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integrity by @camilaart

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Dick dying in Bruce's arms asking "did i make you proud?" I love getting emotionally hurt by fictional character

A/N: Here you go my terrible 1248 word imagine that got me way too emotional while I was writing it. Thank you for requesting and I hope you’re somewhat happy with this. I tried I swear. 

Bruce had been at a charity event when he spotted the Bat signal glaring through a window. He already noticed that Dick and Tim had disappeared, likely having see the signal already.

Bruce left hastily, thanking the organisers and leaving a nice big check for the charity’s who accepted it thankfully. “Alfred stay here. I can deal with this.” Bruce told his butler who just raised an eyebrow in suspicion. “Any trouble contact the cave. Someone will be there, someone always is.” Bruce then left for the cave.

Once he had arrived Bruce found Tim at the cave looking tense and panicked as he sat at the Batcomputer. “What’s happening?” Bruce walked towards the screen examining the map of Gotham Courthouse. “Dick was looking into the break in at the courthouse but his communicator got cut off. I’ve been trying to reconnect but there’s nothing working.” Tim was tapping away, clearly stressed out.

“Where was his last known location?” Bruce asked getting geared up. “First floor, Headed down the hall towards the court room.” Tim looked over to Batman.

“I’ll find him. Is anyone else in the area?” Bruce climbed into the Batmobile. “Red Hood is closest. I need to connect to Barbara to see if she can find out who we’re dealing with.”

Bruce nodded thinking for a second.

“Tell Jason to meet me on the roof and you find out who’s behind this. I’ll be in contact.” Bruce told Tim before departing.

A short time later Bruce arrived to see Jason on the roof, waiting somewhat irritated.

“Took you long enough, old man. You’re probably slower than my freshly awoken corpse.” Jason commented. “Red Robin told me Nightwing is missing. What happened?” Bruce looked around for a way inside the building. “He lost contact to his communicator and he’s not responding to anything. We need to find a way in to find out what happened.”

“We could just break through the window, you know for dramatic effect. It’s not like we’re not equip for it.” Jason gestured to his guns before noticing Bruce’s look of disapproval and continuing “Plus it’s the fastest way.”

“We don’t know who exactly is in there. They might of taken him hostage and breaking through the window is just going to alert them.” Bruce pointed out making Jason sigh with annoyance.

“Batman… he’s definitely in there.” Jason stood still. Bruce was unable to see where he was looking because of his helmet, but his body looked tense.

“Red Hood what’s happening?” Bruce asked, concern evident on his face and in his voice.

He then watched as Jason pulled off his helmet and threw it with a yell, revealing his face, filled with fury “Son of a bitch!”

“Jason! What happened?” Bruce ran towards his son clearly alerted.

“Th-They’ve got him in the courtroom. Fuck! Their torturing him! We need to get inside or they’ll kill him! They’ll kill my brother!” Jason plead looking Bruce in the eyes.

“Jason tell me what you saw.” Bruce told him trying to calm his fuming son.

“They strapped him to a chair on the defence table. He’s cut deep and beaten badly, lots of blood loss. How the hell did they even know how to send me that?! Who even are these people?!” Jason explained. He looked traumatized and furious, clearly shaking.

“Bruce I’m not going to let another Robin get tortured to death like I was. I’m gunna unleash hell on them all!” Jason yelled before sprinting off the edge, grabbing his helmet, placing it on, then using his grappling hook to turn and break through the window, Bruce doing the same seeing as he saw no other option but to follow his troubled son.

They where both met with a room full of thugs and henchmen, ready for their entrance. As they all began to fight Jason caught a glimpse of Nightwing looking worn out and abnormally pale.

The kind of way he looked when Joker was torturing him. He remembers the exact same look on his face when the Joker was about to stab him and he saw a slight reflection of himself in the blade before it punctured his chest.

This set Jason off way worse than before, he pulled out his guns and quick fired at the criminals, killing plenty and injuring many more. He was ready to start firing again when he felt something stab him in the neck and a wave of tiredness overtake him.

Bruce looked over to Jason and saw him collapsed on the ground, the henchman behind him held a syringe full of, what Bruce guessed was, some kind of tranquilizer. He got distracted and felt a needle pierce his leg. He felt himself hit the ground then he went unconscious.


