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So… I made a thing! Because Robin and Regina are AWESOME and because @revolutionsoftheheart wrote a thing years ago that gave me insanely many feels!

Let me know what you think! And do not ask who’s the beauty and who the beast… When it comes to Robin and Regina… they were always both. And they loved each other as a whole, the good and the bad. And that’s why we all fell in love with them too. ♥

Outlaw Queen guys… Always.

Imagine Being Peter’s Sister and Having A Crush On Hank

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“Whatcha staring at?” you jumped as you felt Peter zip up beside you. Snapped out of your trance, you shoved him with frustration.

“Peter! You know I can’t control my powers as well as you! You’re lucky I didn’t grow a damn tree under you and put another hole in the mansion roof!”

“Just asking a question, sis,” Peter shrugged. “Soooo…what are you staring at?”

“Nothing. It’s nothing,” you looked back down at your notebook.

“…Is it Hank?”


Your brother merely gave you a Cheshire grin. Hank was looking over at you now; he gave you a friendly smile. You smiled back, cheeks pink, before you looked back down at your notebook.

“Ooooh, it is Hank!”

You rolled your eyes and walked away, popping up a bush from the ground and nailing your invasive brother in the stomach. Hank’s shoulders sank as you walked away; he had thought for sure that you liked him.

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Welcome to New York City

Character: Newt Scamander

A/n: The movie was wonderful, I almost cried. If you have time to see it in theaters I definitely would recommend it.

Also this imagine might seem a little short and sparse. So I apologize, but I will get better as I familiarize myself with this world and it’s characters I promise~

You huffed in exasperation as you attempted to push yourself through the horrendous crowds of people on the streets of New York City, the traffic only adding to the horrible situation.

Work hours had just ended, so trying to walk back to your apartment was less than ideal, swarms of people crowding the roads to get home.

Not to mention you were currently trying to shove a pile of papers from today’s work into your bag while simultaneously making sure you weren’t going to bump into anyone.

A goal short lived since the moment you looked up you came face to face with a blob of blue fabric.

You and the stranger went tumbling to the ground, your work papers flying out of your hands and you could distinctly hear the sound of something harshly hit against the pavement.

“I’m so sorry.” Came an accent voice somewhere in front of you. “I didn’t see you coming.”

You opened your eyes and gave them some time to adjust before the man infront of you came into focus.

Your eyebrows shot upward and you immediately scrambled to get all of your papers. “No no! That was all my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“H-Here let me help.” He stuttered, picking up the rest of the papers before they flew off into the road.

Once you managed to get majority of them, the young man handed you the small pile he had acquired.

You smiled looking up to meet his gaze, you could now properly see his face. He had curly brown hair, his face was covered in freckles, and a curious green plant was sticking from his breast pocket.

“Thank you, I really am sorry about running into you.” You said with a slight laugh, securely placing your work into your back and closing it with a small sigh.

“I don’t mind, honestly.” He said standing up and holding his hand out for you. “You’re not hurt are you?”

You thanked him again and took his hand, brushing off your coat before taking his suitcase and handing it to him. “Oh no, you wouldn’t be the first person I’ve crashed into.” You said a laugh.

You almost had to take a step back once you saw just how tall he was, practically towering over you. “You’re not hurt either?”

He shook his head and smiled assuringly. “No injuries.”

“Are you new to the city?” You asked suddenly.

He smiled, taking his case out of your hand. “What gave it away?” He asked sheepishly, his eyes casting downward and closing one of the claps on his suitcase.

“Well apart from the obvious signs, you look far too skittish to be a local.” You deducted, folding your arms. “Where are you from?”

“England. My name’s Newt Scamander.” He introduced with a nod of his head.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Scamander-”

“You can just call me Newt.” He corrected, smiling whenever your gazes met again.

You smiled, taking a second to admire the bizarre name. “Newt. I’m (Y/n) (L/n).” You said, holding out your hand for him.

“It’s very nice to meet you.” Newt said, shaking your hand.

The two of you stood there for a moment, looking at each other before your eyes caught glance of the time.

“I’m terribly sorry Mr. Scamander, but I’m afraid I’ve got somewhere to be.” You said, walking past him but you stopped yourself to turn around to face him again.

“Are you planning on staying in New York for long?”

“Tricky question, I can’t really say for sure.” Newt replied, but he caught on to the minor look of disappointment on your face. “But it shouldn’t be anytime soon.” He added quickly.

“Do you like animals?”

A small smile played at the corners of Newt’s mouth. “I do rather like them.”

You grinned, slightly nodding your head. “Well if you happen to have the time, come by the central park zoo and look for me.”

Newt’s smile grew and he nodded. “I’ll make sure to do so.” He said, slightly raising his voice as a car passed.

“Welcome to New York City, Mr. Scamander!” You said, waving at him and running off into the sea of people to get home, catching glimpse of Neet waving back before you looked foward.

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Newt Scamander Imagine #2

He can’t take a straight faced photo for his life. An awkward smile always shows up on the edge of his lips or he usually adopts a “deer-in-headlights” look which is why usually he tries to stop people from taking photos of him.

You guys also have to go to the army soon.
  • Dongwoon: I think it will be hard for me if I go to the army for two years separately and be apart from the other members. BEAST was the entirety of my twenties and is my strength to live. If the other members go to the army first, I won't have any friends and I don't think I would have confidence. I would be happy if we went and came back together and promoted together. If I sum up my twenties, BEAST was my everything so I don't have the confidence to stay behind and endure everything alone. I would be happy if we went together, got discharged together and promoted again together like our sunbaes.
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When thinking about a girl that I want to love… Thinking about someone that I want to protect… It’s none other than you guys, B2UTY
—  Yang Yoseob, Beautiful Show 2015 Day 1