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One Rule | stripper!jennie | M

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Summary: “You have one rule, no touching allowed.”

Word Count: 9,951

When your friend had told you to let loose, you figured she meant for you to take a week off of work, go outside and soak up Vitamin D, maybe have one more drink than you usually did at the bar.

You did not, however, think that she meant anything remotely close to a strip club.

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a/n: so @sowhatshawn and i were talking about stuff the other day. and i got this idea. so. here. it. is. 

You made your way through the warm bodies shuffling around the house, trying to find your boyfriend. He had promised he wouldn’t get drunk, but you knew better. You knew he would celebrate this tour ending by drinking his body weight in alcohol, and by the end of the night you would be the one dragging his ass to the car, and helping him into the apartment.

Peering around the corner, you smiled when you saw Shawn tossing the ping pong ball into the red cup at the other end of the table, cheering when the beer splashed out. “I won!” He cheered, high-fiving a tipsy Matt. “I fucking won!”

“That’s the third time you’ve won, dude.” Matt laughed, nodding at you. “Hey, your girl’s looking for you.”

Shawn spun around, dopey smile on his face as you walked over. “Hi, baby!”

“Hey, hun. D’you think you’re about ready to head home?” You asked, since it was nearing one in the morning, and you were exhausted.

“Y-yeah, lemme just go say bye to everyone.” Shawn nodded, stumbling past you into the other room.

Matt looked at you, concerned. “You gonna be able to get him inside by yourself? I can help you- he weighs more than he looks.”

You laughed, nodding. “I’ll be fine. Thank you, though. I’ll text you when I get him inside.”

Megan walked over to Matt, and you bid the couple goodbye before going to find the lanky mess of a boyfriend you had.

Turning off the ignition, you pulled the keys out and grabbed your phone. You got out of the car, and set your purse on the hood, before going over and tackling the sleepy man inside the passenger side. “Shawn, bubby, you’ve gotta help me here.” You laughed, almost falling over when he got out, and leant all of his weight into you. “Jesus, Shawn, how much did you drink?” You asked, the smell of beer strong on him.

“S-so much.” Shawn mumbled, working with you so you two could get inside.

The two of you walked into the bedroom, and you disappeared into the closet to grab a pair of pajamas for your boyfriend, and he was sitting on the bed, giggling.

You started unbuttoning the dress shirt he had on, hands working fast since you knew he was going to start getting drowsy.

“She’s so pretty.” Shawn said out of nowhere, smile playing on his lips.

You quirked an eyebrow up, and walked over to him. “Who?”

“Audrey.” Shawn said, catching you by surprise. “Her lips were so plump. A-and they tasted like strawberries.” He giggled like a little boy, hiccuping.

“What? What do you mean?” You asked, heart rate picking up.

Shawn stripped off his shirt, and you felt your breath catch when you saw the hickeys on his chest. They were dark, and looked fresh. “Shawn, honey, when did you get those?”

The brunet looked down at his chest, and let out a breathy laugh. “So dark.” He poked one. “Audrey said she wasn’t going to leave marks. She said Y/N would get mad.” His head whipped up, and you swore he realized who he was talking to.

But, when he spoke, you felt your heart shatter even more. “It felt nice.”

You stayed silent for the rest of the night, waiting until Shawn’s breath evened out before getting out of bed. You left a water bottle and some Advil on the nightstand next to him, and quietly grabbed your essentials.

You let a few tears out as you padded across the hardwood of the apartment, collecting your purse, coat, keys; stopping at the picture of you and Shawn on your anniversary. You were in Europe, Paris to be exact, and Josiah had snapped the photo of you two in front of the Eiffel Tower. Kids in Love. Paris. 2016. You let out a rough laugh at the engraving on the frame, before letting the photo fall from your hands.

With one last look around the place you had called home, you opened the door, and stepped out into the night, temperature matching your feelings. Cold.

You didn’t make it far. instead, you stopped a few blocks down, and walked into the 24-hour mini mart at the corner. You dialed one of the more familiar numbers on your phone, pressing it to your ear. “Can you come pick me up?”

a/n: sorry it’s short. but i already have a part 2 ready to be posted. 

Merlot (Eggsy Unwin x Reader)

A/N: So, I am stoked for the new Kingsman movie and wanted to write a little angsty/smutty Eggsy. Hope you guys like it!!! Enjoy!! xx

Warnings: smut, angst, typical Eggsy

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A waltz drifted through the air and the hum of the crowded ballroom. The music rose and fell, causing you to gently sway in time with the music. Your white, floor length gown fluttered with your movements. You let your gaze wander up to the grand vaulted ceiling above you. A magnificent crystal chandelier hung from the mural covered ceiling. You could admire the paintings for hours. 

A sharp voice in the radio in your ear interrupted your thoughts. “Stay focused, Gwenevere. You have a mission to carry out.” You silently cursed yourself for getting distracted and heeded Merlin’s words. You were here on a mission for the Kingsman. The mission, to infiltrate Isaac Rovanov’s birthday ball and find a main frame computer to hack into his documents and chemical weapons plans. To do so, you had to mingle with the crowd a bit and find a time to sneak away without arousing suspicion.  

You, however, were not alone on this mission. The Kingsman’s pride and joy, Galahad, was with you. Eggsy was an insufferable flirt and a pompous cock who made you want to do unspeakable things to him behind closed doors. He may be annoying but damn, that wink and smooth voice could make you melt. 

As you scanned the dance floor for your partner, a strong hand came to rest on your waist and your could feel warm lips against your ear. “Looking for me, love?” Eggsy whispered. 

A hot shiver ran down your spine and you were positive he could feel it because his grip got a little tighter. “Are you ready to get on with it?” you ask, ignoring his quip.

