you of all people should know spock

Mrs Kirk {Part 5}

Fandom: Star Trek

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader  (She/Her identifying)

Warning: Angst, hurt

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/request: You and Jim get married. Accidentally. On a new federation planet. Without knowing about it. Turns out its legally binding. Fuck.

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Third Time’s the Charm

SUMMARY: As the physical exam day aboard the USS Enterprise rolls around, you find yourself in a rather precarious situation when three of the top-ranking officers in your medbay all ask the same schoolyard question: who do you like?

WORD COUNT:  1,526 words


NOTES: trying something new… instead of (y/n) it is just “you.” it definitely takes more time editing (because I do everything with OCs) so that is a down side, but if you guys take a liking to this version I shall continue like so. and also, I’m back! expect me to post a lot tonight, and requests are open!

As your alarm clock goes off, you slam your hand on the top. It unplugs from the wall and falls to the floor with a thud, and the silence makes you sigh with relief. That is, until you remembers what day it is on the USS Enterprise- physical examination day.

It’s not that having to examine every body on the ship is bad (in some cases, it is as a doctor), it’s having to be examined yourself by the one and only Leonard “Bones” McCoy, the doctor you’ve had a crush on since day one in the academy. You’ve only talked on rare occasions, and when you do, it always ends up either awkward or with one somehow insulting the other.

You climb out of bed and yawn, popping your back as you stand up. It takes you no more than ten minutes to get dressed and ready, having had this routine down since day one. You tie your hair up in a nice braid, grabbing your keycard before walking out into the hallway.

You makes it to the medbay in two minutes as usual, having nailed all the shortcuts and lonely walkways so you can enjoy what moments you have of peace. As you walk into the medbay, you’re greeted by nurses and patients, your gorgeous smile welcoming to all faces. You grab a tablet off the wall and sign in as someone walks up next to you.

“Ready for the physicals?” Bones asks, and you look up at him. His hair is messy as always and his shirt collar slightly bent, something you’ve had to fix on the daily. You reach up and unfold the crease, making him roll his eyes at you.

“If you come into work looking like you actually put some effort into yourself, I wouldn’t have to check you over every damn day,” you mutter.

“Ahh, you’d check me over even if I did.” You don’t respond but can feel your cheeks go slightly red, making you turn away with a sigh.

“How many for the first round?” you asks, Bones following you to the back tables.

“Fifty in the first batch for each of us,” he tells you, grabbing his tablet and scrolling through a list of names. He laughs slightly, the bellow growing louder and louder until he has to support himself by placing a hand on the table.

You turn to him. “What is it?”

“You won’t believe who you’re stuck with first,” he says as he catches his breath. You snatch the tablet from his hands and your eyes go wide as you read the first three names.

“Captain Kirk, Commander Spock, and Officer Sulu?” you gasps, looking up at him. His eyes meets yours and he just goes into another laughing fit, making you hit him with the tablet. You storm off to prepare your section of the medbay and he rushes after you.

“Oh, come on, doll,” he teases. “This’ll be fun!” You grunt and push past him into your station and he just chuckles.

“Get to your station,” you snap.

“Hey, isn’t it my job to give the orders?”

“To your station,” you slowly growl, and he smiles at you as he walks off.

You walk to the hallway where James Kirk is waiting, and you take a deep and calculated breath. “Captain, right this way,” you call out, and he follows you in with a smile. You pull the curtain out and set your tablet down. “Have a seat,” you say, and he does.

“Glad I got stuck with the good looking doctor this time,” he says and you almost drop the thermometer in your hand. James just laughs as you recover your composure.

You walk to him and press the pad to his forehead, his temperature reading as 98.4 fahrenheit. You nod to yourself and type the number in.

“Say, can I ask you something?” he asks after you take his blood pressure.

“You better think real carefully about what’s about to come out of your mouth, Captain,” you joke. “I have all the tools and knowledge to make your death look like an accident.”

“Yikes,” he mutters and you laugh. “You got a crush on anyone here?”

The question makes you stop, looking up at him as you feel the lymph nodes in his neck.

“Why would you ask?” you say, playing along with his game on accident.

“Oh, just for a friend.” He winks at you and you can’t hold back a scoff. “No really, curious for a friend, not myself.” You just laugh, shaking your head as he stands up.

“Tell your friend to come ask me himself,” you say. But you pauses, looking up at him. “Or herself, I don’t judge.” James’ eyes go wide and you laugh loudly, patting his back.

