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title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

So uh… why the fuck do people think it’s okay to harass content creators to draw/write/produce whatever you want? Even if you are paying them, you seriously shouldn’t be harassing them. I have a lovely friend by the url of @ask-fucking-bendy/@xray32p whom is very sweet and is unfortunately being the target of some anons that, despite MULTIPLE TIMES claiming they are a minor and underage, and uncomfortable with producing smutty content, still constantly ask for illegal porn/NSFW art, which could get the mun in serious troubles.

All I’m saying is, fucking think before you speak because I’m tired of this bullshit happening to my friends and stressing them out.


So anyway I’ve talked about my stance on ace Pidge headcanons before and that stance hasn’t changed but I’ll literally fight anyone who says Pidge can’t be ace because it’s inappropriate or oversexualization of her character.

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(Same anon) Imagine Kaisoo at the dorms getting ready to go to sleep. Kyungsoo is in the bathroom washing his teeth, wearing his own pyjama shirt this time, one that Jongin bought that still looks like a dress on him, all too revealing for his own sake. Jongin, who left is bedroom to Chanyeol´s stuff, is in Kyungsoo´s single bed dozing off until he realises there isnt a nose breathing on his neck as well as naked thighs warming his clothed ones. Abruptly opening his now heavy lids (...)

(…) he remembers his mouth didnt meet Soo´s today. Getting up lazily and grumpy because Soo isnt there yet, he makes his way to the bathroom, cold air making contact with his naked and overly defined torso, until he enters the small bathroom and closes the door, automatically positioning himself behind Kyungsoo. Finishing his previous activity and feeling Jongin´s body pressed on his, Kyungsoo looks at him through the mirror. Words arent needed when he knows why Jongin is here, (…)

(…) forehead now pressed on the back of his head, silently begging. Almost as if they dont know how to kiss each other goodnight without taking it too far, their kiss is already too deep. This, Jongin thinks, this is what he lives for. His baby boy´s full thighs wraped tighly around his waist while his arms cant decide between either wraping themselves around Jongin´s neck for steadyness or roaming the taller´s hair and face, giving him a glimpse of how easy it is to get affected (…)

(…)by his ministrations. Here, at this moment he can let Jongin´s magnetism swallow him whole, especially when the strangely quiet night at the dorm asks for nothing more than the sounds they make together. As Jongin walks them to Kyungsoo´s single bed, arms around his baby´s smaller frame, Soo´s head rests on his neck as his breathing steadies after the previous makeout session. He knows tonight is one of those nights he will let his mind get lost as he welcomes Jongin between his thighs.




I’m not worthy 

Holy crap 

Rhysand smiled—heartbreaking in its beauty—and put a hand on his chest. “Rhysand? Come now, Tamlin. I don’t see you for forty-nine years, and you start calling me Rhysand? Only my prisoners and my enemies call me that.” His grin widened as he finished, and something in his countenance turned feral and deadly, more so than I’d ever seen Tamlin look. Rhysand turned, and I held my breath as he ran an eye over Lucien. “A fox mask. Appropriate for you, Lucien.”

“Go to Hell, Rhys,” Lucien snapped.

“Always a pleasure dealing with the rabble,” Rhysand said, and faced Tamlin again.

I got bitter ex-boyfriend vibes from this the first time I read it…I still get bitter ex-boyfriend vibes from it now. What else am I supposed to make of ‘Rhys’ ten seconds after ‘don’t call me Rhysand’ like??? Just leave me happily headcanoning past!Rhycien romance okay. It pleases me. 

sleep all day, wake up to fellow shipper(s) whinging about “racism against white people”

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Antis are not only trying to take credit for shutting down bs_no but they're also second guessing you for it. There will never be peace.

Antis are never happy are they? They kick and stomp their feet that these accounts exist and then when shippers go out of their way to get one removed, they still have a problem with it. Jesus fucking Christ.  It has nothing to do with them. We were suspicious about someone for a while so we (we being me, Lauren and Julia) confronted her and she admitted it. We told her we weren’t okay with it and also that we didn’t want shippers to be associated with someone who ran a troll account so she apologised and then shut it down. That’s it. 

How many times do I have to say that I don’t agree with these kind of accounts? Own your words and say whatever you need to say on your own blog or Twitter, without tagging and harassing people. There’s no need to create an account for the sole purpose of causing drama within the fandom. I only mentioned this so there were no misconceptions about what happened. It doesn’t need to be turned into this huge ordeal. The account is gone. That’s the important part. Can we move on?


A Wattpad request. I do not own Kyoya. He belongs to Bisco Hatori. This one was really hard for me to write. I moved it around on the list several times. 

