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You think i don’t love you? G.D Smut

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Warnings: Swearing, Smut.

Requested! Hope you enjoy

It was Friday night, which coincidentally was Grayson and I’s first year anniversary. I took my time to get ready, as it was a special night. I mean he’s stayed with me for a whole year! And honestly it’s been the best year of my life, we’ve gotten along perfectly, not one disagreement, or anything of that sort. And the good thing was the fans loved me too! Considering I lucked out in that department, as the last girlfriend he had got completely emotionally mauled by them. But you could say the both of you guys were meant to be, true love if you will. You never believed in anything like that, even in the slightest until the hazel eye boy came along and swept you off of your feet. Well literally and figuratively, as the first time you met him, you were at the beach, and he was doing backflips off of a building, which you didn’t see. Causing him to land on you, knocking you over., and of course him feeling guilty about the situation asked you to dinner to apologize, and the rest is history. Of course you were a little mad at first, well really mad I mean someone did do a backflip on top of you. But as soon as you saw him, you knew he was the one for you. Something about him, well everything about him. Maybe it was his eyes, or his laugh, or possibly his perfectly neat but somehow messy at the same time hair, which he swore looked bad when it was like that, but you thought it was perfect, well he was perfect. But your so called “Perfect” boyfriend, was nowhere to be seen. Even though, he was the one who made the dinner plans, he was the one who decided the time, he was just the fucking one who planned it. And now he’s an hour fucking late for dinner, I was sat here alone, in a fancy Italian restaurant, in a fancy dress. Looking like a fancy idiot who got stood up. I mean I was pissed, ok pissed was an understatement, maybe furious. “Why not call him?” You ask? I have trust me, 15 times, and god knows how many texts. I couldn’t even get ahold of Ethan. So by that he probably stood me up for something to do with YouTube, maybe some friends, possibly even a party. But whatever it was. I hope it was worth it to him. As I wrapped up my meal, that I had eaten alone. Figuring that I shouldn’t let the reservations go to waste and just eat some good ass food Grayson missed out on. I mean I wanted to share this with him, to celebrate, well us. Us doing so well, Us being in love, just Him and I. Alone, no screaming girls, no flashing cameras. Just us. Well that would’ve been the dream, Huh? It really fucking would have. As you paid for your meal, and called up an uber. You decided to call Grayson one last time, he saving grace if you will. So he could explain himself, and you could crawl back into his arms, and cuddle the night away. But to your shock, once again. The .Boy. Didn’t . Answer. As your uber arrived as you sulked on the bench, you finally got the call. The call you’ve tried to reach the entire night. All you wanted to do was answer and let him explain himself. But you didn’t. You simply put your phone in your bag, and entered the car. The silent car ride, coming to an end after 35 minutes of angered thoughts. You arrived, at the house. The house you and Grayson shared. The happy memories entered your mind. Honestly wondering if he even loved you any more. I mean he did. But did this even show you he loved you? No, no it didn’t. It showed you were at his bottom priorities. As you exited the car, paying the driver. You walked slowly down the gravel pathway that led to the house you shared. Remembering everything and anything adorable he’s done in the very pathway. Such as your first official date, he thought that the apologetic dinner wasn’t enough of a first date. So he decided to surprise you by well, a sidewalk dinner he cooked all by himself. You had to admit he made a mean speego. “Y/n get out of your thoughts remember what he did tonight he blew you off” you silently thought to yourself as you reached the door, unlocking it. As you opened the door, hoping Gray would be there waiting for you so he could grovel and plead for forgiveness, he wasn’t. Not a trace of him. Ultimately angry, you decided a bath was well deserved. Entering the bathroom, turning on a few candles, throwing in a bath bomb and preparing for ultimate ,relaxation. Which could work in Grayson’s favor as he might not get as much wrath as expected. Hah who am I kidding. I’m still mad this is just a nice distraction. As I enjoyed my bath for around 30 minutes I decided it was time to go to sleep. Tired of waiting around for Gray. Exiting the tub, drying off and beginning my night routine. It was now, finally time to end this shit day. Heading to bed, you firstly decided to check your phone. Nothing, all you’ve gotten is one missed call. What an asshole Jesus Christ. Soon laying down, to hopefully drift off into a peaceful slumber, well as peaceful as you could do. The word currently wasn’t even in my vocabulary if I’m being honest. We all know I was going to cry myself to sleep. After around 3 hours of being asleep, I’m awoken by a slam of the door, and the lights being turned on. Honestly upset to see Grayson, I mean who wouldn’t being stood up, by what they presumed to be the love of their life. “Y/n wake up, I’m sorry, I promise! I just got caught up in some work with Ethan.” He spoke softly. Waking me up to those soft spoken words, usually could have made me melt. Not tonight Grayson Dolan, not tonight. “Grayson what do you mean work? It was our anniversary!” You yelled as you sat up, looking at the tall boy in front of you. “What do you mean? It’s my job you know it comes first. Fans come first y/n.” He said as he mimicked your loud tone. “Grayson what do you mean, do I not even matter to you, what happened did you fucking fall out of love with me. Did you even love me in the first place?” I yelled out once more instantly regretting letting my deep thoughts arising. I looked at him, waiting for an answer. “You think I don’t love you?” he replied with a hurt expression written all over his features. All of the sudden I’m pushed against the bed behind us. Him instantly removing my top, and bra in one swift motion. Attacking my neck in sloppy, hard kisses. That were sure to leave dark maroon marks in the morning to follow. As he continued on, causing me to moan ever so slightly, surprisingly causing him to let out a very slight one as well, from the pleasure he was inflicting on me. He kneeled down to the place I needed him most. Taking my panties off in a swift motion he went at it. Slowly tracing abc’s with his tongue. Maximizing any and all pleasure possible. As he continued on, moaning ever so slightly enjoying the effect he had on me. As I was a moaning mess. Just as I was reaching my breaking point. He towered above me, taking his boxers and sweats off in a swift motion. Anticipating for the pleasure. He slowly leaned down and softly whispered, “You don’t think I fucking love you? You think I don’t fucking love you y/n? Well know I fucking do and your fixing to see how much baby.” He growled into my ear as he slowly pushed in. Going slow at first letting me adjust to his size, making me call out his name instantly. “Do you still think I’m not totally in love with you y/n.” He moaned out as he thrusted in harder, which I thought was impossible. “Answer me y/n” he said, continuing to go harder and harder which each thrust, driving me insane. “Yes Grayson, I believe you!” I yelled out as he hit the right spot repeatedly. “Scream for me baby, show everyone how much you love me!” He groaned out into the crook of my neck. As soon as he said that, I lost it. Screaming his name over and over again as I neared my climax. “Come for me baby, I’m close too” He said as he kissed your lips sweetly. Soon climaxing, him following short after. His thrusts became sloppy as he soon pulled out after riding your highs out. “Hey I’m sorry about tonight, did that help. Even a little bit.” He said as he cuddled into your neck. “Yes it did, I love you. You are gonna have to make up for it tomorrow though.” You said placing your hand on his chest. “Hey y/n?” He asked. “Hmm?” You hummed in response.“you know that you mean more to me than my job, or anything for that matter right.” He stated seriously staring at me. “I know, I’m sorry about saying that.” I replied. Both exhausted, you fell asleep, tangled in each other. Not ever wanting to leave the blissful state you were in.

