’s hat.

There’s a beat of shocked silence before they start pointing at each other and screaming in terror and confusion.

I asked the MAS server for some prompts because I haven’t written in a while and I need to get back into it. You probably thought I forgot about these but that’s only because I actually did for a bit oops sorry.

@millennium-queen suggested, “shallura being reunited after a battle?,” and I saw the chance to torment Shiro some more. >:3

           Shiro’d always hated the end of a battle. He was glad not to be fighting anymore, happy to still be alive, but once the adrenaline finished jagging its way out of his veins, he was left ragged, jittery, and weak. His body was coming down off of a drug, essentially, and he hated the way he felt, hated especially the brief moment of wanting to ramp the adrenaline back up so he wouldn’t have to feel this way. But he almost always had victory to help ease him through. But this time…

           They’d won, technically, but it didn’t feel like it to him. Not yet. Not when his mind was flashing horror after horror at him, drowning him in waking nightmares. He could hardly see anything except the Castle going down.

           He urged Black to go faster.

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“The Only [First] One” Xiumin/You

for porschelsea (you probably thought i forgot but i didN’T!!!) who wanted a thing about minseok being Your first boyfriend a while back.

title 75% from exo’s Call Me Baby. vague college-au (because we both in college bro, a gift for all those tests you finished!)

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nu13  asked:

Hiya! Whenever you have the time (no pressure at all if you don't feel up to it!!) could you draw Nu-13? :0 Your art is absolutely lovely!! <3

I know this is long overdue and you probably forgot about this and thought i forgot about this but I didn’t. I’m so sorry.

I hope this looks ok! Also thank you very much! That means a lot to hear!

anonymous asked:

Can I get the GOM + Kagami proposing to their so in highschool & they reply to ask again in 6 years because they're still too young, six years exactly later they propose again and their so is in shock because they could've sworn they were joking?

Uuuah this is very cute! And that is some dedication right there. Most of these boys would probably be… 22 years old during this? I am putting this under a cut because it’s much longer than I expected.

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me: (writing fanfic) hey, that’s a pretty good line

me: …where did I steal it from