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Itadaki High Jump 2016.01.13  - Nakajima Yuto

kakakariko  asked:

omg, i literally started zexal two weeks ago and now i am addicted. my spring semester has started and i didn't do any homework because i watched zexal for four hours. i dont know what i'm going to do with my life when i finish. you just reblogged some stuff about it so i wanted to share lmao sorry if i'm bothering you. anyway have a good day

welcome to zexal hell i hope you enjoy your eternal stay

(but please do your homework)

anonymous asked:

hi! all of your skam reblogs have made me want to try the show! so I was wondering where you watched it with english subs? thanks! 💜

yay im happy!!!!! also sorry for the spam kljdhlfkh i try to space it out 

season one can be found here or here 

season two can be found here (pt1) (pt2) or here

season three can be found here or here or here

i give u several links bc it’s google drive & some of these are unavailable sometimes bc of the amount of people watching so you kinda have to bounce around a bit.. i just ended up torrenting it all bc i got tired of it lol but you should be fine rn i think mostly ppl are done watching 

if an ep doesn’t work or smth, just let me know, i’d be happy to help <3 

I don’t get how a generation that grew up watching Cory and Topanga fall in love, can be this adamant in their belief that Riley cannot end up with her first love, because it’s unrealistic.