you never know where the hell you are

2.09 -  or the one where we learn Sam’s visions can be used to manipulate him.

A vision lures Sam and Dean to a town where everyone’s being infected by a demonic virus. In Sam’s vision, Dean shoots a man who’s begging for his life. Once they’re in town, the trap is sprung. They’re cut off from the outside world while the demons “test” Sam’s immunity to the virus.

That’s it. The whole episode is a manipulation from start to finish, but Sam and Dean never learn that fact:

DEAN: I swear, I’m gonna lose sleep over this one. I mean, why here, why now? And where the hell did everybody go? It’s like they just friggin’ melted.
SAM: Why was I immune?
DEAN: Yeah. You know what? That’s a good question. You know, I’m already starting to feel like this is the one that got away?

Oddly, this is the thing that prompts Dean to suggest they maybe take a break from hunting for a bit:

DEAN:  I just think we should take a break from all this. Why do we gotta get stuck with all the responsibility, you know? Why can’t we live life a little bit?

But it also prompts him to finally come clean to Sam about the extent of the burden John saddled him with before he died. It’s not just the guilt of knowing John traded his soul to the demon in exchange for Dean’s life.

Of course that’s the cliffhanger at the end of this episode, leading into 2.10.

Dean: He said that he wanted me to watch out for you, to take care of you.
Sam: He told you that a million times.
Dean: No, this time was different. He said that I had to save you.
Sam: Save me from what?
Dean: He just said that I had to save you, that nothing else mattered; and that if I couldn’t, I’d…
Sam: You’d what, Dean?
Dean: That I’d have to kill you. He said that I might have to kill you, Sammy.

Sam is justifiably angry that Dean didn’t tell him this horrifying news sooner, but Dean asks for some time to figure out what they should do next. Sam wants to rush off to figure out what all of this means.

Meanwhile we’re seeing the demon actively manipulate other Special Children into direct acts of violence. All the while Gordon Walker’s shifted his Kill All The Vampires ice cold focus onto killing all the Special Children– especially Sam. He owes Sam a little bit of vengeance for how they left him in 2.03, but Gordon “no grey areas” Walker takes that to a terrifying extreme.

 Instead of the demon setting traps for Sam, this time it’s a more human evil at work, as well.

Sam, angry with Dean for hiding the truth, takes off to investigate another vision he’s had. More special children dying, and he meets Ava who’s been having visions similar to his own.

But there’s also a resolution of sorts with Ellen and Jo, left over from 2.06. Sam finds out that Jo continued hunting despite her mother’s wishes, and that Ellen forgave John years ago. It was only John who couldn’t forgive himself for Bill’s death.

So of course when Sam makes Ellen promise not to tell Dean where he was, she turns around and tells him. What else is family for, if not to look out for each other? :P

Sam tries to protect Ava from harm by sending her home (where she’s harmed irrevocably by the demon…), but he knows from Ava’s visions the exact nature of the trap he’s walking into and is able to foil Gordon’s bombs and rescue Dean.

(like we saw Gordon do before, and like we’ve seen Ketch doing in s12, Gordon got his information on Sam by torturing a demon he was exorcising. He trapped and tortured a human being who was possessed against her will by a demon, and yet… he had no moral problem about torturing an innocent teenage girl to death just to get information from the demon possessing her. Dean’s assumptions about how horrible Gordon is are confirmed, further cementing his lesson that people are often the real monsters.)

Why does Dean fight against “destiny” as hard as he does? Why did this become his primary mission in life? Free will?

GORDON: I’m surprised at you, Dean. Getting all emotional. I’d heard you were more of a professional than this. Look, let’s say you were cruising around in that car of yours and, uh, you had little Hitler riding shotgun, right? Back when he was just some goofy, crappy artist. But you knew what he was going to turn into someday. You’d take him out, no questions, am I right?
DEAN: That’s not Sam.
GORDON: Yes it is. You just can’t see it yet. Dean, it’s his destiny. Look, I’m sympathetic. He’s your brother, you love the guy. This has got to hurt like hell for you. But here’s the thing. It would wreck him. But your dad? If it really came right down to it, he would have had the stones to do the right thing here. But you’re telling me you’re not the man he is?

