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Some of the ultimates in South Park the fractured but whole are a bit… scandalous. And rather sexy. Theres full frontal nudity there i said it. Particularly in some of the later stages of the game. Theres a pretty big chance this game is gonna get age restricted no matter what. You might have a better shot just streaming some of the game instead

Quinn: So you don’t have feelings for MC?

Estela: Psh… of course not.

Quinn: Oh ok, good, cause I heard that Jake was interested in her.

Estela: I will kill him.

Quinn: But I thought-

Estela: *pulls out machete*

“It feels like the end of an era”

A Lovehacks scrapbook put together by Leah and MC of their adventures in San Fran with their best friends ♡

MC making her grand return to San Fransisco 

Brooke posing in front of the staple Golden Gate Bridge -taken by Sereena 

Brooke and Sereena late night cuddle session -taken by Cole 

MC up early finishing up an article -taken by Mark 

A giddy Brooke and Sereena -taken by MC 

Horatio moments in between a busy shift at the Double Tap -taken by Cole 

Brooke and MC on a walk -taken by Leah 

“Mark!! Mark!! Take our picture!!” 

The crew reclaiming and reminiscing at their favorite spot over the city -taken by unknown 

A cheers to the Double Tap -taken by Horatio 

Horatio looking over at the perfect moment -taken by MC 

“Me and Leah’s new office coming together nicely!!” -taken by MC 

Ben trying to look suave for the camera - taken by a giggling MC 

MC and Leah on a mini adventure -taken by Andi 

Throwback to college Mark and MC -taken by unknown 

Bringing home Sereena’s surprise -taken by Brooke 

“Sorry, Keo, she’s mine!” -Brooke and MC taken by Cole 

Early morning coffee run for MC and Ben -taken by Brooke 

“You’re so cute” “Oh, hush”  -Leah taken by MC 

Mark enjoying his morning coffee -taken by MC 

Ben making MC blush -taken by Leah 

Brooke and her Sereena -taken by MC 

Seeking Solace - Drake x MC

[A little note: I wasn’t planning on starting this tonight - but then the words started coming out of my head and now here we are. Thank you for the request sis @storiesbehindyoureyes. Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to send me a kissing prompts here for anyone that’s interested!]

[Summary: A drunk MC (Robyn) demands Drake accompanies her on one of her routinely escapes from the manor for the night. However, he manages to convince her that staying inside with him was more than worth going outside.]

8. Breathtaking Kiss - It’s the kiss that you can’t do anything for a few seconds after, you keep your eyes closed with mouth agape of you try to let your mind process what happened.


Drake was beginning to think that Robyn threatened his sanity. Not entirely, but rather her ideas threatened his sanity. They were half-thoughts and half-delusions; plans that shouldn’t be considered plans to begin with. However, whenever possible they agreed to them anyway. As soon as they found themselves feigning interest after hours of balls, press meetings and other courtly things that was demanded of them - they jumped at the opportunity to leave. 

It had to be her fault. 

She was the only correlation between abandoning the manor and leaving at strange hours of the night. She kept them joined together - like glue. He watched it happen, begrudgingly at first until he realized all that time he used to resent nobles were no more as some of the same people he considered one of them, had turned into people he could consider acquaintances. Maybe even friends.

Now he waited in secret; pacing back and forth inside the safety of his room. He kept his eyes trained above the balcony and watched the fathomless dark sky until they caught sight of stars. They twinkled in the distance - as if they too were enjoying his pitiful anxiety as he waited. 

And waited.

And waited.

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-the sophomore-

James: I can not believe you. After everything!

MC: It really isn’t a big deal.

James: I thought we had something special. A real connection. And you just threw it all away.

MC: James, it happens. You are overreacting. Come sit down.

James: How can you just say that? I..I need a moment.

[James staggers to the bathroom. Zach walks in from the hallway.]

Zach: Is everything okay?

MC: Yeah, James is just being dramatic. And a bit drunk.

Zach: He makes it sound like he just found out you cheated on him.

MC: Well…

Zach: MC!

MC: What?! I should be allowed to enjoy the works of an author that James despises!

[James pops out from the bathroom.]

James: Except that the man was an absolute joke! He made a complete mockery of the classic drama!

MC: He was a great writer! If you would just give him a chance.

James: Oh, not this again.

Zach: …

Truth or Fan Fiction

“Which of these HU quotes are true, which came from fics?
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Add your own if you are tagged and we’ll try to guess what is fact and what is fan fiction.

“Blowing producers has helped me, that’s for sure.”  J3T

“I’ve never hit anyone in my life. And I don’t plan on it.”  Dylan

“Yeah I go online sometimes.  What else are you going to do when it’s 2 am and you’re coked up?”  J3T

”We’re gonna start selling my hair at the shows.”  DaKurlzz

“King Kong Tequila, would you drink it?”
“Dude I would even eat your worm!”  Dylan and Danny.

“I’ve seen Dylan’s cock so many times, every time I barbecue summer sausage I have to call my therapist.”  Charlie Scene

“And then we started smoking our own crack ad doing trannies.”  J3T

“Dakurlzz is so hung over his hair is even crazier than usual.”  J-Dog

“Johnny3 Tears’ ass is pansexual.  Deuce fell in and now he’s singing to all the butterflies in Johnny’s stomach and giving him gas.  That’s why Johnny is always in a bad mood.”  Dylan

”I started writing song with him because I really liked him and then I found out about American Idol and I was like ‘What’s thedeal, bro?’”  J3T

“Yeah whatever.  You roll over every night and kick me in the shins.”

“I can’t help it if I’m dreaming I’m David Beckham.”   J3T and Charlie

“That’s back when we were pulling guns on everybody.  Soemtimes you just gotta cap a motherfucker, bro.”   J3T

”J-Dog’s not that far from being a degenerate. He doesn’t know how to operate a car.” Dakurlzz

  “And what is this, Motel 6?  Like an actual Motel 6 and not a Motel 6 knock off like Motel Cinco or some shit?”  Charlie Scene

“When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was be in a gang.”  JDo

“Johnny doesn’t have any hobbies because all his money goes for drugs.”  JDog

“I used to have it long but then I went through a break up, ha d a nervous breakdown and cut it all off.”  Dakurlzz

“It was a little hard for Deuce to keep talking shit with ten broken fingers.”  J3T