you never see pictures of him doing something normal

I think part of the reason why the ALW Phantom takes everything to the extreme has to do with him never really experiencing what normal life and love is like. I think the picture that he gets out of life is primarily painted from the operas he sees and in operas everything is amplified and over the top. Also if you recall a post that was made on tumblr a while back about how the phantom gets his methods on love from what he sees w/ Raoul and Christine (like singing all I ask of you)… idk just something I started thinking about again

Daughter of an Archangel

Word Count: 2,564


Warnings: Mentions of torture, being kidnapped, I think that’s it?

Request: Hi! :) Can you write a fic in which TFW finds the reader, who doesn’t know she’s a Nephilim, and a daughter of one of the Archangels (she was an orphan) And the angels want to get to her, because with her mixed grace and soul she can be a powerful vessel, but if they can’t have her, they want to kill her. They capture and torture her to get her to consent, but TFW rescue her. Oh and she is completely amazed by Cas, but she doesn’t tell him cause she thinks she’s not good enough for him.

A/N: This one was definitely different for me considering I haven’t written a Cas-centric fic before. But I loved it all the same and enjoyed writing it! Thanks for the request ;)

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TITLE: On his knees


AUTHOR: armadillo pie

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki calling you and asking you to bail him out of jail. Once you get to his cell, you tell him to bow and tell you he loves you. Loki blushes and refuses, but eventually does it. Little do you know he was so flustered because he actually is in love with you.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Some language

You groan and roll over in bed, arm flopping blindly around for your cell phone.  After knocking a few other things off the bedside stand, you finally find your target.  You sit up, rub the sleep out of your eyes, and attempt to focus on the brightly lit screen as your ringer continues to sound obnoxiously.

“Who the fuck is calling me at,” you glance at the corner.  “Three in the morning?  You have to be fucking kidding me.”

It’s an unfamiliar number.  You get even more pissed, which seems to kill the last of your sleepiness.  You finally answer the phone, determined to give them hell for waking you from a sound sleep.

“Who the hell is this?” You demand.

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anonymous asked:

What kind of snapchats would GOM + Takao + Imayoshi + Izuki + Hanamiya + Kagami send to their gf?

Kuroko: Literally all his snaps would be pictures of his dog doing something or of a sunset. Not one snap would be different. Only like on rare occasions when he felt affectionate but that was only on the holidays.

Kagami: He’d take pictures of things he bought or what he was eating to his girlfriend. He’d even take selfies with people like Kuroko or Izuki saying something like “Wish you were here”

Izuki: I think we all know what kind of snapchats he’d send. Pictures with puns. And also random pictures of Hyuga when he was either angry or not looking.

Kise: He’d take pictures of himself in school, in the cafeteria everywhere he didn’t care. He’d even send her pictures of him and her. He’d send her videos of him saying I love you. He was her top best friend on snapchat.

Midorima: Pictures of his lucky items and of his sister that’s all. Other than that he never sends any snapchats he probably has like 300 points on snapchat what a loser.

Takao: Pictures of random things with the caption like “I miss you.” “This could be us.” And also caught off guard Midorima.

Aomine: He’d never reply to snaps but when he did he’d send her like pictures of his new shoes.

Imayoshi: He’d send her normal snaps of him and something amusing that happened in the team. One time he sent her three videos of his neighbors getting it on through the window the curtains down but you could still see what they were doing and the captions were all “what they doing” like he genuinely didn’t know.

Hanamiya: I shit you fucking not he’s probably the kind of person who takes pictures of peoples ass showing and the caption like “My anaconda don’t” he once did it to his girlfriend and sent it to her and saved it on his phone and refused to delete it. he also does this and makes his girlfriend take the picture look

Murasakibara: Never sends snaps but instead messages them on snapchat cause he’s too lazy to take a picture.

Akashi: Pictures of scenery or both of them doing something that’s all he sends.

Song Preference #16 She Looks So Perfect by 5SOS

A/N: In this preference the boys won’t be famous but are graffiti artists just in case you get confused.

Ashton: They say we’re too young now to amount to anything else, But look around, We worked to damn hard for this just to give it up now.

