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Kylo Ren x Reader

Requested: Can you write one where reader is apprentice of kylo and he gets “jealous” because she’s dangerously close with hux and then it gets them to “angst smut”

Authors note: never written angst smut before, I tried my hardest

“Again!” He growls, his lightsaber coming to life before his eyes, the bright red glow illuminating his face. “Commander, we’ve done this so many times and I’m tired” you whine, looking at him, his cold glare never leaving your eyes. Rolling your eyes, your lightsaber comes to life, the blue purple shinning in your eyes, lifting your arms you hold onto the base of the saber, swinging it around to try and his Commander Ren, blocking you as usual. Breathing in angrily, you spin, hitting your saber against his, causing both to scream loudly, kicking out your leg to try and knock him down he pushes back against you, causing you to fall back and stumble, lightsaber leaving your hand; causing it to turn itself off. Laying on the floor, you pant slowly, grunting as you sit up to see your commander standing there, saber dying as he watches you. “Pathetic” He rolls his eyes, placing his saber back into the holder, turning on his heels to walk away, the doors screeching as they open and close. Leaving you in the room by yourself.

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BTS reaction to their S/O wanting to go stargazing at the beach


Jin would be so excited to go. He loves the beach and he loves looking at the stars with you. He’d pack a few warm blankets and of course some snacks. Jin would lay on the blanket, put his arm around you and sigh happily. “The sound of the ocean, the bright stars, and the prettiest girl in the world by my side. How could it get any better?”

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Yoongi would be happy that you asked. Looking at the stars helps clear his head and being with you made him happier than he’s ever been before. He’d lean back happily on the sand with you, his hand intertwined with yours. Yoongi would have a content smile on his face. “You come up with the best ideas.”

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He would be kinda tired after such a long day but he could never say no to you. He’d make sure you wore some warm clothes and he’d bring some drinks just in case. He wouldn’t really be paying attention to the sky though. Not even the roaring ocean could get his eyes taken off you. He just stared, taking in the way the moonlight shone on your face. “Ahhhh…. you’re just like a beautiful angel…”

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Namjoon would watch the stars alone before you got together. He never asked you to come along because he wasn’t sure if you’d like it, so when you suggested it, he had a wide smile on his face. He would hurry quickly to get things ready, get a little book, and a small telescope. As you sat and watched, he’d be pointing up to the sky. “And of course you can’t forget the Big Dipper!”

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Like Hobi, Jimin would be pretty tired at the end of the day when he got home. He may take a little persuading, but eventually he’d agree to go with you. He’d bundle you in his jacket as you sat on the sand, cold ocean breeze blowing by. “So, do you know any of the star names?” He’d ask. Jimin would slowly start to fall asleep to the sound of your voice, the cool sea wind and the sound of waves.

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He would happily go with you. As you were sitting on the sand watching, he had an idea. Tae would take your hand, and pull you closer to the waves. You both got in to where the water was up to your ankles. Laughing and slashing around, he would pull you into a kiss under the starlit sky. “I love you, sweetie…”

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Kookie would happily go, packing a little bag as soon as you asked about going. He laid a blanket down on the sand. He wanted for you to sit down, then laid his head on your lap, looking straight up. “Do you know a lot about the stars? Or do you just like looking at them?” He’d ask. You two would just walk for hours, him asking a million questions while he hung on to every word.

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Keep waking me up at 5:30am?

Second attempt. First time it got eaten.

I lived in a very ghetto apartment complex for a while. While there I was working grave yard shift, and there was a car that would come at 5:30am on week days to pick up SOMEONE and they would lay on the horn for at least 20 minutes. They would never get out of the car, they would just lay on the damned horn.

I did ask them politely, once, to stop, to go knock, I work grave yard and would like to sleep. I basically got told to fuck off. Ok, you’ve asked for it.

He was driving a VERY pimped out Cadillac. Maroon in color, tinted windows, gold rims, large white wall tires, etc. Obv very proud of his ride. I waited a month, so it wouldn’t be obvious it was me, then I borrowed a paint ball gun from a guy at work. I took the screen off my window facing where he always parks, and waited for the next morning.

When he started laying on his horn I sprayed his car with neon orange paint. He stopped laying on his horn after that. I think I made my point.

Berries & Citrus Fruit

Bucky x reader One Shot

You and Bucky have developed a system that lets either of you understand what the other is feeling during e.g. a nightmare and somehow it contains fruit.

warnings: a teeny tiny bit of language and  f l u f f

A/N: it’s currently 10:14 pm as I’m typing this and I am so tired I can’t even remember writing this fic. which means it probably makes no sense what so ever and should not be published but, things happen that don’t even happen. my exhaustion could also be the reason for this fic being based on fruit

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You were pulled out of your sleep by a guttural scream, like most nights.

The scream was followed by a few much quieter one’s, before they slowly changed into mumbled words you would never be able to fully understand. As you pushed his long hair aside to get a look at his face to try to see what kind of dream it had been, you found yourself met with the beautiful facial features of your boyfriend scrunched up in pain, and it broke your heart. You had lost count how many nights like that happened and you wished to be able to determine and end to them.

Once again, your hands softly stroked through the thick curls, this time one hand moving under his chin to turn his face upwards in your direction.

Being met with the sight of you, Bucky seemed almost surprised. The first few times his nightmares had shaken the both of you awake, you had felt hurt. You had thought he was surprised that you were still there with him, as if you had an intention to leave. As if seeing him this defenseless could ever make you leave him, reject him.

