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I’m going to change up the way I do requests a little bit ^^

Written by @issamorg


  • McCree and 76 are two of the most protective and territorial alphas on base
  • Both have at some point lost everything- you? The only good thing in their lives?
  • Super territorial and protective like hope for the bystander’s sake nobody ever sneezes on you. The poor soul will probably die.
  • Both would bend over backwards to do something you ask of them- they want to lovingly spoil you so much. Their inner alpha instinct to provide and care for their lovely omega pleased when you accept their gifts.
  • If you ever have a fight with either of these men, hold strong. They can’t fall asleep without apologizing, even if only for raising their voice at you. From there with clear heads, it’s infinitely easier to talk out the problem and have your personal space heater back.


  • This man can’t get enough of scenting you, if you don’t smell of a mix of the two of you whenever he’s around? Boy howdy will he pull you aside and you will enjoy his scenting you
  • You go into heat? This man is so there for you. If he knows your heat is coming around, he makes sure to have no missions for a long enough period to help take care of you however you want him to.
  • He’s very much into physical contact with you, always having a hand on your waist, an arm over your shoulder, arms wrapped around and hugging you- he’s clingy. If you don’t like that, he understands, but it’s a hard habit for him to break- he still can’t believe you’re real and an angel like you chose him, after all.

Soldier: 76:

  • This old soldier has spent enough of his life denying himself things, he’ll try to save you from himself, but if you ever snap at him and just let him know you’re not going anywhere dammit now get over here so we can cuddle- he’s yours as much as you are his.
  • He’s not as adamant on having his scent on you at all times. He knows where your loyalties lie, as do any other members of the team that have seen you two together. Anyone that tries flirting with you is living on borrowed time.
  • That’s not to say he doesn’t love you covered in his scent, so that whenever he breathed in he gets the most delicious mixture of your scents, but he knows when to let that fact out of the box.

Okay but what if after chapter 13, Viktor thinks Yuuri never wants to see him again so he doesn’t even try to find Yuuri, who could either be in Hasetsu or Detroit (come on, that information is not that hard to find) and he just gets drunk every night in Moscow, he passes out on his couch, he’s so miserable and Chris doesn’t even know what to do with his friend. Yuri Plisetsky is so fed up with this situation, he can’t stand seeing Viktor like that so he kicks his ass and Viktor just stares at him and breaks into tears and he hugs Yuri hard and it’s so hard because he shares the name of the love of his life and that man is gone, lost to him forever and it’s his own fault. 

But then one day, Yuuri shows up on his doorstep and finds Viktor completely wrecked and drunk and it breaks his heart… He takes care of Viktor (who should really learn to lock his goddamn door), cleans him up a bit, help him to get into bed, and Viktor is so drunk that when he wakes up he thinks he’s dreamt that Yuuri was there and thinks he’s really pathetic and maybe it’s time to move on… But the flat smells nice, for the first time in months, it smells cleaning products and borscht. Borscht! Yuuri is here and I’m going to cry okay bye. Enjoy writing the rest if you wish.

Kylo Ren & General Hux x Reader Imagine

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”Imagine Kylo and Hux fight for your attention in a cute way.”

>Requested by @mysweetbucky ❤<
( @knights-of-rae I bet you like this too my friendo)

