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Wow… I’m not good with words you guys, but suffice to say that I never in a million years expected to make it to one freaking thousand followers… I’m-… You guys just deserve the world, genuinely. So, without further ado, here are some (if not all?) the people I would like to personally thank. They are the ones who deserve the credit for allowing this little derp blog to come so far. I’m sorry if this is a little rushed! If I could I would spent hours on this, but I have to pack soon ;~; Just know that I could never put into words how my heart is overcome with joy whenever I interact with you all~

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A quick shoutout to my Shy, Tough, Octopus, Bunny, Clover, and Sekai Anons, as well as everyone who has ever sent me an encouraging anon message in the past!!

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I apologize if I listed anyone twice, or not at all, and if I didn’t PLEASE LET ME KNOW I WILL GIVE YOU LOVE AND CHOCOLATE AND HEARTS AND FLOWERS TO MAKE UP FOR IT OKAY??

But in all seriousness, I don’t take a single one of you amazing people for granted.

I couldn’t have asked for a better stay here on tumblr thus far, and it’s my hope is to keep this blog running for as long as I have fingers to type and an active brain to think. Here’s to more jokes, memories, tears, laughs, and a butt ton of drama-filled chapters~

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HI Y’ALL, I am still alive. All those times before when I was like “oh I’m so busy I cannot update this tumblr ~woe is me~” were just malingering! But in the meanwhile, here is my intelligent review of the latest Fast and Furious, a franchise that is near and dear to my heart as it should be to everyone’s hearts. I’ve also had to move laptops in the meanwhile and have lost all programs and presets – drawing anything feels incredibly OFF, which isn’t making this whole “let’s update a tumblr” thing any easier! – but anyway, enough from me, let’s focus on this delightful excuse for a spinoff setup.


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Hey, how would the brothers comfort their and help their s/o through a hard depressive state? (I'm going through one rn and it is honestly the worst I have had in months)

This goes out to all of you struggling with depression and going through a hard time. (。•́︿•̀。) Better days will come.


He’s super excited to see you and probably has a million new stories and just as many stupid ideas to tell you about, but he instantly stops goofing around as soon as he notices something’s not okay with you. His expression turns serious and he kind of contemplates on what to do for a moment when he sees you’re deliberately trying to avert his gaze, but he decides to go for it anyway. Touching your hand gently, he starts caressing your skin with his thumb and softly interlocking your fingers, and the gesture makes you look at him by instinct.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” he asks in that sweet tone of voice, and he’s smiling at you, but it’s not his usual cheeky, playful smile. It’s soft and full of love and also makes you want to cry for some reason. The fact that you’re not replying leads him to the conclusion that you’re battling yet one of those days again, but he asks if anything particular happened to make sure, as he leads you into a preferably empty room. He drags a blanket out of the closet and grabs his favorite snack from who knows where it’s the safest in the Matsuno household. He insists on sharing it with you, regardless of you having appetite or not.

Asks you if you want him to hold you for a while, and he either pulls you up to his chest and lets you cry or just feel miserable as he strokes your back soothingly, or just lays down by your side with the newest volume of the manga he’s currently reading to keep you company. Won’t really ask you to talk about it, because he knows at this point that there are no specific explanations and you don’t know the answer either.


He had tried everything so far, buying you flowers, your favorite food, bringing you small animals (he ended up with bruises and scratches all over his arms), singing you a song, writing you a song, etc., but even though you smiled at him and told him he’s really sweet and caring, none of them seem to have actually… worked. You have to explain to him the feeling just comes and goes, and nothing can really make you feel better, at least not in the sense Karamatsu thinks, and he listens intently, wanting to understand your struggles. He decides to stick with whatever can get you to forget about your current state, even if it’s just for a little while, so expect him to continue to bring surprise gifts and shower you with love and affection.

