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Net Neutrality

When I first saw the post, I didn’t know how to react. “Prices constricting websites rising yet again.” I sat there, baffled, unsure of how I was going to pay my internet bill, let alone my rent. This was the fourth time in the past three months they’d decided to jack up the prices.

“I’m not sure where all that money was going, but at this point, they’ve probably got enough to employ a small army.”

I turned to look at my door. Within the dark frame stood my sister. She made her way over rotting floorboards and piles of trash until I could make out her face in the pale glow of my monitor.

I studied her ever-thinning frame, concerned that she wasn’t getting enough food. We both knew, however, that she was getting all the food that she possibly could have.

“Rachel, you don’t look healthy,” I said. “You’ve got to get something into your system.”

Ignoring me completely, she said. “I think this is another full raise. Didn’t take them long to figure out that raising every website at once is going to fund their greedy habits much better.”

I turned back to the monitor, noting that the brightness was dimming slowly. I’d have to pay soon or it’s going to shut down. I looked back up to my sister’s fragile frame, weighing my options.

She stared at me, puzzled. “Nathan, what are you doing? Pay the fee or it’ll shut down the computer.”

Finally settling on my choice. I watched at the display slowly faded until we we’re bathed in shadow. I precariously made my way to the light switch, once almost stepping on a jagged edge that would have sliced my decaying shoes to pieces.

I flipped the switch. Nothing.

“They shut the power off last week. We didn’t pay the bill. You told me we could just use the computer lights.”

My sister pulled a lighter out of her tattered pocket, and did her best to combat the darkness that had taken over the room. I looked at my surroundings. I hadn’t left this room in weeks. Had the walls always been this shade of mold?

“Let’s go downstairs.” I said to Rachel. When we arrived in what we once called our “kitchen”, she confronted me with my inaction as the computer faded.

“You need to eat more. This week’s computer wage is going to go into your stomach.”

“I’m not that hungry, I ate on Sunday.”

“Rachel, it’s Friday night.”

Ever shy in the face of confrontation, she backed off and sat on a small trash-less spot on the floor.

“I’m going to walk to the store and find us something to eat, you stay there.” I told her. “Don’t let anyone in.”

“Who would want to get in here anyways.” she mumbled, but complied non-the-less.

After a few hard pulls, the door came unstuck, replaced by a wall of humidity and heat. I was taken aback initially. It must’ve been, what, four months since I left the house? Five? It’s hard to keep track when the computer doesn’t sleep.

As I hurried on the sidewalk, eager to end my errand as fast as possible, I saw the familiar glow of LEDs from just about every window on the block. Each house was falling apart, but at least they had their internet, right?

In the store, there was one attendant, who was nice enough to instruct me in where to find what I needed. The faster I get home, the better. I don’t like being out here.

As I rounded the corner to my street, I saw lights from within my home. Shit, is someone raiding my setup? I rushed in to find my sister gagged and bound on her knees. Next to her were two men in riot gear. There was a third in front of them, clearly instructing them.

At the sound of the door they turned, and with a smile on his face, the head officer looked at me.

“Ah, Nathan, is it?”

Unsure of what to say, I just stood there, groceries in hand, the outside climate still breathing down my neck.

“It says in your file that you’ve stopped paying your internet bill. Is that true? That would be such a shame. It would mean we have to take you away.” He said with a faux sadness in his voice.

Angered at how he was treating my sister, I charged him, swinging the only thing i had at him as a weapon. There isn’t much a can of meat can do against someone in kevlar except to annoy them.

He smirked at me, and then sent a left hook to my jaw that toppled me to the ground. Dazed, I tried to get to my sister as she screamed through her gag. The man planted his boot firmly on my back, pinning me to the rotting floor.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear, an audible smirk in his voice.

“No one can live without the internet, Nathan.”

Can you smell that? That sweet, sweet smell? That’s love and it is in the air! Barry and Iris’ wedding is coming up fast and despite being Barry’s best man, I still don’t have a wedding gift (gimme a break, your boy has had a lot on his plate). After the bachelor party uh… “situation” I feel like I have to really knock it out of the park here. After all, what kind of best man would I be if I didn’t give the best gift as well?