They both woke up to see Dick tied up in the middle of the now empty room, beaten, bruised, cut and with a lot of blood loss. Bruce was the first to pull himself off the floor and move toward his harmed son.

“B-Bruce?” He listened to Dick’s croaky voice as he asked for his father.

“I’m here, Dick.” Bruce replied cutting Dick out of the restraints.

Jason then ran over to his brother, tears in his eyes. “Shit, shit, shit…” He repeated over and over as he helped Bruce.

“Hey, Jay… Calm down…” Dick laughed weakly as Jason tugged at the rope.

Jason just stopped and looked at his brother. “Why are you laughing? You look like hell and you need a medic.”

Dick laughed again. “Jay, this is it… I can’t… talk my way out of this one…”

Jason began crying and ripped at the ties. “Don’t say that. You’re gunna make it out! You’re not leaving us!” Jason pulled out his knife and sliced everything as hard as he could, breaking Dick out of the chair, causing him to groan in agony.

Bruce rushed to pick up Dick and held him in his arms while Jason began trying to patch up his wounds. “Fuck, fuck, Fuck!” Jason yelled when more blood poured out of his brother. 

Dick looked up at Bruce and smiled weakly. “Bruce…Just tell me…” He coughed and his bloody nose began to spread blood onto the floor. “Did I make you proud?” He asked his eyes filled with pain. Bruce began crying as well.

“Of course. You made me more than proud, it is an honour to have you by my side. You brought joy back into my life, you give me purpose. Without you I wouldn’t be half the man I am today. You have taught me so much in life. Never think you don’t make me proud, I should be the one asking you that question.” Bruce confessed as his son smiled up at him.

“Thanks…Dad…” Dick smiled at his father. “Hey, Jay…”

“Y-yes?” Jason asked still trying to patch him up, but shaking too much to focus.

“You take care of everyone…ok?” Dick looked at his little brother, not seeing the tough man he knows he could be, but seeing the boy he grew up next to, the boy he helped train.

His brother.

“I won’t have to because you’re going to do it yourself.” Jason told him still trying to stop the bleeding.

“No, jay…I’m not. Please promise me.” Dick grabbed Jason’s hand, stopping him from helping him.

“O-ok.” Jason agreed looking his brother in the eyes.

“Thanks baby brother…” Dick whispered out, his grip loosening on his brothers wrist.

He was gone.

The Nanny: Chapter 2

Author: @beckawinchester

Characters: Daddy!Jensen, Reader, Jared, Josiah (OC), Tom

Words: 1928

Warnings: None in this chapter

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A/N: I can’t believe the first chapter received so much feedback! Thank you guys so much! I hope you guys are enjoying this as much as I’m enjoying writing this! Here’s the 2nd chapter! P.S. There are some tags crossed out at the end that means I couldn’t tag you! Probably because you changed your username and didn’t tell me!

Reader’s POV

 You were eating lunch while reading the statuses from your friends on Facebook. You didn’t know why you were even reading them. All your friends from High School were having babies and getting married. Here you were in your mid 20’s still in college working on your early childhood education. You really didn’t know what you wanted to do yet you just knew that you wanted to work with kids. A notification popped up from the Nanny app. A friend from one of your classes from last year had told you about the nanny app.

“Jensen Ackles has requested you for an interview at The Coffee Shoppe at 1:30 P.M. today”

You clicked on Jensen’s profile. He didn’t really have much on his profile. You were a bit iffy but decided if you were going to get a job you should check it out. You clicked accept to the request and looked at the time on your phone which ready 12:30. You finished your lunch before going upstairs to find something nice to wear. You wanted to impress Jensen in case the job sounded like something you wanted to do. You picked out a cute striped blouse with a black jacket to go over it. 

Once you made it to the coffee shoppe you walked inside to order a small coffee. You grabbed your coffee when you it was finished and sat down at an empty table and started sipping your coffee while reading on one of your textbooks for class.

“Excuse me. Are you Y/N?” You looked up from your book not expecting to see a very handsome man standing in front of you with a coffee in your hand. You were taken back that your only response was a smile and a nod.