After a few more inspections on the Captain, some a little too personal to describe, you dismiss him with a pass of great health. He gives you his trademark smile and leaves, and Spock enters after him.

“Good morning, Ms. (Y/L/N),” he greets you, and you smile at your tablet.

“As to you, Mr. Spock,” you reply, and he even gives you a small grin back. You begin the usual check up, the same as James’, but he stops you with a question.

“I do not know if this is an appropriate question for the workplace, but I promised a friend I shall ask at first chance,” he says. You cross your arms over your chest and nod once. “Is there anyone in this ship you may have taken a liking to, in an unprofessional manner?”

“First Kirk, now you,” you mumble, looking up at him again. “Which friend?”

“That I cannot tell-”

“Spock, you of all people should know Vulcans can’t get sick to many diseases.”

“This I know…”

“But trust me, I know a few that could kick your ass back to the Milky Way.”

Spock gulps, staring at you. “I’m sorry, Doctor, but I made a promise,” he says lowly. You just smile up at him, surprised to find yourself not the least bit mad at him.

“I admire that,” you say. “You’re free to go, Spock.” He nods at you and leaves.

Sulu walks in with a small smile and he sits on the biobed. You start with a scan of the lungs and heart, moving on to checking his vitals and blood levels. You can see the gears turning in his mind, and as he opens his mouth to speak, you stop him.

“I will not answer your question unless you tell me who is making you ask,” you snap, catching him by surprise. He looks at you with wide eyes, trying to find words to say.

“Well, uh, I…” he veers off. “Oh, nevermind.” You laugh slightly and get through the rest of his physical in just three minutes, another crew member with perfect health.

After the first round, you expected at least a small break for the doctors. But as the second wave of crew members floods in, you sigh, putting on a smile and continuing with your work. The routine repeats for ten whole rounds, and as the clock strikes 10:30 pm, the work day ends.

“About damn time,” you mutter as you open the curtains and dock your tablet. You shut your station down and walk out to see Bones finishing up with his last physical. You sit down and grab a hydration pill, swallowing it quickly and finding yourself rather refreshed now.

Bones walks out two minutes later, uploading the records as you did and docking his tablet. “Ready for your physical?” he asks and you roll your eyes as you stand.

“No, but sure,” you mutter as you walk to the biobed. You sit down and he checks your temperature and blood pressure. As he check the nodes in your neck, you notice how gentle his touch is on your skin, rather than hard and rough like with everything else. He checks your eyes closely and seems to handle you with fragile care throughout the exam.

And suddenly, it hits you. He’s the friend that sent Kirk, Spock, and Sulu to ask you.

“Well, you seem good to go,” he tells you, meeting your gaze. You stare softly at him and he shifts, setting the tablet down. “What is it?” he asks.

“It was you,” you whisper, and he laughs awkwardly.

“What?” he asks.

“It’s no coincidence that both Kirk and Spock asked me the same question,” you tell him, narrowing your eyes. “But when Sulu came and asked the same thing, I should’ve known.”

Bones sighs and shifts. He crosses his arms over his chest, watching you closely. Before he can move back or turn away, you lean forward and press your lips to his. It shocks him slightly, but he brings one hand to your cheek and another to your hip, pulling you closer to him and closer into the kiss.

You pull back after a moment, looking up at him. “You could’ve just asked yourself,” you tell him and he scoffs, shaking his head as he kisses you again.

Imagine Jim and Spock waking up early one lazy morning. Maybe they both have the day off or maybe their on shore leave or something, but they’re both being so lazy. Spock probably woke up an hour ago but jim is so warm and its logical to stay in bed and ensure that Jim remains warm by sharing body heat yes very logical so Jim finally wakes up and smiles and just has to kiss Spock, has to kiss him. He kisses him and Spock lets him and Jim smiles and says “G’morning beautiful, I love you.” because, relly, there is nothing else spock should hear first thing in the morning. Jim made a goddamn promise to love and cherish this Vulcan for the rest of his days and it is vital that “I love you” be the first thing Spock hears every morning, because Jim of all people knows how easy it is for the last thing you say to someone to not be I love you so he tells it to Spock at every occasion but especially in the mornings. Anyway, Jim insists on another kiss, and Spock obliges and Jim grabs him by the hips and rolls them over so Spock is straddling him and their kissing again and again and eventually Spock rolls them over once again so Jim is on top now and the blankets are tangled around their legs and Jim is laughing and Spock keeps running his fingers over Jim’s cheeks, the corners of his eyes, his meld points, his early morning i-had-sex-last-night-and-rolled-out-of-bed-just-now hair. And he keeps thinking about how jim looks so beautiful right now and he has more lovein his chest than he knows what to do with he has to express it by projecting it to his t’hy’la and kissing him again and seriously when do they get out of bed? if they could they would just spend all damn day in bed together just admiring and ugh their such cute dorks

