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Tag Yourself: Fanfiction Authors Edition
  • the newbie: has written like 1 super cliche fic, doesn't space paragraphs, everyone secretly hates them but doesn't want to be rude
  • the high schooler: only writes high school aus, is actually a middle schooler, writes 3 chapters then gives up and writes a new fic, wants to be more creative but nahhhh
  • the firecracker: CRACK FICS, just writes weird shit, usually only writes one shots but when they do go for chaptered it's super creative and well done, likes body swap a lot, always uses overdone memes
  • the fluffmaster: their stuff is short and sweet, always G rated, but they secretly have ten million kinks
  • the texter: can literally only write group chat fics, not creative enough for anything else
  • the infamous: wrote only one fic ever but it was super long and it's the most popular in the fandom
  • the smut addict: only writes smut, probably really kinky, seriously though you haven't even heard of half of these, this is messed up
  • the nonexistent: writes such average fics that you forget them, but they're actually really creative
  • the procrastinator: chapter 2??? what chapter 2???
  • the wattpad: writes self insert fics for one direction, uses wattpad, probably 9 years old, always adds vampires, generally hated
Which superhero would you like to be?
  • Jace: I am....... BATMAN.
  • Simon: Well, asking a comic expert, I have so many superheroes I want to be. You probably haven't even heard of some of them...
  • Isabelle: Wonderwoman!
  • Clary: Black Widow. I have red hair, afterall
  • Jace: why not Batgirl? you are my girl, after all
  • Isabelle, Clary: *glares*
  • Simon: I've decided. I am Naruto. He is SO AMAZING! HE'S A NINJA.....
  • Clary: Okay, next
  • Magnus: I am MAGNUS BANE, the superhero. None can match my fluid moves, my wisdom, my...
  • ALec: I'm Wolverine. Okay, end of discussion.

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I'm waiting on the good quality version of the panel before I watch. I get second hand embarrassment easily so I know I'll probably only be able to watch one. Any other impressions from the panel we haven't heard yet? Interactions Candice had with David, Brandon or Grant?

Not sure if I have anything good for you that @iriswestallens​ hasn’t already covered. Candice seemed friendly with David, Brandon and Phil (LOT showrunner behind her). My roommate (@total_silliness on Twitter) took some great photos that I eventually need to post. Lemme see if there are any good ones I can just grab right now. If you use any of them please give her credit!

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Not a headcannon, just a question. I haven't heard of "the official superhero test" do you know what that is?

Dropping some fragile object near them or throwing it at them without warning to see if they catch it. It was used on The Flash and probably some other places. 

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hey, thanks for the great blog. i was cleaning out my crawlspace recently because i thought i heard some weird noises and i found a litter of clowns under there. (about 4 clowns from what i can see?) i'm worried because i haven't seen any signs of them being attended to. i know you're never supposed to disturb a clown nest but is there anything i can do for them?

Many species in genus Bozo spend long periods of time gathering food for their children. As long as you don’t disturb the nest, they should be safe, and they’ll probably move out of your house once they reach maturity.

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You've probably heard of it, but if you haven't, the Lore podcast would probably be right up your alley--it's basically a series of informative episodes on various historical folkloric/paranormal topics, presented by someone who's obviously poured a lot of time and energy into researching folklore. A lot of them are spooky but not, like, terrifying; I've been using them for background noise while working and they reminded me a lot of some of what you've said about your WL research.

I already listen to it! It’s very interesting! I can’t get enough of American legends. :)

Okay so Idk if any of you guys care, but basically i have been so so so anxious of this person that even hearing their name made me almost start crying. I would like to point out that i have never met them in person but they screwed me up.

Maybe a month ago i deleted them. I deleted all of the pics, the messages, blocked them on everything, which was very difficult for me to do, i don’t think you realise how hard it is until you’re standing in the situation.

Okay, but what this post is really about is that today, i heard their name for the whole month and i saw their face. I didn’t feel anything. At first i didn’t even recognise them and then i remembered. I could only feel it a little bit.

I am so happy. I actually feel free.