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they adopt a child from another country // min yoongi

-i feel like he would actually want to adopt a child first, to kinda get an understanding of what it’s like to be a parent

 -you bring it up first 

 -“yoongi i want kids”

 -he just kinda looks at you like ??????? now???? we just got married a year ago???

 -you tell him you don’t want biological kids just yet bc you don’t want to get ripped in half or cut open and he just nods

 -so he’s like???? wait do u wanna adopt ???

 -when u nod, you have never seen him jump to get his laptop so fast in his life

 -he comes back to where u two were sitting and asks, should we adopt from a 3rd world country

 -you immediately are like, yes we should

 -you two immediately look into the agencies and find this cute 6 year old boy in Haiti who lost his parents in the 2010 earthquake

 -who two go to meet him and yoongi immediately loves the child (so do you)

 -his name is samuel but he goes by sam 

 -he doesn’t speak much english or any korean, so you guys teach him both

 -it’s kinda hard at first because he doesn’t understand what you two are saying but he trusts both of you

 -he speaks english more than korean , but still speaks it 

 -when he’s 10, you & yoongi ask him if he would be ok with a little brother or sister 

 -he immediately screams yes 

 -10 months later you two have a lil girl, and you ask him if him wants to name her

 -he immediately says yes and names her, rose after his mom

 -he’s sUPER protective of her just like yoongi 

 -but yoongi protective of all of you

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  • Sabo: *takes a deep breath*
  • Sabo: My bro..
  • All the revolutionaries: yes, you love your little brother, we know, you love Luffy so much, he's the light of your life, you miss him so much, you do anything to protect him, we KNOW, do anything to help him out, you fucking love Luffy ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE your little brother. WE GET IT
  • Dragon: whatever….
I Missed You

A/N hey! I know I haven’t been active in a while and I’m sorry but I just haven’t been feeling and I’ve had no inspiration, but all of a sudden I had the urge to just write something and I know it’s not one of the prompts but I really wanted to write one about jack and conor in LA. I know this isn’t very good and it’s very babbly but you know what? I don’t care. I hope you enjoy it x


Jack hadn’t seen his older brother for a few weeks now and it was slowly dawning on him how much he actually depended on Conor. Although it didn’t seem like he was always with him, in his absence Jack noticed how frequently he spent time with Conor. Although his brother came back for a few days over the time he was in LA, jack missed having him around. Of course he would never admit it but he missed him.

It was finally time for the younger Maynard brother to go with his friends to LA. He would finally get to see Conor. He sat next to Mikey on the plane and the older man asked Jack if he was excited.
“I bet you’re well excited mate!”
“Of course I am Mikey, we’re going to LA”
“I meant about seeing Conor but that too”
“I guess I’ll be happy to see him but it’s not that big of a deal” jack shrugged, playing off how excited he really was.

The plane landed and the first thing Jack did after walking into the airport was look around for Conor. He was meant to be meeting them off the plane to say hello to his mates. Jack looked around nervously, wondering where he was. Suddenly Abe shouted out “There he is!”
Jack whipped his head around to where Abe was pointing and grinned when he saw his older brother walking towards them. Jack may or may not have walked quicker than usual to greet Conor and held his arms out for a hug. Conor pulled his little brother close and the two boys held on tightly.
“Hey there little bro” Conor whispered.
“Hey” Jack replied, his voice muffled by Conor’s shoulder. Jack may have held on a little longer than necessary but eventually had to let go when he realised that the others would probably take the mick out of him and gloat in the fact that Jack did actually feel relieved to see Conor again, despite what he tried to make them all believe. The rest of the group exchanged ‘hellos’ and ‘how are you?’s before grabbing their luggage and going to the house that the boys had rented.

