you precious little snowflake

  • Yang: Weiss! What are you doing here? I thought you were at home in Atlas!
  • Weiss: I was but I escaped. My father tried to keep me locked inside but I had to get out of there after he slapped me and this was-
  • Taiyang: HE DID WHAT?
  • Weiss: Oh, you must be Mr Xiao Long. I hope you don't mind my sudden arrival but I really had no where else to go-
  • Taiyang: Oh you precious little snowflake, it's okay! You'll be safe here. Now, why don't you head inside with Yang and catch up while I run a quick errand?
  • *Taiyang waits for Weiss and Yang to walk inside the house before walking to his car, driving to the airships, taking the airship to Atlas, before smashing through Jacques Schnee's office window.*
  • Jacques: WHAT THE-!
  • *Taiyang punches him in the jaw*
  • Taiyang: I got a flat tire, my flight was delayed by an hour, a baby was sick on me on the plane and I nearly died by a stray pigeon climbing up your building BUT THAT WAS WORTH IT!

“I often do a lot of research. I didn’t know I was doing a Q & A screening until I read it on one of the [fan] websites and they were booking tickets. I was like, ‘Oh, that’ll be nice. I better brush my hair then’. No, they’re great. They’re really supportive. I try to look after them.”

– Richard Armitage about his fans

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I am pretty sure that Gunnar Lawless was teenage Dean’s first gay crush.

I swear, all I can see is the transition fom the third gif - “whoooah hey, that’s Cas’ shoulder, you are not permitted to touch” - to the last gif - “but damn, I bet you could grip me just as tight and raise me from whatever” and then he just snaps himself out of it.

Oh Dean, you are a precious little snowflake and you deserve all the happiness (◕‿◕✿)

Here are a few quotes said by the anti-Skye/Daisy people:

Skye/Daisy is portrayed as being incredibly selfish and self-serving”.

Until Skye/Daisy can learn not to be selfish and actually give to Simmons as much as Simmons gives to her, I don’t think they would work as a romantic item”.

She is portrayed as some perfect precious little snowflake”.

I want to see Skye/Daisy supporting Simmons the way we continuously get to see Simmons supporting Skye”. 

And this is Daisy almost killing herself to bring Jemma back:

Wow. i mean, look at that! so “incredibly selfish and self-serving”, right?

I mean, she don’t even hesitate even knowing that she could get herself killed, but i guess this still means that she don’t give a damn and acts like a “precious little snowflake”, right? RIGHT? 

if you need to put your hate on Skye/Daisy, at least try to find better arguments, because at this point you’re just embarrassing yourself.

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Ok seeing as the tags are a hot fucking mess because a bunch of BK shippers are in the tag accusing folks of sending hate to Kat for retweeting a Bonkai video lets get some information correct. The bamon fandom did not send Kat hate over a tweet about Bonkai a single individual Bamon shipper sent Kat hate. This person does not speak for the fandom nor is she a reflection of the Bamon fandom. She made those tweets without our fandoms support or coercion. Nobody cares that Kat tweeted about Bonkai or at the very least not enough to send hate to her about it. All this “hate” people are bringing up is from DE fans blowing things out of proportion to try to paint the Bamon fandom as toxic because the idea of Damon so much as thinking about Bonnie turns their precious little snowflake stomachs. If you really wanna protect Kat from hate maybe you should go see the same DE shippers who were defending Kat against hate because they want her away from Damon now slandering her and calling her every name under the sun for tweeting about Bamon I can assure you any hate for Kat under the Bonkai tweet is greatly outnumbered by the amount of people hating and calling her a bitch under the Bamon one. Now lets squash this so I can get back to my Bamon fangirling