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One-Shot: No Matter Who You Are

Could u do a one-shot taking place in the first Thor movie? While u follow Loki to the vault room out of concern y he’s been so quiet, u overhear him confront Odin about his heritage. Shortly after when he’s alone in the vault room, u come out of ur hiding spot and try to comfort him, telling him wether Frost Giant or Asgardian he’s beautiful no matter what. U love him for who he is, not what he is. And have this connect from the request of fighting him after catching him sending the Destroyer. [Read here]  -Requested by @anhartcuteneon
Also I Lo-ki (low-key) had to rewatch this scene like 5485 times to get the words to match the movie and each time I died a little inside because my son

Characters: Loki Laufeyson, Odin
Word Count: 972

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These two requests didn’t initially marry up until I created a very specific plot for them. However, that presented the issue of length. Thus this piece is a two-parter, with the second one on the way presently. Thanks to @tinkerbelldetective and @hijikira for the requests. I had more fun writing this that I anticipated. 

Prompt[s]: How about a non-suggestivefor Loki where reader has had a large argument with her family, she returns to Stark Tower very ticked off and she slams her door and begins breaking down? Loki checks on her and comforts her.

Hello! Would you be willing to write a request in which the reader is an agent who gets close to Loki for the purpose of a mission? They both end up developing feelings for each other, but then it falls apart when Loki realizes he was manipulated and betrayed.

“National Security” (Part 1)

You looked up at your childhood home and couldn’t help but think it looked different.

Standing on the pavement, your eyes followed the driveway that was sprinkled with copper leaves. The lawn that bordered it to the left was freshly mowed and you could smell the dew that had been torn up as a result. At the end of a driveway was an oak porch. The wooden step at the top of the driveway was bowed with the weight of the many feet that had utilised it. Your dad never used the step. He was a tall, gangly man with legs long enough that he could step onto the porch without it. You smirked at the thought.

The large bay window on the left of the porch, overlooking the grass, was sparkling too. He must’ve been spring cleaning. He never let your mum clean – “She always leaves bits. You can see the smears on the window!” Part of you suspected that your mum did it on purpose. She always was where you got your cunning.

You stepped up onto the porch and raised your fist to knock, only stopping at the sight of the peeling green paint.

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Loki glanced down at the ground before raising his gaze once more to meet Darcy’s eyes.

“You don’t know what you’re saying, Darcy,” he told her quietly. “You cannot love a monster.”

“There is no monster in you, Loki. You have bought into the lies you’ve been fed all your life.” They were standing face to face on the balcony of Jane’s place in New York, taking in the cool autumn air when Darcy decided to take the plunge and share her feelings with her lover.

Reaching towards him she linked their hands and squeezed reassuringly. “Five years ago a lot of shit went down all at once. While that doesn’t excuse your behavior then, the person you are now is a miracle to me. Monsters don’t change. People do.”

Loki swore he could feel the remaining ice around his heart melt away. She did so much for him the last couple years, offering more than just her body and her friendship. This quirky, beautiful woman gave him peace and loyalty and care he never knew he needed. He certainly did not deserve her.

“I fear I have done nothing to earn such devotion from you,” he began only to be interrupted.

Darcy snorted softly. “Nothing? Loki, you once made every Avenger spend all their free time with me for finals week during my last semester at Culver! I went home to visit my parents and you sent me fresh pizza from Brooklyn. You literally made the delivery boy get in the quinjet and had Clint fly him and the pizza up to Connecticut. And that’s not to mention how you stayed up with me the night my grandpa died and you held me and let me cry and talk and cry all over you. I could go on but those are only some of the reasons I love you. I. Love. You.”

By the end of her little speech Darcy had managed to slip her arms round his waist. Lovely blue eyes glittered with emotion and Loki knew it was time to stop denying his own feelings.

“You were terrified you wouldn’t pass your tests, I merely employed the help of your friends to ensure your passage of them. You were craving pizza and the boy clearly desired a chance to ride in the quinjet, so two problems were solved then.”
Loki slid his hands up to frame her face.

