you probably don't care I just need to talk to someone

Quick reminder

I love every single one of you right here in this fandom and I hope with all my heart that your lives are going great. If not; if you feel down/depressed/anxious please consider talking about it. I am alllllllways here for everyone and I will never turn my back on you! Feel free to message me anytime, even if it only is because you are bored/lonely and you need someone to talk to. I also don’t care that it’s the middle of the goddamn night. Problems have no timetable. I will be there at 5am all the way up to 5am the next morning.

This fandom is small, we need to help each other, protect each other. Spread some love from time to time and always remember that you are a good person with great potential within you.

I have this little overly cheesy slogan I tell my friends whenever they feel sad and it goes like this:
“Feeling sad or feeling blue? Just remember that this Belgian kid loves you~♡”
This goes out to every single one of you!

I love you all and as always am I hoping that every single one of you has a nice and wonderful day

Thank you~♡