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My life goal is to adapt every meme

s7 is such a ‘character of the week’ season. With RDA’s schedule, they needed someone else. Maybe someone who already was part of the team perhaps

You know what, Booth and Brennan will always be my #1 otp because they gave me so much as a couple. I mean, I’m not talking about sex or smut because that’s fanfiction material (like you go girl, want to see your fave ship bang on a piano? go and read that !!!! that’s what that website is for) but everything else. The ‘platonic’ aspect of their relationship has always been the best part of their dynamic to me, but they were still able to overcome that phase and be a family. This being said, that original dynamic has never been compromized, not to me at least, because when it comes to the important stuff, Booth and Brennan are still partners first, they are still the people they would give up their life for, they would fight for each other. While the majority of other ships kinda change once they get together. Booth and Brennan never completely changed, so much that people complain because they’d rather have them being romantic the 100% of the time. I don’t. Also, it’s the little things that matter to me, like it might sound stupid, but I find it extremely adorable and precious that Brennan knows Booth by knowing his injuries. Every time something happens, she’s able to compare factures and other stuff to Booth’s. And that’s so IC, that’s something I really want to see because it’s them. And it’s been this way since she first found out about his past in 1x15 and it never changed. She imagined him on that autopsy table in 11x01 by looking at the bones, just like it happened on 12x04 with Aldo and in other many occasions. Brennan saying like I know that because of your brain tumor. She knows his brain scans. YAAAS. Give me this stuff. Give me Booth and Brennan that can’t sleep without each other at night when one of them is struggling with something, give me them talking about taking someone’s life and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Give me them hurting each other to save each other. They would never cheat on each other or hurt each other because they want to. They only do it because it’s the only way. Yaas. Screw sex, just give me this stuff.

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Joy do you have any advice on how to make yourself sit down and write? (I couldn't find a post you might have made about it, but if you made one sorry for asking!) I have five different things outlined and fiddled with, and a fair few projects that got started and died around 20k words. I can't seem to keep myself interested or focused, and I have a very hard time forming habits enough to write daily. Any advice?

I go through this a lot, either due to mental health stuff (I can literally be screaming internally at myself to do something and my brain just…doesn’t do the thing, like I’m fully capable of it but the message gets lost somewhere between thought and action) and also just plain creative burnt out.

The latter is easier to remedy because I allow myself to rest and let my brain reset by doing something like reading a book, playing a game or visiting somewhere interesting.

The former…not so much.

The thing that helps me the most when I am well and truly struggling to write (so most of the latter half of 2016) is to set myself realistic goals. While some days I can churn out a 5000 word chapter, there are other days when I will struggle to write 5. And on those days five whole words can seem like a god damn epic.

So what I do now is I set myself a goal, every day, of achieving 500 words. 

It doesn’t have to be a good 500 words, or even words that end up in my book, just so long as it is 500 words. Even if you never use them, they still count towards the developmental process of your manuscript. It’s engaging your brain and getting you into the mindset you need to be in in order to turn out the work you want to finish. One of my favorite exercises which I’ve talked about before, is the cafe exercise.

If a story stalls or I start to lose my way with a character, I take them out of their world, and drop them into a cafe somewhere in the world. Doesn’t have to be anywhere interesting, London, Paris, the Starbucks two streets away where the tea tastes like pond swill but the wifi is free*. I let them people watch, I let their senses meander through new experiences, the smell of coffee, the copper tang of their change lingering on their fingers from the coins, the sharpness of their tea, the mellowness of the flowers behind them, the way the light makes things look like they’re not quite real, the sound of traffic, the ugly sweater that person is wearing, the way they feel right then and now. I let them have silly conversations. I do all the inane little things with them that humans enjoy doing without the stress of over arcing plot (and we wonder why there’s so many coffee shop AUs) and just generally…gives you a break from your own world, while still letting you develop your characters and practice writing. And that’s the main thing.

And you do need to be in a habit of writing every day. It’s a skill that needs to be used every day, and it has to become habit otherwise it withers and dies. Great plot was never completed by talent alone. Even Stephen King, master of writing entire novels in mere days, had a dry spell where he thought he’d never write again.

It doesn’t have to be prolific and it doesn’t have to be profound.  The wheel is already invented. Fire is discovered. You’re not trying to be original (I hate that word) what you are in fact trying to be is interesting. You are trying to engage and light up the parts of the human brain that says “hey do you know what would be cool, if the wheel was on fire.”

