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My Lycanroc (Midnight Form) Elvira loves intimidating my boyfriend and his Pokemon. He says when I'm not at home Elvira growls and leers at him but she's always so sweet and cuddly when I am home. What can I do to foster some good behavior in my sweet Elvira?

Tough love time. When you two are together with Elvira, ignore her. Do not pet her. Do not pay attention to her. Don’t even feed her when he’s around. Instead, your boyfriend will be the new source of attention and care. Have him give her a simple command (like “sit” or “down”). When she does it, she gets pets, treats, and praise from him only. Eventually, she will look to him as a positive equal to you, instead of someone she can push around without repercussions. Once she does, both of you can give her attention again.

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Lol why wouldn't you recommend a non-Japanese person to live in Japan?

mmm maybe in the future it’ll be better but the racism against non-japanese people is pretty :// like even for me i’m a japanese person but i don’t look it so i get stopped by the police randomly a lot, i get spit on, i’ve gotten slapped and shit on the train and told to go back to my own country, plus like all the microaggressions get pretty tiring

on top of that finding an apartment is hell because of how few people are willing to rent to you and oh man the people that help you find apartments and shit i forget what they’re called but they kept bringing up apartments that are foreigners friendly even tho i’m not and then when i showed them my passport for my id they thought i stole it lmao also a lot of apartments want foreigners to pay double the deposit money because they think foreigners are more likely to idfk trash the place or smt idk

Sketch Commissions Open!!

My boyfriend is currently job hunting, and until he finds something, I’m the one paying our rent and bills, and money is starting to get kinda tight.

So I’m gonna be opening sketch commissions until monday evening. And for sketches I’ll be charging:

  • $10 for a sketch of a single character
    • $3 per extra character
    • $5 for colored sketch
    • $10 for background

Here’s what I will NOT draw:

  • Furries
  • Mecha
  • Heavy Gore
  • Heavy NSFW

Everything else is pretty fair game :)

Send me an Ask OFF anon or DM me if you want a commission and I’ll give you my PayPal name, I will not start the commission until I receive the money. 


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Personally, I'd pay around 5 dollars. I mean this in the nicest possible way, but if you think you deserve minimum wage, why not just charge that upfront instead of asking people what they'd pay and complaining about the response? I think your art has improved a lot and the busts you've been doing look great, but if you're asking your followers what they're willing to pay and then getting salty at the answer, just charge what you feel instead of asking, and adjust prices if you need to.

huh. well your nicest possible way was not super nice. dang.

edit: no. this was straight up rude.  Non, I am worth something. Every artist is worth something. Every person deserves minimum wage and you telling me that I should be satisfied with $3 an hour for CUSTOM hard work is just, well, rude.

All I was asking for was a range. Wouldn’t you be dissappointed if someone told you that your hard work was only worth $3 to them? YES. And I didn’t even get mad! I just said that if that was the going price for them, then it wasn’t worth my time.

Edit edit: You are telling me my hard work is worth less than your starbucks coffee.

This man looks like he would personally pay for my meal at any restaurant. What happened to him how did he go away. Look I get that you’re really sad and all but you still could have kept the haircut.

“What if I’m...” Finn shook his head.”You can’t be...” He mumbled.”We were safe, I always use the rubber and you are on the pill.””Things can happen Finn...” You croak, looking down on the pregnancy test. You had never been this scared in your life. Finn was finally getting the push he deserved and was main eventing pay-per-views, and you were finally getting a shot at the NXT Women’s Champion. A baby now would ruin your plans. Not that you don’t want kids. You and Finn have talked about it and even considered, but in the future, not now.”Hey, hey don’t cry babe. It will all work out. I will try and be home more often, we will spend more time together. Don’t think of it as a bad thing, think of it as a good thing. We could have a bundle of joy y/n, a little you or a little me.” Finn reassured you, calming you down a bit. What did you ever do to deserve him. 5 minutes felt like 5 hours. Your heart started to speed up as your timer goes off. You look down at the little wand, letting out a slight sigh.”So, are you...?” Finn asks, visibly at the peak of a nervous breakdown. You look up to him, tears strolling down your cheeks.”Negative.” You could hear Finn breath out loudly besides you. He pulled you to his chest, filling you with kisses. Funny thing, you thought you’d actually be relieved, but it’s the contrary. You are devastated. Was it maybe that you crave pregnancy over wrestling?