Ok so this was my first smut, ever! So i hope it wasn’t too cringe worthy!

Requests, and ships open.♥️

ehy1  asked:

Could you do the internal thoughts or reaction, (whatever you think is more cute 😉) of the guys to their crush smiling at them for the first time? THANKS!!!

(I am only going to do the Sakamaki’s because I keep typing this up and if I leave my laptop for a few seconds it deletes itself. If you want me to do the Mukami please ask again specifying that you want me to do them.)

Shuu: *wakes up* Oh, who is that gorgeous woman playing the piano. Did she just smile at me? Do I have any drool in my mouth, is that why she’s smiling? To make fun of me. But her smile looks so genuine and pure. I must get to know this amazing woman more.

Reiji: Is that a smile that curled on her lips? Why would she be smiling at me, I thought she didn’t know of my existence? She has such perfect, straight, white teeth. She the teeth of the perfect lady, even if she does have braces. Okay, Reiji, just smile back. Who am I kidding I look like an idiot. But she doesn’t see to mind.

Laito: *blushes* My little macaron just looked at me, why am I getting so nervous. Was that a smile that came from those juicy lips that I want to kiss so badly. She doesn’t even need to smile, she is ones of those few people that can smile with there eyes. They can just look at you and you know that they are happy. Does that mean I made her happy? I wonder if she knows that she makes me happy too.

Kanato: Look Teddy, do you see that pretty girl over there, smiling at us. Isn’t she amazing. I bet you would love her, she even thinks you’re cute. Teddy, are you blushing at the complement she gave you? I don’t blame you, when she said that I am a really good singer I went as red as the cherry’s on our ice cream.

Ayato: Who’s that girl playing basketball all by herself? Shit, it’s Chichinashi, I never knew she played basketball. I got to admit she’s pretty good at it, not as good as ore-sama but still… Did she just smile at me? I can feel my face heating up, am I blushing. Who am I kidding, ore-sama doesn’t blush. Is she coming towards me, quick act cool *pulls pant leg up*.

Subaru: She looks stunning sitting next to the rose bushes. She always comes here to think and I love watching her eyes soften when she is deep in though. What? I’m not a stalker! Sure, sometimes I do follow her around but that is only to make sure she is safe. Because i-i I love her. Did she just smile at me or to one of my brothers? Nope, it’s defiantly at me. What should I do? Should I smile back? *grins at her* Did she just giggle and call me adorable? What has this amazing woman gotten me into.

And then you meet someone who makes you realize why it never worked out with anyone else. You realize what was missing with the rest. Because all of a sudden there’s this person standing in front of you that makes you happier than you’ve been in a long time. They make you smile like an idiot because god, they’re absolutely ridiculous and they make you feel safe and cared for and everything just kind of fits. They’re you’re own kind of perfect. Sweet and handsome and smart and everything you’ve ever wanted. So all that you can do is take a chance and hope that you’re their kind of perfect too.
—  Midnight thoughts (he’s it)
Back to Me - Bokuto Koutaro

AN: Honestly, I don’t know, man, I was in my feels and I was like you know what? I feel like making people sad. So I hope you’re a little sad after reading this.

I think my ideas stemmed from my college party head canons LOL. Enjoy I guess??? idk. should i write for other characters, too?

Cheers to drunk phone calls from your ex-boyfriend.

WARNING: Alcohol mention!

Bokuto swam through the crowd as it carried him from one side of the room to another. The entire house was vibrating with the bass, syncing up with the beat of his heart as he felt it a little harder to breathe. He felt the elbows and knees jab into him as he reached the alcohol, but his body numbed long before so they felt like light tickles. He giggled to himself as he poured another shot of whiskey into a sticky glass.

“Bokuto-san! Where did you -”

“AKAASHI-SAAAAN ~” he slurred, pouring another glass for his friend.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” Akaashi asked, looking at the shot glass with disgust as it was handed to him.

“HELL NO!” Bokuto yelled. He raised the glass in the air. “If anything, I need more!! Bottoms up!”

Nothing tasted sweeter than the burn that trickled down his throat. The warmth in his stomach settled in like your arms wrapping around his waist. He remembered the way you would bury your face into his chest, and that’s when he knew he hadn’t drank enough. He remembered the way he would lay his cheek on top of your head and hold you close, never letting you go. The smell of your shampoo clouded his senses in the alcohol-filled environment. He frowned. If he could remember your name, your face, your touch, then he was much too sober.

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2AM - part 2 (A Minseok Series)

Your hand was on your deadbolt and you took a deep breath to steady yourself before you turned the lock.

Minseok was home. It was 2AM and he was knocking on your door. You didn’t even need to look through the peephole to know it was him. Of course it was him.

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regina try's to learn a dance to a slow song and gets nervous because she wants emma to be proud of her. but emma finds regina throwing negative comments at herself (you can continue at this point)

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma smiles as she hears music echoing through the house. Normally music means she’ll find Regina in the kitchen humming along as she bakes or dancing like nobody’s watching. Music normally leads her to a happy Regina. 

Today however her smile drops into a frown as she hears her girlfriend shout, “You clumsy idiot!” 

Emma raises a brow in confusion as she pushes the door to the lounge open to see Regina huffing in frustration and cursing under her breath. “Everything okay in here?” 

Regina jumps in shock, quickly pausing the CD player, as she insists, “Everything’s fine.” 

“So who’s a clumsy idiot then?” Emma asks moving over to the brunette. 

Regina sighs averting her gaze as she admits, “I am.” 


“I’m trying to slow dance…and I want it to be perfect…I want it to be perfect for you…but I keep messing it up.”

Emma shakes her head at her as she loops her arms around Regina’s waist and using her magic to start the music off again, “You’re not messing up,” Emma reassures her, “You’re being too hard on yourself…and for the record, you and I could do the chicken dance together and it would still be perfect to me.” 