“Which fruit, darling?”, you asked, carful to form the words slowly, so that he would be able to understand them more easily. Years ago, the morning after a particularly bad nightmare, you had sat down to determine a system for the both of you to understand. The system was supposed to be simple words that either of you would be able to focus on in difficult situations. And because you had sat down at the dining table were a bowl of fruit had been, you decided to use fruit as your so-called code words.

“Can you tell me a fruit?” You willed your voice to sound as soft as possible, and it sounded silly without context, hell, even with sometimes, but it was the only thing that really helped.

Bucky blinked a couple of times to get rid of the tears in his eyes. “Str-“ He tried to swallow away the heavy lump in his throat. “Strawberry.”

You sighed heavily, closing your eyes. Most nights it was ‘Strawberry’. It meant that, in his dream, he had seen you in danger. Most times he was the one to be the reason. Usually, he didn’t really say what he had seen, which is why he liked the fruit-system. This way, he didn’t need to relive the nightmares by talking about them. It gave him the opportunity to push it aside and focus on reality.

And reality in that moment was being in your arms as you slowly rocked him from side to side, slowly lulling him into relaxation.

“Fruit?”, he asked, mumbling the question tiredly.

“Blueberry,” you replied and suddenly felt him slump beneath your fingers. ‘Blueberry’ was good. ‘Blueberry’ meant you were safe and happy. It was all he ever wanted to hear from you. “You?”

“Orange. Bit Lime.” Bucky’s words were becoming more and more sleepy.

“That’s okay.” You knew that it was just a matter of minutes before he would fall asleep again, hopefully for the whole night this time. “We should go back to sleep. Long day tomorrow.”

He nodded against your chest and let you move him into a laying position.

Your phone rang whilst you were in the middle of shuffling the deck of cards in your hand. It was a night out – or rather in, as you were at one of your friend’s apartment – with your friends after having to decline multiple times for the sake of staying with Bucky. It was not like he kept you away from them, but you simply felt more comfortable when you knew that he had someone who would be there for him when he needed it. On this particular night, Bucky had gone on a mission with Steve and Sam, which gave you the opportunity for a girl’s night.

And the knowledge that Bucky was not one hundred percent safe right now made you excuse yourself and quickly grab your phone. Normally, you would just let it ring, but it could be an emergency.

And you knew that it was one the second you moved your finger across the screen to answer. Because even though it was Bucky’s name that indicated him to be on the other end of the line, it wasn’t his voice who spoke.

“Y/N, it’s me,” Sam said, “We’ve got a bit of a situation here.” Although you instantly recognized him, the familiarity did nothing to help you feel less on edge.

“What happened?”, you rushed out, needing to now how bad it was.

“Bucky, he- I think he had a nightmare.”

“Oh god.” You had prayed that this wouldn’t happen, but of course, it did. Not being able to keep still anymore, you stood up and took a deep breath. “Tell me exactly what happened and what he the situation is right now.”

You heard shuffling on the other end and were about to freak out when Sam’s voice sounded through the speaker again. “He woke up screaming. We tried to calm him down by talking to him, but all he said was some nonsense with your name in it. He’s still doing that now and I think he’s crying, too. He won’t listen to either of us, not even Steve.”

You felt your won tears prickling in the corners of your eyes because you felt helpless. One of your friends came closer to ask you what was wrong, but you brushed her off with a half-assed smile.

“Okay, Sam. Give him the phone.”

Once again, you heard rustling, slightly louder this time, before it stopped and turned into heavy breathing.

“Buck?”, you asked cautiously, hoping to snap him out of his current state. He didn’t answer, so you tried again. “Which fruit, love?”

You didn’t notice your friend exchanging glances, and even if you had, you wouldn’t have cared one bit. All your focus was solely on Bucky, who replied, finally.

“Strawberry.” You could hear the cracking in his voice perfectly clear and your system is flooded with and even stronger desire to be there with him right now. “Lime.”

“Blueberry, Bucky,” you promised him and he, in return, took in a sharp breath.

“You sure?” His voice was small, but sounded clearer now, not anymore like he was being strangled.

“Blueberry,” you simple stated again because you knew it would be easier for him to grasp.

You heard him sigh somewhat contentedly, “Blueberry.”

“Do you think you can go back to sleep or do you need me to talk to you some more?”

“More,” was all he said but understood just fine. You softly rambled to him about your day for a few minutes until you could hear steady breathing that indicated that he had fallen asleep and were handed back to Sam.

“What did you say to him? All he did was name berries and he was calm again.” The astonishment was evident in his voice when he spoke to you again.

“We have a fruit system to that we know how the other is feeling. Mine’s are those his are citrus fruit.” A smile found its was onto your lips as you could practically see the look on Sam’s face.

“Why fruit?”

“Dunno, it just happened that way.” You found yourself chuckling, although it could be because of exhaustion and a bit of adrenalin in some extend.

Sam quietly joined in. “Berries and citrus fruits. You two are weird.”

“You know that strawberries are technically nuts, right?”

You are nuts, Y/N.”

The system explained in amazingly well structured full English sentences:

Blueberry = you safe & happy

Cranberry = you scared

Strawberry = you in danger

Orange = Bucky safe & happy

Lime = Bucky scared

Lemon = Bucky in danger

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Game On

lin manuel miranda x reader

prompt #7, #8, and #15: “how about we put the gun down and talk about this?” “i came here to kick ass and chew gum.. and I’m all out of gum.” “don’t tempt me.”

a/n: lmao you probably wanted a super serious angst fic but i couldn’t resist


Today has been a very long day for Lin. 