SAM: Well, come on, dude, you’re a hunter. I mean, it’s what you were meant to do.
DEAN: Ah, I wasn’t meant to do anything, I don’t believe in that destiny crap.
SAM: You mean you don’t believe in my destiny.
DEAN: Yeah, whatever.
SAM: Look, Dean, I’ve tried running before. I mean, I ran all the way to California and look what happened. You can’t run from this. And you can’t protect me.
DEAN: I can try.
SAM: Thanks for that. Look, Dean, I’m gonna keep hunting. I mean, whatever is coming, I’m taking it head-on, so if you really want to watch my back, then I guess you’re gonna have to stick around.

I was about half in love with her by the time we sat down. That’s the thing about girls. Every time they do something pretty… you fall half in love with them, and then you never know where the hell you are. Girls. Jesus Christ. They can drive you crazy. They really can.
—  J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

Some shit I hate about bpd, in no particular order:
- codependency/fps being a thing
- easily addicted to e v e r y t h i n g
- form attachments too damn quickly
- breakdowns over the smallest thing, with no notice beforehand
- sobbing. For hours.
- “there’s no medication specifically for this”
- every doctor and therapist getting frustrated as hell with you
- pushing people away. Then being clingy. Then pushing away. Then
- severe depression without warning. Who knows where it came from. Who knows how long it’ll last
- the constant desire to self harm
- suicidal thoughts that never *really* go away
- am I getting sick, or is it Med side effects? Should I be worried? Should I care?
- really really bad at taking care of myself
- need to be held. Constantly
- the smallest thing hurts. So. Much.
- using every self destructive coping mechanism you can just so you can feel .5% less shitty for a bit
- “why can’t you just try harder!!!!”
- trauma making it worse
- do I have a right to be upset about this or nah?
- am I getting manic or am I just happy?
- going completely batshit insane sometimes
- hospitals. Ugh
- the extreme amount of work it takes to fix even one thing that’s wrong with you/that you’re doing. And the constant effort to maintain it
- relapse. Relapse. Relapse.
- being afraid you’ll never be able to have a career/get married/have kids/ etc
- the slightest change throwing you off


Present and surprise are separate things on Kenma’s birthday when it comes to Kuroo