And if the 500 words isn’t going to be achievable, well, I allow myself 250. Because any progress is better than none, and tomorrow I will try again.

(*If you suffer like I do at the mercy of your own inability to focus, fucking turn wifi off. Just, don’t let yourself get bogged down by shiny. Don’t start writing then go “oh actually I should look that up”. Make a mark in your document to go back to it later during a rewrite and insert the relevant researched info afterwards, it doesn’t fucking matter on the first write, you’re just trying to tell yourself the story and get the lay of the land right now, you can fill in the interesting tourist info spots after we’re sure we’re not about to walk off the edge of a cliff.)


A/N: Soooooo i don’t know what this is but i haven’t posted in forever so i mean, well… enjoy!

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean

Word count: 1000???

You were observant and over thought everything to extremes but this you knew you weren’t over thinking. As you were admiring this small ratty photo album you had kept over the years filled with pictures of times before you found out what the world was really like. There were pictures from now but not as many as back then, you never took pictures if you weren’t happy because you were never a liar, lying just wasn’t in your books, back then at least.

You and the boys use to tell each other everything, emotions and all. But lately you noticed the change, and if it wasn’t for the small break from hunting you three were taking due to all of you being badly injured on the last hunt you would have never noticed a thing. The way all of you changed, and not for the good.

You were all emotionless robots, wearing fake mask to hide what was really going on. Looking back all the laughs, and smiles were all fake. There was no happiness only darkness. With everything hitting you at once, finally coming to realize what was truly going on.

Your eyes wandered around the bunker, slowly examining both the boys. Taking in every single detail, almost as if this would be the last time you’d see them.

Sam got your eyes staring dead at him “Hey, y/n? you alright?” You could feel tears swelling up in your eyes. Nothing was the same as it was, nothing would ever be the same, the picture you held in your hand was Sam, Dean and you. You were roughly 8 and Sam was 6, and Dean would of been 10. You were standing in between both boys, Dean had you in a headlock giving you a nuggy, While you were giving Sam bunny ears, and Sammy was just being a 6 year old boy, grinning from ear to ear, but all of you were.

Something about the three of you never finding or getting peace unless you were dead finally was setting in after years of already knowing it was inevitable. By this point Sam was still calling your name from across the table waving his hand back and forth trying to get your attention.

Your tears falling all over the picture, raining down on the innocence of the three of you, that you never even got. Why us, why me, why them? was all you kept thinking. You were never one for self pity, you always thought shit happens, and after that shit happens you just need to move the fuck on, because more shits just gonna keep on coming.

“No…Dean, i didn’t do anything? what could i do? She’s just like, i don’t know, stuck in a trance?”

The boys deserve better than the life they were given, it wasn’t there fault. It was anyones fault, John did the best he could under the predicament he was thrown into, with everything that happened with Mary. He didn’t want this for the boys, but it was destiny something the three of you learned down the road.

“Dude i don’t know, just hurry up and get back”

Sam could have been an amazing lawyer, no he would have been an amazing lawyer. Part of you thinks that maybe if Dean and you wouldn’t have barged, well broken into his apartment all those years ago, maybe things could have been different for him. But you knew that wasn’t true either, because like I said, destiny.

Dean, you knew he would of been an amazing at what he chose to do, which everyone knew he would have been an mechanic. That mans love for cars and his knowledge for cars was amazing, he may not have been book smart like Sam, but he was his own kind of smart and damn was he good at it.

“Dean! If you don’t hurry up i’m taking her to the hospital. She’s going white as a ghost”

Now, for yourself. You don’t know what you would have been doing. Hunting was your only hobby, you never had a love for anything on the side. Well besides Dean. But that was different. Hunting was the only thing that made you, you. Maybe you could have been a mother, you would never admit it but was always something you dreamt about being. The love your mother gave you filled you with so much joy, that was until she was ripped away from you. Maybe in another life you would have just withered away and mixed in with the wind, being everywhere and nowhere all at once.

“What took you so long Dean”

“I don’t know, traffic? the fact i was in the next town over? Where is she!”

Dean rushed over to where you were, without Sam’s directions. Placing his warm hands on both sides of your face. “y/n? Sweetheart?”

You were filled with sorrow, but now mostly anger. Why were you three chosen to live such depressing lives, why couldn’t the burden of it all be put on someone else. God did you ever wish you could have lived a normal life. You could feel this insane amount of pain coming from right hand, followed my this warm liquid.

“y/n!” You could hear Sam and Dean shouting your name.

