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Ten Dating a Mexican Girl

•Ughhh he’s so handsome, que perra eres en tenerlo •okey, aquí vamos •Que relación más hermosa veo en esto •let’s start with that, he’s from Thai a beautiful place, I think he’s more into know more cultures •Like, He’s speaks English, and knows Korean and now Spanish.. •Feeling like a master •he usually speaks to you in English but sometimes in Spanish •like asking que vas a hacer en el dia o lo hermosa que te ves •asjañskw aiuda •expect to a lot of kisses •even grabbing your thigh or something else jeje •always his hands on your waist •he thinks writing like “THisS” it’s cool •Expect to be in his phone like “pRimCeSs…a😉” •you call him naco •your mom thinks he’s to handsome for you •JAJAJAJA SORRY HE’S SO PRECIOUS •but es un si •He introducen himself with your dad okay, that’s why your dad loves him •he’s a real macho •lo molestas cuando su “chancla” hace un ruido • eating tostilocos •con mucha salsa Valentina alv •utiliza mucho el ‘alv’ •chistorra lover •even he likes jamón serrano, you ended making a lot of tortas with jamón serrano and some queso Oaxaca •he loves to dance at Mexican party •he’s always dancing with you •or your mama or Tia or abuelita I mean he’s actually great dancer •Dancing that classic song •"Suavementeeeeeee besameeeee, que quiero sentir tus labios…“ •puedes encontrar una playlist de pura canción mexicana/latina •killing it at the payaso de rodeo •on hot days he likes to drink micheladas • why I can see him tasting sea food? •like camarones empanizados? Ceviche? Yeah •he’s the type of guy that talks with your abuelita about life •your abuelita/o lo adora, bc le cuenta todo de su vida •so of course he helps at la cocina •está encargado de hacer las salsas, que rico •tamales de pollo, sus favs •I think his family would love you, in fact, you’re already engaged okay don’t let him go, he’s perfect your babies are going to be beautiful •even your cat or dog or even a rata is perfect, you got it gurl

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This hands down has to be my favorite picture of JB. He is serving Happiness, Joy, and Heavenly angel  all wrapped up in Handsome Beauty and I am left in awe.

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omgomg you are opening ships?!? ok can i get one pls <33 im pretty short but maybe average as an asian, 160cm and according to my friends im really good at listening to people. (my nickname is mom @ school *cries*) i tend to be more of a listener than a talker and im quite of an introvert so um im not good with strangers at all. but my fangirl friend knows how talkative i am when i get comfortable :')) im a freestyle dancer (i dance everywhere alone with my earphones lol) and also multilingual!

Johnny is perfect for you, gurl. :’) He’s so talkative and extroverted that he would create a convo with you and in no time get you out of your shell, probably talking about things that passionate you like music or learning languages.

Sick Ichabod has me transfixed because he most definitely looks like–So, what you’re saying is that you want a cuddle. You want to cuddle this? Oh yeah, don’t blame you. I make this red plaid blanket look good. XD