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Oh wait you already did him my bad and oh my GOD old Spock looks EXACTLY like Leonard Nimoy holy shit good casting (and woman Spock looks like she should be in My Immortal lol)

Hi my name is S’chn T’gai Spock and I have short ebony black hair (like all Vulcans) in a long bowl cut and dark brown eyes like the rocks on Vulcan and a lot of people tell me I look like T’Pring (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Surak but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a Vulcan but I have a human mother. I have green blood. I’m also in Starfleet, and I’m deployed on the starship Enterprise where I’m a commander (and first officer). I’m super logical (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly blue. For example today I was wearing a blue shirt with a black undershirt and a black pants, and regulation boots. I was wearing blue eyeshadow, a bit of eyeliner, and some primer. I was on the bridge. We were orbiting a planet which means I had a lot to analyze, which I was very happy about. Bones came in and stared at me. I gave him the Ta’al.  

It had been an adrenaline-fuelled question, full of fear and trepidation and doubt, and Leonard remembers the answer he gave then, certain and grave.

“If Spock were here and I were there, what would he do?”

“He’d let you die.”

Now, he looks at the way Spock is gazing at Jim—their Captain, their friend—prone and weak lying on what they had all thought was already his deathbed, and who is now miraculously, against all odds, alive.

He remembers, suddenly, the first day they met, the cool, almost arrogant way Spock raised an eyebrow at Jim as he made what Leonard had thought back then was an emotionless, cold declaration:

“You of all people should know, Cadet Kirk: a Captain cannot cheat death.”

He looks at the way Spock is standing over his Captain now, his stance rigid and ramrod straight, always ready for duty, always ready for command, and yet his eyes… Spock’s eyes are tender.  As soft and as warm as the smile playing across Jim’s lips as he gazes up at his First Officer with naked adoration—to which Spock, Leonard is amused to observe, seems oblivious. 

Leonard shakes his head and quietly slips out of medbay, certain that his absence isn’t and won’t be noticed.  Not when those two look at each other as if there’s no one else in the universe but them.

As if nothing else matters, as long as they’re together.

He thinks of the impossible that’s been achieved by Spock, of the new blood and new life coursing through Jim’s veins now because of Spock, and a small smile quirks Leonard’s lips.

Indeed, it is true that a Captain cannot cheat death.

But for him, his First Officer will.

Over Time (Part 1)

Prompt: Angst. 

A/N: Okay so let me just start off by saying I’m sorry. This fic is going to mess with your emotions (it certainly messed with mine and Lydia’s). It made me really sad to be honest. This is only part one, because I needed a break, and I’m sure you don’t wanna read a super long ass fic (like Lydia’s working on). So regardless, there will be a part 2. I hope to get great feedback from you guys. 

Title: Over Time

Series: Over Time Sereis

Words: 1267

Author: Alice 

Songs I’m Listening To: Valerie by Amy Winehouse, and Painting Flowers by All Time Low. 

“Dr. McCoy, have you figured out the cause of death of the last enemy?” You tried asking boyfriend professionally.

“Well, Dr. Y/L/N,” he said, stressing your last name in amusement. You smiled. “I have most of the components of the disease figured out, but there are still some things foreign to me.”

“We don’t know what it is, so please be careful,” you pleaded.

“Whatever you say, doll,” he sighed. The nickname earned him a glare from you, as you were trying to keep your relationship under the radar. He cringed, knowing he was gonna get an earful later.

You sat there watching your sarcastic boyfriend slicing skin tissue to see effects of the unknown disease. Somehow you knew something was gonna happen.

“God damnit!” you heard Bones yell. The scalpel had sliced too quickly and ended up cutting through the gloves the “careful” doctor was wearing. You rushed over to your now bleeding doctor.

“Leonard Horatio McCoy what did I just say?” you scolded. “Dammit, man. I’m your girlfriend, not your mother!” You pulled the stubborn man along to the sink to try and scrub out anything that could’ve been contagious. You heard the man chuckle, before sending him a glare.

“And you get mad at me for calling you Doll,” he smirked.

“Oh, shut up you baby,” you grumbled.


