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Three hours to make everything up. Make-up, dress, everything. Three hours preparation every day.

I think each actor has to do his private dreams about the character. I felt she was sad about the human being. She was….disappointed. She was giving the love, maybe because she didn’t have for her…I don’t know. I felt like sad character. The Blue was a…I don’t know it means a lot for me.

I give so many time, so many energy into this character, that when I discover the movie with the scene that he (Luc Besson) choose, I was a bit disappointed because it goes too fast. When I saw the movie I thought “Oh, the people are not going to see me. They are not gonna see my work. Maybe they don’t know how much time I spent for the character.” Then I saw on the internet so many sites about the Diva. “Is she strange? Because the movie doesn’t give any attention of the character.” That’s why I was so impressed when you asked me to do an interview about my character.    - Maïwenn discussing her role as the Diva Plavalaguna

The Ultimate Edition of The Fifth Element includes the entire opera sequence that was shot against a green screen.

“I don’t think there’s such a thing as falling in love too easily or falling too fast. Or loving someone too soon or trusting someone too soon…I’ve never treated two relationships the same. Some people move you and some people don’t.”

In this conspiracy style video, I will explain to you why Ralvez is undeniably canon. Put on your seatbelts my fellow shippers, because it’s a wild ride.


*turn your fucking sound on, otherwise it’s garbage (more than it is already)

*also yes I am aware some go too fast to Reid but I needed it to fit close to the song length so pause if you need*

*and yes, the star fade was a nod to Matthew’s star fade in the episode*

(I might make a follow up like Bi-Prentiss if people actually enjoy these lmfao)

CPR Training

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Pairing: Loki x Reader (Hinted)

Characters: (The Original) Avengers, Loki, Reader/You

Prompt: Based off of “CPR Training” from The Office ( ). Steve tries to teach Tony + company how to perform CPR, but they all end up getting distracted.

Word Count: 790+

Author’s Notes: OKAY. I wrote this in, like, 7th grade (which was a long time ago). I posted it to dA and people seemed to like it so I decided to post it here, too. I even edited it and everything. It was written before AOU, too. Anyways, enjoy! <3

Steve stood over Tony as the billionaire gave the dummy fake CPR. Steve looked a little unnerved.
“You’re going too fast.” Steve said, stopping him. Tony sat up and exhaled heavily with an expression of exasperation on his features. “All right, guys, look. You need to pump at a pace of one-hundred beats per minute, okay?”
“How many is that per hour?” Tony asked.
“How is that going to help you?” Clint replied.
“JARVIS will divide, and then he’ll count to it.”
On it, sir.” Came the British accent of JARVIS.

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how to offer constructive criticism of fanfic without being a jerk about it
  1. If you just didn’t like the story, don’t comment on it. At all. There is plenty of other fanfic out there, and tastes vary. Don’t expect every author to cater to your specific tastes and vision of the characters. There might be an exception here if the author has done something super gross, but if it’s just a matter of “I personally didn’t care for this”, then the old saying, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” applies.
  2. Say what you liked about the story first. Be specific! Authors are much more open to criticism and engaging with readers if they understand that the reader generally likes what they’re doing. Two compliments for every criticism is a good rule of thumb.
  3. Thank the author for taking the time to write/update the story. Remember, something that takes you 30 minutes to read probably took them about 8 hours to write. They gave up valuable free time and possibly even sleep to entertain their readers, and the only reward they receive is in the form of comments. It is very demoralizing when the only comment someone leaves makes it sound like they hated the fic. It is more likely to discourage them from writing at all than to encourage them to do better.
  4. Be kind. Imagine that you are talking to a friend when you choose your words. It can be easy to forget when the writer is just faceless words on a screen to you, but fic writers are human beings with feelings. Some of them are very young. Their art is often deeply personal to them, and anything you say about it will be taken personally. It can sometimes be hard for them to separate criticism of their story from criticism of them as a person. Consider phrasing such as “I wish the character had done X instead” or “Y kind of bothered me because ….” or “I was hoping that Z might happen”. Phrasing in the form of a question can sometimes be good, too. “I was wondering why you decided A instead of B.” “Did you consider Q?”
  5. Understand that, in many cases, authors are churning out fic as fast as they can, and what you are reading is the equivalent of an early draft. Writers are imperfect people, and we are always learning new ways to be better at what we do. If you are nice about your criticism, they may take it into account if they decide to go back and edit their work later. You can be a positive influence and a force for good!

