you people on tumblr are so silly

I like to have this “i dont care about anyones opinion but my own” attitude when it comes to social media, i let anon hate roll off my back like water, but every time someone likes one of my tweets, reblogs my art on tumblr, it really makes me smile every time. Because its like having someone give u a pat on the back and say “i agree dude, you did good” and it just makes me so happy :)))) so i gotta say thank you to all the people who follow me, you make me wanna keep being creative and keep being silly and keep existing another day on planet earth

There’s this discussion right now about getting your lore/art seen and I just want to throw in some advice of my own: Tag the shit out of your work.

If anyone looks at my tags you might notice I add, like, a billion. If it’s somehow relevant to the drawing, I’ll tag it, even if it’s a very small detail. Now, I think tumblr only counts the first 5 tags you use, so make sure you use up those tags wisely. Monster folks get lots of traffic on here, so I tag monster boys/girls/enbies first [and, well, most of my characters are dragon people, so they fit], then flight rising, then humanoid/gijinka, etc. until I use up the five. Then I tag whatever else just in case.

It might feel silly, but trust me, it works. Even if it nets you just one more extra like/reblog, that’s one more person who’s seen and likes your art or writing, and might’ve missed it if you hadn’t tagged. 

Also, double reblog your stuff. It helps get your work seen by people who might’ve missed it due to timezone shenanigans, it’s your blog, and anyone who doesn’t like it can stuff it.

3 years !!!

So today is a special day, my Tumblr blog is 3 years old !! I still remember creating it randomly, wanting to share my DSi animations but not that much, knowing people would not be that much interested.

But your prove me I was wrong, so many adventures and fun we got there on Tumblr, Thanks to you I developed my style even more and created characters that follow me all of the time now, I finally found myself thanks to you all !! 

I’m happy that I could make you laugh that much with my silly animations, thanks to you all for helping me improving my English!!

Well Time goes by fast but it’s only the beginning ! I can’t wait to make even more animations and share all with you ! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THESE YEARS !! Can’t wait to continue this journey with you all !!

You make me proud of what I do, Animation !!

Merci tout le monde pour votre soutien éternel, vraiment je suis encore plus fier de faire ce que je fais !! c’est incroyable la force que vous me donnez !!

Je vous aime tous !!! Happy Birthday my blog, you are tall now x) 

…and that’s a wrap! Part Five and Part Six are up, finishing us off. Or maybe you’d like to start at the beginning (now with a handy index)?

I’d hoped to get this up before school started again, but didn’t make it. :/ but I did get it up in time for Valentine’s, because I love you all! there were supposed to be more drawings, but alas, time once again makes a fool of me.

before I forget, the obligatory “thank you for your patience” cat picture:

thank you all SO MUCH for continuing to read this silly AU! it’s always amazing to me that other people are actually interested in my ideas. :D it’s been a blast doing both the tumblr itself and the draft; I hope you enjoy it!

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Henrik probably has a tumblr account with some silly name like ‘blondelvisissquad’ or 'skamistheshit’. He also probably send anons to people, asking what they thought about some scenes or just simply saying 'halla’. And he probably watches us freak out about everything, laughing so much that his stomach hurts. And then he shows every meme he comes across to the rest of the cast.

*takes deep breath*

((OOC: So my writing bug has been devouring me lately and tumblr is basically an Aladdin’s cave of inspiration, as is the world of a certain Rowling we all know and love.  

So, this silly little thing was heavily inspired by @asktheboywholived doing this over here , (which you should go and see if you want to know what’s put poor Moony in this mood). They in turn were inspired by @toujrspur doing this over here.  Both are fabulous people, go lookie if you haven’t already :) ))

Do What Now if I’m Wrong?

Sirius Black was a monster.

This fact, whilst blissfully abstract to some, was nevertheless a truth universally acknowledged.  Much like those gentlemen of fortune in want of wives and so forth (he’d had a rather worrying obsession with Pride and Prejudice through his sixth year which he refused to analyse).  Unlike these particular men, however, Sirius Black did not know how to take no for an answer, had no sympathy for awkward, horrifying slips of the tongue and was a truly terrifying mix of guilty and repentant to the depths of his soul and truly, utterly shameless.  Hence the monster.

