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Sudden Expenses -Help!

I had to make some unexpected expenses recently so I’m briefly opening sketch only commissions so they can be drawn out relatively quick - my goal is at least $60 to cover my sudden costs!

My prices are $25 sketches for full body or $20 for half body, $30 for max 2 characters! Examples below

What you pay is what you’ll get, I won’t do nitpicky fixes but if there was a serious error in how I drew a character, I can fix it! I’m open to nsfw but you must be of age, message me or email at clsartworks[a] if interested - i only do paypal invoices!

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Hey I wanted to know if you can make a thing were Draco gets jealous of Ron hitting on Harry? Just a random thing :P

Draco was sitting in the eighth year common room on the couch, using one arm to read, while the other was draped lazily over Harry’s shoulder.

Harry was cuddled up next to Draco and was talking to Ron.

“Hey Harry,” said Ron, “ what do you say about you and me going to hogsmeade for a butterbeer?” Ron asked while giving Harry a wink.

Draco was trying very hard not to pay too much attention to Wea- Ron, and Harry’s conversation, though his mind kept wandering back to what Ron just asked.

‘He doesn’t mean like a date right?’ Thought Draco, ‘I mean he does know that Harry is my boyfriend, and he wouldn’t ask Harry out on a date if he knows that he’s my boyfriend, right?’

While Draco was having his little epiphany, Ron was very much aware of what he just asked Harry. You could practically see the gears in Malfoy’s head shifting, trying to make out what Ron had meant.

Ron very much liked to make Draco jealous. It was a pass time of his if you will. He would never think to go on date with Harry. They were too much like brothers for him to even fathom the idea. Though it did come in useful when he wanted to play a joke on Malfoy.

“Sure, why not. I could go for a butter beer right now” Harry said while getting off the couch.

As Harry got off, he kissed Draco’s cheek as a goodbye and made way to go out with Ron.

This seemed to bring Draco back to reality, as he too, got off the couch and made his way to Ron and Harry.

He quickly made it to Harry’s side just as he saw Ron put his arm around Harry’s shoulder. That seemed to really set him off.

“Weasley, a word if you will,” asked Draco tensely.

He pulled Ron toward a corner and gave the the famous Malfoy sneer.

“What do you think you’re doing, taking my boyfriend to go get a butter beer?” Asked Draco through gritted teeth.

Ron just gave a lazy smile and shrugged his shoulders.

“What? He wasn’t doing anything so I just asked, plus he’s cute.”

Ron knew he was taking a risk saying that Harry was cute l, but it was well worth the expression that Malfoy had on his face. He was practically livid with what Ron just said. Draco grabbed Ron’s collar and was about to demand that he repeat what he just said about Harry, when said person arrived beside them.

“What’s going on here? Ron, weren’t we going to get a butter beer, and Draco, love why are you grabbing on to Ron’s shirt like that? Please let him go.”

Draco did let go, but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t any less mad about what Ron had said.

“Ron, could you wait by the door for me please? I’ll just be a minute with this one.” Harry said while pointing a finger at Draco.

Ron did as he was told and then it was just Draco and Harry.

“Draco,” Harry began softly “why were you mad at Ron. Did he do something to you?”

Draco took a couple of deep breaths before he spoke to Harry. He hated admitting his feelings to people, especially when they made him seem vulnerable. Harry was the only exception in this case.

“I don’t like how he was talking to you,” Draco began “he knows I’m your boyfriend, but he’s always doing stuff like this to make me angry. Walking with you to classes, eating with you in the great hall, and now taking you to go get butter beer.” Draco then crossed his arms and pouted. “That’s my job.”

Harry then gave him such a big smile.

He knows that Draco doesn’t like to talk about his feelings, he rarely does. Though there are times when he will, and Harry is so proud of him for those.

He goes up to Draco and with his hand gently caresses his cheek. Draco closes his eyes and leans into the touch.

Harry then moves forward a little and presses their lips together. It’s a sweet kiss. A reassuring kiss. A kiss that shows that Harry isn’t going anywhere.

When they break apart Harry speaks first.