An hour later, Jack and Conor had already got ready and were sat in the lounge waiting for the rest of the group to get showered and dressed to go out for lunch. Jack was sat next to Conor on the sofa and the two were sat very close together. They were having a casual conversation about what had been going on in the past month or so and catching up on stuff they had missed.
“So, you missed me then?” Conor asked, raising his eyebrows at Jack.
“Nope, I’m glad to have got rid of you” jack replied, laughing at his older brothers face.
“Well, the messages the boys have sent me beg to differ. Oh jack is so lonely and miserable. He really misses you. He’s so excited to see you in LA” Conor smirked.
“W-what n-no? That’s not true!” Jack shouted, trying to defend himself.
“Relax Jack, I missed you too” Conor chuckled, laughing at his brothers stubbornness.
“Ok well maybe I missed you a little bit” jack mumbled, not looking up.
“Just a little bit?”
“Ok ok you got me. I missed you a lot” jack said rolling his eyes.
“Aw my baby brother missed me!” Conor joked, nudging Jacks shoulder.
“Noooooo don’t lord this over me” jack whined.
“Don’t worry I won’t because otherwise you’ll hold this over my head” Conor said as he pulled Jack into a hug. Jack nuzzled his face into his big brothers neck and wrapped him arms around Conor’s waist.
“I missed you” Jack whispered softly.
“I missed you too” Conor replied as the two sat in silence, just holding eachother, knowing this was where they belonged.

while her dragon form is under control, fury is hard to predict & mila will go on a ferocious rampage when feeling intense anger. dragons are known to be often victim of savage behaviors, & mila is no exception. to protect herself from unwanted frenzies, she goes into dragon form once or twice a month, & stays so for a day or two. this process is known as the cleansing, & no visitors are allowed to disturb the goddess during that time. there’s no secret as to what she is doing during that time; she’s merely sleeping in the garden & waits for time to pass. in pure self - indulgence, she could also destroy to relieve herself, but the goddess tries to not go through these violent ends simply because she dislikes ravaging nature. ( at least, less often as possible, even she cannot resist the temptation sometimes. ) dragonstones work as a catalyst & without one, dragons are more prone to fall pray ( also faster ) to their destructive nature. mila’s emotions can be fueled by her unchecked rage. under high stress or anger, she may resort to violence; & when in danger, go berserk & destroy whatever presents itself in her path, allies & foes alike. she doesn’t really care, but will often regret in the aftermath. there is nothing to do but to wait, hoping it will fade out quickly. on a more mundane side, she may be less gentle / patient & will be snappy. it’s best to behave & to not brusque her if she’s scowling  .  .  .  especially when her fangs are showing.

S8 drabble - first kiss, wincest

Sam’s skin is blotchy and pink, like he’s tried to scrub himself raw. A towel is wrapped around his hips where he sits on his narrow bunker bed, head resting in his hands. His shoulders are trembling, droplets of water rolling down them. Dean pushes the door open without even thinking; Sam’s obvious distress is calling out to him, it’s his most basic instinct – Sam’s hurting, make it stop.

Dean crouches on the floor in front of his little brother. “Sam? Hey buddy, you OK? Is it the trials?”

Sam looks up, and the pain in the hazel eyes is so piercing and raw that it makes Dean’s gut clench.

Sam looks at him for a short moment before his head drops again and he wraps his arms around himself, making himself smaller; as though he doesn’t feel entitled to the space he’s occupying.

“Sam,” Dean says, softly, “Please. Talk to me.”  

Sam’s voice is heavy with confusion and sorrow when he finally asks: “Why do you still even care about me, Dean?”

Dean reaches out then, wraps his fingers around Sam’s wrists and forces him to look at him. “What the hell are you talking about, Sam? You’re all I’ve got. Now talk to me, tell me what’s wrong.”

“Me,” Sam replies hollowly. “Everything about me is wrong.”

Dean’s grip tightens. “Sam.”

“The demon blood. Ruby. Yellow eyes. My damn soul. Not-“ Sam’s face is wet now, and not from the shower – “Not looking for you. I can never redeem myself, not with these damn trials, nothing. Castiel was right. I’m an abomination. I don’t – I don’t deserve to live. And you…” A glimpse of something, admiration or awe, maybe, ghosts over his miserable face for a second. “You deserve so much more than me.”

Dean’s chest aches, his thumbs drag along Sam’s face, wiping at the tears. “You’ve got nothing to prove, least of all to me. I know I’ve said things to you, but know this, little brother: I’ve seen your soul. I’ve seen you. The brightness. God, Sam. You’re…”

Dean leans forward, touching his forehead to Sam’s. “You’re no abomination. You’re good, ok? So fucking good and beautiful.”