No, it’s been a long week, but today felt as though it dragged on and on and he would never live to see the end.

His whole day was full of interviews and shows and meetings. He was tired and needed a break desperately from his ever so busy life and rushing constantly. The only thing getting him through his rough day and tireless efforts was the thought of coming home to you.

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BTS reaction: their s/o poking their face a lot

Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

I think it depends on the situation and his mood tbh. If you’re cuddling, or just having a cozy night in and he’s in a good mood, he’d probably find it quite cute and let you poke his face as much as you want to. But if he’s tired, or just not in a very good mood, he’d probably get tired of it real quick. Like, one or two pokes, and then he’ll start trying to avoid your touch. He’d never verbally tell you to stop though, unless you keep trying to poke him even if it’s evident he doesn’t want you to.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

Nah, he doesn’t like it. I don’t feel like he wants anyone’s hands on his face really. Most of the time he’d let you do it just a few times, before telling you to stop. If he’s in a particularly good and affectionate mood, he’d probably let you poke him to your heart’s content. But that doesn’t happen a lot. And if you try to do it while he’s working, you won’t even get close to his face before he sends you a glare to stop you.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

I’m not sure how he feels about people touching his face tbh. I know he likes when people play with his hair, but I’m not so sure about face-poking. So I think he’d let you do it most of the time simply because he knows that’s just how you are, and he doesn’t want to tell you to stop. But he’ll let you know when he’s really not feeling it.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

Tbh, he’d find it kinda cute. Like, he might not really like the feeling of another person touching his face, but he’ll find that habit in itself very cute, so he’ll not stop you, and kinda learn to enjoy it with time. But, sometimes he just won’t feel it, and those times it’s for the best to not have your hands anywhere near his face.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

Well, he’s a bit insecure about his cheeks, and doesn’t like them because they’re chubby (or at least he used to be. Idk if he still is). So I don’t think he’d really like it if you poked his cheeks. His cheeks are for kisses only. But he’d probably be fine with you poking any other part of his face, like his nose. Unless he’s tired or in a bad mood of course.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

He’s a very touchy person as well, so he’ll be completely fine with it, and probably find it really cute. As long as he can poke you back, there will be no problem. Just know that poking him might lead to a poke war, which in turn will become a tickle fight. But I don’t know wether he’d like it when he’s tired or not. On one hand, I can see him being a bit more irritable when he’s tired, but at the same time I can see him feeling almost comforted because he loves your touch. So poking his face when he’s tired is probably a gamble.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

Tbh, I think he’d be kinda iffy about it. Like, he’s not used to it and that’ll make him more uncomfortable. But, he won’t say shit about it, because he doesn’t want to risk making you sad by telling you no. And I think, like Namjoon, he’ll learn to like it. But if he’s not feeling it, he’s not feeling it and you’ll notice that.

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Got7 Reaction to you crying after an argument

Hi there, sweetie <3 I am doing fine thank’s for asking! - I actually think they would all feel pretty bad for making you sad :/ ~Enjoy 

Mark - He would hate to argue with you, so whenever your arguments went out of control he’d just leave and wait till you were both calm and able to have a conversation. But this time he went a little further with the words and as he was really tired and didn’t want to keep with that topic he’d just leave you like that. The difference is that when he returned he’d find you all wrapped up in blankets, crying silentely. Mark wouldn’t be expecting to find you crying and would never imagine he could hurt you like that with his words. He’d drop everything he had on his hands to get to you to clean your tears and to cup your face, apologysing as many times as it was needed to make you stop crying.

“Y/N, please forgive me.” (ofc you do c’mon it’s mark)

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Jaebum - He would feel like shit for making you cry. Even if he was somehow right in the whole argue, just the thought of making you cry would make him want to hit himself. JB would just hug you thight and caress your hair as a way of apologizing for making you feel that way. He would just be more careful with his words since then and would want to forget the day he made you cry, because it was a shame for him, reminding himself how he hurt you to the point of making you cry. Jaebum would never cause any more arguments and if they happened in the future, they would all end up with him hugging you and kissing you, affraid to make you sad again.

“I… shouldn’t have said that.”

(those sexy piercings are fucking me up)

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Jackson - OMG his weakness would be seeing you cry! I think you and him wouldn’t argue that much, so this would probbaily be your first time and you just got really sensitive because you never saw him mad like that. Jackson might be really pissed off, but if he noticed you crying, his heart would break in half in that instant. He wouldn’t know what to do and his mind would just blow since he’d be thinking really hard about what he should do to make you stop. Like Jaebum, he’d end up hugging you but he’d apologyse many times and would kiss your cheeks and your hands, trying his best to get you to smile again and to forget that stupid argument. Jackson would then treat you as if you were made of glass since then, and would just wish to never see you cry again.

“Jagi please don’t cry!”

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Jinyoung - He’d be really confused and surprised to see you cry as he never did before, so he wouldn’t really know what to do. I see him laughing a bit because of his nerves since he got caught out of guard, but he’d then rush to you, clean your tears and make you look into his kind eyes as he smiled at you while saying how much he loved you and how he didn’t want to see you cry. I am not sure if Junior would apologize right away… he’d probabily only do it if he was really harsh with you in the argument and if he was really regretting what he did. Otherwise, he’d apologyse with his actions. Like the others, he’d hate to see you cry, but would act more calm about it and have the situation under control.

