you only see this bg for like a second in the animation

I’m making a special type of commission!

Do you have a magical girl OC you’d like to see transform in mere seconds? Would you like to like to help an animation student get away from schoolwork so she can animate cute girls instead?

Then Five Second Henshin (or less) is for you!

It’s some good ol’ frame by frame mahou shoujo animation!

For black lines and white BG it’s $17.

For colored lines and a traditional gradient sparkle BG it’s $20.

For more information drop a message or email And to commission just send an email detailing your character, transformation trinket, general outfit and magical outfit.

- Anthros are welcome, but I’ll translate the design in the same style as above.

- Magical boys are too.

- I’ll only be taking two at a time maximum. You can always reserve for a later time, however.

Yugioh the darkside of dimensions English dub vs original Japanese

Also explanation of stuff and questions but OBVIOUSLY SPOILERS

Will add after I see the movie in english again, feel free to discuss/add anything else you noticed

But here’s a non-spoilery review:

Characters 8/10: The original cast is back and characterizaions are kept true to the 4kids version but with a feeling they kept from the original manga as well. Aigami himself is interesting but his motivation/endgoal is rather confusing and falls flat though it is more complex than other ygo movie villains we’ve seen.

Animation 9/10: While I would’ve preferred the 3D cgi kept to lower levels I can understand why with the insane intricate designs of the new monsters. Kagami as lead animation shines through with his style “strong face joey”, beautiful hands, etc etc brings back memories of some of the original anime’s most important duels. A scene with Yugi putting on the new duel disk was keyed by Takahashi himself so a fun easter egg! 

Story 9/10: Story-wise while I can see where Takahashi was trying to go with this but overall the plot was somewhat confusing. “Dimension summoning” i’m just going to straight up call it “we’re not even going to try to follow the actual card game rules anymore summoning” so avid TCG players may have a difficult time figuring out wtf is going on in the duels BUT non-TCG players will enjoy it more since it’s certainly more “flashy”. 

Overall 9/10: Bonds Beyond Time seemed to be a testing ground for Kagami - 3D team and DSoD is where the two really shine. While BBT was for the series 10th anniversary featuring DM, GX, and 5D’s (though extremely heavy on 5D’s plot due to it being the current running series), DSoD celebrates the series’ 20th anniversary and as such provided Takahashi with the means to answer quite a few of the major questions left after the conclusion of the manga. Takahashi brings a good end to certain character arcs and wraps up his original manga in a spectacular must-see epilogue for any original yugioh fan or those who remember yugioh from their childhood. 

Most theaters will only show for a day or two and only through next week so check the list for theaters near you:

And now for the key differences/plot questions (answered?) (SPOILERS AFTER THE CUT)

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Servamp Episode 12 - calm your titters

     Right, ok you whiny babies let’s settle down here for a minute. I’ve collected my thoughts long enough and it’s time to set the record straight on the finale for the Servamp anime. I will be damned if I’m going to see another fandom become a war zone over something we should all be grateful for. First off, let’s appreciate the fact Servamp even got an anime at all. There are hundreds of thousands of manga being produced; it is a damn competitive market. You’ve got all sorts of popular series coming out and you’ve got the less mainstream ones fighting to make it. Servamp is probably sitting in the middle somewhere–that’s right the blaze ignored mid table finish. It’s no Haikyuu, it’s no OPM, but it’s not a minor series either. Right in the middle. You know how hard it is to even get there? STRIKE Tanaka had to work hard and try over and over again to make it with their series to get it to where it is now. For them to have achieved an anime they are probably so proud and humbled to even have that chance to see their beloved characters and story animated. Yes, it’s not exactly like the manga but name me one anime that is word for word, scene for scene a replica of the manga (I see you FMA Brotherhood people–sit down. You had to go through an original anime ending as well before your series made enough to be revamped).

     Now then, as far as the anime is concerned, Kadokawa had to make a lot of extremely hard choices on what exactly they were going to do with the 12 episode series they were green-lit for. I can’t imagine they did not consult with STRIKE Tanaka continually in order to gain their opinion on what to do for the series. Yes, STRIKE Tanaka probably didn’t get things completely their way, but for the sake of having the anime be successful and generating both mutual revenue compromises were made. Given the anime as a whole, they did a fucking fantastic job of it to try and make the series both complete, and open as possible. That’s not easy to do. With that, we look at our finale episode.