“Leo, baby you okay?” you asked him. It had been a week since he had cut himself, and now something was up.

“Yeah, sweets. I’m good,” he responded in a tired voice. You continued to stare at him in concern. You decided that it was probably nothing so you chose to lighten the mood.

“Come on, you Nard. I have something planned,” you said with a giggle.

In the week since the incident, you and Leonard had slowly shown more your relationship to the crew. But apparently it didn’t come as much as a shock. You two had been secretly dating for a year, it was kinda obvious. And now, the two of you lived together.

“Lenny, come on,” you whined, dragging him behind you. He chuckled.

“Slow your ass down,” he said smiling. You had dragged him to the bridge to look out of the bay windows. You stood at the edge of the glass, admiring the stars.

“It’s like you’re trying to make me sick,” he grumbled.

“Shut it, I’m trying to be romantic, jackass,” you whined. He chuckled and tucked you under his arm. He kissed the top of your head. The two of you stood peacefully for a while until you spoke up.

“Isn’t it gorgeous?” you asked.

“It definitely is,” he mumbled.

“Baby, are you sure you’re okay? You’re uncharacteristically quiet,” you asked, voice still filled with concern. He looked at you with furrowed eyebrows.

“I don’t honestly don’t know why,” he whispered as if he was concerned too.


“Leonard, baby, are you getting dressed?” You called from the bathroom. He walked in with a confused look on his face.

“Get dressed for what doll?” He asked.

“Leo, did you already forget? I told you this morning! We’re having dinner with Jim and Spock to discuss some things,” you explained with your face scrunched up.

“I don’t remember that at all,” he scoffed. You looked at him confused, he had even responded with asking what to wear.

“Well, go and hurry up, I don’t wanna be late,” you said, thinking it was just his busy mind.

Bones stood in the closet looking at his clothes. Surely he would’ve remembered something as simple as dinner right? He shook his head and got dressed for the evening.

When he arrived at dinner with you, he still was a bit confused.

“I invited Nyota to eat with us if that’s okay with you all,” Spock said. “I believe some of this information may pertain to her as well.”

“Nyota?” Bones questioned, with a confused look. Who the hell was Nyota? You looked at your boyfriend with even more concern.

“Yes, my apologies,” Spock said. “Most people know her as Miss Uhura.”

“Come on, Bones,” Jim chuckled. “You know Nyota! How many drinks did you have before you got here?”

Leonard’s face still showed confusion until the woman in question walked in and sat down.

Maybe he just had a long day.


“Y/N, don’t you think we should go look at the stars like we did last night?” Bones called from the bathroom.

“Bonesy, that was two weeks ago. And I thought space made you sick,” you teased, trying to ignore his forgetfulness.

“Well, if it did, it doesn’t anymore,” he laughed. He looked at himself in the mirror. He had bigger bags under his eyes, and seemed to have more wrinkles, but he figured it was just from working overtime a lot. Two weeks ago? How could it have been two weeks ago?

“Come on, baby,” he heard you say, coming up behind him to rub his back. “We gotta get to work.”

“I just hope you don’t distract me all day,” he smirked. You laughed before hitting his shoulder.

“Come on you Nard,” you said smiling.

If a complete stranger had walked into medbay that day, they would think that everything was normal. But as someone who knew Leonard McCoy relatively well, you knew he was acting strange. You expected it to get better as the day progressed, but it didn’t.

“Bonesy, I’m surprised I haven’t heard any jokes from you today,” you said, grabbing his hand and smiling.

“Dr. Y/L/N, this is the medical bay, I don’t think this the place for jokes,” he said pulling his hand from your grasp. “Or showcasing affection.”

Your face fell as he walked away. Was he mad at you? The cold shoulder continued all day, with him only addressing you by your last name. You honestly hated it. You spent the entire day questioning what you could’ve done to make him act like this. And the rest of the med staff felt it as well. They usually joked along with the chief medical officer, but now it seemed the med bay was as strict as ever.

That night, you got off work before he did. You didn’t even bother to say goodbye. You say on the bed waiting for him to come home. You heard the keycard swipe, and you immediately tensed up, only to have him walk in with a huge smile on his face.

“Hey doll,” he said coming over to kiss you and hug you. “How was your day?”

“Uh, it was okay?” you said unsure. He seemed to catch on.

“What’s wrong, sweets?” he asked concerned.

“What was with you today Leo?” you asked, still confused as to what was going on. He looked at you like he didn’t fully understand. “No joking or showing affection in the med bay? Did I do something?”