“Are you crying? You look so much prettier when you are smilling!” *backhugs and kisses your head*

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Youngjae- Would be soooo confused in what to do XD he would laugh akwardly and scratch the back of his neck as he felt like the worst person alive for making you cry. CUDDLES AND CUDDLES is what you can expect from him. Jae would just hate to remember your crying eyes after your stupid argument. This little puppy would be really freaking out about what should he do to make you happy again, so he’d end up just laughing and hugging you. And belive me that after that incident the arguments would be almost inexistent since he would understand how stupid you two looked and how it ended with you hurt and him feeling horrible with himself. You would both be really careful with your words since then, and make lots of love, not war ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .

“Jagi! I didn’t want to make you sad… let’s forget this?”

(you are Jaebum/Jackson !? XD)

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Bambam - This kid would laugh at first since he wouldn’t be expecting you to start crying, then he’d understand you were seriously hurt and would immediately pull you into his arms and fill you with love. I don’t see your fights with Bambam being that current, and deffinitily not violent, so it would probabily be just a misunderstanding (or you were just on your period XD). He’d be really silly about it and pinch your cheeks and spin you around just to make you laugh and stop crying. Bambam wouldn’t be sure what he did to make you cry out of that silly arguement, but would want to make you stop and keep being your joyful self.

“Jagi? Are you…? Why are you crying?!”

(this gif is life)

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Yugyeom - The instant he felt the argument was going too far and saw you tearing up, he wouldn’t give you time to react, would just pull you to him and hug you thight as he didn’t want to see you crying. Like with leader JB, this maknae would feel like shit if he made you cry. Even if he was the one with the reason, Yugyeom wouldn’t let you cry, he’d hug you and only let you go when he was sure there was no dirty water in your eyes (the non related references omg). You would be his girl and he’d want to treat his girl well, so he’d hate to argue with you and make you sad and mad at him, but when you cryed it was way different, and he hated the feeling you gave him when you cried because of him… Yugyeom would feel really small and just want to go back in time to prevent himself for starting the argument.

“You can’t do this to me…”

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This boys are just the sweetests s2 Hope you liked it!

~I also write for BTS, EXO, B.A.P, MONSTA X and INFINITE if you’d like to leave more requests.



Isaac and Brett Catch Up

What He Likes About You:

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Isaac: Your Personality. He enjoys how your personality can brighten up his day. It was the first thing he fell in love with when he met you. He thinks you have the best personality in the world and will never get tired of it anytime soon.

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Brett: Your Cheeks (face cheeks). He enjoys pinching them or laying light kisses on them when it is just you too. It always the first thing he kisses when he meets up with you and holds them with his soft hands as he kisses your lips which are his second favorite thing.

“Quit moving, Ni!” Lou laughed lightly, pinching his chin and bringing it to face her again. “At this point, you’re never going to get married.” 

“Wha- Hey! It’s not my fault, I’m just real excited!” Niall grinned, whipping his head around when he heard your voice from outside the door. “Is Y/N ready yet?” 

“No, she’s just as distracted as you are.” Lou rolled her eyes, rubbing some gel through Niall’s hair and sighing when he squirmed in his seat to turn and look at the door. “You jus’ cant wait t’ get your hands on her, can’t you?” She teased, swatting Niall’s hand away when he reached up to fiddle with a loose strand. 

“I’m gettin’ married today, Lou.” 

“I’m aware.” Lou smiled, wiping her hands off before checking to see that Niall’s hair looked decent considering how much he had been squirming around in his seat. 

“Gettin’ married t’ the sweetest, most prettiest girl in t’e world.” Niall said giddily, glancing at the sleek tux hanging by the closet door. “Y/N’s gonna be my wife, Lou.” 

“That’s how marriage works, yes.” Lou snorted, grabbing the makeup bag to pretty Niall up a little more. There was a moment of silence before Niall was about to speak up, an- 

I’m getting married today!!” Niall turned to look at the door again when he heard you all the way from your dressing room, laughing to himself as his cheeks grew rosy.

It was pretty obvious the two of you were very much excited to marry each other. 


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stitches: remus lupin

Every month, there was a particular day that always got you nervous. It was the full moon, and Remus always told you to not worry about it, that he will be okay, but despite of his comforting words you never could get to sleep.

You were in your bed reading your favourite book, hoping that it would be something to stop your mind wondering about the dangers your boyfriend faced. Of course, it wasn’t working but it was enough to get you to sleep.

Rough hands were shaking you and opening your tired eyes, there were three figures. In the corner of your eye you could see the sun beginning to rise, you had only got a few hours of sleep.

“James, where is Remus?” You asked, voice shaking with worry when you realised he wasn’t with them.

The three exchanged looks with one another and looked back at you, regret resting on their faces. They were hurt, Sirius had a sling on his right arm, James was limping and Peter had a large scratch on his left cheek. If you had not known about the night before, you would of thought of an accident that happened in one of their stupid pranks. But this wasn’t a prank, and it wasn’t funny either.

“He-” you began but your voice broke and tears were blurring your vision. Sirius rushed over and hugged you.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, we tried as best as we could,” he mumbled in your ear, voice raspy and pain stricken.

“It’s not your fault, Sirius. I know that, but I want to see him.” You wiped your tears from your cheeks with the back of your hands and got up slowly.

“Y/N..” James began.

