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If you can't afford to put on the table, why on God's green Earth, would you want to have babies? If you're poor and still decide to have children, then don't go whingeing to the government for handouts, when they go hungry. You could quite easily have avoided that outcome by, you know, using a bloody condom when lust got the better of you.

I’m not even gonna get into the shitty argument abt the whole “poor people shouldn’t breed” line (which, just fyi, has already been attempted by governments before, and is something that’s basically ripped off of popular eugenics movements from the previous century, not to mention it’s a disgustingly racist argument to make, and a human rights violation to boot). I’m just screaming about the whole “use a condom” idea when the governments that overwhelmingly support austerity and hate poor people are also the ones that are determined to cut government funding that would make birth control accessible for the poor, lol. 

Anyway, I don’t think *you* specifically have any right to cry about others who are reproducing against your standards when your parents have clearly failed the rest of us by creating you, lmao. I wonder why they didn’t use a condom when you clearly turned to be a torrential waste of space.

- Mod A

Secrets || Hogwarts AU! || 02

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader // BTS x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 3k 

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Torture, Slight Smut, SLOW UPDATES! UNEDITED!

Description: With the first day over at Hogwarts, you slowly grow closer to each of the boys individually, especially Taehyung. Along the way, you end up meeting Hyuna and Choa.

A/N: Taehyung is not my bias I swear! This is for @blessjiminnie for being my first best friend on Tumblr since the start <3 

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The loud hooting of owls awoke you from your slumber. Glancing at the clock on one of the bedside tables you inwardly groaned when it was 6:30 am. For your first full day here, you really didn’t want to be waking up this early, but there was no way you were going to get back to sleep with the owls being so loud. You stared at the other female Ravenclaws who all slept peacefully in their beds, either hugging their pillows of drooling. Quietly you climbed out of bed and grabbed your uniform. Changing was a challenge as you had almost knocked over your clock and various other items around the dorm. Luckily for you, the others were deep sleepers, so you didn’t have to worry about being extremely quiet.

After getting changed you made your way out into the small corridor and down the stairs. Your eyes widened in surprise when you had noticed Namjoon sitting where he had sat yesterday by the fireplace.

“Good morning Namjoon. Why are you up so early?” you questioned as you took a seat next to him.

“Well, firstly I was awoken by the owls,” Namjoon growled lowly. He clearly wasn’t a morning person.

“You too huh? To be honest I think it’ll be good for me. I always manage to sleep through my alarms,” you muttered.

“And secondly, I was waiting for you.” Your head snapped to look at him when he mentioned you.


“Well, I still need to show you around don’t I? And plus, while we go around the school, we can go get breakfast at the great hall which is at 7:30,” Namjoon explained.

“Sounds like a good idea,” you replied as you stood up at the same time as Namjoon, and made your way out of the common room and onto the grand staircase.

“Would you prefer to work your way from the top and go down? Saves us having to walk back up again if we start at the bottom?” Namjoon suggested, to which you nodded in agreement. “Alright, well the 7th floor is where the Gryffindor’s common room is, so if you ever want to hang out with Jin or Jimin just ask head on up and ask the fat lady to see them. She tends to like visitors and would gladly let you in,” Namjoon began as you took mental notes.

“The 6th floor is there Professor Finnigan out potions teachers office is. If you ever have a problem with a spell or potion just go to him, he’ll help you out, normally with a bang though,” Namjoon laughed at his joke while you stared at him completely confused. “Professor Finnigan has a terrible habit of blowing things up unintentionally,” Namjoon quickly finished.

“The 5th floor is obviously our the floor of our common room. The 4th floor can be accessible through the study area, and it accesses a balcony. Also to travel between the west tower and Gryffindor tower, you need to use this corridor,” Namjoon carried on rambling about each of the floors while you stared at the moving pictures in awe.

An old lady in one of the paintings had noticed you staring and greeted you with a smile and a small wave. Shyly you waved back.

“Welcome to Hogwarts dear,” she waved back and spoke gently, to ease your nervousness. Nodding your head in reply you turned back to Namjoon who had stopped talking to watch you interact with the paintings.

“Sorry,” you muttered.

“It’s quite alright. I understand explaining everything can be a bit boring. How about I show you Hagrid’s hut and the Owlery. I and the others like to visit Hagrid’s hut often, he normally tells us stories of when he knew Harry Potter and the amazing adventures he had with him,” Namjoon explained.

“Wow really! He knew Harry! That must of been an amazing experience,” you beamed a huge smile spread across your features. “Could we go with the others too? Not that I don’t enjoy your company, I obviously do. But I’d like to get to know them better that’s all,” you muttered clearly embarrassed.