Jughead and Heartbreak
  • So I was thinking, while I listened to "Give Your Heart A Break" by Demi Lovato
  • Dangerous I know
  • But hear me out
  • What if Betty HADN'T liked Jug? What if she ended up actually like Ronny ((i ship it too hard to let it not live okay? Okay))
  • I have this imagine where Jug is totally heart broken and crush when he kisses her and she's like "jUG NO IM DATING V SECRETLY OMG IM SO SORRY" and then he runs to the reader, who's his best friend
  • She kind of likes him but she has long since excepted that he likes Betty. She even thought Betty returned his feelings and was plenty okay with just being friends
  • But then this happens
  • And now Jug feels awkward and hurt and he avoids V and Betty and spends time mainly with reader, occasionally Archie who checks up on him to update the girls
  • But the reader is still sure he doesn't like her back and refuses to see this as anything other than unfortunate, as Jug didn't get the girl he wanted so badly
  • So they're just friends for a really long time
  • And then
  • And then
  • Jug starts to get over Betty...
  • And falls for the reader
  • And Jug feels like the biggest piece of idiot on the whole earth because why would you like him?? Why ruin the perfect friendship you two have?? Why cause drama and problems in his perfect thing he has going with you?? Why even risk it?? And for himself as well... like he just got his heart shattered??
  • But wait did he just catch you starting at him?? Like while he was talking?? And you were just smiling admiringly, even DREAMILY?? Was he imagining it or had you always been so touchy?? Had you always say so close to him?? Why did you so easily make him laugh and smile??
  • He didn't even feel like this with Betty wtf??
  • And then he freaks out
  • And you start to notice
  • Because suddenly he's hyper aware of you and awkward and needs all his distance and space and blushed a lot?? What's happening??
  • So you confront him about it, like a good friend would who wants to make sure her friendship isn't deconstructing and falling apart
  • Now Jug feels even more pathetic because he's still destroying your two's perfect thing and he doesn't like it
  • He doesn't want to admit how he feels because he'll lose you
  • He doesn't want to keep it all in side because it's not fucking going away and it's creating distance and ruin gun everything and he can't lose that either
  • So he doesn't know what to do because he's losing you
  • And that thought effects him in scary ways
  • And it all unravels and you're shocked and he's shocked and then fLUFF
  • Fuck it
  • I'm writing it
  • ---
  • Update: I have this written! There are two parts, both which can be found on my imagines blog, Random-imagines-for-eve
  • Check them out if you want : )

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Can i have a reaction for Wonho, Hyungwon, Kihyun and Jooheon when you 're feeling down and think that you're not good enough for them?

When you think you’re not good enough for them (Wonho, Hyungwon, Kihyun & Jooheon)

Wonho; He’d be so upset, not at you but in general because you were feeling that way. Since he’s so insecure himself, he’d be hurting inside when you told him you thought you weren’t good enough for him. He’d pull you into his arms and kiss your forehead.

Please don’t ever think this way. I love you so much, if anything, i don’t deserve you.”

He’d comfort you and shower you with love and compliments, wanting to erase these thoughts from your head. 

Originally posted by kihyonie

Hyungwon; He’d think you were being silly thinking like that. When he asked you what was wrong, and you told him how you felt, he’d raise an eyebrow at you and tilt his head to the side.

What? Why would you think that?” 

He’d frown and rub his lower lip with his finger, really confused. “Don’t say that, you’re perfect for me. Hence why i’m with you.” He’d wrap his arms around you and sigh, telling you how much he loves you.

Originally posted by wonho-shin

Kihyun; He’d brush it off immediately, once he heard you say you’re not good enough for him he’d shut you down and probably call you an idiot (this little shit). 

Stop. Don’t say none-sense like that. It’s not true, so let’s not waste time talking about it because it’s complete bullshit, you’re absolutely perfect.” 

He may seem a little cold but he would hug you afterwards, ruffling your hair and kissing all over your face. 

Originally posted by kookihyunnie

Jooheon; He’d be similar to Wonho, he’d be a little upset but he’d sit with you, holding your hand and listening to what you have to say. He would be taken back a little when you said you weren’t good enough for him, and he’d quickly shake his head. 

No! Don’t say that, baby.. You’re so good to me, and i love you so much. Don’t say that, okay?” 

He’d peck your lips and give you a huge bear hug, comforting you. He’d shower you with affection for the rest of the day, to show you how much you mean to him. 

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Attack the argument, not the people

It’s the first thing you learn in debating: if someone has a point about their issue, you address that point. You methodically explain why their contention is wrong, and why your contention is right. What you never do is attack the person. 

For example:

Contention: “Vaccines cause autism.” 

Attacking the argument: “Actually, that contention is based on one single study which was biased in the first place and has been discredited thousands of times. No further studies have been able to demonstrate any sort of link or even correlation between vaccines and autism. I can link you to more information if you’d like.”

Attacking the person: “What a fucking idiot. Did you read that on the Spiritual Mummies For Purity blog run by that bitch who has a BA in Food Toxins and Applied Bullshit? HAVE YOU EVER READ A BOOK? Probably not, which is why you’ll believe whatever bullshit you read on the internet.”

The reasons for this are as follows: 

  • The minute you personally attack someone, they switch off and disengage. They will not listen to another word you say. It takes many years involved in social justice movements to be able to step away from personal attacks and consider the arguments people put forward as part of them, and you have no way of knowing if the person you are attacking is able to do that yet. So, if your goal is to show people they are wrong and have a good chance of them listening, you should steer clear of personal attacks. 
  • It distracts from the actual issue. The issue here in my example is that false information about vaccines putting people on the ASD spectrum is being spread and causing real harm to real people. The issue is not Mary from Kansas and whether or not she’s an idiot who’s never read a book, which is what you’re going to end up debating if that conversation were to continue. You’re not going to change her mind and reduce the harm her opinion is causing by personally insulting her, so why would you do it? 

Here’s why: it feels good to insult people when you’re angry, and when you’re debating an issue that’s of critical personal importance to you it can be very hard for you to not attack people whose views are causing you actual damage. And, honestly, if your goal is just to feel better in a shit world and take no prisoners doing it, then do whatever you want. No one can stop you from expressing yourself in a way that makes you feel better about how crap everything is, and you have every right to do that! 

HOWEVER. If you openly attack people, don’t misrepresent your intentions as ‘debating an issue’. That’s not debating an issue, that’s attacking other people who disagree with you because it makes you feel better and not giving a fuck about the consequences. 

If your goal is to create communities where people feel like they can openly discuss issues, and engage in debates where people feel heard and where there’s a opportunity for you to change or open people’s minds to an issue, you need to be respectful and stick to the topic. Yes, even if people’s ideas are so ignorant you can barely fucking stand it. Choose neutral language that allows people to engage with it. Be patient with people who know less about issues, or are ignorant about social issues. If you’re not able to do that, you should take yourself out of the discussion until you’re in a better place. You can rant about those idiots on the untagged privacy of your own blog or to people who understand if it makes you feel better. 

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t show emotion and you shouldn’t let people know how hurt you are by certain beliefs they might hold - say you’re angry if you’re angry, and explain why! - but you can express a great deal of emotion without personally attacking people. Be super passionate if the issue is of importance to you, but stick to the topic. 

Yes, Mary from Kansas’s view on vaccines (and probably her view of people on the ASD spectrum) is wrong and dangerous and could potentially kill people, but you’re not going to change her mind and curb the damage she’s doing by telling her she’s a fucking idiot who never read a book in her life. You’re going to disengage her from the debate and embed her further in her echo-chamber anti-vaccines communities and make the damage worse.