He makes sure you eat and drink well, because “non, non, you have to stay hydrated, darling”. If the weather is great, he takes you up to the rooftop, accompanied with his guitar, and sings soft lullabies to you until you doze off in the sunlight.

He’s very good at making you feel loved and appreciated, and he will tell you over and over how wonderful he thinks you are and how much you mean to him. You know that even if he whole world is against you, at least Karamatsu is by your side.


He probably gets super anxious at the beginning of the relationship, because he doesn’t know what to do, fidgeting around nervously when you ask him to stay by your side, and it probably makes you feel even more horrible seeing him like that, so he does his best to research upon the subject and try to understand what you’re going through the logical way. When he knows what he’s doing, he turns into a doting mother: reminds you to take your pills (if you take any), makes sure you have at least some food in your stomach, and finds a quiet place where you can be alone together.

He offers to watch a movie with you on Totty’s laptop, and he lets you get comfortable in his embrace, but he will be sure to position himself so he could still reach your hand. Keeps holding and rubbing it soothingly the entire time, and he will also glance at you from time to time to make sure you’re properly immersed in the story, because, hey, getting your mind off of whatever’s going inside your head seemed to have helped him in the past, too.

Since he’s also struggling with irrational thoughts on an everyday basis, he’s the perfect person to actually try and talk to about what or how you feel. He will be sure to prove you how illogical is what your brain is whispering to you. Comes over to your place more frequently to see if there’s any housework he can help with.


You’re probably the one who made him realize he’s suffering from the same thing, and you’ve been even closer since. You taught him various ways of how to make it feel less terrible, and he shared you his coping mechanisms in return. He knows exactly what to do when he finds you in another really depressive state.

Surprisingly enough, he is the one that tries to make you put effort into the smallest things, like eating a good meal or taking a shower, because he knows they will at least physically make you feel a little better. Offers you a nice, long nap, the proper kind, with pillows and a futon, and he either holds you close or just flings a leg over yours and puts your hands together, depending on how you’re feeling. When you wake up, he insists you take a walk in the sunset. Jyushimatsu often drags him out when he feels particularly shitty, and in the end, no matter how much pain in the butt it felt to even get dressed for it, he’s always somewhat glad he did so, and he figrues it’s gonna be the same for you, too. You two hold hands as you walk along the river, slowly, steadily, lazily, stopping by to pet cats on the way.


The first time he sees you have a breakdown, it completely breaks his heart. Your smile and laughter means everything to him, and he tries so desperately to find something that makes you feel happy again. He makes funny faces, brings you food, carries you around your favorite places in town, carries you up a mountain to show you a beautifully blossoming tree, he would literally bring down the stars for you, but soon he has to realize none of these will help with your kind of sadness.

After consulting probably either Choromatsu or Ichimatsu, he now knows how to approach the situation, and he comes up with a very Jyushimatsu idea of how to keep your company.  Whenever you feel so overwhelmed and terrible you don’t even want to talk to anyone, but still crave human interaction and some sort of validation of your existence, he lays next to you and draws. Draws himself riding something that vaguely reminds you of a dolphin to battle. Draws hilariously hideous stick figures of his brothers and makes a funny story with them as the protagonists. His art gets more and more detailed until it shifts into ridiculously detailed caricatures. You reply with your drawings or complete his masterpieces, and it makes you feel like you’re a kid again, passing funny notes to each other in class – it feels somewhat liberating. You two fool around and laugh, even if it’s not a 100% happy laughter, it’s at least there.

When Jyushimatsu sees that ugly dark cloud get the better of you no matter how hard he tries to distract you from it, he brings a blanket and rolls both you and himself up into a burrito, and declares nap time. Just sleeping next to him might make you feel a little better when you wake up.


He thinks about what would he appreciate someone did for him if he ever were in your shoes, and tries to act accordingly. For starters, he would love to be pampered to death, obviously, so he, the spoiled littlest brother, buys, or sometimes even makes you sweets, and does your laundry, and washes the dishes and takes out the trash. Impressive, isn’t it? It makes Totty happy, too, because not only is he helping you, but he also feels like he’s taken the first step towards independence.  