Now, this little gig of mine doesn’t exactly pay well but I don’t need fat stacks to deliver the ultimate gift – just a little imagination and some of that classic Cisco ingenuity!  There’s a lot that goes into giving someone the perfect present. You can’t spend too much or else they feel bad, you can’t spend too little or else you look cheap, you could get them something to wear but then you gotta find out sizes and that’s always awkward, you could…well you see where this is going. So, when I’m tasked with finding a gift, there’s a few points that I keep in mind:

1. The Wow Factor

One of the most important factors is the “WOW!” factor. You gotta hit ‘em with the element of surprise, give ‘em something they’re always gonna remember. Being the go-to gadget guy, Barry and Iris would obviously expect something high tech. I could breach something over from another Earth but again – when you’re the freaking Flash that isn’t exactly surprising or exciting.

2. Personalization

The absolute last thing I want is for Barry and Iris to be celebrating their anniversary, look over at my gift and go “Who gave that to us? Was it Dibny?” You gotta put that personalized stamp on it! Now personalization goes both ways – you want it to be memorable and to leave the recipient happily impressed.

3. Practicality

The second-to-last thing that I want is for me to go through all of this time and effort of getting Barry and Iris the perfect gift only for them to not use it. The ideal gift should be something that can be used everyday and each time they’ll go “Cisco’s the best!”

Up until now I’ve kept things hush-hush around the gang so I don’t ruin the surprise, but I can’t keep quiet any longer.  This happy couple is going to be gifted with a personalized Cisco calendar I got printed up: 12 months in a year, 12 different pictures of yours truly!  One of a kind item for a one of a kind couple!













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Summery: “Cuddly night with Harry and you can’t stop playing with his hands.”


“You know you’ve got great hands right?” You question your boyfriend Harry.

The two of you have been sitting on the couch for about a hour watching Bob’s Burgers. Well that is until you had gotten bored with the show so you turned to him and began to play with his hand. This is a normal act for you to do so he continues watching the show while giggling to himself.

It takes a few seconds for him to register that you said something.

“Thanks babe.” He says between laughs still not paying attention to you. You begin to trace the veins. He really does have big hands, they don’t look that big until there right there in front of you. You bring his hand closer to your face and begin to lightly kiss each knuckle. That gets his attention.

“What’re you doin’?” He asks lacing his fingers through yours.

“You know I like your hands.” You say as he tugs you onto his lap to where your straddling him. You both let out a giggle. When you’d successfully situated yourself on top of him he grabs your other hand and laces it with his free one.

All of a sudden Harry starts moving your arms around like crazy and makes you do weird motions. You both crack up laughing.

“Your gonna be a STAR!” He yells in a funny voice while holding your arms out and shaking them.

“Quit I’m gonna pee!” you yell between laughter. Harry had the hugest grin.

After a few more weird motions he finally lets go of your hands and put his on your thighs. Still giggling you bring your hand up to your eyes to wipe away the tears. When you finally calmed down you noticed he was looking at you with the goofiest grin.

“What?” You ask raising your eyebrow.

“I’m just so fuckin’ in love with you.” He says bringing your hand to his lips leaving a kiss. Now you break in to a goofy grin.

“And I’m so fucking in love with you.” You say then you grab his face and kiss him.

Goofy Harry was always your favorite Harry.


Sorry I haven’t wrote in SOOO long, I’ve been going through like a mid life crisis (I’m 16 and dramatic please ignore me). But I hope you liked and please send in requests I’m actually going to do them this time! :)

Whys, Hows, and Wherefores aka More Random Shipper Questions

In no particular order…(all my own opinions. YMMV. yadda, yadda, yadda)

1. With the Great Fashion Show Picture Dissection going on (for the record, I really don’t think it’s Sam. I thought it did look very like him originally, but the gentleman looks a bit too skinny. I can explain the differences in the appearance between the picture and the video with lighting. We’ve all seen the ‘blue/black or is it white/gold dress’ and the ‘mint/grey or are they pink/white sneakers’.)…Why does it matter to anyone enough to post the video, conveniently to multiple shipper blogs? Is being “right” (about that, anyway) THAT important to take the time? Oh well. To each their own, I guess, I say as I’m typing out a tome here.

