you never loved me

shiro and keith texting
  • Shiro:So um, I was thinking do you want to go like hangout with me sometime? I mean like only if you want to?
  • Keith:Shiro, are you asking me out on a date?
  • Shiro:Only if you want to think of it as a date? I mean, I kinda like you so...
  • Keith:I like you, too.
  • Shiro:Oh my god! Really?!!!!!!!!
  • Keith:Shiro... we've been married for three years. We have three adopted kids...
  • Shiro:I know! I'm still overwhelmed, Keith. LOL
  • Keith:I can't believe you got all nervous asking me out on a date. You are such a dork.
  • Shiro:You love me anyway. :P
  • Keith:Never said I didn't.
Can't Let Go ... Olicity

I’ve been listening a lot of Adele lately and it stroke me how much her songs are making me think of Olicity. And the one I’m so much into right now after the Felicity Boyfriend/Kiss Bullshit is “Can’t Let Go”

When did it go wrong, I will never know I have loved you all my life How did it slow down, I go round and round Thinking about it all the time“ 

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This is exactly what Oliver keeps thinking since the break up. He must be in so much pain reliving these moments over and over again trying to figure out how he could have done things better.

I gave you heaven on a platter baby I gave you everything you never gave me I never lied and I never faked it Only wanted for you to save me This love, it ain’t over yet There’s too much that I haven’t said“ 

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That’s how Felicity must feel. I mean she gave him so much more since day 1 and even if she is the one that broke things off, we all know she knows this love is not over.

Did you find the note that I wrote? I hid it in the seam of your coat It was hard to write with a lump in my throat Do you even know that I can’t let go“ 

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This always makes me think of Oliver writing his diary that I believe is only for Felicity, where he tells her EVERYTHING that happened to him since the island.

Why were you so cold, let the truth be told Tell me was it all for the thrill? What was I thinking, I gave you everything But you still went for the kill“ 

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Felicity knew the risks when she gave him her heart, I believe she knew that he would break it at some point and she was probably more angry at herself that at him.


"Ooh sometimes I feel like I’m in the dark Ooh I thought I’d die in your arms" 

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Oliver said it himself, Felicity is his light in the darkness that his lige has been since his father’s boat went down. And if he has to die, I’m sure he wish to die in her arms.

Hope you know, I won’t let go Do you even know that I can’t let go“ 

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The promise they can’t say to each other but that everybody knows. Felicity will never leave his side, "not a chance”.

So to all my Oliciters out there,to the Arrow writers and to the all world, I hope you know that WE WILL NEVER LET GO OLICITY.

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when i was much younger on tumblr and people would tell me they had crushes on me, i was so confused
i would always say; you don’t know me! you’ve never seen me move around when i think i’m unnoticed, you’ve never heard me talking.
you love an idea of me, you have taken what i show here and traced around a template… you love yourself, what your own mind is capable of filling in purposeful blanks instead of what is there and unseen.

Hello Everyone!

I checked the followers today and saw that I’m almost at 11k and wow. Just wow. For the people who have been here since the beginning, you know that sometimes I just like to say hello and that I appreciate all new and old followers. Send in prompts or questions or a simple hello whenever you guys feel like it! My blog has (in my opinion) the sweetest followers, so don’t be shy. If I don’t answer your question right away, don’t fret, happens all the time. 

But thank you again for following, guys!! I never understand why you all put up with me :) 

~~~~~~Love, Ashley <3

P.S. Is there anything you guys want me to do for the next milestone? I have no ideas. Or should I just do nothing and keep on with the blog as it is? 

because when life was a mess you were the one who made it messier and oh my heck I loved every bit of it. because you noticed the little things and didn’t let me be alone in the dark. because you said my laugh was pretty and stayed up with me till 2am when I believed the world didn’t need a laugh like mine ruining it’s recursive symphony. because you said you loved me and I could never say it back without being silly. because you cared and left for the sake of my supposed well being. and lastly, because i never stopped you.
—  reasons and regrets

anonymous asked:

I just saw this quote on my dash and it mad me think about Miles and Zachary. “Making love was never about you and me in a bed. We made love whenever we held hands.” -- Iain Thomas, "I Wrote This For You"

haven’t you heard tho, they’re just guys being pals. they nuzzle each other’s heads in the middle of the street but fear not sis, no homo. 

  • Me:I love you
  • Yoosung:I love Rik-YOU.
  • Me:I love you
  • Zen:I love me....and you.
  • Me:I love you
  • Jaehee:I love yo-OUR friendship
  • Me:I love you
  • 707:I love you too honey *whispers* Buddha chips.
  • Me:I love-
  • Jumin:Stop, I know I love Elizabeth 3rd too
  • Me:I love you
  • V:-left blank- BECAUSE HES NEVER HERE..!!
  • Saeyoung:I love you
  • Me:*Muffled Screams*

“I love you so much, honey. 26 days!” @tattoosandteckels

Thank you for being more than I could ever dream of, surprising me from over 1,000 miles away and, despite that difference, being the face I fall asleep and wake up to nearly every morning. Thank you for guiding me, but never holding me down.

I love you, Chelsea Layne.

Megha’s 1K follow celebration

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