“No James, I want to see him.” You finalised and began putting a jumper over your pajamas. They didn’t want you to see him, and it was evident when they slowly followed behind you. But you had to see him.

The corridors of Hogwarts were awfully quiet, like the paintings on the wall were afraid to breathe as you walked up to the hospital wing, as if they knew the pain the group of four felt for their friend. Madam Pomfrey rolled her eyes when she heard the faint knock and the open of the door, as you paced over to Remus.

Quickly grabbing a chair you sat next to him and took a look at what was the aftermath of the night before. Bruises scattered across his arms and a bandage was wrapped around his right ankle.

“He broke two rib bones, too,” Madam Pomfrey huffed on the other side of the room.

“So be careful with him, yeah? Don’t need him to be injured anymore than he is now.” With that, she turned around and walked out of the room.

You looked back at Remus and felt sympathy for him. Well, you always did. But this was worse. Usually he would come out of the fight with a few scratches and an aching body which was nothing a few days rest could fix.

The sun was now shining brightly through the windows, it would have to be at least 7am by now, and people would be getting up to get ready for the day. The sun was warm on your skin, and it shone on his face causing him to twitch and scrunch his face.

“Look!” You whispered, and the remaining marauders walked over to the bed, more than ecstatic to see him awakening again.

“Babe, is that you?” His voice scratchy, and lanky arms reaching out to grab for you. A laugh escaped from your mouth when he grabbed you around the waist and pulled you onto the bed. He winced when you landed on his arm. Immediately regretting what happened you got off the bed and sat back down on the chair.

“Hey I wanted yo-”

“No Remus, you’re hurting and it’s not helping. You need to rest.” You said, tears beginning to fall from your eyes again. How could someone be so good to the world and to be treated so badly in return?

“Come here, don’t need you crying, yeah?” And he opened his arms, stretched out patiently as you sat stubbornly on the chair. Eventually you decided to and got onto the bed, careful movements making sure to not touch his injuries. The tears fell onto his shirt and he cooed placing kisses on your hairline. “I’m okay,” “I’m okay,” he repeated until your hiccups subsided and there were no tears. You traced inane patterns on his stomach and he chuckled.

“Shouldn’t you be getting ready for breakfast?” He questioned, eyebrows raised when you looked up to him.

“You know I’m not going anywhere, Remus. Not after last night,” You whispered, chin resting on his chest.

“Besides its not like I’m missing out on anything, I’ve been to every class this whole school year.”

He still looked skeptical, but the tightening of his arms around your waist said otherwise.

When you looked around the room, there was no one else but the two of you.

“James, Sirius and Peter were here before,” you stated and he nodded, like he knew they snuck out to give the both of you some space. A comfortable silence resting between the two of you as the sun made patterns across the blanket.

“Could you tell me a story?” He asked, so quiet you were sure he hadn’t said it.

Smiling widely, “of course I can, love.”

“There once was a group of friends that despite their differences, united together to make the better of their flaws, and to live their lives in such a way that anyone else would dream of having,” you began, and he smiled because the sound of your voice was like a lullaby, wishing him to sleep.

“Go on.” he yawned, cuddling up to you even more as you brushed your fingers through his hair.

“Of course they were a mess. But it was a beautiful mess because they held each other up, like a screw keeps a door on, or a house staying up even after strong winds tried to knock it down.” You stopped and he was asleep, quiet breaths blowing onto your face.

“They are good friends, you know, I hope you never lose them.” You yawned, rambling on tiredly to his sleeping self as you too, fell into the world of dreams and nightmares.

Training to be a leader pt. 2

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(Eric x reader)

Imagine: Eric training you to be a Dauntless leader - part 2

part 1

I dragged my tired self into Eric’s office for the second time this week. My eyes scanned idly around the room. I had never really realized how organized everything was. Of course it would be. Ex-erudite, I thought to myself.

A cough brought my attention back to the man sitting at his desk with the usual scowl on his face.

“I need you to go and get something from Tori. She’s up at the control room, you have 5 minutes,” he said, before turning back at his computer.

“Excuse me?” I asked, questioning the relation between this task and my leadership training.

He looked back up at me and raised an eyebrow. I could tell he wasn’t expecting me to respond back to him, but now that I was almost a leader, I felt like I had a newfound confidence, which allowed to me to say whatever I liked to Eric. And I liked it.

I stood there with my hands on my hips, while we both waited for the other to say something.

After a while, he looked at his watch and replied, “You have four minutes left.”

I rolled my eyes, let out a sigh and walked back out the glass doors that I had entered less than 5 minutes ago.

“It’d be smart to run, Y/N,” he called out after me and I waved a hand in dismissal.

When I made my way up to the top of the control room, Tori was sitting there with a large cardboard box at her feet. 

“Hey, Y/N, have you seen Eric?” she asked me.

“You mean the devil? Yeah, I just had training with him and I was left lying on the floor in the gym for 10 minutes.” I complained, knowing she would understand.

She gave me a sympathetic look and I replied with a shrug.

“Oh well, I’m ok now, but he sent me up here to get something from you?”

“Yes, well he was supposed to collect these from me, but I didn’t know he was sending you to get them,” she replied uncertainly, “the box is quite heavy, are you sure you’ll be able to carry them? I would help, but I’m supposed to be…”

‘No no, it’s fine, you can go, I’ll be fine” I cut her off, knowing that a grumpy Eric would be waiting for me downstairs. She smiled with a slight sign of relief and headed down the stairs. 