If you want to have a shot at changing people’s minds, 99% of the time you’re going to need to be respectful, avoid attacking them personally, and explain in neutral language why the contention they hold is wrong. 

Remember: no one is born with perfect knowledge or perfect politics. You weren’t either, these things are learnt. Play a part in someone learning them, not in driving people away from the discussion with nasty personal attacks <3

Something about you pt15

Jess Mariano x Reader

Jess’ POV

I woke up with Y/N in my arms and I never wanted to let her go. Ever. This was perfect she was perfect. I just held her and watched her sleep.

“Jess…Oh.” Luke says.

“Shhh. Y/N is sleeping.” I say.

“Yeah I can see that. What are you insane? Taylor has the whole town looking for her.” He says.

“Why didnt anyone come here?” I ask.

“I dont know they are all idiots.” He says.

“Look I love her and she loves me why cant people just leave us alone.” I say.

“I know Jess. Im happy that you have someone you care about. Someone you love, but this town has been there for her since she was little. Do you understand that?” He asks.

“Yes I do, but Im not letting go. I will only let her go if she says so.” I say.

“That sounds fair. Just get dressed before either of you come downstairs.” He says.

“And I thought it was Naked Sunday’s at Luke’s Diner.” I say.

“Oh shut up.” He says and walked out.

I went back to watching Y/N sleep. My was she beautiful.

Should I do more?

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one of those nights

Title: One of THOSE Nights
Pairing: Bucky/Reader
Rating: NC-17/Mature
Warnings: Drinking & Cursing. Fluff & Smut
A/N: This was a request, and I wasn’t certain how you wanted me to play it, so I gave the best of both worlds. Also, I may have altered it slightly. AND I don’t often write from the reader’s perspective, so apologies in advance for any missed tenses.

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My Queen

Can you do a void stiles, when he and stiles where separated imagine where y/n is his reincarnated lover his “queen” and he kidnaps her and dresses her is a very fancy dress and drugs her to keep her compliment, I don,t mean like so he take advantage or her I mean the drug keeps her sluggish and prevents her from trying to escape and the pack has to come save her? - mollyhalefan

I hope I did your request justice and I hope you like it. Got an imagine you want me to write? Send me a message. Want a chat? I want a chat, message me.


Characters: Stiles, Reader, Nogitsune/Void!Stiles, The Pack

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader, mentions of Nogitsune/Void!Stiles x Reader

Warnings: Kidnapping, Reader gets drugged, Small amount of fluff

Words: 1959


10:35pm. 25 minutes until Lydia’s ‘Kings and Queens’ party. I took one last look at myself in the mirror and straightened out my short, black, figure hugging dress. My hair’s styled in a half up, half down fashion. I turn to my bed to grab my heels and scream.

'Stiles! Don’t do that to me! How did you even get in?’ Stiles stood smirking in the doorway.

'Your mother let me in.’ That’s funny. Stiles never says 'mother.’ His make up is a bit weird though. What king is he going for then, I wondered.

'Okay, sorry, I forgot you were picking me up. I did think that you were going to pick me up a little later though. Let me just put my shoes on and grab my crown.’ I turned back to my bed and sat down. I took my black, gold studded high heels and slipped them on. I stood up again and realised that I was now the same height as Stiles. I then walked over to my dresser and picked up my small, golden crown and lifted it to my head.

'Wait! Little Dove, let me do the honours. Please?’ Little Dove? What is up with him?

'Sure thing, Stiles. If you really want to but then we’ve got to leave or we will be late.’ Stiles nodded and slowly stepped forward, took the crown from my hands and looked at it, smiling.

'Ready? Tilt forward slightly for me.’ I did as he asked. 'I’ve been waiting for this, Little Dove. I knew it was you when I first laid my eyes on you.’ What the hell is he talking about?

'Stiles?’ He positioned the crown on the top of my head and I stood up. Stiles placed a kiss on my forehead and I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my arm. I looked down to see a needle sticking out of the top of my arm. 'Stiles?! Wait?! You’re not Stiles. You’re the Nogitsune. Get away from me! What did you do to me?!’ My eyelids felt heavy and my head turned to cotton wool.

'Welcome home, my Queen.’ Were the last words I heard before sleep finally took over my body.

***10:49pm. Stiles’ POV***

'Y/N? Y/N? No-one was home and the door was unlocked. I let myself in, I hope you don’t mind. Y/N? We’ve got to go. Are you ready? I’m coming in your room now. I’m not looking. Y/N, answer me.’ I stepped into Y/N’s room with a hand over my eyes. Ok, there is a gap in my fingers but that’s only so I can see the floor. I don’t want to fall over and embarrass myself in front of Y/N. 'Y/N, are you here?’ I take my hand away from my face and look around. Instantly I knew something’s wrong. Y/N’s bag and phone were sprawled on the floor as though they’d been dropped. I instantly took my phone out and called Scott.


'Stiles, where are you, man? We’re missing you? How’s Y/N?’

'Scott! Listen to me. Y/N’s in trouble! She’s not at her house and she doesn’t have her phone or bag. I think I might know who has taken her but I need your help. Get the pack together and here to Y/N’s bedroom. I will call Derek. Please get here soon.’ And with that I hung up. Next Stiles dialled Derek’s number.

'Stiles? Go away. Not interested in your teenage problems. Talk to Peter. He’s weird and annoying. He will understand.’

'WAIT! Derek. It’s Y/N! She’s in trouble. Help us. I think the Nogitsune has her. I don’t know where she is though. You need to track her scent. Get to her bedroom now!’ And once again, I hung up.

***Y/N’s POV***

I woke up to a dimly lit room that can only belong to an old, abandoned mansion. Candles scattered around on pillars, steps and stones.

'Welcome back, Little Dove, my Queen.’ The Nogitsune emerged from the darkness, and with his head tilted, slowly creeped towards me. I tried to shuffle back on floor but I could hardly move. ’ I wouldn’t wasted what little energy you still have, my Queen. I gave you a little shot of something to keep you from moving. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t dare think of taking advantage of you in this stage. It’s just a precaution. I wouldn’t want you to run away from me. Not again. You know what happened last time you did that.’

'No, I don’t.’ I panted. 'I have no idea what you are talking about. I’ve never been with you before. I knew you existed and I knew that you were living in Stiles’ body but never have I been with you alone before. And why do you keep calling me your Queen?!’

'Little Dove, don’t you recognise me? It’s me, Nogi. We were happily married spirits. One night whilst I was in the basement, you ran from me. Mrs Yukimura, a Kitsune, caught you and killed you. Now, after all of this time, you’ve come back to. Re-incarnated as this young teenager.’

'That’s not possible. Once a spirit dies they can’t co-’

'Little Dove, shhh. Do you need another shot?’

'No!’ I tried to move my legs again and they did. Well, a little but I looked down to make sure that I wasn’t tied up. To my surprise my black dress was no longer covering my body. What sat in its place was a light blue, prom-looking dress.