And secondly, skincare has never betrayed or disappointed him, so he suggests you put face masks on and just chill with some drinks and stare at the ceiling or watch stupid talk shows you can make fun of. The next step is putting on makeup – if you usually wear makeup, then because of that, and if you don’t, then because of that. There’s no wrong time or place to be beautiful, Totty claims, and trust him, he’s got skills when it comes to applying that foundation and mascara. He knows how to put on a killer winged liner, and he can make it look feminine, masculine, or even neutral.

He snuggles up to you once you’re finished, scrolling through his feed on his phone and showing you all the stupid stuff and the cute animals, and you two end up watching funny videos until both of you doze off.

I’ve been watching Once since season 1 and playing around here on tumblr since early season 3. I am good with CS being a thing. Story-wise, I heartily approve. I’m happy they are together and likely finally gettin’ some. But I have never understood the hyperbolic fandom response to two people physically getting together. I just find it… weird. And it makes me more uncomfortable than watching said characters getting it on.

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Unpopular opinion: Victuuri is the pairing I love the most for the time being, but I wish people would stop holding it on a too high of a pedestal – worshipping it like a God or some sort of that. There are flaws that shouldn’t be overlooked and people should stop downgrading almost every single BL works or m/m pairings out there in favour of Victuuri and acting morally superior towards others. (1)

I know the problems in yaoi and I’m not going to defend it since I don’t even read and like yaoi but I understand that yaoi is purely fantasy for straight women as it stands for “yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi” (no peak, no point, no meaning). Yaoi is also a subgenre of hentai – to quote Wikipedia, “In Japanese, hentai describes any type of perverse or bizarre sexual desire or act generally aimed at members of the opposite sex from the persons depicted.” (2) What I’m trying to say is, people shouldn’t compare Victuuri to yaoi in general because it’s two different genres and of course the point of YOI is not about having sex. This is also why in shonen-ai or gay couples in non-BL works tend to have healthier representation and YOI is not the first to have a canon gay (and healthy) couple in non-BL anime. Patalliro had did that long ago before some of us even born, and they even kissed (the first same-sex kiss featured in anime). (3) Heck, the two male leads in Samurai Flamenco got married before Victuuri was canon. I also know that yaoi and shonen-ai are outdated terms and BL is the right one but I don’t see much difference (Yaoi is BL with sex while shonen-ai is BL with no sex. I forgot to mention that hentai is not a genre, it’s anything that has porn). Thus, I don’t want to compare YOI to BL works because BL is mainly focusing on gay relationships while YOI is mainly focusing on figure skating or Yuuri’s growth. (4) And we all agree that YOI is not BL and the romance is just a subplot, right? But if I were to compare Victuuri with something, then I would compare it to some sports/bishonen anime that doesn’t have the guts to go any further than teasing (Free, Owari no Seraph, Boei-Bu, etc) to hook fangirls in. P.S. I love your opinions and meta! Don’t mind any of the haters, it’s not cool to hate somebody just because of conflicting opinions. Keep on writing, your meta is my drug :3 (5)

Awwww anon, you’re sweet <3  

I agree with you that Victuuri is not BL and should not be compared to it. BL is a genre and while it has been developing in recent years (look at things like Doukyuusei), it still continues to exist within its own framework, with its own history, themes and tropes it typically conforms to. Yuri on Ice is not BL, it’s a sports anime that happens to include a same sex couple between two men. It’s also certainly not yaoi considering how the term is applied to works of a graphic sexual nature (though I would hesitate to call it a sub-genre of hentai, they have different histories and origins but I get where you’re coming from).