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Svt mtl to survive a zombie apocalypse

I know you did not ask for any explanations but I am going to give them to you anyway lmao


WONWOOOO- this boy seems like the freaking hardcore survivalist type.. he’ll have a bunker and weapons and all that good ish… 100% survival rate

Woozi- Small enough to hide well but also badass enough to kill a f*ck ton of zombies… 95% survival rate

Dino- resourceful af… only uses a weapon in life or death situations… is stocked up on canned spicy squid bc its lit… 82% survival rate

The8- can fight well… smart but also a smart ass… Thug8 kicks into gear… eats up the stocked up food too fast… 76% survival rate

Mingyu- can kick all the zombie ass, literally… cares about people… will most likely die protecting s/o… 68% survival rate

Vernon- Nice but knows wassup… not afraid to put up dem hands… can do well in a fight but has trouble protecting large groups of people… 63% survival rate

DK- walks around cracking jokes while people are getting eaten… smile so bright it blinds zombies to death… “life’s a joke” … the meme… 54% survival rate

Joshua- Doesn’t believe that the apocalypse is real until he sees a zombie in person… knows a lot of people which is helpful… 51% survival rate 

S.coups- takes care of others… the nice guy… good with a weapon but easily distracted by worrying about other people… 48% survival rate

Jeonghan- doesn’t know what to do… is protected by other people… looks good throughout the entire ordeal… 40% survival rate

Jun- too busy flirting to realize a zombie bout to kill his ass… can run fast tho so sometime he good… 33% survival rate

Hoshi-  literally messes around since the beginning of the apocalypse… cries in bad situations… draws attention to himself… 15% survival rate

Seungkwan- tries to sass the zombies… the one that's “not here for this shit” … can’t deal with all this canned food… 4% survival rate 


This is obviously fiction af but I had a ton of fun writing it :)))) Thank you anon!!

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So if you cut out those lines where Steven apologises to Rose, like if you edited the episode so that those lines weren't in, would it improve the episode?

without a doubt. maybe it feels a little dark but have their scene end with him just angry and unsure. but he leaves and sees the gems and greg and he feels really comforted by them. like its not worth obsessing over the image of someone when u have people who love u right there.

but make it clear that this will be touched upon again. cuz that was WAAAY too fast

“I don’t think there’s such a thing as falling in love too easily or falling too fast. Or loving someone too soon or trusting someone too soon… I’ve never treated two relationships the same. Some people move you and some people don’t.”


todays edition: the best vegan mac and cheez!

i didn’t get a picture of my own because i ate it too fast… its so good ! it obviously doesnt exactly taste like “real cheese,” but its yummy. it makes a lot (3-4 people) so if you’d like you can just save the remaining sauce and use it for a vegan queso dip


  • dried macaroni (feel free to portion as much as you’d like)
  • 1 cup peeled/diced potatoes
  • ¼ cup peeled/diced carrots
  • ⅓ cup chopped onion
  • ¾ cup water (preferably use liquid from pot of boiled veggies)
  • ½ cup raw cashews
  • ¼ cup coconut (or other nut) mylk
  • 2 (i added a lot more) tablespoons nutritional yeast flakes
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • ¾ to 1 teaspoon salt (or more to taste)
  • ¼ teaspoon garlic powder (or more to taste)
  • 1 pinch cayenne pepper (optional)
  • 1 pinch paprika (optional)


  1. it looks like a lot, but i promise it’s okay! i played around with the measurements, added more mylk and more yeast, and it was very good
  2. cook macaroni according to package instructions (usually requires boiling for 6-8 minutes in salted water), drain, and set aside.
  3. bring several cups of water to boil in a small pot. place chopped potatoes, carrots, and onion in the boiling water, and cook for about 10 minutes, or until vegetables are tender and soft enough to blend. cooking time will vary slightly (tip: i boil the potatoes first for a while)
  4. when veggies are soft enough to blend, use a slotted spoon to remove them from cooking water, and place them in your blender. add ¾ cup of that cooking water to your blender, along with your remaining ingredients
  5. blend until smooth
  6. pour sauce over your cooked macaroni noodles in a cute dish, taste for salt, and serve immediately! enjoy!

“I don’t think there’s such a thing as falling in love too easily or falling too fast. Or loving someone too soon or trusting someone too soon…I’ve never treated two relationships the same. Some people move you and some people don’t.”
-Taylor swift-

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How did you learn korean ? Oh and thank u for all the subbing you do

i learned the alphabet and basic grammars like years ago but didn’t have the time to properly learn it. about 1 year ago i hired a korean tutor and started with the ‘sejong korean’ textbook series, i stopped at the 7th book 5 months ago because my tutor was busy and she’s still an university student, not a teacher, so she couldn’t teach me up to the advanced level ;^; since then i just study by myself, but recently i signed up for an advanced speaking class and it’s been quite fun ;♡;

during the time i learn korean, i go on twitter a lot and look at others’ tweets, try to understand them as good as i can. i have some korean friends too, we share the same idol so i just keep talking to them to make my korean sound more naturally. but mostly twitter ;♡; the way koreans tweet, text and talk is not always like those you can learn in textbooks, they vary a lot and even create new words over time. it all comes down to how much you expose yourself to the language. my twitter feed is all in korean so i somewhat feel familiar with it now, and i try to think in korean whenever i can ;3;

