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My James, Your Bucky (One Shot)

You’ve had it way too sweet and fluffy from me for a while now, so I’m gonna bring you right back to the pit of despair and angst with this one shot.

Something tells me this is something @sebbys-girl would particularly enjoy;)

Summary: You and Bucky live together in Bucharest. One day you come home to find your flat completely trashed.

Word count: 2.3k

Warnings: angst, aggressive behaviour.

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It was shaping out to be a great day – it was still pre-noon and you had an extra spring in your step as you walked through the cobbled streets of Bucharest. The city you fell in love with, it had it all – alleys lined with tall brick townhouses and red roofs, atmospheric cafes and bars, an impressive market square – where you stopped to pick up a box of plums from ‘your guy’. That’s how you wanted to celebrate, with a cheeky nod to how you two first met.

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Imagine detective Dean Winchester flirting with you while working on your case.

“I have to see him!” you raised your voice as the policeman refused to let you pass.

“M'am I told you, detective Winchester cannot see you now. He’s busy!” he repeated what he had told you just a few seconds ago and you glared at him.

“I heard you the first time! But I’m telling you I need to see him!” you insisted, trying to push him aside but still glaring at him as he grabbed onto your arm and wouldn’t let you go.

“M'am please don’t make me use force to make you leave. Understand that he is busy!” he was obviously getting annoyed as well but it wasn’t your fault he couldn’t understand.

“I know that very well-” you almost growled “But he’s told me I can come to him anytime I want to see him. And I am not playing here! This is about a case!” you tried pushing past him but he wouldn’t budge.

“Mam!” his voice rose, scaring you for a moment “I told you he cannot see you now, he is busy! And if it is about a case then there are plenty of other officers to talk to!”

“But you don’t understand!” you raised your own voice “Dea- Detective Winchester is the one taking care of it! Please just let me in for even a second and you’ll see for yourself!” you insisted but he wouldn’t have any of it.

“Miss enough!” he shouted, practically pushing you and making you stumble “I told,you cannot see the detective now that-”

“What the hell is going on here?” Dean’s voice clearly laced with anger caught both of yours attention. The policeman’s grip on you loosened for a moment and you found the opportunity to slip from his arms and ran straight to Dean.

Being the damsel in distress was not your thing but this week had been one of the hardest of your life. You had tried putting off going to Dean for your case again but at this point you thought you were almost going crazy, you needed answers and at the same time… his comfort. His arms were like a small heaven to you that you’d found in your darkest times. And at the moment you needed it more than anything. So without even thinking you crashed right into his arms, and he didn’t miss a second to hold you tightly to him.

“Hey!” the policeman protested, angry at you but didn’t do anything to pull you away from Dean’s embrace “Sorry detective, she just wouldn’t stop asking to see you. I told her you were busy but she wouldn’t have any of it.” he said to Dean as he pointed at you, giving you a glare.

But it was nothing compared to the one Dean shot him “And why didn’t you let her in the first time?”

“Wh-what?” he blinked “You were busy, you have been talking with-”

“That’s not a fucking excuse!” Dean roared and you too felt scared for a moment “Let me make it clear for ya Josh, and let everybody else know. Whenever (Y/n)- Miss (Y/l/n) comes asking for me you will let her in, even if I’m talking with the fucking president of the US, got it?”

“Uh ye-yeah- yes sir, got it.” he lowered his head as Dean mumbled a rough ‘Good’ to him.

“Oh and Josh, next time you or anyone decides to use force on her to make her do anything- anything she doesn’t want-” he clenched his jaw, taking a look around him as everyone was practically watching in grave silence, fear written over most of their faces “-I’ll make sure you won’t be allowed to hold a gun not even on Halloween, much less fire you.” he said seriously and for a moment you looked down, feeling guilty for being the reason to all this trouble.

“Come on.” he whispered more softly to you, his hand rubbing the small of your back as you bit your lower lip and walked with him; not daring to look around you. You could feel the stares of everyone on you already, just as you could hear the whispers especially from those assistants that you’d gotten to meet over the couple times you’d been at the police station for your case.

“I’m sorry” you finally breathed out as you got inside his office, pulling away from him and slumping down on a chair.

“Sweetheart-” he sighed, kneeling in front of you and soon cupping your face, making you look him in the eyes “-You don’t get to apologize, alright? Never.”

“I’m just-” you bit the inside of your cheek, trying not to get distracted by how good he looked in that blue button-up shirt with his dark tie loose around his neck. You spotted his long black coat hanging somewhere and for a moment you got carried away thinking how good he looked in that too.

You shook your head, brushing away all of the thoughts as you fidgeted with your hands “I just really needed to see you, that’s all. I didn’t think I- I’d cause such a mess.” you mumbled and he shook his head.

“You’re not causing a mess, you never are, beautiful.” he leaned to kiss your forehead, making a blush creep up your cheeks “It’s better now that they know how to treat you. Come on, relax now. Want something to drink?” he asked, already getting up to get you something.

“Just some coffee if you’ve got.” you said softly and he nodded his head “I drink it-” you started again but he cut you off.

“I know.” he grinned softly “I remember.” he sounded proud “Here” and he handed you a cup, proving you right on what he’d said.

“Hm you really do.” you bit your lip and he grinned.

“I wouldn’t be such a good detective if I wasn’t conservative or didn’t have a good memory.” he shrugged and you hummed in agreement “Especially about things that interest me.” he added softly, sitting right next to you.

Your eyebrows shot up and a small smirk formed on your lips. Not even five minutes with Dean and you were already loosening up and relaxing, forgetting about what troubled you and what occupied not only your day but also night.

“And the way I drink my coffee interests you?” you asked shyly and he chuckled, shaking his head.

“The coffee? No, I’m not interested in the coffee.” he gave you an adorable grin, making you frown for a second.


“I’m interested in you.” he said honestly, biting his lip softly and making you thankful that you were sitting because your knees already felt weak.

“Detective-” you started but stopped when you saw a disappointed look take over his face.

“I thought we were clear on this, (Y/n). It’s Dean for you.” he stated softly and you nodded your head with a small smile “But- it’s probably not the time to talk about it. Is it?” he noticed how reserved you were, more so than usual and he frowned deeply.

“Well actually-” you started but pursed your lips, stopping yourself.

“What is it?” he asked in a low voice, protectiveness taking over “Because I’m guessing you’re not here just for my charming smile and pretty eyes.” he chuckled, managing to make you ease up a little bit.