My Chemical Romance Asks
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> I brought you my bullets, You brought me your love<p/><b>Romance:</b> Who was your first love?<p/><b>Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us:</b> Is there a side of yourself that no one knows about?<p/><b>Vampires will never hurt you:</b> Vampires or angry men?<p/><b>Drowning Lessons:</b> Plan on getting married?<p/><b>Our Lady of Sorrows:</b> Are you religious?<p/><b>Headfirst for Halos:</b> Are you hopeful? If so, what for?<p/><b>Skylines and Turnstiles:</b> An important event that changed your life or perspective?<p/><b>Early Sunsets Over Monroeville:</b> What's your favorite horror movie?<p/><b>This Is the Best Day Ever:</b> Ever been to the hospital?<p/><b>Cubicles:</b> Where would you be without My Chem?<p/><b>Demolition Lovers:</b> Would you die for your current lover?<p/><b></b> Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge<p/><b>Helena:</b> Have you lost a family member or friend?<p/><b>Give 'Em Hell, Kid:</b> Have you ever considered committing murder?<p/><b>To The End:</b> Corpse Bride. Yay or nay?<p/><b>You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison:</b> Ever committed a crime?<p/><b>I'm Not Okay (I Promise):</b> Ever felt out of place?<p/><b>The Ghost of You:</b> Ever cried while watching a movie?<p/><b>The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You:</b> Ever been cheated on or have cheated?<p/><b>Interlude:</b> Favorite My Chem song?<p/><b>Thank You for the Venom:</b> Ever wrote something stupid on a t-shirt?<p/><b>Hang 'Em High:</b> Ever shot a gun?<p/><b>It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Fucking Deathwish:</b> Who's your best friend?<p/><b>Cemetery Drive:</b> What's the hardest drive you've experienced?<p/><b></b> The Black Parade<p/><b>The End:</b> Ever thought it'd be the end for you?<p/><b>Dead!:</b> Ever wanted to die?<p/><b>This Is How I Disappear:</b> Ever done something to someone that you can't forgive yourself for?<p/><b>The Sharpest Lives:</b> Are you anxious?<p/><b>Welcome to the Black Parade:</b> What's your favorite memory?<p/><b>I Don't Love You:</b> Have you ever stopped loving them?<p/><b>House of Wolves:</b> What is your favorite era?<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Old or new?<p/><b>Mama:</b> Ever disappointed your parents?<p/><b>Sleep:</b> Any bad dreams?<p/><b>Teenagers:</b> Are you scared of people your own age?<p/><b>Disenchanted:</b> What changed your life for the better?<p/><b>Famous Last Words:</b> What changed your mind about things?<p/><b>Blood:</b> Any hidden secrets no one knows?<p/><b>Danger Days:</b> The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys<p/><b>Look Alive, Sunshine:</b> What time do you wake up?<p/><b>Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na):</b> What gives you strength?<p/><b>Bulletproof Heart:</b> Do you miss anyone right now?<p/><b>SING:</b> Who is your idol?<p/><b>Planetary (GO!):</b> Biggest accomplishment?<p/><b>The Only Hope for Me Is:</b> Do you consider yourself hopeless?<p/><b>Jet Star and The Kobra Kid/Traffic Report:</b> What's your favorite go-to outfit?<p/><b>Party Poison:</b> Do you speak different languages?<p/><b>Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back:</b> What is your biggest wish?<p/><b>S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W:</b> Biggest regrets?<p/><b>Summertime:</b> Who's got you excited for the summer?<p/><b>DESTROYA:</b> If you could save anyone in the world from danger/poverty/war/etc. Who would it be?<p/><b>The Kids From Yesterday:</b> What do you wish you could tell your past self?<p/><b>Goodnite, Dr. Death:</b> Opinions on standing for the National Anthem?<p/><b>Vampire Money:</b> What is your catchphrase irl?<p/></p><p/><

writer problems

  • fighting with a sentence for literal hours before realizing that it works fine enough on its own
  • asking advice for pieces you will probably never publish, leaving your readers hanging, wondering why the hell you needed to know what getting your ass squeezed felt like
  • realizing you have no less than three fics/updates complete but can’t publish any of them for various reasons
  • dialogue
  • just
  • fuckin
  • dialogue
  • blank word documents
  • babbling excitedly to yourself about new aus that will never see the light of day
  • getting really invested in these aus but not having a plot with which to bring them to life
  • crippling self-hatred and doubt
  • rediscovering really old documents that are literally just one or two lines of dialogue and wondering where the fuck your past self was going with them
  • rediscovering really old documents that have entire scenes in them and realizing you still really like the concept of those fics but being unsure of how to continue them from there
  • redundancy
  • knowing you should edit your pieces but being unable to bring yourself to give a fuck
  • deciding that your 20 wips can totally take a backseat to the shiny new idea you just got like 5 minutes ago
  • forgetting your entire vocabulary
  • sitting down and writing 2k of your new idea before you realize the internal logic doesn’t work
  • wondering if you can find enough fucks to care
  • finding enough fucks to care
  • digging through 2k of brain-excretion to find the specific phrases where the logic falls through and trying to fix them
  • failing
  • giving up and jumping to the next shiny new idea instead of working on any of your now 21 abandoned wips
Who needs Barbie

This is done for @mysupernaturalfics - not technically a request but got inspired by some Snaps she send me a week or so ago.

You hated you family. Well not really. You wished you did. That would make this easier. You always felt like an outsider but today was worse.

Dean had convinced you to come go home for your mom’s birthday “because family is important.” You agreed. Off course you did, but they didn’t understand your life. They didn’t know that monsters were real. They didn’t know you were a hunter. Hell they had never understood you and at times it felt as if they didn’t even wanna try.

At those times you had come here to hide. Your old treehouse, where you were once again sitting in the corner, sure no one had even noticed you were gone. They were all too busy gushing over your brother’s new fiancee. Blond and pretty and talking about how she wanted to be a teacher just like your mom. Everyone liked her. Everyone noticed her. She was your opposite and you already hated her.