if you want to enhance your korean ability i’d suggest creating a totally new twitter account, follow korean fans and try to understand their tweets as much as possible. i suggest using ‘naver open dict’ and 'itaki’ if you come across a new word that doesn’t show up in dictionaries. and join open chat! sometimes fansites or fans would open kakaotalk open chats which you can join and keep your identity a secret, join them and see how koreans text in real life. warning: it’s flooded fast, keep your eyes and brain focus ;u; (oh and careful with the formality too, you can’t use 나는 and then add 습니다 at the end, i suggest looking up the 존댓말 rules first, never use 반말 with people you meet or talk to for the first time)

also, watch lots of videos and radio shows to get your brain accustomed to korean. try to stay away from dramas because the audios are always edited, so they sound clearer than in real life. stick with outdoor interviews, variety shows (the funny lousy ones) and news. for radio shows, i suggest park sohyun’s love game, her voice is sweet and soothing ;♡;

and thank you for your message ;3; i don’t sub much though, i’m just sticking with translating and maybeeeeee, just mayyybeee, i’ll sub when i’m free and bangtan doesn’t drain my vital lol


fitzsimmons → teachers au

The English Literature teacher Leo Fitz loves books, fast food and novels. The English Language teacher Jemma Simmons can’t imagine her life without cofee, pretty blouses and library. Or, being the smartest people in the Coulson High School, they are too oblivious to one simple fact - with every year, they fall in love with each other more and more.

Happy New Year, @bioforensics!  🌠

I didn’t think I belonged anywhere, Uncle. You said I should try my best, and I really did when I was at the chantry. Well, that’s a lie, I suppose. I wanted to try. It was hard to want that, however, when everyone’s always scowling at you. One templar kept telling me I was going to end up sent off to a Circle in the Anderfels after my vows. He laughed when he said it, a big laugh that made my gut turn to jelly. It made me think the Anderfels must be an awful place to have me end up there.

“But the Wardens are different. Everyone who comes here… they didn’t belong anywhere either, and then they found this cause. They found each other. They don’t know anything about me, where I come from, and they don’t care. Duncan said I was worthy, and that’s all that mattered. I thought the man must have been insane to pick me out, me of all people, but now… Now I don’t know. They say I’m learning fast. I beat Rondall in a spar the other day, beat him honestly, and… I think I might be good at being a Warden. They think so, too.

"For the first time, I’m a little glad you kicked me out. Don’t take that wrong. I know you felt bad that night when you sent me off, Uncle. I just mean I landed on my feet.

—  An Unsent Letter from Alistair Theirin Addressed to Arl Eamon (World of Thedas Vol. 2, pg 81(Collector’s Edition))

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Hi! So I have a problem with being really descriptive with my writing. Like I have to try really hard to get descriptive. Is there any tips on how to be descriptive without thinking about too much. Thanks.

I think description is kind of hard to get for everyone, some people write too much others write too little. I’d say start off with really basic descriptions, somethings like “Her hair was blonde” or “The fox ran really fast” and leave it at that while you’re in the moment writing, because you really want to keep moving with the story.
Then when you go back to edit, try to take those more basic descriptions and try switching words out; “The fox was quick”, and adding more on; “The fox was quick as he scurried across their huge lawn.”
You can also have people read your stories and ask them afterwards if there were any parts where they were confused about what was going on (lack of description/description not informative enough) or what parts where they may have skipped over lines (too much unneeded description). Get a beta reader you really trust and know will give you real criticism!
Good luck with your writing!

Something You’ve Always Wanted To Do

Jensen x Reader

Rules: Write a fic in 5 minutes. No editing. Then tag 10 people.

A/N: So, I don’t really know too many people on here. You definitely don’t have to do this. @ramblingsammy, @not-moose-one-shots, @kbaille92, @deanbowlegsackles. If you want to do this and haven’t been tagged by anyone yet, feel free to do it and tag me in it. Hope you enjoy this! I don’t think I have ever typed so fast in my entire life.


Your favourite part about going to conventions was the photo ops. You loved how the look on the fans faces before they walked up to you. You knew just how nervous yet excited you were, you got the same way. Right now, Jared and Jensen were doing their second session together, their last group for the night.

You decided it was a good idea to sneak in towards the end, hoping to surprise him, and to catch a quick glance at Jensen before you headed back to your hotel room for the night.

Clif was standing in clear view of you, he broke out in a wide smile when he realized what you were up to. The line up was almost done, you could see the last few fans, and the bright smiles on their faces before Jared and Jensen realized that you were in the room.