“Well, although that is a good enough reason-” you smiled slightly, not meeting his eyes as you felt your cheeks burn at his mere gaze “It’s not just that, no.”

“Tell me what’s going on?” he asked, tugging a few strands of hair behind your ear as his hand rested on the back of your neck.

“I-” you trembled slightly as you thought about it. Talking with Dean, being in his presence and his arms you felt safe and comfortable. Like it was just the two of you and you didn’t have to worry about anything. But reality was much more cruel.

“I think she’s back Dean.” you admitted, looking up at him with eyes laced with tears and fear, shock written over his face as well soon turning into anger and defense.

“And she’s coming for me.”

GD scenario: Hi, little girl...

Words: 1150

Short summary:

You are a mother of 3 years old daughter Jiyoona and G-Dragon is her father. You kept her as a secret.

After 4 years after you left him, you meet him again at the park and he wants to take responsibility of being a father. 

But did you let him, after 4 years, without telling him you were carrying his baby?


I am writing an essay tomorrow with the theme: Romeo and Juliet.. Wish me luck ^^. I hope you liked the last  G-Dragon scenario: going to MAMA together, and I hope you like this one too. Thank you for all the support <3

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You were walking through the park with a baby stroller and your 3 years old cute little daughter in it. You had no idea you might run to your ex-boyfriend-Jiyong. You had great times with him. You were in love. But he took his job as a priority and that’s why you left him, without telling you are carrying his baby. You let Jiyoona play on the playground when a man approached you. You saw familiar brown eyes when he took off his sunglasses.
“Hello, Y/N.”
It was him. Jiyong.
You wrote a note:
I’m sorry, but I’m leaving.
Don’t search for me,
Don’t cry over me.
I’ll miss you, Y/N
The tears kept falling down while you walked downstairs to your car. You remembered he bought you this car, so it wasn’t legally yours, you walked to the bus station, wondering where should you go now. Your parents weren’t an option, but you still had your best friend. You called her and she didn’t mind if you stayed for some time until you find yourself an apartment. You were so grateful for her. You had many friends, but none of them were so connected to you as your best friend from childhood. You had so many memories together. You fought sometimes, but couldn’t be without each other for more than 1 day.
You came to her house, crying. She was comforting me and kept saying how she’ll always be there for you.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get an apartment and you’ll give a birth to a beautiful baby, okay? I’ll always be with you.”
Her voice so calm and full of worry. You appreciated her a lot.
You picked up Jiyoona and put her in the baby stroller. You had two possibilities.
Talk with him or ignore him.
You tried walking away but he followed you.
“WHY?” he said a bit louder, scaring Jiyoona, who looked up at him.
“Please, just go away.” you said to him, without looking at his face.
He stopped you.
“Let’s talk. I just want to talk. Is she… well… you know… is she mine? I mean it’s been almost 4 years and she must be at least 3 years old…. Tell me.”
You kept thinking in your mind, deciding whether to tell him or not. You were alone for 4 years, raising her… But she should at least know who her father is. And he must know about her.
“She’s yours. What are you going to do now? Introduce her to the public? Visit her secretly until paparazzi find out about her? That’s why I left, Ji. I don’t want her to be famous, she should at least have a normal childhood.”
He was surprised how you were upset. He would never think of a good reason why you left. Now it was right in front of him. He kneeled and gave her hand and said hello then stared at hair eyes for a few moments.
“Let’s just go to your apartment to think about this, okay? I’m upset because you didn’t tell me about her. I have the right to know. I would’ve been there for you and her…”
You couldn’t keep hearing his empty promises and interrupted him.
“Like you’ve been there for me when I needed you? Yeah thanks, but no thanks. If she’d knew who her father was she would just keep thinking you are just an acquaintance. I’m sorry, but let’s just leave this. If you really want to get to know her you’ll have to promise to be there for her. You can’t leave her like you left me. That’s the reason why I left you. You didn’t stay you always just left.”
He remembered all of the fights you went through when he came back home after 2 days being away and working for a couple days straight. He regretted that a lot. He wanted to be a good father and keep her daughter happy. He really wanted to make an effort. She is part of him too. He wanted to be a part of her life.
“I promise, I’ll do anything to make you both happy. That is the past, please give me another chance.”
You never thought you’ll hear him asking for another chance. You always thought you would be the one crawling back to him. ‘It won’t be very bad if he comes over a couple times and plays with her, I guess.’ you thought.
“Okay, I’ll let you see her. You can come whenever you want and come over to get to know her. We’ll see what happens next.” you agreed with him.
He stayed with you and asked you how you were. You felt uncomfortable because he was there. He just came back and you agreed to let him meet Jiyoona.
“Can I talk with her?” he asked and you nodded. You saw his smile when you answered him.
Hi, little girl. What’s your name?” he asked with cute voice.
She was shy for a moment and started to cry, but you stopped and you all sat on the bench.
“It’s okay, Yoonie, do you remember how I talked about your daddy? Say hello, he finally came back. Look it’s daddy.”
She stopped crying and looked at him. Of course, she was still scared of him. He was still a stranger to her. That was the problem, he came in her life now, when she started realizing things and spoke clearly. It made everything confusing for her. She was almost 4 years old and now all of a sudden she gets to meet her father. You know she won’t accept him now. But she’ll get used to him being around.He felt upset because he spent all these 4 years thinking why you left, writing songs about you, he cried. When he saw that note he broke. You wrote you don’t want him to find you, telling him not to cry. He thought it was unfair that you kept her away from him. He was glad he found you. When he saw you walking on the sidewalk earlier he decided to follow you, he was really curious if you cheated on him or if you were babysitting or in the best chance that baby in the baby stroller was his. He was the happiest when you told him she was his.
“Hello, what’s your name, cutie?”
“Ji…yoona. What is your name?” she asked him back.
You always wanted her to be polite to everyone ever since she was a baby.
“Aiiiigooo ~~ You are so cute~~ I’m Jiyong, but you should call me appa.”
They ended up playing together at the playground and you felt happy. You were happy. He was happier. She was the happiest.

