you never cared


“You’re only scared of me!”
“But you never cared for me!”
“Why don’t you let me free?”
“Cuz you never dared to be!”
Cuz you never listen
You’re always insisting
“I’m just reminiscing”/“Just STOP reminiscing!”
I feel something missing…
“I just want you here with me!”/“I just want my privacy!”
“God, why can’t we just get along!”/“God, why can’t you leave me alone?!”

I love the smell in your neck, your leather jacket and your big ring. I love the birthmarks of your face and chest, I love the grimace you make when you laugh and your strong voice. I love how you open beers and wine and how you walk and also when you are speaking polish. I love your big hands, the curvature of your back and your skinny body. I love your stupid jokes, your boring memes that I don’t understand, your rap songs and your laugh. Honestly, there is nothing I don’t like about you. I never know why I like someone, but you, you I know all the reasons. I love how you always makes me so happy and full. And I also admire your personality, you are an incredible person and definately not a fuckboy. I want to keep you in all my life, even if its not in the way I want to.

excerpt from a letter you never cared


What I want

Turkey and Egypt were bombed just this week and the syrian government is literally committing genocide and nobody fucking gives a fuck
I’m sorry but where are the hashtags? the facebook pictures? Why does nobody give a fuck about terrorism when non whites people are victims? if this was paris or bruxelles y'all will be talking about it for weeks, if this was the usa y'all will be talking about it for years. Honestly wtf why don’t you care about us? Why?

And someone asked about you.

I told them I loved you.
But I didn’t tell them that you still had me even if I don’t have you.

Goodness, did I love you.

—  No One Told Me Remembering Is Worse Than Forgetting