I motioned towards the box and tried to lift it. Wow. It was real heavy. Thanks Eric. There was no way I was going to be able to get this huge box back to his office in less than 2 minutes. So I didn’t even bother trying. It was nice to finally be able to not obey Eric without fearing the consequences.

After what felt like an eternity, I dropped the box of who-knows-what in front of Eric and collapsed onto the floor again.

“I thought I asked for it in 5 minutes. Not 25.” He stood up and walked over to me with a disapproving look.

“Well, I’m so sorry,” I snapped back at him. “What in the world is in this box?”

“None of your business.” He turned back to his desk. “Get up, you have things to do.”

At first I was surprised. He let it go that easily? I was sure nothing good was going to come out of this.

I pushed myself up and sat on his desk as he turned around to reach something behind his desk.

‘Get off my desk.” He said turning around and handing me a large stack of papers in a cream colored folder.

I slid off to grab the folder, but not before eyeing him with a look of defiance and rebelliance that I knew he would hate. And I was right. The moment he realized I was messing with him on purpose, he seemed to snap. I smiled. But not for long.

“File these in alphabetical order,” he ordered. “And you’re not leaving until you’re finished and I’m happy.”

Before I could say another word, he huffed and walked right out of the office, leaving me utterly confused, tired and speechless all at the same time.

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Hello hello!! Could i get an hc of tyler and the reader falling asleep on the phone together and when tyler sleep talks he confesses his feelings for the reader?

Hello!! Of course, please enjoy 😊😊💕💕


- Talking all day everyday cause 👌🏽

- Never wanting to hang up

- But always being tired when you wake up

- It’s late but who cares you love talking

- Both half asleep but you fall asleep before him

- He falls asleep soon after you and begins to talk in his sleep

- Saying how much you mean to him and how much he cares about you

- You wake up just as he was finishing

- Seeing him the next day and mentioning it

- Blushing big boy and nodding

- You replaying the feelings and the two of you going on a date

Draco Malfoy Imagine Dark Mark

You leaned against the doorway, as the early morning sunlight peaked through the windows of the common room. Dawn was breaking over Hogwarts and had it been any other day, you’d have admired the gorgeous sunrise. 

But it was not one of those days. 

You tapped your foot impatiently, slightly cranky from having to get up earlier, but you knew that you needed to catch him in the act, or you’d never get anything out of your boyfriend. As if on cue, the common room door opened and Draco stepped inside, looking tired and defeated. 

“Rough night, love?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. Draco froze and turned to face you slowly. 

“(Y/N), could you not sleep? Do you want anything?” He asked sweetly and his tone would’ve fooled you, if you hadn’t been waiting for him. 

“We both know that it’s done Draco.” His expression hardened slightly, clearly unwilling to give up whatever he’d been doing. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe you’re tired, do you want me to fetch you a blanket to help you get back to sleep? We’ll forget all about it in the morning.” He started moving towards you, but you stepped away. His eyes showed his hurt.

“I know you’ve been sneaking out every night. There was something off with you and I know you’re going somewhere, or seeing someone. This isn’t you.” You explained.

“Well, maybe this is who I am now (Y/N) and maybe you just don’t understand that.” Draco snapped, glaring at you. As a couple, you’d had your arguments, but you’d never seen him so angry. It made you wonder how serious it was.

“Or maybe you’re hiding something from me and you’re scared to tell me.” You mumbled, but you knew he heard it. Draco’s eyes shifted away from you and you sighed. 

“You can tell me anything Draco. I won’t judge you.” You rubbed his arm, but Draco flinched away from your touch. 

“There are some things better left unsaid.” Draco mumbled and stalked away, but as he did so, his sleeve rolled up and you saw the Dark Mark on his skin. You stumbled back, gasping at the sight.

“See? This is what I am! This is who I am!” Draco shouted desperately, raising his arms. 

“Who you are or who you have to be?” You asked shakily, knowing that the Draco you loved would never do that willingly. Draco’s anger evaporated immediately and he reached for you. You wrapped your arms around him.

“I don’t want this. I don’t want to hurt you.” Draco mumbled and you stroked his hair.

“I know love, but we’ll find a way out of this. I promise you.”

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Curly with glasses? =>

I didn’t know I needed this until now

-Okay alright so he looks a lot like THIS

-Pony tries them on a lot and Curly thinks he looks hot af in them

-He really wanted glasses with a clear frame but he’s so forgetful and absentminded he’d probably end up losing them


-He often sleeps with them on bc he’s just so tired he forgets to take them off

-When he goes to rumbles he never takes them because they are expensive af and he ain’t gonna get them broke

-He likes that the big rims sorta hide his eye-brows because he’s self-conscious about them

-This boy??? Once??? Showered with them??? Because he forgot to take them off???

-ooooooo and Modern!Curly would def get annoyed when he would try to take a selfie and the light reflects on his glasses and you can’t see his face

“The stars aren’t out yet but we can wait” | Sirius Black

Request: Reader is stressed over exams and Sirius takes her somewhere to relax??