“Oh Draco,” Harry starts “ I love you so much, you know that. I don’t want you to think that Ron’s replacing you because he isn’t. He’s like a brother to me. It’s ok that he walks me to classes, and sits with me in the great hall, and takes me out to butter beer. Do you know why?”

Draco shakes his head.

“Because when it’s cold or I’m feeling sad, it’s you I get to cuddle with. When I’m happy, it’s you that I get to kiss, and it’s you that I get to call my boyfriend, not Ron. I understand that you’re jealous, but there’s no need. It’s you that I want Draco, and it’s you that I have”

Draco didn’t know what to say. So he didn’t say anything. Instead he kissed Harry. A kiss so full of passion and love, and everything else that Draco felt about the boy in front of him.

About the boy he loves,

And about the boy who loves him back.

I’m sorry if this is really bad. I don’t usually write things. Actually I don’t write things at all. This is the first ficlet thing that I’ve ever written, so excuse me if it’s not that great.

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**CALL**Customer:my fridge was delivered last week but the driver left the rubbish & old machine*Me: ok seems you paid standard delivery which doesn't include removal of old unit or unboxing so there'd be no rubbish to take*Cust: no I didn't want him to take the old one but he left the box and rubbish*Me: like I said, you didn't pay for unboxing so there wouldn't be a box or rubbish to take*Cust: I get that but what do I do with the rubbish and box now? Can you guys take it?*Me: um, what? No .-.

To customer. “So your happy they gave you exactly what you paid for?” That’s good to know. Thank you for your call!” *click*

I’d last there a day before they fired me. Lol.


Bar Sentence Starters

“Can you give me a shot of the strongest you’ve got”

“What is the cheapest liquor that will get me fucked up”

“Bartenders always look really sexy”

“Just a soda for me”

“Why is that guy always over there in the corner”

“Do you give free drinks to pretty ladies?~”

“I’m not saying I’d sleep with you to pay for the tab, however, if that was an option I’d consider it”

“Is that… milk? Yeah I’ll have some”

“I know I’m here every friday night but I swear I’m not lonely or sad”

“I’ve only had like threeteen drinks you CAN’T kick me out”

“I know I vomited on the floor but I can handle a couple more now”

“When do you get off? I’d like to take you out for a drink myself.”

“Can I just get a bowl of maraschino cherries? Yeah just like a whole bowl”

“Why do all bartenders look dead inside after 10 pm?”

“Can you pretend to be my fiance?? This jackass won’t leave me alone”

“Come on, I know you’re working but why don’t  we just dance?”

Help me pay my rent please :c

Hi everyone I’m back again with another post asking for money because nothing in my life goes right!

My rent is due today, and I need around £650 so that I can pay it. Send what you can to please!

‘But Davie? You said you were going to be ok this month!?’ You’re sure dang right I did kiddo! I was hoping to get the deposit back from my old house which would have given me a whopping £1300 to live on, that’s almost 2 months of rent, However I did not get that money back, I got about £400 of it back, a little less, because they blamed us for some of the problems with the house (see this post here) even though they were in no way our fault, they refused to listen to reason, we could not fight them.

‘But you had £400? that’s more than half your rent’ Again sir you are correct, however we have had a large amount of bills this month charging us for the move, internet and phone bills being more than double what they usually are. On top of this I have had a HECKTON of vets bills in the past week, £300 of them in fact! Because my cat james has seriously messed up his eye and may go blind, we have more vets bills coming up for him so any spare money I have in the future will probably go towards that.

So, yeah, I need £650 towards my rent… which is actually due today.

Unfortunately I cannot say this time that this will be the last time I ask for money, coz I’m really not sure anymore. But please please can you help? Even a small amount would be so helpful. As I’ve said before if you need proof please contact me.

Again, my paypal is I also have a button on my blog if you’d prefer to help out that way. Thankyou so much!

lessons w/ kmj
  • Namjoon: If you bite it and you die, it's poisonus. If it bites you and you die, it's venomus.
  • Jungkook: What if it bites me and it dies?
  • Namjoon: That means you're poisonus. Pay attention. Also, you should probably get that checked.
  • Jimin: What if it bites itself and I die?
  • Namjoon: That's voodoo.
  • Taehyung: What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Namjoon: That's correlation, not causation.
  • Hoseok: What if we bite each other and neither of us dies?
  • Namjoon: That's kinky.
I hate this phrase..