“It’s fine. Breakfast isn’t for another 30 minutes, are you willing to wait that long for them? Normally they’re a lot later,” Namjoon laughed.

“I’m up for waiting, plus I can get to know you better too while we wait,” you replied as you began to make your way down the stairs, Namjoon following behind. 

Upon entering the great hall you giggled when Namjoon’s jaw fell open in shock. At the Ravenclaw table, sat the boys and 2 girls who you assumed were Choa and Hyuna.

“They’re never up this early,” Namjoon said in belief as he slowly made his way over to the group. “Who are you and what have you done with my friends,” Namjoon joked.

“It’s almost like we’re not allowed to be up early,” Jin rolled his eyes at Namjoon’s comment before placing his head back down on the table to rest.

“Oh this is Choa ad Hyuna, (Y/N), they’re the girls we were on about yesterday,” Namjoon explained as he gestured to the 2 girls.

“Hi!” the one who went by the name of Choa exclaimed happily. She was definitely a morning person. 

“Please quieten down Choa, my head’s beginning to hurt,” Jungkook scolded quietly. Choa blushed lightly and apologised as her arm slithered around his shoulder and brought him in a warm hug.

Totally obvious crush, you thought to yourself as you internally rolled your eyes.

Hyuna, on the other hand, gave you a nod before she closed her eyes to get some sleep.

“Choa, yesterday we were talking about the upcoming ball, and (Y/N) over here has never been to one. Do you think it would be okay if you could take her shopping for a dress in Hogsmeade? Normally they open a dress shop just for this occasion correct?” Hosoek questioned.

“Of course there is! I’d gladly help out with it. I’ll find you the perfect dress,” Choa giggled happily.

“Have you gotten a date yet?” Hyuna suddenly asked.

“No, I don’t. I just got here yesterday so…” you mumbled.

“That’s all right, I’m sure we can find someone to go with you. McGonagall made it clear however that it’s boys who ask girls. It’s not fair! What if we wanted to ask someone,” Choa pouted. 

“Anyway we should really get going, we’ve got something to talk about with Professor Longbottom,” Hyuna explained as both the Slytherins stood up and left the hall.

“They seem nice,” you muttered under your breath.

“But it’s so obvious that Choa likes Jungkook. Do you see the way she clings to him?!” Taehyung replied in frustration. “I’d want a girl to be that friendly with me. All I have is Hoseok, and in no way is he cute!” Taehyung pouted when Hoseok reacted by hitting him over the head.

“Don’t make me hex you!” Hoseok warned jokingly. They both began to giggle like school children.

“Aww poor Taehyung,” you said in a baby voice and you pulled him in for a hug. “You happy now?” you giggled when his face had turned bright red.

“I could get used to this,” Taehyung whispered dramatically, as his arms wrapped themselves around your small waist and pulled your closer. 

“Ew get a room,” Namjoon gagged as he pretended to be sick.

“We’re just messing Joonie,” you laughed. Namjoon blushed at the nickname,

“Joonie?” Jimin questioned.

“Yeah, I think nicknames for all of you should be good. Now I understand, that some of you already have nicknames. So you’ve got Tae and Joonie. Do you guys have anything, in particular, you want me to call you?” you asked as you tilted your head to the right slightly.

“You can call me Hobi!” Hosoek yelled happily. “And we normally call Jungkook Kookie, cos he’s cute,” Hoseok laughed when Jungkook blushed deeply.

“Yoongi doesn’t really have one,” Jimin sighed sadly.

“How about Yoongz?” you asked instantly. “And I’m definitely calling Jin, Jinnie! That’s so adorable,” you squealed excitedly. “I’m calling you all by your nicknames now, and I don’t care if you don’t like it I do!” you playfully stuck your tongue out at the boys who just laughed.

“Now. How about we go down to the Owlery and Hagrid’s hut since we’re all here?” Namjoon suggested. Everyone nodded in reply and gathered their stuff, before exiting the great hall. 

“How about we go to Hagrid’s first? We haven’t seen him in a while and I’m sure he misses us,” Jimin pouted.

“Oh, that reminds me! Namjoon, could you show me where the library is after? I need to get the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Magical creatures is a major weak point for me so extra studying on that will be helpful,” you explained.

“How did missing someone make you think of magical creatures,” Yoongi asked, his face scrunched up in disgust.

“I was too busy thinking about what I had forgotten,” you snapped back playfully. Yoongi gave you a small nod in reply and turned around to talk to Jimin.

“I can help you with magical creatures if you need it (Y/N), I love learning about them, so I do whatever research I can about them whenever studying,” Taehyung stopped walking for a moment, allowing you to catch up.

