you never become older

to: dino

“You were the one that blended in with the kids.

The parents in our building always wished for you to be willing to watch their children. At first glace anyone could tell that you had the energy for it. Just the way you were. You were the embodiment of bubbles popping in soda. That is why I say you blended in. The kids were the same.

You made time to watch the kids. It made that genuine smile spread across your face. Especially when they gave you your nickname, Dino. And especially when they made you gifts with their very own hands. You made cupcakes with the kids down the hallway one time. When their parents came back and you left, you gave some to me just because I was your neighbour.

That reminded me of the time you gave me a bouquet of tulips. You said you knew someone who owned a flower shop and ordered too many by accident. So you got some for me. They were the prettiest pink. They matched your lips. I remember because you were the one to point that out. I also remember it was a Sunday. You made a joke about that, one I don’t remember.

You were dating someone. You only brought it up once though. It’s not like you needed to. I could hear your voice through the walls. You spoke in different languages to them. Sometimes what you said made no sense to me. But one time, you said you could not wait until you turned twenty-one. That was when you would move out of this apartment and move in with ‘you.’ Whoever that was. They seemed nice. They appreciated your child-like self.

I wish I could have informed you that if you carry your childhood with you, you would never become older. The boy that could not even keep his word of moving out when he was twenty-one. You moved out later. That was okay though. It worked for you.

That was who you were.“

“P.S: I feel bad. I never really asked you how your love life was going.”

I spent all morning trying to separate
your eye from your skull from your tooth.
And trying to decide if that darker patch of carpet
was your brain or just more blood.

There is something on the floor, just beside
the bookshelf.
I think it’s a piece of your beautiful, broken, head.
I wish I could un-see this.

They say you drowned on your own lungs –
you breathed in blood and exhaled it in splutters,
and that’s what killed you. But
I’d like to think you were gone already.

Men scraped pieces of you
up off the carpet.
I wonder if they carried you reverently,
even if only to make sure you didn’t fall apart again.

The floor will be red for years,
even after the blood is washed away.
And sometimes libraries can be graveyards
even once they’ve been torn down.

How can people walk where you
took your last sobbing breaths?
Tell me – did you speak before you did it,
or were you both in a hurry to go?

Let’s not glamorize this. No speeches about how
you have become immortal.
Because, let’s face it, you will never look older
than you do right now.

Is it possible to mourn for two people
who I never even met?
Someday they will add your names
to the list of the dead too.
—  12:08pm, s.b.w.

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highschool freshman tips?

Um. I’ve taken online courses since I was 8? So I’m afraid I can’t offer overwhelmingly specific words of wisdom, but here’s some general advice!

  • Get your morning schedule down. This may take some time after summer, but figure out what’s the best time to wake up in order to get fed, dressed and out the door on time. Making a playlist of songs to help wake yourself up is always great, especially if you know that when a certain song comes on, you have 20/10/5 minutes left, or that once the playlist ends, you’re late. 
  • FOOD! IS!!! IMPORTANT!!!! oh my gosh, never skip breakfast. The older a teenage you become, the more energy you burn. School already completely screw over the necessary amount of sleep for a healthy teen, which can leave you sluggish in the morning and not overwhelmingly interested in learning. Waking up your metabolism can help this! If you can, make sure you get a big breakfast. If not:
  • Stock up on apples, oranges/tangerines, granola/nutrition bars (Lara Bars & Quest Bars are both pretty good at filling you up), yoghurt cups, etc. Stuff you can grab if you’re too late for breakfast, AND stuff you can keep in your backpack for mid-class snacks. Consistently eating filling foods (aka, not bags of chips) throughout the day helps to keep your metabolism running which, in turns, keeps you awake and willing to learn. Try not to eat IN class, but grabbing a few bites at your locker or during bathroom breaks can help. 