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Would it be okay to ask what your spotify is?? It's A okay if you don't want to give it out!

i don’t use spotify except to make fanmixes following the death of 8tracks - it’s just a personal ethics thing b/c i listen to predominantly independent and/or young queer artists so it’s really important to me that they get their $$$… i use tidal it’s nice and it costs the same amount as spotify per month AND they pay artists the highest rates of any streaming service

EDIT if you want to see what music i listen to check my

Movie Night with the Hoe Bros
  • (Watching the scene in Hyung where the older brother is scrubbing Kyungsoo's back and he's naked)
  • Gil: *talking about the movie*
  • Jae: Oh god I just want to bend my ass in front of him and let him pound me into oblivion.
  • Gil: Jae..Jae! Pause, I'm buffering.
  • Jae: Oh okay. *pause*...wait what were they talking about?
  • Gil: You weren't paying attention were you?
  • Jae: Nah, I was thinking about getting that d i c k.

hey! i’m ready to give commissions a test-run! if you enjoy my disgusting Rick/Reader bullshit as is, how hot would it be to have a tailored tale of filth and debauchery, just for you, with all your wildest and most disgusting kinks?

and let’s not limit ourselves, people. i’m open to any pairing in the big damn fandom, and i’m also down to pen for any other fandom i’m familiar/comfortable with (looking right at you, Gravity Falls perverts).

since this is just a feeler to see what i can handle, i’m only taking on one or two commissions and it’s Pay-What-You-Will. i’m working on a price list for future commissions once i’ve gotten a groove for it.

must be 18! will write just about anything for you - try me. if you want a peek at what you’re getting into, please peruse my “my fic” tag, which i’ll put on this post for easy clickins. (some of the older stuff does not reflect current standards of writing!)

DM or inbox me off anon to request/discuss! thank you! ::)))
Trump’s new FCC chief is Ajit Pai, and he wants to destroy net neutrality
Donald Trump has elevated Ajit Pai to chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, giving control over the agency to a reliable conservative who’s been opposed to pretty much every big action...
By Jacob Kastrenakes

Just in case y’all needed any more reasons to loathe and despise Donald Trump, he just appointed an FCC chief who is expressly anti-net-neutrality and gives zero shits about the potential of cable companies merging to form a monopoly over both TV and internet.

Best hope social media and regular media/news sites are in the first/basic tier of internet packages, because that’s what’s coming without net neutrality: cable companies will prioritize traffic to certain websites, and websites will have to pay more to make their site prioritized, and we will probably be sold the internet in much the same way we are sold television: in packages and tiers of channels, based on how much you’re willing to pay. Imagine a world where you paying your cable bill no longer gets you access to an open internet, but rather, you must pay extra to get access to certain levels of information on the internet. Imagine people with less money getting a smaller internet, with less information and less access. Because that could be what’s coming.

I will fight, tooth and nail, against this fuckery. Not in my lifetime. Not in my country. Access to information is a right. An open, accessible internet is not something we can compromise on. Net neutrality is a must.

a plea on behalf of authors with works in progress

I know people “hate” WIPs and “don’t usually read/comment on them” because “it’s so frustrating waiting for updates” and “what if it never gets finished?”, but let me just say something from the point of view of someone who has written several multi-chaptered fics over the years, including one that has sat unfinished since 2010:

It’s lonely. It’s a huge investment of time and energy into a project that you hope people will like, but most of them will never tell you until it’s finished. It’s easy to get frustrated. To feel like no one cares, or is paying attention. To feel like giving up, or shelving it for later.

Encouragement along the way is like rain on the desert for writers of WIPs. Knowing people are excited about your story, and eager to see what happens next. Your questions and your love can light a fire under a writer, keeping them going when they might otherwise feel like maybe it’s not worth it. Your feedback might even give them a new idea when they are feeling stuck.

So take a risk. What’s the worst that can happen? You get to read something you enjoy, even if it’s unfinished. Balance that against maybe being the reason something does get finished, after all.

the two types of broadway bootlegs

type 1: not fantastic quality but the filmer had a good shot of the stage. minimal, if any, interference with sound. the only time the visual cuts out is at the beginning and the end. about what you’re paying for (which is nothing). probably the same experience you’d get in a nosebleed seat anyway.

type 2: is that idina menzel or brian d’arcy james

Do you think there’s a right time for two souls who got it wrong the first time? Because life gets heavy when you least expect it, sometimes it’s better that way. And if it’s true, do you reunite as if nothing happened? No blurred lines with pure honesty. And do you see the signs that I see? Does the one who loved less at the time ever have a moment where they finally see what they had? Or is it all hope about “someday”, because it makes a better story for the paper and maybe to people. It’s painfully ironic that we pay no mind to the ones who want us, because we are chasing someone else. She always said, she could tell my soul belonged to someone else because she could see the ghost of you in my eyes.
—  s.s.
How to Get Ahead in Life

1. Don’t pay too much attention to the way you feel. Feelings change throughout the day and they are unreliable. Don’t let them rule your life, or interfere with your goals.