Why a Hamilton? - Part 3

Character: Jefferson X Reader
Prompt: The reader, now having a better control of their current situation, goes to confront her brother about her life, and is not willing to take no for an answer.
Word Count: 2,009
W/T: Yelling, some violence, fighting, tiny bit of blood
A/N: Aye, look who finally decided to update this :) Fun Fact: Jefferson was actually in love with writing letters. I think (you can check it) he wrote 19,000+ letters in his lifetime. Let that sink in. Also, a partial scene in this was inspired by the doodle of Alexander punching Jefferson, so whoever drew that, you’re amazing and talented and I thank you for gifting us all with that. Hope y'all enjoy!


The rain pouncing against the roof of the building eases the tight ball of nerves that’s wound itself up inside of your chest a bit. You glance over to the window, twiddling the quill in your fingers around the edge of your paper, which you were writing poetry on. Everyone was still finishing the Cabinet Meeting in the next room over, so you were left to your own devices for the time being.

Nervous was an understatement to what you were feeling right now. Sure, Washington helped you sort things out a little while ago, but how on Earth were you going to get this to work? These feelings for Thomas were never going to diminish. In fact, they would only do the opposite, and continue to grow the longer you were away from him, But even so, Alexander was not about to put up with that. If he were to so much as even hear of your crazy proposition, he would surely laugh and then leave promptly after. How are you to make these two men, both passionate and headstrong in their own ways for their own causes, be on better terms with each other?

You heave a sigh out in frustration, turning back to your numerous pages of writing, a trait that seems to be common among the Hamilton blood. You shuffle through them, frustration with your current situation overcoming you. Why couldn’t everything just be simpler? Why did you have to become attached to Thomas? If it were anyone else, this entire problem never would’ve happened. Why did you have to be Alexander’s little sister? If you had been born into any other family, this could’ve been avoided entirely. But no, you just happen to be placed in both of these situations, unable to dismiss this. Heat begins to rise inside you, anger from everything boiling, burning in your chest, tightening the nerves even further.

“Y/N?” A familiar voice calls from behind you, startling you back to reality. Spinning around in your chair, quill still in hand, you’re eyes drop upon the magenta coat and poofy hair looming in the doorway, leaning on his golden cane. His mischievous smirk seems to gleam from across the room, growing brighter as he strolls towards you, pulling a nearby chair up next to you. “You scared me, Thomas.” You admit, letting out a breath of relief. “Oh did I now? Wouldn’t want to scare such a lovely woman, now would I? Especially if she’s has such beautiful eyes.” “God, you’re so…” You trail, grasping for the right word.

“Alluring? Attractive? Seductive?”


“I’m wounded, Y/N, I really am.” Thomas feigns, placing a hand over his heart in pain, earning a giggle from you. “Oh stop, it’s not like I can wound you anymore than I have your ego.” You fire back, waggling an eyebrow at him. “Oh, went for the fatality, did you?” He banters, chuckling. “Hm? What’s this? Love letters?” He points out, snatching up your multiple pieces of parchment. “Hey! Give those back!” You demand, jumping out of your chair to attempt to retrieve the poems. “Ah ah ah.” Jefferson smirks, standing up and holding the papers above your head playfully. “Thomaaaassssss.” You whine, trying to reach around him.

Thomas sees his opportunity and wraps his free arm around you, pinning you against him. He gently sets his cane against the chair as he does so, smiling down at you when your eyes meet. “Now let’s just see what Miss Y/N Hamilton has written in her free time.” He suggests, his whimsically washed eyes drifting over to your writings, beginning to scan over them. The silence coming from him as he reads your works is a nice surprise, to say the least, but you quickly grow bored, not wanting to interrupt him. You unintentionally begin to take him in, how close you were to him. His even breathing makes his chest rise and fall methodically against your hand, sending a spark through your veins. His trademark magenta coat rose and fell as well, allowing you to catch a glimpse of an unmarked letter, stealthily tucked away in its interior pocket. The envelope remains open, tempting you, teasing you.

Taking another quick look up at Jefferson’s face, making sure he’s still lost in your thousands of pages, you snake your hand inside of his coat, sliding the envelope from its hold and out into both of your hands. He doesn’t seem to have noticed anything, so you slowly slide the page of writing out of its carrier, a bit giddy to read whatever was on it. Thomas’ swirling penmanship unfurls with the letter, and as you begin to read over its contents, everything else begins to disappear, your mind tuned only to the letter.

I wish to tell you of everything I love about you, once again, my dear. Words cannot begin to describe the elegance and grace that you gleam when you walk into the room, and yet, I still attempt to, futilely of course. Your H/C is one of a kind, for it is the only color I seem to see whenever you come to the cabinet meetings. Do you understand what kind of hazard you are to me in there? I put on a facade for the others of course, but I know you can see right through it. Some days, I’m even afraid you’ll begin to write me off about something I’ve said or done, with that talented and quick witted tongue of yours. Some days, I’ve been so distracted by your beautiful E/C eyes, that I’ve almost made a fool of myself in front of everyone. I would say that you’re a hinder to my life, but then I remember how I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my distraction. You’re top notch brain competes, no, bests your brother’s, for it know when to hold itself back.

You’re eyes trail to the end of the page, your thumb running against it. This was very much directed towards you, and you know it. Jefferson gave you one similar to this almost daily, each continuing on from the last one. You felt like shrinking in on yourself, his words were so potent with emotion, so passionate, that you couldn’t help but melt a bit. You find yourself leaning closer to him, resting your head against his chest now, gazing up at him once more. His eyes had not shifted an inch, still glazing over your scrawlings. “These are… Otherworldly, Y/N.” Thomas breathes, his eyes finally breaking away and meeting yours. “Oh hush. It’s not that great.” You roll your eyes, still clutching the letter in your hands. “No, Y/N, this is poetic. This is beautiful. Your words make me fall in love even more than I already am!” He exclaims, setting them on the table and wrapping his hands around your waist, lifting you into the air. A laugh escapes you as Thomas spins you around above him, setting you gently on your feet. “How do you have such a way with your words?” He asks, his voice both alive and astounded.

“Y/N!” Another voice shouts from behind you, startling both you and Thomas. Slightly panicked, you tuck the letter into your dress, careful that Alex doesn’t see it. You turn to face him, trying to keep your face straight and temper controlled. “Yes, Al?” You answer simply, stepping in front of Thomas. “Don’t ‘yes, Al’ me! What the hell are you doing in here with him?! I told you that you weren’t allowed to be near him!” Alexander growls, grabbing you by the elbow and yanking you towards him, away from Thomas. “Excuse me?” Thomas scoffs, stepping forward to Alex, a sudden anger flaring up in him. “I think that Y/N is perfectly capable of deciding on who she is seen around, Hamilton.” “You are not her brother. You don’t get to decide what’s best for her.” Alex spits, stepping in front of you. “You don’t get to decide what’s best for me either, Alex.” You counter, pushing him to the side a bit.