That said, I also agree with you that people should not use Yuri on Ice or Victuuri to diminish other works that portray healthy gay couples. That said, while Victuuri is far from perfect, both in canon (lack of resolution and communication problems brought upon by the finale) and in Word of God (~platonic wedding rings~ kill me) it did a lot of things right. It is extremely beloved for a reason and it gained notoriety over things like No.6 and Samurai Flamenco for a reason.

I’m a big fan of No.6 and is has that beautiful thing over Yuri on Ice where we had two kisses on screen that were not at all debatable on whether they were kisses or not or whether they were romantic or not. That said, Nezumi and Shion don’t exactly have a happy ending. And in fact, their entire story is less than happy. Understandable, considering they live in a distopia and are trying to take down their corrupt government. And again, I love No.6 and I love Nezushi, but Victuuri does have the “advantages” of: a) being from a more mainstream anime with a wider audience, b) having a relationship that is happy all the way through, even with problems, and ends happily, c) a more natural, arguably more realistic development to the relationship. Still, No.6 is very praised and has been since it aired. It’s an important staple when it comes to representation.

Samurai Flamenco is a prickly case of what do you consider to be canon? Is it what you see on screen or what the author says? Which interestingly is a big question with Victuuri as well, but staying with Samurai Flamenco for a moment. If you go with what happens on screen than indeed, it’s canon, they end the series kind of engaged, and post-series material indicates they married. The problem specifically with this series is the infamous post-finale interview where the staff completely dismisses any sort of romantic interpretation of the relationship. Now, I say screw them, and so does most of the fandom. People basically ignore that interview, but we can’t deny it exists. Now a reason why people may not praise Samurai Flamenco for representation the way they do Victuuri probably comes down to how the series is not very well known and is also just downright weird. It’s also easy to dismiss the “let’s get married” scene as not being really serious (though I would argue that doing so is ignoring who Goto and Masayoshi are as people and how they develop through the series). I mean, compare it to the scene where Victor and Yuuri exchange rings and it’s a strikingly different set-up and mood.

That said these animes do have the huge advantage of having actual confirmation of characters’ feelings and romantic intentions through both words and gestures. It’s very unfortunate that Victuuri can be considered ambiguous at this point, what with the whole #kissorhug (and if it was a kiss did Victor mean it romantically) and ~platonic wedding rings~ (I die a little bit inside every time) and never ever saying “I love you” or referring to each other as a significant other. There’s also the matter of the staff interviews and the language they use to talk about Victuuri. Soulmates =/= romance. The Free! staff also calls their characters soulmates, but nobody is waving the banner of representation on that side of the fandom.

Let’s compare Victuuri to Free! then. I’m very familiar with it so I’ll go with that, since I’m aware of the other two examples you mentioned but haven’t actually watched them.

Free! made baiting into an art form. Good lord, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anime do baiting as well or as profitable as Free! is doing. Thing with Free! though, is that it profits from multiple pairings. You can combine the Free! boys in any whichever way you want. Sure, there’s more evidence for certain pairings, but lack of evidence never stopped the fandom (looking at SouMako). And things is, KyoAni wants you to do this, they want you to ship the characters and buy the shippy merchandise and they know exactly what they are doing with a lot of their content. That said, Free! has genuine emotion and development with its characters, which is part of why I think it’s so popular. There is depth there, whatever your preference amongst the main ships is. That helps sales. But they will never take that extra step with any pairing.

Yuri on Ice doesn’t play the field the way Free! does. Victor and Yuuri are very much exclusive in their affections. They don’t have romantic coded scenes with anyone besides each other and, other than Yuuri’s crush on Yuko, they are not shown to be attracted to anyone other than themselves. Their relationship drives the story, while with Free! multiple relationships drive the story (which is normal, the main characters are a group and the main theme is friendship).

Now, going back to what I said above on how you consider canon - I consider Victuuri canon and nothing Kubo says in interviews will change what I saw on screen with my own eyes. My dear co-captain @soobaki on the other hand, doesn’t, because of the lack of resolution and confirmation from Word of God. This is interesting when compared to Free! however, because one must ask: what’s stopping Free! to be as canon with its ships as Victuuri? (spoiler alert it’s money but) And here I’m going to look at one of the big ones and one of the “unofficial official pairings” according to KyoAni merch from s2 going forward: MakoHaru.