'You like your dress, my Queen? I picked it out myself. And I swapped out that cheap, fake crown that Stiles brought you for that stupid teenager party for your real crown.’ I shook my hair slightly and felt the weight of the crown on my head. I just wish the pack would think about finding me before I die here.

***10:56pm. Stiles’ POV***

'Tell us everything Stiles. Why do you think the Nogitsune has Y/N?’

'When the Nogitsune was in my head it kept going on about Y/N being its Queen. I just thought it was trying to me annoying and trying to drive me mad. Either that or it didn’t think that I noticed. Well I did. Every time it spoke to me in my dream, it took me to the same place. An abandoned mansion with a basement made of stone. There were stone steps leading down to the basement and the walls looked a lot like a cave. I think that’s where the Nogitsune and his 'wife’ lived. He kept telling me how Kira’s mother killed her. He kept showing my his wife’s dead body. She did look like Y/N but once a spirit is dead it can’t come back. It must just see the resemblance of Y/N to his wife and think they’ve come back for him. I can’t tell you where this mansion is though. HE never let me know that much.’

'I know where she is. I’ve pin pointed her scent to a place not far from here. I remember being told stories as a child of a mansion near here but I never believed that it was true. I guess it is. Let’s just go.’ Derek chipped in.

'We’re coming, Y/N.’ Stiles mumbled to himself as I took one last look around Y/N’s room.

***11:02pm Y/N’s POV***

'You said Stiles brought me that crown. Why would you say that? How do you know?’

'I was inside him when he brought it. Why would I lie to you, Little Dove? The moment he found out about that brat’s party, he went out looking for the 'perfect crown’ for you. What an idiot. Your real crown is the perfect crown for you. Where did you think that plastic piece of crap came from? Appeared out of no-where in your bedroom. Wrapped perfectly in a little box placed neatly on your bed that spawned from thin air? Be realistic, my Queen.’

'I thought my mum brought it for me after I told her about the party.’

'Don’t be stupid, Little Dove. Anyway, I must pop out to the store to get you something to eat. I forgot that you’d want something to eat. How rude of me. What would you like, my Queen?’

'Chocolate.’ I’ve got to get rid of him and find a way out.

'I will get you as much chocolate as I can. Only the best for you, Little Dove. I will be back in 20 minutes or so. Remember, you can’t escape this time, my Queen. I will see you soon, Little Dove.’ And with that he disappeared up the stairs. Now I’ve just got to pull myself over to the window.

'Y/N? Y/N! Are you here? Y/N?!’ Stiles? or the Nogitsune?

'Y/N its us.’ Derek!

'Help me!’ I breathed knowing the werewolves could here me. I slumped further into the floor, not having a lot of energy. Suddenly Stiles, Derek, Scott, Issac, Lydia and Allison were crowded around me. I felt a strong pair of arms lift me off of the floor and sleep took over my body once more.

***11:31pm Y/N’s POV***

I woke up to voices.

'Y/N needs to be watched. I will do it. I know I’m not going to be going to sleep tonight anyway. I can’t. Not knowing that Y/N’s like this. I will keep watch. The slightest strange think to happen and I will let you know immediately. We will be fine. Go home.’

Shuffling. That’s all I hear. Then a door close. Then footsteps down the stairs. Then another door shut. Then an echo of 'Goodnights.’ Then cars starting. Then cars pulling away. Then silence. Then sobbing. I lift my heavy eyelids and turn to face the noise. It’s Stiles with his head in his hands. I slowly reached my hand across to his and squeeze gently. He looks up and gasps.

'Y/N! I’m so sorry. I should have got here earlier. I could have stopped all of this. I could have st-’

'Stiles. Shut up. Don’t even think for a second that this was your fault because it wasn’t. No one knew this was going to happen, no one. Please don’t beat yourself up about this. Now come here and lay next to me.’

'Okay but can I ask why?’

'Because I need to say thank you.’ I felt a slightly cold breeze where the covers had been lifted and the bed dip slightly under his weight. I snuggled closer to him and wrapped my arms around his thin middle.

'Why do you need to thank me?’

'Because you knew something was wrong. You knew I was in danger and I know that most of the finding was you.’ I leaned my head up to meet his and placed a gentle kiss to his lips. He kissed back, pulling himself on top of me. I found my hands snaking up to his neck and playing his the small hairs that met my fingers. Stiles soon pulled back and rested his forehead on mine.

'What was that for?’

'To say thank you for my crown.’

'How did you know it was me?’

'A sneaky fox told me.’ Stiles shook his head and laid back down next to me, resuming the position we were in before. I smiled contently and felt sleep taking over my body again for the final time that day. 'Good night, Stiles.’

'Good night, Princess’


'One day you will be my Queen.’ I punched him lightly in the arm and chuckled. Darkness taking over once and for all.

Valentine’s Day

So, I’ve posted about this a bit before, but remember that AU where Baz and Simon meet again when they’re 32 on a Singles tour of Magickal Britain? Yeah, this is that. 

Post- humdrum, Simon doesn’t have magic. Oneshot. V fluffy. Fluff x 10000

They were forced to do it, but they never thought it would end up like this


Penny talked me into this. I would have never, in a million years gone here on my own, but she was relentless. 

“Simon, it’s nearly Valentines Day, and you need to get out of the house!” 

She was just as persuasive over Skype as in person, though if she hadn’t been in America, she probably would’ve dragged me to the bus stop herself. 

She did have a point though. I had tried to make something happen with Agatha after Watford, but things hadn’t worked out. She had run off to America. Just like everyone else. 

I’m really not that bitter about all that. Micah and Penny’s kids are adorable (and brilliant) and I visit all the time. I even talk to Agatha sometimes. But, all the other relationships I’ve tried have fizzled out, so now I’m here, at 32, on Valentine’s Day on a Singles Tour of Magickal Britain. Typical. 

I feel a little out of place in the crowd, surrounded by magic. I lost mine at the end of 8th year, in the process of defeating the humdrum. Being a hero isn’t all fun and games. I mill around, looking for people I know. Then, I see him. His head peaks out above the crowd. He always was so goddamned tall. 

It’s Baz, the vampire, my former roommate, the guy who made my life hell for 8 years. I walk toward him, not knowing what I’m going to do. I might punch him. We aren’t roommates anymore, and I don’t have a school to get expelled from. Mostly, though, I want to know where he’s been. I’d assumed he’d gotten himself a pretty little wife from one of the Old Families and had a bunch of vampire children. But, here he is, at this bus stop wearing – sweet Merlin, he’s wearing jeans


Fiona had made me go to this stupid thing. “Meet a bloke, have some fun Basil.” 

Yeah, because I’m sure I’m going have the time of my bloody life. 

I walk around for a bit, looking through the pamphlet, and then I see him. Well, I don’t just see him. I see him and smell him and hear him and feel him all at the same time. Simon fucking Snow

He’s walking - no - running towards me, his face flushed and intense. Of course he would be here. Of course. 