He grabbed your hands and leveled with you. “No, you didn’t do anything Y/N. I just think that the medical bay is a place for seriousness. I mean wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yeah, but it’s just so unlike you,” you said still concerned.

“I guess so,” he said with a half smile. “But things will be better at work now. Things will get done more efficiently.”

You just sat there shaking your head, as if you were trying to convince yourself that everything was still fine. “If you say so,” you said finally.

He pulled you into a hug. Your face showed concern at how he was acting. His showed confusion as to why you said it wasn’t like him.

Spirk headcanon #1: Every Sunday, the only day they both have off, they get up early, eat an awesome breakfast, set up the chess board and just play chess ALL DAY LONG.  They keep score and everyone knows better than to call them because if they do it’s just like, “I’ll call you back; Spock has seven, and I’ve got eight, but he’s really nipping at my heels this time~” and when people find out about it they’re like, “really??? Just chess?  All day?? Every week??” And Kirk and Spock are just like, “yes, that’s right” and they honestly don’t know why everyone thinks it’s weird/boring/etc because honestly WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN CHESS ALL DAY LONG WITH YOUR T'HY'LA RIGHT~~

Spirk headcanon #2: They have a kotatsu because it is too cold in San Francisco in the winter for Vulcans.  Also because kotasu is just the best thing ever and everyone should have one~

(I drew this when I was watching Voyage Home at a Trek sleepover with friends.  I thought it would be fun to see if I remember how to colored pencils.  Turns out no, no I don’t.  Oh well, lalala~)

this entire election has just been one disappointment after another, and i know a lot of people, including myself, are scared but, as long as we stick together, protect each other, and stand up for what we believe in we should be okay. Let’s stick it to them by living our lives unapologetically and refusing to be moved.

i love you guys//

like yeah that’s the whole thing, you can look up to and admire and even feel deep love for fictional characters and that doesn’t mean you’re sexually attracted to them……you can deeply love certain real males in your life and that doesn’t mean you would ever want to bang them…… the fact that you can love and admire people w/out being sexually attracted to them should be super obvious but when you’re a teenager actively trying to identify your attraction to men all the time because it must be there or else you’re defective, and when you’re 16 years old lying awake in bed crying because you can’t make yourself feel attraction and you know there’s something wrong with you, it’s really easy and tempting to just point at this kind of thing and be like “yeah ok I have a crush on him”. I told people i had a crush on spock for god’s sake lol, at no point in my entire life have i ever considered wanting to bang spock!! i just consistently used ‘crush’ to mean ‘really love a lot’ or ‘really admire’ and then played it the fuck up

  • Spock: You of all people should know, Cadet Kirk. A Captain cannot cheat death.
  • Kirk: sweetie, you are literally so out of line it’s fucking unbelievable. i could drag you so hard right now but i know you’ll just end up crying. i’ve roasted you before and you know it. chances are you’ll just say i bullied you because you’re gay and have different skin. talk shit get hit, you don’t wanna mess with me kiddo; i’ve got a black belt. i know threats are fucked up but that’s all i’ve been receiving all day, probably from her royal hoodrat olive and all of her nasty friends. but you can gang up on me and make fun of me for being goth all you want. i’ve been hurt a lot. my first boyfriend cheated on me, my dad screams if i forget to do my chores, and there are some days i don’t even want to get out of bed in the mornings. i’m a jaded teenage girl. i’ve been through shit that you wouldn’t even dream of. you think your life is hard? try asking the cutest guy in your grade out in the middle of the cafeteria only to find out he has a fucking girlfriend. you don’t know my life or my story so keep my name out of your nasty mouth. life is a battlefield and it looks like i’ve already won.