MakoHaru never kiss on screen and they certainly don’t get engaged or exchange rings. But they have an extremely deep bond that goes beyond friendship that gets developed throughout the series. Oh and they get a heavily romantic coded love confession.

Oh but Rita, you say, that doesn’t count! That’s only platonic love! Look they are even talking about swimming and putting their relationship in swimming terms, the way they do for most of the series. It’s not romantic!

Ah, but Victuuri does the exact same thing with skating. Victor and Yuuri constantly talk about their relationship in skating terms and skating metaphors. And never once say “I love you”.

Then we have the things staff says in interviews. Some things said about MakoHaru were how “they are each other’s other half”, “their relationship is an inviolable sanctuary”, writing their dialogue feels like “writing a married couple”, referred to Haru wearing Makoto’s shirt as “boyfriend’s shirt”, saying that unlike the other characters in the group Makoto is “drawn to Haru’s existence alone” and not just his swimming. All of these things are very reminiscent of the sort of things the YoI staff says about Victuuri, how they are “soulmates” and “can’t live without each other”.

The fact that I can even drawn comparisons like this is exactly the problem with the current status of Victuuri, which I’ve already talked a lot about. But like I said, Yuri on Ice can’t fully be comparable to bait anime like Free! and the rest because it went further than those and because it doesn’t contain the group element. Mappa is not trying to sell you Victor x Chris or Yuuri x Phichit, there’s no basis for that. Or for any pairing that’s not Victuuri. Unfortunately, Victuuri can still be considered ambiguous as it stands and its resolution was extremely lacking since it stopped the on-going romantic progression we’ve been having for 10 episodes. Add to that things like The Rings being missing from most of the official art and there’s a strong argument to be had about Victuuri being next-level bait.

Alas we are currently experiencing Schrodinger’s Victuuri, and it will only ever leave that limbo with either the staff finally giving acknowledgement to them as couple (which they are) or with the series going forward and sparing 10 seconds to establish them as a couple, with no margin for doubt or ambiguity. 

I like to think of myself as a nice person. Most people who know me would say I’m reasonable and easy to get along with. What I am not is a pushover. If you add negativity to my positive posts–particularly that which is based in nothing constructive or suggesting a willingness to discuss–I WILL call you out. If it becomes a pattern, I will unfollow and block.

Lance with Intrusive Thoughts???
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Intrusive Thoughts:</b> "Wow Allura is verrrry near the edge ha h a you could literally just take a single step and push her off into the never ending dark abyss of space"<p/><b>Lance:</b> "Yeah how about we just doNT do that, Francis"<p/><b></b> -<p/><b>Intrusive thoughts:</b> " You can take that knife and-"<p/><b>Lance:</b> "-and cut myself uhuh sure. Anymore bright ideas Jeffrey because IM A LITTLE BUSY HERE"<p/><b></b> -<p/><b>Intrusive Thoughts:</b> "What if when everyone slept you gave them a scar to match Shiro`s."<p/><b>Lance:</b> "What if you let me get some fucking rest."<p/><b></b> -<p/><b>((BONUS:</b> <p/><b></b> He gets them during mind melding bonding sessions))<p/><b></b> -<p/><b>Intrusive Thoughts:</b> "Life is meaningless you should just fly the ship into the sun and kill everybody on it."<p/><b>Lance:</b> "Or you stop sounding as emo as Keith you fucking nut"<p/><b>Hunk:</b>"what"<p/><b>Keith:</b> "I don't know whether to be worried or offended"<p/><b>Pidge:</b> "how about both"<p/><b>Shiro, wiping away a tear:</b> "Relatable"<p/></p><p/></p>

a short guide to Justin Oluransi

Bitty | JackLardo | Shitty

The webcomic Check, Please! and all its art was created by Ngozi Ukazu.