Lily was still (a little wonderfully if he was honest) quietly furious with Sirius.  It didn’t affect their day to day relationship, but she’d never quite developed the forgiveness he himself had.  Peter still just got very quiet and looked at James.  James got that perturbingly adult look on his face he’d been perfecting since doing Head Boy stuff with Lily and said something about: Well, what did he expect after all this with Evans?  This was perturbing for a number of reasons, the least of which was the sudden and instinctive check that James wasn’t going to punch him.  They’d done that in fourth year, which he still thought privately was unfair.  The more pressing concern was that James was passionate, highly intelligent and occasionally deathly serious.  Wise had always been Remus’ patent expression and he wasn’t altogether pleased with it being pinched, especially since he had no buggering clue what he was being wise about.  If Sirius had a problem with Lily at all, Remus thought, it would be for that unstoppable, slow moving earth shift in his best friend/brother that not even he could ignore.

He supposed it might be because he’d spoiled the secret by telling Lily.  Their boys’ club had not only grown by one but sprouted female parts and this, Remus knew, was probably ‘not on’.  However, given the circumstances at the time, Remus also rather thought Sirius could shove it.

Unfortunately, Remus knew that all this maudlin supposing was distracting him from dwelling on the monster that was Sirius Black and the ‘incident’ that still made his toes curl and stomach flip in embarrassment.  Remus had always been very careful to cultivate defences against this sort of thing and stupid floppy hair and toothy grins and unabashed, flagrant disregard of the fact that Remus was trying very hard to be angry with a person should not warrant this amount of uninvited thinkage.  Though, caught between thinking of the monster or the ‘incident’ was not a choice he wanted to make and why did that seem to be the only choice this morning?  

Stupid git didn’t have to look so bloody chuffed at the prospect, either, did he?  If it had just been another ‘haha Moony did that thing where he said something that may have been interpreted as sexual’ that would have been a normal Wednesday breakfast at school.  But for one (he refused to think ‘heart-stopping’ because that would be gauche) moment those blue eyes had gone very big and very vulnerable and then pleased as sodding punch, which happened less often than people thought.  Much like when Remus had come downstairs on Friday 31st March to breakfast and announced that just because Sirius Black was a selfish, unthinking, soul-shrivelled prat didn’t mean there would be no April Fools.  Such pure and unadulterated happiness in a person was unfair, really.  Grossly so.

Almost as unfair as said monster sliding onto the bench opposite him and spilling tea all over Remus’ half-written Charms homework.  It was a testament to his monstrosity that all Remus could do was watch as panic set in, curses and flailing dripping napkins and dabbing of parchment and mumbled ‘Sorry Moony’s’.  Finally he stilled, looking up a little stupidly.


Remus discovered he’d been caught staring.  Monster.

“Well if you will make a spectacle of yourself.  What do you want?”

“To get you another cup of tea.”

“I can get my own, thanks.”

“That’ll be two more teas then.  And the Ravenclaws have cake, wait there.”

“How old are we?”

“Never too old for cake.”

He should probably have a witty answer for that, but the monster had just done that thing with the cheeky grin and Remus found his eyes siding to the back of Sirius’ neck where he could barely see the skin.  Some part of him that wasn’t all wolf became inexplicably pleased all of a sudden, some strange teenage masculinity that had always secretly rebelled against how his cardigans and love of chocolate and way with small animals had cast him in a certain role for a certain type of boyish joke.  The infinitely masculine Sirius with all his ‘birds’ had certainly not been averse to the idea of switching things up a bit and he knew that was the wolf because no human could have taken in the wide eyes, tense line of his shoulders, hitch of breath and know it for the submissive gesture it was.  Not that it had lasted long and Remus could only hope he himself hadn’t then been so obvious.  By the far-too-knowing smirk he’d received, his hopes were in vain.  Sirius wasn’t a wolf, but he was more dog than boy sometimes.

He pushed the thoughts out of his head as Sirius sat back down, pushing a perfectly made cup of tea over to Remus and glaring at him until he took a fork and had a bite of cake.  Monster.  For some reason, watching godlike Sirius Black do that foul thing where he went between chewing the inside of his lip and tossing his hair back, ever the heir, made everything not funny anymore.  He’d played with his cuffs at Remus’ bedside, too.  It was the first time he’d known Sirius to be utterly silent and the first time he’d realised that he’d done so specifically because Remus asked him.  Not James.  Not McGonagall.  Remus.

“I can’t.”

Sirius looked at him and all his fears that he was blowing this out of proportion and it was just a joke melted away.  Sirius looked old like he only ever was when he got drunk enough to talk about his family without swearing.  Until he cocked his head.  