     As a rabid lover of C3, I understand some fans disappointment in what transpired. I get you–I feel you, but let’s rewind for a minute. From the beginning most of us were damn well certain we wouldn’t be seeing them AT ALL–let alone hearing the amazing seeiyuu they got. But if I may… I’d like to point out why the animation team made the choices they did.

     First of all, the series is about Mahiru and Kuro’s relationship. As such the finale is not going to crescendo on C3′s intervention. It does this in the manga because the manga is continual, there are no breaks; whereas anime has set seasons–they don’t get that luxury. It’s just like a book, you have an intro, you have a message you’re trying to convey through the story, you end the story on that message and drive it home again. That’s what the anime did, that’s what they needed to do, and I don’t think they could’ve done it any more epically than what they did. Tsubaki is still at large as he was in the manga, they didn’t end it with his issues being resolved. Mahiru got a glimpse into Tsubaki’s problems but they sure as hell were not solved. Tsubaki made a point of saying this when he was with Sakuya.

     On that note; Sakuya. owreinbfeolefihnerlugrloewifhdsolfugeirugbel dear Sakuya I love you again–or at least your anime self. HE DID A THING GUYS!! HE LEGIT—DID A THING AND FINALLY FOLLOWED HIS OWN HEART. LIKE—JUST—6jiglfdh -dishes points all around for him and throws flowers on him- SO. MUCH. DEVELOPMENT. BLESS!!!! I could not have been more excited for Sakuya as I was this episode. I hope all of you SakuMahi fans are screaming your hearts out right now because I sure was and I’m usually the one standing in the bg of the ship going ‘that’s cool bro’. So many points for that change man–so many. That ship has fucking sailed.

     Speaking of other sailing ships: LICHT AND LAWLESS. HOLY FUCKING HELL OF HELLS. I’ll definitely be rereading through the manga on that scene but kjgriowahifohsd LICHT’S EMOTION SCREAMING HYDE’S NAME. I CAN’T EVEN MY EVEN. 

     That was basically me on that scene. I could not handle it–it was so beautiful. AND PISSED OFF TETSU. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! KJfgorwahf heart throb–fucking heart throb. His bond with Hugh was cast in such a beautiful light that even the manga does not touch on all that deeply and I just lost my shit in giddiness over it all.

     Then we have Mikuni, to which I tilted my head a bit with mixed emotion. I was both pleased and concerned. Pleased first of all because Mikuni is my king and I’d fucking lick his boots if given the chance. Second… he was cast in a really protagonist light, and he’s… not? Really? This is actually stuff that’s still waiting to be brought to light in the manga, but throughout the story Mikuni is sort of this on again off again side character that seems to have some ulterior motives. Of course the anime is likely not going to touch that as it is SO SUBTLE in the manga, and there’s no real justification as to why or what he’s doing, so why even go there yet? In the end though I’m pretty ok with him being shown as a positive character. He did have a bit of that Chaotic Neutral aura when first introduced and when seeing Mahiru in his shop The Land of Nod. Mikuni does act like a mentor to Mahiru, but his advice is usually questionable–yet he seems to have most people going along with what he says that are gullible to it. So all in all, yah, ok I’ll give you guys that. Make him seem like a good guy for a bit longer which will only hype the surprise when he innevitably fucks us all over at some point.

     Lastly we have the C3 babies. I’m circling back around to this because while most of you pissed off can we take a second to appreciate they light they were cast in with this episode? Admittedly I myself was dissapointed at first not seeing them, but I got cameos and even a little seen with Tsurugi in the resolution. C3 appeared just as they do in the manga but they fucking HELPED. THEY. HELPED. Which is fantastic because daaaamn for episode 5 did people not like them. They were scene as the yucky bad guys there to take vampires out and that’s not really their goal. As a Tsurugi RPer myself episode 5 was a goddamned curse for me. Every character I RPed with that had only watched the anime thought of C3 as some vampire hunting guild and only that, and they’re totally not. So with this episode I was extremely pleased to see them cast so positively to balance that out. They were there to aid all of the eves and even Servamps after the battle. They observed ready to step in if things got out of hand and I was just really elated with that. If they had stepped in like they’d done in the manga that would’ve only worsened the opinion on them. C3 is not a horrible organization–they’re questionable, but they’re not merciless vampire hunters. So, thank you for this Kadokawa I really appreciate the redemption you gave them <3 truly.