“Oh, I’m always ready to get it on.” He pulled you into his side, winking at you slyly and allowing a devilish smirk to grace his face. His dark blue eyes sparkled in the light of the chandelier. Gracefully, he led you across the dance floor towards a hallway that Merlin had discovered led to Rovanov’s private quarters. 

“We have to make it convincing,” you whispered. As if on cue, Eggsy slid his hand down to your ass and gave it a squeeze. 

“Easy,” he whispered back, a smirk still on his face. Through a grimace, you managed to force a giggle and rubbed yourself up against the agent. You pushed Eggsy against the velvety wall just before the hallway and peppered his jaw in light nips and kisses. You hoped a few party goers and security would see, assuming you were a young couple in need of a little privacy. “Very convincing, (Y/N),” Eggsy moaned through clenched teeth. He grabbed your hand and led you down the hall. 

“The door is up on your left and the code is 1986,” Merlin said in both of your ears. Eggsy pushed you up against the door in question, attaching his lips to your neck. He sucked and nipped as he punched in the numbers on the door’s key pad. You could feel your thighs begin to tremble and you had to bite your lip to hold back a genuine moan. 

The door swung open and Eggsy pushed you into the room, closing the door swiftly and quietly behind him. You both heard the door click and lock. The room you walked into was one of elegance and romance. Only lit by candlelight, the darkly decorated room was centered around a grand four-poster bed with crimson curtains. The duvet was also crimson but interlaced with gold flowers. A plush carpet muffled the sound of your heels and a marble fireplace stood cold and empty on one end. Rovanov’s desk and computer was opposite the fireplace. 

You did a slow spin as you examined the room before resting your gaze on Eggsy. He was staring at you, his eyes fiery and his lip caught in between his teeth. “I should have brought some wine for such a romantic occasion,” he said, sauntering towards you. 

“We’re on a mission, Galahad. Besides, the convincing is over,” you said, turning away from the brunette and towards the computer. Eggsy grabbed you by the arm, however, and in one strong movement, pulled you into his chest. 

“Oh, come on, (Y/N). Don’t you at least agree that a little chardonnay would go great with this moment?” He looked down at you with lust filled eyes.

You slowly ran your hands up and down his chest, feeling a low growl rumble within him. “A nice Merlot would go better. I like things with a little… bite.” 

Eggsy crashed his lips against yours. He tasted like spearmint and oaky whiskey. You dragged your nails down Eggsy’s chest, working on the buttons of his suit jacket. He chewed on your bottom lip as he pushed you back towards the massive bed. His hands clung to your waist and only left to shake off his jacket. He reached behind you and hastily unzipped the back of your dress. The dress pooled around your feet. You were only wearing a black lace thong. 

“Guys, c’mon! You have work to…” Merlin began shouting into your earpieces. 

You dug yours out of your ear and Eggsy did the same after saying, “Give us eight minutes.” Eggsy deftly picked you up and laid your down on the bed. He stripped off his crisp white shirt and crawled over you. He roughly pressed his lips against yours before dragging them across your jaw, down the sensitive flesh of your neck, and through the valley of your breasts. His finger tips dug into your breasts as he kneaded them, swirling his tongue around your sensitive nipples. 

You let out a quick moan as his teeth grazed the sensitive buds. “Eggsy…” A growl emanated from him at the sound of his name and he worked even rougher. He nipped and sucked his way south, leaving growing, purple bruises along your bare skin. Eggsy looked up at you with half-lidded eyes and a smirk before taking your thong between his teeth and dragging it down your legs. He discarded the garment onto the floor and roughly pushed your legs apart.

A shudder shot through you at the sudden cold air. He lowered his face incredibly close to your heat and your could feel his warm breath on you. Teasingly, he licked one long, agonizing stripe up your folds. A whimper escaped your lips and he chuckled as he removed his trousers. He crawled over you and positioned himself between your legs. “This will be extremely convincing, eh, love?” he whispered huskily before pushing into you.

You snaked your arms around his back and dug your nails into his skin. An animal-like moan escaped you as he roughly pulled out and thrust back into you. Your skin tingled with fiery electricity as Eggsy aggressively pumped in and out of you. Almost instantly, the knot of an orgasm began to build in your stomach. Eggsy reached down and pulled your leg up higher, giving him more access. You growled and dragged your nails down his back as he thrust deeper into you. 

“Eggsy,” you whimpered as your orgasm built. With a growl, Eggsy pinned your hands above your head, holding himself up and getting an even deeper angle. His arms flexed on either side of you and his thrusts began to become sloppier. 

“Fuck, (Y/N), I’m gonna,” he began before cutting himself off with another growl and a moan. You could feel him twitch inside of you. Your eyes rolled back as your arched your back and felt your own orgasm overcome you. It spilled over and your breath quickened. You moaned Eggsy’s name as you began to come down and Eggsy burst inside of you. He slowly pulled out of you, a mix of fluids staining the ornate duvet. 

Eggsy laid down next to you, catching his breath and allowing his muscles to relax. In a calm silence, the two of you dressed yourselves. As Eggsy slowly zipped up the back of your dress, he placed a soft kiss on the nape of your neck. “You taste better than any wine I could think of,” he whispered. 

It was your turn to smirk at him as the two of you replaced your ear pieces. Just then, the door clicked and unlocked. “Fuck me,” you whispered through clenched teeth.

“Just did.” And Eggsy flashed a confident smile your way.

Blind Side - Chapter 5

Intro | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

Moonbeams streamed in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. You stagger over to the drapes and pull them closed, stumbling over the new shoes you pried off hours ago. It was 3am, and you’d already finished off one bottle of wine. You sat alone on the sofa, in complete darkness, reading and re-reading the numerous messages from Thomas.

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Pretty Soft (Steve x Reader) Drabble

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(( gif not mine ))

(A/n): You request, I shall deliver. I had literally noo where to go with this so I kind of WINGED IT LMAO

Request: Cuddles with Steve or Tony?

Warnings: So like, fluff and stuff. Maybe a swear?


”Nnnehhhhhhgggg…..” Steve moaned, dropping his heavy duty backpack to the door mat and shutting the door with his boot.

He heavily dropped on the first step of the winding stairs, putting his hands to work on his laces that held his boots to his feet. Once he was freed from them, he wasted no time sauntering into the kitchen, where you were.

“You’re home early.” you hummed. You were peeling some potatoes, stationed in front of a shiny silver faucet and sink. A goof smiled swept on your face when Steve walked in, though you didn’t actually look up from your task.

“The mission was a lot simpler than intended and we got let off earlier and I hate airports and apparently having a large vibranium shield is considered inappropriate and I should leave and can we just cuddle?” he drawled, asking with his mouth and his eyes.

“Hm, of course, but not right now hun. I’m making dinner.” you replied lacing it with a sheepish laugh “I didn’t expect you to come back today, so I’m making homemade fries and some frozen chicken strips.”

You put down your potato peeler and strode over to the freezer; pulling out a bag of chicken strips.

Steve pulled a face.

“But can we just,”

He stepped closer to you, holding out his arm and you laughed.

“can we just,”

He pawed at your wrist, causing you to screech with more laughter; accidently letting go of the bag, having it fall onto the hardwood floor below you both.

“just,” he finished “cuddle?”

Steve picked you up, like you pick up a toddler.

“My chicken strips!” you cried out.

“Fuck yer’ chicken strips.” Steve demanded tiredly and literally fell on the couch. “Pardon my French.”

“Nonono, Steve.” you pried, but didn’t try to struggle, because it was like bear wrestling.





“Become the tired.”




“Shh, who is Steve?” the blond mumbled drunkenly.

“You’re Steve, you dumb spoon.” you said, dropping your head back against the couch throw pillows in defeat.

“No, I’m tired.”

You couldn’t help but let a last laugh slip your lips when you began to relax fully into the cushions.


(A/n): I don’t even know what this is. It’s super short but I guess it’s okay. The request was pretty blunt and vague so I just.. this.

Hakurei Shrine poker night

I honestly don’t know why I thought this would be a good idea

A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

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Donatello (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: HOLY CRAP YOU’RE ADORABLE LET ME LOVE YOU AHHH <3 I also love the song ‘Pocket Full of Sunshine’,, it’s acc the perfect shower song. 

Prompt: “HOLY CRAP YOUR FICS ARE AMAZING YOU’RE SO TALENTED!!!!! Um I was just wondering if it’s not to much trouble could you write a Donatello x reader were don comes over to the reader house while the reader is singing in the shower Please? Again you’re incredible!”

Word count: 672

Warnings: Swearing

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

Let’s be blunt. Your day was shit. School made you want to stick pins in your eyes and your friends were so annoying you wanted to take the pins out of your eyes and stick them into theirs. And to top it all off, you had gotten into a teeny tiny argument with your boyfriend, Donnie. Honestly, it just wasn’t your day.

You just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep, but you stunk of body odor and textbooks.

So grabbing everything you needed, you sluggishly got into the shower and turned it on. Freezing cold.

“For fucks sake!” you squeaked, hopping into the corner of the shower, whilst attempting to change the temperature with your foot. Finally. It got to your preferred temperature and you stood under the stream of water.

Probably for about an hour, because by the time you had noticed, your fingers were pruning.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, Donatello was pacing back and forth in your bedroom, waiting for you to come out. He’d messed up by yelling at you for coming into his control room, especially when all you wanted to do was talk. He needed to apologize; he couldn’t work properly knowing that you were upset with him. He was coming up with the best strategies of how to say sorry to you (without you slapping him) when he heard a voice coming from the shower. He was about to bust down the door until he realized it was you singing ‘A Pocket Full Of Sunshine.’ Well more like screaming it, and he didn’t even have to go in the room to know you were dancing hazardously as well.

“I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine, I got a love and I know that it’s all mine!” Donnie grinned and picked up your phone that was on the table, and began to record the bathroom door. You were singing loud enough for the phone to pick it up very clearly.

When he heard the water turn off, he ended the video and sent it to his email address. He was never going to let you live this down, and Donnie can be extremely persistent.

“Donnie?” you called, noticing his Bo staff that was placed in the corner of the room before seeing him on your bed.

“Lovely vocals, darling.” Narrowing your eyes at him, you picked up your pyjamas and went into the bathroom. No strip teasing for Donnie today.

“How much did you hear?” you grumbled at him, crossing your arms and ignoring his advances.

“Enough,” he chuckled before holding your hand to stop you from leaving. “L-Look, [Y/N], I’m- I’m really sorry for yelling at you earlier, it was mean and I shouldn’t have. E-Especially since all you wanted to do was talk and-”

“You’re forgiven-”

“Wait, really?” He grinned from ear to ear, pulling you into a hug and kissing your forehead; the purest of all kisses. “Can I at least finish my speech? I worked really hard on it.”


“Donnie…” you mumbled, walking into the kitchen where Donnie was sat on a stool on his mini tablet he kept at your place

“Yes, honey?”

“Why did Mikey and Raph both send me videos of me singing in the shower?” you yelled, pouting and putting your phone in front of him. He turned a deep scarlet color, swallowing sharply. Mikey had complemented you on your song choice: ‘Sweet tunes, dudette!’ and Raph just sent you the laughing-crying emoji face. 7 times.

“W-well… [Y/N]… You see…” and with that, Donnie ran off to a different room in the house, yelling about how sorry he was. Let the chase begin.

get on your knees;

pairing: DeanxReader
summary: Dean’s had a long day and he just wants you to help him feel better
warnings: smut, swearing, femdom
word count: 3,857
notes: I’ve mostly been inspired by the several people who have mentioned that they’d think Dean would totally be a sub, but I was also inspired by @bibalor‘s FinnxReader femdom fic as well. And I totally listened to Get On Your Knees by Nicki Minaj while writing this. A huge thanks to @fightblissfight for beta reading!

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Nipple Play

Summary: Dean spends a little more attention to Y/N’s nipples, and she really, really likes it. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Rated M

Warnings: Dirty talk, smutty situations, nipple play

Word Count: 872

A/N: This is my first post for Smut Apocalypse! I tried a few new things I’ve never written before,Nipple play is definitely new to me, but I did my best! A big thank you to @attractiverandomness for beta-ing all of these for me!  Let the day of smut commence!

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Burn (Archie Andrews x Reader)

“Archie x reader where the reader finds out about archie cheating on her?” –Anonymous

Imagine: When Archie Andrews became your boyfriend, you were over the moon. When he admits he hasn’t been faithful, you must prepare for the fall.

Listen To: “Burn”, Philippa Soo

The moment you laid eyes on that boy, you knew you were toast.

“You’re the new girl, (Y/N), right?” A boy with broad shoulders and impossibly red hair said. He held out a hand, smiling shyly. “I’m Archibald Andrews, but everyone calls me Archie. Betty’s the school tour guide, but she’s sick today so guess you’re stuck with me!”

It was supposed to just be a walk around the school. 

Later that day, a storm battered Riverdale, rain smashing against the windows and running down the roads in torrents.

“Looks like a big storm,” Archie remarked. “Do you have a car?”

“No,” you said with a sigh. “And this was all I wore today.” You gestured to your thin sweater.

“I’ll drive you,” Archie said with a good-natured smile. “I insist.”

Then, it became rides to and from school, studying together, and singing duets. His songs about teenage life and summertime slowly became songs about the feeling of your touch and the color of your eyes. You were enchanted, all of it culminating in a kiss at the end of a song he’d written declaring his feelings for you.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” he had said.

Later that night, you laid in bed, hugging your pillow excitedly. You sent a text to your mutual friend, Betty, updating her on the recent development.

Betty: Be careful with that one. He’ll do what it takes to survive.

You were confused by what she meant, but chocked it up to old feelings of bitterness over Archie’s rejection of Betty. You felt bad for rubbing it in her face, and never brought it up again.

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Take Me Home

Request:  Could you do an imagine where Y/N broke up with Brendon because she felt like he was always putting her second and they end up at the same club and she’s dancing with another guy wearing Brendon’s favorite dress and he gets super super pissed and they end up having really rough dominant make up sex?

A/n: Thank you for leaving a detailed request, annon! I got kinda carried away and then got a bit of readers block in the end. Anyways, hope you enjoy xx

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Sparks Chapter 17

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 5.1K

Summary: So I totally got this from New Girl 2x15 when they played True American, the drinking game. Drunk Steve and Bucky being cute. Sam, Wanda, Nat, Cho, & Everyone locking y/n and Bucky in her bedroom until they kiss. Spoiler they finally kiss.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendshipand then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 50,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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anonymous asked:

Could you please do some headcanons about Jesse and hanzo (seperate) cheering up a sad s/o


He’ll notice immediately your saddened mood, taking the time to stop what he’s doing to ask what’s wrong,

• He’ll wrap an arm around you and hug you close to his side if the two of you have to go anywhere while you’re sad.

• When alone, he’ll drag you on to the couch and wrap you in blankets, get some popcorn, and watch some cheesy cowboy movies with you.

• “Hey look, it’s me”
• “Jesse, that isn’t-”
• “But don’t we look the same, darlin’?”

• He will pull some of his corniest jokes to get you to laugh.

• At one point, he’d pick you up and run around with you claiming he was your “rebellious horse” 

• Once you start getting tired or once the movies ended, he’ll pick you up and walk you to your room

• From there. he’ll strip of anything dirty and climb into bed with you, let you use him as a pillow

• Will proceed to stroke your hair until you fall asleep in his arms


It takes him a bit longer than McCree to notice that you’re sad, but oh boy when he does

• “Who caused you to be like this?” “Did someone hurt you?” 

• He will immediately go down the list to find out how you became sad

• After a bit though he’ll stop and pull you into a hug. An awkward one, but it’s the thought that counts

• He will then ask you if there’s anything you’d like to do.

• If you can’t think of anything, he’d return to your/his house and make up a relaxing bath for the both of you.

• You sit with your back to his chest and he makes sure your comfortable before relaxing himself.

• After the two of you are done, he’ll let you sit on the couch while he cooks you one of your favorite dishes 

• The two of you would share a dinner on the couch, watching whatever you wished (no matter how confused he was) until you were too tired to continue.

• He would put you to bed and pamper you with soft, loving kisses on your face, hands…

• He would tell you how much he loved you and why he loved you so much- trying his best to make you happy.

• If you end up falling asleep, he’d make sure you were warm and safe before getting up to clean up the mess the two of you had probably made so you didn’t have to worry about it in the morning.

Dinner with friends ~ Part three

Pairing ~ T.O.P x Jiyong x reader

Rated ~ Smut

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Series masterlist

“Oppa, where are you?” you shouted in the phone over the music.

“We’re out the back, don’t tell me you’re still out there?” Seung hyun tisked at you.

“I couldn’t find the door you told me to go to” you shouted with a hint of irritation in your voice and you heard him chuckle.

“Ah your hopeless, what are you gonna do when I go to the army? Who’s going to look after you when I’m gone?” he laughed but you couldn’t, you had been trying ignore the thought of not being able to see him for two years but here he was bringing it up again.

“Don’t say that” you said quietly as if the tears threatening your eyes would spill if you said it loud enough.

“I’m sorry jagi, where are you exactly?” he sighed.

“I’m still on the second floor” you replied in a huff.

“Ok, you see the big guy by the door to your left?” he asked and you turned to find the man he mentioned.

“Wait, how do you know he is to my left?” you questioned.

“Because I’m watching you” he said in a creepy voice before laughing “Can you see me?”

You looked to the stage to find his head poking out from behind the curtain with a stupid look on his face.

“You’re such a creep you know that?” you said rolling your eyes.

“Yes, but I’m your creep” he said using his best aeygo voice. “Ok so go to that guy and tell him who you are and show him that ticket I gave you, he will bring you out”

“Ok, see you soon” you nodded before hanging up and heading over to the guy.

He looked at you questionably as you handed him the ticket and told him your name.

“Follow me” was all he said before walking through the door.

He took you through so many different hallways, turn after turn that you started to became disorientated as to where in the building you were and what direction you where even going. You had just passed a blackened room when someone reached out and grabbed your arm and you screamed causing the man to jump around in defence but started laughing as soon as he saw Seung hyun bent over grasping at his own stomach because he was laughing so hard.

“That wasn’t funny” you growled hitting him on the arm as he continued to laugh.

“It’s ok, I’ve got it from here” he said to the man as he wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes.

“Sometimes you are such a jerk” you said sternly folding your arms across your chest.

“Aww I’m sorry Jagi, don’t be mad” Seung hyun cooed sweetly as he reached out for you but you took a step backwards to escape his grasp.

“Fine, you have fun standing in these empty hallways all by yourself, I’m going” Seung hyun said with a smile as he walked away from you.

“Wait, don’t go” You called as you began to jog to catch up with how far his long legs had carried him away from you already but just as you got close he began to run, giggling wildly like a five year old child.

“Oppa stop being crazy” you called as he disappeared around a corner and you heard a door open and close. You slowed your running as you got around the corner, stopping when you noticed two doors, one on either side of the hallway. You looked back and forth between the two doors hoping for a sign, you noticed a strange light coming from underneath one of them. You hesitantly placed your hand on the door knob and turned it slowly, opening the door just enough to poke your head in and look around. The room was shrouded in a dark blue light, making it extremely hard to see anything. You opened the door wider and stepped inside.

“Oppa…… are you in here?” You called into the light but no response “I guess not….” you said to yourself.

You turned around ready to walk back out into the hallway when the door slammed closed exposing a man standing behind it but you couldn’t quite make out who it was. He grabbed you by the arms and drove your back against the door leaning in close so you could see him.

“I love it when you call me Oppa” Seung hyun said with a deep tone.

His whole demeanour had changed from the five year old that was scaring you and running through the hallways only minutes before to a man filled with desire that could make you melt within seconds, you loved how he could switch so easily between the two.

“Op…” you purred slowly, Seung hyun grunted as he pressed his body against your own towering over you so you had to look up at him, exposing your neck for his hand to caress. You were completely at his mercy, as always, your body stiff and breath hitched as you waited for him to kiss you. Seung hyun lent down slowly, his lips barely grazed yours as his dark eyes examined your own, just when you thought he would finally kiss you he pulled away and walked to the other side of the room.

“Who said you could wear that?” he called in a deep voice. You looked down at your outfit and you didn’t see what was wrong with it, a sort black skirt with a white blouse, what was the problem.

“Come here” he ordered and you stepped forward slowly, making sure to sway your hips with every step. “Stop” he commanded and you did as you were told. You were just able to make out a dark figure sitting in a chair against the wall when suddenly something light up his face, his attention glued on the light before him as he scrolled through his phone. “So what do you have to say for yourself?” He asked only peaking up at you for a second before looking back at his phone.

“For what?” you asked sweetly and he looked back up at you with both of his eyebrows raised.

“For that skirt. Did I say you could wear such a short skirt?” he scolded you and you laughed. “Oh, you think this is funny? Do you want to be punished?” he growled.

“Always” you winked at him, you knew he would never hurt you unless you asked him too but he would still never get that rough when you did ask.

“Hmmm ok then. Strip” he said in a slightly amused voice, you were shocked. All the things you guys had tried, he had never once asked you to strip and you kind of liked the idea. You could feel yourself getting excited by the thought of stripping while he watched you with those dark chocolate eyes.

“But there’s no music” you said softly, he watched you as he pressed his finger against his phone and a familiar keyboard sound flooded through the room, it took you a moment to realise that he had picked baby goodnight.

“Now strip, all of it off” he demanded.

You hesitated for a moment as you closed your eyes, trying to find your rhythm. You began to sway your hips from side to side as you raked your hands through your hair to your neck, bringing them down your shoulders and over your breast. You looked up at him as you dropped down, your hands running between your legs as they opened and back up your body as you rolled your hips. You did body rolls as you began to stand up right again, slowly undoing the buttons on your blouse as you did so. You turned your back to him as you pulled the blouse down your shoulders, once it was off you threw it at him as you did a spin for extra effect and came to a stop with your back to him again. You placed your hands on your thighs and moved them down towards your knees as you slowly dropped again, making sure to stick your ass out as much as possible. You ran your hands back up your thighs to the top of your skirt and slowly pulled it down as you rose to a standing position while rolling your hips again, letting the skirt drop to the floor. You raked your hands through your hair again as you turned to face him, stepping out of the skirt that laid at your feet.

Your eye’s had adjusted to the light now and you could see Seung hyun more clearly, he was starring at you licking his lips as a smirk appeared on them, you figured he must have been enjoying your show until you felt the warm breath of someone standing behind you. You knew exactly who it was, the only man Seung hyun had ever shared you with, Jiyong. The thought that he had been in the room the entire time watching you made your skin burn and you felt your panties instantly get wet, Jiyong had never been shy about the fact of how attractive he found you and he had shown you just how much on two occasions now. The truth was you had always found him attractive as well, the way he could make you feel just by staring at you was mind boggling and what he did to you last time was even more so, you wanted to show him just how much you appreciated it.

With out turning to look at him you went to the corner of the room to find the chair he was sitting in and brought it back, placing it in the centre of the room. You finally turned to look at him, he was wearing nothing but a pair of black leather pants, his hair was still wet and sticking to his forehead from dancing on stage and his stare was heavy as his eyes followed your every move. You placed your hands on his shoulders and guided him back to sit in the chair, you left your hands resting on his shoulders for support as you placed your legs either side of his and slowly rolled your hips forward. Jiyong licked his bottom lip and placed his hands on your thighs, squeezing them lightly as he pulled them down making you grind against him. He was hard already, you let out a moan as your slick panties glided perfectly over his leather pants, his hard cock pressing right on your clit.

“I thought I told you to take it all off?” Seung hyun growled and you whined as you’re hips came to a stop.

You got off Jiyong and turned your back to him, you bent forward sticking your ass right out as you slowly pulled your panties down your legs. Just as you stepped out of them a hand came to rest on your lower back, keeping you bent over, a cool shot of air hit you right on your core and you clenched around nothing.

“She’s so wet already Hyung” Jiyongs voice vibrated against your sensitive core making you clench on nothing again. “She’s so wet I could just” Jiyong purred as he placed a finger inside you and pulled it back out again. “hmmm or maybe” he said before placing two fingers in this time, going knuckle deep and leaving then there as you clenched on them.

“No…. I’m in control this time” you said as you stood up pulling Jiyongs fingers out of you. “Now be a good boy, take your pants off and sit back down” you demanded, a smirk formed on his lips as he took off his pants and kicked them to the side, sitting down again, his cock was so hard it was resting against his stomach.

You sat down on his lap, took off your bra and threw it at Seung hyun. You rolled your hips, grinding onto Jiyong’s cock earning a small ‘fuck’ to fall from his lips and quickly repeated the action, the head of his cock making a perfect ridge to rub against your clit. You weren’t sure who it was turning on more, you were so wet already it almost hurt, you needed to feel him inside you to satisfy the itch so to speak.

You lifted yourself up slightly and lined his cock up with your entrance before lowering yourself onto it with a long moan, he was so hard and his cock filled you up entirely, the stretch more satisfying then you remembered. You took a moment before you started to grind into him, rolling your hips in circles, teasing both of you. You placed your hands around his neck and lent back to give a bit of extra pressure as you rode him and he groaned as he grabbed the flesh of your ass and pulled you back and forth, making your movements rougher. You rolled your head back as you moaned his name, his hand snaked its way up your back and pulled you in closer so he could take your breast into his mouth. He bit down on your nipple and then swirled his tongue around it as he sucked on it, you couldn’t help but think what a good kisser he must be but you knew that was one thing Seung hyun would never allow.

“Do you like that Jagi?” Seung hyun called with a deep voice from across the room.

“Yes oppa” you moaned back.

“Then come show me just how much you like it"

With Seung hyuns words Jiyong lifted you up and walked over to where the older man was sitting, placing you on the ground and turned you around to face him. Seung hyun reached out and grabbed your hand, pulling you towards him but Jiyong was holding your hips so only the top half of your body was leaning over the other man. Jiyong used his foot to part your legs before he drove himself back into you, the shear force making you lunge forward slightly, coming face to face with Seung hyun. He brushed the hair out of your face as Jiyong pounded into you again and you let out a loud moan, Seung hyun groaned as he grabbed the back of your hair in his fist.

“Just fuck me already” you said to Jiyong as you looked in Seung hyuns eyes and they both chuckled.

Jiyong grasped at your hips as he pounded in and out of you, your moans in time with the wet slapping sound of his movements, you couldn’t believe how much of a turn on this was. Having Jiyong fuck you over Seung hyun while your faces were so close that your breaths became intertwined. The knots inside you were tightening with every thrust Jiyong made.

“Harder…” you moaned, you needed to come and you wanted to come hard.

Jiyong dug his fingers into your flesh as he did what he was told. Seung hyun pinched at your nipple with his free hand, it felt so good, you could feel your juices running down the inside of your thighs.

“Fuck…. I’m gonna come soon” Jiyong groaned and you clenched around him knowing he was feeling just as good as you were.

“Can….. can he come inside me oppa?” you asked looking Seung hyun in the eyes.

“Anything you want Jagi” he smiled at you as his hand snaked down your stomach to your clit rubbing it lightly.

“Harder…. fuck me harder” you screamed, you were so close.

Jiyong let out a throaty moan as he fucked you harder, you had to place your hands on Seung hyuns chest so you wouldn’t fall forward. Before you knew it you were screaming as you came around Jiyongs cock and on Seung hyuns hand, you came so hard that your legs began to shake and you clawed at Seung hyuns chest but they didn’t stop. Seung hyuns hand kept rubbing your clit and Jiyong kept pounding into you and you kept coming, just when you thought you were about to pass out you felt a hot liquid shot inside you and Jiyong began to slow his pace. He pulled out of you as he hissed but Seung hyun was quick to place his fingers inside of you, he pulled them back out and brought them up to your mouth.

“Suck” He demanded and you opened your mouth taking his fingers in all the way and sucked them dry. “Good girl”

You ran your hands down Seung hyuns chest to his pants and began palming him through them, he was already rock hard, he placed his hand over yours stopping you.

“It’s ok… we’ll finish this when we get home” he said with a smirk.

Perri meets the Biker

A quick fic inspired by @drawbauchery‘s Biker/Librarian AU and the art they’ve done for it.

—“…and she had spent the entire night locked in there!”, concluded Laplace, giving an anecdote about her coworker as they returned through the doors, “It was good we had a group from Medieval Studies come in the morning, I can assure you they had the scare of their lives!”

The tale of the archivist’s plight had Perri in a giggle, her stomach aching, all the while sparing some pity for Amy, Perri remembering a traumatising experience involving locking herself in the bathroom as a little girl. “God, this Amy sounds like a riot!”

 “If you mean she’s unplanned and uncontrollable, then I’ll have to agree with you!”, beamed Laplace, laughing as well, although still trying to keep it reserved. “But she’s a sweetheart when you get to know her.” Shrugging her shoulders, she walked around her desk and took her seat again, noting the meager pile of books in her ‘Return’ bin. “Ah, this can probably still go a few hours before sorting. The year is young, and when the work for the students gets harder, so it will for us. But, for now…”, she peered into the bin, tongue stuck out, rather like a kitty, Perri observed, “Hmm, Homer, Voltaire, Yeats, good places for anyone to start as far as all are concerned…”

 Perri once heard a saying, ‘Make sure you are friends with a librarian.’ This did her good service when getting her degree, her old librarian was the best search engine she could ever have. He wouldn’t give her 100,000 searches, but he’d give her the three that she needed. She looked into the bin, seeing The Iliad on the top of the small pile. She reached in and–

 “Ah. Ah. Nope!”, interrupted Laplace, raising a finger. “No removing books from the bin. Those are the Rules.” Picking up the book herself, she checked the front page, and turned to her computer, typing one key at a time. “I cannot ever get used to typing.”, she admitted, seeming regretful. “I’m useless at it. I suppose you’d be much better at it than I.”

 “Uhh, I suppose.”, responded Perri, cheeks going rosey as she scratched her head. “I once clocked myself at about 80 words a minute.” At the corner of her eye was an open notebook on Laplace’s desk, half filled and with one of those old-style fountain pens sitting on top of it. Perri could see it clearly enough that it was some of the most beautiful calligraphy she ever saw. She hadn’t written in cursive since she was eight years old, and she could hardly remember the last time she wrote something down longer than a shopping list.

 “My word, I wish I could be that fast!”, complemented Laplace, finishing the processing of the book. “And here you are, Ms. Fifecksgee, I present to you Homer’s Iliad.”, she handed out the book with two hands and a bow, in a way Perri imagined was a little more dramatic than how she regularly did it, but she couldn’t be entirely sure. She grabbed the book with both hands, instinctively returning the bow. “Wow. Thanks for the…suggestion, I guess? I’ll give it a read when I can.”

 Laplace smiled from ear to ear, “Great! Just pop it back in when you’re done, don’t try to put it on the shelves, and obviously don’t fold the pages. Oh!” She ruffled through her desk to find something, picking up a strip of paper. “You can borrow one of mine!”

 Perri accepted the bookmark. She could see that it had a drawing of two cats, one green and the other blue, having an eskimo kiss, with a heart above their heads. Noticing which one she had just given Perri, Laplace blushed, “Umm, I have other ones if you–”

 “No, no, this is lovely.”, Perri cut her off, pulling in to emphasise, “You been very…friendly, to me. I never thought I would ever pick up a book like this. Usually it would just be some New Wave Sci Fi or mang–well, comic books.”

 Laplace gave a warm chuff. “Well, you’ll have to bring me some issues to make it fair. I suppose Superman always appealed to me.”

 “Heh.”, Perri answered, nervously, “Yeah, I’ll bring something at some point.” Leaving unmentioned exactly what kind of comics she collected. She’d probably be fired if she brought them onto campus grounds.

 “Well, I suppose I shall see you later, Perri. Thank you for the tea.”


 Perri’s mind buzzed as she went back to her desk. She always thought artsy students were, well, dim, but the deep knowledge Laplace had was impressive. She had a habit of running her tongue, but she never seemed to be ‘snooty’ about it, probably out of the sheer, although collected, enthusiasm she had about talking about such things. Perri never thought she would do anything but hate poetry and history and mythology, but Laplace had something to her…sweetness?…that made it all sound wonderful. She passed the library’s section on calculus, think about how she talked about her work. She never thought of herself as being particularly good at explaining to people her work, she’d slip and stutter and then she’d see them getting bored and finally she’d just stop talking. She was proud at managing to graduate, extremely proud, but even her own parents couldn’t ever see the beauty of something as basic as running a simplex algorithm, aside from being told about the salaries that await people who are good at it.

 But Laplace, she was so patient, so genuinely interested in her field, even if she herself was terrible with computers. She felt good about sharing her expertise with her, and she felt better learning about her interests, she wanted to know more about them, she wanted to know more about…her…

 Her legs wobbled as she walked into her office. She felt queasy, but swallowed it down. Must’ve been the tuna sandwich, she told herself, falling into the chair. Maybe it was just the flu returning to campus. She shook her head straight and turned her eyes to the computer. A bead of sweat feel from her forehead as she finished reading the line about someone, somehow, managing to turn off antivirius in every computer in one of the admin offices, half an hour ago.

 Taking a deep breath, she checked her watch. 2:00PM. She checked how many computers were infected. She reckoned she’d have the job done by six.


 On Mondays, buses ran from the campus until 11:00PM, and Perri managed to get halfway through the light rain until watching the last bus pull away from the stop.

 “Wait, WAIT! STOP!”, her sprint quickly burnt out, like the Shooting Star of Hope promptly disintegrating upon hitting the Atmosphere of Despair, and blew off the urge to curse with a few stomps on the ground.

