you never change bb

I just love how everyone all thought Rei was gonna be this super cool typical megane kind of character because the PV of him gave us images like this

But then he ended up


the most








he’s just so

fucking embarrassing

but we love you bb never change <3


the evolution of u-kiss (2008-2014)
happy 6th anniversary! ♥♥♥
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Today, my favorite person in this big, big world turns 28 and I have never been so damn proud of him than I am right now at this point in time! For 5 years, I have watched him grow up into this beautifully handsome and amazing man and he has blown me away in so many ways! He has given me so much, without even knowing me. I get out of bed every day just to be able to hear his laugh and see his gorgeous smile. And today… today is even more about him than any other day. Today, is a day that I am so thankful for him being out there, very much alive, and giving me so many reasons to smile!

Happy 28th Birthday, Rob Pattinson! 2014 has been going incredibly well for you, and I know that your 28th year will be the best you’ve ever had. I hope this year will give you every thing you’ve dreamed of and more, because you deserve the best. You have so many projects and promos coming your way that you are probably so excited about and I am as well! Always know that I will be there with you every step of the way, always rooting for my favorite English dork!♥

I love you so much bb! Never change and always stay dorky and weird cause I like you that way!

So here it finally is! After an hour of searching and writing, here is my follow forever. I just wanted to thank all of you for following my dorky self and I love you all a lot and i’m so sorry if I forgot any of you but I love you all thanks for being fab, ily Xx

the Homies

Maya: Maya. Okay. Wow. Uhm. Basically we are soul sisters since the 7th grade when we were lil fetus’ when you still had your hair in a lil poof and I thought wearing pigtails was cute. (I still have the pictures with proof) You were the one that got me to make this blog in the first place so thank you for that ;) You are an incredibly outstanding young lady inside and out and I am so glad we are friends (more than that lets be real) and ily a lot more than you could imagine and idk what I would do without you okay ily lots XXxx

Michelle: Michelle. Where does one begin. You are like my other half. The boo to my oob. We have had so many laughs together and stupid shenanigans in math that I will remember til the day I die. I enjoyed stealing your food and watching you draw my face in your notebook (although very abstractly I must add). Anyways, you are such an extremely beautiful lady inside AND out. Your smile lights up my day and your laugh is contagious. We have so many jokes it’s insane. Not to mention you are one of the strongest people I know okay, you are incredibly tough and I admire you for that. Never change bb ily <3

Laura: Laura idk if you know this but I look up to you a lot. You are such an inspiring person with your instense work ethic and enthusiasm for things you are passionate about, and I really love that about you. You will forever and always be my lil kitty and that will never change. I love your hugs bc youre so small and I can just envelop my arms around your lil body (not in a creepy way I promise). You are an immensely cute, beautiful, and intelligent individual and I love you a lot Xx

Kristin: Kristin where do I even begin with you. We bonded over our love for Marianas trench but it has become way more than that now. I love talking to you and your pretty face always makes my days brighter (: you are such a lovely sweetheart and I am so glad that we got to know each other because it has made this entire experience so much more wonderful. You deserve all the best because you are such a wonderful person. Ily loads beb <33

Rani: Rani ily a lot okay. Your covers make me really happy and so does your general presence. You are one of my favorite Michael girls and I can’t believe you actually watched my youtube videos omg that’s embarrassing ahahah. You are such a sweetie and super pretty and talented and ily loads Xx

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