I consider ignoring him, but that would honestly be impossible. Of all the things I could do to Simon Snow, ignore him is not one of them. I turn, putting on my old mask of aloofness and distaste. 


All of a sudden, he’s right there, invading my personal space. We’re inches apart, and he looks so confused. Is he deciding whether or not to hit me? His eyes fall to my lips. We’re so close, I could… I hate this. He makes me feel like I’m 18 again and trying my best not to kiss him or kill him and I hate it. I hate being a part of his story. I hate how much I love him, even after all these years. I hate it. 

“Baz, what are you doing here?” 

“I could ask the same of you.” 

“Penny put me up to it.”

Of course she did. Before I have time to formulate a witty comeback, however, we’re being ushered gruffly onto the bus. I’m put at the back of the top half, and Snow in the seat right next to me. I start to protest, but the tour guide gives me a death glare. I can feel the magic welling up in her. One more word out of me, and I’m getting spelled to my seat. 

I turn, and let myself really look at him. His hair is similarly styled to the last time I saw him, if a little shorter. His skin is tanner, and has the slightest bit of stubble. He still has all his moles, in the exact same places. Crowley, I’m in too deep. 

The bus is moving now, and he begins to speak. 

“So, Baz, why are you still single?” This man is going to be the death of me. He seems to realize the indelicacy of his statement, though, and backtracks. 

“I mean, I’d just assumed you’d have a wife and kids by now.”

I laugh involuntarily at the thought of me with a wife. I had been out to everyone I know since after graduation. Also, heteronormativity at its finest. 

“What’s so funny?” 

Oh, shit. Am I going to have to tell him? 

Snow keeps looking at me intently. He will not stop until he gets an answer. When I imagined coming out to Simon at school, it was usually followed by “And I’m desperately in love with you.” But that wouldn’t do today. So, I just start. 

“I was laughing because…well… I’m gay Snow.” 


I sit there in shock. The tour guide is saying something, but I don’t hear it. 

Baz is gay

I lived with him for 8 years of my life, I followed him through the catacombs, I watched him sleep for Crowley’s sake, but I didn’t know that? Now that I think of it, I never really imagined him with a girl. But, could I imagine him with a guy? I – I think I did, actually. I must have. Weird. 

He’s staring at me, and I have to respond. 


Nice. Perfect answer. I am such a fucking idiot. 

Baz must realize the awkwardness of the silence, so he talks instead. 

“So, why don’t you have a wife? I thought you and Wellbelove were locked and loaded.” 

“I dunno, things just, never really worked out.” 

Why am I doing this? Why am I being so goddamned civil? We’re having a normal(ish) conversation. We never did that, in all our years at Watford. But, we’re not at Watford anymore. 

I look at Baz. He’s still got those insane cheekbones, and that long, silky black hair. He’s still fucking perfect. 

“So, I guess we’re just kind of… alone together, right?” 


My 15-year-old self is screaming at me now. Seriously though, “Alone together”? Is he trying to kill me? This is going to set my life back 10 years. I’m never going to be over Simon bloody Snow. Well, I might as well enjoy his presence while I can. I smile. 

“Yeah, I’d like that.” 

We sit on the bus as the tour guide tells us about the Massacre of Warlocks Three in the adjacent park. How romantic. 

“So” Simon asks, “What have you been doing after graduation?” 

Small talk with Simon Snow. This is… different 

“I went to Uni and worked at Starbucks for a while, but now I teach violin.” 

He smiles. Simon Snow smiles at me

“I teach too! I’m actually a counselor at a local public school. I get to help kids, which is really great.” 

He’s obviously very passionate about his work. I love him so much. I know it’s pathetic, but I don’t care. Even without his magic, his company is still intoxicating. I can’t help but smile. 


Baz is smiling. Not sarcastically, or out of spite. He’s just smiling because he’s happy. I like Baz being happy. I look into his eyes. They’re stormy grey, like the ocean on a cloudy day, and just as deep. He tucks a strand of hair behind his ear. He looks so cute when he smiles. 

Before I can process that thought, or act on it, the bus comes to a screeching halt. The driver calls out: “Squirrel! Sorry!” 

The shock gets me back to my senses. I’m on a pathetic singles tour with Baz, my former nemesis. 

Who you just thought was cute

I look over at him. He looks back, seemingly remembering I was there, and asks 

“Are you okay?” 

I smile again. 

“Yeah, you?” 

He laughs. 

“Yeah, I’m fine” 


We sit there, looking at each other for a moment. He’s wearing a tight sweater, with a scooped neckline. I can see his neck and a sliver of his chest. I don’t know why, but it makes me blush. Then, I remember. 


He’s looking at my chest, seemingly spacing out. His curls fall over his face, begging me to run my fingers through them. 

Then, all of a sudden, Snow’s eyes get wide, and he turns bright red. 

He looks at me, and then turns away, staring resolutely out the window. What was that? I reach over and touch his shoulder, and he jumps, scooting slightly away. 

What the fuck is going on? 


I am able to imagine Baz with a guy. Not only that, but I have, multiple times over the course of my stay at Watford. And that guy was me

I’m freaking out. Memories are running through my head. Had I really made a list of all the things… oh, I had. I had. I feel Baz touch my shoulder. 

Really not the best time right now!! 

I get closer to the window. I’m hyperventilating now. How had I not remembered all of this earlier? I spend most of my time reminiscing about Watford, so how had this not come up? Wanting to kiss your vampire roommate seems pretty important. 

“Hey, are you okay?” 

I have to turn around, or he’ll think something’s up. Oh God, I feel like a teenager again, so vulnerable and self-conscious Stay cool. Be cool

He looks so worried. His eyes are large and full of compassion. He is so worried about me. Why is he so worried about me? I have to say something. 

“I’m… I’m fine.” 

Baz still looks concerned. 

“Are you sure?” 

He grabs my hand. I gasp, and look up at him. 


The contact is electric. His skin is so warm. He is so warm and everything is so cold and I need him. He’s looking at me with those absurdly blue eyes, and I’m falling. I’ve gone too far. I have to restrain myself but I can’t because he’s right there and I’m falling. I feel like I’m 18 again and the world is on fire. 


I haven’t felt magic in almost 15 years, but this is pretty goddamned close. I look at Baz’s lips. Why is he so fucking perfect? 


The tour is going to be over soon. This might be my last chance. I should kiss him. I should kiss him and get it over with and move on. I should kiss him and get this out of my system. But then, he kisses me


We’re on a bus full of people, but I don’t really care. I just care about the taste of Baz’s lips. Sugar and mint and longing, just in case you were wondering. 


Simon Snow is kissing me and nothing makes sense and the world is on fire. I pull back, breathing heavily. He’s looking at me, seemingly as astonished as I am. The whole top deck of the bus has turned around to stare at us. The tour guide it silent. Someone starts clapping. A couple more join in. The first floor must be so fucking confused. 

