you never loved me

In ten years, you won’t remember my name. I will be just a tiny puzzle of your youth, a forgotten piece, forgotten kiss, another forgotten snowflake that melted in your hands.

*Watching random people’s vlogs from Vidcon because I couldn’t go and this makes me feel like I was kind of there, and also because I love seeing Matt and Steph interact with fans*

Person filming vlog: So guys, as you just saw I got to meet Matpat and his wife


(Gif credit to my friend GT_Streams on Twitter, ily B!)

anonymous asked:

what’s your favorite thing about julieta?

well i’ll give you two answers… first answer becs idk if it counts as a ‘thing’ is that, i have a very low tolerance for people. i need my space a lot and i’m REALLY closed off and even when i really get along with someone i’m not good at.. answering messages or whatever… i care but i’m weird and i think it’s more of a me-thing than anything? 

but getting to the point the Thing is that that doesn’t happen with her because i just love literally everything she says and thinks, i just really like hearing it and i’m comfortable with her… like i could chat with her for hours and hours and i’d be completely comfortable with it, or like, not talk too and it’s cool too. i just want to hear everything because of that.. so yeah that’s my favorite thing about her… that she really fits in my life and that she exists..

second answer that’s more of a tangible thing is that we literally share a fucking brain about memes like she was like ‘remember that one vine’ and i literally described it without even ANY context at all and i was right so yeah that’s also something.

honesty hour.

alphabet tag game!

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Thank you so much aaah!! <333

A- age: =X

B- biggest fears: big spiders, death (classic huh)

C- current time: 11:28 AM

D- drink you last had:

E- everyday starts with:
checking my phone for time / tumblr notif

F- favorite song
: I have tons, but right now, I enjoy listening to Sign of the times, by Harry Styles (I know, I know, but the music is actually pretty sooo orz)

G- ghosts, are they real?: I don’t think so, but I spook myself in believing so sometimes (and it’s not pleasant x.x)

H- hometown: A tiiiiiiny village in Normandie

I- in love with: no one (ok, lies, maybe Leorio, I mean, damn he’s perfect)

J- jealous of: people who are in a nice and healthy relationship

K- killed someone: ??????

L- last time you cried: Yesterday, I’m still thinking of Silwa, my cat who died recently and I miss her so much…

M- middle name: I don’t have one flhj

N- number of siblings: one younger brother

O- one wish: secret =0

P- person you called or texted last: I think it was my aunt

Q- questions you are always asked: “Are your hair naturally curly?” Or “Are you really xx year old?” Also, “What are you doing as a living?” which is always embarrassing, because I don’t do anything orz

R- reasons to smile: sunny days, long walks in forest, nature, flowers, pets, friends, projects with friends ♥

S- song you last sang: … good question. I think it was the ending of “Let it all out” by Relient K

T- time you last woke up: 11 AM orz

U- underwear color: currently? white (how terribly classic lfkgj)

V- vacation destination: I just want to go to Norway orz Also, I’d love to go back, to Japan!!

W- worst habit: I’m so lazy…

X- any x-rays: Yeah, first when I was twelve, for appendicitis, then not so long ago, because of back problems.

Y- your favorite food: Italian and Indian!

Z- zodiac: Virgo by birth, Dragon by year

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What sucks is to watch yourself slowly fall back into old habits that you’ve tried a million times to break. It’s like every time I find myself climbing out of this deep hole, I slip right back in. Why am I such a failure?
I hope one day you regret everything and realize things weren’t so bad between us and maybe you realize I did my best for you every single day. However, when that day comes I’ll be gone, and we missed a perfectly good chance to find happiness together.
Dear love, I don’t think you understand the power you have over me. How easily you can make my day or ruin my week by a simple text. You have the power to let me grow or to tear me down and you don’t even realise

What a great episode I watched it nearly nine hours ago and I’m still yelling g o o d

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I drank Vodka last night,
and it burnt my throat
and set my chest on fire
but then I remembered
the first time
I saw you with her
and compared to that
drinking Vodka felt like
sipping on lukewarm milk
with honey in it.
—  Alcohol is a better lover than you ever were