Warnings: Depression

Pairings: Kyoya Ootori x depressed!reader

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Kyoya felt a frown tug at his lips when he noticed that you weren’t in class yet again. It was the third day in a row and that wasn’t like you. You hated missing school, even when you were sick, so Kyoya was a little worried. Not that he’d ever admit it. Still, he decided that he would take your assignments to you.

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so i got my first tangle jr recently and ive been stimming with it almost nonstop and the joints in my fingers kinda started hurting is that bad?

Chronic hand pain stimmer speaking! (Six and a half years in pain next month! Great milestone, right?) While I’m not a doctor and cannot diagnose, I can talk about this aspect of stimming safety with some authority.

The short, scary answer is this: it can be bad. Conditions like carpel tunnel and RSI can be caused or aggravated (brought to flare) by repetitive movement (which is, in effect, what stimming is). Underlying conditions you might not know you have (arthritis and its variations or even, I think, something like EDS) can also be the reason you’re in pain, especially if you think the pain happened too quickly/unreasonably. Based on my own experience with repetitive hand movement, I have absolutely no doubt that constant, unvaried stimming over a long period of time - and your own body’s health and makeup is the determining factor of what is long, not our own mental timetable - can cause harm. And while I’ve had repetitive strain injuries heal normally, I’ve had some that have damaged how my nervous system treats and transmits pain in those areas. I’ve had to learn to be super careful in my stimming to keep bad flares to a minimum.

Don’t panic, though. Please, don’t.

First, if your pain isn’t severe, give yourself a week of gentle hand stimming or non-hand-stimming to give your hands a rest. If you see a change in your pain - that it lessens/ebbs or stops by the end of that time - you’re very likely to be okay. (Then just look at the info below.) If you feel it hasn’t lessened enough or not at all after that time, or your pain is so severe you cannot function normally, go see your GP/family doctor. I know that doctors are often incredibly stressful, especially for neurodiverse folk, and most of us can’t easily have a conversation explaining that we hurt ourselves from stimming too much, so I do advocate, for non-severe pain, resting first.

(By ‘severe’ I don’t mean some arbitrary number scale. Those scales are absurd. I mean: how much is the pain stopping you from doing your daily activities? Are you constantly aware of the pain? Is the pain making you struggle to think? Cry? Feel depressed and frustrated? Struggle to hold a book, pick up a cup, eat? If the pain is more than uncomfortable, doesn’t respond to over-the-counter pain meds and you answer “yes” to any of those questions, see a GP as soon as you can. Do this, because you do not need to be in severe pain.)

Secondly, I’m going to talk on how to stim to avoid pain. I know what it’s like when you get the fabulous toy and it feels so good and this form of stimming is perfection and you just want to stim with it forever. I know. But it’s actually pretty dangerous. The human body wasn’t designed to do the same small repetitive movements over and over in a - comparatively - short space of time, and it will, over time, make us regret doing so. Temporary pain becomes permanent. I don’t wish that on anyone.

Safe stimming includes:

- Alternating your toys on a frequent basis. I wouldn’t use the same hand toy for more than an hour. If you’re using that toy intensively or quickly, I wouldn’t use it for more than half an hour or even less. I have many stim toys I cannot use for more than a few minutes. (Doesn’t mean I don’t love them, though.) Even if all your toys are hand toys, they’ll use different muscle groups, different tendons. Think on how you use your Tangle and then how you might use a stress ball or slime. You’re holding them differently, pulling them differently. Your body needs that change, and pain is often a sign of that need.

(This applies for chewables as well. Alternate chewing sites - back teeth a while, front teeth a while. If you need multiple chewables to accomplish this, do so.)

- Cultivating a large selection of stim toys. This means you have plenty of options for alternating. (Yes, I’m giving you permission to have or make lots of stim toys.) I don’t mean fifteen different Tangles, as much as I, personally, want to have fifteen different Tangles. I mean different types of toys. Is there kinetic sand in your hoard? Play-Doh? Chewables? Beaded fidgets? Bean bags? Soft toys/plushies? Stress balls? Puzzles? Visual stim toys? Texture toys? Noise-making stim toys? Does your collection include different textures and materials? Does it encompass, as much as possible, all the different ways you can stim?

(This whole blog is about doing just this; here’s the DIY tag if you want or need to make your own toys.)