“When your grandfather passed, I watched your heart break knowing I could do nothing to help except hold you while you wept.” His thumbs stroked her cheeks as he spoke softly. “My darling Darcy, don’t you know I would move all the realms of Yggdrasil if it would make you smile?”

Darcy blinked back tears at the depth of emotion in Loki’s eyes. Rarely did he let this side of himself show and she was overcome by his tender words and gentle touch.

“Your heart is my home, love. I would have nothing, be nothing without it, without you. I will always honor and protect your heart for I am lost in it completely.”

Slowly he bent his head until their lips were barely touching. “I love you, Darcy Lewis,” he breathed sealing his lips over hers and pouring all he felt into that kiss.

@soothsayerstale I promised you a little something in writing this week. Unfortunately I didn’t have half the time I thought I would to write more. But this little bit right here is for you. 💗


TITLE: Reflections


AUTHOR: thestaramongspacerocks

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being assigned to be Loki’s S.H.I.E.L.D.-appointed keeper while he stays with the Avengers. Your job is to make sure he doesn’t get into any trouble and to see that the Avengers aren’t too unruly regarding his stay…


NOTES/WARNINGS: So… This is my first fic that I’ve submitted… pretty much anywhere. I originally wrote it based off of a request, then wrote an imagine so that I could submit it, and I still don’t think it follows the imagine exactly. ._. I don’t think there’s much in the way of warnings. Anyways, I would appreciate any comments you have and I hope you enjoy.

He was always impossible to read. Even now he was determined to isolate himself, staring stoically at the countless buildings visible only by their twinkling lights in the cold night. He had declined any offer and invitation extended by the others, yourself included. You weren’t very interested in the present gathering at Avengers Tower. You had moved in when Loki returned to Earth with his brother, exiled from his own realm and sentenced to recompense his actions in the mortal world. S.H.I.E.L.D. wasn’t keen on his running around with the Avengers without a keeper, so they had given you the task of keeping him out of trouble and making sure the rest of the Avengers weren’t too uncouth. It was difficult work on the best of days.

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Finally arriving back at your apartment, you drop onto your couch. You’d been with S.H.I.E.L.D. for the past few days recounting what had happened and what you had heard about Loki’s plan; needless to say you missed your bed and wanted nothing more than to sleep. You feel your eyelids droop shut and your breathing begin to deepen. Just as you drift off, your door slams open.
“Where is it?!” A rude voice  yells into the apartment. Your eyes snap open as rise to your feet, still half dead. As you’re about to quip back a sarcastic  response, you’re stopped dead by who you see. Loki.
“I will ask you only once more. Where is it?” His tone displays his impatience.
“You have got to be kidding me. I don’t have anything.”
“Do I look to be in a jesting mood, Midgardian? Selvig tells me that you have something belonging to him.” Your mind instantly goes to the pen-drive he had you taking care of. The pen drive you had on a necklace around your neck, hidden under your shirt.
“I don’t own anything of his. Sorry to disappoint.” Loki swings up his sceptre, pointing the sharpened edge at your throat.
“Last chance, Midgardian.”

frozeninmadness-deactivated2016  asked:

"I would dive head first into a pit filled with ice snakes and glass thousands of feet down onto a bed of nails in the middle of Jotunheimr if only you were waiting there for me." Loki for once was sober, but he had been silent during the entire lesson, seemingly lost in thought, until those words spilled from his lips, there was no jest, no mocking of his mentor, just honesty and need for the other.

Anison froze dead in his tracks, his breath caught in his chest.  He had been avoiding it, avoiding saying anything to Loki, he hadn’t be able to voice what had happened.  He was a storm of emotions, conflicted by his mission and his heart.  He had never dreamed that Loki of all people would be the one, would be his missing piece, and his plan to use the prince to gain the Casket of Eternal Winter came to a halt. He couldn’t use him, not like that, and now he feared Loki would think he was using his affection if he told him about the Casket.

“And what makes my prince speak such poetry after being so silent all day?” He couldn’t even find the courage to face the man at the moment, trying to compose himself.