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When you see a hot girl for the first time and realise that you might not be as heterosexual as you first thought.


every westallen scene ever (123/?)


Yvonne Strahovski arrives at the Red Carpet for the Rockie Awards Gala Cermemony during the 2017 Banff Media Festival at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel on June 13, 2017.

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NEOFOX ! YOU PRECIOUS FRENCH BLUBERRY FLOWER WOMAN ! A MOST WONDERFULL AND PRECIOUS BIRTHDAY TO YOU ! I know you have been gone, but now you are back and i just wish to send you the bestest ! No matter how long you are gone, im never leaving your sad mind alone xD So please even if its late, enjoy your "normal" day with us nerds here on Tumblr !


hey hey i have a surpris for ya ! 

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i know i’m late but i wish you an awesome birthday my friend! :3

Collab with @digeridoodler

Our charsik switched their clothes :3c

sketch by dig

Line and coloring by me 
Dig’s part 

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Maybe I wasn’t going to be a secretary or a postwoman or a lollipop woman. I did have a moment of thinking I liked the lollipop woman idea but can you imagine? I would be like ‘fucking move your car!’ I don’t think that would work

Michelle Gomez

personally I think it was a great loss to the traffic control industry that michelle decided to pursue a different career

Protective BTS- Part 5 (Rap Monster scenario)

Rap Monster:

Namjoon stared at you as you waddled across the room, with the biggest grin his cheeks could hold. His eyes twinkled with excitement, as he looked at the most beautiful sight he had seen in his entire life, anyone would have thought he was staring at a Monet painting, but no, he was looking at you, like a man who had seen a starry night for the first time.

He took in every inch of your body, engraving it onto his brain, so he could hold this memory forever. He couldn’t help it, whenever he saw the growing roundness of your stomach; he felt a bubble of happiness expand in his chest, making it hard to breathe. He spent hours caressing that specific curve of your body, fascinated by it, his brain not quite being able to understand the miracle of life the two of you had created together.

He closed his eyes and smiled, touching the palm of one hand with the fingers of another, remembering the first time he had felt your baby kick. That was the moment he came to terms with the reality, you two were actually going to become parents, there was a life growing inside of you, and he had helped create it. Nothing could make him feel happier than he was right now.

He remembered the day he found out, almost as if it had been just yesterday, but almost seven months had passed already.

It still made him laugh, thinking how he had been so clueless to all the little signs before either of you knew, how had he not noticed earlier? How had he not noticed the way your skin began to glow despite the fact you ate very little, and turned away from food you usually didn’t mind, and how it seemed that all you ever wanted to eat was pineapple.

He remembered beginning to grow a little suspicious the first time you experienced morning sickness, when you shot up from bed at 6am to empty the contents of your stomach, but since you told him it was probably something you ate, he pushed the thought aside. He had hopes though, he knew it wasn’t planned, or expected, but he had been trying to hint it at you for so long, he couldn’t help getting his hopes up.

He spent the whole day at the studio fantasizing about having a family with you, the thought making him break into random smiles at all times. Even the guys noticed this, but when they asked, Namjoon just told them he was just enjoying the couple life. How could he tell them he wanted a child with you so soon?

Try as he may he couldn’t shake the thought away, so when he got back home, and he saw you sitting on the sofa, staring at a pregnancy test you were holding in your hands, he thought his chest was going to leap out of his chest from the excitement.

He approached you carefully, trying not to let you see how hopeful he actually was. You looked up at him, a little surprised to find him back home. You had lost track of time, and hadn’t noticed how late it had become, you had literally spent three hours sitting on the sofa, staring at a pregnancy test, with multiple thoughts buzzing in your head.

You noticed his gaze stuck to the pregnancy test, and panicked slightly, worried about his reaction to it. The little pink plus sign suddenly seemed a lot more offensive than it had done three hours ago.

“Does a pink plus mean that you are…” He drifted off, his gaze turning to you while he had to suppress a smile.

“Pregnant, yes… Namjoon I-“ You began, but you were interrupted by Namjoon’s lips crashing onto yours, kissing you passionately. You could feel him smile into the kiss.

He pulled away, his eyes slightly puffy and twinkling, and you knew he was about to start crying. Both of you suddenly became excited at the notion of being parents as you cuddled each other on the sofa.

He remembered telling the guys, and how they all seemed just as excited as you two were about having the first BTS baby in their lives. They jumped around and cheered, congratulating you and rubbing your still flat stomach.

Ever since that day, Namjoon had been ridiculously protective over you, carrying all the shopping bags, opening all of the doors for you, doing absolutely everything he could so that you didn’t have to strain yourself. He even tried cooking for you (with the help of Jin of course), and he genuinely refused to let you drive, or wear high heels. It was really cute, but sometimes it got incredibly irritating. You were a grown woman, totally capable of tying your own shoelaces, but he still insisted on doing that too!

You waddled across the room, trying to decide what to make for dinner. You were craving something, but you weren’t quite sure what. You noticed Namjoon’s eyes glued to you, so you turned around to look at him, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Yes?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest.

“You look beautiful” He replied honestly, with a smile on his face that let his dimples show through.

“Namjoooooon! My feet are sore… Could you give me a massage?” You asked him, batting your eyelashes. He grinned at you, he loved the rare occasions when you would actually ask him to do something for you, because usually you didn’t let him pamper you.

“Sure jagi, I’ll go get the oil and I’ll be right back” He told you, quickly getting up and darting to the bathroom to look for the massage oil.

You took this as a chance to get up on the little stool you had in your kitchen, and rummage through your cupboards, looking for a snack. You figured out you were craving Mars bars, which coincidentally happened to be on the top shelf of the cupboards. You stood up on your tip toes as you stretched your arm, your fingers searching for the delicious chocolate bars.

“Jagi! Get down! What do you think you are doing!” Namjoon exclaimed, seeing you up on the stool. He rushed over to you, and picked you up in his arms before carefully setting you down on the floor.

“I just wanted a mars bar…” you told him with a pout, and he grinned at you again, before easily reaching into the shelf and grabbing the chocolate bar and handing it over to you.

“Here you go. Next time you want something, tell me. What you just did was extremely dangerous, it could have seriously hurt you and the baby! You need to look after yourself, please.” He begged you once again, making you sigh.

“It’s just a small stool Namjoon… Nothing would have happened.” You argued back, while munching on your precious chocolate bar. He grabbed your arm gently and led you to the sofa. You laid down, and he sat down where your feet were placed, picking them up, and putting them onto his lap, before beginning to rub them gently.

“Yes, but I don’t want to risk anything happening to my family… I love you, my precious pregnant woman.” He told you, blushing slightly as he flashed you a smile.

“And I love you, my overly protective fool” You smiled back, before completely relaxing under his touch. Oh, sometimes it felt so good to be pampered.

I don’t have a relevant caption for this to be honest. I just wanted to tell you all how precious this woman is. There is no doubt in my mind when I say that she has had an influence on each of us. I have my personal reasons of how she has impacted my life and I hope she has had just as much of impact on you sweet people reading this. Whether it’s gaining self confidence or you’re going through major heartache, I think we can all relate. 

She has taught me that “imperfection on the whole is underrated” and “who wants to be normal when you can be unique”. Sometimes you’ve just got say “fuck it” and do what makes you happy. Just remember to stay to true to who are, to “be yourself” and have fun with life. 

Thank you Helena Bonham Carter, a light in my life.