2. Decide not to worry as it tends to make things worse. If you focus on your worries it will drain your energy – and often what we’re dreading doesn’t happen anyway.

3. Cut the internal commentary. Stop telling yourself that things are going to fall apart, or your efforts won’t succeed, or you won’t be popular. Keep trying, moving forwards, and getting on with life.

4. Stop being self-critical. You need to be your own cheerleader and your biggest fan in life. Note progress, perseverance, attitude and inner strength. Be affirming, kind, believing and coach towards success.

5. Stop feeling guilty. Feeling guilty changes nothing. You are going to make mistakes. Accept you aren’t perfect - then get up and try again.

6. Stop worrying about what others think of you. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what they think. Choose your own goals for your life – you’re not accountable to them.

7. Don’t worry about set backs or changes to your plans. Plans always need adjusting and things always go wrong – but that doesn’t mean “it’s over” or you’ll never reach your goals. Expect to make some changes – just be adaptable.

The closer you pay attention to what your teacher actually teaches, the more you get the feeling that he actually wants to convince his students to join a pyramid scheme.

If you aren’t my god damn doctor

If you aren’t my god damn doctor, you don’t get to tell me what you think of my weight.

If you aren’t my god damn doctor, you don’t get to lament what my weight means for my health.

If you aren’t my god damn doctor, you don’t get to tell me what medical procedures I should or shouldn’t have. 

If you aren’t my god damn doctor, you don’t get to give me your opinion on whether or not I should ever have an abortion.

If you aren’t my god damn doctor, you don’t get to tell me what birth control, medication, or treatment options I need. 

If you aren’t my god damn doctor

If I don’t have to make appointments to see you

If I’m not submitting insurance claims to your office 

If I’m not paying you a copay

Shut the fuck up.

lol KOREAN idols don’t have to learn another language just for you. if you go into KOREAN pop then what do you expect them to speak? just because they are touring your country doesn’t mean they are going to speak your language fluently, they came there for a few days not to live the rest of their lives there. “we basically pay their bills!” doesn’t mean they have to learn another language just for you. you pay for their albums and that’s exactly what you’re going to receive. does your bill say “xxx album + english lesson”? no. it just says the album’s name. you pay for what you get. if they’re learning a language for you then feel special because they don’t have to do it, they’re doing it out of the goodness of their heart. if you want to get into KOREAN pop and want to understand KOREAN idols then go pick up something and learn the KOREAN language. 

Everyone in college, going to college, or wants to go to college someday: I'm a graduating senior, and I have one favor to ask of you.

Go to more talks.

In your field, far out of your field go to as many talks as you can.

Sometimes you’ll have good excuses. I know I did. I’m not going to skip classes that I’m paying for, and I can’t miss lab meeting because something cool popped up Thursday at 4. I know you can’t either - I get that.

Sometimes I had /okay/ excuses. I have to study for orgo one more hour. I want to relax tomorrow, so I’ll do more work tonight. It happens.

Sometimes I had garbage excuses. I’m tired. The Bachelor is on. I’m playing on my phone, so time slipped away from me, and now I’m actually going to do work.

PLEASE go to talks. Learn from people doing what you want to do. Learn from people who have a career you didn’t know existed. Learn from physicists, sociologists, activists, grad students, Nobel laureates, your peers.

I’ve never regretted going to a talk. I had no clue what was going on sometimes, sure. But not ONCE have i left the room thinking “What a waste of time.” You know what is a waste of time? Playing on your phone til time slips away.

This is my biggest regret as I approach graduation. So here’s my request of you: please go to talks. For me. And when you realize it’s wonderful, engaging, challenging, and rewarding, please do it for you.

HC that every morning at the rink in Russia, Yakov gathers all his skaters together and addresses them as a group to talk about who has to work on what for that day of practice but Victor will not stop flirting with Yuuri while Yakov is trying to talk so he has to interrupt himself every 2 minutes to be like “You two knock it off!” “Vitya,hey! Pay attention!” “Get off him or I’m separating the both of you!” Eventually he’s had enough and he forces Yuuri to stand next to Georgi and Victor at the opposite end next to Mila, but then they both take their phones out to sext each other and Yakov is like “Gimme the phones! You’re both suspended from the ice until noon!” Like he’s teaching middle school or some shit.