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I'm surprised you are still about Sherlock considering that major queerbaiting they did. The trailer showed a scene where Sherlock told John he loved him yet this scene wasn't in any of the episodes

Alright, I keep getting messages like this so I’m just going to answer one and have that be it. I’m upset about what’s happened, too. This show has been the most central focus of my life for five years. I love this show more than anything else I’ve ever been interested in and Johnlock was the largest factor in that. I’ve been openly part of the TJLC community for years. I love this show. I painted the wallpaper on my wall, it stares me right in the face every time I walk in the fucking room. I love this show. This show has helped me through so many hard times and been there for me when I needed it most. This show and the people I’ve met because of it are what played the largest factor in me coming to learn more about myself and my own sexuality. This show has made me so inexplicably happy for so long, and Johnlock specifically. I am hurt and disappointed and upset by things that have happened with the most recent season and I’m extremely let down by what we didn’t get. 

That being said, everything that happened up until season four still happened and I still love all of that. I still stand by the belief that Johnlock is real, that Sherlock is gay, that him and John love one another and are in love. This is one of the biggest things in my life that brings me happiness. If that means ignoring shit I hate about Season 4 for the sake of my mental health and wellbeing then I’m going to continue to enjoy that about the show that I loved. 

As a final note in response to your last comment: The ‘I love you scene’ was in the trailer, as well as the episode. It was bait and as much as we all wanted it to be for John it was taken out of context and unfortunately it was essentially nothing. I’m just as upset and hurt about all of this, but I’m doing what I can to stay positive. You’re not the only one coming to my inbox insinuating that I should be dropping this show altogether. But if I did that my mental health and wellbeing would plummet and I just can’t afford that. I’m going to focus on what has always made me happy about this show as I go forward with it. Johnlock. TJLC. The people I’ve met. The community I know. It’s the only thing I know how to do.

TO ALL YOU NEGATIVE NELLIES : Let’s take a trip into Ed Nygma’s mind, shall we?


Remember her, Isabella? The one true thing that Edward had left of Kristen Kringle? Huh, what happened to her again…. oh, that’s right! Oswald orchestrated her death, knowing that it would break Ed’s heart. 




- Edward planted the body in the fake-cos’s closet, yes? Made Oswald absolutely fearful that he would be found out for killing the fake-cos and what did Ed do? He took both bodies, the decomposing corpse and fresh kill so Oswald would not be locked up. [courtesy to @heartpoisedfanarts for pointing it out ♥]

- Ed is a manipulator. He is playing the trio - he said in episode 11 that he didn’t want to kill Oswald and suddenly he’s telling Babs that he wants to put Oswald out of his misery? It means something else. He is not planning to kill him, just get even for the same hurt that Oswald put him through. 

- Robin outright spoiled at a con that “Oswald and Ed will come to an agreement and understand each other” come episode 14. Meaning, news flash: they work it out. Whether things are smooth sailing from that point out or not is still a mystery B U T this current angst train we’re on? It will end.

If you hate this show s o  m u c h, then stop. Why upset your emotional balance by watching something that makes you negative? Go be with positive people and be happy. 

gentle reminder

sometimes, you might feel like you are drowning and all alone, like there’s no hope - that is your negativity talking; you are not alone, you are loved and cherished, even if you can’t see it, and there is always help around you: there is hope

Please stop comparing yourself to others.

Write what you want because you want to write it. Create, think, express, love, act, live in a way that makes YOU happy. The people who don’t stick around were never your friends to begin with.

Pick supportive people. People who want to see you thrive and succeed. People who cheer you on. People who don’t manipulate and try to make you some version of yourself that they deem acceptable.

You are enough, just as you are.


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As you can see, I work very hard making quality manga caps. I enjoy it very much so. (:

If you think everything I post is reposted, you are highly mistaken. Ask me to cap something and add certain text and I’ll prove to you.

3 good things that happened to me today:

1. My metal dice arrived and they are glorious and I love them. I was nervous about buying anything from AliExpress but … wow. Yeah. Cheap and good.

2. Our insurance company gave us a significant emergency pay out so we could actually get stuff for the house we’re *hopefully* moving into on Saturday. Since we don’t have bed or linen or a couch or half our contents anymore. But … yay. The money will come off the final settlement, but that’s fine. We really need this money to actually buy some stuff for the house.

3. I got some AMAZING reviews and messages on & about my fanfics from @tlcinbflo, @kallie6891 and @thekeekster which just made me glow. Thank you guys so much. That feedback made me glow and twirl and leap and dance. I love you guys to death!

(Body) Positive Vibes

So, I recently saw a video by @thatsthat24 (Thomas Sanders) about Body Positivity and learning to love your appearance.  I know that many share that struggle no matter who or “what” you are.  It is something I have had to conquer numerous times in my life, and still to this day.  It includes the comparison game, outrageous and difficult parameters, and staring at a closet of clothes but not wanting to wear anything because you feel that all would show your true, “ugly” nature.  I could go on, but I think I have painted a picture for you guys.

The reason I bring this up is because this isn’t something that skips over this community.  Sometimes, it can make it worse depending on the person.  So, I want to say now to y’all as well as myself that you are lovely.  You are made to be works of art.  Each one of you has features that only fit you, and make you stand out from a crowd.  Whether you think you have too much or not enough, the wrong shade of something, or even broken pieces.  You are unique, you are loved, you are gorgeous.  Please don’t forget that.  And sometimes it will take time to see it.  Sometimes, it might be finding a new look to show the features you enjoy.  It could be reaching out to loved ones or sticky notes on your mirror.  Sometimes even, it could mean stepping away for a while to sort through.  But know that piece of chocolate cake does not make you less wonderful, that roll, that “too thin” arm or mishapen chest, does not make you any less valuable.  I know this may seem cliche, but it can be nice to read.  And if your eyes are on this, it is about you.  I can guarantee that I am not skipping anyone when I talk about how brilliant you are. 

I am here running the race with you.   

Have a lovely day!

💗 Please remember to eat today. It’s okay to eat.
💗Drink your water! Please!
💗Take your medicine if you must.
💗Don’t push yourself, take things at your own pace!
💗Rest if you need!
💗Tell yourself it’s going to be a good day today.
💗If it’s a bad day, tomorrow will be better.
💗You’re doing great.
💗You’re loved.
💗You aren’t alone, I promise!


I cannot tell you how may times, Matt’s comics have me gotten through some really tough times.

Please, go check out his blog and other works of art.

Matt deserves to know how much of an impact his comics have had on my life and others.

We love you, Matt!


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Blog Update: Should I Post Fanfic?

So as a couple of you may know I actually write a lot of One Piece fanfic in my free time. However none of these fics are far enough along for me to justify posting them on ao3 yet. I write almost exclusively Gen fic, nakamaship, a lot of Straw Hat and Zoro centric stuff. 

And I was wondering if you guys would be at all interested in reading my WIPs and giving me feedback? I wanna post more original content on this blog and also wanna be able to share some of my in-progress works while I get them to a length that I would be comfortable to start posting on ao3.

What do you guys think? You wanna read some of my fanfic? Mostly AUs and crossovers and a few canon-expansions. Let me know what you think!