you perfect specimen of human being


The Korean Man - Leonardo Da Vinci
It’s a widely know fact that Leonardo Da Vinci considered Seunghyun a perfect specimen of a human being. 

“People call me a ghost
Da Vinci has come back to life, yea my brain.”


This is a birthday gift for choiseunghnngh. I know it’s not perfect but I wanted to do something special, because Li… you’re so special. I am so happy BigBang brought us together. 

You’re the friend I always wanted to have. 


Happy Pansexual Visibility Day!f

So I actually discovered I was Pansexual one day because it suddenly occurred to me that I really didn’t care about a person’s genitalia or gender; if I was attracted to them, then I was good to go.

Remember that if you feel something, it’s normal. You are just as perfect a specimen of a human being as anyone else. DFTBA

-Stephen (dftbempathetic)


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I mean look at that smile

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he goes from dork to 

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daddy real quick.

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@ god, let me that log.

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I could go on

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don’t even get me started when he looks like a soft puppy that I could cuddle all day

and those sick dance moves

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he’s the perfect specimen; dorky, hot, incredibly kind, and overall a ray of sunshine.

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Not to mention that he’s a superhero both on the big screen 

and in real life.


On your birthday I want to thank you for being such a kind hearted human being, for doing your absolute best to please your fans but at the same time taking care of yourself; you’re an inspiration to many, myself included. Thank you for being such a gift to the world. So keep killing us with your charm and good looks, keep inspiring others to really believe in themselves, but most importantly, keep on living life to the fullest, laughing without holding back  

and keep on holding your left boob (and the others around you).

Happy 35th Birthday Chris!