“Y/N M/N Hamilton, you will not-” “Alexander, I am a strong independent woman. I do not need your input on what I can and cannot do. I am perfectly fine when it comes to making my own decisions.” You fire back, already done with your brother. “I don’t know where this attitude has come from, young lady, but-” “See? There you go again! You’re acting like an overprotective father, Alexander!I don’t need that, you know. I’ve been perfectly well off without one. We don’t have a father! Our father left us!” Alexander’s face is contorting between rage and confusion. You’ve gone too far, but you can’t turn back now. “Alexander, I love you, but you are my brother. You’re supposed to be caring and supportive of me and my choices, not strict and controlling.”Alexander was beyond upset with your outburst, you can tell by the way he seems to be seething over, wanting to blow up on something.

And he does.

“You. You put her up to this, didn’t you? God I should’ve never brought her to any of these meetings, or let her meet you, or even hear of you.” He growls, storming up to Jefferson. Although Alexander is much shorter than Jefferson, he still catches him off guard, backing him up a couple of feet. “Hold your horses, Hamilton. I’m not the one who is trying to take over Y/N’s life. It’s sad how you won’t accept that, with that tiny little brain of yours.” He answers hotly, narrowing his eyes at Alexander and shoving him away. “Thomas stop.” You demand, trying to get Alexander to calm down. “Oh? I’m the one to blame for this? I disagree with that notion quite blatantly, you shit. If you hadn’t gone and played your mind games on my little sister here, then she wouldn’t be falling head over heels for your sorry ass! My sister deserves so, so much better than you, you Francophile.” Alexander clenches his fists, his eyes set on murder. “At least I know the difference between being protective and being an ass.” Jefferson hisses between clenched teeth, a small smirk etched on his lips.

Alexander lashes out at Jefferson, making contact against his cheek with his fist. Jefferson stumbles back, glaring at Alexander before standing back up to charge at him. You cry out, rushing over to break up the emerging fight between the two. Wrapping your hands around Alexander’s sleeve, you try to pull him back with as much strength as you can. Alex angrily shoves you off of him, sending you flying into the chair behind you, the edge of the wooden seat catching you right underneath of your left eye as you tumble to to ground. You yelp in pain, feeling the blood rush to the freshly opened wound. Both men in front of you freeze in their tracks, instantly regretting their actions. Both attempt to aid you, but you sharply raise your hand up to stop them. Their eyes gluing themselves to you, you slowly stand up, pressing your left hand against the scratch, leaving a thin line of blood along your fingers.

You leave your hand off of your cheek, staring at Alex and Thomas, letting them see what damage they’ve done. The absence of sound in the room besides your breathing makes the atmosphere all the more serious and deadly. You meet each of their eyes, both wide with remorse and regret. Shaking, you move your eyes to the wall, not aiming your words directly to one or the other.

“I hope you’ve figured out what you’ve done.”

And with a swift spin, you race out of building, straight into the pouring rain. Your dress becoming heavy with water, you sprint as fast as you can towards your home, wishing that you could be anywhere but where you were, the scrape onto your cheek stinging profusely under the rainwater pounding upon it.

Why did you have to be a Hamilton?

I’m Not Cute...part 2

So this came to mind as we walked around Hanock Village in my current home town. All these events are things actually seen at this tourist destination. Enjoy!

Summary: At a tourist destination, you again get a little jealous of Tae and his girlfriend. Can you convince Yoongi to be cute once again?
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Reader/Suga
Words ~2,300

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

“You look like an idiot,” Yoongi made a face at Taehyung when his friend stepped out from the dressing room. Tae was in a traditional hanbok: a sky-blue robe with gold embroidery and a tall black hat tied with a ribbon under his chin. He stepped down the steps toward Yoongi, grinning like the fool he was accused of being.

“Don’t be jealous,” Tae scoffed, turning to look at himself in the mirror provided. “I make this look good.”

Yoongi shook his head, but he didn’t say any more. Instead, he turned to you and rolled his eyes before he plopped on a nearby bench. You had to admit that Tae looked this side of ridiculous, but he was also cute. Taehyung was right; he could make just about anything look good.

Tae’s girlfriend stepped out from the other dressing room. She was also in a traditional hanbok, sky-blue with gold embroidery. Yes. The two of them matched. To be completely honest, it was adorable, and when Tae twirled her around to see her whole dress you felt a twinge of jealousy. Why were they always so stinking cute?

The four of you had travelled to Jeonju to visit Hanock Village, a part of the city that was preserved with traditional buildings and food. People came to dress in hanboks, eat the street food, and visit the gardens; basically, get a general feel for traditional Korean culture. It was one of those places you visited every few years because that’s what everyone did. It was the Korean version of a Renaissance Festival.

You had been excited to go when Yoongi mentioned it. You had forgotten that couples liked to dress in matching hanboks and walk around with selfie sticks and take many cheesy pictures. Of course, Tae and his girlfriend would dress in matching outfits and be adorable together. Those two kids lived to be silly and cute on a twenty-four-hour basis. It irritated you to think about it.

The two of them already had the phone on the selfie stick and were taking pictures in the hanbok rental shop. They were having so much fun you felt the twinge of jealousy spike through you again. You glanced over at your boyfriend, sitting on the bench with his arms crossed, also watching Tae and his girlfriend. Before you even thought to ask him, he said, “No.”

“I didn’t say anything,” you frowned at him. You couldn’t picture yourself wearing matching outfits with Yoongi anyway. You guys had never done the couple things like matching shoes or t-shirts. It had never crossed your mind before. Somehow, however, watching Tae and his girlfriend in their giddiness and silliness was eliciting a desire to try it. Why couldn’t you and Yoongi be cute?

“You were thinking it,” he said, his eyes moving up to meet yours. “I could hear your brain working from over here.”

“You think I want to be cute like that?” you scoffed, motioning toward the selfie taking fools. “They look like idiots,” you parroted what he said from earlier.

“Yep, they do,” Yoongi said, standing up from the bench. His leather jacket over a grey turtle neck and ripped jeans was as far away from a traditional hanbok as was humanly possible. He looked fine as hell, and you wanted to wrap your arms around him, but he was already walking away. “C’mon guys, let’s get this over with.”