It had been a long day and as the sun started to set over the Hogwarts castle you finally close your books and put away your notes.
You had never felt stress like this before, the need to succeed, the need to pass. It was getting too much and your eyes soon began to fill with tears.
It had been a long day.
Three weeks were all you had left to prepare and you had found yourself wishing you had started to revise sooner.
As if he couldn’t turn up at a worse moment, Sirius walked into the room with a big smile on his face that soon transformed into a frown as he took in your red eyes and tired expression.
“What did I tell you” He sighs sitting beside you and pulling you into his lap.
“It’s okay I’m stopping now” You reply kissing his cheek.
“Come on” He stands up taking your hand in his as he leads you out of the room. Fingers intertwined, he leads you out of the common room and up the astronomy tower.
“Babe we’re not supposed to be up here” You smirk as he unlocks the door.
As the chilly air hits your warm skin you suddenly feel more alive.
“I come up here when I feel stressed” he admits, walking to the edge of the tower and peering up at the now black sky.
“The stars aren’t out yet but we can wait” he adds as you join him.
“Thank god I have you” you rest your head on his shoulder.
“I’m scared too you know, but we’re gonna do great I know we are” He smiles down at you.
“You really think so?”
“I know so” he laughs.
As he held you tight you felt as though all the worry had drained from your body. As long as Sirius was by your side, it didn’t matter what marks you got. As long as you tried your hardest it didn’t matter.
“You’re right about being up here” You smile as he plants a kiss on your head.

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Hi! I never get tired of your writing, it's so good! Could you possibly write #12 with Hotch, where the reader is a young team member (like 20 +\-) and Hotch is like a father for her? Lots of love xx

“Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.” 

Originally posted by drabbly

Hotch’s phone rang, and as he answered it, you watched your boss. His face fell just slightly, and he gave a small nod. When he hung up the phone, you straightened up. “What’s wrong?”

He glanced over to you with a frown. “They found another body.” Hotch reported in a flat tone. “You need to go to the dump site and see what you can find.”

Immediately, you nodded and stood up, grabbing your coat and coffee. It was cold outside; nearly snowing, in fact. These two objects will be your lifeline. But as you approached the door, Hotch said your name.

As you turned around to face him, your boss came up closer. “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”

You blinked in surprise, glancing over to his coat on the rack before looking back up to Hotch. “I’ll be fine, Hotch. Really. Your jacket is probably too big, and-”

“Do I have to make that an order?” He asked nonchalantly. And you swore that he almost smiled when you sighed and grabbed his jacket on the way out.

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“Now y/n, why would you do such a thing?” His dark eyes questioned as he scanned your now bruised and bloodied body. 

“Don’t you get it Stefan? I’m trying to get you to care, which obviously didn’t work considering you almost let me die! How much more is it going to take?!” You screamed, frustrated and tired of going through the same cycle every time. 

“Almost.” He paused, his face contorted. “I’d never let you die, no matter how much it pains me to say that.” 

It Always Finds a Way - Part 2

It Always finds a way part 2 of ? (also on Ao3)

Rated- T (minimal language)

Rushing his way to school after not hearing his alarm clock the first time it went off. He didn’t even remember when had actually fallen to sleep, but he did  know it hadn’t been long. Sipping the coffee he had grabbed on the way hoping it would wake him up more. He was relieved when he saw he still had made it to school with twenty minutes to spare. He never realized how bright the school was before. He was way more tired then he thought as he blinked a few times to adjust. Keeping his pace up he heard something coming from the undisclosed area they had been sent to on the first day of school. The muffled whisper yelling sounded very familiar so with his curiosity peeked he got closer trying to voices better.

“You just don’t get to come back after falling off the face of the earth for over a week, and pretend as if it’s no big deal.” He now knew one of the voices was Riley, and he stayed where he was waiting for the second one even though he pretty much knew the answer.

“You were the one trying to force me to do secret Santa, and I was busy with family Riley. It’s not as if I meant to ignore you.” In shock of hearing Lucas say something of that degree made Farkle move in a little bit more. Waiting too see what Riley would say back to that knowing she could handle it.

“No one else really wanted to do secret Santa either, but guess what Lucas they all still showed up. No one else ran off to Texas. meanie head..” Trying to contain his laugh Farkle shook his head with a smile. Only Riley would sound so cute while fighting with her boyfriend.

“Ohhh I’m a meanie face now? Just, because I didn’t do the thing you wanted.” He didn’t completely get why Lucas felt that way. Half the time Farkle didn’t understand the things Riley wanted to do, but he always did them anyway. If he thought about it was something he had actively done since the 1st grade . He just wanted Riley happy no matter what weird thing she was up to next.

“ I’m supposed to be your girlfriend Lucas. You could of at least told me you were leaving. I had to hear it from Zay, and come to find out everyone else knew too. Maybe you were right on our first day of high school maybe I am too much for you. I’m not going to just accept a kiss from you as an apology for running away from me. You treat me like I’m a child who can’t handle the truth. This is how I feel, and I’m not just going to let it be okay this time.”

The rest of what Riley has said was spoken on dead ears for some reason he had gotten hung up on the kiss. Of course they kiss they are dating. So why was he all of sudden bothered by this. The thought of them kissing made his stomach churn a bit which in turn frustrated him. He had no reason to feel that way, and he hated that he couldn’t fight it. The feeling just stayed his hand on his stomach as he tried to resist the urge to slide down the pole next to him.

“You can feel however you want to feel Riley, but so can I. So you know what I feel like? I feel like leaving so that’s what I’m going to do. We can talk later after you have calmed down.” Farkle heard Lucas stomping  away from Riley, and up the stairs. Before even realizing it he was moving towards the top of the stairs. His only thought to stop Lucas from leaving knowing how hurt Riley would be if he did. He made it there just before Lucas did , and stood his ground. Why did he even come over here? He should of just kept walking.  When Lucas made it up to the top step Farkle’s heart started to race, but he still felt that is where he needed to be.