“But you promised…”

This has to be my most hated phrase ever as of late next to ‘get over it already’.

Guys, please understand that promises can be broken for a variety of reasons. I mean, seriously, do I have to list the reasons why they can be or can some people not see past their own nose as to what’s going on in someone else’s world?

Unless you pay for something, nobody is obligated to fulfill a promise.

I’ve made some promises to people that I could do a RP for them, and when I tell them ‘no, I can’t anymore’, they still hound me about it keeping that phrase above my head like it’ll randomly change my mind.

People can and will change their minds about stuff all the time for (again) a variety of reasons. Also, guess what? People are actually not obligated to give you a reason as to why they cannot fulfill the promises they made.

Do understand that for me, personally, I try with all my heart and soul to fulfill every promise I make to people, but sometimes I just cannot give it all for everyone for personal reasons. There is no reason that people should hold that above my head. Understand that I am human, and I make mistakes when I don’t mean to and I make promises I cannot keep.

There is no binding contract with these words of ‘I promise’, and people need to understand this and just let it go.

Stuff piles up on my plate at a rapid speed, and I am doing everything I can to write and draw for myself and for others to keep them happy and content. However, everything sent my way, I am not obligated to do or respond to, but I will do my best. Just do not guilt me about it…ever!

As a gentle reminder: I think of you guys sometimes more than I do myself. Seeing others happy makes me happy, but again…there’s only so much of me I can push around the table.


So I go to this Mexican restaurant (Zambreros) and they have this card deal where if you buy a burrito, they mark it out on your card and you get your 10th meal free. Anyway! So I’m getting my amazing burrito and me and the lady behind the counter are having a decent chat. She wraps my burrito and I pay, she then picks up my card and puts 9 holes in it!! I’m sitting there so shocked because what is she doing? She then says “honestly, id give this one to ya for free but since my boss is in the back, I’ll just ensure your next one is. Have a lovely, stress-free day.”


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With the ask about the skeles dealing with the rude customer in front of them. What if they started noticing whenever they went back to that resteraunt, their food was always slightly cheaper or they would get little freebies causr the person they helped started giving them the employee discount as a thank you.

UT Sans: Aww, that’s nice. Good to know that there are some friendly humans up here. He will always leave good tips there as a thank you.

UT Papyrus: He will insist on paying full price everytime, but the employers will also insist on giving him the discount every time. He will leave a tip thats always exactly how much cheaper his food is as a thank you though.

UF Sans: Sweet! He could fuck with some asshole and gets cheaper food. He will sometimes leave a tip, but most of the time he just says thanks.

UF Papyrus: Oh…well it was time his greatness was repayd somehow. He will always thank them, and often leave a nice tip too. But his ego is boosted, yeah.

US Sans: “OHHH, HUMAN THANK YOU” , he is super happy about that. Also he is an inside joke at that place now, nobody can say “do you want ice in your drink”, without at least somebody cracking up.

US Papyrus: Hm, neat. He doesn’t eat there that often, but it is nice to get cheaper food there. He wonders if he can start a tab there too…..

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Can I request a Jooheon smut with him having a nice Mustang and one night while he's driving home with the reader she gets turned on and can't keep her hands to herself so he gets mad and parks the car where no one can see what's happening and then he fucks the shit out of the reader. Teasing and dirty talking would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 🙌

It has been a lovely dinner; Jooheon, being the ever gentleman and sweetheart, he didn’t even think twice before paying for everything. He even offered to drive you home to be sure you arrive safely. The thing that surprised you the most was, strangely, his car, some Mustang model.