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Kim Woo Bin Facts

Kim Woo Bin Facts :

  • Kim Woo Bin was born on July 16, 1989 
  • He’s real name is Kim Hyun Joong
  • Now, He’s busy as an actor and model.
  • He’s SidusHQ actor.
  • He’s debuted as a model on 2006 and active as a model Seoul Fashion Week.
  • Woo Bin Oppa won 2013 8th Asia Model Festival Awards: New Star Award.
  • He began acting career in 2011 with the mystery drama “White Chrismast” and the sitcom “Vampire Idol”. Oppa also acting on A Gentleman Digniy, To The Beautiful You, School 2013 and The Heirs *Oppa mianhae, The first time i know you is on TTBY
  • Woo Bin Oppa also star on Sandara Park MV - Kiss (2010)
  • Oppa wasMC in M! Countdown on 4 and 11 April 2013
  • Oppa also stars in CF like Samsung Stock (2010), K-Food (2012), CASS Beer (2013), Buckaroo Jeans (2013) ect.
  • Woo Bin oppa routine have gym, not surprisingly he have nice body
  • Oppa have Drinking habits 1.5 to 2 bottles of soju *really bottles? wow* and be a lot of talk and serious if he’s drunk
  • Oppa favorite quote is “God only gives struggles to people who can overcome it”
  • Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk Oppa be friendship before School 2013, He say Jong Suk Oppa is a charismatic friend, understanding, caring each other and a nice guy.
  • Woo Bin say he’s an aegyo man, but Jong Suk have more than him.
  • When interviewed on SBS Radio FM ’Boom’s Young Street’, oppa say that he is the person in personality which on one side has a lot of aegyo but it also many tears.
  • Oppa dream to be a model since she was 14 years old. He is very grateful to the parents who always support the path until finally she could be a model professional benar2 now ^ ^
  • Oppa blood type is B *same with me^^* some say B is really bad boy, but Oppa say he’s nice guy *i know oppa*
  • Oppa height is 188 cm. O_o really tall :)
  • Oppa weight is 70 kg. But he said before training, he weight just 59kg. He routinely eat 30 eggs a day for 3 months and eventually gained 12 kg weight. *wow. can I try too?
  • Oppa have one sister *Rachel Yoo? HAHHAHAHA
  • Oppa parents live on JeonJu.
  • Oppa live on Seoul until Junior High School and move to JeonJu.
  • on 2013, Oppa cant back to JeonJu and ask his fans to buy him rice cake soup.
  • When asked if he likened to something, he looks like what? Oppa say He look like T-rex, because they say his eyes like a dinosaur.
  • If you win the lottery 10 million won would be to buy what? Oppa said He want buy a house. He want buy a house in Samcheong dong. If owner not sell it, he want to buy it.
  • If someone asked which body part he want surgery if he got plastic surgery he answered “a lot” but he does not want to say anything because it would make people will focus with it. *Oppa you really perfect, why you need surgery?
  • When asked about first love, Oppa say ‘No Comment’. Because he think everyone have different view about it.
  • Oppa Hobby is watching movie.
  • When asked about date, Oppa say he want a date with his girlfriend, holding her hand and walking on MyeongDong.
  • If He placed in isolated island, Oppa will bring his handphone and I Pad, so as not to get bored.
  • When asked about precious thing, Oppa said his Family.
  • According to view of closests people, Oppa say they said him as 'The Devil’, Because he likes to make the show and forcing her friends to join. Once in two months he and his friends always get together and drink.
  • His family say that Woo Bin is stange.
  • The thing that makes it stressful is when he was skinny with such high stature. He 188cm with 59 kg. Hhe worries about being able to wear clothes that fit because she was too skinny.
  • Oppa favourite food is deokbokki, jajjangmyeon and pizza.
  • If you are involved in love triangle with a friend, what would you do? First he would communicate with his friend and the girl. If the girl really liked him and he was also very fond of the girl he was going to ask her to bless their relationship. *like Choi Young Do?
  • That oppa wants now is his own house. Now he lives with hyung, who is also a model.
  • What if your girlfriend left you for no reason? He will look for it and ask what is the reason.
  • If your money 70won stay while in public phone, who do you want to phone? He will be call his mother.