It was always pleasant to work with Commander Ren and General Hux, both of them were always very nice and attentive towards you but both of them were also kinda annoying and clingy lately. Kylo asked you more often if you want to watch him train and Hux offered you a promotion to his personal assistant so you could spend more time together. Watching Kylo train was always fun but you had no time for that, you would lose your job if you accepted his offer and you liked your job, you wanted to keep it. The same applied for Hux‘s promotion , spending more time with hime sounded like fun but you knew the poor soul who worked as Hux‘s personal assistant the last time, said person quit their job after two weeks so you decided to keep your job as superior Officer.
Both of them struggled to get your attention and you wondered if it was because they liked you or because they had one of their childish fights again, howsoever, you decided to encourage them to fight for you. It all started harmless, Kylo came more often to your workstation while you had to work and talked to you. He praised you for being so diligent and that he‘s proud to have such a hard-working employee and friend in his organization. Having Kylo around you at work was kinda distracting but he refused to leave if he didn‘t have to, instead he hang around at your workstation and looked over your shoulder and watched what you‘re doing. Hux had also his ways to spend time with you and to catch your attention, he ordered you often to the bridge and he even took you with him on the Finalizer. You had always a good time with him and the things he talked about were always interesting but your work became more and more, the more time you spend with him and it was annoying and hard to refinish everything in your free time. Kylo and Hux didn‘t do only annoying things to get your attention, no, they did sweet and adorable things for you as well. Kylo taught you how to fight with a lightsaber and he liked to pull you into his lap so you could pretend that you move something with the force while Kylo did the actual work. Hux on the other hand couldn‘t offer you fun with the force but he owned a cute cat and he invited you to play with her whenever you wanted to. He used the chance while you played with Millicent to talk with you and to show you what a nice and admirable guy he is when he‘s not busy with destroying planets. This small and cute fight went on and on until you made Lieutenant Mitaka a compliment in front of them.
„You‘re so good looking Mitaka, you‘re one of the prettiest employees in the First Order.“
„Thank you Y/N, you‘re so kind ! I have to go to a meeting now, see you later.“
Hux and Kylo would‘ve been offended to hear that you compliment Mitaka since you never told one of them that they‘re pretty but they took it also as challenge to find out who‘s the prettiest employee in the First Order because they were pretty sure that it was one of them so they decided to ask. They walked up to you and stopped you from walking away.
„My dearest Y/N, we don‘t want to be intrusive but we heard your conversation with Lieutenant Mitaka“ Hux stated.
„Okay, and what do you want now ?“
„We would like to know who‘s the prettiest member of the First Order since you said that the Lieutenant is one of the prettiest but not THE prettiest.“
„Oh, the answer is simple, both of you know the prettiest person in the First Order, take a guess !“
Kylo and Hux started immediately to argue with each other who‘s the prettiest person, both insulted each other and insisted that they‘re themselves the prettiest person. You watched them and let them argue until you had enough.
„Stop it now ! Do you really want to know who‘s the prettiest First Order employee ?“
Kylo and Hux stopped and looked at you just as excited as nervous.
„Well, it‘s me. I‘m the prettiest person here, pass it on.“

Doll Set: A deep love for the doll can be surmised by the fine craftsmanship of this article, and the care with which it was kept. It borderlines on mania, and exudes a slight warmth.

Maria Hunter Set: Among the first hunters, all students of Gehrman, was the lady hunter Maria. She had great admiration for Gehrman, unaware of his curious mania.

