you never made me it

i don’t think it’s fair for people (non-artists especially) to point out an artist and say “wow i hate their art they suck they haven’t progressed in years, the way they draw _____ is pathetic”. yes, it’s okay for you to not like an art style but don’t put someone down for their progress. development in art is something that doesn’t move upwards consistently in a smooth path, it’s different for everyone and it’s not fair to compare and judge. even the most popular artists can get stuck drawing the same thing for a long time and i think that’s okay? some people get really comfortable with the way they draw a certain thing and may choose to stick with that for a long time because it looks right to them, they’re fearful of trying a new thing and the new thing looks like trash in their eyes so it might take them a while to get comfortable with exploring. everyone is different and develops in their own way, art is frustrating and really hard and no one is harder on the artist than themselves. 

ok i know my my fav character did some bad shit & should probably be in jail for all of it but if anyone ever talks bad about movie!L, i stg, i will defend that darling with everything i have ok everyone stay away from my bb he actually developed & he deserves nothing but love 

I made a list of everything that’s ever made me cry and crammed you in between a piercing and a song. They glared at you. Because even art and pain would never be so cruel. Now look what you’ve done. Made me compare us to a tragedy, when you’re just a flat tire I never learned how to change.
—  D.K. // We crash in the river and I forget how to swim

ccloversims  asked:

💫💞 i don’t remember any other emoji’s😬😬😬

+ Wrong emojis😬😬😬 It’s this one 💫
+ Of course a lot moree😚
+ Okay these are the ones: final answer 💫🎀🎼

💫 - I want to be friends with you!
🎀 - I consider you a friend already!
🎼 - I think you’re talented!

Ahah! This made me laugh because I can never remember any of the questions either, but thank you so much!! 

Some (possible) references to the “old Taylor” I found in the “Look What You Made Me Do” lyric video:

Dear John:

I lived in your chess game, but you changed the rules everyday

Long Live:

How the kingdom lights shined just for me and you/We are the kings and queens, you traded your baseball cap for a crown

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together:

You called me up again tonight

All Too Well:

I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it


The birds in the video vs the birds on Taylor’s shirt

Blank Space:

As well as the whole list of names concept


Out of the Woods:

The monsters turned out to be just trees


You’re bullshit. You’re pretending like… Like everything’s okay. You know, like… like we didn’t kill Barb. Like… like it’s great. Like we’re in love, and we’re partying… Yeah, let’s party. Party, we’re partying… This is bullshit.


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

“Let it be to kill the demon.”

He fell quietly from her arms.

He was a king.


What a great episode I watched it nearly nine hours ago and I’m still yelling g o o d

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I would get on my knees for Tae

Hoseok | Jimin | Namjoon | Jungkook | Yoongi | Jin

Valentine’s Date Night

A super late piece for @jojosrealityisimaginative through @klancevalentines ! I’m soso sorry that this is incredibly late but I hope that you like it!


Well, well, what else is in store, got all this and more before twenty-four”