  • How do you control your emotions? Now he is much more patient in dealing with the problem, rarely angry than before. Back when he was angry he would not say anything right away and spilled it at home.
  • Choose where, love at first sight or love grows from familiar? He said he would prefer the love at first sight, and love grow when they are familiar with each other. *ahyaaaa
  • If the earth will be destroyed in one hour, what would you like to do? Spent all my savings in the bank. Buying clothes that I was hesitant to buy it. I got a taste of its own brand, beyond good brand but I also love Korean designers, especially designers when I debuted as a model.
  • If you had a time machine, where and when you want to go back? 3 September when I was in 2nd grade high school, because it looks like the weather is nice and why class 2 because at the time I did not feel stressed at all.
  • How are you 10 years from now? I want to have 10 years of experience either in acting and life. I want to become more deep and stable and then be happier later.
  • What photo and your nickname in Ktalk? Nothing nickname and photo, because it becomes strange when people asked “Are you Kim Woo Bin?
  • When he was young, he never cries. But as you get older, it becomes more and more like her mother, touchy on tv shows such as drama and eventually cry.
  • Woo Bin find image ”bad boy“ who is now stuck on himself along with his role in a 2013 School when image experience is the important thing. *What about Choi Young Do?
  • Woo Bin is a true model of student in school. He entered the top 3 for students of his generation and the top 5 for the entire school. * wow .. daebak.
  • Oppa ever lie to nephew if he is close to IU and promised to give IU signature on it if the report above 95% and finally the studious nephew :)
  • Oppa will sleep with open eyes when he was drunk.
  • When a guest on SBS incarnation, he shares his experiences as a rookie. In saying that he felt bad for asking for money to his parents when he began his career in Seoul models so he decided to stay in the sauna for 6 months. He said also that during which time she underwent a lot of work in modeling, but because the company was having a hard time finally he was not paid. He also used to fill his stomach with water at the time because he did not have enough money to buy food. The company eventually went bankrupt and its CEO ran off with his money but Woobin lucky to get a contract at another company that is more reliable.
  • Oppa is the type of person who does not talk much and shy when dealing with people who do not know, but he will try to express his feelings on the person he loves and cares for her/him. Even he does not feel shy when sending the message ”I miss you“ to Jong Suk, because for Woo bin Jong Suk is considered a good friend there is no need to feel awkward and would not miss it if I felt I had to express it indirectly.
  • Woo Bin told all the actors in his age is minam, but he did not. He realized if his image is masculine but she also said she is also very cute smile.
  • Oppa say if he want to play as a soft character on drama.
  • In future, Oppa say he want to acting in musical drama, because he really like to watch it, but the problem is that he cant sing.
  • Oppa also want become DJ on radio because once he was been invited to be a guest on a radio station and it was fun being able to communicate with audience.
  • When asked what the your purpose on career as an actor? Oppa wisely replied he wanted to be a good person and a good actor.
  • Woo Bin teacher on high school said for 3 years at high school, Oppa never late.
  • In High School, all boys must short hair but Oppa the only one long haired because he’s a model and have permission from the school.
  • When High school, Oppa crying firs time when seeing a movie titled Pursuit of Happines.
  • When asked which actress are you want to acting together in drama? Oppa said Shin Min Ah, Uhm Ji Won, Choi Yeo Jin and others.
  • Oppa acting as student who are good fighting like on White Chrismast, A Gentleman Dignity, School 2013, and The Heirs. In TTBY he’s a good man, Sulli First Love.
  • Oppa say that he’s a nosy person and like to fool around, but he was a shy person too, do not approach other first.
  • Oppa said he learned very hard on Junior high school. He became chief class and ever also become representative of the class.

it just for fun chingu, but I think I really like Kim Woo Bin.

Ask something, what’s the nickname for  Kim Woo Bin fans???