2. About Cait’s interview with her boyfriend texting her from the lobby. Why wasn’t he in the room with her? He obviously didn’t care about interrupting the interview because he was texting her. Why didn’t he hang around? If her boyfriend was some rando, there’s nothing to hide. But, if her boyfriend is say, her costar, that might gum some things up. <wink wink>

3. I touched on this in my other post. Why are ALL of the references to Sam and Cait’s SOs ONLY in print. There are LITERALLY (I’m not even being hyperbolic!) NO mentions of their SOs by them in video interviews, on their SM, by their friends or associates. Nothing. That goes WAY beyond trying to be private. How can you NEVER acknowledge someone you’re supposed to be in love with? Even in the instances where they’re seen together, there’s very little personal acknowledgement and, again, absolutely NO indication of a romantic relationship.

4. If Cait and Sam are involved with other people, why haven’t they, even ONCE, let something slip outside of a print article? Cait’s supposedly been with this guy for YEARS. Nothin. And since the person she’s reported to be with doesn’t have an SM presence and wouldn’t be subject to any ridicule there (side note: why do people slam the SOs? Leave the poor people alone ffs.), why would she hide him? Just a simple after-the-fact post about how she enjoyed her vacation with her wonderful man, showing the back of his dark-haired head would suffice. It wouldn’t invade his privacy, wouldn’t give away her location, but it WOULD stop a lot of the speculation. And Sam actually did post pictures with Mackenzie, why not put even a little caption about having a fun time with his one and only? And if she’s your SO, maybe show a 100th of the affection you show for your supposedly platonic-friend costar, mmkay?

5. On a related note - If Cait’s so tired of answering the “Are you dating Sam Heughan?” question like she stated in an article, why doesn’t she post something  - ANYTHING - that will definitively show that her boyfriend is NOT Sam? As stated in #4, this can be done very simply, and without even really taking away his privacy.

6. Speaking of THAT article - How did the Tony/Cait shippers reconcile Tony McGill - Talent Agent/Manager/Bar Owner orwhateverheis, who moved back to Glasgow for his one true love and magically has the time to travel everywhere with Cait, that we’ve been hearing about ad nauseam for years with Brian McGill - Financial/Banker-type who lives in London from the article? I’m betting there was some advanced yoga involved.

7. And WHERE would Cait get the time to even meet, much less develop a relationship with a dude from London who’s in finance? The mind boggles.

8. If they have these SOs, why don’t they at least cut back on the physical contact during events and maybe not post so many pictures of them doing things together outside of work. It would go a looooong way toward shutting down the rumors and questions. They’ve so far managed to not show any affection to their supposed SOs, in person or on SM, it shouldn’t be too hard for them to dial it back since they’re just friends. Right?

8. How can fans be mad at Sam and Cait for raising money for charity? I saw a few posts where people were bitching that they thought the shrimp sexting was only to get people’s attention so they could ask for more money for their charities. Seriously? It’s for FUCKING CHARITY? If you’re mad at two people you don’t know for trying to raise money for charity, you need to rethink your priorities. FYI - No matter what, Sam and Cait are not “playing” any of us on either side. WE choose to be here and what we pay attention to. It’s a distraction for us…but it’s their LIFE. Because of their celebrity and the fandom interest in their personal lives, they pretty much have to use some smoke and mirrors. What they’re hiding is obviously a matter of opinion, but why is a product of our actions, we need to own it.

9. Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Dating Finn Wolfhard Would Include