“Look around Ashton! This is your work, your safe haven!” You yelled out the sound of your voice could of probably woken up the entire city of New York, you walked around to each of the walls looking at them with deep concentration “This one was the first piece of art I ever saw you do, remember that day? I was going to call the cops but you convinced me not and made me meet you in this exact spot the next night at the same time” He laughed nodding his head looking round at everything he had sprayed onto these ruined walls in the midst of the city, hundreds of people have probably seen his art when they walk by but don’t think about it until one person took interest in the artwork permanently sprayed onto the walls maybe a little too involved, which then involved the police and the arresting of Ashton on destruction of property. “And that one!” I pointed to the tiger that on the corner of the building “You did that one after we had our first fight, you thought I was going to rip your head off” He laughed loudly letting his head fall back as his hands made their way up to his hair ruffling it slightly and then letting his hands run down his face over the light stubble he had been trying to grow in the last couple of weeks. He made his way over to you grabbing you by the hips and pulling your body towards his rougher than usual, your hands were placed on his chest “Prison has really changed you” You winked at him as his forehead rested against yours and both of your laughs died out looking into each other’s eyes. “And the one right behind you is the one I did right before I told you that I loved you, ever since then you have been my inspiration for anything I do” He said, you stood on your tip toes high enough so that you could reach his lips letting them move together in sync letting him and yourself know that you were desperately in love with the ‘criminal’ in front of you. “You worked too damn hard for this just to give it up now”

Calum: Your lipstick stain is a work of art, I’ve got your name tattooed in an arrow heart, And I know now that I’m so down.

He looked down at you from his positions lying down in his bed, spray can bottles littering every surface in his bedroom even some on the ground. You were straddling his legs, you only in his boxers and a tank top after your activities last night. You had found some spare poster paint in his bedroom and decided to give him a little piece of artwork on his body like he has done to you many times before. You hadn’t really thought of what to do at first but something quickly came to mind when thinking about what had happened and what had been said between the two of you. You wrote your name as his eyes watched your every move, the corners of your mouth turned into a smile as you drew a heart around it in the middle of his chest. His chest vibrated from his laughter as you finished off with putting parts of an arrow on either side of the heart smiling at your work you pressed your lips to numerous parts of his chest leaving marks of your left over red lipstick. “And what was that all for?” He asked moving your body so you were now straddling his waist making sure not to get paint on his top and boxers. “Just wanted to leave something behind for you like you do all the time” You remembered all the times that you had woken up on his sofa and found drawing all on your stomach, bra and sometimes on your legs, drawing and painting was him so you didn’t usually mind having his new pieces of art scattered across your body knowing that he will put it into good use later that night when he was all alone. “Well I love it” He winked at you leaving small kisses up and down your neck in-between talking to you “And…I…love…you…so…much” He said stopping his actions on your neck to roll you over and continuing what had happened last night.

Luke: I found myself alone just thinking, If I showed up with a plane ticket, And a shiny diamond ring with your name on it, Would you wanna run away too? Cause all I want is you.

“Luke what are you doing here?” You asked quietly, your parents were sat in the living room watching some idiotic TV show and asked you to answer the door which just happened to have your boyfriend stood behind it looking around him every now and then like he was waiting for something bad to happen. “Who is it Y/N?” Your dad shouted from the living room and you gave Luke a panicked look not knowing what to say. “Your neighbour, say it was them and they need help finding their pet or something” He whispered quickly as you called out to your parents what he told you to say and they muttered something about being home soon before you slammed the door behind you, you were in your pyjama’s which was a pair of baggy shorts and one of Luke’s old shirts that still smelt like him even though you had worn so many times before. “Where are we going?” You asked as he grabbed onto your hand intertwining your fingers as he started running down the street your hair flowing behind you from the fast pace you were going at. You ended up at an empty alley only a few blocks away from your house and you immediately knew what he was going to do and it was the right prediction when he tipped the backpack he had on upside down letting can after can of spray paint fall out making loud noises on the concrete. “Paint whatever you want” He said throwing you a can and you caught it effortlessly staring at him, he never wanted you getting used to spray painting buildings but tonight something changed in him. “Come on!” He shouted as you started to draw a cartoon figure of him and then you, you heard him doing something on the other wall behind you but you didn’t dare turning round as he never liked you seeing his work before it was completely finished. “You can look now” He said as you turned round, his towering figure already stood next to you as on the wall was writing in his normal scruffy writing not the writing he uses for his other pieces of art as he calls it. “Runaway with me?” He asked, you were still staring as song lyrics were written on the wall with pictures of a ring and a plane ticket. “Of course I will” He picked you up off of the floor spinning the two of you around until his lips were pressed against yours once again.

Michael: I made a mixtape straight out of 94’, I’ve got your ripped skinny jeans lying on the floor, And I know now that I’m so down.