  You jumped on Jared’s back, causing him to let out a girlish streak before realizing it was you. Jensen burst out in laughter, his whole body shaking. You couldn’t help but smile widely at how happy they looked. The next fan shyly came up.

  “Hey do you mind if I crash your picture?” you asked her sweetly.

  “N-no, that’s okay. You’re one of my favourites,” she said quietly.

  “Sweet, what do you want us to do?” Jared asked her.

  “I was hoping I could hug you, Jared. And Jensen you can do something you’ve always wanted to do with Y/N,” she told us, avoiding looking at us.

  “Sounds awesome,” Jensen chuckled.

  “Come here, sweetheart,” Jared said as he wrapped his arms around her tightly.

  “Here’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” Jensen smiled. His hand came up to cup your cheek, brushing the hair away from your face, before leaning down and pressing his lips to yours. Your heart began to race, and you got butterflies in your stomach. It was perfect.

  “Thank you,” she smiled as she walked away.

Boy was she going to get a surprise when she picked up her photo later.

Why Hollin????

Ok I mean I know that neither Aelin nor Dorian deserves to be sacrificed for the lock, BUT WHY THE HELL ARE Y'ALL SAYING THAT HOLLLIN should be sacrificed?!?! HE’S A CHILD. He hasn’t actually done anything wrong except being a rotten kid. You can’t just sacrifice a kid against their will. Ok, well you can’t sacrifice anybody against their will. But he’s just a KID. I know he’s evil but STILL. Plus, didn’t Aelin say something about never killing children? She might not have said it but I just read TOD and (not really a spoiler but just in case people get triggered, SPOILER ALERT) it says AGAIN that she wouldn’t kill a kid. That’s just wrong.

Edit: whoops autocorrect switched Hollin’s name to Collin I was typing too fast lel

“Don’t rewrite someone’s work how YOU would have written it. That isn’t editing. Editing is bringing out the best of the story in line with the author’s voice, tone and goal.” - Amanda Pillar 

I have seen too many non-professional people who fancy themselves to be editors (and a couple of pro editors) fail at this very thing. Not to mention editors confusing ‘editing advice’ with ‘emotionally abusing a writer.’ If your editor - after you get back rewrites and notes - makes you feel like you want to write less, sweat bullets over the idea of writing, stress out about writing ‘right’ or feel like the process of creating is becoming only more and more painful over time, ditch them, and ditch them fast. Not everyone gets notes they like (that is the point of editing, after all), but you always have the right to reject anything that doesn’t click, and you should always walk away from a collaboration with an editor feeling stronger, not weaker.

I’m very fortunate that I got to interact with professional, lauded editors of great projects at university, and then later on in life as I pursued varied professional projects. All in all, I’ve probably met about 20-30 editors over the years, and I’ve learned much, including what a good editor won’t do to you or your work. I’ve had the privilege to work with professional editors on different published works (from poetry, to short stories, and now onto novels - some award winning and nominated) and I know how this process is supposed to go. I’ve seen too many authors and authors-who-don’t-know-better get crushed by people who believe they know best for a story and really don’t. 

Remember - You always have the right to ask for a new editor at a publishing house if your visions don’t mesh (and they won’t always). You always have the right to pull your work from an editor if they are destroying your work (it does happen, and I’ve recently seen one publisher in particular begin to fall apart because of this). A relationship with an editor should be collaborative. The editor needs to be consummately respectful of the author’s concept of style, execution. Ultimately an editor is there to assist a writer in the writer’s own work, not sneak their own voice and style into someone else’s work. The latter is not making a work stronger, but making it into something twisted. The true collaboration is when two people come together to make the original story shine in the way the author always intended it to, and the editor knows exactly what to bring to make that happen. 

An editor who insists brutality is key is not a professional. They go against most codes of ethics in many editing organisations in the world. An editor who uses abusive language is not a professional. An editor who tells you ‘this is how real editing is’ when they aren’t a member of an Editing Society and do not have an Editing Degree and don’t have any published books behind them is grandstanding. They are also lying to you about what the editing industry is like. Don’t believe me? Ask an editor affiliated with a Society with multiple published books behind them. An editor who is proud of their ability to be brutal above and beyond respecting the author’s voice, is an editor who enjoys the feeling of being right (whether or not they are) above respecting your creative work and passion.

If you tried to write the equivalent of a rose quartz, and your editor insists you need to be writing the equivalent of a smokey quartz - do yourself a favour, get the fuck out. 

“I think a lot about life. I think a lot about future regrets, and trying to avoid them. When you talk to people who are in their 70′s and 80′s about regrets they had in their life, it was not living in the moment, trying to grow up too fast, missing out on things ‘cause they didn’t look around and feel things, and not spending enough time with their friends and family. Those are things that I always really try to focus on. You know, trying to be a good human being, that’s more important than a career, or being a ‘brand’ — you’re living a life.”