- Ensuring you own gentler stim toys for alternating. I’d love to use my Tangle Fuzzy non-stop. But they’re less great for my hands. I know my problems are issues of grip and tension, so when my hands are bad or to rest them, I seek out stim toys that don’t involve gripping. I run my fingers over a Disney Tsum Tsum plush for the texture. I wriggle my fingers through kinetic sand or stretch fluffy slime. I also make sure my squishable toys are pretty soft (no firm stress balls) and search out fidgets that can be pushed and moved without gripping them. Use and love your less-gentle toys, but swap them with gentler ones.

- Paying attention to your body. What hurts when you stim? Where? Are there toys you have that cause you less pain? Is there a specific action with a stim toy that causes pain? Are you always doing the same motions over and over? This sort of awareness is really hard for autistic folk - I struggle with it. It’s worthwhile trying, though, to build some awareness of what your pain means.

- Giving yourself stim breaks. This can mean not stimming for a little while. It can mean putting down your hand toys in favour of chewellery or bouncing up and down to the same song five times in a row. It can mean switching to visual stims or non-toy stimming (if it uses different body parts). I have to alternate my hand stimming - which is my favourite way to stim - with non-hand stims if I wish to continue hand stimming. Just like an office worker should do from a computer screen, take regular, short breaks from stimming with your hands (or chewing).

I know it’s awful to not be able to do That Perfect Stim, and I know how hard it is to be aware of these safety concerns when you’ve fallen into the zone of stimminess. If you need to, set alarms or reminders on your phone. Ask someone to remind you to switch stim toys. But please, please do try. Chances are high that with a little rest and care, you’ll be fine, but the pain you’re describing is a message from your body and you need to listen to it.

Not listening to it means you end up with chronic pain like me, and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

so Amanda and I were talking about modern magic and

witch bottles in old dasani bottles from the recycling because glass jars are expensive

runes in sharpie on bottle caps

wands carved with pocket knives from branches from the saplings in the local park

dried herbs hanging from pushpins and grown in old cans with holes punched in the bottom

Fae Gathering in children’s parks and lure kids out after park with what sounds like a punk show 

other Fae helping community gardens grow

ghosts from old civil war battles wandering around the business offices built on top of the sites of their death

kids drawing pentacles in their little siblings’ chalk on the floor under their carpet and fixing it with art sealant because their parents would notice if they pulled up the carpet to draw a new one too often

protection charms written on graph paper and worn in shoes during school

using oil burner scented oil or scented soaps to anoint candles

Since starting this journey with my career I have definitely learnt that you don’t need a lot of friends to make you happy. You have a small circle of friends that you can trust and thats all you need!! I think the older you get, the more you understand this and the need for your own small community of people! Tag the people closest to you below! ✨

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Hey guys! Today I bring you something a bit different than my usual downloads - I made some photoshop actions and thought I’d share them with you. They are really subtle and delicate but I like this way of editing and I hope you’ll like it too! Of course feel free to adjust them to your own needs - and tag me if you use them,I’d love to see your creations!

Anyway, there are 3 actions, names are inspired by the titles of Aurora songs. I’ve used Photoshop CS6, Topaz Clean 3 and Topaz DeNoise 6. You can skip the topaz part but I highly recommend using it - it makes my edits so much smoother and simply better! Grab some preview pics of my actions.


xoxoxoxo I hope you’ll like them!


so let’s for a moment just pretend that i may or may not be serious about doing this… think i’m digging the first title screen more? obviously this is like absolutely unedited, thrown together in like 5 minutes but yeah, what do you guys think? 

i know there’s a few of my mutuals that are backing me 100% to do this project but would anyone else in the community be interested? let’s do this: reblog if you honestly want me to go through with this project. throw in your words of support in the tag (or suggestions and ideas, even!) and depending on the support i get, i will commit to doing this.

A Sweet Surprise

Summary: It is the reader’s birthday, and Castiel planned a tiny surprise.

Word Count: 855

Characters: Castiel x Reader

Warning: Pure, absolute fluff

A/N: Felt like doing a little, fluffy, drabble to balance out all the angst I’ve been giving ya’ll with Regrets. Hope you enjoy!

The loud clatter of metal rings through the narrow hallways of the bunker. You creak open your eyes as the sound creeps its way into your bedroom. More noise, this time the shutting of cabinets and gliding of what you assumed ingredients along the counter top, echoes.

With a small groan, you swing your legs out from under your sheets. Your feet hit the cold tile, sending a chill up your spine. Shuffling out your door, you follow the path of bangs and clangs leading towards the kitchen.

Rubbing the tiredness from your eyes, you peek around the corner into the small cooking area. Placing your hand over your mouth, you stifle a giggle. In the center of the room stood Castiel, a puff cloud of flour settling along the creases of his trench coat.

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