You were stood in Michael’s kitchen in his boxers and one of his many band t-shirts like usual, you stood waiting for the kettle to boil when his arms wrapped around your waist. He had gone out early this morning telling you that he had “inspiration” and must have only returned back to his flat where you were nearly every day. “Mhmm this is a nice thing to come back to every morning” He said kissing over the many marks he had left last night on your neck and many other places on your body but there was no point in covering as it was only going to be the two of you today, no one else was going to come over. The radio was playing in the background what they call the mix of 94’ which you thought was considerately good music for that time, Michael’s hands spun you round to face him as you swayed to the soft beat as Hero by Mariah Carey started playing. “Oi mate! Who’s jeans are on your floor?!” You heard someone shout from down the corridor meaning some of Michael’s friends were round, they only thought they two of you were friends but you had been dating for the last five months without anyone suspecting it. “Some of your clothes are in the spare room” He whispered pushing you towards the hall to make your way down to the spare room which was mostly used to store all his spray cans and where he would practice some of his latest pieces on the walls before painting back over them and starting again if he didn’t like it. “Oh what do we have here Y/N?” Luke asked stood at the other side of the hallway near the front door to the flat. Michael poked his head through the door to his lounge with Ashton as they both started laughing at the sight of you as you pouted. “Well at least he is getting some!” You said as Michael ooo’ed at the boys and followed you into the spare room pressing you up against the wall whispering what he would be doing to you if his friends weren’t here.

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“Normal more than boring. It would seem as though you’re holding on to some of that, since you’re already different. Just like completely normal and ‘boring’ people have strange and unique hobbies. In return I can tell you that I’m just as boring, though don’t have many hobbies at all, I mostly seem to be reading, but at times I find myself baking if I really don’t have anything to do.” 

“I suppose normal is also an accurate word to use, in this situation.  It’s just strange, as I never really considered myself normal in any regards.”  No one else seemed to see him in that regards as well, so hearing that a part of him was normal was different.  

“You bake?”  His head tilted to the side, curious.  Really, baking wasn’t something he could easily picture the other doing.  “I have a hard time imagining that is something you picked up in your past life… so something from the life before?”

To all the people grieving over hamsters who have passed:

I just want to say I feel you.

Too often I hear ignorant people say that it’s childish and ridiculous to mourn the loss of a hamster. Know this: it’s not immature in the slightest to miss a beloved pet. Your feelings of pain are completely valid and normal.

Our hamsters are family, just like our dogs or cats are family. When a part of your family is gone, it’s okay to be sad about it. Don’t feel like it’s something you have to hide or be ashamed of.

I saw on my Timehop today that my first hamster ever, Doughnut, died 3 years ago today. It’s been 3 years and yet I still see his little face in pictures and miss him and wish I could hold him. Do I carry on with my life and find happiness with other pets? Of course - it’s normal and healthy to move on. However, that twinge of pain I feel when I see a photo of a pet who has passed never will go away. I don’t think it ever does for anyone.

I see many people in the hamster tag struggling with feelings like that. Just know that you are not alone and that you aren’t being stupid for feeling that way. In fact, I think it’s commendable for a human being to show so much compassion and devotion to such a small creature. You should be proud of your ability to love and bond with animals so deeply; it’s a pretty special trait!

Anyway - just wanted to put that out there. I’m thinking of you all. If you ever need to vent, the ask box is always open :3

- Jenna aka iluvhamsters

build-a-bear date w.michael

It was yours and Michael’s anniversary, you had never been really into anniversaries all that much and told him that you just wanted to do something small. You made him a photo album of all your favourite pictures that the two of you had taken together while you visited him on tour the year before. He took you out to an adorable diner and then said he had a surprise. Normally you didn’t care for surprises, but seeing how excited Michael was made you relax. When you pulled up you started squeeling because of how happy you were. He had promised to take you to build-a-bear a few years ago but you had never gotten to it. “MICHAEL OH MY GOD.” You leaned over the console of the car and hugged him as tight as possible before running into the store. The two of you chose the softest most cuddly bear you could find and made it together. When you were done he insisted on buying clothes for it.

“You have to buy it this little denim jacket so it could look just like me. OH and this little inflatable guitar!” He grabbed them off the shelf. 

“It won’t be the same as cuddling with you when you’re gone though..” You knew that’s what he was getting at without even saying it.

“I know..but I can even spray my cologne on it so it smells like me!”

“That sounds great Michael..” You leaned up and kissed him and all the little kids around you ‘ewwww’d’.

“Just don’t makeout with it or anything, I know it’ll be hard to resist considering it looks so much like me.” He put it up beside his face for a comparison and you started laughing.

“Nah, you’re more of a kitten anyways.” You poked his nose and he pouted at you.

“Hey! I’m manly. Like a bear.” He growled and scrunched up his face.

“Remember you are comparing yourself to a teddy bear and not a real bear… I can definitely see the resemblance between you and this cuddly little guy though.” You slipped the little denim jacket on the bear and wrapped your arms around it. “I love it Michael, thank you.. I love you.”

“You’re more than welcome, I love you more…now can we make me one? I want to take a teddy bear version of you on tour.”

“The boys are going to make fun of you.” You warned.

“Meh, I don’t care." 

"It’s your funeral.” The two of you laughed and you picked out clothes for the teddy bear version of yourself for Michael. 

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