you precious sun child


He reminded me of the wooden nesting dolls I’d played with as a child.

  • me: *takes deep breath*
  • me: I lo-
  • Anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Samuel Drake, we know, you love Sam so much, he’s the light of your life, he’s your precious sun child, we know, you love him so much, you just love Sam Drake, we KNOW, you love Sam you fucking love Sam ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE SAM DRAKE! WE GET IT!!!

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Rfa+v&saeran wanting to see mcs parents and so takes them to see her dad. They dont know where they are going and are lil confused when they arrive at prison (like mcs dad murdered like her hole family or something and he is rlly abusing)




~He had begged to see your family
~For days
~And days
~Then finally you just were like
~”C’mon lets go visit them”
~So you got in the car 
~”Hey MC why are we pulling into a prison”
~Then it clicked 
~You never talked to your family
~Something happened
~When you tell him hes just like 
~Let’s not go in
~And you guys dont


~He really wants to meet your family
~”Zen lets not”
~”Fine get in the car”
~When you arrive hes just like
~A prison?
~”MC can you tell me what happened”
~”Well when I was younger I was the only one who he actually liked in our family so he killed everyone except me”
~Zen looks shocked 
~”Yeah we’re going home”


~Honestly it was just one of those night where you just
~Deep convo time
~”…..and then he just murdered them”
~She crying
~”Why would your father do that”
~”I-I dont know
~She kinda pats your back


~MR. Business Man wants to meet your parents before he marries you
~You dont want to lie to him so your just like
~”My dad…..hes umm…”
~No…..hes in prison Jumin”
~”Well we can get him out if you’d like”
~”NO…hes a bad man he did horrible things”
~”MC what did he do”
~”He murdered my family and….he did things to me”
~Big Bear Hug
~”Well fine I’ll just marry you anyways”
~Proposal Game Strong


~He didnt have the best parents
~Plus he already knew
~He knew what your dad did to you
~He knew that your dad was a sick cruel man
~He sees the bruises and scars that have never faded
~It makes him sad that you never talk about it
~But when you do he’ll be ready


~He loves to listen 
~So he asks to hear about your parents
~And you tell him
~About the murders
~About the abuse
~About the rape
~Him listening makes you feel better
~Precious Sun Child V


~He had the worst mother 
~And you had the worst father
~You guys were meant to be
~Nuff said

I have a modern mythology AU and omg I’m fucking obsessed.

• Pastel goth Hel swearing like a sailor and /this/ close to punching everyone in the fucking face and learning to love herself

• Indie musician Apollo who never knows wtf is going on, but loves his tiny angry chihuahua girlfriend

• Hermes being a third wheel

• Chubby Aphrodite who is super sassy but will probably stab you

• Calliope taking care of all her sisters bc she’s precious sun child

• Overprotective Demeter taking care of teen Dionysus bc Perseph ran away w/ her biker bf

• Hades trying to control 5'1" Persephone from fighting everyone

• Horus looks like Rami Malik and acts like Finnick

• Freya’s all-girl team of pro gamers

• Athena: law student by day, street fighter by night

• Amaterasu is a tattoo artist rooming with mute Chang'e

• Hestia running an apple orchard and being adorable af