A sob tears through Sam’s throat then as he allows Dean into his space, his exhale damp and sorrowful against Dean’s face: “I’m so scared I’ll drag you down with me.”

Dean’s hand curl around Sam’s neck. He wants to be close to Sam, to anchor him, and something inside him slides into place as he feels Sam relax and melt against him - it’s like he’s been searching for something in the dark for so long and now the lights has been switched on and he can see plainly what’s been in front of him all along. Dean lets out a helpless sort of laughter before he says, in a voice far more husky then he is prepared for: “Sam, I’d let myself be dragged anywhere with you.”

Sam’s hair falls into Dean’s face; tangles with his lashes. The air seems to set around them, like a calm before a storm. Sam’s palm is large and hot against Dean’s neck, long fingers ghosting over his collarbone. “That’s what scares me, Dean.”

Dean watches Sam’s face. The tense line of his pursed lips, the lines of guilt creasing around his eyes. The thirst in his eyes. And just like that, Dean gives in. He leans in, closes that small space between them and touches Sam’s lips with his own.

Sam pushes him away, softly. “Don’t pity me,” he begs, wetness clinging to his lashes.

Dean takes Sam’s hand then, presses it against his chest, Sam’s hand against his bare skin beneath the flannel shirt, letting him feel his heart race beneath his fingertips. “This is not pity, Sam.”

Sam gasps, stares at his mouth, and Dean leans forward again, whispering against Sam’s lips: “I want. Sammy, I want.”

And Sam lets him; his mouth opens beneath Dean’s in the messiest, most wonderful kiss he’s ever had and he can’t help the whimper that escapes him. Sam wraps his arms around Dean’s neck, and as Dean’s warm, pliant body settles over his, Sam finally learns about forgiveness and redemption.

This year has been very weird to say the least and probably one of the hardest for me but if anything, it was made easier and nicer with thanks to all the wonderful people I have met on here. I am truly grateful for everyone who follows me and has stuck by my side, it means so much to me, and really…you guys make coming onto this site more worthwhile tbh. I love all of you so much and wish you nothing but the best!!! Please take care and Happy Holidays!!

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Something Wicked - Part 3

Word Count: 2520

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

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“Fort Douglas, Wisconsin.” Dean started. “It was our third night in this crap room and I was climbing the walls. Man, I needed to get some air, so I left and went and played the arcade games in the lobby.” He sighed, and put his head in his hands. You gripped his shoulder tighter.

“What happened?” Sam whispered.

“I came back to the room and there was this…weird…light coming from the bedroom. I got close and I saw the shtriga leaning over you. So then I grabbed the rifle, but it heard me, and it stared me down. I hesitated, Sammy.”

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Baby Girl - Supernatural x Reader (Part 6)

Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 


Baby Girl - Supernatural x Reader (Part 6)

You had to ask…

“Are you going to kiss?”

And both Dean and Sam had just barely started eating that they started choking.

Sam, who regained his breath first, spoke “What?” he asked not really believing what he heard you say.

“Aren’t you going to kiss? You made a deal, isn’t that how deals are sealed?” you tilted your head, a habit you got from Castiel.

“That’s how demons seal their deals, (y/n), only demons. We don’t have to…” Dean shuddered, trying to even say the word “…kiss to seal it. We can just shake hands like we did before and that’s it” he explained and you nodded.

“Oh, alright”

“I swear man, sometimes I think we’re talking to Cas, as if he’s inside of her” Dean mumbled under his breath, meaning for only Sam to hear, who did so and nodded…

…but so did you.

“No” you said simply and both brothers glanced at you for a mere second and then back at their breakfast “Castiel has not been inside of me inany sort of way…” you said and Dean and Sam looked at each other, wondering if they were thinking they same thing or…

…no, they were just dirty-minded. You were innocent, you could not mean that…

… could you?

They both gave you a glance and then looked back at each other, eyes narrowed, but then they shook their heads and shrugged any thought off.

Silence followed as you kept eating in peace, till you decided to speak of course.