“Really? Oh that would be really helpful thank you Tae,” you smiled as you hugged his arm.

“It’s alright, and besides, I like going over it more than once, so it really sticks in my head,” Taehyung replied as he sent you a playful wink, which caused you to blush. 

“Oh my god guys please stop flirting for 5 minutes,” Jin groaned as he looked back and glared at the 2 of you.

“No can do Jinnie, she’s mine,” Taehyung clung onto you like a koala and didn’t let got for the next few minutes.

“Tae, as much as I love you hugs, your slowly beginning to crush me,” you breathed out slowly.

“Oh sorry,” Taehyung answered apologetically while loosening his grip from around your stomach. Dramatically taking in a deep breath you gasped for air.

“We’re here guys,” Namjoon spoke up, pointing to a small hut in the distance. It was small and looked about 30 years old. In front of the hut, laid a small garden filled with pumpkins and a large majestic hippogriff.

“Wow! What a beautiful creature,” you said in amazement as you moved a little closer to the creature.

“Careful, he bites. And his name is Buckbeak,” a loud voice boomed. Turning your attention to the owner of the voice, you eyes widened when your eyes landed on a very tall long bearded man who looked down at your small frame.

“Am I allowed to touch him?” you asked nervously.

“Of course you can, but when approaching him be very slow. If you move too quickly he’ll think you’re a threat,” the man explained. “I’m Hagrid by the way, nice to meet you,” he smiled.

“Hello, I’m (Y/N), a new Ravenclaw student,” you replied. 

“Now go on, and pet him, he’s calm just now so be careful,” Hagrid warned.

“She won’t be able to pet him. You told me only Harry Potter got to touch him and ride him!” Jimin exclaimed, a little too loud, causing Buckbeak to snap his head up and stare at you wide-eyed. Instantly you froze and slowly turned your head to glare at Jimin who mouthed you an apology.

“Okay calm down, you can do this,” you muttered under your breath. Slowly, as you took a step forward. Buckbeak stood up and got up onto his rear feet. Panicked Hagrid went to grab you when Buckbeak landed and trotted over to you.

Shocked by Buckbeaks change of behaviour he watched as the hippogryph cuddled into you, making you giggle as you scratched behind his ears. 

“That’s a first,” Yoongi spoke, amazed. The others nodded in agreement as you slowly stepped away from the Hippogryph. However, upon stepping away, Buckbeak grew agitated and began to act up causing the others to panic. 

“I think you should stay with his for a little while, I’ll bring out a few chairs and we can sit and talk out here,” Hagrid suggested as he ran back inside.

“I didn’t realise I had a thing for animals,” you laughed lightly to yourself, taking a seat on the ground next to Buckbeak, who laid down next to you and laid his head on your thigh.

“I wish I could pet him. He’s such a lovely creature, but he doesn’t like me for some reason,” Taehyung said sadly, his eyes on the ground.

“Tae, come here,” you ordered. Taehyung looked up at you nervously.

“I-I can’t, Buckbeak will become annoyed,” he stuttered in reply.

“It’s okay, trust me,” you smiled as you held you hand out for him to take. Shakily, Taehyung slowly grasped your hand, his grip tighter than usual. Pulling his slowly towards you, Taehyung began to freak out and started to pull away. “Tae, it’s okay. See?” you soothed the older boy who had now allowed you to guide his hand.

“Buckbeak, please be nice,” you whispered into the Hippogryphs ear. Carefully you manoeuvred Taehyungs hand to the top of Buckbeak’s head. Gently you placed his hand on the Hippogryph’s head and he smiled brightly. 

“Thank you so much,” Taehyung whispered in relief as he slowly pressed his forehead against yours.

“It’s alright, you help me with studying, I help you make new friends,” you replied while giving him a cheeky grin. Taehyung removed his hand and went back to the group of boys, who were now sat down in the chairs Hagrid had brought out.

“So what bring you boys, and girl down here today?” Hagrid asked as he leant back in his seat, to get more comfortable.

“We just wanted to introduce you to (Y/N), she’ll mostly be with us when we come down to visit from now on, we’re currently showing her around, so we thought we’d come and see you first,” Jin answered. “I don’t think we’ll be staying too long, however, We’ve got a lot to do today.”

“I see, well I was actually pretty busy myself, so if you want to leave now I’m alright with that,” Hagrid suggested.

“Oh alright, sorry to disturb you,” Jungkook spoke for the first time in a while, but quietly.

“It’s alright Jungkook, I just wasn’t expecting any company that’s all. Now off you go,” Hagrid shooed all of you away and carried on with whatever he was doing. Buckbeak let out a saddened whine when you began to stand up. 