In light of recent events...

I’m disgusted with events that took place over the last 12 hours or so on Twitter, and I’m even more disgusted that this is a thing that happens repetitiously. So, here is a list of basic etiquette for meeting DnP in public. Honestly all of this is common sense, but apparently some people need to be reminded of it:

(Once you have read this, you have absolutely no excuses for your actions should you ever meet them (not that you had any excuses to begin with) and shall have 100% responsibility for your actions.)

(Also, these rules apply to any stars/celebrities/humans in general that you may encounter and apply in any location or scenario.)

  • DON’T take videos or photos of them without their consent, full stop. It’s a breach of their privacy, which goes against their fundamental human rights and is therefore illegal in almost all countries around the world, countries like Australia and the UK included…
  • …and if you do, DO delete it/them, especially if they ask you to. Again, it’s illegal and just morally wrong to take/keep/post non-consensual footage of them.
  • DON’T follow them or stalk them. It’s common sense and is for the same reasons as I listed above (it’s illegal), so if I get anyone questioning why, I will be really disgusted and disappointed.
  • DO go to meetups if you want selfies and if you want to meet them. The very reason meetups exist is so that you can meet your favourite stars in a consensual and relaxed environment, so take advantage of that rather than springing a trap on them outside of said consensual environments.
  • DO remember that DnP are no more or less human than us. I’ve seen people using the argument that they’re celebrities and that they should expect to be followed and whatnot, but they have the right to privacy as much as any of us and can feel frustration as much as any of us, so treat them like you’d treat any normal member of the public.
  • DO remember to distinguish between running into them coincidentally and deliberately tracking or following them. Running into them coincidentally is something you didn’t expect or intend to happen, therefore not your fault. Following or tracking them is 100% a conscious action so you are expect to take full responsibility for whatever may happen.
  • DON’T use “Oh but it’s a public area” as an excuse for following them. I’ve seen and argued with so many people who have used that excuse, but it doesn’t make following them any less morally or legally corrupt. Just because it may be deemed a public area doesn’t mean they’re always willing to interact with any people in it in a public manner. They are in public for the sake of sorting out shit for their own personal lives, it’s not an automatic invitation for anyone and everyone to follow them. Besides, Dan specifically said in a liveshow not to follow them in airports, so listen to them when they say that and assume the same request applies for any other public area.
  • DON’T think that they’re okay with being followed just because they offer to take selfies or whatever or because they don’t call you out on following them. I do wish DnP had more backbone regarding this, but the only reason they may agree to interacting with you is because they’re very selfless men who put their viewers wants (wants, not needs, because meeting them is not a necessity in life) before their own, however that doesn’t mean they’re comfortable doing it. Don’t take advantage of that selflessness.
  • DON’T remain under the impression that they live to serve us. They are under no obligation to do anything for us, not even on the internet, and it’s only because they’re good and admittedly-over-generous people that they do so in the first place. Just because they’re entertainers online sometimes doesn’t mean they’re idols to be objectified and dehumanised all the time, everywhere. They have their own lives and personal needs, exactly the same as we do.
  • DON’T be surprised if you receive backlash for doing things like what those people did today, you deserve every nasty tweet, post and DM you receive (unless you receive death threats or anything like that, which is never okay).
  • DON’T feel you have the right to defend yourself if you receive backlash, because you honestly don’t.

One final thought: you ever think about why celebrities imply or say that they want to live a ‘normal’ life? It’s because of stalkers and followers like the ones today, people who completely dehumanise them and put them on a pedestal where they’re expected to stay and be leered at 24/7. It’s not fair to enforce this on fellow human beings, especially with human beings as gracious and patient with us as DnP are. You don’t deserve to be called a ‘fan’ if you can’t love and value and respect them properly.


Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite