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Okay what???? I want thinking through the whole thing, “PAIRINGS! JUNG KOOK!” And then the bathtub appeared like excuse me Big Hit can you can some sort of continuation plezzzz.

Anywho’s lets get on with the break down :D

So we see Yoon Gi appear at a musical instruments shop. He picks up a rock and throws it at the glass in the door, breaking in and setting off an alarm.

This reminded my of when he was in the hotel room in I NEED U, flashing lights were seen moving across the room.

Both scenes are connected to Yoon Gi so there may be somethings going on here. I saw a lot of people thinking it was a police car/ambulance/fire engine, who knows, maybe it was because a police car appears later in short film #4.

And then Yoon Gi immediately heads to a piano:

Can I just say now that this was why I was thinking that the piano in short film #1 wasn’t the Danger one, they didn’t look the same. Here is the piano that appeared in BEGIN.

Suga starts playing a tune on the piano, completely ignoring the siren. The tune is the same one that we hear being whistled at the beginning of BEGIN. The very same whistle starts echoing ominously through the town, which is why Yoon Gi gets up and leaves, following the sound.

This is where he ends up, and I think we all know what this is supposed to represent. The place where Jung Kook got hit by the car in I NEED U:

Here, while Yoon Gi is looking around, a car comes out of no where, and almost runs him over too:

These two shots look very similar too:

Except Yoon Gi manages to move away in time, unlike Kook.

That experience caused Yoon Gi to have a flashback, remembering when Jung Kook got hit by a car on the same road. He then hears the sound of a crash, the same sound we heard in short film #1 when Jung Kook was having a nightmare. And then a new ‘splatter’ appears on the road. Look at the screenshot from before for reference:

It’s clearly Yoon Gi imagining the scene of where Jung Kook’s death happened. He’s reliving his memories…

When he runs away from the scene and ends up back at the shop, it turns out that the sound of crashing was real as the car crashed into a building instead of Yoon Gi.

And this is where it gets interesting! Because of the Korean that appears right before:

난 달라졌을까 다른 길을 택했다면 멈춰서 뒤돌아봤다면 - it’s from BTS hidden track in 2 Cool 4 Skool - Path. It translates to: 

Would I have changed? If I had chosen a different path, if I had stopped and looked back.

I SCREAMED WHEN I SAW IT!! This is Jung Kook’s line too so it’s no coincidence! And think about the lyrics, would I have chosen a different path. If I stopped and looked back. This is Jung Kook saying ‘what if I looked, what if I didn’t go that way, would I still be alive?” And it;s also significant because that’s what Yoongi did! He stopped and looked back, he chose a different path by moving out of the cars way. He did what Jung Kook didn’t. He chose a different path and the car hit the shop instead!!!

And due to the impact of the car, the piano set on fire:

Now, in BEGIN, Jung Kook’s eye has the piano burning shown in it, as if he was reliving memories. But he didn’t see it, Suga did! It kinda makes me think, and i know it’s far fetched, but what if they’re connected? Like, mentally or something. I think it has something to do with the whistling as well. The first time we hear it in FIRST LOVE - Yoon Gi played on the piano. The second time it was just before he got hit by the car. The third time was after the piano set on fire. These are all significant moments in both short films.

In BEGIN, we hear it at the beginning of the film, then we see Jung Kook having a nightmare where he wakes up after seeing the piano burning and ‘re-living’ the car crash. Also, we hear the piano version when he’s about to paint the picture, and then he sees the piano burning again. So I believe that maybe this whistle is some sort of trigger for both of them, causing them to re-live those moments.

Of course the part that has us all confused is Ji min. First, it was the bubbling bathtub. Secondly, it was the fact the Yoon Gi’s ‘dot’ appeared and then merged with Ji Min’s dot, creating a new one. I’ve made a small post on how I think that everyone’s dots connects to their film. Jung Kook got a feather, Ji Min got a bitten apple, Tae got a crack (in glass). For Yoon Gi, it was a piano, before the piano and the apple came together and made the zig-zag-y pattern.

So this is a very big stretch but if you haven’t already, you may need to read my ‘Maknae’s Drove the Hyungs Out’ post.

In there, I talked about how Ji Min must have lied about something to cause J-Hope to go away. The thing is, Jung Kook’s piano appeared for a brief second in LIE. Right in the middle of Ji Min singing ‘caught in a lie.’

Credits to Yoongiefied 93 on YouTube for the Eng Subs

What I’m saying is, what if Ji Min had a part to play in Jung Kook (and Suga’s) death? (Like I said this is a stretch so… yeah) I won’t get too deep into this though.

Last point, the bathtub. In Ji Min’s film LIE, you see the water flowing backwards, back into the tub. While pleading for someone to save him from punishment.

Credits to Yoongiefied 93 on YouTube for the Eng Subs

And in Yoon Gi’s First Love film:

(Makes you realised how filtered the Lie film is lmao)

Wait.. shit… what did I just say? Filtered? As in, a facade, not the real thing. A LIE?! WOAH!

Okay, I’m sorry that just came out…    「(゚~゚o) 

So like I said, maybe Ji Min played a part in it. After Yoon Gi hears the crash and while he runs to the shop, this scene happened. The water is bubbling, like something’s coming out of it? Like someones just let out their breath? 

But we know that in LIE, Ji Min falls into the tub, maybe this is him finally getting out of it. Almost as if something has stirred him and caused him to get up. The thoughts of Suga running to the store? The thought of Jung Kook dying? Again, I’m imagining links here, but it’s just an idea.

So that’s all for now everyone! Please give my theories a glace and let me know what you think as well! :D

- Widzz (who really cant be bothered to deal with Big (S)Hit anymore)

Pregnancy drabble #2:

2. Telling Justin (full list) 

Your eyes started at the timer counting down the seconds as your heart raced inside your chest. You didn’t realize until today that you haven’t had your period for two months. You and Justin have been having sex almost every day since your conversation about having kids that night. You tapped your nails against the granite counter, counting down in your head as the timer on your iPhone screen reached 10.


You turned the time off, turning over the three sticks, a plus sign showed on all of them indicating you’re pregnant. You shrieked, jumping up and down. “Oh my god.” You gasped, some tears threatening to spill from your eyes. You ran into your room, almost tripping over some of Justin’s clothes as you searched for your phone. You quickly dialed his number, the dial tone ringing in your ear a few moments before he picked.

“Hi baby.” He husked, the sound of some instrumental playing in the background. You screamed in the phone, the smile not being able to be whipped off your face. “Are you okay? Is something wrong? Do you need me to come home?” He started questioning in a worried tone.

“No, no, no, I’m fine baby but where are you? I need to see you.” You breathed, standing up from the duvet you were sitting on to search for your shoes and car keys. You heard someone say something about recording telling you that he’s in the studio at the moment.

“I’m in the studio, do you want me to send my driver to come get you?” He asked as you brushed your fingers across your stomach.

“No I’ll drive there.” You said, slipping your converse on along with your jacket. For a few more minutes you two bickered a little about whether or not his driver should come and get you because you’re in his eyes ‘acting weird.’ After reassuring him that you’re fine just happy, he agreed to letting you drive there on your own. You parked your car right next to his Ferrari, practically jumping out the car and dashing into the studio. You hurried into the correct labeled studio number, opening the door to hear his angelic voice boom through the room. You ran to him jumping on him, his eyes popping open and laughing at your happiness. You tossed his headphones of his head, “I’m pregnant.” You smiled, his mouth dropping wide open.

“You’re pregnant?” He asked, grinning his grip tightening around your waist. You nodded your head up and down, reaching into your bag to show him the test, the beat of the music coming to a mute. “We’re having baby!” He yelled excited, looking down at the test. He grabbed your chin, pressing his warm lips onto yours. Turing to the producers they clapped, “I’m going to be a dad.” He grinned, spinning you around making you giggle in his arms.