“Can I come in?” You looked up surprised to see Dean smiling at you from the ladder. A smile you wanted to return but couldn’t bring yourself too.

“Sure.” You nodded going back to staring into the air as he made his way to sit down closely beside you.

“So this was your hide out huh?” Dean tried gently bumping into your shoulder with his, but rather than answering him the words that were on your mind flew out of your mouth.

“Why are you with me Dean?”

“Excuse me?” The surprise and hurt look on Dean’s face made the tears that had threatened to spill all day run down your cheeks.

“You could have anyone. Blond, pretty and smart. Someone that is million times better than me. I don’t get it Dean?” You blabbered and his expression immediately soften.

“Hey,” his hand landed on your neck, his thumb resting under your chin gently forcing you to look at him. “I am with you because you are all those things. Well maybe not blond,” He teased in effort to get you to laugh but when it didn’t work he became serious.

“I am with you because you could kick my ass if you wanted too. You are the hottest chick I ever met. You can outsmart Sam in lore. You drive Baby almost as good as me. You got an awesome taste in music, for the most parts.” This time his sly smile made you giggle slightly and lean into his hand.

Dean instantly reacted, wrapping you in his arms and pulling you closely against his chest, “besides who needs Barbie, when they can have Black Widow?”

You laughed and snuggled closer to him. Who cared what your family might think? You had Dean and that was all that mattered. As long as he saw you, you didn’t need anyone else too.

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Change takes time. New habits are hard to create. Be patient with yourself, and don’t get bogged down in the set backs or slip ups. Health is a lifestyle and a journey which will never end. I’m still on the road and I have a long way to go - God knows I sure as hell still don’t lead a straight and narrow clean and healthy lifestyle; heck, still barely a day goes by where I don’t eat some chocolate! 
Remember to count the small victories and they will soon add up. Set smaller goals and celebrate when you hit them. Make realistic changes which are maintainable and enjoyable. It’s a lot easier to feel accomplished when you are constantly achieving smaller regular goals than to feel disappointed when you don’t reach the large ones in an unrealistic/maintainable time frame. 
Be patient. Be consistent. Be determined. Be disciplined. Be proud. 
But DON’T be too hard on yourself.

the signs as shit i’ve heard myself say

aries: “okay, let’s look at this election from a gayer perspective.”

taurus: “alllllllllll the dumplings. ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the dumplings!!!!”

gemini: “dad just called himself a sausage machine, i’m out.”

cancer: “where are you? dude, i have your sherbet.” 

leo: “hell-fuckin’-yeehah.”

virgo: “my hair is short, messy and never straight – but hey, at least it reflects my personality.”

libra: “how would the wind fuck itself? actually, nah. i don’t wanna know.”

scorpio: “that awkward moment when you’re actually relating to the broken doorhandle, and not the kid.”


capricorn: “i know i’m just quoting deep tumblr posts, but i do actually want to give you advice.”

aquarius: “you crushed my heart like… like a walnut… in a walnut-crushing machine.”

pisces: “do you say it like ell-em-ay-oh? i just say lee-mao. like ‘cat’ in french or some shit. oh wait, i take spanish.” 

Lazy Writing Prompt #304

“You know, I never understood the peoples way of thinking when it comes to Hell.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, Hell is suppose to be this torturous place, yes? But it’s always described as being bathed in flames and lava. But, if you ask me, if should be the opposite. Hell should be a frozen wasteland where you slowly freeze and your body shuts down and your skin blackens.”

“But lava sounds just as bad.”

“No, lava sounds quick and warm. I’d rather be warm than cold.”

“You’ve put a lot of thought into this…”

Every inch of you is perfect from the 

to the

I want to be hard for you to forget. I want to have that kind of impact on you where you know you’ll never find anyone who can take my place, and I want that because that’s what you are to me. I want it to hurt like hell when you see me. I want you to feel what you put me through.
QuantumCurse ONESHOT: The Experiment

Scientist: Alright….Now we shall test how much this “curse” has consumed you…*proceeds to read the notes on his clipboard* According to the previous readings, you have altered your arm into something completely different….I would like to see that again, Subject 2….