It must’ve been new, because it looked ridiculously polished and well-taken care of. Your body was tingling at the sight of a rather formally dressed Jooheon, steadily driving his new car. Something about that picture was awfully intense, sending hot waves throughout your body. You decided to play with him a little bit, since he was focused on the road and couldn’t do much. Your fingers began grazing his thigh, as slowly as possible, running up and down it. Jooheon’s eyes shot at your hand, then at your flustered face.

“What are you doing?” he asked shortly.

“You just look so good tonight” was your self-defense.

Jooheon smirked, and tried to play the unaffected. Unfortunately, you knew that he had a weakness for your hands around his body, and the way your fingers were playing around his crotch were enough to drive him insane.

“Focus on the road, J.” you smiled.

With a growing erection and his gorgeous lover right next to him in the seat, how the hell could he? Within a single second, his hand grabbed your wrist, pulling your body slightly closer to him.

“If you don’t stop this now, it’s not gonna end well”.

“For who, may I ask?”

“For you, of course”.

“Funny, cause I’m not the one driving with a big ass erection”.

You smirked cockily, proud of your achievement. Though soon you started questioning your bravery when Jooheon began speeding the car like crazy, avoiding others on the road. You were quite sure you pushed some buttons, but you were incapable of controlling your demanding needs. You wanted nothing more but to have him right there in that car.

He parked fast in some God forgotten place, being now surrounded by trees and bushes. You looked around in confusion, and swallowed your question as soon as Jooheon’s tongue began exploring your mouth furiously.

He was turned on and a little angry as well. He didn’t like it to be teased and to do nothing about it. So naturally, his revenge included almost riping apart your blue shirt, jeans and underwear, while he was fully clothed.

“Turn around” he ordered huskily.

You did as you were told, although a bit afraid of the outcome. Jooheon was extremely passionate when the two of you were alone, and being in the middle of nowhere was no exception. As soon as you turned around, his hand smacked your ass, and he commanded you to count to ten, which you did. You were already breathing hard from the rush he gave you, and you knew that that was only the opening act of the ceremony.

“I’m not sure if this teaches you the lesson right” he contemplated, glancing at your reddened ass.

Before you could ask anything, you moaned deeply as his finger located your soaked core and began moving in and out, agonizingly slow.

“You’re always a spoiled little bitch” he nearly laughed.

You were at a loss of words and moaned louder as he inserted a second finger, still moving slowly. You tried to move your hips accordingly in order to get more movement, feeling your orgasm closer, and Jooheon, sensing your intentions, stopped.

“Babe, please…” you asked, already a horny mess.

“Already begging  for my dick? Oh, babe”.

He smiled devilishly, turning you back to face him; he spread your legs and immediately licked and sucked your wetness, relishing into every sound he earned from you. He was good with his tongue and you both knew it. You reached to grab his hair and you curved your hips again, desperate for more, but after a little while, Jooheon stopped again, watching your panting with excitement.

“You wanna cum, don’t you?”

“Please, yes”.

“You’re not gonna cum unless I want you to”.


“You bratty, needy bitch. Always so needy for babe’s dick. Always ready to be fucked. Say it. What are you?”

“A bratty, needy bitch. I need you”.

“I’m not that convinced”.

“I need you in me, I need you, I want you to fuck me, fuck me hard!”

“Getting better”.

How the hell did he showed so much self-control, you had no idea. But you were only glad when you saw him pull out a condom of his pocket and removing his clothes. He set up a fast, vicious pace almost right from the beginning, thrusting in and out whilst carefully grabbing your hair. In between he only murmured “bitch” and “come for your babe”, among other things you couldn’t comprehend as your were both doing your best to ride out your high.

send me up your bias/otp + prompt and you’ll get a scenario from me!

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I don't think so, I think you're safe with whatever you use. I use Pau and Pat but sometiems I still slip up and use Paul. The biggest issue was the use of their last names, that's what was doing the major damage. Heck you could probably do like. Pen and Pay or something and people would still get it.

Ah yes, Pablo and Potato. And even if I did know their last names, I wouldn’t use them so I think it’ll be ok. I just didn’t want to make anyone upset.  