You shook your head and rolled your eyes, your desire to hug him now a desire to punch him in the face. You followed him out of the rental shop, hearing Tae and his girlfriend’s giggles behind you. You jogged a few steps to catch up with Yoongi.

He took your hand as you walked up the street, causing you to smile. He could be a grumpy ass, but he was your grumpy ass. There were specific reasons you liked him, and his fight against being cute went along with those. You didn’t have to wear matching hanboks; just holding hands was enough for you.

So you thought. The two of you were pulled into an accessory shop with many sparkly hair adornments and jewelry. Tae’s girlfriend was oohing and ahhing over everything. You glanced through the earrings, but nothing struck your fancy.

Tae’s girlfriend was showing him a bracelet that matched their outfits. Tae was looking at her with such adoration you knew he was going to buy that damn bracelet for her. From what you knew about their relationship, he had a hard time saying no to anything she asked. It was good she treated him well, otherwise you’d have to tell her what was what. Right now, Tae was giving her a back hug, looking over her shoulder at the bracelet and asking if she wanted him to buy it for her. She kept saying no, but when she put the bracelet down, Tae snatched it up and took it to the register.

You walked over to look at the bracelets. They were really pretty. You picked up a simple black and white one, very little bling; subtle and pretty. It was right up your alley. You glanced around for Yoongi to get his opinion on it. You jumped, startled that he was as close as he was, at your elbow. He was watching Tae buy the bracelet nearby. He looked down at you still holding the bracelet in your hand.

“It’s pretty,” he said.

“It is,” you agreed. You would never ask him for it.

“You don’t need it,” he said, taking it out of your hand and putting it back. “You’re pretty without it.”

You knew that he just didn’t want to buy you the bracelet, but the smile in his eyes told you he was telling you the truth. He thought you were pretty without the bracelet and you suddenly didn’t want the bracelet.

You followed Tae and his girlfriend out of the shop. They asked you to take a picture in front of a cool looking garden waterfall, so you did, trying not to be envious of the way he rested his cheek on her head, or the cute poses they were doing. You had a good relationship with Yoongi. You didn’t need all that cute in your life. You’d barf.

However, twenty minutes later you had passed a dozen more couples in matching hanboks, a group of boys dressed in girls’ hanboks, and even whole families in matching hanboks; you wanted to wear a matching hanbok with your boyfriend desperately at that point. The two of you stood at an intersection, waiting while Tae and his girlfriend took a selfie video tour of the street. As the thirteenth couple in matching outfits passed by you looked at Yoongi, your face an open plea.

“No,” he said to your unasked question.

“Pleeeeasse,” you whined. You wrapped your arms around his waist so he couldn’t run away from you. “Just for a little while.”

“They look like idiots,” he repeated for the twentieth time, pointing at Tae and his girlfriend.

“They look like they’re having fun,” you countered, with a pout.

Yoongi sighed. “When did you decide cute was a thing you wanted to do?”

“Not all the time,” you told him. “But we came all the way here to Jeonju. We should get the full experience.”

“You have been experiencing it,” he reminded you, but the look on his face told you that you had already won.

“Yoooongggiiii,” you whined again, rocking side to side, your arms still tight around him. He said your name in a similar manner, squeezing you back, unable to hide his smile. He pressed his nose against yours for a second before stepping away from you.

“I have conditions,” he stated.

“Oh boy,” you sighed under your breath.

“We’re renting black hanboks. Black. No flowers.”


“And I’m carrying a sword. I saw one at the rental shop. I’m renting that with the outfit, too.”

You nodded. “Okay.”

“I am not,” he said, jabbing his finger at Tae, “wearing a hat like that. My snapback stays on my head.”

You didn’t like that one, but otherwise this was going well so you nodded again.

“And we’re renting a scooter because I’m tired of walking around.”

“A scooter is not part of the traditional experience,” Tae said before taking a sip of the fruity iced drink he just bought at a food stall.

Yoongi looked at Tae’s drink, then back at Tae, but Tae just stared at him blankly, not getting the hint. “What?” Tae asked.

Yoongi shrugged, shaking his head, then holding his hand out for you to grab a hold of. “Come on.”

He let you pick out the outfit for him. It was black and it had red and white flowers; Yoongi had to acquiesce that condition because they all had flowers on them. However, standing there, seeing him in a full traditional dress, with a black snapback and a sword at his hip, you couldn’t help but smile. He looked so cute and so hot at the same time you couldn’t help but wonder at how he was yours.

Your hanbok was mostly red with black and white on it, obvious enough that the two of you matched. The smile on his face as he walked with you to the scooter rental place gave away that he wasn’t truly unhappy about wearing the outfit. You were pretty sure it was because the sword made him feel like a bad ass, but the specifics didn’t matter. You got him into a hanbok that matched yours; you were so excited he was willing to be cute with you again.

At the scooter place he noticed a bike that pulled a little tented seat behind it. He eyeballed it, then looked at you with a smirk. You took a moment to picture yourself on the bike, pulling a sleeping Yoongi along with you. He would love it.

It was your turn to say, “No.”

The two of you got a two-person scooter and he proceeded to drive you all over the village, honking the horn every chance he got. Tae and his girlfriend had let you borrow their selfie stick, so you were happily snapping pictures of the two of you whenever possible. You were glad to see Yoongi genuinely smiling in most of them.

There was about ten minutes before you were supposed to meet the other two for dinner at the pre-agreed upon restaurant. Yoongi took the scooter to the top of a hill where you had a gorgeous view of the village. There were a few people up there, but it was mostly deserted. He parked the scooter, took your hand, and walked you over so you could both lean on the railing and look at the village.

The sun was setting and the lights in the village were turning on one by one. It was quite peaceful and beautiful to watch. You leaned your head against Yoongi’s shoulder and you felt him tilt his head against yours. “Thank you for putting up with my stupid requests,” you found yourself saying.

“They aren’t stupid,” he replied. You felt his finger hook some of your hair behind your ear. You snuggled closer as he put his arm around you. “They’re kinda silly, but not stupid.” He sighed. “I don’t mind silly. Sometimes I do, but times like this I don’t.”

“Well, you look very handsome in your hanbok,” you nudged him with your elbow.

“You always look pretty,” he replied, turning and kissing the top of your head. “No matter what you wear.”

“You’re so freakin’ cheesy,” you said, glad it was dark and he couldn’t see you blush at how much you loved the compliment.