TK: *sneers* Now why would I want to do that?

Scientist: The sooner we do this, the sooner we finish this session. Now, it’s been weeks since your last session and the curse has probably spread farther throughout your body….Perhaps you can try to create wings this time…..

TK: That’s impossible for me! Changing my arm already hurt like hell! But Wings?

Scientist: That’s why we are here to test it. will never know where your limits lie until you try….

TK: I know the limits of my body, doc. And I say it ain’t worth the risk tryin’!

Scientist: We are wasting precious time, Subject 2….It’s either we finish this session with you or I’ll have to assign it with the next Subject…..Mind you the next one is…new to the curse and probably has less endurance towards the pain than you are. Especially since she is “expecting”….

TK: *when he’s heard of the subject’s description, he seem to recognize who it was. A friend he had recently made and a former doctor of this hell of a facility ) ……!!!!

Scientist: Other than you and her, there are no other Test subjects to forward this experiment…..So what will it be? Subject 2…..

TK: *grits his teeth, trying to decide what to do* ……….

Scientist: Time is ticking, subject 2. If you refuse we can end this right now and move to the other subje–

TK: No– w-wait!!!

Scientist: *gleams* yes….?

Pain staking hours Later….

Scientist: Hmmm….Interesting yet very disappointing….It barely has enough to support your weight, let alone support itself…..At least it is safe to say that the curse hasn’t gotten to you…..yet…… 

TK: *Glares up at the scientist with glowing red eyes*


Nah, this wasn’t in the RP XD But there were other methods to determine his curse. And they were all still painful nevertheless….poor TK……

Caught 2 *Isaac Lahey Smut*


A/N: Its late as all hell but shit…its here. Please enjoy the second part of Caught. Love you guys

“Lahey!” Y/N marched into the livingroom where Isaac sat perched at the edge of the sofa watching a football game “We need to talk.”

“About?” He asked uninterested, never taking his eyes away from the TV.

“You know…” Her words trail off in hopes he’d figure it out.

“No, I don’t.” Isaac lied. Y/N walked over to where Isaac lounged, snatching the remote from his hand she turned off the 60 inch flat screen and stood in front of it, gaining his full and undivided attention.

“3 days ago you came home from work a bit early and…”

“Ate you out like it was my last meal?” Isaac smirked raking his eyes up and down her body “Yeah, I’m starting to recall.” Her outfit was simple enough. One of his shirts fitting her like an oversized dress, stopping at her mid thigh and shorts, and yet he was hard.  Isaac firmly believed she wore his clothes better than he ever could, and his cock agreed.

“Yeah? Well that won’t be happening again…ever again.”

‘Like hell it won’t’ Isaac thought glaring up at Y/N “And might I ask why? And I know it’s not because of a bad performance.”

“I have a boyfriend.” Y/N blurted.

A tense few seconds of silence ensued before Isaac spoke again. “Come again.” He had to have heard her wrong. Y/N, his Y/N had a boyfriend. “Break up with him.” He demanded. Isaac wasn’t sure where this overwhelming possessiveness was coming from. He’d never considered himself the jealous type. He’d passed a fair share of his conquest down to his friends, but it was different where Y/N was concerned.

“What? No.”

“No?” Y/N wasn’t able to put the proper amount of distance between herself and Isaac so that he became nonthreatening. He’d pulled down so that she was pinned beneath him in what seemed to Y/N in an instant. “Break. Up. With. Him.” Isaac hissed.

Isaac sat on the couch watching the door. He could hear the jingle of Y/N’s keys as she tried to get into the apartment. For three days, three whole fucking days she was MIA. After their fight, she’d managed to get away  He was ready to pounce when an unfamiliar man walked.

“You must be Isaac!” He damn near squealed upon seeing Isaac “I’m Kris Y/N’s boyfriend. I’ve heard so much about you.”

Isaac struggled not to growl. This was the infamous boyfriend? Isaac didn’t think Kris was Y/N’s type. He was a little too bubbly and airheaded. Not too mention Kris looked like one of the saps that would stroke his lover’s hair, whispering sweet nothings as he “made love” to his partner. His Y/N liked it rough. Biting, scratching, choking, spanking: That’s what she liked. What she yearned for.