     Now, we still have the actual climax of the series a lot of people are confused and angry about. The whole scene with Tsubaki, his past, the fight with Kuro and Mahiru, all that stuff. Again you guys… it’s the FINALE. OF. THE. SHOW. People that do not know what the hell is going on from having read the manga would be more pissed off than you if there was no resolution–and do not yell at the anime-only fans or I swear to my cat mug I will come to you and bop you on the head. Everyone starts somewhere in the fandom; leave ‘em alone. They are not any better or worse having only seen the anime. This episode is again the finale–FINAL. It draws to a close, and that’s what it did. We had the vitally important driving home of the message with Mahiru and Kuro working together to solve a problem. We had absolutely AMAZING development on Kuro from his begining days of ‘can’t be bothered’ syndrome, to full blown ‘I’ll take all of this burden on myself–I’m tired of regretting and doing nothing’. He came full circle which you need to do in a FINALE. Mahiru likewise stepped right in and reminded him again that he didn’t have to do it alone and they would handle this together.

     Then we have Tsubaki. You can’t go a whole season without giving the main antagonist some sort of modus operandi or creed. You just… you can’t have that. Many of us manga readers are still going WHAT IN THE FUCK IS TSUBAKI’S REASON FOR ANYTHING, because we STILL don’t know it. You anime fans may not realize this but you’re getting more closure and information than the manga readers had with this episode. (Hahahaha who’s superior now?–no really there’s no right and wrong in this) Can we just take a step back and appreciate we actually had some goddamn information finally come out on Tsubaki? We got to see his arm as we do in this battle in the manga, and we got to see his fucking REASON–sort of. Nothing was really said as to Tsubaki’s goal or the mission sensei assigned him with. We just know now why he’s as batty as he is, which to be fair the anime foreshadowed this for a number of episodes. The manga has as well but we still haven’t SEEN it yet. I can’t imagine this scene happening without STRIKE Tanaka’s OK and guidance on it. Believe it or not the manga-ka’s do step in sometimes and say ‘yo, add this in because I want this shown’. It does legitimately happen and for the finale of the series I imagine this was likely a decision by STRIKE Tanka themselves.

     IN CONCLUSION OF THIS WALL OF TEXT: 1. I understand the manga readers are upset. 2. Ya’ll should not be upset because you got an anime series for a series you really love and should be fucking grateful they tried to give you as much as you wanted as they could possibly squeeze in with their budget. 3. YOU’RE GETTING OVAS ON THE DVD/BR RELEASES. 4. The anime serves as a means to draw in people to a series and create hype. I have seen the Servamp fandom explode in size since the anime has happened and met so many amazing people. A lot of you would not be here today without the anime and don’t fucking kid yourselves and tell me it’s not true. 5. The anime also can serve as a means to get people interested in READING THE MANGA. (Shocking~ ¬_¬).

     If you all want a season 2 as badly as you’re yelling in the tags for one right now, stop yelling and support the series. Pissing and moaning about it (and goddamn if I see one of you threaten to boycott—) will not get you a second season. It’s the same as when you’re working in the service industry. Screaming and yelling at the poor cashier that’s just doing their job is not going to get you better customer service–or what you want at all. Sit down, be thankful, provide support and you may get that additional season you’re hoping for.

     As the saying goes: “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” Take this message to heart and give Kadokawa a round of applause because they worked their asses off on this.

     Thank you and good night -mic drop-

Hi, sorry for taking so long!! I got your ask last week right when I really started to get into TFCon cosplay prep, and I wanted to wait until I had time to give it the attention it deserves!

This got very long, so here it is behind a cut…

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I had no idea they announced my second cover! I was intending to do this when it was going to be announced, but I totally missed the boat. Maybe you guys would want to see it anyway. So, I decided during comic book cover adventure #02 to document the process a little better for my friends and followers. Especially ‘cuz I only had a week and a couple days to do this one. Generally, we thumbnail out a few drawings, and then we get notes from the show creator. Then I apply the notes, do a linedrawing, and get MORE notes. Then I apply those notes, and color it. Ideally, the less notes you get the better. I only got like 4 on this one so that’s pretty good (and one of the notes was my idea, which was to pull the BG forward so the dark shape of the road didn’t get in the way of the characters). I had a feeling out of my thumbs they would pick this one, although I also really liked the caroling one. My rough drawings are more my style, although they’re pretty good with the comics to let us do what we like. I hope you like seeing this process! It was so much fun to do this cover, Christmas is my favorite holiday so I was STOKED to get the December issue. It’s Issue 6′s regular cover! Pick it up in stores in December.