“I’m cheesy?” his tone was incredulous and you felt him pull away to look at you. “You’ve got me in a matching hanbok and taking selfies…and I’m cheesy?”

“Yes you,” you grabbed him around the waist again, pulling him close to you.

“I’m just telling the truth,” he said. “I always think you’re pretty.”

“Even without makeup?” you fished.

“Especially without makeup,” his eyes sparkled in the lamplight.

“Even when I’m a mess?” you fished again.

He kissed your forehead, murmuring his reply into your hair, “Especially when you’re a mess.”

You wanted to stay there like that, on the hill overlooking the village, wrapped in his arms, wearing ridiculous outfits, and just breathing each other in. These were the moments that reminded you of why he was yours. As grumpy or stingy as he could be, he loved you and always had the words to prove it.

But you had to meet your friends. Tae’s girlfriend would freak out if you were too late, so the two of you headed back to the scooter reluctantly. You were hungry, but alone time with Yoongi was more filling than food ever could be.

After you were seated on the scooter, Yoongi stopped and stared at you. He stared a long time. You started to get uncomfortable. “What?” you asked, running a hand through your hair.

“You’re pretty without it,” he said cryptically.


“I said you’re pretty without it,” he reached into the folds of his hanbok, bringing out a closed fist. “But I knew how much you wanted it.” He took your hand and slid something onto your wrist. The bracelet you had admired a few hours ago. He must have bought it when you were taking pictures of Tae and his girlfriend.

“Yoongi,” you breathed. “How are you so sweet?”

“I was born that way,” he replied, getting on the scooter in front of you. “But above all, remember one thing,” he said over his shoulder. “I may be handsome and sweet and at time silly,” he nodded along with his own words. “But I am not, and never will be….” He started the scooter up and drew his sword as he pulled away from the top of the hill. “….cute!”

Lucky Part 27

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Slight Physical Abuse, Argument, Yelling

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10,
Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23, Part 24, Part 25, Part 26

What is this!!?? Wow 27! This is Awesome, You guys are Awesome!

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carry on countdown day 3: opposite day

thanks so so much to @carryon-countdown for organizing this, it’s such an awesome idea! the carry on fandom is honestly just the best. 

egads anyway ok this is my first contribution to this fandom so here goes…


It’s hard to keep secrets from your roommate. Especially when you’ve been roommates for five years, and have three more ahead. And especially when your roommate is always suspicious of you whether or not you’ve actually done anything. And especially when you’re just a bad liar.

It’s hard to keep secrets in general when you’re always under the public eye. Being “The Chosen One” and whatnot, all kinds of people are keeping tabs on me. Some of them think I’m their only hope, some of them think I’m a fraud, some of them think I’m a weapon that needs to be mastered. I never know what to think of myself. But Baz does. Baz has always seen right through me, and what he sees, he doesn’t like.

But regardless of being a bad liar, and regardless of always being watched, there’s one secret that, against all odds, and purely out of necessity, I have managed to keep. At least, until now. Now, it’s all over, and crouched in a dark corner of the Catacombs, I am starting to hyperventilate.

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Klaine Go ‘Round Fic #2

Anon prompted: Before their wedding, Kurt and Blaine get together with their dearest friends, who share some interesting stories about the couple.
Word Count: ~2400
Warnings: none, Spoilers: none
Rating: PG
Authors: black-john-lennon, crazyaboutklaine, illusemywords, istytehcrawk, januarium, justtoogaytofunction, tonks42

Kurt and Blaine had decided long ago that bachelor parties weren’t for them. Neither of them were interested in having a party with strippers or getting falling-down-drunk the night before their wedding. Most importantly, they shared the same group of friends, which made separate parties completely pointless. Instead, they decided to have a nice dinner party, thrown by Sam and Mercedes, where everyone could get together before the chaos of the wedding. Having everyone in the same room at the same time was a gift. While their closest friends had settled in New York, there were still so many of them scattered around the country.

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Imagine #13

(this imagine is dedicated to a friend of mine, I think she deserve something like this, and a big thank you to her for that I found these amazing twins)

I took a deep breath as I looked into the big mirror hanging on my wall, mocking everything about me. Everything about my body was ugly, I was first of all short and really skinny, it wasn’t fun anymore. Everywhere I went people always told me to eat more, but I already did. I just couldn’t gain weight, I would remain skinny. My thoughts was killing me and I couldn’t stop them. I used to have a really hard time, the days was like hell to go through. 

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eyerolls-r-us  asked:

Omg I haven't been on your blog in a minute :O I used to check this blog every day but I've been a little distracted with life recently OTL but now I get to binge read all your stuff that I have to catch up on, yay :D I missed this blog though, I'd add you on kik but I'm waaaay too shy for that >: as for the prompt thingy, I'd love to see #15 with Sam Wilson, I think it'd be hilarious. I love him so much omg it's unreal. Hope you have a great day & thanks for being awesome <333

Hello darling!! I’ve missed you too :) Oh don’t be shy, add me on kik! It’s an awesome way to be able to keep in touch with you guys. I’m always open for conversation. If I don’t answer right away it might be that I’m asleep - I’m on Sydney AUS time! (GMT +10). Everyone who has added me so far has been an absolute delight to speak to :) If you ever change your mind, I eagerly await your message on kik <3 xoxox

Stay amazing you beautiful star~

We’re next door neighbors in an apartment building with really thin walls and we talk a lot but we’ve never seen each other in person.

“So I feel like I should start charging my friends money for my advice.” You whine through the walls. “I mean, most of the time it’s just common sense or something and they treat it like its the most innovative idea for problem solving ever.” You were seated on your battered couch with a sketch pad on your lap, absent mindedly drawing the vase of dried flowers across from you. “Like, seriously? They couldn’t come up with the solution themselves?”

Sam chuckled as he listened to you talk from his own couch on the otherside of the wall with a newspaper in his hands. “Sometimes people already know the answer. They just want a kind of affirmation from a third party; someone not directly involved in the situation. It’s like a kind of proof that they’re probably doing the right thing.” He heard you hum in vague agreement before falling silent. “You got much on today?”