“Aren’t you gonna say ‘hi’, Lahey?” Y/N emerged from behind Kris.

Isaac had planned to give Y/N the cold shoulder making it known that he was pissed, until he laid eyes on her. Y/N had never been one to dress up…for anything. Her wardrobe consisted of sweatshirt, leggings, T-shirts, and jeans. Isaac was positive she didn’t own a skirt, much less a dress. But sure enough there she was, standing in a short bright yellow sundress. If Kris wasn’t there he’d have surely ripped it off her body like some sort of animal. For that, Isaac was almost grateful. It would’ve been ashame if he’d torn to shreds perhaps the only dress Y/N owned, not to mention she looked absolutely ravishing in it.

A strange look spread across Isaac’s face; one that scared Y/N. He looked like some sort of sex starved predator. He made no effort to hide the tent that was forming in his sweatpants, or his eyes from roaming Y/N’s body. She shifted uncomfortably. The dress didn’t seem so short before, but now she was trying to tug it down. Y/N quickly ushered Kris into the kitchen, praying he didn’t notice Isaac semi erection.

“I’ll be right back, babe.” Y/N said “I have to talk to Isaac.”

Isaac stood and walked silently to the bathroom (there place of gathering when privacy was needed from guest). He waited until Y/N followed im to close and lock the door behind them.

“What the hell is your problem?” She whispered. Being annoyed, Y/N made the mistake of shoving him against the wall. “You’re being a fucking asshole.” She hadn’t realized the danger she’d put herself in.

Isaac responded by lifting Y/N onto the sink, and lacing his hand on her throat he gave her a firm squeeze. Not enough to restrict her airflow, but just enough to send a warning. The other he placed on her thigh digging his claws into the soft flesh. He breathed in familiar scent of her arousal, smirking at the realization that she was enjoying this. Y/N was enjoying him being rough with her, as he knew she would.

“You are soo fucking disrespectful.” Isaac growled. Reaching under the dress he tore away her panties causing a loud cry to escape her lips “Careful now Y/N, we don’t want Kris to hear us, do we? Do we? She shook her head.

“I didn’t think so.”  Taking his hand away from her throat, Isaac was able to pull down his sweatpants revealing his swollen angry cock. Y/N stared down at it in a mixture of awe and terror.

“Isaac wait.” She pleaded. Kris is still here

“I can’t.” Isaac sank to his knees, taking in Y/N her scent and the sight of her wet folds he gave her  clit a firm like “I’ve barely touch you, and look how wet you are, sweetheart.”

“Fuck Isaac.” Y/N whined. Tangling her hands in his curly hair she pulled him closer grinding her pussy into his face.

Right as she approached her peak Isaac pulled away, wiping her juices off his face, and standing.

“AH- No.” She cried reaching out for him, but he’d moved just out of her grasp “I need…”

“You need what?” He asked. “You need to cum?”

“Yes, please.” She moaned

“Tell me you won’t see him again, and I’ll let you cum.” With his arms folded across his chest, he smiled down at her mischievously. Y/N wouldn’t say no to him. “Promise me.”

“I won’t see him again! I promised”

“Tell me you want me to cum on my cock.”

“I want to cum on your cock, so bad Isaac. Now fuck me!”

In one swift motion Isaac plowed into Y/N. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and dug her fingers into his shoulders. Isaac gave her a second to adjust before picking her up from the sink and pushing her against the door.

He repeatedly slammed into Y/N, enticing loud cries of pain and pleasure. Loud enough for her dick of a boyfriend to hear and come running. From outside the bathroom a loud banging could be heard as well as the smacking sound of flesh colliding, Y/N sopping pussy, and a mixture of her cries and Isaac’s groans.

“He’ll never fuck you like can. Do you understand me?” Y/N was unable to answer being that her she was too focused on reaching her climax “Answer me or I’ll stop!”

“No.” Y/N whimpered as Isaac’s pace began to slow “Please don’t stop.”

“Tell me what I want to hear.”

“He can’t f- AHH” Isaac unexpectedly slammed into her one time

“Louder!” He roared.

“He can’t fuck me like you can!”