Originally posted by jonny-bernthals

  • When Finn starts liking you Millie is the first to notice
  • “When are you gonna ask (Y/n) out?”
  • “W-what are you t-alking about.”
  • Takes him a long time to ask you out
  • And when he does it was so adorable
  • He was a blushing mess and of course you said yes
  • Pizza dates
  • Or watching horror movies
  • Him teaching you how to skateboard
  • Playing Mario Odyssey together
  • Hanging out with the Stranger Things Crew and the It cast
  • Shipping Richie and Eddie
  • Pulling pranks on each other
  • Finn kissing your forehead before he leaves on a trip
  • Being Calpurnia’s biggest fan
  • Quick cheek kisses
  • Soft slow kisses
  • Going on set and being coming best friends with Millie,Sadie,and Sophia
  • Finn being whiny when you don’t pay attention to him
  • “Babe.Babe.Babe.(Y/n)!”
  • “What Finn.”
  • “I love you.”
  • If your shorter than Finn he will rest his arm on your shoulder
  • Finn get your arm off my shoulder I am not your arm rest.”
  • “Aw baby you’re my favorite arm rest.”
  • Being on his livestreams
  • If your taller than Finn teasing him a lot
  • And wearing heels just to fuck with him
  • Going to all his premieres
  • Finn calling you babe,baby,doll,hun
  • Calling him finnie/finny
  • Finn holding your hand whenever you go out
  • Posting you on his instagram
  • Defending you when a bunch of haters start to shit on you
  • Singing to you when you feel sad or depressed
  • Sometimes worrying Finn is going to run out of time for you because he’s so busy
  • Finn assuring you he wouldn’t leave you
  • Begging him to tell you what happens in season 3 of Stranger Things
  • Playing with his curly hair
  • Reading Stranger Things conspiracies with him
  • Dancing around the house for no reason
  • Finn wanting to be around you at all times because he loves you so much
  • Being the little shit that he is Finn always puts his feet in your face
  • Get your crusty feet away from my face Wolfhard.”
  • “Excuse me my feet are beautiful.”
  • Watching the GameGrumps
  • Supporting him 100%
  • Going to ComicCon
  • Teasing him nonstop with Millie
  • “Are you wearing a turtleneck”
  • “…..No?”
  • Finn loving you to bits
  • Helping with his anxiety
  • Watching Stranger Things with him twice
  • Looking at all his freckles
  • He is just so cute
  • “Why are you looking at me like that? ”
  • “You’re just so cute Finn.”
  • Making him blush all the time
  • Whether is holding his hand
  • Or giving him a kiss on the cheek
  • Or calling him cute
  • The boy becomes a tomato around you
  • Finn trying to be smooth but ends up stuttering
  • Being the cutest couple of 2017
Sick Day

Jim Hopper/ Reader

Originally posted by mistress-gif

Words: 1,091

Summary: You do not want to burden anybody with being sick so you try to pretend everything is okay. Jim isn’t having any of the excuses.

Request: For a Hopper prompt, maybe reader is feeling really sick, so Hop and Jane takes care of her 

Tagging: @kwaiky, @can-t-figure-it-out

Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s note: Winter is around the corner and you know what that inevitably means! S I C K S E A S O N. Here’s another very cute fic bc y’all need a break

The moment you peel yourself away from the warm, toasty bed of yours to stand up, you felt it. Your head is hammering like no tomorrow and you wish that the feeling would stop. You knew you were getting sick ever since last night but you didn’t expect a cold could form this quickly. Then again, you didn’t pay much attention in biology class.

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butterscotch || steve harrington

warnings: cussing

requested by: anon

word count: 612

summary: steve takes you to a bookshop. you want to buy books, but steve has other ideas

   "Where are you taking me?“ you say for what must be the 30th time. You might’ve been able to see what the route was if it weren’t for the blindfold on your eyes. 

   "You’ll just have to wait,” Steve teases you. “I swear if this is a trick to get me run over,” you sigh. Steve turns you to the left and then guides you a few more steps forward. “Voilà! You have arrived, my lady,” he says, untying the black handkerchief over your face. 

   Your eyes meet a giant brick building in front of you, which you read as a library. You scan its size for a second before gasping and turning to your boyfriend. “Wait, is this-”

   "Yeah, it is the new bookstore. That’s right, I pay attention to what you say,“ he said, putting his hand on his hips. "What’s my favorite book?” you challenge, crossing your arms. He sighs noticeably, taking a few minutes to process the question. “To Kill-”

   You shake your head quickly, already knowing his answer. “I was talking about it yesterday, Steve,” you say. “Mm, yep, this shop is very big. I mean, might as well go in.”