“‘Cause you don’t want to?  Or ‘cause you think I don’t want to?  Or ‘cause you think I don’t want to as much as you want?  Or the other way round?  Which is bloody stupid, really.  ‘Cause if you don’t already know and actually, I know you, you great prune and I’m taking you outside.”

Remus was still trying to make sense of the babble when he was dragged out of his seat, sparing a fleeting, disorientated look at his full tea cup which now seemed to be on the other side of the Great Hall.  Along with his bag and his soggy homework.  It appeared he was allowing himself to be man-handled outside by a monster.  Which was strange, because he was pretty sure he was the monster.  Only wait.

The fresh air made him feel instantly better, something settling in his shoulders and his gut at the scent of pine and lake.  Trying not to drown in years and weight and boyhood and looks and betrayal and pack was more difficult.  They rounded the corner, careering down the hill towards the lake, deserted this time of year.  Balls but it was cold.  Sirius turned, laughing as they managed to stop but he’d seen this laugh before and he was sick and tired of all of it.  Something clicked: Here you are, ladies and gentlemen - Remus Lupin: wizard, werewolf and a compete bender for his best friend.



What had they been arguing about last night again?  Oh yes.  Was he slightly hysterical?  Probably.

“I hold to the fact that James helping Lily pick out curtains for their future flat does not, in fact, make him a ‘prancing trollopy girl’ as that is inaccurate and beneath you in equal measure.”

Sirius was looking at him like he’d starting lecturing him on the mating habits of the honey badger in fluent Korean.  Perhaps monsters need more help.

“What I mean to say is.  You’re still wrong.  Very wrong.”

And that was it.  All his literary prowess and he couldn’t think of anything else to say.  So he waited.  And watched.

It was instant, the change, just like before.  Those big eyes, the little jolt that took Sirius’ body from something brash and imposing to something less readable but strangely acquiescent, hanging on what was about to happen to him next, knowing that he wasn’t in control of it.  Only this was Sirius Black and it lasted just long enough for Remus’ doubts to come back full force before that submission shifted seamlessly into boldness.  One last thought about where this ridiculous boy might have learnt to wait for the blow and then the wolf took all those doubts and told him exactly where to stick them.  Oh look, Remus thought rather abstractly as trembling, powerful fingers swept his hat off, I did that ‘interpreted as sexual’ thing again.  Teeth nicked at his neck trying to get under his old scarf, Sirius’ hair was floppy enough to tangle at his own knuckles and when he finally managed to breathe out it was a mutual laugh into each others’ mouths which should have been unpleasant but wasn’t and those strong fingers wouldn’t have let him pull away if he’d wanted to.  Sirius was doing that thing again where he was too sodding happy to properly exist without breaking a law somewhere.  This was so much worse (better, he dared to think, better) than Friday 31st March, however, thus confirming what, as Remus had already posited, was universally acknowledged.

Sirius Black was a monster.

The signs (Based on people I know)


-aries are the sweetest people you will ever meet

-They’re really artistic and passionate 

-easily amused 

-can laugh about something stupid for like 10 minutes 


- Incredibly silly, will laugh at literally anything. 

-Has a great heart.

-Always keeps up with the new “trend” 

-Talented with computers and technology 


-Super outgoing 

-Talks to everyone, so as a result is pretty popular

-A bit bipolar 

-Super enthusiastic about small things, gets you hype when you dont feel like it 


-Not actually a crybaby 

-Passive aggressive as hell, rarely shows outside emotion 

-Great style and taste in music

-Hard to understand/read unless they want you to


-Super intelligent 

-Comes in clutch when you need homework answers

-Can always make you laugh 

-Is always reallllly nice 



-Argues like crazy when they don’t get their way 

-if something isnt done their way its the “wrong” way

-But can be really sweet when they want to be


-Control freak

-Takes the best selfiessss

-Always stressed out about something

-Rarely goes to social gatherings because they’re a turtle 

-resting bitch face but is actually a sweet person 


-Creative and artistic 

-Their taste in music is literally better than everyone else's 

-fashionable, but their style is different than the people around them.

-When they crush they crush HARDD

-has resting bitch face 24/7 


-Huge romantic 

-When they care about something, they care about it so much its almost unhealthy 


- Usually chill unless they see something they like then they go a little crazy 


-Super graceful 

-sweet as fucking pie 

-can turn anything into a joke 

-has the patience of a mom in a Walmart checkout lane 


-Hates everyone and their momma

-always has the dankest memes

-easy to talk to once you actually get to know them 

-is sort of a baby and has to be reminded to do normal day to day activity such as eat. 