(crappy quality gifs are crappy >_< )
Ok, so you know how much I love the fact that Spock had so much faith in Uhura and her skills in this scene and he was like ‘let my girl do her thing’ and how refreshing it is to see that in a couple, and I much I love that he’s protective with her only when it doesn’t go to the expense of her being a respectable officer and doing what’s her duty and him respecting her  [see when later in the movie he crosses the bridge to stand by her side when they think they’re about to die thanks to Marcus. Plus I already commented on the fact that he was losing the fight with Harrison in the end but once she gets there to save him he starts to break things and bones]
I have made a post once about how it’s important for them to be like that  and the fact that they have to constantly reconcile with the fact that the one they love is also an officer on a spaceship and thus getting in danger is part of their job. They know that.
Having stated that though, when people claim that in the scene between Uhura and the klingon, Spock was totes cool about the idea of her being in danger and they don’t hint any worry from his part, I wonder if these people have watched the same movie and missed the shots above and the way the camera intently focuses on Spock’s face both right after Uhura asks Kirk to let her talk with the klingons, and then when Uhura is outside talking with their leader.
I mean, if it’s so easy for some people to read so much into the way Spock looks at other characters in other scenes (and they can actually put entire fanfictions in Spock’s mouth and mind, regardless what he actually says or thinks according to the writers)  yet, they don’t see why they showed his face here and the worry and conflict in his eyes, well, I don’t know what to tell them. I doubt that JJ focused on his face like that to show us that Spock didn’t care if Uhura was killed. And I don’t think they need to make him a caricature of himself to make you see that he has feelings. Maybe it’s because I relate to Spock  sometimes and I hate when people make assumptions and think you don’t care or you aren’t in pain only because you don’t have their exact same reaction to things. In this case, I feel some people keep assuming that he should react like Kirk and honestly if you do that you are missing the point of Spock’s character.  With all the claims about the writers making him OOC with Uhura, I actually think he’s the most in character with her (plus, Spock can’t win. You know it. Because if he shows too much emotion with her - see in the other scenes -  certain people will say he is OOC and the writers don’t respect him being a vulcan because vulcans don’t have emotions blah blah blah but if he doesn’t show enough emotion then it means he doesn’t give a damn about her ….and I can’t even…)

The way I see him, I see conflict in both shots. On one hand, he knows that  she will be in danger and he doesn’t like the idea, on the other hand though he cannot stop her. Aside from the fact that she will kick his ass if he does LOL She’s an officer, he respects her, her logic is sound. They don’t have better alternatives. Then you have that second shot: his body language,  the way he’s gripping the back of the chair, the way he’s focused on looking at her and what she’s doing. The way he absently turns a bit at Kirk fussing in the ship while getting ready to go outside… Some people maybe think that this is coldness and lack of reaction from his part, I think it’s helplessness instead.  I honestly think that Spock is thinking  that they’re completely hopeless. That if Uhura’s plan really fails and the klingon wants to kill her.. he will. There is nothing he or Kirk can do to stop that. NOTHING. And even if they get outside in this moment, they might just make things worse for her and either way the Klingon will kill her. They have zero chance. So the only thing he can do is try to stay calm and focus on her and hope with his whole being that her plan works.
Do not mistake this for a lack of fear or care. Spock had just told you 'you mistake my choice not to feel as a reflection of my not caring. I assure you, the truth is precisely the opposite’ and yet you have already forgot it and you’re making that mistake all over again.

Even in the scene at the beginning when he’s in the volcano and he thinks that he’s about to die: I hate when people claim that he was 'cool’ about the idea of dying. Yes, in a way they play it to make you believe that and later Uhura becomes the unreliable narrator that supports this idea when she argues with him about this point. But she was wrong  and even before Spock explains his feelings to her, us the audience (unlike her) should have noticed how lonely and scared he looks at one brief point when he realizes he will die in that volcano, before his resolve to accept his demise. The audience should also notice the way he looks when he watches Pike die (and don’t tell me, please, that he was 'cool’ about it and has no reaction only because you compare him to Kirk crying and his open desperation) And later, in the shuttle, he explains that he was everything but cool about the idea of dying (and the death of his mother and all those vulcans in the other movie) and the idea of how Uhura would feel.  

Furthermore, Spock on kronos is a bit like Uhura in the scene at the beginning when she is helping him with his volcano suit. It’s a dangerous mission and she knows that but she seems confident he will do fine. She even jokes with him and she smiles at him lovingly.  But it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care or isn’t worried for him, in fact when he’s finally lowered in the volcano you see the way the camera focuses on her face and her looking below in the direction where he went.

External image

You don’t need the subtitles to understand that she’s worried for him. Even Uhura, who is human and more open about her emotions was controlling her feelings to not let her love get in the way of the mission and his duty. But she is very worried for him.