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what do you think of the idea about not dating any guy who hasn't been in a relationship for at least 6 months by the time they're 21? It seemed sort of cruel when i first heard it from my friends, but in practice it really works out. i've avoided a lot of gross guy by doing it. generally i find that if they haven't been able to find anyone, they probably aren't worth having anyone.

i mean you might be right but you also can be wrong. there are many reasons for someone to be single for that long. if yo like someone you gotta get to know them first before considering dating or not - not just be out there crossing folks off ur list because of something so superficial. i know wonderful people that never dated in their lives!! how fucked would they be if everyone thought like that


Today marks 70 years after the Soviet administration exiled tens of thousands of Turks from Georgia’s Akhaltsikhe region on November 14th, 1944, because they “threatened border security.” Loaded on carts and trains and deprived of all of their possessions, they were dispersed to all over the Soviet Union, many dying on the way. Today half a million of them live all over the world.  

Random Stucky Drabble
  • Tony: Hey, can you two explain to me why the Capsicle's bed was broken when I went into his room?
  • Steve and Bucky blush.
  • *said at the same time*
  • Tony looks at the two of them with a knowing smirk.
  • Steve: We were, um, wrestling... With pillows... On my bed...
  • Bucky: Yeah... That is what we did...
  • Tony: And is that why I heard the both of you moaning all damn night last night?
  • Steve and Bucky blush even harder.
  • Bucky: We REALLY like wrestling with pillows...
  • Tony: You dun fucked, haven't you?
  • Steve: *sigh* Yeah...
  • Bucky: Yep...
  • Tony: Well, next time can you maybe be more careful with the furniture that I PAY FOR?
  • Steve: Sure, Tony.
  • Bucky: Probably not.

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Hey! :) lots of love for you and your writing. We haven't really heard any videos of them doing this (and we probably won't), so who knows - but just off of your gut which members in seventeen do you think swear more/less?

hmm this is my opinions so……

  • Seungcheol/S.Coups (always looks like he’s holding back the urge to say some sort of profanity. im convinced all of 17 project was him being like “woozi don’t fuck aroun- wait no im sorry shit fuck- wait no- Hoshi how the hell do i- wait no fuck- aH)
  • Woozi (pretty sure Hoshi was like ‘Woozi curses at me when i do bad’ and when Woozi was like receipts?? literally the vocal teacher there was like ‘i am a witness’) 
  • Jun (probably curses in chinese all the time and all the members are like ???? and Minghao is just like dude…..bro…….) 
  • Mingyu (casually swears like he drops something and he’s like ‘aw fuck’ and Wonwoo is like ‘hey- that is not nice language’) 
  • the8/Minghao (lowkey probably swore back in china when he was part of that b-boy squad but he’s ‘too mature’ for that now)
  • Jeonghan (sometimes i feel like he has this other side to him where he just gets really mad about something and if someone irks him or bothers him he just turns around like ‘fuck off or i swear to god-’) 
  • Hoshi (only swears when he is mega stressed like on the verge of death then just a bunch of curses fall out of his mouth and everyone is like ??? is that really hoshi wtf???) 
  • Vernon (ok actually he swears a lot when he raps but like in casual language he’s like ??? so polite and sweet and also like ??? he told his sister not to swear so he shouldn’t swear that would be a bad example) 
  • DK (only uses swear words like ‘shit’ to be honest that isn’t even a swear word but like he’s too scared to say something like ‘motherfucker’) 
  • Wonwoo (swore like once, but then felt bad about it for a long time) 
  • Joshua (he is a religious, studious, smoll child who only wants love and piece and probably censors hell like h*ll) 
  • Seungkwan (his mom would murder him so no.) 
  • Dino (what is cursing?)

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"other 13 victims" wait, you buy into that bullshit that they were somehow victims? LMAO You do realize that the assumption of them being bullied to the point where they snapped was disproved as soon as someone looked at their journals and videos right? Or, do you ignore the actual facts in order to romanticize a couple of racist, sexist, homophobic, bullying scumbags? Being that you were probably still in diapers when it happened, I'm guessing you haven't bothered to get educated on the subject

First of all, nice eloquence. Way to really argue your point with sources there. Disproven? I’ll bet you’re sourcing Dave Cullen, or some random media article that you found. Or you just “heard it”, because that’s one of the rumours that goes around. So let me educate you for one second.

You said the fact that they were bullied was disproven from their journals and video tapes. Here’s a quote from Eric’s journal: “ I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things. And no don’t fucking say, “well thats your fault” because it isnt, you people had my phone #, and I asked and all, but no. no no no dont let the weird looking Eric KID come along, ohh fucking nooo.”