“Nah. Just chillin’ for once. I’ve turned off my phone so I don’t get any calls. I tried to sleep in this morning, but I just couldn’t do it.” You yawned. It was like your body and mind didn’t know how to relax anymore or it wanted to chill at the wrong times. “How about you? Are you having friends over again today?” Sometimes you could hear a mass of activity from Sam’s side of the wall. Lots of heavy footsteps and laughter and muffled voices. You were a little jealous of him; you did have friends of your own, but they very rarely visited. Often it was just phone calls in times of distress, never really friendly visits.

“I might have someone over later. She’s a good friend. Always asking about us, actually. Like when we’re gonna meet.” Sam always hints that he wants to meet you. He puts down his newspaper and knocks on the wall a couple of times. “I’m pretty good at making breakfast. You should come over one morning.”

You stop sketching laugh, glad for the wall so you could blush without too much worry. “Sam, you don’t want to meet me! I’m gross.”

“I doubt it. Come on. You said you’d think about it the last time I asked. I mean I’m not gonna force you if you don’t want to meet, but what if I want to borrow a cup of sugar one day or something? Our meeting is inevitable.” Sam grins as he hears you laugh out loud in your apartment. He had no doubts that you were beautiful. Your personality was gorgeous and he was positive you had the physical attributes to match, though even if you didn’t, he was kind of already hooked on you.

“You just want to use me for my sugar, Sam.” You tease. “I’ll think about it some more. But um… I guess breakfast doesn’t sound so bad. I’m not usually a breakfast person, but sometimes I can smell something nice cooking from your apartment.”

“I’ll be sure to make something special for you. Just let me know when.”


Reading His Mind

Prompt from anon: in which every time cas looks into deans eyes (i.e. a lot) he can hear his thoughts


Dean was staring off into the darkly lit sky that held the promise of a chilly rain storm. The scent of dampness filled Cas’ nose but he didn’t quite understand it. Instead, he watched the hunter silently and worried deeply the way that Dean was struck by the weather that was closing around them. Work on the impala had been dropped, as Dean let himself fall deeply into his love for rain storms and the simple contentness of a summer rain.

The angel didn’t dare say a word to disrupt a thinking Dean. But when thunder rolled over the trees in a low roar, Dean turned and fixed his eyes on Cas. Just like always, the two found comfort in the unspoken comfort of each other’s gaze. Those misty green eyes had saved Castiel from breaking down on more than one occasion, always grounding him and reminding him what he was fighting for. But now, with the wind picking up, Cas decided to break his promise to Dean about reading his mind. More than anything in the world, Cas needed to hear what was going on behind those mystifying eyes.

“If I could choose a heaven, this would be it. A gentle rain and Cas’ eyes.” The words were low coming from Dean’s mind, but they were soft enough to unravel Cas. He had never heard Dean’s voice so full of emotion and longing and Cas soon became addicted to it.

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You know, I still remember the first time I even thought about Dean and Cas possibly being together. I remember the moment where something about Dean and Castiel on screen lit my face up, a moment that made me smile to the point of understanding that maybe, just maybe, this angel and hunter could work out. 

A few years later, and re-watching their first meeting and hearing ‘you don’t think you deserve to be saved’ - it still only reaffirms everything I’ve ever thought about them as a pairing; to me, they understand each other far more deeply than so many friends, not only couples, ever could. To rebuild someone’s soul, to risk one’s life for someone over and over again, to risk one’s power, one’s species, everything one has ever known for that one person who they’d 'rather have’ and have a 'more profound bond’ with - if that isn’t love, then I truly and sincerely do not, and never will know, what love is.


I think the reason so many people wonder why love doesn’t seem to last is because they don’t realize how much effort goes into relationships. We are so used to hearing about how we will meet our prince/princess and everything will just be perfect. Those cute couple pictures you see all over your news feed fill you with hope as you desperately want that. But those pictures won’t show you the 2 am fights, all the tears that have been cried, and the words that have been said that never should have. We are only humans we will make multiple mistakes. We are trying to figure out who we are. If you are wanting to share your life with someone you need to prepare to make sacrifices for loved ones. It doesn’t come easy, you will feel like giving up multiple times. True love is never how it is perceived in stories. It’s messy and unpredictable, but it is so fucking worth it.

One Direction Preference : Kissing Him Goodbye

Louis: You held his face in your hands and kept shaking your head, not wanting to meet his eyes in fear that you’d once again cry and he’d not be able to leave quite yet. “(YN).” He whispered and you shook your head. “(YN).” “No.” He patted your back and kissed your forehead. “Look at me, come on, i want your face to be the last i see before i leave, please, for me?” At the tone in his voice, you lifted your head and he smiled. “There’s your beautiful face. Come here.” He pulled you in for a kiss and during the kiss the intercom came on, announcing his flight and you pulled back. “I love you.” “Love you more, i’ll see you soon.”

Niall: “I always hate these days, Niall. Not because you’re going on tour but because you’re going on tour.” He laughed. “That made no sense.” Sighing you sway your joined hands back and forth. “I mean, i love that you’re able to go on tour and live your dream but i hate that you’re able to go on tour and i’m stuck at home without you, i wish i could be with you while you’re on tour. I miss you when you’re gone, like i go crazy without you.” “I go crazy without you too, and i’ll be sure to have you come and visit us a time or two, okay? I promise.” “One last kiss before you go?” He grinned. “You can have as many kisses as possible before i go.”

Harry: "It’s a shorter tour then normal love.“ He tried to calm you down but you were always a mess whenever Harry had to leave for tour, it always left you feeling alone and you didn’t want to feel alone again. "You can always visit my mom and sister whenever you feel like it, or maybe they can come visit you, look you won’t be alone and i’ll be home in a few weeks, just a few weeks, no longer.” Sighing you pull back from his hug and stand on your tip toes to kiss him. “You said no longer, but to be quite honest, Harry, i wouldn’t mind a bit shorter, don’t be stupid, please.” “Never.”

Liam: “Don’t be stupid, be safe always, don’t take your time, get back here as soon as you can, you hear me?” you ask him and he smiles at you. “I promise, (YN), look i’m just going over there for a meeting and then i’ll be back. I’ll be gone just for a couple days.” “A lot can happen in a couple days, Li.” “Nothing bad will happen. I’ll call you when i land, i’ll call you when i’m on my way home, i’ll call before bed alright? Look, i’ll be back here for you and the baby in two days, no later, i promise.” “Okay.” you pout as he pecks your lips and you pull him in for a better kiss. “Don’t forget to call.”