“Did I give you a blowjob?” you asked Sam, and of course Sam choked on his food for the third time this morning.

“What?” he blinked a few times, wondering if he heard correctly. He looked at you then back at Dean who had taken a sudden interest in the newspaper that Sam had put aside a while before.

“In your dream, Dean said that it was nice one, right?” you asked and he nodded, having a suspicion where this was heading “So, did I give you a blowjob in your dream?” you asked, the same curious and innocent look on your face.

Innocent. Sam had begun to think that you were not that innocent anymore, that maybe you knew more than he believed you did, that… 

He glanced at Dean. 

Or probably not. Probably you were innocent and somebody else was the one responsible for all of this… A green-eyed somebody, that was a hunter, Sam called brother and had suddenly found an interest in reading the newspaper… upside-down.

“Dean” Sam said in a threatening voice and after a while Dean looked up at him, trying (and failing) to seem innocent.

“Yes, Sammy?” he said but Sam did not say anything, he merely gave his brother the look. The look that he had given him three weeks ago and the look that Dean had given him just this morning. Though Sam’s look was more accusing than Dean’s was before.

“Whaaaaaat? Do you really think so low of me?” he asked still trying (and failing, let’s not forget) to seem innocent.

Sam said nothing he just turned to look at you “(Y/n), where did you hear that from? Who said it to you?” he asked you and Dean’s eyes widened, knowing that you were certainly going to tell the truth.

You took in a breath, opening your mouth to speak “No (y/n) don’t-”

“Dean said it to me” you simply said before Dean had the chance to stop you.

Sam smiled widely and Dean cursed under his breath.

Sam turned to you and spoke “And what did he say exactly?” this time Dean didn’t even bother to stop you from speaking, he was already dead.

“Well, one morning that I was preparing breakfast and he came to the kitchen I asked him what he would like me to give him, pancakes or eggs with bacon, he said a blowjob wouldn’t be bad. So I figured it was a nice thing, since Dean wanted it instead of eggs with bacon, and  that’s why I asked you if I gave you a blowjob, you said it was a nice dream.” you explained as if it was the most simple thing in the world.

“Though I didn’t give it to him that morning I can make up now, and for both if you want!” you quickly added, smiling at the thought that you would make them happy.

Both boys’ eyes widened and they spoke at the same time.

“NO!” Sam said - “YES!” Dean said.

And of course Sam shot him a bitch-face, making Dean try to go from exited to serious (and failing once again).

“I mean no, no (y/n) there’s no need for you to do that… now” he said disappointing for rejecting that kind of offer.

“Well then…” you paused for a moment to think “How about later?” you asked in the same innocent way, only wanting to make them happy.

Dean gained his hope and got exited again but just when he looked at Sam he couldn’t help but grunt in disappointment “No (y/n). Not later, either” he said somehow forced, rolling his eyes at his brother.

“Oh, ok then” you said, a little bit disappointed cause you wanted to know what it was that could make Dean exited when you offered it but shrugged it off.

“What now?” Dean asked as he looked at Sam and his bitch-face.

Sam said nothing but Dean completely understood what the face meant “What?! Oh come on man, that’s what you would have said that morning too, if you saw her in just her underwear” he said trying to defend himself.

“My pjs were on the laundry” you said feeling as if it was your fault.

“Yeah (y/n) we know” Dean said to you trying to show that it wasn’t your fault and you didn’t need to worry.

“You know I wouldn’t Dean” Sam said.

“Yeah right, says the guy that had a wet dream about her just the night before…” Dean said and you opened your mouth to speak but he cut you off “…and no, there wasn’t any rain or water and nor was he drowning” he explained to you.

“Oh” you mouth and went back to eating your pancakes.

“Yeah whatever, jerk” Sam said.

“Bitch” Dean retorted and went back to eating as well.

And that’s how most of  your days with the Winchesters started…

…the best way to start your day.

And now as far as the rest of the day was concerned, well, it went by smoothly.

No, it did for real. Believe me. No matter how crazy it may seem in your case, the day did go by smoothly. Even Sam and Dean had a hard time believing it in the beginning that you weren’t bothering them with any questions you had and just sat watching The Looney Tunes Show.