 Through the darkness, through the rain, she saw something glisten in the corner of her eye, as she walked towards administration to call a taxi. The carpark nearest the library was nearly empty, aside from two forms near the bike railings. The larger one reflected the Moon and streetlamps like metal, and the smaller one seemed to be moving around it.

 Paying closer attention, it seemed to Perri that the light it reflected off was a familiar shade of blue.

 “Hey!”, she shouted, frustrations with infected computers boiling over any rational human response to probably not try to start business with bikers. She stomped towards bike and biker as intimidatingly as possible. In short, ‘not very’. “Yu nearly ran me over this morning! I demand to be given an apolog–”

 She stopped in her tracks, about ten feet away from the bike and its rider, who turned to face her, not in a combative stance, as the rational part of her brain had tried to scream at was likely, but in surprise, recoiling back with a gasp, bring their hands up to their mouth. “Perri?”, came a familiar voice.

 The thought offended Perri’s common sense that she was reluctant to name it. It sounded mad.


 The form took a few steps forward, coming into the light. It revealed Laplace, without her sweater and scarf, instead wearing a black leather jacket, unzipped, and a white tank top.

 Laplace was the first to react, speaking in a rushed tone, “Oh Perri, I’m so sorry for this morning! I rode in and I nearly didn’t see someone walking out and I just swerved at the last second and–”

 “Laplace, it’s ok!”, Perri nearly shouted over what seemed to be Laplace’s dive into a panic attack. She reached out with her hands, not entirely sure way, and Laplace lowered down her own hands and grabbed them. Laplace seemed to have the start of tears in her eyes, but her hastening breathing slowed down again as she squeezed Perris hands. “Listen, I’m not angry. Hey, I didn’t look both ways, it’s as much my fault as well.” Perri’s brain still ticked over the confusing sight before her.

 “No, don’t apologise, I should have turned around and apologise to you this morning. It’s just…” Laplace huffed. “I was too shy.”

 Perri was confused, unashamedly so, and the face Laplace saw told her she needed to explain further. She blushed, presumably at having been ‘caught’ by someone she knew for one day.

 “I thought it would attract unwanted attention if people found out the Librarian was a…’Biker Chick’. I worked in other places before this, and I would just get…followers. People who wouldn’t leave me alone.” Her face flashed in panic, and she pulled Perri towards her. “Please don’t tell anybody! Please!”

 Perri stared straight into her trembling eyes, she heard her give a soft whimper and she pleaded.

 Perri regained her footing, raising both pairs of hands up to chest level, and smiled, “Your secret is safe with me.”

 Laplace sighed in relief, releasing Perri’s hands and throwing her arms around her back, squeezing tight. “Thank you, Perri.”

 Perri was left winded from the sudden grip around her lungs, but just about managed to return the hug. She was almost reluctant to ask any more questions less the night get any stranger.

 “So, why do you…well, why do you ride a bike?”

 Laplace released her slowly, before turning to look at the motorcycle beside her. She spoke slowly, some reluctance behind divulging it, “When I was little, I had trouble…talking, to people. Not responding to cues. Or sometimes just repeating what was said to me. ‘Like talking to a mirror’, my grandmother used to say. So, I got put into equine therapy by my parents, and it…helped. Learning to focus my brain on multiple things at once, bonding with the horse, it helped me…’rewire my brain’, to some extent. That is probably just how I imagine it, rather than how it helped, but I could understand people better after it. Obviously, I can’t afford to own a horse, but then, when I was 17, I got my first motorbike. A tiny thing, it was a surprise it stayed together, but when it’s feels a lot like riding a horse. I can feel myself becoming more confident just putting on the jacket, I can practically walk on air after a ride. You feel like a knight leading a charge as you fly down that road.”

 Laplace turned to Perri again, noticing her looking at the back of her jacket. “Oh, heh, it was a gift from my parents when I came to the city. Artificial leather, of course.” She turned again to show Perri the full pattern on her back, two blue angels wings unfurled in a ‘w’ shape, with words along the top.

 “Blue Bird.”, read Perri.

 She turned and faced Perri, sitting down on the seat of the bike. “So, yeah, now only you and Amy know.”

 “Oh, you can trust me, I won’t tell anyone.” An awkward silence loomed, which made Perri realise that it was no longer raining. “Well, uhh, I need to call a taxi, so…”

 “Oh?”, Laplace’s cheeks began to blush again. “Well, I can give you a ride home if you want.”

 Perri suddenly felt short of air. “Ah, um, isn’t that called…?”

 Laplace interrupted, “Well, the proper way of saying it is ‘Riding Pillion’. I have one installed, Amy sometimes needs a ride.”

 Perri looked at the bike uncertainly. “I’ve never rode one before, but…well, I can hardly afford to use taxis on my budget, so I guess I’ll say yes.”

 Laplace jumped in the spot and flashed a grin. “Yay! Well…” turning to the bike and boarding it, swinging her left leg around and falling onto the pad, she kicked off the stands. “You better hold on tight!”

 Something about the sight before her made Perri quake. We wanted it to be anxiety.

“ wear your glasses when you ride, though?”

Laplace looked offended, “Of course! I’m not an animal.”

 Before her brain told her to stop, Perri duly boarded the pad behind Laplace. “Oh, here’s my helmet, if you want.”

 Perri automatically took the black helmet and slid it onto her head. “Alright, tell me when you’re starting o–”

 With a kick of the starter, the bike revved into life, causing Perri to grab tightly onto Laplace. “Ahhh!”

 With a laugh, and turning to see the helmeted Perri clutching tightly to her shoulder, Laplace hit the pedal and drove out of the campus grounds.