Also, back to the scene on kronos, yes, the camera focuses on Kirk’s face when the klingon grabs Uhura but this is not a hint that Spock has no reaction there or that Kirk cares for her more than Spock. Bullshit. The movie is mainly told from Kirk’s pov and the main plot is Kirk caring for his crew and him understanding the responsibility of being the captain. Showing that he cares for Uhura (who also is his friend, and I appreciate the Kirk/Uhura friendship in this movie. I might ship S/U but I don’t need every little scene to be about them only) and his crew has nothing to do with Spock or S/U.  (btw, if you want to talk about Spock’s lack of 'worry’, in a deleted scene when the klingon is about to kill Kirk, Uhura is the only one who has an obvious reaction to it and is visibly worried for him and distressed)
In a way, in stid Spock gets almost demoted from his role as equal protagonist (first movie) to a supporting character.
By watching the movie alone,  you might have no idea that that Spock has a PTSD after what happened to vulcan (which is hinted only in the comics where they also show him having nightmares about it) there is no reference to his father or new vulcan .. that plot is essentially ignored for the most part even though it’s important for Spock…but it doesn’t mean that he isn’t still grieving and he’s totes fine after what happened. Kirk undeniably is the main character of this movie that is more about HIS journey as a captain than about Spock as an individual character IMO. Again, you should thank Uhura for her oh so called “”“unprofessional”“” moment in that shuttle that not only gave her the chance to express her feelings but it also gave to Spock a pretext to have the single moment in the whole movie that is about *him*  (and yet some people want to take even that away from him and turn even that S/U moment into something about Kirk only…SMDH)

Gina: a transgender!spock story (set in tos!verse)

(Before Gina)

The Vulcans do not have a word for it.

(Jim would call it antiquated, now. Leonard thinks it’s an outrage.)

Be their anger as it may, the Vulcans do not have a word for it, and should - Spock, at that point - have voiced his thoughts or opinions on the matter, he is positive they would have been immediately dismissed as a silly human condition - “It’s because of your human whore mother“ or something to that effect.

Remembering that time - the thoughts that went along with that feeling inside - is difficult. Spock - it is strange - would glance at the females as he passed them on the street, their hair curled and straightened and wearing simple dresses, and a pang of longing and simple want would - 

It was not a sexual longing, not in any sense - Spock at that point did not feel those urges - but more of an intense desire to be them, to have their elaborate hair, wear a dress -

There is not much else. Spock would concentrate, after every time he glanced at the girls, on building a mental fort around himself, those memories blocked out, because they were illogical and useless; there was nothing to come of that urge.

Nevertheless, sometimes he wondered.


He - it is he, you are a he, Spock, S’chn T’gai, he, himself - he presses the words, the pronouns into every crevice of his brain, and thinks of men and he, he, he-

T’Pock, he thinks and pushes it down, down, far down as it can go, he he he is not to think of it.

He is 17 and wants to go to the Vulcan Science Academy. He cannot afford to have such thoughts; they will distract him from his studies and 

T’Pock - 

It is a comfortable thought. It is emotion, it is a human failing, a weakness, he stresses. It is not him, it is she

He he he he he


He goes to Starfleet instead.


The night before he leaves, he thinks of his human condition and wonders if perhaps there are others, if perhaps at Starfleet there will be a boy who isn’t quite - 

T’Pock - 

He -

Spock, is he Spock or is he something, someone else, 

is she


James T. Kirk is an enigma, and Spock has starting thinking of himself - herself - as it because there is no other way to put it, put what it is. The professor is a bright, bright human with such a fiery passion for life and for justice and he is involved in everything Starfleet has to offer - 

It is fascinated. It has never seen anything quite like James T. Kirk.

It does not know love, but it wonders if that is what James T. Kirk is. It does not feel love, specifically, for James T. Kirk, but James T. Kirk feels love, because when It was young, It was taught that love meant people that smiled.

James T. Kirk smiles.

* Somehow, it and James T. Kirk become acquaintances; It is hesitant to call James T. Kirk a friend, because he certainly has many, but they are acquaintances, at the very least.   It is walking with Mr. Kirk, as It now calls him, when a person passes, head held low and tears streaking through their make-up painted face. "Hey,” Mr. Kirk says, stopping the person, “are you all right?”   The person looks up at him and It - Spock - T’Pock - freezes.    Her wig is slipping to the side and her breasts are lopsided and her running make-up is exposing an unquestionably male face and she is wearing a dress and IthehersheheSpockHIMHIMHIMherHIm freezes -    “Did someone hurt you?” Kirk asks and all It can do is stand there, stupid and illogical, and this is why you should have repressed it-   And she says, “No, they just - “