-Is either a trendy person or a super nerd, there is no in between 

-can be super laid back and chill

-can also get super mad when they reach their limit

Admin E sent me a msg that just says, “Fuck chronic illness.”  And I realized how tired and sad I am in general.  This year has been crap for me.  At the best of times, I’ve been running on survival mode.  But for the most part, I’ve barely been keeping my head above water. 

I have a fail-safe though.  I run an “in case of sad” blog over  @lookoverheremom​.  It’s mostly animals and silly things that would make me or my mom laugh.  I try to keep it free of anything serious.  And I don’t run it with any kind of regularity to keep it from being a stress point. 

But as I was going to pull it up, I remembered we got a shit load of new followers in the last few days.  So I thought I’d let you know it exists in case you need/want it. 

I was also hoping people might share any low energy things they do.  Youtube playlists, other Tumblrs, tv shows, whatever.  Please feel free to share anything you like.  (Please make sure to warn of any serious content/violence etc out of respect for those of us who just need some happy.) 

And I hope you all remember to do at least one thing to take care of yourself tonight.

Admin J

runningalchemist  asked:

Your artwork is truly amazing! When you draw it looks so effortless and clean. Your sketchbook is really cool too. Mine just makes me embarrassed when I look at it. I love going to your streams for various reasons. One, it is really mesmerizing to watch. Two, it's very calming and exciting at the same time. Three, I watch to get inspiration and pick on some techniques. I do think watching you has helped improve my own, although I'm still not where I want to be. Gettin' there, though. :)


Okay but I think every artist is embarrassed by their sketchbook. I know I definitely am. I go between wanting to show my friends what I just did, to hoarding it and not letting it see the light of day :’) We are our own worst critics.

Thank you so much for telling me why you like to watch me stream ;_; it helps a lot to know it’s truly enjoyed. I’ve told you time and again but I really, really appreciate how you message me after literally every time you watch. It makes me really happy. 

Don’t be afraid to share your sketches with me if you want someone to show! I love seeing artists’ work :’) Especially friends’. <3

Now, I rarely like to involve myself in the serious tumblr discourse, but here we fucking are. My friend came across several biphobic posts on her dash last night, and frankly, she’s upset. And rightfully so. The blogs I tend to follow are mostly silly and feel-good, but for the people following more serious topics, please know that just because some assbutt ignorantly refuses to accept your existence as a sexual (or not so/non-sexual if on the ace-spec) being it doesn’t mean everyone feels that way.

Myself, for example, I do not feel that way. Biphobia exists, and it can come from within the LGBTQ+ community. Unfortunately, no one in life is free from being discriminated against, whether that discrimination is towards your race, sexuality, gender identity, mental health, or anything else under the sun. Shit happens. Unfortunately, people can be cruel, ignorant, and ruthless. Also please know, that I am always, always, ALWAYS, available to talk. Whether that conversation happens via email (which I have listed on desktop), direct message, or ask, you can confide in me. I want my blog to be a positive place, a safe space, and a place where you can just feel joyful. I love all my followers and have personally messaged each of them thanking them. In this world, you are not alone. You have me. If no one else, you have me. And I’m here to talk about anything that’s troubling you. No matter how small. I love you. You are valid. You are human. And you are you. Please continue being you because there is no one else in the world who can be you besides yourself. And I love you for that.

So, without further rambling, let me just say: I love you all. Each and every one of you. You are a unique snowflake. A cinnamon roll. A precious flower. And I will protect you. Because I love you that much.

Hugs and butterfly kisses (or a friendly wave if you have “no touchy” policy),
With all my love,

anonymous asked:

I said "you all" exactly because my message was more directed at your followers than you. your blog is very popular, so.

That may be, but ultimately:

1. Using me as a medium through which you can address a group you disagree with is a flawed concept

2. What you’re upset about is semantics

3. People’s enjoyment of, and/or attachment to, a fictional character is not negotiable

4. Nor are the reasons/logic behind it/them

5. They also very rarely affect anyone outside of that person and their Tumblr followers.

6. WB and JKR’s wallets are not concerned with the reasons why someone cares about their character.

7. Unfortunately, I suspect a lot of my followers are literal children under the age of 15, so their logic isn’t A+. But also since they’re kids, I’d much rather they just have a space to be mad about silly things like fictional wizards with little-to-no consequence than any of the other alternatives.