“You’re damn right he can’t” He started jackhammering into Y/N’s pussy. The wetness from it running down thigh.  Her orgasm crashed over her like a wave. A particularly loud wail fell from her lips, as she clenched and spasmed around his hard cock.

Isaac prolonged her orgasm, moving at the same pace even after Y/N came. She’d become overly sensitive and was begging Isaac to stop if only for a few seconds, but her plea fell on deaf ears. After he came then she’d have her break. He’d hold back his climax for as long as he could to punish her.

“It’s too much!”

Y/N second orgasm was quickly building as Isaac mercilessly pounded her. A well aimed thrust at her g-spot sent Y/N over the edge.

“Take it like a good girl.” He felt her cunt contract around him, trying to milk his seed. He howled (literally) as ropes of hot cum shot into her awaiting pussy.

Y/N shivered as her climax began to subside. Isaac used the door to support her weight, resting his face in the crook of her neck he began to talk between breaths.

“Think Kris heard us?” Y/N could almost see the smirk on his face.

“You’re such an ass, that was your plan all along, huh?”

“Yup.” Dick

“Well, jokes on you.” Y/N had a smirk of her own plastered across her face.

“And how is that?”

“Well everyone knows how incredibly insanely Isaac Lahey gets when some guy has the audacity to even look at what Isaac Lahey thinks belongs to him. I just wanted to make certain you were interested, and that was the only way I knew how. Kris was in on it too.”

“Seriously?” How could he not have seen through Y/N’s trick? Clever girl “Do you know how close I was to ripping his throat out?”

“So you think I belong to you Mr. Lahey?” She scoff

“There’s nothing to think about, sweetheart. You belong to me.”


A/N: You guys are the best! Thanks for reading, and request are still open, but not for long.


So, I guess we are who we are for alot of reasons. And maybe we’ll never know most of them. But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.

for @perksofbeingafanboy, happy birthday! ♡

Misc.  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You haven’t touched your food.”
  • “How about you put that down and we talk?”
  • “We’ve got to stop meeting like this.”
  • “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.”
  • “Is that all you’ve got?”
  • “You’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?” 
  • “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!“
  • “You know, I really thought I could trust you.”
  • “No one would miss you if you left.”
  • “Cover me. I’m going in.”
  • “Where did you get that? Who hurt you?”
  • “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!”
  • “This is a really bad idea, just saying.”
  • “Stop yelling at me! I did nothing wrong!”
  • “You’ll never get away with this!”
  • “How long have you been bottling this up?”
  • “Fight me, you son of a bitch!”
  • “What would a ghost be scared of?”
  • “Why can’t you just tell me what’s wrong?”
  • “Here. You look really hungry.”
  • “There’s no shame in crying, you know.”
  • “Is this some kind of sick joke?”
  • “You can take your attitude and shove it.”
  • “You actually want me to answer that?”
  • “I’ve never had a bad plan in my life!”
the signs as ellen degeneres quotes

Aries:  “You have to stay in shape. My grandmother, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She’s 97 today and we don’t know where the hell she is”

Taurus:  I have a rule: if the temperature is less than my age, I don’t get out of bed”

Gemini:  “Follow your passion. Stay true to yourself. Never follow someone else’s path unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path. By all means, you should follow that.”

Cancer: “ I get those fleeting, beautiful moments of inner peace and stillness - and then the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day, I’m a human trying to make it through in this world.“

Leo: “ But seriously, I think overall in the scheme of things winning an Emmy is not important. Let’s get our priorities straight. I think we all know what’s really important in life - winning an Oscar.“

Virgo: “Accept who you are, unless you’re a serial killer”

Libra: “I would like to end with my favorite Mark Twain quote: ‘don’t you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine and life makes love look hard’ that was actually Taylor Swift, but she does have a point”

Scorpio: “I’m a godmother, that’s a great thing to be, a godmother. She calls me god for short. That’s cute. I taught her that”

Sagittarius: “ Nothing says holidays, like a cheese log.“

Capricorn:  “My point is, life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada.”

Aquarius: “I like my coffee like I like my men. I don’t drink coffee”

Pisces: “Just keep swimming”