“I’m sorry Buckbeak. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll come back once a week, and I’ll bring you a present every time. How about that?” you asked as you rubbed the Hippogryphs head. Soon after, you stood up and left with the others, heading up the owlery.

“We only ever really come here when we want to send mail to our parents or relatives. But sometimes it’s a nice place if you want peace and quiet, especially if you’re trying to think. The castle can get a bit… Loud sometimes,” Namjoon explained.

“Yeah, I guessed that,” you muttered in reply. “Can we go check it out, I want to see if my owl is here,” you spoke excitedly.

“What kind of owl do you have?” Jin asked.

“A barn owl and his name is Otto, don’t ask. It’s the family owl, but my mum wanted me to have him,” you responded, embarrassed about the owl’s name.

“Yeah sure we can go in,” Jimin grinned as he led the way up into the tower.

“Wow, there’s so many of them. And they’re all beautiful colours,” you said in awe as you looked up to the top of the tower. “God there is no way I’m going to climb those stairs, I did enough stair climbing yesterday and earlier this morning,” you laughed. “Let’s go, we can do this another time.” One by one you stepped out of the owlery and turned to Namjoon who spoke.

“So where should we go next?”


It was not 12 pm. Meaning lunch. You all sat at your house tables, feasting upon the large amount of food scattered all over the oak wood tables. You began to grow slightly nervous as the time for your dance lessons was getting closer and closer. Completely lost in thought you hadn’t realised Taehyung was behind you until he placed his large hands on your shoulders, making you jump in fright. Quickly Taehyung extracted his hands from your shoulders and apologised over and over again.

“It’s fine Tae. I was lost in thought again. Is there anything you wanted me to do?” you asked as you turned around to get a better look at the tall boy.

“Well actually I wanted to show you where the library was so I could help you find that book you were on about. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?” Taehyung asked.

“Oh! Yes. Thank you for reminding me, let’s get going,” you grabbed your cup of water and downed it in one gulp. “How about we get Hoseok to come along as well. You don’t know how long it will take find the book, and I don’t want to be late for these dancing lessons,” you mumbled shyly. Taehyung’s expression changed once again.

“That’s a great idea! Hobi hyung!” Taehyung yelled. Moments later Hoseok walked up to the 2 of you and smiled.


“We’re going to go to the library, but (Y/N), here was thinking it would be a good idea for you to come along too,” Taehyung explained to the older boy who nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, alright I’ll come,” Hosoek replied with a big grin.

“We want to come too,” another voice said from behind you. Turning around you noticed Jimin and the others looking at the 3 of you, pouting.

“I don’t mind,” you smiled as you grabbed hold of Jimin’s hand and pulled him up out of his seat.

“Well, should we get going?” Hosoek grinned…

to be continued…


A/N: Hello! Quick drabble for you guys that I had planned for a long, long, long time and finally remembered to write. Starring Little Nathan, Percy The Dad, and the problem of marrying a daughter of Athena.


Percy was sitting by the kitchen table, trying to wrap his mind around his bloody taxes, when the scuffling of little stockinged feet distracted him. Nathan had woken up from his nap and dragged his still sleepy self to the kitchen. While he watched, his son climbed the chair beside his and stood on it, leaning on the table with his elbows.

“Hey, buddy, what’s up?” Percy greeted him.

“Daddy…” Nathan started, sounding troubled, “Can I ask you some questions?”

“Sure, son. Go ahead.”

“How does a camera work?”

“Oh, it’s really easy, bug, you hold it up, point it to the thing you want in the photo, and press the button!” Percy smiled at him, but Nate shook his head.

“No, daddy, I know how to take a picture. But how does it work? How does the photo get there?” he insisted.

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  • Aphobes: We care about the autistic community!
  • Aphobes: Aspec is for autistic people only!
  • Autistics: Hey can you stop spreading misinformation? Aspec isn't our word and never was. You're hurting asexual and aromantic people in our name and we're not okay with it.
  • Aphobes: Shhhhh you poor innocent children, let us protect you, precious babies, you're just too fragile to speak for yourselves uwu
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me, watching the Stranger Things season 1 finale:</b> Look at my precious Byers family sitting down for their Christmas dinner, back together again.<p/><b>Will Byers:</b> *excuses himself to wash his hands*<p/><b>Me:</b> Hell yeah, hygiene<p/><b>Will Byers:</b> *coughs up slug*<p/><b>Will Byers:</b> *sees a flash of the upside down*<p/><b>Will Byers:</b> *returns to the dinner table acting as if everything is ok*<p/><b>Me:</b> .....heck<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>