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The real 'shy Trump' vote - how 53% of white women pushed him to victory
Early data suggest a clear majority of white women voted Republican, and supporters say Trump’s offensive remarks didn’t affect their decision
By Amber Jamieson

Dear White Women, 

You never cease to find new lows, do you?! 

As a fellow white woman, I’m beyond disgusted and disappointed by this neverending racist, sexist, and xenophobic crap but of course, I’m never surprised. And now, ^THIS^!!!!!

It’s gotta STOP!!!!

melichrous-cony replied to your post:

im genuinely scared of what will happen to…

Please don’t think that at all. Nothing will happen to your friends or anyone, he honestly can’t do crap. So don’t worry about it. They will be fine and you’ll be fine. :)

his win represents a larger issue in that my country voted him into highest office. I should absolutely be worried about it. Im terrified of how other countries will see us now and not want anything to do with us. His win shows the amount of hatred this country still has that will now be in a position of ‘leadership’ for 4 years (and hopefully /only/ 4 years). Hate has been emboldened by this, men like my father will now think every disgusting word of hateful rhetoric they spew out of their mouths at anyone who’s not a white male is supported by their own president and theyre right.

im scared, I have full reason to be. 

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Anyway, remember the little vote thing you did some time ago? Well, it was a tie between Birthright, Conquest and Awakening (seriously, guys?) so I just went with whatever I felt like doing.

So here it comes, a little compilation of the bullshit I yelled and thought while playing Birthright. Enjoy it HERE.

Also coming: the Fire Emblem: Heroes supports blog.

John Scott

John “You Made The Trade and Now You’ve Paid” Scott
John “Grit and Skill and Winning the Mil” Scott
John “Here Fair and Square and Scoring a Pair” Scott
John “Five In My Career and I’m Still Fuckin’ Here” Scott
John “Fans Voted Me In So You’ll Pay For Your Sins” Scott
John “You Tried Trading Me But I’ll Still Wear the C” Scott
John “On The IceCaps and Taking No Crap” Scott
John “A Million Bucks and Giving No Fucks” Scott
John “All-Fuckin-Star With a Brand New Car” Scott
John “Happy As Hell and Fuck the NHL” Scott

John Scott, MVP of the 2016 all star game, and the entire league’s favorite player :)

If you can’t read the screenshot it says ““You shouldn’t be worried about equality, women can vote!” Ah yes now I can choose which straight white man can oppress me what a time to be alive” I’m tired of seeing this stupid post on my dash every goddamn day. If you reblog it I’m judging the hell out of you. It has so many notes and I really can’t believe that many people are that fucking stupid.  If you truly believe that crap you really need to pull your head out of your ass. Having a victim complex isn’t going to get you anywhere in life. The wage gap has been debunked a million times so stop using that as an excuse to feel like a victim. It’s just embarrassing. This is coming from a “woc” also. And it’s sad I feel the need to say that because your opinion is apparently more valid if you’re not white (although people will still comment shit like “this is probably actually a straight while male lul.” “Women of color” don’t want your sympathy so stop treating us like helpless victims that need sjws to stand up for them. It’s fucking degrading and embarrassing! Alright rant over I think.