Simon leans in and whispers, “How long have you wanted to do that?” 

“20 years, give or take.” 

He laughs. 

“Me too… I think.” 

He collapses into me, and I rest my chin on his head. 

The tour guide comes on the intercom 

“Another successful match made by Signature Magikal Singles Tours.” 

Fiona is never gonna let me live this down. 

Date Diary - The Wedding

Date Diary - Our First Date / second Date / Our third (& fourth?) Date / Meeting the parents / The Hike / The Proposal

Jensen: It’s still something I have to get used too. I never saw myself as a husband until I met you… But had I known what it would feel like, I probably would’ve proposed to you earlier. 

Reader: Me neither. I never wanted to get married… I had seen too many divorces and broken hearts already.

Jensen: Right. But… And I can’t believe how cheesy that sounds now, but when you get to marry your best friend, it feels like a connection that no fight could destroy. I mean… we fight, but then one of us acts all stupid and all is forgotten.

Reader: I feel like, because we aren’t just a couple, but also such good friends, it makes everything so much easier. And come on, what we have can’t really be called fights. There wasn’t one day I went to bed angry or sad because of something that happened. 

Jensen: I know, right? I think we are a good couple. And not one of them that like, always kisses and has to touch the other, but like, one that just likes the company of the other. I mean, I call myself and introvert, but since I’ve met you, it’s like, I can’t be an introvert on my own anymore. 

Reader: What did you do? Kill a cat? Or why are you being all sappy on me today? 

Jensen: I tried to be romantic! And I am just telling you the truth! 

Reader: I know. I also have to agree on the introvert thing. Genevieve would probably say we’re two halfs that only function when we are together. 

Jensen: I think she’s right, though. 

Reader: Me too. Talking about Gen. She sent me this pic of us from after the wedding yesterday. Do you remember this? (See pic) 

Jensen: Of course I do! It was your idea to step away from the traditional and try something new! Also, I’m still not over how beautiful you looked in that dress.

Reader: It was perfect. I couldn’t have imagined it any better. 

Jensen: Our whole wedding was perfect. 

Reader: I agree. But… I’m not sure I will still fit in that dress in a few months…

Jensen: What do you mean? The dress didn’t shrink now, did it? 

Reader: No… *chuckles* but I think I’m starting to gain weight…

Jensen: Your being silly. Why should you gain weight? You exercise more than Jared does! 

Reader: Oh come on! Think about this now! Why could I be gaining weight? 

Jensen: Is there like a reverse diet you want to try? 

Reader: Jensen! You are such an idiot! The diet is called eating for two! 

Jensen: What? For two…. I don’t… You’re pregnant? 

Reader: Yes! We’re having a baby Jens! 

So this was the last part! Thank you for reading and sticking with me through this

Perfect With You

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Request: #2 with stiles super fluffy 

#2:  “Christmas is ruined and it’s all my fault!”

Author’s Note: I hope you like this! I tried to make it really fluffy like you asked, anon :) Let me know what you think and enjoy!

Warnings: Language; mega fluff


“There’s gotta be another box of lights in here!” I insisted, digging through the bags fervently. “I swear I bought three boxes.”

“Y/N, it’s okay,” Stiles said again, his hands gently wrapping around my arms and pulling me from my frantic search. “I’ll go to the store and buy some more right now. I’ll be back in time to frost cookies. Okay?”

“Alright,” I sighed, giving him a sad smile. Stiles gave me a small kiss, telling me one last time that it was fine, before throwing on his coat and grabbing the keys to Roscoe. 

With a deep breath to calm myself down, I began to open the totes that held all the ornaments. Not having too much extra money to spend, Stiles and I had taken what was leftover from our homes before moving in together. I figured I could sort through and find matching ones while he was gone so they would be ready to put on the tree when he got home.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I practically shrieked, pulling out box after box of broken bulbs. My heart broke in my chest as I continued to sort through them, only finding a few boxes of ornaments that weren’t destroyed. “And they don’t even match!” I scoffed. 

Resolving myself to having to accept it, I disposed of all the broken ones and took out the now-full trash bag. When I walked back in to the apartment, something definitely did not smell right. It was like something was burning, the acrid scent stinging my nose.

“Oh, my God. The cookies!” Going as fast as my legs would carry me, I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a mitt before quickly pulling the trays with now burnt and ruined sugar cookies out of the oven. The only bright side to this was that there was no smoke and it hadn’t set off any fire alarms or sprinklers. 

Tears welled in my eyes as I sunk down onto the kitchen floor, burying my face in my arms as I pulled my knees up to my chest. I didn’t even hear Stiles come in until he was calling my name and crouching beside me.

“Y/N?! What’s wrong, sweetheart, are you okay? Did you get burnt? Let me see,” he rambled, not knowing what to do or what was going on. I lifted my tear-stained face to look at him, concern all over his features.

“Christmas is ruined and it’s all my fault!” I sobbed.

“Come here,” Stiles said, pulling me into his lap and letting me cry into his shirt. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Our tree is terrible, I didn’t buy enough lights, all the bulbs are broken, and I burnt the cookies,” I explained shakily. Stiles chuckled, making me look up at him with confusion.

“Y/N, I don’t care about any of that stuff,” he said, brushing hair out of my face. “So what, we didn’t have enough money to get a big, fancy tree? Ours is…charming. And the store is only ten minutes down the road, I didn’t mind getting more lights. The bulbs probably got broken in the move, but that’s okay because that just means we can start getting our own. And we can always make more cookies.”

“Well, yeah, but-”

“But nothing,” he cut me off.

“I just wanted things to be perfect. It’s our first Christmas living together.”

“And that’s exactly why it is perfect, sweetheart,” Stiles insisted. “Because it’s with you. That’s all that matters to me.”

“Stiles Stilinski, you sure know how to cheer a girl up,” I said, giving him a tiny smile. He grinned like an idiot, leaning down to place a sweet kiss on my lips.

Olicity Prompt: Chance Meeting

Requested by @captainolicitysbedroom 

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Prompt: Felicity is with Billy but falls in love with the guy she see’s training through the window of the they gym she passes every morning. 

As you know I never truly stick to these because I always see some nugget of hidden inspiration within the prompt. I hope you like it and as always my friend thank you for thinking I can write! 

Read it here on AO3

Chance Meeting

Every morning her routine was the same…

Her alarm went off like a shotgun, her eyes rolled to the ceiling in immediate distaste while she reached toward the loud siren of the approaching day. Per usual her fingers slipped just past the edge of the blaring machine; Felicity groaned, “I’m such a clutz…” beneath her breath right before the knuckle of her index finger became ensnared on the partially open dresser drawer.

She rolled until her face was buried in the warmth of her purple pillow case; her knuckle like it did every morning ached from being re-injured for the hundredth time. She lifted her arm and raised her palm until it was over the blaring stereo, seconds later the clunk of the clock as it landed over the area rug over her wood floors chimed throughout the space. She smiled into the soft fabric and let her shoulders ease into a relaxed pose. “Okay day let’s get my humiliation over with…” she whined lowly before bringing her elbows towards her center. With a loud huff she managed to jerk herself upward into a cluttered mess of blonde hair and wrinkled pj’s. She heard his soft steps from the foyer and, shot a quick glance toward the door.