   You shook your head as he walked in. He was right, though, the store was humongous. Books, alphabetized by author and sectioned by genre, filled the shelves. You looked in awe at the book merchandise; figurines, special candies, posters and more were practically perfect.

   "Steve, I didn’t bring any money.“ Steve smiled, sliding his sunglasses up to rest on his hair, "That’s why I brought some.” You opened your mouth as if to argue, but decided against it. Steve would probably insist so long that you’d be there until closing.

   "But, there is a catch,“ Steve added. You rolled your eyes in response. "The price for each item is one kiss.” You smile and scoff, shaking your head. “Whatever, loverboy,” you tease.

   You didn’t know what to get first: The Outsiders, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, any Stephen King book? The possibilities seemed endless in here. Before heading off to buy about ten Stephen King novels, something catches your eye: records. You’d be here a while.

  “Jeez Y/N, how much time do you have on your hands?” Steve asked, eyeing the stacks of books and additional items you were carrying in your arms. “I’ll manage,” you respond. 

   "These better be some damn good kisses. You know, I could save you the trouble and get a few off your hands,“ he insisted, erasing the distance between you. "Steve, not here,” you say quietly, glancing around. 

   "We’re surrounded by books. People are too busy obsessing over the ‘magic’ of this place to notice,“ he reasoned. You sigh, meeting his chocolate eyes. "No.”

   You reach the science fiction section which, surprisingly, is deserted. Steve raises his eyebrows, to which you give him a firm look. Steve groaned but left it alone.

   You took about five minutes before finding your last book sitting on the bottom shelf. Standing up, you were met with Steve’s lips in a hungry kiss.
You dropped the majority of the novels in your hands but were more focused on your next action. You decided to kiss back, despite your being against it.

   His hands supported your back, while yours were gripping the books shelves and the books that didn’t fall. Your lips moved in sync, all the while you felt fluttering in your stomach.

   You pulled away, taking a big breath. “Let’s get the books first,” you suggested, starting to pick up the books that fell. “Fine,” Steve responded.

courgette96  asked:

There has been a lot of pet!Loki, but how about: contender Loki, who lost his memories after the Void. He is found on Sakaar, is put in the arena and quickly becomes the champion. He has the showmanship, the skills, the looks: he is a star. The GM hasn't been so interested in one contender in quite some time, and quickly starts showing his champion some favors. Sakaar ships it, ships it HARD, and if anyone (aka some thunder lord) tries to get in the way of the OTP, there will be hell to pay.

You had me at “Sakaar ships it.” 

it’s a love story, baby

Silar rushed to take his seat. He waved at those he knew, but didn’t stop until he plonked down upon the cushioned surface.

“Thought you were going to be late,” his friend, Brao, greeted him.

“Not tonight. Not when our champion is fighting.” So what if he had to hurry a few lingering customers out the door of his shop. Arriving to the games on time when the champion was making an appearance was more than worth earning their displeasure.

Brao already had his sign imprinted with the champion’s likeness held aloft and waving. Silar was quick to hoist his own sign in the air.

They were not alone.

Sakaar’s arena held an air of anticipation as throngs of people jammed into the stands. Yelling and laughing and cheering, many holding up signs and dolls and other trinkets paying homage to their favourites. Most were for Sakaar’s reigning champion.

These were exciting times for Sakaar. Their champion was a wonder. A rather unimpressive, unassuming specimen at first glance. Silar was present when the champion first made his appearance. He was always quick to tell people so, not that they believed him.

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I lied I’m begging again .

So. Due to the unforseen circumstance that I no longer have rent money because SOMEONE (ugh) is not paying me , I’m opening up emergency commissions again.

Rent is 131 cad (100usd). The goal is right now 50cad. Any extra goes to food.

I can offer you pay-what-you-want sketches and art pieces. If you want some.wholesome fluffy tf au content, I can give you that too. All I require is a ship name.

My PayPal is message, email me and I can do something for you!