Zayn: “Zayn, just go will you? I’ll be here when you get back, don’t worry.” “Are you sure you don’t want to come with, you can still come if you want.” You shake your head and rest your hand on your baby belly. “No, i don’t want to move around to much and that’s probably all that’s going on and it’s no place for a pregnant woman, Zayn. You go, have fun, tell Liam happy birthday for me, okay? Now go, your band mates would like to see you, the baby and i will be here when you get back.” “Not leaving without a kiss.” “Then get over here and kiss me.”

Requested: Yes


Whovians in love.

Police Box Ring (Left)

TARDIS Ring (Middle)

The Spin Doctor (Right)

Originally posted by im-not-a-fallen-angel

Title: Cheesy Proposal 

 Pairing: Dean x Reader

 A/N: I’m trying a new format; so maybe tell me how you like it? I hope you like this story!! I love you guys c: Request/submit here

Edit: I fixed the format so now maybe tell me how it looks

       Your hand automatically stretches out to find the warm body of your boyfriend. Confusion washes over your entire being as your arm meets cold sheets. Dean was never up before you. You sit up and in your bed and look around still finding no Dean nor do you hear him. Getting up to walk to the library and you find Sam reading a book.

       "Hey Sam.. where’s Dean?“ Sam look up from his book and shrugged.     

       "Maybe a supply run, he’s been talking about going on a big one for a couple of days.” You nodded and started to turn back to you’re room. 

       "Oh and Y/N? You wanna go to the mall later, check out Hot Topic?“ You grinned and nodded again quickly.

        "Totally! Just let me get dressed.” After getting dressed you and Sam get in your car, Sam deciding to call Cas to come with.

        “Hey Cas!” Castiel tilted his head to the side in confusion. 

        “Hello y/n, Sam. Y/N why are you not with Dean? I thought he was p-”  

        “Cas! Dean is on a supply run so we are taking Y/N to the mall.” Cas’s mouth made an o shape as sudden realization dawned on him. 

        “Right. We are going to Hot Topical, correct?” You giggled and shook your head at the clueless angel.

       "Its Hot Topic and yes we are,its my favorite store.“ He nodded and sat back in the seat. You pulled into the mall parking lot and got out, heading towards the entrance the boys following you. You grinned as you entered your favorite store.

        "Hey Cas you should try this on!” You grabbed the fake wings and handed them to him. He gave them a confused look but put them on anyway causing you to giggle. You snapped a picture and headed towards the dresses and picked up a few. You looked at the necklaces. About half and hour later, Sam tapped your shoulder. 

        “Hey Y/N.. I heard there’s supposed to be a flash mob in the middle of the mall.” You grinned with excitement. 

        “Cool! Just let me check out and we’ll head down.” He nodded going to wait outside for you. Once you finished,the three of you headed to the middle of the mall. Once you arrived Faithfully, your favorite song, started playing. 

Highway run

Into the midnight sun

Wheels go round and round 

You’re on my mind

        You gasped as Dean walked down the stairs , microphone in his hand and his gorgeous voice belting out the lyrics.

 Restless hearts sleep alone tonight

 Sending all my love along the wire

 They say that the road ain’t no place to start a family

 Right down the line its been you and me

. Dean grinned at you and you clutched your head to your chest. Lovin’ a music man ain’t always what its supposed to be Oh girl you stand by me I’m forever yours Faithfully Dean kneeled in front of you, taking your hand in his own. 

 Circus life

 Under the big top world

 We all need the clowns to make us smile

 Through space and time

 Always another show 

 Wondering where I am

 Lost without you 

 The music continued in the background while Dean started talking.

        “Y/N, I’m not good with cheesy things or feelings but I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you that you were my soulmate. I didn’t believe in them till I met you. I love you so damn much and I would die for you. I love all of your little perks and everything about you. Please let me love forever. .Will you marry me…?” You nodded, unshed tears blurring your vision. He smiled widely and pulled the ring out of his pocket, sliding it on your finger. It fit perfectly. 

        “Thank you, I love you so much” “I love you too, Dean.”

kayla-ships-klaine-and-destiel  asked:

i love all the headcanons going around that liam's gonna mistake henry for killian's son and henry does nothing to correct him; and i've seen a few fics where milah looks at henry and sees baelfire; will you write a fic where liam knows milah and mistakes henry for her and killian's son and then awkward times ensue?

(Hee! I love this!)

“I’ve met your love down here, brother,” Liam says, and Killian’s heart sinks into his stomach. After all he’s done, Emma’s down here? His coming here was supposed to prevent that! His sacrifice was supposed to save her and her family!

But then Liam starts talking about dark hair and bright eyes and Killian knows he doesn’t mean Emma at all. He means Milah. The feelings that grip him now are at complete odds with one another: pure relief that Emma is all right but utter sorrow that Milah has been languishing here since her death.

Before Killian can think to ask just how Milah and Liam crossed paths in the vastness of the Underworld, he hears a voice calling his name. A familiar voice, one he thought he’d never hear again.

One that shouldn’t be here. 

“Over here!”

And before he can even start to panic, he sees a blonde streak running for him. She wraps him in her arms and holds on as if her life depends on it. “I knew I’d find you,” she murmurs into his ear. “I’ll always find you.”

His arms wrap around her as he buries his nose in her hair. “Emma, love, what in blazes are you doing down here?”

She’s not dead. He can tell. She gives off a kind of light, a faint glow that none of the other souls trapped here emit. Life force, maybe?

She starts rambling about the Crocodile and opening the portal in Storybrooke and over her shoulder, Killian sees the whole crew behind her. Snow, Dave, Regina, Robin, and young Henry, who’s grinning at them for all he’s worth.

An amused Liam clears his throat, reminding Killian of his presence. “Apologies,” a sheepish Killian says as he pulls out of the embrace with his Swan. “Liam, this is Emma. Emma, Liam.”

“Liam, your brother?” Emma whispers, ever eloquent.


“Very nice to meet you,” Liam says, taking Emma’s hand and kissing the back of it. She arches an amused eyebrow but simply returns the sentiment. “And who’s the young lad? Is he yours and Milah’s?”

Emma blinks. Henry ducks his head to hide an amused smile. Killian scratches behind his ear. “Er, no, he’s Emma’s.”

Liam smiles sheepishly. “My apologies.”

“It’s all right,” Emma assures him, smirking. “A lot can happen over a couple of centuries.”

Killian smiles. He thought he’d never hear one of Emma’s “you’re so old” jokes again. There are no words to express how glad he is that he was wrong.