“Hey Farkle! How you doing man?” Farkle had to keep himself from rolling his eyes at the fact Lucas was already smiling. Taking a step closer to him while he used one hand to point down to where Riley was while keeping a serious expression. “I’m okay, but you need to go down there to finish talking to Riley. We promised we wouldn’t walk away again.” He watched as Riley edged in where he could see her. Being caught of guard she seemed more irritated then sad, but she still wasn’t happy.

‘“She doesn’t really want talk. It’s her side or no side at all when shes acts that way.” This fire started to build up in his chest. Farkle took a breath in trying to quench the fire. Trying to hold his tongue knowing the words were dying to come out. His eyes wandered to Riley for a moment who was now crying after hearing what Lucas had  just said. That was it, and Farkle felt the words start to spill out like volcano.

“When she gets like what?” He couldn’t even keep his voice down. “Upset that her so called boyfriend didn’t care enough about her to tell her he was leaving. That you left her on what you know is one of her favorite holidays. She waited two years almost for you to decide that you wanted her. So maybe start acting as if you actually do. Riley is one of the most amazing, and loving people I know she deserves way more then some half ass boyfriend who has this notion in his head he is the face that can do no wrong.”

“I don’t know what has gotten in to you, but what goes on between Riley, and I is none of your business.” Moving closer to where he was almost chest to chest with Lucas. Being almost the same height as him now Farkle had grown far away from mop top version of himself.

Still not fully gripping why he was so angry the words kept falling out his glare locked on Lucas. “Riley is my best friend, and if someone hurts her it becomes my business. Even if it’s by my other really good friend. Either treat her how she deserves, or let her go so she can find someone who will.” With that last statement Farkle felt a hand go in his . It didn’t register at first it was Riley his frustration still set on Lucas.

“Let’s go Farkle it’s almost time for class, and Lucas whenever you are ready to actually talk we can.” Hearing Riley’s voice he started to calm again it finally hitting him that Riley’s hand was in his. His attention immediately falling to his hand that he had apparently clasped tightly around hers without really thinking. Before he could say anything Riley was dragging him down the hallway a questionable silence falling between him. As they got to the class room Riley let his hand go giving him one last glance he couldn’t read before making her way in to the class staying silent. Farkle followed suit his attention still on Riley wanting to know what she was thinking. Right after Farkle came in Lucas his irritation clear on his face. Making his way to his desk he dropped his bag loudly on the ground then sat in his seat crossing his arms.

Smackle, Zay, and Maya were already in class the three of them sharing a glance at each other. All three of them picking up on the tension of the room. Then they all started watching the others trying to figure out what was going on.

Cory came in last as he picked up on the energy of the room. He watching them all with one eyebrow up in the air studying quietly. Wondering how long it would take for someone to acknowledge him. Riley raised her hand first the face she had on making Cory quite nervous as to what she was going to say. “Yes Riley?”

“Daddy What do you do when you realize something you wanted may not have been what you needed?” After she said that her attention turned to Farkle making him shift in his seat that damn lump in his throat growing again, but he tried to resist the urge to gulp knowing every one was watching.

“Well Riley the thing is when you discover what you need sometimes it’s the thing you wanted the whole time. You were just too distracted by the one thing to realize there may have been another way” With that answer Riley went quiet once more her eyes now wandering too Lucas, Then Farkle who was already staring back at her, and lastly back at her dad as she put her head in the palm of her hands.

Next was Farkle his hand raised in the air letting Cory know he wasn’t going to get much taught today. “Yes Farkle?” Quietly his voice full of conflicting emotions he cleared his throat. “What if you always thought there was a certain way your life had to go. Then one night that all changes, and makes you see that life is infinite. That there is an array of possibility no matter who you are, and you don’t have to just follow one path.” He licked his lip before his eyes fell back on Riley’s . He really want to go over, and comfort her he hated seeing her hurting. Right now he felt like it was partly his fault though, and that made it feel even worse.  

“I think you answered your own question already Farkle.” Just when Cory went to go talk again he was once again interrupted.

“Lucas we never talk to each other. I think we both think that we do, but we just don’t. I think there is a few things we tend to ignore that we shouldn’t…” Cory moved to the door of the classroom pointing to the hallway. “You two out since you seem to more interested each other then my lesson, and I’m not mad it’s just I want to teach something today. So you two go figure out what it is you need too, and rejoin us when your done. Keep in mind this means you are both meeting me at lunch to learn what you missed.”

They both listened to him leaving the classroom without even asking any questions. Farkle attempted to get up, but Cory pointed at him. “Not you. Just those two.” He sat back down letting out a disgruntled sigh his instincts just wanting to make sure Riley was okay.  Then Maya came over sitting on his desk letting him know she wasn’t going to let him go either. Zippering his hoodie up he gave in knowing he wasn’t going to win, and tried to keep his mind on the lesson.


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did I say baek and yixing? i meant i was working on sehun fluff… lol to be real with you i forgot i wrote this. but here it is!! i hope you enjoy!! to the darling anon looking for my masterlist maybe try the link below?

Pairing: Sehun x Idol!Reader

Genre / Rating: Fluff / G

Word Count: 2.580k

Warnings: None :)


“I hate her.” Sehun stared at you as you performed your stage. “She’s absolutely insufferable.”

“Shut up Sehun. If you hate her so much, why do you keep talking about her? I’m tired of hearing about her. Just admit you like her and get over yourself." 

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