you never see pictures of him doing something normal

build-a-bear date w.michael

It was yours and Michael’s anniversary, you had never been really into anniversaries all that much and told him that you just wanted to do something small. You made him a photo album of all your favourite pictures that the two of you had taken together while you visited him on tour the year before. He took you out to an adorable diner and then said he had a surprise. Normally you didn’t care for surprises, but seeing how excited Michael was made you relax. When you pulled up you started squeeling because of how happy you were. He had promised to take you to build-a-bear a few years ago but you had never gotten to it. “MICHAEL OH MY GOD.” You leaned over the console of the car and hugged him as tight as possible before running into the store. The two of you chose the softest most cuddly bear you could find and made it together. When you were done he insisted on buying clothes for it.

“You have to buy it this little denim jacket so it could look just like me. OH and this little inflatable guitar!” He grabbed them off the shelf. 

“It won’t be the same as cuddling with you when you’re gone though..” You knew that’s what he was getting at without even saying it.

“I know..but I can even spray my cologne on it so it smells like me!”

“That sounds great Michael..” You leaned up and kissed him and all the little kids around you ‘ewwww’d’.

“Just don’t makeout with it or anything, I know it’ll be hard to resist considering it looks so much like me.” He put it up beside his face for a comparison and you started laughing.

“Nah, you’re more of a kitten anyways.” You poked his nose and he pouted at you.

“Hey! I’m manly. Like a bear.” He growled and scrunched up his face.

“Remember you are comparing yourself to a teddy bear and not a real bear… I can definitely see the resemblance between you and this cuddly little guy though.” You slipped the little denim jacket on the bear and wrapped your arms around it. “I love it Michael, thank you.. I love you.”

“You’re more than welcome, I love you more…now can we make me one? I want to take a teddy bear version of you on tour.”

“The boys are going to make fun of you.” You warned.

“Meh, I don’t care." 

"It’s your funeral.” The two of you laughed and you picked out clothes for the teddy bear version of yourself for Michael. 

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