“Felicity? Please tell me you’re actually awake?” he called as the clang of his keys hit upon the ceramic bowl on her small kitchen island.

She resisted the urge to fall backward when she moaned, “Yeah I’m awake…”

His soft chuckle made her smile but as usual it didn’t reach her tired eyes. Felicity frowned realizing that while Billy was sweet and, often kind their relationship still didn’t make her feel whole. She heard him bustling about her small, cube like kitchen with practiced ease. Felicity shifted her legs towards the floor then stood on shaky legs as she asked, “Hey can you put my coffee in the to go mug with the black lid?”

“Sure…” he replied swiftly before a small, “Felicity you promised!” could be heard echoing around the walls of her apartment.  

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First date, i guess? || Stiles Stilinski

Requested by @fetusstilinski : Welcome to the writing side of tumblr! I see you figured out the header thing! 😎 Could you do a Stiles imagine where he takes you out on a first date and he’s really nervous? x

Stiles was everything but chill, he was driving to your house looking like he was about to pass out any second now. When the time he had the guts to finally ask you out at school the other day, he couldn’t be any happier when you said yes, in fact after you guys walked away from each other he started running through the halls screaming “i got some” not caring the looks on people’s faces.

But now he was a mess, he was nervous, he was nervous because he got to take the girl of his dreams on a date, he was lucky. Very, very, very lucky.

He saw your house came in view getting more anxious, he parked on your sidewalk and sighed, closing his eyes in process of building himself some courage, “c'mon Stilinski you could do this, just go there and be cool. don’t be… Don’t be Stiles.” He mumbled and got out from the car.

As he walked on your sidesteps, he was getting more and more nervous, like there was a some kind of creature waiting for him. He got enough from the supernatural stuff and he definitely didn’t want any more, but he couldn’t help it from thinking about it as it was his daily thing.

He shakily rang the bell ready for anything to happen, but got welcomed by a lady who had a smile on her face, “hello! You’re Stiles right?” She asked.

He nodded. “ugh, yes. And you’re Mrs. Y/L/N”

“yes deary, I’m the one and only that’s what i know of. Come in.” She laughed and opened the door for him.

He shakes his head, “um, I’d love to, but your daughter said to wait for her in the doorway.“ He politely said.

She huffed. “oh why would you listen to her, is she afraid that I’ll tell you some embarrassing stories about her? Well that reminds me of the time when sh-”

“mom, seriously stop.”

Stiles looked at the girl that was standing beside her mother, and you were the most beautiful girl he ever saw. You were wearing a white shirt with a couple of drawings on it, and a black skirt that hugged your curves perfectly. He almost fainted at the sight right there.

“hey Stiles.” You greeted and smiled him.

While Stiles was still paralyzed in his place, doing his habit by closing and opening his mouth repeatedly. He realized that you were waiting for a respond and he tightly closed his eyes and opened them thinking it was one of his dreams that he’ll probably wake up any moment. “h-hey. i… ummm, y-you look a-amazing.” He stuttered.

“thanks, so shall we go?” You blushed looking at him.

He nodded, “y-yeah, Let’s go!”

Your mother shouted as both you were walking to Stiles’ car, “take care of her, and don’t forget to use protection kids!”

You rolled your eyes shaking your head and he was flushed from what he just heard. The two of you got into his car and Stiles was shifting around in his seat as he drove.

“ugh um, i hope that you don’t mind, but we’re going to the Faris wheel down town.” He swallowed waiting for your answer.

“oh my god, i love faris wheels!” Your eyes got wide from excitement

He chuckled and continued driving, then you saw a Faris wheel coming to sight, and you almost jumped from your passengers’ seat of how excited you are. Stiles parked at the parking lot, and you immediately got out before he had the chance of opening the door for you trying to be a gentleman.

“c'mon Stiles! I wanna ride the Faris Wheel!” You exclaimed taking him by the arm as soon as he got out from the car leading both of you to the entrance.

He almost fell as you kept dragging him, “o-okay! w-wow. I’m coming, I’m coming!” He stumbled across the parking lot.

The two of you reached the entrance, and Stiles went to buy tickets for the faris wheel, you couldn’t help but to think how cute he was, smiling to yourself while shaking your head. You definitely liked Stiles, he was awkward, cute and sarcastic and that’s what you liked in a boy.

Stiles came back with two tickets held in his hands, and you smiled at him, “h-here you go.”

“let’s go!” You said dragging him once again running towards the big faris wheel.

There was a man sitting on a chair beside it, while Stiles gave him the tickets you took his hand and ran to a box. as you guys got into the ride, it started going up, getting a splendid view of Beacon Hills.

But the awkward boy couldn’t stop his usual self from asking the question that was on his mind the moment he decided to bring you to the faris wheel. “are you having fun? Is this boring to you? Oh god this is a bad ide-”

You cut him off by kissing him on the lips, you thought you wouldn’t get a respond because you already rushed to this part, but you were surprised as he kissed back. You pulled back putting your foreheads together, “Stiles, this is perfect.”

He smiled, “I’m sorry, i thought that I should’ve brought you to a special place on our first date.“

You shook your head, “this is very special, why did you even think that I wouldn’t like it?” You asked.

“i was just nervous, because I finally got the chance for taking out the most beautiful girl.” He sighed looking at you.

“don’t be. all of this is perfect, you are perfect, and I couldn’t be any happier.” You smiled at him.

“Really?” He questioned.

“Yes, really. You idiot.”

Can’t Complain - Pt. II

ok so this is the sequel to this and this sorry it took so long i am the worst (also heads up it’s a bit lengthy)

There is a sick feeling swirling in your stomach when you wake up the next morning, and you automatically attribute it to the copious amounts of alcohol you had consumed the night before. Initially, you had no reason to think that the uneasiness twisting at your stomach and the blinding pain wreaking havoc behind your temples had another origin (you had woken up cuddling a bottle of vodka after all).

An annoying beeping is what woke you from your slumber, and in your sleep-induced haze it takes you a minute to realize that it was coming from your phone. Your eyelids are still heavy with exhaustion so you keep them closed, reaching around blindly at the sound of your phone. Finally grasping the offending object, you silence it swiftly before retreating back into your blanket cocoon. You barely have time to relax back into the warmth of your bed before your phone is ringing again. Recognizing the sound as the notification of a missed message, you groan in annoyance before untangling yourself from all your blankets.

Dialing your voicemail without checking your missed calls, you let your eyes fall closed as you listen to the monotone voice reiterate that you have “1 unheard message” before rattling off a number you remember all too well. You’re wide awake by the time his voice sounds through the phone and you can barely hear him over the pounding of your heart echoing through your ears.

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