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I drew @commanderholly in a cute/witchy outfit. I was planning on drawing her in one of her Looks™ but that just…didn’t happen?

Things have been blowing up recently with YouTube and it’s genuinely upsetting. But Commander Holly is honestly such a role model. She marches, she uses her platform to speak on real issues, and she’s just an all around incredible woman. So I highly recommend watching her content, because she’s a genuinely good person with a lotta’ heart.


yusei birthday ft. actual nasa stars over a neo domino city

i love this starry boy

Got7 reaction to their gf wearing a bikini

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Jackson: jackson loved your body just the way it was. To him seeing you in a bikini was a religious experience. He choked when you walked out of the dressing room. He wanted to go swimming but he wasn’t expecting to be attacked. Like every curve was hitting just right. He had to tell himself to close his mouth.

God damn his girl was thick as honey and he had a sweet tooth.

When he saw you covering up he got sad.

He knew how you felt about your body when you wrapped your towel around yourself the look on your face said you were getting shy.

He ran over and hugged you so tight happily kissing your cheek.

He was so proud at you for taking that step.

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Jaebum :  He wasn’t super excited when you had new clothes. You got them every week and you made him watch while you tried them on. But damn he wasn’t expecting that bikini. You had his full attention when you slowly creeped out of the bedroom. You were trying to cover yourself. He stood up and walked near you. He smirked walking around you and looking over your body.

“Damn baby! Can you get anymore gorgeous.”

You covered your face in embarrassment, still trying to cover your body. “Babe why are you covering yourself?” He’d ask “I’ve seen you with NO clothes on and it brings me to my knees”

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bambam: he would hype you tf up. He knew you wearing a bikini to the beach was gonna be a big thing. He knew when you bought it you weren’t confident because you wouldn’t let him see it.

“I don’t want to come out.” You said behind the curtain from the changing booth.

“Babe! Get out here! I’m trying to show off my baby!” He said. Then he started cheering for you to come out. As you slowly came out he started screeching your name!

“You’re slaying my heart babe damn. “ he said.

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Jinyoung: You wouldn’t get the chance to feel bad about yourself, because he’d be telling you how good you’re going to look as soon as he saw the string of your bikini under your top.

“Babe! Take the shirt off already!” He’d say.

When you shook your head from embarrassment he knew he would have to take a different approach.

He’d go on a intellectual rant about how beautiful you are and how there isn’t just one form of beauty. And you’d have to agree to take it off just to get him to shut up.

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yugyeom: gyeomie would be sweet. He’d see you trying to cover up and looking around and he’d grab your hand. “You look so pretty today babe.” He’d whisper into your ear.

All day he’d whisper sweet compliments to you, while holding your hand. You couldn’t cover up if he was holding your hand.

He loved the smile on your face when he told you that you were beautiful.

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Mark: Mark’s approach to the whole situation would be just to make you have so much fun you forget that you’re wearing a bikini. Even though he couldn’t keep his eyes off you because you looked spectacular he didn’t want you thinking about what you were wearing because he knew you’d feel insecure. He’d make sure you got on every ride there was in the park. When you were smiling genuinely he knew you were having the time of your life and that made him happy.

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Youngjae: the little cinnamon roll genuinely can’t understand how someone as beautiful as you could hate the way they look. You in that pretty yellow bikini took his breath  away. He didn’t understand how you couldn’t see it. He had never saw your weight as an issue. When he realized that’s why you were trying so hard to cover up he felt sad. He knew no one was completely confident, including him. But since he hadn’t seen the way you look as an issue he had never considered that it would be one for you.

He felt like a bad boyfriend. But he knew he had to take your mind off it.

He did his best to help you have fun and he knew from then on he’d tell you how beautiful you were as much as possible.

A/N: i did my best. since I’m a bigger girl I thought of what i would want to hear and match with the member’s personalities.i hope yall like it <3

-admin Jazzi🥔