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I think a good chunk of us know that you know how how to play the piano and harp Asriel, but have you picked up any other instruments since then? Word of advice though. If you decide to take trombone lessons from Sans, make sure he doesn't teleport you into the bathroom or something when you aren't paying attention. Considering the noise trombones make, people may get the wrong idea of what's actually going on in there.

“I’ll make sure to do that heheh, thanks.”

It’s all about you, girl
On your 16th birthday
Pay attention to you, girl
Everyone has to do just what you say
You get your very own spotlight tonight
‘Cause it’s all about you
Yeah it’s all about Pearl
You’re the birthday girl

Yeah! It’s all about me!
On my 16th birthday
I want music, clothes, and shiny things
So give it up right away
Everybody in the whole wide world
They have to pay attention to me
It’s all about me, me…and guess who? Me!

It’s all about you, girl
On your 16th birthday
Pay attention to you, girl
Everyone has to do just what you say
You get your very own spotlight tonight
'Cause it’s all about you
Yeah it’s all about Pearl
You’re the birthday girl

When my tear ducts give issue
I can’t use just any tissue
I need 4-ply, 4-ply, 4-ply
When I cry, huh!

It’s all about you, girl
On your 16th birthday
Pay attention to you, girl
Everyone has to do just what you say
You get your very own spotlight tonight
'Cause it’s all about you
Yeah it’s all about Pearl
You’re the birthday girl

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as your new mom, I'd be a shitty one if I didn't pay attention to your life and the things that make you happy. Also, tattoos are awesome. can I ask what you're getting?

it’s a big bi pride thing basically, with the bisexual triangle symbol and a quote from Keiynan Lonsdale’s coming out post. it’s gonna be pretty spiffy

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But what woman am I becoming? I'll be done come September with a degree that never really interested me. Which I did because I'd crossed all the other options off my list. All I see when I look ahead is a thick cloud which scares me a little more each time someone asks what I'll do next.

A degree is a piece of paper, not a pair of handcuffs. You don’t have to work in your degree field. Lots of people (most?) don’t. So what does interest you? Get an entry position in that. Or learn a skill for it. Or volunteer while you’re working somewhere else to pay the bills.

Figure out what makes you happy and peaceful and satisfied, and then work towards that. What you’ve done in your past does not control your future.

“I’ve wasted 7 years of my life on this stupid show. We deserved better than this.”

No, seriously. I’m not trying to hate on anyone’s opinion. If you didn’t like it, then fine, but really? Let’s not get dramatic. Who was forcing you to watch the show? You must have liked some aspect of it for you to keep watching it. The show is what it is. If you don’t know by now that Marlene King has written some plot holes, then you must haven’t been paying attention the last seven years. It still came together very well and it was beautifully acted. Were all of our questions answered? Not all of them, but the themes were beautiful: friendship, love and family was present in the finale and I really felt a closure. And by the way, the show isn’t yours. It’s Marlene King’s and Sara Shepard’s. I mean, you have a right to be angry, but throwing a tantrum and saying that you personally deserved better seems a bit immature to me. 

Can we all just enjoy it for what it is? Why don’t we have to hate on it? Just grow up and take it for it is. Ugh. I’m sorry, I’m just protective of ma girls and Marlene. THEY are the ones who came in everyday, wrote, acted and directed for us, okay? Be a little more grateful. It just bothers me, that’s all. 

Nice Things - Tagged

I was tagged to do this by the beautiful, wonderful @widzzicles (thank you very much, darling~ <3 your answers are gold!), so here goes!

Person you dislike:

  1. What’s the nicest thing you can do for them?
    I’ll treat you how I see fit, depending on just much I dislike you; if it’s a mild to moderate disliking, I’ll probably be short with you (because it’s almost guaranteed that said person would be aware of my disliking if it’s gotten to this point) and deliberately avoid paying much attention to you. If I hate you, I’ll do that as well, but then if we have to speak, that person is going to get a verbal and mental lashing so they’re less likely to instigate conversation again. Woe betide those I hate ;)
  2. What’s the worst?
    Y’know that verbal lashing I just talked about? That. Like, seriously, if you give me a good enough reason to dislike you and then approach me (because I sure as hell won’t approach you), you’re going to get a shit-ton of arguably very cruel things said to you as my way of saying back off. I would never do anything physical, and I’d never start anything myself, but I won’t be kind nor hold back if someone else starts something. If I’m getting nowhere, I’ll just leave, and then hope that that person’s actions come back to bite them in the arse in later life.
  3. What food will you give them?
    Nothing. At. All.
     I rarely give people I like food anyway, so people I dislike don’t have a chance in hell. So help me God, if someone I dislike tries to take my food, I will break every single bone in their damn body, then all their cartilage, and put them in the bin. My food -.-