In the Basement Tapes, Dylan says that people at school were going to “pay for all the shit”.

Here’s a few quotes from other students about how rampant bullying was at Columbine:

“People surrounded them in the commons and squirted ketchup packets all over them, laughing at them, calling them faggots,” Brooks Brown says. “That happened while teachers watched. They couldn’t fight back. They wore the ketchup all day and went home covered with it.”

`They were ones you would make fun of. Sometimes it’d be me calling them names. It was like fun and games. We would pick on the them, egging them on with jibes of “gay,” or “inbreed”. Eric and Dylan would talk back to us in another language (German) and we’d just laugh. There was a lot of tension between us (jocks) and the members of Trenchcoat Mafia. We almost fought daily at school. It was like, `OK, we’ll meet you here and we’ll meet you there and get it all over with. Sometimes, I think it’s because of me.” – Mike Smith, senior at CHS.

“Columbine is a clean, good place except for those rejects. Sure, we teased them. But what do you expect with kids who come to school with weird hairdos and horns on their hats? It’s not just the jocks; the whole school’s disgusted with them. They’re a bunch of homos… If you want to get rid of someone usually you tease ‘em. So the whole school would call them homos…” – Columbine student Evan Todd, Time magazine December 1999

Here’s a gif of Eric and his friends walking down the corridor. You literally see the people messing with the camera and pushing them.

‘’They’re walking through the halls and you can see a wall of jocks coming at them. You get the hell out of the way — it’s their hall, their world. And Eric and Dylan didn’t get out of the way, and so you see the jocks flay their elbows right into Eric [Veik] and almost knock the camera out of his hand and you don’t hear them bitchin’. ‘Cause they’re so used to it, they don’t go, ‘What the hell was that?’ They go, ‘Uh huh’ and they just move on, ‘cause it’s so common place. So shooting the kids at Columbine apparently is easier than fitting in at the school. That’s the biggest lesson to learn about Columbine.’’ – Brooks Brown

So don’t you dare say that  Eric and Dylan weren’t bullied. There are so many sources to confirm that they were. I’m not excusing their actions – they killed people, and there’s no forgiving that – but it’s understandable. They weren’t evil. I’m not romanticising them. I am humanising them.

RENEE WAS RUNNING ON three hours of sleep and three mugs of coffee. the cast had been doing the same scene over and over again ( probably three or four times in reality ) but  due to renee’s physical state she was just about to fire them all.  alright everybody get out of my sight. the producer yelled loud enough to be heard from the other end of the studio.  you, me, bar. she said to the person next to her. 

  • Me: what are you listening to
  • 5sos fan: You probably haven't heard of them lol they're really punk.
  • Me: ...
  • 5sos fan: UGH it's 5 Seconds of Summer. They're really underground grunge punk alternative foreign sounding. You probably listen to like Britney Shears or like other pop music so you probably aren't familiar. Just saying.
  • Me:
There are so many beautiful black people follow trains. But I haven't seen a follow train 🚂 🚂 🚂 where you reblog with a intresting fact about you! So let's get it popping! What's something intresting about you black tumblr kings and Queens?? 👑 👑

It can be as simple as you the first person to go to college to you run your own success black owned business. Anything!

As for me I’m like a black person comic book enclopedia. There’s a black character in comics? I’ve probably read, seen, or heard about them! I also play college tennis.

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Top five (or 10, or 15) songs that I probably haven't heard and need to look up

I dont know much about ur music taste but let’s hope you haven’t heard some of them :)
1.Ewert & The Two Dragons- Good Man Down-
3.Ed Sheeran and Passenger- No diggity
4.Matt Corby-Brother
5.The 1975- The City
6.Fun- All The Pretty Girls
7. The Lumineers- Morning Song
8.Half Moon Run- Fire Escape
9.Regina Spektor-Hero
10.Vance Joy-Riptide
13.Coldplay-Green Eyes

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Have you heard if Benedict or his agents released a statement or anything after he won his Emmy? I haven't seen anything and it seems really unlike him/them. I know you're the Queen of Quotes so thought you might know!

I haven’t seen anything yet, but I haven’t fully dug into my pile of Google Alerts. (I’m technically still on meta-hiatus.)

Knowing Ben and his overachieving ways, though, he’s probably preparing a short YouTube film with six different thank-you speeches and wardrobe changes.