Even after you returned from your what-was-supposed-to-be-a-small-walk on the park. Well  it was supposed to be but it wasn’t. And no, it wasn’t your fault, even though you were the one that insisted on playing a game. It was Dean’s fault. He should know by now that proposing to play hide and seek with an angel that can make herself invisible was not the best idea.

But well, after they did manage to find you and you returned home everything went on smoothly…

Well, apart from the fact that you offered Dean a lap dance in exchange for keeping the kittens Castiel brought to the bunker of course.

But, well, how could you know what it meant, you just kept asking him to let you keep them for even a day and he would constantly refuse. So you did what you’d seen Sam do once, offered to buy him pie so that he’d let you keep them. But he still said no (no matter how surprising that may have seemed, he did say no to pie - after a good few seconds of thinking over the idea). So your decided to offer him anything that you knew he liked…

“Please, please Dean I’ll give you anything in exchange. Beer, burger with fries, pie, lap dance…" 

At the last one Dean had a really hard time saying no to, but he did…

…just because Sam happened to walk into the room.

Luckily, for you, you managed to convince Dean and Sam to keep them for a day.

It was indeed a funny and enjoyable day though, for all of you.

Castiel staid most of the day and played with you and the kittens after of course you both took them for a bath, Dean and Sam said they didn’t want to see the flood. Which neither you nor Castiel did understand, it wasn’t raining so what flood were Dean and Sam talking about?

After both you and Castiel changed clothes, the previous ones got completely wet when you tried to wash the kittens, you decided to spend the rest of the day playing with them and taking care of them.

Though you spent quite a long time looking for the smallest kitten, and the fact that you felt your head heavy didn’t help. No, you didn’t have a headache just felt your head really heavy, as if something was on top of it (literally) but you shrugged that thought off, along with the thought of something moving and brushing your neck softly, probably your hair - you thought, so you just kept looking for the tiny kitten. Everywhere. 

And Sam, Dean and Castiel kept looking at you.

"Uh (y/n) what are you doing?” Sam asked.

“Looking for a really small kitten, it was here just a few minutes ago. I can’t find it” you answered looking around you.

Dean and Sam looked at each other for a few seconds then at you “Uh is it white with a half black tail and likes to sleep?” Dean asked and you turned to look at him.

“Yes! Have you seen it?” you asked and Dean looked at his brother for a second then at you “Uhm no, no sorry. But… try looking under the couch it may-” he tried hard to suppress a laugh “-be under there, sleeping” he said and you nodded and went to look under the couch.

Luckily you managed to find it when you bent to look under it, although it wasn’t there, it fell in front of you as if it was on your head all this time… nah, it was probably on the couch but you didn’t pay attention to it.

The rest of the day was spent like that, playing and having fun with the kittens while Sam and Dean decided to join you two later. After a while you all settled on watching The Lion King, which you insisted on watching.

But before you could realize it the kittens had fallen asleep and so did you. And Dean, Sam and Castiel watched you sleep peacefully on the couch hugging three little cats, which really seemed to be the cat-versions of them, a smile on your lips as you dreamed soundly, just like a little kitten that had found it’s home, just like an angel who had found her grace, just like…

…a baby girl.

Celebration Time...!

So in the early hours of this morning, my follower count tipped over on this magic number……..

I genuinely can’t believe that there are 250 of you wonderful people following me and my crazy rambling nonsense!  

So, in celebration of what to me is a huge achievement and milestone, I’m going to do a little celebration.  I’m going to do some gif blurbs.  

I’ll write for the following:

  • Supernatural (Dean, Sam, John, Cas, Charlie)
  • Marvel (any of the Avengers, Bucky)
  • Real People: go ahead and send them in (Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Misha Collins, Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, RDJ).            

So go ahead and Submit a Gif and if inspiration hits, I’ll write a little something and tag you once its done.  If you don’t want to submit something, do me a favour and give this a signal boost (thanks in advance).  

Again, thank you to every single one of you that follows me and likes, comments, reblogs my fics.  You don’t know how much it means to me.  Lots of love to you all xx

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jayrobertsgame  asked:

Hey Tabby! I'm currently putting together a playlist for people in LDRs, I was wondering if there's any tracks you'd recommend including?