Your eyes shot around the room “W-what?” you choked out.

“What were you doing?” Sam questioned, gesturing to your bloody hand, caused by squeezing the glass picturing frame that held the photo of you three.

“I-I-I….” You stuttered looking at your hand, opening it up and letting the frame, with the picture fall to the floor. You couldn’t help but keep your eyes on your favourite picture of your three that was now ruined lying on the floor.

“Sweetheart? Hey look at me” Dean softly spoke taking your face in between his hands, while Sam was hoving about a kneeling Dean.

“Whats wrong? What happened?” Dean continued

You pondered on what was wrong for a moment, but you knew the moment you felt your eyes get heavy.

“I’m tired of this life, i’m tired of fighting, i’m tired of being the one that has to save everyone, i’m tired of being alone”

“You’re never alone, you have us y/n” Sam whispered

“You’ll always have us” Dean added


Two very different kind of evil.

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Hey kon did u need to use references way back when? Bc your older art seemed so good where I didn't look like you used or needed them

I… never used references tbh ^^;; even up until now :’D (( I should probably use references bc my drawings are really off ))

State College Gothic (Featuring True Experiences)
  • There are bathrooms on the first floor of your dorm building. They are impeccably clean. You have never seen anyone else use them. Even so, you always get the last paper towel in the dispenser.
  • Maintenance just finished fixing all the washers in the laundry room. Still, only two work.
  • There are six people living in your suite. You know the name of your roommate. As for the others, you cannot determine which is which. You move out at the end of the year just as clueless as when you moved in.
  • You have spent hundreds of hours in classes and studying for your major. No matter how much you try, you cannot remember a thing.
  • Students speak of the dog that wanders around campus. Campus PD has stated that they have never seen a dog fitting that description, be it in person or on security footage.
  • The fire alarm goes off at 2:00 AM. You evacuate the building. An hour later, you are let back inside. The clock reads 2:02 AM.
  • Your professor asks you your name when you go to talk to him. You have had him six times in three years. He does not remember you.
  • You venture up to the fourth floor of the library. All the lights are off. No one is around. As you round the corner, you see a text book lying in the middle of the floor. On the page, in big, scribbled letters, is the word “FUCK”.
  • In the middle of the night, you hear thumping from the room above you. The next morning, you remember that you are on the top floor.
  • The CVS across the street closes at 10:00. You have never seen the lights off. Sometimes, you see a man walking out with bags around 12:30. 
  • It is 25 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Despite your two fans and open window, your room is still 80 degrees.
  • You go to a school-hosted party. When you arrive, the decorations are up and the dance lights are on. No one else is in sight. You go home after an hour. No one ever showed up.
  • Your phone rings. You have a conversation for a few minutes, while you remain unmoving. The reception cuts out at random. There is no discernible reason why.
  • Stress and other factors get to you, and you go to see a counselor on campus. In time, the counselor then tells you that you have exceeded the number of visits allowed. You can only count four sessions.
  • You check your grade online. An hour later, you see it again. It is ten points lower. No new grades have been added.
  • You get an email from the president of your school. You have never seen this name before. It is not the same as the name from the last email the president sent out.
  • Before your 8:00 AM class, you are the only one there. A little girl walks into the room. She stares at you for a moment, then immediately exits.

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Reblog this post if you would trust Linkle with the fate of Hyrule. 

Ignore this post if you want Tingle to sneak into your home at night to hide dozens of tasteful nude photographs of himself in random places for you to find.

I’m gonna go ahead and recommend money-making apps, because I’ve tried a bunch of them and some are better than others. 