8. We’re all just talking about a movie. It doesn’t go that deep, really.

9. MANY MANY MANY people are attached to Graves BECAUSE we didn’t see him, rather than in spite of this.

10. Donald Trump is president so I really don’t give a fuck if my or someone else’s enjoyment of something harmless is not entirely based in already fictional logic

anonymous asked:

Why don't you go in the tag? It is so much fun. When you are having a bad day just go in the tag and it will make you laugh I promise. I notice you don't really interact with other Richonne fans too so, just wondering.

I don’t go in the tag because I don’t wanna deal with the silly shit y'all see on a regular basis, lol. I can’t afford to be mad when I’m here to have fun. I trust the lovely people I follow to provide me with the quality content from the tag.

And my blog is nothing but me interacting with other Richonne fans? I don’t have much time to make original posts or scroll through Tumblr very often, but the 260 asks in my inbox tell me I’m doing okay on interactions.

anonymous asked:

Tumblr can be pretty reactionary to harmless things. Hope you didnt get anything too bad! I thought it was a cute comic

thanks! I’m so used to posting silly little nothing comics about my life and my interactions with my gf that it mostly just came as a surprise to me to be getting so much backlash on one of them. i feel bad that some people are taking offense as a result of it, i’ve been so out of the loop over here that i didn’t realize the extent of the famous “ace discourse.”  

I’m loving my feed and those who I follow right now. It’s the perfect mix of old Tumblr friends, new Tumblr friends, positivity, body pos and lifestyle positivity, a touch of politics so i can keep up with whats happening in this crazy place I live, and lots of amazing photography and art and inspirational stuff. And then pepper in some fun silly posts from folks just being themselves and you have one heck of a nice time.

When I was on Twitter, it was nothing but ugliness, hate, bad jokes, and bashing on him and bashing on her and bashing on others. Such a sad and ugly place, all those people are in that place and don’t know how to get out.

It’s easy, cancel your Twitter and come over here to Tumblr where there’s love and positivity and comfort and people who are not just wanna be comedians and critics.

Tumblr for the Win(sday).

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So this is why he had all that stuff on his face😂😂
But thanks for the adventure of everything Mark..
People on twitter/tumblr were sure going crazy over your silly things on the website, I’m so happy this has happened
It was a form of interaction in a wound about way.
This was defiently a worthy video to make.
It’s a way to get fans involved.
Thank you again. I really love this

ok, so i just wanted to write a little gush moment about this fandom. for most people who talk to me out of character know how much love, respect, admiration i have for octavia. as well as how much i pour my heart and soul into this account and writing her character. you know how much i care about this character. and when that thing happened ( not even gonna say it because it will make me cry ) i had an out pour of messages on sk.ype and tumblr im if i was okay and that it would be okay. like honestly i know it sounds silly but it really did mean so much. because yeah to most it’s just a character, but when it’s one you pour our heart and soul into, when they are hurt/killed, it is devastating. and when that scene happened i was an all out mess okay. i’m not even going to lie. and the fact the friends i’ve made on here reached out to make sure i was okay and remind me it would be okay. just i cannot thank you all enough for being the best fandom family i have ever been in ok. literally all of you have a place in my heart and soul for all of eternity. thank you for welcoming me into it months ago and helping me grow octavia. and being there for me through episodes like that. i love you so much. xx mal

oppaisthenewblack  asked:

remember like 2 days ago when i siad i liked the vmin van sex. well someone lead me to Reprise and i read it and it was so terrible (good) and im crying and there was a link to tumblr in the author note AND FUCK IF IT ISNT YOU AGAIN my supplier of bedtime stories THANKS

LMAO dude thank YOU. Reprise is not like a Best Seller thanks to, you know, the outright promise of pain and shit, but i have a really soft spot in my heart for it, and it always makes me way happy when people despair properly over it. it was so self-indulgent to write that it makes me feel not as silly when someone else is feeling it too. love it. thanks dude. 

criquette-was-here ответил(a) на ваш пост: A Bit Of Rant

Oh, it’s so true! I think unfollowing people who do not post often is weird. Like, this person don’t flood your dash with silly posts, or is quiet during a year even. Why unfollow? I don’t get it since i have an LJ account (for more than 10 years now). People there tend to ‘clear’ their friend list unfollowing inactive users. But how will you ever know if it’s active again then. I know it’s a different story but I find it quite similar. Anyway, I love your tumblr!

I don’t unfollow inactive users - I visit their pages for inspiration, or nostalgia sometimes:) 

Thank you! I love your neighbourghoods and CC so much - TS2 neighbourhoods would be ugly without you!