Person you like:

  1. What’s the nicest thing you can do for them?
    I will give all the support I can give them; I’ll listen to rants and rambles regardless of how long they take, I’ll let them cry to me and I’ll comfort them in the way they prefer, be it with words or hugs or doing something with them. I’ll be myself around them, and I’ll make sure that they know to be themselves around me, because if I like them, I like them for who they really are and want to see that side of them all the time.

    I’ll accept them, regardless of who they are, the things they like and do (this is assuming it’s nothing obviously wrong), and won’t judge them in the slightest. If they need me, I’ll give them my absolute, undivided attention, and that’s the nicest thing I can do because I’m naturally an intoverted person and prefer to spend my time alone, to myself. Devoting that to someone else is my biggest way of expressing that I seriously care about you.
  2. What’s the worst you’ve done/you can do?
    Same as Widzz, to be honest; I’m really, brutally blunt at times. While I’m diplomatic about what needs to be said and I’m rather tactful about when I’ll say things, because I’m really damn good at reading the mood, if everyone else is skirting around something they don’t want to say or people are avoiding being honest, I’ll always say it. It could hurt someone’s feelings, yes, but I think it’s necessary to do, unfortunately. I’m willing to be the bearer of bad news, and I think that’s really the worst I do, other than being really unsocial and spending like 95% of my time alone, avoiding conversation and interaction.
  3. What food will you give them?
    Well, see now… I can’t cook XD I can make pasta, if that counts! Er, I’d give anything a go if someone asked me to do it and I had instructions on how to do it, but on a more simple basis, I will share my beloved Kallø Rice Cakes with someone I like, or any of my Alpro stuff. Feel very, very loved if you get food from me; it doesn’t happen often.

Thank you again for tagging me, Widzz! This was really interesting to do~

Tagging (apologies if you’ve already done it, I did try and check who had but I suck at keeping track of who’s done it, and I’m way late ;-;):

@tykira45, @lustfullyleocrawford, @f-dee, @spyrothetimelord, @oh-my-otome, @o0w0o, @nami331, @rizosrojizos, @countdowntocake, @acrispyapple, @mai-dreaming

drawingeekgirl  asked:

Hey draw what drawing program do you use and where can I get it (also is it free or do I have to pay for it)

paint tool sai! you can download it, you have to pay

or do like the rest of us and you know, wink wink nudge nudge

artists have no money

chewbaccaaah  asked:

You said that your old house had 6 flamingos and a volunteer avocado tree. What is a volunteer avocado?

A Volunteer Avocado is when you mom was raised in Cleveland by people with only a passing relationship with fruit but a tremendous interest in both urban agriculture and not paying for things, so she can’t stand to get rid of a perfectly good avocado seed, so she gets it to germinate in a mason jar on the kitchen counter, then plants it in the front yard to see if it’ll actually grow but your house is on what used to be a chicken farm so it’s got stupid good soil and the little avocado grows hell-for-breakfast in the CA sun and chicken-shit dirt and in three years it’s as tall as the house and your mom leaves the front door open at night so the wolfdog can get outside in short order because your neighbors love avocados too and come into your yard at 3AM with a ladder to steal them and you wake up in the middle of the night to your parents yelling at Mrs. Mcgurkey about what the FUCK do you think you’re doing, and you use that word the next day on your Demon of a fourth-grade teacher and she actually hits you because she’s a piece of shit but one of your classmates throws his chair at her first and you become best friends and spend the rest of the year giving her hell culminating in the Mantisocalypse.

I might have gone off-topic.