Please reblog. I’ll update y'all when I drop out of school and get extra money.

anonymous asked:

Net neutrality is number 1 on trending so there’s much better explanations there, but basically if you’re an American internet user the government is trying to take away net neutrality and make it so they restrict what your able to access on the internet. Losing it would cause you to have to pay extra to be able to access things like social media, Netflix, etc. It’s a huge problem and it’s being voted on soon, so people need to know about it and support the cause against getting rid of it.

omg. how could they do that????? thank you for explaining this to me. i don’t know how to be of much help but the least i could do is to share posts about it here to raise awareness. if you guys have posts here that i could reblog don’t hesitate to send it to me.

edit: i accidentally hit the publish button

anonymous asked:

It’s expensive Bc it’s really good high quality merch. I have 1989 merch and it sucks compared to this. You get what you pay for. The clothes are soft and actually fashionable.

Imagine if you were poor or just not wealthy and someone said: “you can buy this luxury hamburger for $300 or you can go hungry.” There is literally no affordable merch this era (except for a popsocket??). It would be a different story if some shirts were like $20 - $30 but every.single.thing is expensive as hell AND you get the highest boosts for buying it. So not only can you not get the merch, but your priority compared to wealthy fans who can buy it is shitty so you don’t have even a close chance at good floor seats or pit and even the farther back seats

Also, my mom got me the album shirt for my birthday and it’s literally see-through

Anyway, stop telling poor fans how clothes and money work bc trust me we know!!

The man Ajit Pai isn't representing the people in any way shape or form.

So many have looked to the internet for comfort, entertainment, friendship, even careers- and too much to mention, really. With net neutrality gone, not only will you be forced to pay exuberant prices to gain access to different parts of the internet, what you see on the internet will be censored and manipulated. The internet will no longer be a free place, but rather a money-grabbing hellspace where you can’t even be sure what you’re seeing is real.

This isn’t a good idea. It isn’t helping the people. The only people it satisfies are internet provider companies, who will become incredibly rich from overcharging innocent net-users. Not to mention Ajit Pai used to work at Verizon- one of the aforementioned internet providers.

This won’t only affect Americans, but most of the world- much like how a certain elected president has. It will affect non-Americans; I can promise you that much.

So many people joke about censorship and overpricing in dystopian worlds. Now that dystopian future could be upon us- at least, a few steps toward it could be upon us.

Stop the end of net neutrality.

anonymous asked:

hello! I'd like to make a comission related question. I bought the Iron Bull statue from Gaming Heads, and if you've seen it before you know that they gave Bull a horrible, constipated grimace. since your sculpting skills are AMAZING, I was wondering if you'd be up for fixing the statue's mouth? I honestly think replacing his grimace with a cheeky grin would be perfect for his character. I'd be willing to pay half in advance to save a time slot, but I totes understand if you won't/can't do it.

I know what you mean. That…face. It haunts me.

I would have to look at it in person or get a lot more photos of it, but it seems like it could be done mostly with subtractive work, if the material was workable. Website says polystone resin but that doesn’t really tell me much since the quality and hardness of that stuff is so variable.

(On another note, I think a more accurate shade of grey would also help it to look less, uh…just less. It would make it look less.

It’s really not a bad sculpt. The deathly shade of blue-grey with the starkly contrasting lip color was certainly a Mistake.)

Anyway, that’s a hard ‘maybe.’ I’m wary to have you mail out a massive statue to me only for me to tell you it can’t be done, so the more information I have the better. Email me at and we’ll talk details. Include any screenshots you’d like me to use as a reference, and if you could take more pictures of the model itself from a lot of angles that would be ideal. As a note– I do not own an airbrush. I can color-match with acrylics but if texture is going to be an issue for you, you may have to hire an artist with an airbrush if you want it to be perfectly seamless.


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anonymous asked:

Sigh. Anyone with a brain knows these companies aren't going to restrict information. This is just liberals freaking out about things they don't understand. All this is about is to free up companies to make decisions for themselves on what is best for their business and their consumers. If they pull this nonsense, just go to the provider that doesn't. Simple free market. And no. People don't deserve anything. If you can't pay you don't get. Fuck your entitlement nonsense. Get a fucking job

Wow, look at that complete and total lack of specific examples as I requested. I have a job sweetie <3

Also, other countries don’t have net neutrality, and the fear of censorship? They have happened there.

“muh liberals freaking out”

Yellow: One of the most terrifying things I’ve ever had to do was the opening shot of my fight with Lance.