I’ve had this sitting in my inbox for a little while, not having the time to go through my music and pick out some music. Today I found some time and came up with these:

  • Proof- Paramore
  • Lucky- Jason Mraz
  • When You’re Gone - Isaac Kolding 
  • Vanilla Twiight - Owl City
  • Such Great Heights - The Postal Service
  • Thinking of You - Air Traffic Controller
  • 5 Years Time - Noah and the Whale
  • Miles - Christina Perri
  • Send Me Your Lovin’ - Sam Cooke
  • Northern Lights - Cider Sky
  • Will You Return? - Avett Brothers
  • Fly Me Away - Annie Little
  • Last Leaf - Ok Go
  • Beating Hearts - King Charles
  • I Go To Sleep - Sia
  • Daylight - Maroon 5
  • A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton (duh)
  • 500 Miles- The Proclaimers 
  • All My Loving - The Beatles
  • Where Our Destination Lies - Ben Gibbard
  • Dare4Distance - NeverShoutNever
  • Stars - Demi Lovato
  • The End of All Things - Panic! At The Disco


anonymous asked:

I'm a sucker for Peter Parker drabbles so I'm sending you more, if that's ok?! Peter babysitting reader's little brother when reader is away working

send me as many as you want, okay? just be patient if they take a while :D p.s. I feel bad clogging up everybody's tl, so if you dont wanna see this anymore blacklist ‘sinnamon-barnes drabbbles’

Originally posted by teamunderoos

“Thank you for doing this.” You chirped, struggling to get your shoes on.

“No problem babe.” Peter smiled, uncomfortably rubbing his back when your little brother raised his eyebrows when Peter called you ‘babe’.

You bent down so you were level height with your brother, “Be good tonight, okay? Work called me in for an emergency so Peter’s gonna watch you.” You turned your head around and smiled at Peter. “I’ll be home before Mom and Dad so lets just keep this between you and me. And be good to Peter, I wanna keep him around for a while.”

“Yes (Y/N).” Andrew responded before wrapping his arms around your neck.

“Love you, Andy.” You kissed his forehead and turned to look at Peter. “You’re gonna do great tonight. Thank you for doing this.” You cupped his cheeks with your hand. “Don’t be scared, Andy loves you.”

Peter nodded his head and you gave him a kiss before grabbing your jacket and leaving.

Peter was relieved with how the night was going so far. Andrew mostly played by himself, and he was currently watching cartoons on the TV and fiddling with some race car toys. Peter sat on the couch, either playing on his phone or catching glimpses of the show. All was silent until Andrew spoke up.

“Peter? Want to race with the cars?” Andre asked, his bottom lip sticking out slightly.

“Sure.” Peter smiled, hopping off the couch and sitting down next to Andrew.

Andy examined his small mountain of cars before decisive picking one and handing it to Peter.

“If I win, I get to eat out of the tub of ice cream in the fridge.” Andrew stated, dangling the cars in front of Peter.

“Sure thing, kid.” Peter smirked, convinced that his car would move faster.

Peter and Andrew set their cars on the top of the track. It was going downhill, so gravity would decide who wins. Peter set his car on the blue track and Andy set his on the red.

“3…2…1!” Andrew exclaimed, both of them releasing the toy cars. 

They zoomed down the track and the small blue pick up tracked passed the blue mustang, clearly marking the winner.

“Ice cream please.” Andrew giggled, a toothy grin on his face.

You pushed open the front door and dropped your jacket onto the bench. Sighing, you kicked off your shoes and looked around the living room for the two boys.

“We’re in the kitchen!” You heard Peter call out.

You followed the voice and walked into the room. A small giggle escaped your lips when you saw Andrew and Peter sitting at the kitchen table with spoons in hand and chocolate ice cream smeared across their face.

“Sowwy?” Andrew asked, a clump of ice cream falling onto his pants.

“I hope you a least saved some for me.” You huffed, pulling out a chair at sitting at the table. “The ‘emergency’ at work was some lady spilled a crate of oranges into the aisle and apparently the only person who could clean it up was a teenage girl.”

“Orange you glad we saved you some?” Peter snickered, holding out the container.