My thoughts on Sherlock

- why such a close up on John’s nose?
- He doesn’t sleep anymore
- He’s back with the therapist
- He doesn’t take care of his daughter anymore
- John Hamish Watson you poor soul
- Who is the mystery bitch?
- AGGGH fuckin Mary
- Oh she is dead
- John stop deflecting
- So does he or does he not blame Sherlock?
- Who the hell is in that car?
- Is it fuckin Sherlock?
- Ooo Villain McDickface
- ^ Culverton Smith
- Meeting about murder
- He looks like a shark
- What the fuck?
- TD-12? Memory?
- Geez you’re freakin creepy
- Daughter? Someone had sex with him? What?
- Problem? Solve it with murder
- Why are your hands shaking? Are you doing drugs again?
- You sarcastic little shit
- He’s bonkers he needs his Watson or at least his Ballon substitute
- Who the FUCK are you?
- Random guy in the kitchen?
- She’s got a gun? What
- Awwwww he’s remembering John awwwwww
- Laughing Sherlock
- Is that a drone?
- Why is Mycroft calling John?
- I love when he explains where his answers come from
- “Big brother is watching you.” “Literally”
- I’m not sweet I’m just high
- Sherrinford again
- Apparently bollocks is a long word
- Why was Santa Claus an example
- Sherlock is reflecting on what faking his death did to John
- What the hell is going on?
- OD?
- Did he hallucinate her?
- Bro you are trippin balls
- Congrats a serial killer
- Is the mystery guy Sherrinford?
- He is definitely on drugs again
- That was a weird transition
- Being chased by police and a helicopter
- Mrs Hudson!!!!!!?????!
- christ he’s crazy now
- John he needs you
- Fuckin idiot
- What does she mean she’s not a civilian?
- Awww no Mrs Hudson please love John
- Good lord Mrs Hudson!
- Why has she borrowed the handcuffs?
- I’m not your housekeeper
- Creepy man called John
- How in the fuck does he know the address?
- John is having none of your shit Sherlock
- You’re a liar/no I’m not/you pretended to be dead/aside from that
- Of course Molly came
- Was Sherlock insinuating that Molly has seen his dick?
- So John sherlocked Sherlocks sherlocking of John?
- This episode is full of quotable things
- Serial killer- cereal killer really?!
- Knowing Sherlock he needed the hug for DNA
- Or apparently the phone
- Fuckin bitch insulting the blog
- He’s high af
- Awww the change in applause
- Oh that asshole is targeting Sherlock
- christ Culverton Smith is a psycuntaco
- Why do you keep asking how long someone has worked?
- Stop playing with the dead body
- Yay Sweeney Todd
- Does he hide his murder victims in the morgue?
- A BIT creepy? Are you shitting me? You are 10 types of fuckin creepy
- Why not both? Clearly he’s on drugs but you are creepy enough to be a serial killer
- Faith is not the Faith he met
- What about a scalpel?
- Does Sherlock stab someone?
- No he’s sad cause he got played
- Psychotic breakdown much?
- John went all army doctor on him
- Stop punching him. Nooooo
- Nooooo Sherlock you didn’t kill her and John, you ass, stop blaming him
- Nooooooooo Sherlock
- AHHHH John gave him the cane!!!!!
- I love that he knew it was Mycroft
- What kind of fuckin hospital has secret doors!!??!!
- I love mind Mary. She’s so sassy
- Ooo he was talking about Sherrinford
- John pegged you
- Oh god I love Mrs Hudson
- Oh no John found the DVD
- “Get out of my house you reptile” yasssss
- Murder castle done right. Great
- Sherlock what in the fuck are you doing? Does he know John is coming?
- No Sherlock stop the teary voice
- I swear to god if Sherlock is dying because he thinks it’ll help John I swear
- Ahhhhh clever that Mary
- You touched your face with the gloves and now you’re touching Sherlock. You’re leaving DNA
- Yay John busted down the door
- Recorder in the cane?
- Recorder in the cane.
- Yesss the music
- Tell Sherlock you are seeing Mary
- At least he doesn’t blame Sherlock
- HIS TEXT ALERT IS STILL THE MOAN!!!!! Is Irene alive!?!?
- Happy Birthday?!
- This whole conversation is golden
- But you did rescue him
- John don’t cry
- Awwww hugs
- It is what it is
- Cake? Cake.
- Mycroft you oblivious shit
- Maybe not
- Realization dawns. The therapist is the fake Faith
- Oh god it was the lady on the bus
- Eurus = Sherrinford
- I don’t want to wait a fucking WEEK for the next episode!!!
- What happened with the bullet? Who got shot?
- Who/what the fuck is Eurus?

It’s done!!! Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, my tablet and computer were both being stupid with the batteries dying but they’re working again. Yay!

THE BLUE SHIRT WAS CHOSEN (RIP 1999, 2017. Loved by many (no one on tumblr (besides me))(RIPx2). you got no votes you poor soul (shirt))

Anyway, this is a gift for @kiekyun because your art gives me so much life. I really love everything you draw, you really are a very wonderful artist and I hope to be as good as you some day! (I’m sorry about no background, I really suck at those) I don’t know if you’ll actually see this but if you do then please let me know what you think! :D

Donut’s probably dead.

Hope you feel better soon, friend~

[submission by @mercuryblacksleg]