Yellow: They wanted to get this feeling of something being behind Yellow, and something in pursuit of Yellow.

Yellow: So they decided the only way to achieve that effect was to chase me on a quad bike through the snow.

Yellow: And they had a guy running alongside saying: “The only reason I’m here is if you fall over, I’ll get the quad bike to stop.”

Yellow: I mean, thanks very much, I don’t know what they’re paying you but it’s not enough.


Please Read:

Net neutrality is the principle that internet providers cannot restrict what we do and see online. If it is taken away, websites who pay are put in the “fast lane”, meaning that it won’t take long to load and will be more reliable, and websites that can’t pay will be put in the “slow lane”. This means certain websites will be much easier to get to than others based on what companies can afford to pay.

In America, The FCC is voting to take away net neutrality, meaning you wouldn’t be able to access some websites without waiting a long time.

One example is that Verizon could make you pay more to use Google because they want you to use Yahoo, a website they own. Doing this can force you to have to pay more for some websites or apps. Many of you here have your own witchy websites or use websites to learn. You might have to pay to use Tumblr or Twitter or even Amino. Ending net neutrality could make it very hard to access or run these websites. But it’s not too late. Congress can vote to change this, and we can help persuade them to do so. Call or email your representative about this issue (link below).

If you’re not in America, you might be thinking this doesn’t affect you. It definitely does. Your friends here from America might not be able to be as active. This affects everyone.

Everyone, regardless of where you live, can help. Learn about the issue. Spread the news.

Americans, call or email your representatives. Here’s a link to call. If you can’t call, I suggest looking up where you can email your representative, as letters might take too long. If you can find other fast ways, that is good, too. Remember, you’re never too young to make a difference.

Please comment if you have any more resources!

And please, do your own research and spread the information as much as you can.

No one is powerless.

Join the fight.💪

so…people think Taylor has no control over her merch prices? and are justifying their bashing of her business decisions by claiming that it’s ‘the company’ that does it?

how insulting can you be?

I get it. you’re kids. and your parents aren’t rich. but that’s life. blow off your steam but I’m just pointing out the irony of people who’s parents are buying their clothes calling people who are able to pay for merch ‘privileged’. 

you’ve learned a valuable lesson today. you can’t always get what you want.

and I am here to tell you, just by looking at them, those hoodies are worth far more than $30 Ed Sheeran hoodies or whatever. they aren’t $30-$50 because they’re WORTH $125. you are sorely mistaken if you think $50 will get you a nicer quality somewhere else. when I get my snake hoodie, which I ALSO will have to save for months for, I’ll make sure to confirm that.

trust that Taylor wouldn’t sell something with her name on it that isn’t worth the price it’s being sold at.

baybayforlife  asked:

Hello there! Can you do the line “What ring? I don’t have a ring!” with Adam Cole (BAYBAY)

The Ring 

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Adam smiled at the ring he’d kept in his pocket, for a few months now. He wasn’t usually one to get nervous about things. 

He was usually, so confident, and a just a bit cocky to say the least.

But, this was different. He didn’t know what he’d do if he was rejected.

When you walked in, he slid it back in his pocket, and pretended to be watching whatever was on the TV. But, he wasn’t paying attention to it. The only thing he could focus on, was you, as you sat next to him, and laid your head on his shoulder.

“How was your day?” He asked, trying to keep his voice steady. You smiled.

“Same old stuff.” You started, before kissing his cheek, then turning your attention to the TV. “That’s a nice ring, hm?” You asked.

His mouth fell ajar. “What ring? I don’t have a ring!” He exclaimed nervously.

You sat up and cocked your head, becoming a bit confused, you just pointed at the TV. He looked over to see wrestling was on, and you were referring to a wrestling ring.

He let out a sigh, becoming annoyed at himself for giving it away. You smirked.

“Why Adam? Is there something you wanna ask me?”

He smiled softly. “Yes, but I’m not gonna do it here Babe. You’re just gonna have to wait for the right time.” He winked.

You chuckled, and playfully hit him in the arm.

“Well, just so you know..when you ask, I’m gonna say yes..” You said, causing his smile to grow.

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