And her voice is low and male and -   “They just told me I was - ” and she draws in a ragged breath. “Worthless, and - “   Kirk draws up straight. “Spock, could you stay with - what’s your name?”   “Which one?" she asks.   "The one you want to be called,” Kirk says gently -    And she says, ”Gina.”   “Spock, would you might staying with Gina for a moment?” Kirk asks, and draws himself up and storms off.   It doesn’t know what to say.   “Are you gonna just stand there and stare?" Gina she asks, and It shakes Its head, mutely.   "My apologies," It says. “I simply was wondering - ” And It wets Its lips. “How did - how did you know?”   "That I was a girl?" Gina asks, sullen and grumbling. “That’s not a question I’m quite inclined to answer to a Vulcan I just met.”   There’s not an easy way to tell her, is there? It stands there and maybe It looks shameful enough that she gives in.   "Fine," she says. “Um. I guess I’ve always known, and I raided my mom’s closet one day and her catching me ripping her favorite dress while trying to put it on over my shoulders still isn’t one of my finer moments.”   Kirk returns five minutes later, when It is listening to her tell It her stories.   He has blood on his knuckles.   It knows, then, that James T. Kirk is someone to trust. * (After Gina)"T’Pock," she says.It is illogical."T’Pock,” she says.She. She, she, she. * She stands and looks in the mirror in her room and comms James.  I would like to tell you something, she writes. Would you mind coming to my dormitory room so we can discuss it? “T’Pock,” she says in the mirror. sure, is the answer, after a couple of minutes. should i bring chocolate and alcohol?No, thank you, she - she - she - says. James’s lack of proper punctuation astounds her, sometimes. I would prefer to remain sober.sorry, James says. i’ll see ya in five minutes! “T’Pock,” she says. “I am she. I am her. I am T’Pock.” T’Pock: the Vulcan, female version of her original, given name. T’Pock. It is freeing. Gina had described it as such. Comfortable - yet nerve wracking, and that is illogical, nerves are illogical, and she picks up her her comm unit and It is about to comm James, quickly, Never mind are the words, but there is a buzz at her door -  “Come,” she says, and stands off to the side and hugs her arms to her chest in a display of emotion that she has never allowed anyone to see, ever, it is human and it is weakness and weakness means error -  “Spock?” James asks quietly, and he stands in front of her. “Please close the door,” she says, and he rushes to. “Spock? Is this - ” “I do not know what to call it,” she says. “What is the word?” “Crossdressing?” T’Pock shakes her head. “No. Like Gina.” James’s confused vision clears. “Transgender?” T’Pock closes her eyes. “Yes.” “Spock,” James says softly. “T’Pock,” she corrects. “What?” James questions, his voice soft and gentle, like he is dealing with a frightened animal, backed into a corner, and that is all that T’Pock is, isn’t it -  “It is the Vulcan female version of my name,” she tells him.
“Okay,” Jim tells her, and puts a hand on her shoulder, not touching skin, because he is polite and careful with her and respectful of her mental shields. “T’Pock.” Her breath hitches in her throat, and Jim pulls her into a hug and his arms are light around her waist and her eyes are stinging and she remembers her mother telling her about crying, but she didn’t ever think that it would be like this, where she shakes and somehow her emotions are overwhelming and terrifying and -  “Help me,” she sobs into his shoulder and this is so embarrassing -  Jim’s hand accidentally brushes her skin and he goes still because emotions and she can feel his shock as her emotions emotions sweep through him. “It’s not embarrassing,” he says. “It’s completely understandable. Even for a Vulcan, okay, T’Pock?” He holds her and she cries.  * Now she is older and more experienced and the last time she cried, she was twenty-five and in her dormitory with a blond friend named Jim holding her close. Now she is much braver and she does not have to worry about people that say things because she is T’Pock, Science Officer and Vulcan and human and emotions and logic and male and female all in one.  And now she has Jim and Leonard and Nyota and Pavel and Hikaru and Montgomery and people who care and don’t care about all the right things. And now she is safe.

MODS NOTE - writewordswithmusic i know that sometimes i add a goofy epilogue onto your stories but i honest to god cant even think of anything that remotely compares to this this was absolutely beautiful and thank you so much for sharing it with us im actually crying heres the AO3 link you all should go comment and and bookmark this 

00:00:00, Time's up.

Based on the tumblr prompts “In a universe where everyone is born with numbers on their wrists counting down to when they’ll meet their soulmate, send me 00:00:00 for my muses reaction to their numbers hitting zero when they meet yours.” and “We all now have time stamps counting down to the moment we’re going to meet the person that gets us killed, inadvertently or otherwise. Send “time’s up” for my character’s reaction to their timer hitting zero right as they met yours.”

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