  • AppTrailers is the most impressive thus far, even though I’ve only been using it a short time. It has the lowest cash-out rate I’ve ever seen, so I’ve already been able to transfer money to my Paypal account. Twice. It was $.50 each time, but that’s still notable because most apps don’t let you cash out until you earn $10 or more, and that can take ages because most of those apps operate on a point system. You’re not earning money, you’re earning points you trade in for cash. Even though AppTrailers operates on this system, it’s pretty easy to earn–I like to just turn the sound off and watch the ads while I’m doing something else. Even the low earners give you 5 points per watch, which is a jump on the 1 point that seems to be customary. I’m used to not being able to earn a lot because I don’t have many people to refer, but this one works for me. You don’t have to earn big to cash out, and that means it’s becoming one of my go-tos. 
  • Google Opinion Rewards is honestly one of the best, and it doesn’t even give you ‘real’ cash. It gives you credit to buy things on GooglePlay, which is great for me because I sometimes like to buy stuff in the games I play. If you don’t have any reason to use GP, this app isn’t for you; I say it’s the best because I’m used to not getting very many survey opportunities and this app gives me a new survey pretty much every week–often more than once a week. I’ve been using it since November, and I’ve already earned $22–that’s kind of a lot for a money-making app. It may not put any cash in your pocket, but it’ll let you buy things without actually spending your hard-earned cash. *cough*attackonlight*cough*
  • Fronto is a… decent… app. I realize that’s not a glowing assessment, and that’s because I’m still assessing different lockscreen apps. It took me months to cash out with $10, but the fact that it pops up on your phone every time you unlock it makes you feel like you’re actually doing something semi-productive with your time, even if it’s not worth much. I got paid. Real money. And I didn’t even have to go out of my way to do it. 
  • OnGo surveys is alright. At first the amount of surveys was semi-comparable to Opinion Rewards, but these days I rarely receive any notifications at all. The cashout llevel is $10, and I’ve been stuck at $7 for a while, but I’d still recommend this app because the surveys and easy, quick, and give you several cents rather than several points. They just updated the app, so I may need to revamp my assessment in the future. 
  • is similar to Ongo surveys, only slightly worse. Both are still sending me surveys, but it’s slow going. It has a minimum cashout level of $7.50, and I currently have $2.50. I’m only recommending it because it’s easy, it notifies you when a survey is available, it uses cash instead of points, and if you’re not lazy you can occasionaly get location-based surveys that offer more moolah. Neither this nor Ongo offer any survey rewards. 

I made this post because I’ve tried apps like Fronto and Cashpirate, but they don’t really work for me. I don’t think the points you earn are worth the amount of data you have to download–my wifi is spotty, so I end up going over my data plan before I even earn anything–and, because they rely so heavily on things like apps and references, I was never able to actually get paid. Most of the apps I’ve listed here will notify you about chances to earn more money, and I just find them easier to use. Referrals are still the best way to earn points, though, so if you use toreo2 for Fronto and AppTrailers it would really help me out. General tip for everyone, even if you’re not planning on doing this–if your friends are into survey apps, joining and using their code will help them earn money, even if you never use it afterwards. That’s why you may see some people asking over and over. 

Some people get paid to write articles like these. I need to figure out how to do that. 

edit: this post is mostly outdated.

'big bang is like the beyonce of kpop'

i have never heard anything more accurate tbh

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I just want to mention that urahara was just, if not smarter then Aizen and he didnt give to shits about Orihimes powers. He knew they were usefull but also knew she was no good for fighting. If her powers where godly why didnt urahara say anything or want to train her? Why wouldnt he be interested in her and her powers if they where so amazing? Answer is Aizen was fucking with orihime to get her to go along with his plans and her powers are not fucking godly at all. Simple as that.

i think her powers, like the rest of bl**ch, started off as promising. a bit over the top but it’s acceptable since almost everyone was getting over-powered. her powers are great in theory, but in practice they are lacking. and it’s not just because they are more about defense rather than offense (because she can attack using the pins, she just chooses not to). it’s because she’s not really a fighter. even hachi who had similar powers to hers had some sort of function in fights while she was more like an extra burden on the others. imo k*bo kind of forced her character in situations that didn’t really show her in the best light. she probably would’ve done better if she focused less on her journey being with ich*go 24/7 and instead focused more on improving as her own character :/

Colors?  Backgrounds?  The Spirit World is worth it.  Used this here thing as reference (a.k.a., this is what I thought of when I saw that).

touch me with your hands undress me with your mind

speak with no words show me and I’m all yours

show me and I’m all yours 


Music Station Super Live [2015.12.25]
┖ A Very Juntoshi Christmas~ ♥

Dark Side of ENFPs

ENFPs have this reputation of being sweet, funny and lovable but there are few types that are as two-faced as us. (Yes, yes we have good parts too but this post isn’t about that.) The inner self of the ENFP is drastically different from the outer self of the ENFP and we can be very bitter.

  1. Petty: ENFPs hold grudges and no one ever notices it because we smile and we laugh and we act like that asshole that just said shit is the nicest thing that ever happened to us. We’re not the kind to be obsessed with revenge but if you forget your phone and someone else steals it away, we’ll just look the other way.
  2. Natural back-stabbers: We’re so freaking fickle that most relationships mean very little to us so we’re not loyal to most people. Everyone thinks we’re their friend because we’re just so “nice” but, honestly, we could tell you how much we love your dress and then bitch how you have no fashion sense behind your back the next second.
  3. Know exactly how to hurt you: We know what you’re sensitive about. We know your biggest fears (even if you have never told them to us). We know exactly how to arrange words in a sentence to destroy your self-esteem. And guess what? You hurt us, we’ll crush you. And the worst part? You’ll think we didn’t really mean to hurt you. You’ll think that we mean well. You’ll think we don’t know just how much those words we said will affect you. You’re wrong.
  4. Very judgmental: One minute in and we have made a billion assumptions of you and wanna know a secret? None of them are good. 
  5. Can’t stand other people bettering them in uniqueness: We know our place in the social food chain. We’re the funny one, the unique one and the one that does all these unconventional adventures. How. freaking. dare. you. challenge. that?
I think I just wrote something significant

“The point which I’ve been trying to make the past few days is that you need to remember the original purpose of CC in the first place, that is, they were MEANT to give people access to content they wouldn’t be able to access if it was purely through aural means. Listen, most of you who are using the captions in general probably would never even use them if one day someone hadn’t decided to put jokes in them. People who can hear don’t usually put the subtitles on and now because it’s one big joke you are all using them. Think about that. You’re all putting on the captions for your amusement and that’s what’s rubbing me, and others who need them, the wrong way. If there weren’t jokes, I guarantee quite a few of you wouldn’t even bother touching the CC, but now because you know there’s funny stuff in it, you’re using them, and continue to put the jokes in them at our expense.“

I think more people in Jack and Markiplier’s fandom need to read and understand these points, which is why I posted the above in the comments on one of Mark’s videos. People aren’t getting it. And I will keep fighting for change.

Has dozens of ideas for projects at a time.

Only has the mental energy and organization to focus on 1-2 things at a time.

Generates new project ideas faster than I can finish the ones I’m already working on.

Scumbag brain, ADHD edition.

(This is why I look at ADHD as both a gift and a deficit. It’s like a malicious trickster god came to me at birth and said, “here’s all the mind wandering and associative thinking you need to generate ideas! Now I’ll make it impossible for you to use most of them, ever.” Even if I’d never gotten any crap from other people about “not living up to your potential,” it would still be frustrating).

Eploring limits

Original Imagine: Imagine Tristan fucking you while you suck off LucienImagine Tristan telling you you’re a naughty girl and deserves to be punishedImagine having a threesome with Tristan and Lucien, Imagine Lucien calling you naughtyImagine Lucien ordering you on your knees to suck him off 


Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 3318

Warnings: Smut, BDSM, Bondage, Threesome, Oral sex, Anal sex, double penetration, sex toys, orgasm denial, spanking

Author’s notes: Part two of Do you trust me. It’s a separate story, but if you want to know how Y/N ended up in the position in the beginning of the story, the explanation is in part one. And yes, I did set up a part three at the end of the story, I couldn’t help myself. I’m putting the same additional warning here as for the original story: Everything happening is consensual, and I really took my time achieving that, but we all know Lucien is a master in manipulation, and he is using that on her. Tristan isn’t any better than Lucien in that… Which doesn’t mean they do anything she doesn’t want, but if you’re easily triggered by some kind of manipulation in relationships, you might want to skip this one shot (because guys, as much as I love Lucien and Tristan, they’re  not exactly one of the nice guys… they can talk their way out of anything, so they  can talk their way into someone’s bed as well)

 You opened your eyes, not knowing what had exactly woken you up. You were disoriented at first, but when you saw a familiar figure sitting in a chair, dressed only in a robe, looking at you as if he wanted to keep the image in his head for all eternity, it all came rushing back to you. You tugged your hands, still tied to the bed. Lucien. The ropes. The sex. The mind blowing sex, you had to admit. You looked at the bag that was still standing next to your bed, innocent looking, but you were quite sure there were things in there that you hadn’t even thought about using before.

And… Your gaze fell upon someone else, someone who had just entered the room. Someone who had made the noise that had woken you up.

You panicked slightly, but you noticed that your blanket was covering your naked body, something Lucien must have done while you slept. Just like cleaning up the blood… and healing you, although you could vaguely remember him doing that before you fell asleep.

“Welcome back to the land of the living, my dear…”, Lucien said, smiling again, like he always did. “I hope you don’t mind me inviting my friend over.” He nodded to the figure still standing at the door, clearly taking in the scene he had seen before him. Tristan.

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